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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 27, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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church so when you go to mass, you, too, will be welcomed. >> it's pretty amazing. pope francis never not giving a stunner sometimes. >> he's always making news. >> thank you to all of you at home. former british prime minister tony blair is joining the "morning joe" table. that's it for this hour. . stay tuned. kate snow picks things up right now. >> good afternoon, i'm kate snow. you heard it a thousand times. political attack down. that distinction is awarded to vice presidential picks, but today senator elizabeth warren tried it on for size. maybe it was even an audition. in a joint rally with hillary clinton, the progressive star gave donald trump a taste of his own bombastic medicine launching a series of personal attacks as the presumptive democratic nominee stood behind her smiling and clapping all the way.
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>> donald trump says he'll make america great again. it's right there. it's stamped on the front of his goofy hat. look at him in that hat. what kind of a man roots for people to lose their jobs, to lose their homes, to lose their life savings. i'll tell you what kind of a man. a small, insecure money-grubber who fights for no one but himself. i must say i do just love to see how she gets under donald trump's thin skin. >> trump's response in part, this sad attempt at pandering to the sanders wing is another example of a typical political calculation by d.c. insiders. that as new poll numbers show trump falling behind nationally clinton's margin has gone from 3 to 5 point ace head now according to our new poll.
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a "washington post" abc news poll shows clinton ahead by 12 points. and just in the last few hours, a new online poll from the university of texas. trump is ahead in the lone star state by 8 points. texas has been an easy win for republicans for some context mitt romney won by 16 points four years ago. and another thing that we're watching in the hour, one hour from now the end of our show will be the closing bell on wall street. stocks continuing to tumble over 300 right now after the british vote to leave the european union. we'll be tracking that all hour and we'll have the close for you. we'll keep an eye on the numbers in the right-hand corner of your screen. we'll start with the hillary clinton campaign. kasie hunt is in chicago for us this afternoon. and you're following the two women we showed. some call them the democratic dream team. hillary clinton and elizabeth warren are in the midwest with you today. is this an audition, a tactical move by clinton to win over
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progressive democrats? >> reporter: i think without question this was a test for elizabeth warren as well as for the two of them together as a team to see whether they would gel, how u it would go, how elizabeth warren would perform on the stump and also whether or not elizabeth warren would overshadow hillary clinton in this kind of a campaign style event. i think that's potentially something that could be a stumbling block as far as putting elizabeth warren on the ticket. warren has really tapped into that same level of excitement we have seen with bernie sanders rallies. the left liberal base of the party gets very excited for her in a way they hadn't necessarily for hillary clinton. so testing that dynamic on the trail. i think you saw elizabeth warren welcomed as a rock star. that's something to continue to think about. i also think she is being talked about, discussed, thought
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through in a way that's much more serious and i most of us anticipated it might. it's clear there's a lot of value for them in the way she's able to attack donald trump. she's been able to get under his skin. you saw her there flipping around the insult he's levelled at her. making fun of trump for being goofy. she's clearly got the ability to poke him in a way that hillary clinton doesn't want to do on the campaign trail day in and day out or at least a different style of doing it. the question that's on a lot of people's minds in washington what would take her out of the senate do and harry reid who wants to be the majority leader in the senate. everyone i talked to said this is something that's very important for her so she met
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with her privately. this was one of their first public together so we'll see if hillary clinton wants to do that. n a more serious way on the ticket or some other role there. >> kasie hunt following clinton today. thanks so much. let's slip over to the other side of the race now. halle jackson is here in new york city covering the donald trump campaign. >> at least not today. he did not call the nickname many find offensive. he did do that repping and calling and calling her a racist for these accusations that she's kpaj sated her heritage. he's going after her hard as we have seen him do in the past. he seems very eager to take her
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on if she is clinton's running mate. he is is ready. his campaign is ready to go after her for prior comments that she's made about hillary clinton. he thinks democrats will find, quote, devastating. that he's pivoting to a more presidential tone. really brushd off talk of any trump 2 307b9. he expect it is will continue through the general election. he pointed out as he said to me and others in the past he believes his campaign hasn't really started yet. and won't really start until after the convention. >> i spoke with one of kasich's
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aids. who is telling nbc news congress members in races will have the support that they need but this really is a remarkable turn of events considering the kasich is the governor of the state that is hosting the convention. when you talk about kasich's role in this, this is a response to trump telling "the new york times" if his former rivals have not endorsed him. he doesn't see the need to offer them speaking slots. we have reached out to ted cruz's folks to see if they have comment considering that cruz has several hundred delegates who will be bound to him. it's a questions of whether he
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will speak too. >> we're going to be speaking with the author of that "new york times" report in just a few minutes. thanks so much. for some analysis now, i'm joined by zi moem sanders, former press secretary for the bernie sanders campaign. nice to see you again. haven't seen you since you worked for the bernie sanders campaign. what happened? >> nothing happened. i just felt my time with the campaign had come to an end. i'm very proud of all the work that i did on the campaign, the work that the campaign did. we transformed the landscape of american politics. the work is not over. the senator is still fighting. there are changes in the platform he wants. so i'm proud of that work. love team bernie. just not with the campaign anymore. >> we'll leave that at that. let me ask you about a couple things in the news. nbc news got ahold of a memo that the republican national committee authored and it telegraphs how they think they are going to go after sanders
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supporters based on who hillary clinton picks as a running mate. they say they are going to try to convince people, where applicable, frame the choice as an insult to the large base of bernie sanders supporters who are struggling with the notion of supporting hillary clinton as the presumptive democratic nominee. are they tapping into something real here that sanders supporters may not like the pick? >> not at all. the insult actually is donald trump as the republican nominee. donald trump has spewed misogynistic views and rhetoric, so that's the real insult to bernie voters and voters across this country. they deserve an elevated level of conversation. i don't think there's any chance that a large swath of our voters are going to turn to the republican party or donald trump because i think a lot of our people join the political
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revolution because they cared about the issues. and these are issues that donald trump is not right on. >> let me ask you about that. this new abc news poll found that 81% of sanders supporters will vote for hillary clinton. versus 8% who say they are going to vote for donald trump. does that ring true to you? are there 8% of your former sanders supporters who might go for trump? >> i do think there are people that are frustrated with the status quo, frustrate d with politics as usual and they are looking for someone to speak to that and some people may think donald trump speaks to those frustratio frustrations. the 81% is the number we should be looking at. that 8% polls go up and down. if we look a month from now, the 8% will be about 2%. i think the real thing here is that the issues are what are going to be really important in this election. and donald trump, all he has is
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quick sound bytes. when we look for substance on the issues, when you really drill down to the core of it, he's not there on the issues. he doesn't have anything to talk about. he thinks climate change is a hoax created by the chinese. i don't think there's any real merit to that. i think we'll see these numbers change. that's because the secretary u and her campaign have moved to the left on a lot of issues. we talk about trade when we're talking about economics. i think the rally that secretary clinton and senator warren did today had an economic slant to it. that's because economics are the hot button issue right now. black people care about jobs. so i thido think that the issue are what people are looking at here. secretary clinton made end roads on those issues. there's more room to grow there. i think we're on the right track. >> should she choose elizabeth warren as her running mate?
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>> if someone was asking me, which no one is calling me up, but i do think that in my opinion hillary clinton should pick who shi thes is ready to be commander-in-chief. if she believes that person is elizabeth warren, pick her. >> that's a diplomatic answer. >> but it's the truth. the person that is a vice presidential nominee not only needs to compliment the presidential nominee but also needs to be ready to lead on day one. the vice president is the person that's going to jump in there, when and if something happens the president cannot leads. they floated on this short list are good folks and i'm just interested to see what happens. >> good to see you again. thanks for being with us. up next, a once coveted career making role that many are reportedly steering clear of. is donald trump having trouble rallying high profile officials
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it's the hope of slaves sitting around singing songs. the hope of immigrants set itin out for distant shores. the hope of a young and able lieutenant bravely patrolling the delta. the hope of a mill worker son who dares to defy the odds. the hope of a skinny kid with a funny name that believes he has a place for him too. >> that speech back in 2004 at the democratic convention was a
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breakout moment and that used to be how it was. being asked to give a speech at a party convention was a a coveted invite of every speaker would voice support for the party. things are different for the republicans. politico reached out to 50 prominent republicans, most of whom who said they will not attend the convention let alone speak there. in a recent interview, donald trump said, quote, if there's no endorsement, i would not invite them to speak. trump wen on the to say former rivals like ted cruz of texas and kasie hucayc cohn should no continue to withhold support. nice see you. the convention taking place in cleveland. based on his aids that he's not sure he's going to speak.
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>> that's exactly right. i just got an e-mail myself who said they are not speaking or expect an endorsement. ted cruz does not plan on speaking at the convention either. i will say i think that could change. conventions are supposed to be about unity cohesion, good will and my sense is while donald trump and ted cruz have not spoken yet because trump told me that when i spoke the other day there's back channelling going on and i would not be surprised to see some type of agreement made where cruz gives some time of speech. >> you mention in your article that cruz might have the rules on his side too. he won a majority of delegates in at least eight states and there he qualifies to speak. >> that's exactly right. if it you get a majority of the delegates in eight states who put your name into nomination,
12:19 pm
you get a speech ushd the party rules. what's not clear to me is whether or not the trump campaign is working to prevent that from happening. that type of agreement can only happen at the convention. and from what i'm told if the trump people get the feeling that cruz elements could be disruptive at the convention, they are not going to let them speech. that really shook up the convention. pat buchanan in 1992 when he gave his culturture warrior spe. >> you also report the rnc and trump campaign are also installing loyal party stall worths and key positions to ensure that they maintain control of the convention if rogue delegates attempt a disrupti disruption. how serious is this. they are really concerned things could get out of hand if they don't keep a tight lid. >> think about the public relations disaster that would
12:20 pm
unfold. if you have on national television a group of unruly delegates trying to wrestle the nomination away from donald trump. so what they are worried about on the trump side and rnc side i think more than actually having an open convention where anybody could be nominated is this ugly fight playing out which we as journalists who all cover 24/7 that's exactly what they don't want. this was not a slow news day. coming up the supreme court ended its term with the dramatic decision today striking down a texas abortion law. my experience with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids
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this new dog treat called max and dentalife.covered it's really different. see? it's flexible... ...and it has a chewy, porous texture, full of little tiny air pockets that gives dogs' teh a clean scrub all the way down to the gum line. (vo) introducing purina dentalife. for li. breaking news from the supreme court. the court ruled 5-3 to strike down one of the toughest divisions on abortion. clinics providing abortion
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services must meet the same standards as ambulatory surgery centers to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. women's groups said if the law was not struck down, it would have forced more than three quarters of texas clinics to shut down. hillary clinton responded to the ruling tweeting the decision is a victory for women in texas and across america. safe abortion should be a right, not just on paper, but in reality. for more let's turn to justice correspondent pete williams. he's outside the supreme court today. and what did the court say on this? >> this is easily the most important abortion ruling in 25 years. 25 years ago the supreme court said the states can impose restrictions on access to abortion, but only if it wouldn't constitute an undo burden on a woman's right to choose. applying that it text today the supreme court by a 5-3 ruling says it flunks the test. it sets up restrictions and
12:25 pm
obstacles to abortion without actually providing any medical benefit. that's an undo burden the supreme court said. it said what's the point in requiring abortion clinics to meet the same building supply staffing standards as surgical centers if most women can get an abortion and by taking a couple pills. if complications arise, those are going to happen when the women are at home and no the in the abortion clinic. it went through point by point and said it basically fails that text, struck it down so it strikes the law down in texas, but it does two other things. . it also is going to apply to about laws in a dozen other states that were taking a similar attack. it's going to end the strategy that anti-abortion groups were using. they changed their course a couple years ago instead of going after the women, the women's restrictions like waiting periods, counsel iling,
12:26 pm
that kind of thing, they decided to go after the clinics and doctors. that's not going to work. they say they have other cases they are trying and other techniques. this was a big victory for abortion rights advocates today. >> pete williams at the court today, thank you. we'll be talking with leaders on both sides of the supreme court argument. let me start with amy miller, president of whole women's health, the group that brought the case in texas to begin with. let me start by getting your reaction today when you heard the news. >> i am beyond elated with the decision today. i'm so proud to serve as the lead plaintiff in the case and to bring justice on behalf of undo burden. >> a number of other states have similar laws to what texas has on admitting privileges by doctors. politico says there are six states where there are lawsuits pending right now. my question is what happens now in all those other states? >> i think one of the things
12:27 pm
that our case has done is really show that when you stand up and you speak out and say these laws were passed on mistruth and they weren't about women's health and safety, but indeed they were clinic shutdown laws and sham laws. we're putting a stop to this copy cat trend that's happened across the midwest and south that's shutting doors and keeping women from accessing their safe, legal right to reproductive health care. i feel like what we're doing here r is stopping that trend and also being able to restore dignity, compassion and respectful care to women all throughout texas. >> the anti-abortion rights group concerned women for america spoke about what's next for them in lights of the ruling today. here's a clip. >> we will continue to stand resolu resolu resolute. our members will be voting in november and working to elect a pro-life president. hillary clinton's position on abortion is it should be legal
12:28 pm
at any point in presidency. it should be for any reason any number all paid for by the taxpayer. she's in lock step with planned parenthood, who she recently spoke to. planned parenthood and others profited today, but women lost. >> so their strategy is getting a huge turnout in november to vote for donald trump. what do you do to counter that? >> the vast majority of americans support women when they need to have a presidency termination, we believe women deserve dignity and compassion and respect. that's true of a vast majority of americans. it's important for people to speak up and speak out and be heard and understand that access to safe abortion care is part of full reproductive health care. >> lastly about 20 clinics shut down in texas in light of the law there. now that this decision has come down from the supreme court, how quickly do you see clinics opening again or people having more access again?
12:29 pm
>> we won't see clinics reopen overnight because we had to let go of leases and buildings. we have to restore the fabric of care across the state. that's going to take some time. we have to e get licensed again. we'll need to find the physicians and the staff who had to get other jobs over these last three years. what we have today is the possibility to reopen and we really have the wind at our backs that says we acted on behalf of the majority of people and we have the supreme court on our side and we have the opportunity to take a look throughout the state of texas and say what can we do to restore women's access to safe abortion care no matter what their zip code is and no matter where they live. >> president of whole women's health, thank you for being with us. let's get the other perspective. joining me is a former republican congresswoman from colorado and vice president of government affairs for susan b. anthony. welcome to the program. thanks for being with us.
12:30 pm
>> you're welcome. >> pete williams called it the most important decision on abortion in 25 years. do you agree this is having a major impact? >> it's having a major impact. i'm incredulous at the decision of the supreme court today and when you talk about health and safety standards, i thought the pro-abortion side said they were pro women. when you think about medical procedures, i talked to a doctor after i'd been to austin when the pro life bill passed. he said any time there are medical procedures performed, there can and will be complications and problems. these willing are needing a doctor with admitting privileges. the supreme court didn't agree with that. i agree in my heart the american people know that when you do away with a law that you even do
12:31 pm
away with a fire safety standards in these facilities quite frankly it is a very hollow victory for women today. >> that argument, as you know, justice brooi yar wrote that argument was a cover for what you were trying to do. he wrote in miz majority opinion that the provisions in texas offer medical benefits sufficient to -- that neither of the provisions offers medical benefits sufficient to justify the burdens upon access that each of those measures imposes. those are the words of justice briar write iing for the majori. he's saying you can't restrict abortion with the argument you're helping women's medical safety. >> of course, i don't agree with that. in the minority opinion, talked about how abortion industry is treated differently than all others. why should the abortionist who is seeking profit not have to have the facility up to health and safety standards that other
12:32 pm
ambulatory surgery centers have. it defies logic. when you think of what the stakes are here, it talks about abortion clinics closing. those clinics wouldn't have had to close if the abortion provider would have invested in the facility, would have upgraded the facility to meet the health and safety standards. again, i think this is a victory for women seeking abortions. it's a victory that will come at great cost to the health and safety of women. >> those on the other side point out that it's more risky to have a child. childbirth has a higher death rate than legal abortion. they keep arguing you're making a false argument here. what do you say to that? >> i'm pro life. i would see the day in this country where abortion on demand would be ended. i don't want to hide that in any way. i just want to say i'm pro life.
12:33 pm
i'm pro woman. and i believe that women deserve better treatment than this. and of course, as it's been said before, this makes the stakes incredibly higher with this presidential election. we need to elect a pro-life president. there was a part of the law that would have banned abortion after the point in the pregnancy at which the child can feel pain that was not challenged. i would say more and more americans, millennials and women especially are becoming pro life. so public opinion is going our way. science demonstrates the humanity of the child. it seems as though the planned parenthoods of the world need to go to the courts to get their victories. it's a victory that's hollow for the women of this country. >> what do you do now on your side of things? if you want to continue to try to restrict the number of abortions happening in the nation, what do you do if you can't do it this way? >> i still think we work in the
12:34 pm
states to pass common sense l laws. susan b. anthony will be championing banning abortion after the 20th week of pregnancy. science is on our side. the american people even those who call themselves pro choice o oppose taxpayer funding of abortion chrks is now part of the platform that hillary clinton supports. we have much work to do. and while today is disheartening, we're going to go forward on behalf of the unborn child and the women in this country who e deserve better. >> former congresswoman marilyn must grave, thank you. coming up, elizabeth warren on the rumored short list of potential running mates for hillary clinton hits the campaign trail for the first time with clinton today. after the break, we'll look at who else is thought to be on the short list as well as donald trump's. and where are the markets expected to finish today? we'll get an update from the floor of the new york stock exchange, coming up. doctor about your medication... this is humira.
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he's not anybody's idea of exploding volcano of charisma. that might be my favorite description here. an exploding volcano of charisma. are these critiques or compliments? >> they are true, i am boring. but boring is the fastest growing demographic in this country. >> that was virginia senator tim cane on "meet the press" talking about the prospect of being hillary clinton's running mate. but could we have seen the potential democratic ticket for the first time today? massachusetts senator elizabeth warren making her first appearance on stage with hillary clinton in cincinnati a short time ago. wairn is reportedly already being vetted as a possible vp pick. kelly o'donnell has a breakdown of who they are considering. let's start with clinton. >> well, for hillary clinton perhaps bringing boring back will be the theme of 2016.
12:39 pm
tim kaine e is getting a lot of attention because he brings things that are helpful for hillary clinton. he comes from virginia, a purple state. he's the former governor of that state. he has that kind of executive experience. former head of the national committee. he knows the donors and process from east coast to west coast and back is and forth. because he is a white guy and thats i a term that's being used by advisers and those close to the campaign he might help her in that demographic where clinton is is running behind. he's one of several choices. the list that is talked about, and we must stress it's not an official list passed out by the campaign, it's something we devooif from talking to a lot of people in democratic circles close to the campaign inside and out. other names, a lot of attention today for elizabeth warren. but also for ohio senator sherrod brown, the progressive wing of the party and speaks to those voters who were so
12:40 pm
enlightened and excited by bernie sanders this year. he is a possible pick. also some excitement from new jersey's corey booker, but both brown and booker have an issue. they each have a republican governor. . that goes for elizabeth warren as well. and that's an issue because if they can see in the senate is replaced by a selection of the home state governor. so that puts the delegate balance of the senate on the line. that's at a time when the democrats are hoping this election will give them control of the senate back. those are some of the names. it goes beyond that. the house side the highest ranking latino congressman is well liked, deep experience, a real up from the boot straps life story and worked very aggressively to help hillary clinton in critical states where the hispanic vote has been expanding. . that's places like nevada and colorado. he's been on the trail for her as well.
12:41 pm
we have also heard a lot about secretary castro, one of the growing faces in the party. those are among the names getting a lot of attention, kate. >> trump, what about the republican side? >> it's a little harder to assess here because not every one of the likely potential picks wants to be selected by donald trump and what has been such a contentious year. on a short list we're working with, there are three governors and three senators. you have chris christie of new jersey. he's been very visible working on behalf of trump. you have mary fallon, a a woman growing in the national recognition. has been effective, former member of congress so she'd know how washington works and rick scott of florida. florida is donald trump's second home. and rick scott is a former businessman, self-made millionaire as well. that raises the question would he be the type of balance for donald trump. that's a question. and then when we look at senators, you have john thune, very well liked. could speak to the establishment
12:42 pm
class. that's true of bob corker of tennessee as well. and jeff sessions. the talk about jeff sessions often centers on the fact he was the first senator to endorse donald trump. he really framed his immigration policy. something that senator sessions has been work on. and that has been a strong influence for donald trump. who is really on the short list, hard to know. sources are telling us it's down to a handful of names. the window of time for making a decision is really closing for trump. it's just less than three weeks until the gop convention. a little more time and an extra week before her convention. >> why do i feel like donald trump would surprise us no matter what. >> it's the great mystery of the political season. the most fun we get to have. the veep pick is always a real cliff hanger. >> thanks so much. while we're talking veepstakes, a wild card for you to consider. the one day in america superpac
12:43 pm
is launching a campaign. their call is not specific to either party. let's turn to someone who will be in the room at the republican convention in cleveland. i'm joined by ashley bell, an rnc delegate. nice to see you again. condoleeza rice doesn't want the job, but what would you think of that if it were trump/tries? >> i love condoleeza. it would be a great pick. but i understand her concerns. she's a bush loyalist. so much water under the bridge with the bushes and trumps. i understand why she wouldn't do it. it would be great for our party, but she's make the right decision by sitting this one out. >> we have been talking a lot of the potential of a floor revolt. has anybody contacted you? have any trump forces gotten in touch to say this is what you're going to do? >> no trump sources, but i can tell you i get calls in my
12:44 pm
office all the time. my inbox is full of e-mails on both sides. people who want delegates to be unbound as well as people who want trump to be the nominee. i hear about it on both sides. the vp pick will matter. i hope trump picks someone that the establishment know. what we don't want to e see happen is what happened with john mccain ym. someone not ready for prime time. i like what clinton is doing. she's putting people out there to see how the chemistry works. we want a surprise. but we don't want a surprise with donald trump when it comes to the vp pick. >> good to see you again. trump supporter scott brown is suggesting that senator elizabeth warren take a dna test to make results public. more on that developing story, when we come right back. nutrition. do you really know what it means? no. the answer is no. because it's complicated and science-y. but with my nutrition mixes,
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donald trump is off the stump today. it's up to his high profile supporters to carry his message this afternoon. a conference call was set up by the rnc to respond to hillary clinton and elizabeth warren, who appeared together this afternoon. it featured one of those supporters of trump scott brown and remember scott brown lost his senate seat to elizabeth warren. here's what he had to say. >> as we all know, she's not native american. she's not 1/. she has no native american background except for what her family told her. the easy answer on that, as you all know, is that harvard and penn can release the records. she can authorize the release of those records. she can take a dna test. she can release the records herself. . there's never been any effort. >> our senior e editor for politics was on that call and joins us now. this is what campaigns call rapid response. >> i asked that question because right before the conference
12:49 pm
call, halle jackson had had spoken to donald trump by phone and repeated his claim that elizabeth warren was not representing herself properly in terms of native american heritage. he called her pocahontapocahont. he's potentially on the list for vp for trump and put out there by the rna to respond to that rally this morning. he went right after elizabeth warren again. he went right after the claim she's not actually part native american. it's a strange thing to do because liz sliz a surrogate. hillary clinton is the candidate. for either trump or scott brown, i would argue to really train their fire on elizabeth warren, who is a supporter and not somebody who is actually running at this point is a little strange. it also raises the issue of the fact that trump has made this campaign so much about people's race and ethnic identity. he's done this again here with elizabeth warren.
12:50 pm
i asked senator brown whether he thought this was a good idea, a good direction for trump to go in terms of his campaigning. you heard what he said. so clearly he thinks that elizabeth warren is fair it was a topic that came up in his senate race against her in massachusetts in 2012. he lost to secretary warren -- senator warren. maybe it wasn't the best avenue to take. he took it, as did trump today. >> warren did say some pretty pointed things about donald trump a little earlier today as well. calling him a small man among other things. beth, thanks so much. still ahead, we'll check in on the markets following another rocky day in the wake of the unexpected brexit vote. and tune in to "morning joe" tomorrow 6:00 a.m. on msnbc. tony blair, former british prime minister, is their guest. unds ] oooh! [ brakes screech ] when your pain reliever stops working,
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u.s. markets minutes away from closing after what's shaping up to be a tumultuous
12:54 pm
day. stocks traded about 1% lower further extending friday's big dip following the surprise brexit decision when the uk voted to leave the european union. let's check in with kristen welker. she's anchoring the next hour of coverage. what do you have coming up? >> hey there, kate. we have a big hour coming up. we're going to talk to cop surrogates for both campaigns. former pennsylvania governor and dnc chair ed rendell and aaron elmore who is a big trump supporter. we'll break down what happened here in cincinnati. the first joint event with secretary clinton and senator warren and all of the other major political headlines of the day. kate? >> excellent. and we saw something on instagram that we just wanted to note really quickly. it's a picture of you getting engaged. congratulations. >> aw, thank you. >> it is so beautiful. >> that is so sweet. that is so sweet. >> you wrote to your fiance john hughes.
12:55 pm
thank you for making me the happiest and luckiest girl in the world #worththewait. i got to meet him recently. he's a catch. >> thank you. you're so sweet. that's the nicest thing. thank you. n and a runner captured that moment. >> a jogger. >> thank you. we'll see you at the top of the hour. >> so sweet of you, thank you. just minutes from the close of another rocky day on wall street. markets continuing to react to the uk's vote to leave the eu. olivia sterns is at the new york stock exchange. we'll be back with her after a quick break. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. at just 12 years old, greg whitstock began building ponds with his dad. by the time he was 25, he had a booming business called aquascape. behind the scenes, family drama, a recession and building collapse almost ended everything. see how he turned it around on
12:56 pm
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12:58 pm
money back guarantee. don't wait, call this numberow. ♪ we're moments away from the closing bell on wall street. let's turn it over to kristen welker who takes over our coverage from here. >> hey kate, thank you. i'm kristen welker live this hour from cincinnati, ohio. we want to take you right to new york where we're awaiting the closing bell at the stock exchange. the markets still fluctuating throughout the day following
12:59 pm
friday's brexit vote in the uk. and joining me from the floor of the stock exchange is nbc's olivia sterns. i understand there's been a sharp drop-off again today. what are you seeing? what are the headlines there? >> a sharp drop-off. first, congratulations, kristen. a sharp drop-off. we've recovered off the session lows. the dow down. right now down just 260 points or about 1.5%. the s&p also holding above that psychologically critical level. we did see some of the selling actually pick up momentum in the middle of the afternoon when s&p, the credit rating agency came out and announced they were downgrading the credit rating from aaa to aa. so that sort of caused a little concern in the markets. overall, the tense selling we saw on friday has subsided some. lots of questions about how long this is actually going to remain. for the year, all the big three indexes have now erased their gains. the s&p, the dow and nasdaq all
1:00 pm
negative for 2016. we're back to levels where we were mid-march. that's the closing bell right there. what everybody is trying to figure out is how exposed american stocks, american companies, the american economy is to the brexit. some traders are trying to move the focus -- they're wondering if brexit was a catalyst to get investors focused on what may be more fundamental weakness in the u.s. economy or not. kristen? >> olivia, thank you. thanks for your congratulations. let me ask you one quick question before i let you go. if you are an investor, what's the message right now? and should people be jittery about their 401(k)s? >> well, if you have a 401(k), as half of all americans do through their employer, you've noticed you probably have lost a couple thousand dollars over the course of the past couple of days as the dow has dropped by about 6%. what it more likely means is thatat


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