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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  June 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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i agree. i think the president of the united states won the week. he managed to get all his cards on the table. bernie sanders out of race. hillary clinton endorsed her. i think he's the winner. >> hardball with chris matthews is next. the democrats come out swinging for clinton but where are trump's allies? let's play "hardball." good evening. hillary clinton called it a big week for her campaign today. she picked up the endorsement of president obama, vice president joe biden and senator elizabeth warren. clinton met with warren in her washington, d.c. home. a source familiar said the two discussed how they could work
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together to advance a progressive agenda. also, to attack donald trump. this afternoon there were du dualing speeches from clinton and trump full of red meat attacks. clinton saying women should ask themselves whether they want to put their health, lives and future in donald trump's hands. >> he actually said women should be punished for having abortions. anyone who would so caslly agree to the idea of punish women like it was nothing to him, the most obvious thing in the world. that's someone who doesn't hold women in high regard. don't worry. donald assures us that as president he will be, and i quote again, the best for women. anyone who wants to defund planned parenthood and wipe out saved legal abortion has no idea what's best for women. after all this is han who hman
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called women pigs, dogs and disgusting animals. kind of hard imagining counting on him to respect or fundamental rights. >> he spoke at the faith and freedom. >> hillary clinton has totally jeopardized national security by putting her e-mails on a private server all to hide her corrupt dealings. first time ever a president of the united states endorsed somebody under criminal investigation. interesting. bill and hillary made $153 million giving speeches to special interest groups since 2001. that's a lot of money. that's a lot of money. these donors own hillary clinton.
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they own her. >> the difference between where the two parties are right now is on stark display. we mentioned clinton picking up a series of major endorsements. >> i know how hard this job can be. that's why i know hillary will be so good at it. i don't think there's ever been someone to qualified to hold this office. >> anyone who thinks when ever the president will be secretary clinton but whoever the next president is. >> i am ready to get in this fight and work my heart out for hillary clinton to become the next president of the united states and make sure that donald trump never gets any place close to the white house. >> that's the democratic party. now here is where republicans stand when it comes to their candidate. >> like many american, i'm struggling with the choices that we have this fall. >> mr. trump needs to make some changes. we're under no obligation to
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support him. >> i cannot support him because of what he said about the judge. that was too racist and bigoted for me. >> that was the final straw. >> i would like to support our nominee. i just can't. >> right now the republican party is facing, the plane is headed toward the mountain. i think the party ought to change the nominee. we're going to get killed with this nominee. >> the divisiveness, the name calling doesn't go down well with me. >> i think he'd have a much better chance of winning if he could quit making so many unfortunate public utterances and stick to the script. >> that was senator mitch mcconnell. the top republican in the senate talking to bloomberg. he was asking that interview for vp suggestions. his answers speak volumes about where the republican leadership is when it comes to their presidential candidate. >> he needs someone highly experienced and very knowledgeable. it's pretty obvious he doesn't know a lot about the issues.
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>> a new national poll from fox news shows the past few weeks have done damage. he trailed clinton. that's a change from last month when trump was ahead of clinton in that same poll by three points. a drop of six points for trump while clinton support has remained the same. robert costa is a national political reporter for the washington post. let me start with you fp. the fact that mitch mcconnell is making those comments. he loathes to speak out publicly and be saying anything negative about his own team, his own party. the simple fact that he's saying
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anything here seems to speak volumes. >> most times in presidential campaigns, communication to the candidate are done via back channels. in this campaign, especially with domnald trump as the standard bearer, these communications are done in public. they are trying to make their advice to trump public so he hears it and perhaps listens to it. this is party that's grappling with someone who is not an insider and reluctant to have their advice but they feel a burden because they want to keep their majorities and keep their party in line to say it. >> is there any indication trump is getting that message and adjusting to any way? he gave a speech on tuesday night where he used a teleprompter. he had prepared talking points. we haven't heard any apology but there does seem to be some degree of a shift here from
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trump. >>. >> i think the mitch domcconnel view of this is one step forward, two steps back. we did see donald trump use a teleprompter and not give an over-the-top speech on tuesday. a little bit later in the week he was back to calling elizabeth warren pocahontas. that's the thing that makes her colleagues cringe and makes it hard for the mitch mcconnells or even the bob doyle's of the world to feel good about the choice they publicly said they have made to support him but they all sort of sound like they have a gun to their head. >> a drop of six points in the last month. obviously the headline not good. for the grief he's brought on
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himself in the last couple of week, he still only three points behind hillary clinton. looks like a few people have moved away from him. nobody has moved toward hillary clinton. >> right. this is the first poll we have seen since the judge curiel mess has sort of blown up the republican party. i'll be curious to see the following polls to see whether that six-point drop that donald trump has in that poll is consistent and in other polls it could be bigger. this poll shows we have moved away from the republican primary season and now we are in the general election when people now start looking at both candidates, both presumptive nominees through the lens of how would they be in the oval office. people start to get more serious. i know it's june. the conventions haven't happened and people start focusing in the
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fall. what we have seen over the last week is so serious for a lot of people that they are starting to think about things they think about in the fall. they're thinking about it now. >> take us inside trump world. how are they processing this? do they think they with weather the storm? >> the most striking thing i've heard is that trump campaign and its senior aenior advisors are with the republican national committee to come up with a more disciplined trump. it may be this coming monday that trump gives a speech he's previewed publicly talking about the clintons' and that's in the plural sense. that's something the rnc has wanted trump to do for a long time.
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to coordinate with them an anti-clinton message rather than being scatter shot. >> hillary clinton now going to rely on the support of two key allies from within her own party. president obama and senator elizabeth warren. both of them now off the sidelines. last night the president mocked trump on the tonight show. >> mr. president, since you're here i got to ask, have you been watching all the election coverage this week about donald trump? >> no, but i have been watching my new favorite show, orange is not the new black. >> warren unloading a blistering attack on trump last night. >> donald trump is a loud, nasty, thin-skinned fraud who has never risked anything for anyone and who serves no one but
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himself. we will not allow a small, insecure, thin-skinned wannabe tyrant or his allies in the senate to destroy the rule of law in the united states of america. we will not. >> it seems like we might be at an interesting sort of test moment here in this campaign. you have donald trump taking on water right now. meanwhile, you have the democratic party starting to unite. we heard all this talk last week when the party unites, will her poll numbers go up. for a year now we've had prediction of donald trump's imminent polling demise. it does seem to be a test.
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>> she's got a lot of help that she didn't have a couple of weeks or a month ago. can she unify the party. yes bernie will be toast but he's such a drag on her. it's an embarrassment that she is where she is nationally against trump. it's an embarrassment that bernie is still around. this week allowed her to change the conversation quite a bit and the addition of president obama and elizabeth warren into it and also certainly don't discount joe biden as surrogates for her. i think really does give her the potential to start making a very, very strong red meat, democratic argument going forward and also to try to continue the part of that argument that she may be best at making, which is the appeal to independents, moderate
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republican women. other people turned off by trump that she can kind of say, hey, you have a home here with me. what you heard from elizabeth warren is the opposite of that. donald trump can not be president and the here is why argument. we'll continue to hear her making that in similar, forceful fashion. >> things feel different in the subject of democratic unity. for the last few weeks of this clinton-sanders race i was trying to draw comparison to the 2008 campaign when there was all this panic among democrats that they would never come bag together after the obama-clinton campaign. the bernie sanders question is no longer is he going to fight this to the convention. it's just about the terms of surrender. >> right. when you have the president and the vice president all saying to
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you, look, it's done. we got do unite. we have to do this, and that sitting president of the united states is popular with the core of the democratic base and sitting above 50% in terms of national popularity, that's a heavy thing for a candidate. on top of that, you have senator elizabeth warren out there who is, folks wachbtsed h ewanted h she didn't. they all rallied around bernie sanders. now you have people behind the presumptive nominee and that took a lot of wind out of senator sanders sails. democrats are used to having this sort of panic attack when it comes to party unity. i remember 2008, and thinking how's this going to work. this has mended itself so quickly for the reasons i just articulated and especially since the other side, the republican party is in such chaos that they
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actually make democrats look good. >> all right. this concludes the washington post section edition of hardball. coming up, the road to 270. we can game out the electoral college map. which states are trump looking to flip? that's coming up. bad headlines for trump as an investigation finds he has p pattern of not paying his bills. could elizabeth warren find herself on clinton's ticket? we'll look at the best running mate picks for clinton and trump. a little veepstakes talk coming up. the round table will tell us something about this election that i don't know. this is hardball, the place for politics. a food truck, ruining your perfect record.
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muhammad ali was laid to t rest. among those delivering eulogies was president bill clinton. >> we all have an ali story. it's the gift we all have that should be honored because he released them to the world. never wasting a day that the re rest of us could see, feeling sorry for himself that he had parkinson's. knowing that the last three decades would be circumscribed this ways that would with chilling to the naked eye, but with a free spirit it made his life bigger, not smaller because other people, all of us unlettered, unschooled in the
4:18 pm
unleashing, said would you look at that. look at that. may not be able to run across a ring anymore, may not be able to dodge everybody and exhaust everybody and he's bigger than ever because he's a free man of faith sharing the gifts we all have. we should honor him by letting our gifts go among the world as he did. god bless you, my friend. >> that was bill clinton just a short while ago. tonight, midnight eastern here on msnbc, you can catch a special presentation of the documentary "when we were kings" as former rivals pay tribute to muhammad ali. we'll be right back. no, i wasn't...oh look, you dropped something. it's your resume with a 20 dollar bill taped to it. that's weird. you want to work for ge too. hahaha, what?
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next week hillary clinton is going to head to the crucial states of ohio and pennsylvania. she'll also end up in wisconsin. that's where she's going to appear at a rally with president obama by her side. the first time the two of them will campaign together. donald trump will start tonight this virginia. he's going to continue his battleground state tour heading to florida, pennsylvania and new hampshire. with the candidates getting into general election mode, we thought we would dust off the big board and give you a look at some of the demographics and the things on the map to be keeping an eye on. let's look at the route that donald trump is trying to take to the white house. it's an unconventional one and it's one nobody thought any republican would ever try to take again. let me explain. this is what the exit polling looked like at the end of the 2012 election. you see here mitt romney had a giant advantage with barack obama when it came to white voters. a 20-point lead, nearly 60% of
4:22 pm
the vote. republicans looked at this and said he got nearly 60%. he clobbered obama with the white vote. we can't do any better than that with the white vote. the key for us is to expand to non-white voters, specifically to latino voters. they're a group just in 2004 were pretty competitive. george w. bush got 40% of the latino vote. the thinking was that let's do immigration reform. let's make some overtures to the latino community. let's get that 27% up into the 30s, into the 40s and we can compete again. obviously, not the strategy donald trump is going after. donald trump strategy is this. looking at that 59% that romney got with white voters and he said i can move that up. i can move that up into the 60s. that's his challenge. can he get it to 63, 64%. we have some interesting numbers to tell you about on that front.
4:23 pm
check this out. our nbc wall street journal poll, we looked at, these are non-college whites. they do not have a college degree. donald trump in our latest poll is leading with them by 27 points. in 2012, mitt romney only one the same group by 25 points. just starting out, trump is improving on where mitt romney did with non-college whites. here is the flip side of that. check out whites with college degrees. you see a tie right now. clinton, 44, trump, 44. mitt romney won the same group by 14 points. what you see are two different groups of white voters going in two different directions when presented with donald trump. white college graduates are running away for him in is a great number for hillary clinton. white non-college voters are going toward donald trump. you add that together, he's not yet improving on the romney total among white voters that he needed to. we can show you the battleground
4:24 pm
map. keep this in mind. if donald trump will get the presidency, he'll have to win some of these obama states. look where hillary clinton is playing defense this week. two of her first stops will be ohio and pennsylvania. rust belt state, a lot of these non-college white voters. if he can pick up ohio, if he can pick up pennsylvania, it's not going to get him 270 but get him closer. what was the closest state on board? it was florida. florida, pennsylvania, ohio. look at that. trump would be there. a couple of things to keep in mind as we take a look at this map. for now, i'm joined by nbc news political reporter, perry bacon. you've been looking at some of the possible paths. when you look at the idea here
4:25 pm
of pennsylvania, of ohio, of getting that white working class vote, do you see a path there? >> i do. i think we're talking about this earlier is there's an argument to where you look at the, we think the people of color are rising but pennsylvania and ohio are not as diverse as the rest of the country are. there's an argument donald trump could win those two states. florida has a big latino popular. also if the white voters in florida, obama did poorly with in 2012. you can see a path for trump to win all three of those states. the challenge being to make sure he doesn't do worse among, like you said, the white college vote and the white women vote. he can't do worse than romney
4:26 pm
is. the evidence is he's going worse with both those groups right now. >> if you're taking a look at the map, i'll reset it. that's indiana. that's not what it was. i pressed the wrong state. ohio, pennsylvania, florida will reset them to the democratic column. this is what it looked like in 2012. if you're looking at a scenario for donald trump, where would you put the path? >> first of all, i want to say what would be the absolute game changer and a distinct possibility, i think donald trump could lose texas and it's game over. it's a very red state. it has a large hispanic population. if trump has more weeks like this week, i think we're going to really see his numbers crater even more among his ppanic vote. governor perry and governor
4:27 pm
abbott. i think trump has to lock up the rust belt states. i think he really needs to win florida. i think that's going to be very tough for him. >> you mentioned texas. that's one of the state s trum will be having his campaign appearances. when we talk about donald trump playing defense, it's probably those three states. let's move those back into the republican column. perry, something else. i'm trying to talk and do this at the same time. look what i do to myself. now we're back to 2012 levels. the interesting challenge for donald trump as well and you're alluding to this is some of these states that we thought of as big battlegrounds in 2012, thought of as future battlegrounds, state like
4:28 pm
virginia where trump will be. state like colorado that has a fast growing latino population. maybe donald trump is the worst man trump could put those states into play again. >> you can imagine him putting states like new hampshire and pennsylvania in play. obama won new hampshire. i think trump is strong there. pennsylvania, i can see the white working class vote e him doing well. i would see on the other hand if you look at a state like north carolina is one where i would say you have a big minority population and a big college educated population. you could see him losing that mitt romney won. also, there's a part of the midwest where it's really significant to watch is obama's going to wisconsin with hillary for the first stop. that's not an accident. you have these three states in the mitt west. wisconsin, iowa, michigan. those are three states where the white vote is pretty large but obama and democrats tend to do well.
4:29 pm
obama's numbers were really strong. if trump can't win those states, that again narrows his path. george bush won wisconsin, for example, in 2004 frump needs to broaden out his base. i'm not sure where he goes outside of ohio, florida, new hampshire and pennsylvania right now. >> i just put these as you talked about them. this is a big if. if donald trump were to flip those, you talk about having a rust belt strategy to add in ohio, you had in pennsylvania and donald trump would be north of 270 without having to win virginia, without having to win florida just in the rust belt. >> it's not plausible he will win. there's no way he will carry that state. i think the problem is he's
4:30 pm
looking for these so called missing white working class voters. men should turn out more working class white voters by 2%. that's because he energized that sector of the electorate. i don't think you'll see that this year. you look at trump's strategy of the things he says might win over working class voters but then they make him utterly repellant to another sector be it white, educated women. i really think that trump can't count on white educated women. >> all right. >> thanks for joining us for our first fun segment of many with this board as fall campaign kicks off in june. still ahead, donald trump not fully paying his bills. we have the reporter who broke the story for the usa today. he's coming here next with all the details. y man. making simple, smart cash back choices... with quicksilver from capital one. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back
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six airlines won approval to begin flights to cuba for the first time in more than 50 years. after a legal battle with hulk hogan, gawker media has filed for bankruptcy protection. a shooting at dallas love field sent the airport into lockdown. a man rushed a police officer after a domestic disturbance and was shot and wounded. back to "hardball." welcome back. earlier today we heard more from a scripted domds trump who spoke to a gathering of people at the annual faith and freedom coalition, a gathering in washington, d.c. >> freedom of any kind means no one should be judged by their race or their color and the color of their skin. should not be judged that way.
4:35 pm
>> the true test of whether donald trump can stay on message will probably come tonight. that's when he will speak to throngs of supporters in richmond, virginia. for more i'm joined by nbc correspondent kelly o'donell. she's inside that trump rally. that speak he gave today, the 2001 one he gave the other night, seems like one he's not comfortable with. he likes being off the cuff and spontaneo spontaneous. now he's trying to be more of a scripted, traditional candidate. dwroup think do you think he will continue that when he steps into the room of thousands of people egging him on. >> national anthem is being sung and i'm going to try to speak softly to not being disrespectful about that. when he will do a planned big event speech, a policy speech or before a specific audience, you'll see more of the scripted
4:36 pm
donald trump, the teleprompter donald trump, but at rally like this, this is the area where he drives so much of his energy from a crowd and loves to riff with some of his more colorful jabs at opponents. this is the kind of thing where he's trying to stir the crowd to be excited about his candidacy. we're turning toward that battleground state part of the campaign. i'm told that donald trump understands he's had a very difficult week based on the reaction to the comments he said about judge curiel. he knows it's been a rough patch. you'll see him trying to turn the page to not talk about the judge any longer. that doesn't mean he won't be the donald trump we have come to know where he is very tart with his assessments of opponents like hillary clinton and he will try to push forward. we know he's told us early in the week he will deliver a speech that's aimed at hillary
4:37 pm
clinton and some of his opposition research all in one shiny bow. here tonight in richmond, i'm struck by a couple of things. outside, limited number of protesters. not a big crowd. inside we're close to the time trump is supposed to be on stage and he -- i'm sorry, somebody is jeering me. bear with me. near the time he's supposed to take the stage and yet it's not a full room. we'll have to see how this goes tonight and what happens with him. there's definitely a crowd here, probably thousands but not as big a crowd as we have come to see on the trail with trump. when he gets to the stage, we'll have to measure is he the donald trump of the more polished environment or will he be the rally donald trump that lifted him to the nomination. steve. >> all right. we'll be watching. the trump rally starting to get under way. on the subject of trump, yesterday, usa today published
4:38 pm
listen exclusive investigation that shows that various trump organizations have a history of not paying small businesses and individuals in full for their services. the story, parts of which hallie jackson was confirmed after reviewing 4,000 lawsuits from the past three decades. campaign spokesperson directed nbc to comments donald trump made earlier to the paper. he defended the tactic saying they do a job that's not good or a job they didn't finish or a job that was way late, i'll deduct from their contract, absolutely. that's what the country should be doing. take us through the basics. give us an example of somebody you're reporting on here. what did they do for trump for his organization. what did they get in return? >> thanks for having me.
4:39 pm
one example we looked at is a cabinetry business that's based out of philadelphia. went to work for the trump company in the 1980s at the casino they were building in new jersey. the story of the person we talked to was that the trump company failed to pay the last payment. it was about $83,000 on that contract. that was damaging to that small business of about 20 employees at the time they went bankrupt. >> was there an explanation from trump? what was the companying hearing back? >> the small business person said mr. trump told them he's not going to make the final payment. however, they are welcome to come and do work in the future for future trump projects. that's inconsistent with mr. trump's statement when i spoke with him for this article that
4:40 pm
he would only make payments only skip on payment is if the work s late or deficient. >> are you finding this a series of events where they are not getting the job done or is this just blanket not payment, no explanation? sort of just a strategy. >> the allegations that we looked at and you mentioned we looked at about 3500 lawsuits in total involving mr. trump as a plaintiff or defendant, the subset of lawsuits and other documents in which its alleged trump companies failed to make proper payment allege the contractors and lows did the work they were contracted to do and did it according to whatever agreement was in place and were not paid fairly for the work.
4:41 pm
>> all right. interesting story. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. coming up, she's the number one attack dog in fight against donald trump. could she be a vice presidential contender? we'll do the breakdown. that's coming up next. you're watching hardball, the place for politics. [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses, i'm in charge of it all. so i've been snapping photos of my receipts and keeping track of them in quickbooks. now i'm on top of my expenses, and my bees.
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do you believe you would be able to step into that job if you were asked to do it? >> yes, i do. >> that was senator elizabeth warren talk about the prospect of becoming hillary clinton's running mate.
4:45 pm
clinton met with warren this morning at clinton's home. that fueled plenty of vp speculation. warren hasn't been shy in voicing her opinions about presumptive nominee donald trump. she's had attacks against him, including this one last night. >> trump also whined that he's been treated unfairly. donald trump chose racism as his weapon. you donald trump are a total disgrace. >> she's been called clinton's secret weapon, but is it enough to earn her a spot on the ticket? she's a pollster, political campaign management professor at nyu. >> this meeting today, hillary clinton, elizabeth warren. i remembering at the start of this campaign when joe biden was
4:46 pm
thinking about getting in, he called elizabeth warren to a meeting. he did talk to her about running with him. do you think that subject came up? >> i think it had to come up even as a joke because it's present, it's top of mind. i don't think that's what they were doing. i really don't. i think they were having a getting to know you. thank you for your endorsement. it came late in the process but really matters but perhaps feeling out how compatible are they. how close are they on the issue of banking regulation. >> warren has been critical of clinton in the past. >> she has once or twice. she's also been supportive. there's got to be personal and political exploration of whether this makes sense. i think she's got to be considering it. i'm on record saying i don't think it's a great idea. as a feminist, i'm worried about the men. i worry it is too much change too fast. i've been kind of warming to it in last week because so many men
4:47 pm
think it's a great idea. there's nothing else like it on -- as far as i can see on the horizon as a possible pick. >> what do you think? does it make sense from a political perspective? if you're hillary clinton and looking at this, what are the pros? what are the cons? >> i think it depends on where they think their biggest weakness is. if they think they need independents and moderate, it will be too far to go to elizabeth warren. if they feel this election will be won if and only if they get out the progressive left, the really energetic part of democratic party then it makes sense to consider an elizabeth warren. i think it's going to depend on where they see their biggest weaknesses. she comes with a lot of pluses. she's been great in terms of attacking donald trump. she also comes with some negatives. she's a freshman senator from
4:48 pm
massachusetts. she is inexperienced by many people's estimation. in particular when it comes to foreign policy and there's the female issue. do you want two women on the ticket? we're just celebrating this historic moment with hillary clinton. is it too far to say we're going to add elizabeth warren now? >> she does seem to get under donald trump's skin. he tweeted pocahontas is at it again. she has a nasty mouth. hope she is v.p. choice. she seems to relish this role. the idea of just having somebody who relishes attacking the opponent really, is that good at it, is that a strong argument to put her on the ticket? >> you saw how effective joe
4:49 pm
biden was in that role. obama had trouble debating with hill clinton. you get to the general election and obama stumbled in the first debate and joe biden has an amazing performance. before he became america's uncle joe and like parody on saturday night live, he was a slugger. he actually helped turn the tide and reenergize obama so he was able to go in for the second and third debate and having that ability for someone to sort of mix it up with trump. if trump is debating elizabeth warren, the undercard, you free uphi hillary clinton to make a more appeal to voters. we have talked about it before that clinton seems to want to make this election about donald trump. at some point she has to articulate why people want to elect her and not just trump. >> who will trump go with? any thoughts here? this is the ultimate question in politics. who will go with him? >> exactly. i love the way mitch mcconnell talked about it. he's got so many deficits and
4:50 pm
doesn't know anything. maybe they will change the rules and he'll get to have three vice presidents because he will need military, domestic. whatever. >> i can't think of an example where >> chris christie would want it. i think it's a terrible choice but he would want it. i could still see that. >> i think the best choice is a bob corker. i think that would be a really smart choice -- >> but he falls into that category of would he take it? >> would he take it, absolutely. >> at this point. >> i think you'd really have to work on it but to the establishment folks that would say a lot and he would balance the temperament and experience issue. >> people have laughed and i'm trying to figure this out, who i think it's going to be, scott brown. i think scott brown falls into the category of would take it, would be compatible with donald trump, would like it. by the way, a scott
4:51 pm
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♪ i'm walkin', yes indeed ♪ ♪ and i'm talkin' 'bout you and me ♪ ♪ i'm hopin' that you'll come back to me ♪ ( ♪ ) we're back with "the hardball" roundtable. jo walsh, tell me something i don't know. >> bernie sanders had an election day rally in green bay for the wisconsin primary. so i think that's really an interesting choice for president obama and hillary clinton. they're going after the sanders voters, they're going after the green bay packers fans. i wonder, this is something i don't know, could it be possible bernie shows up in wisconsin on wednesday? >> don't tell john kerry, helical it lambert field again. >> okay, you were talking about north carolina. 1.5 million more white voters
4:56 pm
than nonwhite voters. but give hillary a reason for hope. there's 600,000 more democrats than republicans and as the person who's trying to be the first woman elected 500,000 more women registered voters than men. >> jeannie. >> 87 days, myrrh ret garland is going to be in the top ten of nominees waiting the longest as of tomorrow. he will match louis brandeis when the republicans meet for the convention in july as the longest nominee to sit without a vote for the supreme court. >> i did not know that. >> i told you, steve. >> i knew jones'. no, i don't know anything.
4:57 pm
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that's "hardball" for now. we await donald trump at his campaign rally in richmond, virginia. full comp coming up next on "all in with chris hayes." tonight on "all in" -- >> no one should be judged by their race or their color -- >> donald trump takes on donald trump. >> he's a mexican. >> as top republicans openly vent. >> i think there's no justifying those comments. >> tonight, the first trump rally since democrats united against him. plus hillary clinton meets elizabeth warren as democrats keep punching. >> donald assures us that as president he'll be and i quote again, the best for women. >> then mark cuban on what he


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