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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 27, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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minister tony blair only on "morning joe," that is tomorrow right here on msnbc. that's the news for this hour. i'm peter alexander. thomas roberts picks things up right now. >> good to have you with me. i'm thomas roberts live from our headquarters in new york and rallying for hillary clinton just moments away from her second appearance of the day. she's carrying momentum from her highly anticipated campaign appearance rlier with senator elizabeth warren. >> here we have it, the pair of clinton and the hard hitting massachusetts fire brand of elizabeth warren joining forces to deliver a one-two punch against the presumptive gop nominee. >> what kind of a man does that? what kind of a man roots for people to lose their jobs, to lose their homes, to lose their life savings. i'll tell you what kind of a man. a small, insecure money-grubber who fights for no one but
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himself. >> i do just love to see how she gets under donald trump's skin. we are not going to let donald trump bankrupt america the way he bankrupted his casinos. >> donald trump responded to nbc news calling warren a racist. and tweeted minutes before the event, this. crooked hillary is wheeling out one of the least productive senators in the u.s. senate. goofy elizabeth warren, who lied on heritage. but trump's social media strike is only part of the long-term strategy to keep warren from really being a vp contender. our road warriors are on the trail. kristen welker, who was at that event in cincinnati. now we have kasie hunt on the site of the next event for the dynamic duo in chicago.
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and halle jackson, who got an exclusive interview with donald trump. fresh reaction to what this pairing out on the campaign trail really means. kristen, let me begin with you. it was this joibt attack we watched with secretary clinton. we have been witnessing low upward momentum in the polls. do your resources think senator warren helps inoculate clinton and fits on her ticket? >> reporter: that's what they are trying to figure out. would she fit on this ticket. there's no doubt the campaign sees her as one of the most effective attack dogs against donald trump. better getting under his skin than almost any other democrat. you saw that at work today. you saw that crowd just so energized. she plays another role. she really helps to unify this party. to unify and bring over some of those sanders support ersz who may not be sure they are ready
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to vote for hillary clinton. on the point of donald trump, she and secretary clinton had this one-two punch going after him saying he would be bad for the middle class but hitting him hard for some of the controversial comments he's made about muslims, mexicans, women, take a listen. >> donald trump calls african-americans thugs, muslims terrorists, latinos rapists and criminals and women bim bos. hillary clinton believes that racism, hatred, injustice and bigotry have no place in our country. she fights for us. she fights for us and we will fight for hillary clinton. >> there's no doubt this event was a try out of sorts for senator warren. clinton campaign wanting to see what the chemistry looks like between these two women, these two powerful politicians and
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again, thomas, this event felt more like a rock concert than a campaign event. you could feel the energy. the question is is she the right fit for hillary clinton? she's opposed policies in the past, but today they were on the same page about just about everything. >> kristen welker in cincinnati, thank you. and it is round two coming up in chicago for clinton and warren. and our kasie hunt is on the scene. we know that senator warren has been this fierce attack dog being able to go after donald trump in a manner in which hillary clinton has not. >> well, i u think she has been very effective at that, thomas. that's the traditional role of somebody who might be a vice presidential contender. they are typically a little more free to say things about their opponents than the candidate themselves who wants to keep a little more respectful distance if you will. elizabeth warren has really shown she does have, as hillary
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clinton mentioned, this ability to get underneath donald trump's skin. the clinton campaign feels that that helps push this overall message they are focusing on. this idea that donald trump is not temperamentally fit to be president of the united states. and you have seen that come up in most recent ly in this new a that focuses on trump's reaction to britain's exiting the european union where he talks about how the pound going down will mean that turnberry, his golf course, will do better financially speaking. the clinton campaign has a new spot that says he's worried about his golf courses, not about americans who will suffer because the economy trends downward because of this decision. that underscores the message that they are trying to push. and there are some signs here, and this plays into both their messaging overall and elizabeth warren on the trail, and that are these new numbers we're
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seeing that show hillary clinton with a wider lead over donald trump than previously. our own poll showing that clinton has a lead 46 to 41% nationally over donald trump. abc shows she's up 51% to 39%. some of that is bernie sanders sanders are starting to unify, something that the clinton campaign is putting them in a good place. >> kasie hunt, live for us there in chicago. thank you very much. as we heard, these coordinated atabs today focused on trump's weekend in scotland. that trip relaunching his turnberry golf course consi sid with the decision to pull out immediately. clinton launched a campaign ad painting it as self-serving. >> global markets are plummeting. >> every president is tested by world events. but donald trump thinks about how his golf resort can profit from them. >> when the pound goes down, more people are coming to turn
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berry. >> halle jackson has been covering the trump campaign and joining us now. we had this e-mail blast from the trump campaign. it was titled warren's sellout. and then right at that moment you had donald trump on the phone. so talk to me about the time line of the e-mail and the conversation that you had because it seems to set two different tones. >> because there had been some talk in particular after trump first tweeted about warren. without using that nickname that many find offensive u. perhaps this pivot to being more presidential that people have been talking about for the last week was actually happening. on the phone he quickly reiterated that nickname calling her pocahontas, saying she exaggerate ed nat i-american heritage. calling her a rapist saying she made up her heritage. li elizabeth warren is a fraud and said his campaign is ready to
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turn both barrels on warren saying i hope she's chosen as hillary clinton's running mate that they have opposition research, comments she's made about clinton. and i imagine we'll see some of that this week when he gets back on the campaign trail. this is something we have seen before in the past. the language now is different from the tone when he delivered those policy speeches and when all indications seemed to have been that the advice from top advisers to moderate his tone was get. ing through. trump largely brushed off talk of a more presidential trump 2.0 saying i do what i do. he indicated that during the primaries he was told he needed to change his tone, but i won in a landslide. so indications right now that trump simply isn't going to change. he believes what has worked in the past will work for him u in the general election. the question is given some of the resident ten si from wings
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of the republican party whether that will work. all of it come iing as one of h top surrogates is jumping on these attacks against elizabeth warren. scott brown in a conference call with reporters essentially challenging her to take a dna test to prove her heritage. >> so let's talk about the fact that during the primary, donald trump loved to talk about his poll iing. we have recent polling that shows how tight the race is but a a trend that favors hillary clinton. did he bring up the polls at all in that conversation with you? i know he made a reference to the fact he doesn't feel his campaign has started. and won't start until after the republican convention. >> and that's something he's been saying for the last couple weeks. he believes his campaign will start after the convention. his top strategist was on "meet the press" denying there's any issue with polling. the trump campaign look iing ahd believing that they believe polls will change. look at the difference between national polls and swing state polls. that's what the campaign is taking a peek at.
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>> i want to show everybody the dow. it is down 290 points. we know what happened after the brexit u vote and saw the dramatic drop in the markets last week on friday u. donald trump was seen making remarks overseas about the fact that was good. he thought that was going to bring people to his resort in scotland. has he received flak from the right about those remarks because this was bait that warren and clinton seemed to jump on. the fact that he seemed self-serving. >> i u think he's already gotten a lot of flak from the left. from clinton, democrats who quickly jumped on those comments. trump is not backing away from them. you saw his tweet this is morning. he talked about how he believed he was right on brexit. he said watch november. he and his campaign and other republican operatives i have been speaking with saying what happened overseas could be
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indicative of what could half in november. people eager for change, demanding change. they are seeing it as potentially a sign of what could come in the fall. >> it's a pushback against the status quo. it could draw very similar parallels to what we have been witnessing through this election cycle. halle, great work today with getting that reaction from donald trump. we really appreciate it. still ahead, a dramatic turn for the supreme court. the justices strike down one of the most restrictive abortion laws. we'll have a live report from the supreme court after the break. and once again, keeping a close eye about what we're witnessing with the markets today. stocks slide for a second straight day. british prime minister david cameron tries to ease global economic fears about the brexit. >> is leaving the european union but we must not turn on back on europe or the rest of the world. the nature of the relationship we secure with the eu will be
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breaking news today out of washington. the supreme court strikes down texas restrictions on abortions. the controversial law required abortion clinic s s to meet stricter hospital-like standards and demanded that doctors working all the those facilities have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. since the law passed in 2013, half of the state's abortion clinics have been forced to close and women's rights activists calling the ruling a major victory for edadvocates o
11:16 am
abortion. >> this is a huge victory for the women of texas and so many states that were really suffering under these trap laws. this reenforces how important the supreme court is. >> so justice correspondent pete williams has been following this and has the details on the case in a quarter century. and pete, we were expecting this because the court is going on summer recess after this term. so today was the day for three rulings, but this was the biggest one. >> by far the biggest decision of the term. the supreme court said states can restrict access to abortion years ago, but can't have an undo burden on a woman's right. applying that test to the texas state law the court said it fails the test. that those laws raise obstacles to access to abortion without providing medical benefit. one thing the court said a lot of abortions are performed by giving two pills so it doesn't make sense to say abortion clinics have to meet the same standards because if a woman is
11:17 am
going to develop complications, it's going to be at home, not in the clinic. the number of doctors fewer and fewer, that makes it hard hadder to get into a clinic and fewer doctors and wait times are going to go up. now there are about a dozen similar laws. they are now in big trouble paz of this ruling. the ruling doesn't immediately strike them down, but it make theirs future very dark. the abortion right os points say they will try new attack because this strategy is not going to work. >> when you talk about those other states, where does it stand in terms of the fact this now sets this precedent from the supreme court about other states that may have been following texas's lead about stricter requirements. >> what this case was really all about is what's the court's
11:18 am
role. the appeals court ruling that came up said it's a very low bar. if the state has a rational basis it can cite any justification at all, that's good enough. that test is not going to work now. the other state law are in big trouble. this will be used by the opponents of those laws to get them struck down too. >> justice correspondent pete williams outside the supreme court steps, thank you. i want to turn to susan hayes, a dallas lawyer. she filed a brief with the supreme court regarding this case. susan, it's good to have you with me. abortion rights advocates scored a victory today with the supreme court ruling 5-3. but what comes next for texas? >> first, thank you for having me on. second shs this is an enormous victory for texas, texas women of all ages, to restore some g
11:19 am
dignity to our attempts to access health care and abortion care. as far as what's next, there's a lot of other restrictions on the books in texas that ought to be challenged. this lawsuit only challenged part of the law itself. it was an enormous bill in texas and chalked full of unnecessary restrictions that harm the health and safety of women. >> we had hillary clinton tweet her support for this. roughly about 10:05 when we got the supreme court ruling and able to tell everybody exactly the 5-3 decision and what it means. then 10:35 hillary clinton and elizabeth warren held a rally. they did not make a mention of what happened from the supreme court. do you think the clinton campaign is doing enough to address the issue of a woman's right to choose during this campaign? >> i have full faith that it makes a difference when women are on the supreme court of the united states and when women are the nominee of a major political
11:20 am
party for the president of the united states. elections matter, the results matter, who not only appointed to the supreme court of the united states by the next president, but also of our appellate courts and district courts is going to matter. and i will be out there helping stir the pot to make sure as many voters as possible know that they need to get out there and vote this fall. this is not at all over. >> when it comes to texas itself, the state and the reasoning behind the laws they said they wanted to better protect women to receive better health services when it comes to abortion. and the supreme court looked at that differently. how do you think that the case was laid out that gave them the legal argument to come back the way they did? >> the state of texas had no facts, science or any credible evidence at all to back up that claim. everyone here in texas knew from the beginning that was a lie and
11:21 am
a farce. our governor called a special session to put abortion on the agenda to help out the political campaign of the lieutenant governor running for reelection. when wendy davis tried to filibuster the bill, we all knew it didn't have anything to do with the health and safety of women. it had to do with political opportunityism. what the supreme court has done is said the facts matter, science matter and the rule of law matters. when a trial court finds, as the trial court found in this case, that the evidence backing up women's health and women was credible this hurt the health and safety of women and evidence put forward was not credible, then that mattered and the u.s. supreme court stood behind that finding by the district judge here in austin, texas. >> we have a response from the governor. he said the decision erodes states' law making authority to safeguard the health and safety
11:22 am
of women. our goal is to protect innocent life and ensuring safety standards for women. susan, great to have you on today. thank you for your time. >> you're most welcome. >> as we head off to break, we look at the markets. the dow down by over 300 points. so we are now just less than two hours away from the closing bell. we'll keep a close eye on that. this is a ripple effect from the brexit. we have a report from london as our friends come to terms with the result. and some very uncharted waters. what are you doing? getting faster. huh?detecting threats faster, responding faster, recovering faster. when your security's blt in not just bolted on, and you protect thdata and not just the perimeter, you get faster. wow, speed kls.
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that will be here for you now - and down the road. so i know how important that is. prge! a manucturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the co that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world. breaking news this hour on britain's vote to leave the european union. we have the s&p is rating service e lowering the uk's credit rating. this is the markets here in the u.s. and around the world continue to take a tumble for a
11:26 am
second straight day. watching the markets down now over 300 points. joining me from the floor is nbc business and tech correspondent olivia sterns. should people really be surprised about this latest news watching what's happened with the s&p lowering the credit rating? all sorts of economic experts were broadly warning this was going to have severe consequences if they voted to leave the european union. that said, it also comes after we have seen several banks over the course of the weekend. goldman sachs warning that the uk could be in a mild recession by 2017. some have said that the recession could come to britain even sooner than that. that's because of all economic consequences. it's interesting from the statement what they are saying is the reason for the downgrade is the vote to leave the eu will lead to a less predictable
11:27 am
policy framework. so kind of two turbulent things going on there. it comes after the rival from moodies lowered its outlook on friday to negative from stable. they did lower the outlook to negative from stable on friday. so there was a press ratings agency. as for the market, they move lower on the back of that news. the dow is off 300 points. the s&p meanwhile down 2% below that psychologically u important 2000 level. >> a little more than an hour until the close of the markets. olivia sterns, thank you. want to go to our colleague matt brad e lee, who is outside of parliament in london. when might lawmakers start debating brexit next? there was the online petition that received millions of
11:28 am
signatures and parliament has to take under consideration any petition over 100,000 signatures. have they discussed a time line of debate? >> thomas, that's all a little open ended. the real irony here, the funny thing is according to the independent newspaper, this petition was actually set up by a pro-leave campaigner a month ago because he thought the vote was going to go in the vote of the remain camp. he's eating his words. i wanted to talk about the political brinksmanship. imagine a game of chicken being played across the english channel. just today david cameron shs the outgoing prime minister, in his first address since he announced his resignation on friday he spoke to parliament. he said it was britain's sovereign right to decide when they would be leaving the eu. now the european leaders
11:29 am
retorted that there would be no negotiations until the uk was able to actually state their intention to leave the eu and invoke the article 50. between them is john kerry, the u.s. secretary of state. he's trying to shore up a eunitd and strong eu to help in american defense. >> britain's global role remains undinnished. there's absolutely no question that britain will turn its back on the world or indeed on europe. britain is and always will be open for business. >> i want to make it clear that at this moment of challenge the united states of america knows it could not ask for a better friend and ally than the united kingdom. >> and despite all this diplomacy, there's been some unfortunate side effects of this. this vote has empowered some of the more base sooen phobic
11:30 am
instincts. the polish embassy announced a statement of concern about some attacks against pols here in britain. there's offensive graffiti and some notes slid under doors telling them to leave. >> matt bradley reporting in london, thank you very much. in the absence of a bipartisan vote, house democrats have just unleashed their own 344-page benghazi report. we have been digging through the contents, which includes a surprising number of references to one republican in particular. we'll tell you who that is, next. everything you're pretty good at now, you were once, well, pretty bad at. but you learned. and got better. at experian, we believe it's the same with managing your credit. you may not be good at it now. but that's okay.
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11:34 am
findings, i want to check if in with luke russert. what are the revelations out of this report? >> not unexpectedly, there's not much. this is the democrats report. they have long said that the benghazi committee investigation is repetitive, already been investigated by congress on seven occasions. this is nothing more than a partisan witch hunt meant to drag down hillary clinton as she's the democratic nominee. specifically in the report, e though, a few interesting things we have heard before we reiterate regarding the defense department. the defense department could not have done anything differently on the night of at i tacks that would have saved the lives of the americans kill ed in benghazi. regarding the state department, they said the state department security measures were woefully inadequate as a result of the decisions made. hillary clinton never denied requests for additional security in benghazi.
11:35 am
so essentially what they are saying is backed up by other investigations is that hillary clinton was not directly responsible for what occurred. there's a culture at the state department where there's not enough security given to the embassies abroad. that's been fixed. there's not much dod could have done. this is obviously the democrats carrying water for hillary clinton. we're going to release our findings soon. we don't know exactly when that will be, but it will be before the convention. and they went out of their way to say what the democrats are doing is playing defense. they brought up that donald trump's name is mentioned 23 times in this report and that's what the democrats are doing. they are protecting their nominee from the republican nominee. interestingly enough, to show you how contentious this is, the last hour the democrats on the committee called me up and said 23 mentions is wrong. it's 12 because the republicans are counting the citations in the headlines. it's not accurate. so that just gives you an idea of how contentious they have
11:36 am
gone back and forth about this report. >> luke russert, thank you. now we talk about the battle of the vp contenders. scott brown taking on elizabeth warren in a conference call with reporters today. the trump surrogate they were involved in a reverse is form of racism. that comes hours after donald trump told halle jackson warren was a racist for misrepresenting her past. mark murray joins me now on this. a lot of people were looking at that moment in cincinnati with hillary clinton and elizabeth warren as kind of an audition of what may be to come for the ticket. so how seriously is the trump campaign seeing warren as a threat of it to go after hillary clinton like this. >> this rhetoric from the trump campaign has been coming over the last several months, particularly as elizabeth warren started to get engaged versus
11:37 am
donald trump. what i actually found interesting was this call that was done that scott brown participated in was not by the trump campaign but by the republican national committee. the republican national committee is acting as an arm of the trump campaign. but you are starting to see finally some sophistication when it comes to these kind of att k attacks where you either have a prerebuttal of ar the fact and saw this occurring. that actually makes an argument that this very personal and very nasty back and forth between warren and scott brown is actually a replay of what we saw four years ago in the senate race in which elizabeth warren actually beat scott brown. this is the same terrain over reverse racism, questions of racism. this is stuff we all covered. and it's now front and center in it this presidential contest.
11:38 am
>> pretty interesting to see it come back up to be all relevant again. what's old is new again. political editor mark murray, thank you. we have been asking you should hillary clinton choose elizabeth warren as her running mate. let's take a look. 86% say yes. 14% say no. now the pulse is live. go check it out. is the two most unpopular candidates running for president clear an opening for a third party. a lot of folks think so. i'll be speaking to the libertarian normminee after the break. eels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around? what if you could... love your numbers? discover once-daily invokana®. it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c.
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is donald trump and hillary clinton pound the campaign trail in their bitter election fight, there are some concerns about the polling about how unlikable they are. we have a new nbc poll and it shows they are the most unlikable nominees in history.
11:42 am
giving hope to alternate candidates that would unhappy with those choices to go a third route. trump dropped to a dead heat. the candidacy hurts more than donald trump, but in your town hall your run ining mate you an your running mate called hillary clinton a wonderful public servant. how do youened respond to crit who say they are acting as a spoiler. >> i do think we take votes from both sides. i think hillary is going to grow government. her answer is more government. i think she's been the architect of our foreign policy that if it continues the world is going to
11:43 am
continue to be less safe opposed to more safe. when it comes to donald trump, starting with immigration, deporting 11 million undocumented workers, build iina fence across the border, killing the families of muslim terrorists, bringing back water boarding or worse, free trade, that doesn't mean forcing apple to make their ipads and iphones in the united states and doesn't mean a tariff on unported goods. most people in this country occupy. i'm making the case that that's libertarian. it's just that people don't know it. >> i know certainly in this campaign cycle as crazy as it has been talking about the candidates they are always pitted against each other and that happens to you and the g governor running to be your vice president. but when it comes to your website, i know it says we need
11:44 am
to make america sane again. kind of taking off the launching pad of donald trump's montra. you say that in respect to you think it's insane to want to build a border wall with the united states and mexico. you've given different policy points about what it means for your economy opposed to that of hillary clinton. when it comes to the debate stage, which would be the super bowl of politics, which would be the best place to have those contrasts illuminated. are you going to get on the debate stage? >> you cited a poll that was just done. that was after they polled trump and clinton and those two names and add gary johnson. at 10% to get to 15%, i think right now the polling organizations need to start with three names because at 10% which is really where we're showing up in all these polls, shouldn't that be three names right now.
11:45 am
i think so. but getting to 15%, we're going to be the only third party candidates on the ballot in all 50 states. that speaks volumes. this is a crazy election cycle. it's so crazy you may be talking to the next president right now. >> that is probably a definite possibility. when it comes to qualification, is donald trump qualified to be president? and is hillary clinton qualified to be president? >> you can't say they are not qualified, but we are going to make the case you have two former republican governors that got reelected and heavily blue states and were successful. i think that combination could aploy to democrats serve issing in republican states. i think it's what most people are all about being fiscally conservative and socially really don't give a damn as long as you don't force me into believing
11:46 am
what it is you believe. let people have choices in life and then these military interventions. does anybody think the world is more safe today? we're not in isolationist at all. i think donald trump is really talking about being an isolationist with tariffs and building a wall across the border. let's rule the world with free trade. let's bring peace to the world. let's involve ourselves diplomatically. >> you are one for the voters. presidential candidate gary johnson, thanks for your time. hope to have you back on again. >> it's a deal, thank you. after the break, voters in florida weigh in on the issues that will determine their election day vote. downlo the new app? we're good. okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app?
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so hillary clinton and dthd dth are zeroing in on the handful of swing states likely to determine who is going to win in november. so one of them is the key state of florida where the race is
11:50 am
within the margin of error. chris jansing is joining me. you sat down with voters in tampa. this is the i-4 corridor, which is a great bell weather for the rest of the country. and why is that? talk about what the folks you spoke with are saying. >> they are saying what our poll shows. they are often voting against a person rather than for a person. so we talked to clinton supporters, trump supporters and independents and they focused in on immigration. take a listen. >> what about the idea of building a wall and mexico is going to pay for it? >> other countries have walls. why can't we have one? >> it's not part of our values. trump doesn't provide the facts on how he plans to make mexico pay for this wall. so i'd like to see that from him. >> i agree. my husband is mexican descent. his grandparents are from
11:51 am
mexico. to say to build a wall tears at the fabric of our united states of being inclusive with everyone. >> times have changed. we were accepting show us you're weak, tired, poor. the statue of liberty needs to have no vacancy. all the money we spend outside this country helping poor nations, muslim nations, dumping money into them, millions and millions of dollars, put up a wall around this country. educate our youth. put it into our inner cities and dump all that money into america. people. >> so as a trump republican saying we should dump money into this country, you would support universal health care for all because that doesn't seem to be a platform the republican party is supporting. >> let's get back to the wall. i don't think we should build a wall. how are we going to stop mexicans from tunnels. for donald trump to say you want to build a way and mexico to pay
11:52 am
for it, he hasn't laid out a plan. >> he says he's a great negotiator. >> he's offended a lot of people by proposing that. >> they are from mexico. they would be offended. >> what happened in orlando, omar mateen was born in the united states. >> some of my dearest friends are muslim here in the community. after everything that happened in orlando, it was my muslim friends were the first one to pick up the phone. >> do you support some sort of limitation on muslim coming into this country? >> i support a limitation on allowing immigration. it's not just muslims. our country has a significant immigration problem. i agree. i don't think a wall is the solution. i don't agree with the wall stance at all. >> yet you support donald trump. >> correct, because the idea i'm supposed to agree with everything that one candidate does i think is ludicrous. >> it's also interesting. everybody agreed that donald trump needed to tamp down the
11:53 am
rhetoric. even ardent supporters. we called the two undecides. this was done before the brexit vote. we wanted to get their reaction. it's so interesting. chris said i'm still undecided. however, once trump shifted his rhetoric, he started to get my attention. now that he is lightening up, he's growing on me. another independent said i just like how he turn his rhetoric down and has more diplomacy. a lot of people questioning whether or not trump can make the turn. these couple of people are any indication, those who are open still haven't made up their minds, they are looking for more presidential sounding donald trump. let's see if that would hurt him u with the people who are so attracted to this rhetoric in the first place. >> joyful disagreement. did everybody leave friends? >> they all shook friends. i don't know if they'll be having drinks tonight, but yeah.
11:54 am
>> we'll see. thanks so much. still ahead, pride without prejudice from the catholic church. why pope francis says christians owe the gay community an apology. thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say, geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. could've parked a little bitgeico®.... proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
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♪ reddi-wip. share the joy. welcome back. we're just over an hour away from the markets closing. and they are down roughly by 311 points. we'll ask you to stick with us through this hour and keep a close watch on that. the other story is the gay pride parades. they have been stepping off nationwide with moments to honor the orlando victims and those lost. 49 people of that community killed in fuls nightclub. new york city started with a moment of silence for those lost. crowds lined up to honor them. this was all yesterday. 1 million people participated. hillary clinton made a surprise appearance marching alongside mayor de blasio and al sharpton.
11:58 am
that parade ending up on christopher street in front of the stole wall inn. now we have this ground breaking statement from pope francis saying the catholic church should apologize to gay people for how the church has treated them. he made the comments over the weekend on his plane back to rome from orr mean ya. he said the church should seek forgiveness from other people had it mar marginalize ued. you were there. >> it's important to understand the context of this answer. it came in response to a question about cardinal marx, who is the cardinal of munich. he said last week the church asked forgiveness of gays. francis was asked does he agree with this. in light of what happened in orlando, does he think u hate contributed to it.
11:59 am
in the context of that, he said, yes, the church should ask forgiveness. then returned to what is the most famous statement saying if someone comes to me in this situation, being gay, and he is a man of good will and he loves god, who are we to judge. opposed to who am i to judge, which is what he said u. the catholic church helped marginalize these people. that's not what the church is supposed to do. the church is supposed to welcome people and especially people who are in tough swi situations. it's really a significant statement u. especially coming in the year of mercy. >> with the pope and typically we have seen beautiful statements from the pope. he broadens it out with this message. does that mean there will be a trickle down effect? >> that's what i think people are certainly hoping. that's what he is trying to conv convey. when he says it, he hopes this will trickle down to your parish
12:00 pm
church so when you go to mass, you, too, will be welcomed. >> it's pretty amazing. pope francis never not giving a stunner sometimes. >> he's always making news. >> thank you to all of you at home. former british prime minister tony blair is joining the "morning joe" table. that's it for this hour. . stay tuned. kate snow picks things up right now. >> good afternoon, i'm kate snow. you heard it a thousand times. political attack down. that distinction is awarded to vice presidential picks, but today senator elizabeth warren tried it on for size. maybe it was even an audition. in a joint rally with hillary clinton, the progressive star gave donald trump a taste of his own bombastic medicine launching a series of personal attacks as the presumptive democratic nominee stood behind her smiling and clapping all the way.


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