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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  June 14, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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clinton. >> you will be trying to get others to join? >> i am busy doing other things, that is my question. we have to be careful. i wrote a paper, we are headed in the terms of a toxic environment. we need to correct it. live coverage continues now with rachel maddow. >> thank you for joins us, for a live hour special especially coverage, nice to be with you at this time, in terms of the president i
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presidenti presidential. hillary clinton is the winner of the washington, d.c. primary. you can see, that margic, you see that is the biggest win in a heart beat. in a larger margin, up over 50 points. so far, of the 46 delegates out of washington, d.c., nbc news is assigning clinton 36 out of the 46 delegates. bernie sanders has four delegates. here is the suspenseful part. as that is happening at the polls, starting at 8:30 eastern,
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bernie sanders and hillary clinton got together. they had a long, one-on-one meeting in washington, d.c. the two of them met in a hotel room at the washington hilton. sanders and clinton scheduled it last week, when the two of them spoke on the phone during the night of the color primary. they got together, tonight, in d.c. we were told this meeting would be an hour, 8:30 to 9:30. we were told not to expect an ensdorsment. nay did talk about how the democratic primearies.
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why does it go so long? twice as long as we were tols, he was not seen leaving until half an hour ago. two hours after that meeting began. that meeting was scheduled to an be hour. sglp what do you know about what just happened? >> i got as close to the wall as i could, rachel. >> they were there, with two aides on either side. one telling me the meeting was positive. we got a read-out from the clinton campaign. this meeting went longer than
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anyone was expecting. the tone seems to be positive. clinton congratulated sanders on the campaign, appreciated his strong commitment to stopping trump in the general election. they discussed a variety of issues, common goals, elim nher key points, they agreed to continue working on their shared agenda, including through the playoff development process of the democratic national contention. the meeting was attended it by senator sanders wife, and aides to the top candidates. we didn't think there would be a
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concussion at the end of this meeting. it was about starteding to thaw the ice. they took a step in the right direction. the fact that it is described as positive. the key questions, what happens after the meeting, when sanders was heating. he is going to concede. no response from senator sanders. he was all smiling. if the meeting goes well, it is the first step to work with hillary clinton. he wants to take on donald trump, he wants to help secretary clint on stays true t
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all of your principles and all of your supporters. technically, who runs the party apparatus, deber wasserman-schultz. one of the things he wants is new leadership at the democratic party itself. that is a hard thing for senator sanders to ask of debbie wasserman-schultz. shed light on that, whether or not sanders and clinton are getting along, sanders and the democrats might be a tougher
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conversation. >> that may be his biggest ask. publicly, when he spoke to the press. getting rid of super delegates, he think it is time for deber wasser-man to go. she was adamant she would not go. would she consider backing a transition at the top snp they would not weigh n we are not going to tough this topic until the ending happens. it is an acknowledgment, as you know, debbie wasserman-schultz is a big supporter of secretary clinton it gets thorny. that is where the details get in the way if you will.
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i want, this person said to me, there will be wiggle room in each of these policy proposals they may come to aggressive on. that will be the toughest one. while they still want to take on donald trump together there, are a lot of sharp differences between the two candidates, that will be one of the first questions we try to have answered, talking to campaign officials later tonight. >> when you are asked about firing one of our allies, the details could be tough. thank you for being here with us tonight. >> thank you, rachel. >> the bernie sanders campaign, they have entered into the sgimme something for my trouble
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part of the primary. today, he did say, he wants a new chair at the d there. c. he wants there too be open. he has all of these specific demands. here is my question, if he is placed to make those demands based on how he did in the primary, it is over, we can address it. in the hillary clinton won the how close did bernie sanders get trying to trayed it in. i want the chair of the partied to quilt.
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steve is here to help us. thank you for being here. is that question an answerable thing? >> yes, that is what we got the board for. it is leverage. one way of looking at it is, a year ago, if you said bernie sanders this is the del add up all the votes, you see, 13 points. a year ago, this is how you comparing this to the other we
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found catagories, the first, dedestruction. everything else fell into place in the middle of that primary, everybody else dropped out. bill braidly did not win that year, that was one category. this clearly, did not fall into that category. >> then, the solid wind, you could go back to 1976. the margin, between carter and
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brown in may of 1976. you had a bunch of kudoes. it was a solid win in 1982, challenging his own primary. ted won big states, a popular vote forical er. in the end, it was a a cake walk, you see, the same slirkts
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it was 52-38. solid in 2016. 13-point marge in if you want t know what the you will see this one this year, does not measure up. mondel, hart. look at that difference in popular vote. jackson was in this race. 2008, look at that spread. 150,000 votes between bampt do
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you count the cause cuss sglr still, it was a solid win for hillary clinton. >> demolition, razor thin or solid win. the official three lanes. >> we could have done better than solid wind. >> demolition is good. >> i think the picture account have used it will at the water cooler. >> the congresswoman with the
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final secretary clinton is the project it issed winner of the nobody expected hear to win it she is ahead of that. >> it surprises me a bit. this is a bill being last, you expect. with a lot of new people in t
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the -- remember the clintons. >> she paid attention to the city there. are many who want that hillary has this. if we are going to give it to her, give it to her business. >> one of the things that happen ed definitive. if the contest will go down to the wire. you got both cory thompsons making a big idea if they are an
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el -- he was not a huge proponent. and we have never had democratic kns, with such oop- it is object that congress doesn't make us the 51st state. my frustration is, according to the polls, most think that people who live in the national's capital, the kind
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that they can come home, and their their views. now he good good to see with each other, who will find the -- it was a net positive orring inative. this dwidsed the party, con60 do you feel that made the apartment
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or make it strong er. >> what could they have done? he will get out there for hillary. he does not want to be blamed anything clr between hillary, it seems to me he has something to prove. >> thanks for being here. >> my pleasure. >> stay with us. #
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woman: let's cut to the chase, here... man 1: what's you're assessment of our security? man 2: [ gasps ] porous. woman: porous? man 2: the old solutions aren't working. man 2: the world has changed. man 1: meaning? man 2: it's not just security. it's defense. it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems.
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>> before the orlando massacre, long before that republican presidential candidate donald trump used to drag that terr terrorist attacks have helped as a politician. they helped him win. >> we started and something happened call paris. paris was a a case in los angeles, where it was in "cardinals live," where the fwraen it goes on and o what happened to me, this whole ran took on a new the meaning was,
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twheef call them the talking lead says. >> there has been a tibl. >> donald trump said, the reason he was successful in theary coming about the sdplfrm in the days after the terror attacks, support did go up. >> after the mass shooting and terrorist attack in san
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bernardino dino. did recall may be a new test of that. too. >> hillary clin ton, beating him by 12 after the orm make. >> donald trump pulls ahead of hillary clinton overwhelm parises he will now they that
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charlie psyches, host of misway his opposition to mr. being here, thanks for being here. >> he thinks the worst things a are -->> it all focuses on him. that it was on display they believed they were decided to go
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small. i think what will be interesting to see ehe seemed on his how importances view handling the --
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he said, the trump and the top vrsors, riafternoon opportunity, not so much politically, articulate the tais the lack of present in terms of cone.
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insinuates, president obama was somehow sympathetic to terrorists. that is subject to -- >> there is an apitute or he wouldn't be the nominee. he is take 10 it up to the line and over the line. among conservatives, you want to talking about radical islam. confusing, the main sfreem muslims. nahe might be sympathetic. two weeks in a row, that paul ryan will have to come out and reputeiate comments made by the
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nominee of his own political party. that is something that i think the republicans, what you see is what you get. this is how it will be with this guy. >> i appreciate bob reporting from trump tower. who is he talking to? sdonald trump is freelancing, and steps on the message. it will resinate with voters. are you going to be serious and national, are guing to embrace things, deeply offensive. even conservative voters in this country. >> what charlie put to you as a
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question, advisors, wourss, does he care? >> they point to sessions from california those read off the teleprompt or, those are written by steppe t. stephaen pitch, which is conservative.
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my friend lawrence o'donnell. >> we will see if i can still tuck about 11:00. >> on the issue of terism, trump believe that is opportunity is an opportunity, he won in part of san bernd do you think he is right about this? >> as of saturday afternoon, in erk, was there anyone left who thought that donald trump is the best protector against domestic personalor in the united states.
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>> if he did pick up. did he leave? i waited for him to only then would they come to see that donald trump is the i don't know. it is hard to imagine who that voters is. they hit a car. now, i was with donald trump. now i am. nudon't want to the against and
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president obama, both speaking communitily. both about she he -- >> basically, using the president in some of her communityings, where she said, it doesn't matter the way you talk about it, it is what you do. we got osama. sglp going it after, and getting osama binladen.
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experience, versus the guy who never have experience. i just wonder if there is any voters left out there, willing to take the gamble, on the -- they have more combined experience than anyone. >> don't try to get another minute out of me. >> thank you. >> the last night of the democrat democrat
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. tonight, the final night of the democratic primary, d.c. democrats voting tonight in what is the last contest of the clinton versus sanders year-long fight. and i can tell you tonight, i don't know if you want to read too much into this, a very definitive result. the reason the map looks simple, it is because of a simple result. washington, d.c. is divided into eight different wards. hillary clinton won all eight of
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an expert allstate agent. it's good to be , good hands. she won tonight in d.c., by over 50 points. this win tonight, one week after secretary clinton won the primary in california, and thereby, lays numerical claim. that night, bernie sanders did not congratulate her, he pledged to continue his fight to the convention. the following day, the campaign team touted the bernie or bust chants, that his supporters were chanting out. sanders holds what seems to be
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his last campaign rally in washington, d.c. he spent the weekend huddling with vezoadvisors. >> he left the meeting without speaking to the press at all. in terms of what happens next, we don't know what to expect. joining us, someone who has been involved with the meetings with senator sanders. senator, nina turner, great to with be with you. >> this is a tough time nepolitics, the end of the campain, tonight, the final contest. how are you doing? how things feel off the campaign? >> it is heavy. human emotion, anybody who
8:45 pm
support supported senator sanders set a tone for the democrats, for him being in the race, i don't think the make being sure we increase the med minimum wage. many issues we would not be discussing, going head-to-head with wall street. >> solidifying it, and making sure that demkralic it party doesn't back slide on progressive issues, there was a meet know between sapders and clinton, they issued statements of the very positive, it seems like, there is a coninstructive tone.
8:46 pm
feeling like the party is being respectful. is that your view, as well? >> i mean, so far, so good. it is a first tim step. the secretathey want to defeat that is to happen, what this campaign was fighting for will be within that platform, it has to be shoup and tell time for the american peek. >> what should we expect? maybe over a million people. what do the expect will happen on thursday night? >> i think the senator will
8:47 pm
communicate with his supporters, they have not had the opportunity, because folks have been trying to trush the snagz to conceding the race. it is rare that politicians say what they mean and mean what they say. he will this is not people, when ru fighting for justice, it is never owner. >> nina. >> i am glad you stayed up on a heavy night to be here. the host of am joy, on msnbc.
8:48 pm
bring into the conversation, the hotel of mary teriza kumar. she is putting things in a constructive tone. everybody saying positive moments where everybody is tells t the -- telling the truth. >> allowing sanders to make a center delegate getting sanders more than he would behind the
8:49 pm
scenes, they have been expecting, it is becoming more abo. >> i think that he will have to put more maetd hot bonus. >> make it clearly. >> when you look at the way this is endinged in the democratic party. i shally, might have beened that. what is your view of hoyou this is ending. >> the longer that sanders he
8:50 pm
was able to to he has that is where the majority of his leverage is. whether hillary like its or not, she has been forced to have an when it comes to the student
8:51 pm
debt. >> you are an expert on the lain o i wouldn't ask you to people for be else? someone who spent the way the latino community this we have the worst mass shooting in american history. it is the large est it is devastating. how do you think this is going to resinate? not in terms of who will benefit from it approximatelily. how they think about politics,
8:52 pm
going through this devastating loss? >> i think a lot of where the gunman came from, this idea of hatred, and briefs into a population is what the community has been fearing, that is what we have been saying, words have convinces. when trump came out two men beat up a homeless man, said. they two have been down trodden. the more we can see ourselves as american. if you look at the they are more o
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opt, the politician is going to give the opportunity to make way, and join forces with the standing in solidarity, with the m musli muslims, and love does not no e relegislation. we will be right back after this.
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>> that does it for the election special tonight, if you stick around on the other side of these important advertisements, you will get to watch the
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regular rachel mad dow show. some of the policy consequences of that you won't see it anywhere else. right here, next.
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joining us this hour. we're going to be live this hour at 9:00 p.m. eastern, we're going to be live again this massacre that happened this weekend, one of the logistical questions about that that has yet to be fully answered is the question of how the killer got his guns inside that nightclub. how he got in while he was armed with at least two weapons. this was not a particularly high-security environment, it was just a nightclub. but there was somebody checking i.d.s, there were bouncers, and we now know from law enforcement that the killer got into the club with two guns on him, at least. he was carrying two loaded weapons and a significant amount of extra ammunition. as long as people weren't being frisked or walked through a metal detector it's not that hard to understand how a person could get a handgun and spare


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