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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> thank you. thank you. >> we love tia. >> did you learn anything? >> i learned you don't follow anything. stick around, stephanie picks up the coverage right now. good morning. i'm stephanie. benghazi bomb shell just out moments ago. we have new information on what really happened that night. the focus of this vort wh whwha report is what the families asked us to focus on. >> the breaking new details shaking up an already nasty campaign. >> you want to see goofy? look at him in that hat. his surrogate demanding she take a dna test but the senator is not backing down.
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>> donald trump says he'll make america great again but when donald trump says great i ask, great for who exactly? and heartbreaking this morning, death of a legend, pat summitt, the winningest coach in history and the reaction is pouring in. we begin with breaking flne on benghazi. we get a look at reaction from the campaign trail. we have andrea mitchell here. what have we learned? >> we learned a lot today. there are dualing reports. there are disagreements between the republicans and democrats. majority says while hillary clinton was serving as secretary
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of state a lot of things happened that shouldn't have happened. >> for example what? what is the big ah-ha. >> there are a lot of ah-ha but there is the question of why there was no military response even hours and hours after they ordered a response. nothing happened. no wheels were turned. in fact, for three hours the marines waited on the plane when a plane finally did arrive and were given conflicting orders. all of this in this report. the section of the 800-page report obtained by nbc news sheds breakdown ton the ben ga
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ss benghazi attacks. it is by former military officers by gadhafi's resheechlt why was chris stevens in such a dangerous place? hillary clinton told the benghazi -- >> america had to be represented there at that time. >> the report says stevens was filling a temporary staffing gap and making benghazi a diplomatic post. stevens was laying the ground work to benghazi the following month. a major focus is the failure to carry out orders. a force didn't get to tripoli until the next afternoon partly
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because of a failure to have airplanes ready but also because of conflicting orders over whether marines should wear military uniforms or civilian attire. the report says one told the committee during the course of three hours waiting on the plane he and his marines changed in and out of their uniforms four times. ev democrats arguing the military could not have done anything differently that would have saved the lives of the four brave americans killed in benghazi. they knowledge security measures were woefully inadequate but blast it as a case study as how not to conduct a credible information, wasting they say more than $7 million of taxpayer money. >> what is the reaction from the
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state department here? gl the state department insists they did do their own independent report. they did not review as many as they have. there is a lot of new information here. they say they have progress that posts are safer and the military response would be a lot faster because they have moved assets from germany closer to north africa and to the rest of the african continent where we have so many terror threats. >> thank you so much. be sure to watch andrea mitchell reports with chairman of the house committee this afternoon. kristen welker joins us now. >> reporter: we are weight for their official response. they are waiting on that as they
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speak. brian fallon has been tweeting on this. he says quote far from honoring the four brave americans the benghazi has been a sham since the start. expect to hear coordinating messaging from the white house yesterday. yesterday press secretary sounded a very similar note saying that it is essentially a sham. they are pointing to comments made by one of the former committee members who said it seemed to be politically motivated by trying to bring down secretary clinton. there is sure a lot of news in this report to pick through. clinton will be campaigning later on today. i don't expect her to weigh in on this. you can expect reporters will try to get to her. this gives donald trump a lot
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more. >> does this whole scenario not weigh on the fact that trust worthiness has been an issue? she brought it up hours before the report came out. >> it certainly is true. i made mistakes. i don't know anyone who hasn't. so i understand people having questions. now, maybe we can persuade people to change their minds by marshaling facts and making arguments to rebut negative attacks. >> reporter: so she is already n making comments ahead of time but does this continue to weigh on her branding? >> reporter: it undoubtedly does. the biggest vulnerability is that trust issue that you bring up. donald trump to two most favorable candidates in history. the clinton campaign very aware of this. as you point out, the timing of
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those remarks very questionable. she did make them hours before this report came out. she is essentially trying to say hey, look, i might be a little slower in my comments. i might be a little more careful. it's not a sign you can't trust me. it's another point on which the clinton campaign is trying to turn the page. >> thank you to kristen welker. donald trump will be giving a speech a few hours from now. his team weighed in following this report haven't they? >> yeah, one of his lawyers tweeting out a picture in which you see hillary clinton and you see that she murdered essentially -- it is from
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trump's advisers. he has not gone this far. he eluded to stevens being left helpless to die as he claims clinton ignored or slept when the benghazi attack was happening. they say it doesn't appear to be true. so you look at sort of the trump campaign's reaction to benghazi. you look at what we expect to hear from trump today. i wouldn't be surprised to hear a statement from this. the campaign believes it is a perceived real vulnerability for her particularly with voters they are trying to peel away. >> what have you learned? >> yeah, trade. here is a little bit of preview. expect donald trump to lay out an action for what he believes trade principles should be.
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watch for him to talk about issues trade violations against china in front of the world trade organization. it's a play to draw some daylight between clinton and union voters. it is where they believe she will be vulnerable in some places like western pa. we have said, breaking news. pat summitt has died. she was a sports legend. she was the winningest coach in division one college basketball history leading them to eight national championships. she is just 64 years old. pat summitt's son says his mom died at a retirement community
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peacefully. we have to take a turn now to weather. a dreary start to the day here in the northeast. bill is here. bill, how is it looking out there? >> storms will cause delays right now. right now the cold front is back to the west. new storms will form. 8 million people will see the storms. the mild to hot continues today. boise 103. 105 in vegas. the great weather is in the great lakes and the ohio valley. sunshine and only in the 70s there. >> good day in lebron country. the details of the new benghazi report are still coming out. we'll talk to a state department official. that's next. we'll hopefully get some answers. i work 'round the clock.
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breaking to your benghazi story, we'll hear from house benghazi committee member, trey gowdy. i'm joined by secretary of state under john kerry. he was friends with chris stevens, one of four people killed in the benghazi attack. what do you make of this report? >> stephanie, thank you for having me on. it's a sad day to watch the tis. we have been watching this since the fall of 2012. last fall, prior to secretary clinton former secretary clinton testifying for 11 hours. the house majority leader said
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it was about driving down her poll numbers. so today is one more nugget of an example of this. it is very frustrating as a former state department official and officer. i do deeply believe in american security and protecting our diply madi dipdi diply diplomats abroad. >> when you say there was an intelligence failure it doesn't feel politicized. >> there was an accountability review board report done by mike mullen, one of our top diplomats. they came up with recommendations. they have been moving to strengthen our security. so to get this additional nugget, that's not new information. >> okay.
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then please just help americans. was there intelligence that implied an attack could happen? help me out. >> the attacks that evening were tragic and the information that we had clearly was not enough to prevent the attacks. it implies an intelligence failure, of course. that was recognized. having served at the state department a former colleague of mine was killed. the state department has been work to reck tify them. this doesn't point out things that have not been discussed publicly or privately. what it does do on the eve of a political convention is remind people about how political it has become. >> then you tell me, as a friend
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of chris stevens, what was he doing there? hillary clinton said he was there to lead during a pivotal time. those are two different narratives. >> i did not speak to him prior to going out there but the ambassador is responsible for where he or she needs to go. he clearly believed benghazi was the political place to go. stevens was the top official engaging with the benghazi rebel and with the rebels against gadha gadhafi. he was very aggressive and assertive. he was a former peace corp. volunteer. he felt connected to his work. i will not second-guess his decisions. his decisions were his own.
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it was heartfelt for all of us who have served at the state department who see this kind of tragedy. we are thrilled -- thrilled is the wrong word but we are prod to see how they are try to go rectify this. it is an ongoing problem. there are continual threats. it is not a fail-safe work. work is difficult. our diplomats need to be out there. it was a tragedy and it has to be dealt with. i testified to this committee. i was not allowed to answer a question in a complete sentence. i was interrupted. >> unfortunately i'm going to interrupt you again. we have to leave it there. >> appreciate it. >> thank you for joining us this morning. a nasty back and forth,
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you want to see goofy? look at him in this hat. a small insecure money grub their fights for no one but himself. >> listing native american ancestry working at harvard. trump saying she made up her heritage. he said i think she is a racist. scott brown taking it one step further.
6:24 am
josh, let's take those quotes. how do you feel? >> how is this an effective campaign approach? it was an issue between elizabeth warren and it got a little more traction for scott brown than they think it would. it sort of taps into a sense among white voters that they have been done wrong. the problem is people nationally are not familiar with elizabeth warren. it seems out of left field and part of a stream of excellecomm from trump. you know, there was a big supreme court decision about abortion that conservatives are upset about. trump said nothing about the decision all day. one of the few thib rean reads
6:25 am
that he will appoint conser conservative judges. it is a weird campaign day. >> maybe that's exactly it. how is this a campaign strategy? it is a strategy that got him in the seat. >> yeah. he is down about seven points. he trailed consistently except for the beginning of may where she had not secured her nomination. we were seeing a downward trend over hz erratic response to the orlando attacks. she is also quite unpopular. she is not quite as unpopular as he is but she is having traubl closing with voters. as more polling data comes in it
6:26 am
will be a real problem for her. >> is it fair to say he is softening in terms of the muslim ban? we know mitch has said in the past donald needs to get on script. >> yes. >> if he is softening in terms of the muslim ban he is still swinging when it comes to elizabeth warren. >> this has been the hopeful statement for months that he needs to pivot. this is the way he has been for decades. the attacks are reminiscent are what he did in the 90s when he was competing questioning people's et nisty saying indians were going to get mixed up with the mob. he says things on all sides of policy issues.
6:27 am
after he had his spokeswoman saying there was never a ban you had a statement there is no shift in the position. you know, it is a ban and not a ban at the same time. you can't say it's softening. it is just moving randomly. >> can it translate ton campaign trail? we'll be talking about this quite a lot over the next few months. >> yes, i know. we are minutes away from the opening bell as british prime minister continues to meet with leaders. the latest on the blow from the brexit, that's next. thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say, geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waing to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there.
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even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad. you're watching msnbc. we are watching the new york stock exchange. moments ago the opening bell rang. the market is up. here to help me is elizabeth. >> what a route it was. we saw $3 trillion wiped away in the last three days. it is the biggest ever, bigger than 2008. >> back that up. i don't think people realize that, worse than 2008. >> worse than '08.
6:31 am
it is as if we erased the entire economic output. you're seeing stocks up. we are up on the dow. a little bit of a rally. right now we are sort of back to where we were mid-march. >> even if the smarmarket is ban the green will we see investors shy away? >> people are trying to dissect stocks and trying to figure out how much they have to europe and britain at large. maybe the worst is over for now for the u.s. markets. britain might have further to fall. but so maybe we are sort of reaching a period of uncertainty but relative calm in u.s.
6:32 am
markets. the truth is yes, it will take two or three years. we are not expecting any new big information. we can sort of coast on the ultra low rates. >> coast is what people hope we do. we are closely watching a meeting about to get underway in bru b brussels. it is more than an awkward dinner date. he is saying i'm zwodivorcing y and i'm out and we should have dinner tomorrow night. >> yes. it is that part where the two sides get together and hash out who gets what, an awkward dinner date. he gets to attend the first day of a two-day meeting and he has to leave and the europeans get to talk about britain behind his
6:33 am
back. the europeans will be a little bit stability after stable but he gets to watch his own party pick his replacement. one of the frontrunners is johnson. he is facing his own block from within the conservative movement. they are calling it stop boris. that's not where the parallels end. we have seen a disturbing rise and attacks against immigrants. >> #badeconomics. when i get dumped i try not to go out to dinner with him the
6:34 am
next night. breaking news on benghazi. we'll be hearing from trey gowdy. new reports released last half hour. richard has been ton ground following all of the recent comments and knew chris stevens. good morning richard. >> good morning. good to talk to you. an interesting analogy, i think there's more to that but that's not the subject for today. >> that's far longer conversation. >> reporter: yes, this benghazi report is a very long report, 800 pages. it is not the first time we have heard an investigation from congress about benghazi. new information, however, describing not just what happened on the day but the
6:35 am
context in which the diplomatic took place. some of it is quite damming, fra frankly. it paints him as someone who didn't fully understand the security risks, that he was determined to go benghazi for a diplomatic mission there before secretary clinton arrived in libya. it gave something of a timing that maybe he was under pressure to make a bold political statement before the clinton visit. it also accused the entire administration. >> well, richard -- >> reporter: the u.s. didn't respond quickly enough and spent vital time debating things like whether the reaction force should be wearing their uniforms or not as the attack was still
6:36 am
ongoing even though they believed the attack was over. quite a damming report. the state department says it's nothing new and it's time to harm hillary clinton during the election season. >> you knew chris stevens, the way they paint him, is that true, not understanding the risks? >> reporter: i met him on numerous times in benghazi on the early days of the libyan uprising. he felt very comfortable. he felt secure that the libyan people were behind the united states. i think we all felt that way at the time. things deteriorated quite rapidly. malitia groups were sprouting
6:37 am
up, they had different agendas. when you read some of the quotes that he returned to benghazi on that fateful trip to a city that he was not prepared for, a city that changed, a city that was not the friendly environment. >> all right. thank you to our own richard. breaking news from the supreme court. we'll have that when we return. you're watching msnbc. ♪
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breaking from the supreme court involves a case about birth control. pete williams joins me now. what do you know? >> reporter: this is a washington state law that says pharmacies cannot refuse on religious or moral grounds
6:41 am
including birth control pills. the law was challenged by a small sort of mom and pop policy that is based on the -- the pharmacy based on religious purposes and they objected to this law. they said it was unconstitutional. it was overturned by an appeals court leaving the law standing. the supreme court refused to take this case. it leaves the washington state law standing. there was a very strong decent here from the three more conservative justices. thomas joining it that they say the washington state regulations are likely to make any pharmacist who refuses to dispense these drugs
6:42 am
unemployable. >> but why? >> reporter: if you own aed a pharmacy and a pharmacist wouldn't fill it you had to find somebody else. they say if it is how it will be treated those who value religious freedom have cause for great concern. >> if it is a mom and pop pharmacy can't they choose to tell what they want? >> reporter: they have said there's no religious exception for laws that are generally applicable to everyone else. pharmacies can refuse to stock certain drugs if there is low demand but the washington state law doesn't allow them to refuse on moral or religious or philosophical grounds to stock a prescription drug.
6:43 am
they said it is a violation but they have lost that and the supreme court refused to take the case. one of the big tie votes involved a challenge to their bargaining power and their ability to charge dues to people who don't join the union. there was a 4-4 tie. it left the law standing in california. the people who opposed that law asked the court to take it up again. it is basically hoping if there is a ninth justice they might win. >> all right. than you to pete williams joining us from d.c. the movement continues with the focus at the rnc convention as well as a trump delegate. join me next. no, i wasn't...oh look, you dropped something. it'sour resume with a 20 dollar bill taped to it. that's weird.
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trying to oust trump. one delegate is suing for the right not to. organizers are gearing up for a fight on the convention floor. joining me now is one of the backers of the unbound movement and anthony, a pledged trump delegate. thank you for joining me. i want to start with you, dane. they say this dump trump movement is a flash that will fizzle out. you're continuing this fight. you're spending a whole lot of money. do you have any traction here? >> we do have traction. every day the number of delegates that want to voice their conscience votes. we get calls and e-mails every day from individuals that want to participate in this effort. they want to say this movement
6:48 am
is growing stronger every day. >> what do you have to say about this? when dane and his team say they are under duress do you feel like you're under duress? >> not at all. the people have spoken. the primary is very clear. in new york alone we know that donald trump won 91 out of 94 delegates. those are pledged to donald trump. it is much to do about nothing. it is a small group of people that probably were with rubio. >> so you're saying he needs to stop the noise? >> not specifically about dane but certainly it is not a big group. i expect not much to happen at the convention and i think donald trump will be elected and become the president. >> then help us understand.
6:49 am
52% of americans said they want somebody else they just don't want trump. to put it in perspective mccain had 75% in his corner. >> donald trump got 14 million people to vote for him, the greatest number in history. he won 37 out of 37 states. i expect him to be the nominee! all right. dane, anthony does not seem to be under duress. it seems like he is all trump all the way. make the case. we have a delegate sitting in front of me. how are you going to turn him? >> the raeality is 54% of those that voted did not want donald trump. trump received 90% of the vote. let me make it clear, the
6:50 am
delegates are the only individuals that have the ultimate authority to no, ma'amo represents the values of the party and also who are electable in november. donald trump does not do either one of those so our position is -- and we get delegates who are pledged to trump every single day. the delegate who filed suit in virginia was a trump -- was pledged to trump. so there's no binding these delegates. they're free to vote for whomever they want and what we want is for them to be free. one thing i don't understand is if donald trump truly believes he has the support he talks about, he should not have any concern about the delegates voting their conscience at the convention. >> well, that delegate who's suing, why doesn't he run? what you're missing here is the punch line. if not trump than who do you want these delegates to support? >> well, listen, we're not promoting any specific delegate -- >> well, then what's going to happen? let's back this up a minute.
6:51 am
if you're not supporting one specific person, who is it going to be? >> well, it's build it they will come. our philosophy is if there's enough interest, which we do believe there is because we get the support every single day, then someone will step forward and want to be the nominee and run against donald trump. i mean, so this is not some mass conspiracy about whether it's the kasich campaign or the cruz campaign or any other campaign. at the end of the day -- >> if i may -- >> the delegates have the right to choose their conscience. >> would it not help your effort, all this money you're spending, to actually put another person, a face, a name up there to simply say if not donald trump how about this person? >> well, that's not what we're there to do. first of all, as i said, the delegates are the ultimate authority of the party. they have the right to choose whomever they want to. there's nothing to stop them from putting another name in. but the reality, is you have to rnc and the trump campaign out there saying you are bound, you are bound, you are bound and
6:52 am
they're not bound. so the reality is the conversation should be about, hey, delegates, vote your conscience and just because donald trump technically people want to think he's the nominee, first of all, he hasn't been nominated for anything, second of all as we get closer to the convention there might be somebody who stands up and says hello, says they want to run. but for now the movement is to tell delegates that they do have the authority to vote their conscience and let the cards fall where they may. donald trump should not be scared of the delegates. if he truly believes he has this this support, he should not be scared how they're going to vote. let the delegates choose, somebody will step up, if they don't so be it, let the delegates choose their conscience. >> anthony? >> sparse tas far as the delega voting their conscience, the people in this election voted for donald trump or rubio or cruz. they didn't vote for the delegates, they voted for the
6:53 am
candidate, we represented the candidate. in my congressional district here in new york donald trump received 73% of the vote. it would be an abomination for me to determine i'm going to vote who i want to vote for. i represent those people. the will of the people -- the people have spoken. i'm going to fulfill the will of the people and i think that's what will happen at the primary. i certainly don't think this is going to amount to much. i think the outrage should be the candidacy of hillary clinton should be the outrage of republicans. not the donald trump overwhelmingly won 37 states and got more votes than anyone in republican history. i believe three million more people voted in the republican primary than in the democratic primary and about 46% of the vote for donald trump. there were 17 candidates. 46% is an outrageous amount of votes for somebody with -- for election with so many candidates. >> i believe ohio is going to be pretty exciting. thank you both. dane waters and anthony pensella
6:54 am
for joining us. from jaywalking to jay flipping, jay leno goes on a wild ride while filming his new cnbc show. this incredible video. that's right, jay leno is in the car. that's next. . and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls, and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles th your old on see car surance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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the antacid goes to work in seconds... and the acid reducer lasts up to 12 hours in one chewable tablet. try new duo fusion. from the makers of zantac. you are watching msnbc. we are watching the markets. just 20 minutes into the trading day and already up over 200 points. clearly it has taken two solid days to digest brexit and the market is hungry again. we're seeing somewhat of a buying frenzy. we'll dig in throughout the day to see what investors specifically are buying. for now we're seeing a nice healthy rebound in the market, which surely the market needed. moving on, efforts are under way to free a blue whale spotted off the coast of san diego tangled in fishing gear. the whale got close enough to sure for federal experts to
6:58 am
begin freeing it. the whale swam out of range late last night. officials are hoping to find it again and finish the rescue. some scary, scary moments for comedian jay leno while filming a segment for his cnbc show "jay leno's garage." take a look. this didn't happen in a grand jury. i mean, hot damn. the over 50 crowd is turning it out. jay leno and the driver -- are you ready for this -- 80-year-old bob riggle were both fine after this crash. that's the only reason i can smile here. they even joked about it. leno saying it doesn't get any more exciting than that. and that wasn't your average car. the car, a 2,500 horsepower heavily modified plymouth barracuda is supposed to pop up
6:59 am
on two wheels, not supposed to flip over and over and over again. it's apparently been on run w l bucket list to ride in the car. you did it. that's it for this hour. day two for us. coming up, more news with thomas roberts. good morning and good day from new york, i'm thomas roberts here at msnbc headquarters in new york. we begin with breaking news out of washington, d.c. any minute now house republicans will discuss their long-awaited findings on the 2012 terror attack in benghazi. the report, two years in the making, was released a couple hours ago. among other things it says then secretary of state hillary clinton should have known the area around the consulate was not safe and realize the risk facing americans and that a potential military response to the attack was still delayed. so our unit is making their way
7:00 am
through everything in this report but let's show you what it looks like if you print this out in full. this is what 800 pages of the benghazi report looks like. we printed out the top two pages. the rest is clean paper. we weren't going to take down a tree since we could pull it up on our computer but we'll show you what's being done if this report is being distributed in full. democrats are slamming it as a taxpayer-funded partisan witch-hunt. they released a preemptive summary on monday that as expected clears secretary clinton of wrongdoing is there a bombshell that could impact hillary clinton's run for the white house? we have our team standing by while we wait for the republican led by trey gowdy to get this started. we have luke russert standing by, also ron allen in the white


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