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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 28, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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but it is early in the trading day. we'll keep an eye on whether this will continue being a disaster for the uk and for global markets or whether the sounds of screaming icelandic announcers will start to scream. we'll see. watch this. we'll see. watch this space. "first look" is up next. it's tuesday, june 28th. right now on "first look," two of the most powerful rising democrats in the country team up against donald trump. >> you want to see goofy? look at him in that hat. watch out, because he will crush you into the dirt to get whatever he wants. >> but that's just the beginning. a massive $15 billion settlement involving widespread polluting and a major buyback for volkswagon. abortion and gun control. major rulings by the supreme court that had the nation talking. plus after three deaths, ikea recalls 29 million chests and dressers that can tip over onto children. the best and worst places for you to retire. and jay leno gets the ride
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of his life and much more than he bargained for. "first look" starts right now. good morning to you and thanks for joining us today. i'm betty nguyen. presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton and elizabeth warren were already looking like a unified presidential ticket. clinton was laying out her strategy for the future and warren was doing what she does better almost than anyone else and that is attacking donald trump. >> donald trump cheered on britain's current crisis, which has sucked billions of dollars out of your retirement accounts because he said hey, it might bring more rich people to his new golf course. what kind of a man roots for people to lose their jobs, to lose their homes, to lose their life savings? i'll tell you what kind of a man. a small insecure money grubber who fights for no one but himself. >> as for clinton, well, she seemed to enjoy warren's attack. >> i do just love to see how she
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gets under donald trump's thin skin. she exposes him for what he is. temperamently unfit and totally unqualified to be president of the united states. >> the trump campaign yesterday a tempered statement that called warren a sellout and said, quote, her campaigning for clinton stands in stark contrast to the liberal ideals she once practiced. this sad attempt at pandering to the sanders wing is another example of a typical political calculation by d.c. insiders. but it was after that statement that trump stepped up the rhetoric, going after warren in an exclusive phone call with nbc's hallie jackson. he told nbc, quote, i hope that she's selected as the vice presidential running mate. i will speak very openly about her if she is. she is one of the least productive senators in the united states senate. we call her pocahontas for a reason. adding she used the fact that she was native american to
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advance her career. elizabeth warren is a total fraud. i know it. she made up her heritage which i think is racist. i think she's a racist, actually, because what she did was very racist. now when asked by nbc if his comments on warren might undermine his latest campaign makeover trump said quote, i don't care. i do me. i do what i do. i've listened to this for a long time at the beginning of the primaries. he should do this. he should do that. i won in a landslide. the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows a majority of republicans, 52%, still say they prefer someone else as their presidential nominee, versus 45% who say they're satisfied with trump. and during a republican national committee sponsored phone call with reporters yesterday, former massachusetts senator scott brown, who lost his re-election to warren, continued the same attacks trump used. >> we all know she's not native american. she's not 1/32nd. she has no native american background except for what her family told her.
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the easy answer on that as you all know is that harvard and penn can release the records. she can authorize the release of those records. she can take a dna test. >> today, trump is expected to talk trade and domestic economy in pennsylvania while clinton is scheduled to lay out her technology and innovation agenda in denver. parents, listen up, ikea has issued a major recall on furniture that could endanger the lives of small children. the swedish retail giant is recalling 29 million chest and dressers including its mom series due to the risk of tipping over onto children. the furniture has been linked to the deaths of three children. it's no longer sold in stores, and ikea is offering a refund, or a free repair kit to anchor it to a wall. according to the consumer product safety commission, every 24 minutes, a child is injured from falling furniture. and every two weeks a child dies. the supreme court issues the
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most significant ruling on the country's abortion laws in over 20 years. a 5-3 court struck down a texas abortion law. advocates say would have shuttered all but a handful of clinics in the state. the majority on the court said the texas law imposes obstacles on a woman's right to access an abortion without any medical benefit. the law said abortion clinics must meet the same medical construction standards as walk-in surgical centers. but the court said that makes no sense for the large number of women whose abortions require taking only pills, not surgery. former texas senator winnie davis who led a famous 13-hour filibuster against the texas law praised the court's decision tweeting quote, today made that day three years ago all worth it. so grateful to all the women who shared their stories. and that wasn't the only major decision out of the supreme court. they also upheld a u.s. gun law that bars people with misdemeanor domestic violence convictions from owning a gun. the case involved two maine men
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who said their guilty pleas for hitting their partners should not have disqualified them from owning a gun. that case was also passed by a 5-3 margin. a man in china is alive today, thanks to a quick action several of them, in fact, by some heroic bystanders. look at this. surveillance video captured the moment a driverless runaway car toppled a 52-year-old man while he was relaxing in a chain. a passerby saw this accident and then shouted for help and that prompted a group of drivers and pedestrians to band together. clearly there was strength in numbers because they successfully lifted the car and rescued the man. he was immediately sent to the hospital. and is now recovering in stable condition. lucky guy. all right so jay leno had some scary moments while filming a segment for his cbs show "jay leno's garage."
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holy cow! well leno and the driver were both fine thankfully after that crash. they even joked about saying it doesn't get any more exciting than that. that's an understatement. the car, a 2500 horsepower heavily modified plymouth barracuda is supposed to pop up on two wheels but instead it flipped over. it's been on his bucket list to ride in that car, but not in that fashion. wow, definitely not what he bargained for. let's get down to business with cnbc's landon dowdy. you know, wall street took a bit of a tumble this week, as well. >> talk about a wild ride. we've been on one as well here on wall street, too. the market also try to call back some of the losses created by the brexit blues the past two days. europe and asia are both in the green today. stocks were slammed again on monday, though, on uncertainty
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as the uk votes to leave the european union. the dow falling 871 points, betty, in the past two sessions. that is the worst two-day drop since last august. the global markets have lost $3 trillion in value since friday. that is the worst loss ever. meanwhile, switching gears. volkswagen is expected to file an agreement in court today settling claims over its diesel emissions scandal, expected to include $10 billion to buy back or repair 475,000 cars or up to $10,000 per vehicle. vw will also pay $7 billion in fines. and this is an interesting one. a new study finds that more than half of americans are wasting their vacation days, can you believe it. research shows that people didn't use a total of 658 million days last year. more than a third say they're returning to a mountain of work is the top reason for not using vacation days. >> i don't know. i still don't understand that. >> i still got to take them. >> if you don't want to use it, just give it to us. >> i'm with you. >> thank you. straight ahead, did england
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just suffer an even greater upheaval than the brexit fallout? and breaking overnight an explosion at a bp natural gas plant. late details next. >> and 7 million people at risk of severe weather today. i'll break down the timing of those storms throughout this afternoon. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. what are you doing? getting faster. huh? detecting threats faster, responding faster, recovering faster. when your security's built in not just bolted on,
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welcome back to "first look." flood ravaged west virginia has been pounded by another round of torrential rains yesterday afternoon. the state's governor says thousands of homes and businesses have been damaged or destroyed by the historic flooding. but there was good news yesterday. the death toll has been revised downward to 23 after two men presumed dead were found alive. and a powerful hailstorm did some damage in colorado. storm chasers captured the little shatter of the windshield there. baseball size hail was reported. also about three tornadoes, too. but they were on the weaker end. last night we had some heavy rain moving through areas of the mid-atlantic and new york city. the yankee game didn't finish
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until about 3:00 a.m. in the morning because of that rain. that is now exiting areas of southern new jersey. soaking rain from cape may to atlantic city and down through the maryland coastline. that will exit this morning. a new round of storms this afternoon. 7 million people are at risk of severe storms. the yellow is the slight risk. that's where we could see some damaging wind possible. burlington to albany, poughkeepsie, newburgh, scranton, wilkes-barre and the reading area is at risk. as far as the timing goes, this is 1:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. when the storms really fire up around 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. across the catskills eastern pennsylvania right through the tri-capital area around albany, schenectady and troy. up through vermont. the storms will weaken by the time they get to new york city, philadelphia and the mid-atlantic. this area needs a little bit of rain and it will be getting that. the rest of the country, betty, warm and steamy in the southern half of the nation. very humid. that will pop up the afternoon storms. but they want it. it will actually cool you off. >> exactly. all right, thank you. caught on dash cam an
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alleged noise complaint encounter turns frightening. we want to warn you this may disturb some viewers. in the video an officer is heard yelling for the 17-year-old in a car to stop. as the young man appears to raise one hand. the other stayed on the steering wheel, and the vehicle speeds forward. the officer fires seven times at close range, injuring the teen. police say two pistols were found under the front seat. the officer who said the driver tried to hit him with the car, has been routinely suspended while authorities investigate the incident. the 17-year-old driver was hospitalized and charged with firearms, drugs and driving offenses. a terrifying glow in the night at a bp natural gas plant in mississippi suffered an explosion monday night. two employees were on duty at the time. fortunately there were no injuries. firefighters hope to have that blaze out by dawn. an intruder got more than he bargained for in florida. the homeowner put the prowler in a head lock in an attempt to protect his three children and his wife then took the
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intruder's own bat and beat him with it. the home invader eventually escaped but not before a big shiner. and he was later picked up by police. so, you don't see this every day. a horse galloping down a texas highway. these modern-day cowboys use their cars to corral the steed into the slow lane and down an exit. police later reunited the runaway with his owner. after superstar steph curry and lebron james both side no to rio the usa olympic men's basketball team is set. the 12-man roster includes curry's teammate klay thompson and james' chiry irving, as well as narmleo anthony and kevin durant. and no one was more excited than these kids who got to meet their heroes. >> i was like, oh! >> oh! >> oh, my gosh. can't believe it, y'all. >> pure excitement. all right. meanwhile, olympic swimming
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hopefuls booked their rio tickets. katie ledecki. she won the 400 meter freestyle nearly setting a world record at the same time. she won her first gold four years ago at age 15 and has five more qualifiers still to come. kevin cordes and miller are heading to rio. the women's 100 meter butterfly was the second fastest time in the world this year, making her first olympic team. dana vol her was second, qualifying for her third olympics. first brexit and now to what some in the uk might consider an even greater upset. england has been eliminated from the european soccer championship in an historic defeat. and to make matters worse, they were ousted by iceland. the smallest nation ever to make it this far in the tournament. and get this, the ap reports more than 8% of iceland's population traveled to france to witness the championships in person. one bbc commentator tweeted, the worst defeat in our history.
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england beaten by a country with more volcanoes than professional footballers. well placed, iceland. and in a political parallel, england's manager roy hodgeson resigned after the loss. tough one. all right, "scrambled politics" is next. it's 17 past the hour. can you actually love wearing powerful sunscreen? yes! neutrogena® ultra sheer. no other sunscreen works better or feels better. clinically proven helioplex® provides unbeatable uva/uvb protection to help prevent early skin aging and skin cancer all with a clean light feel. for unbeatable protection. it's the one. the best forour skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. see what's possible.
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here's your first look at tuesday's "scrambled politics." house democrats cleared hillary clinton of any responsibility over the september 11th attack
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on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. that attack left four americans, including ambassador christopher stevens dead. a report from republicans on the committee is expected later this morning. in a statement a spokesperson for the republicans on the panel said quote benghazi committee democrats obsession with the former secretary of state is on full display. everyone can ignore the rehashed partisan talking points defending their endorsed candidate for president. benghazi committee chairman trey gowdy will join andrea mitchell today at noon following the release of his report. ohio governor john kasich doesn't plan to speak at the republican national convention being held in cleveland. kasich's adviser john weaver said in a statement, quote, we have not asked for a speaking slot and have zero expectations of receiving one. now that comes as politico reports on how little interest there is among republicans to speak at this year's convention. after contacting more than 50 prominent governors, senators, and house members to gauge their interest in speaking, only a handful said they were open to it. senator ted cruz told nbc's exactlyly o'donnell that, quote,
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time will tell if he will speak at the convention. president obama teamed up with buzzfeed and turbo vote to launch turn up to vote. it's a week-long initiative to encourage young voters to get involved and register to vote. the series kicked off today with a video starring president obama called five things that are harder than registering to vote. >> all right. we got -- that stuff's hard. but you know what isn't? registering to vote. >> and there you have it. that's your morning dish of "scrambled politics." 21 minutes past the hour. political analyst and cheerios challenge champion, ellis henican is here. good morning to you. >> makes me hungry. i'm sorry.
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>> well you know, hillary clinton and senator elizabeth warren, they campaigned together on monday. >> yes. >> is an all-female ticket likely? >> why not? i mean, men have been screwing up stuff for years, right? is it likely? probably it won't happen. but you know what? i got to tell you, they both looked great there in their blue, enthusiasm, and i don't know, i got to say, i thought they had some -- i thought they had some chem in cincinnati. >> what's the purpose of this then? is that to test the waters? to really attack donald trump? what are they going after? >> well, yes, both of those, plus let me add one other. she just turned out to be a very, very good surrogate, right? she's been out there just slugging away and you know maybe they really are trying to figure out whether this is going to work. if it brings in a few of those bernie sanders progressives, all the better. >> that's what they want. but will voters be suspect of warren given that, you know, she was a one-time clinton critic, but now she's assumed this new
2:23 am
role as this being dubbed trump slayer is her new title, if you will. >> yeah. it's a fair question. but this year it seems like everybody in politics has said something horrible about somebody and then had to eat their words, and come back around eventually. boy look at the 16 other people who ran for republican nomination. they all had horrible things -- >> you're saying it doesn't matter anymore what you said in the past? >> i don't think there's much of a penalty anymore. it used to be oh, my god they're going to play that back in a commercial and you'll never get away with it. 2016, they say, eh, yeah. >> all the rules out the window. >> big deal. >> donald trump was quick to really call warren out on that saying that she was a sellout, she's a turncoat. will that tactic discredit the clinton/warren strategy here? >> you know, it's interesting. i think the office is going to happen. i think that elizabeth warren does have a way as hillary clinton did it yesterday, getting under donald's skin. any time the other side's nominee is attacking the potential vice president on your side, you're winning.
2:24 am
because you know what? it's a whole lot better to attack up than down and i think she's pulled donald into that. >> so you say she lives up to that trump slayer name that she's been given? >> you know what? i would say it was a very good initial dual performance in cincy yesterday. keep your eyes on her. >> thank you. just ahead a tourist at the lincoln memorial wows the crowd with an impromptu performance of the national anthem. it is must-see television. stay tuned. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. theris only one place where real a amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing when you have type 2 diabetes, like me, hii'm dominique wilkins. there's a moment of truth.
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michelle obama and her daughters have touched down in morocco as part of their let girls learn tour. monday the first lady visited a leadership camp for girls in liberia, urging them to continue fighting to stay in school.
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education for girls is the central theme of the trip, which also includes a stop in spain. and from nbcnews.come, racist pool, safety poster, brings red cross apology. the american red cross is apologizing for a pool safety poster some say is racist. now if you look closely you'll see nearly all the white children's activities labeled as cool while children of color are shown acting in unsafe ways and labeled uncool. the red cross says the posters have since been removed with more appropriate material in development. one woman's impromptu performance of the national anthem at the lincoln memorial has gone viral. 34-year-old starr noticed the amazing acoustics at the monument, and, well, the rest is history. ♪ and the home of the brave
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video has gotten millions of views on facebook and other social media. what a voice. i'm betty nguyen and this is "first look" on msnbc. don't forget to lake us on facebook. "way too early" starts right now. >> you know i could do this all day. i really could. but i won't. i won't. okay. one more. one more. donald trump calls african-americans thugs. muslims terrorists. latinos rapists and criminals, and women, bimbos. hillary clinton believes that racism, hatred, injustice, and bigotry have no place in our country. she fights for us. >> and i must say, i do just love to see how she gets under donald trump's thin skin.
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>> elizabeth warren joins hillary clinton on the campaign trail for a takedown trump event in battleground ohio. clinton hoping to shore up her credibility with progressives. but there may have been more to it than that. plus another drip of clinton e-mails released. the latest batch showing she had no clue about how to handle her records. plus, abortions rights supporters win their biggest supreme court decision in 25 years. the ruling centered on texas. but the impact could be felt across the nation. we'll have the latest. it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west, this is "way too early." good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, june 28th. i'm alex witt. we begin with the most significant ruling on abortion in a generation. in a 5-3


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