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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  July 1, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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consultations seeing how they can help, lend expertise, capacity to the police, intelligence to help them. that is what the main concern is here. that's what the president is most mindful of. we wrap up this hour of coverage. my colleague chuck todd picks up right now. i'm kate snow. good evening. and i'm chuck todd here in washington. of course it's been a busy friday before fourth of july in politics. big changes in our nbc news. major changes and updates. we get our "first look" at the democratic platform. sanders versus clinton, who won out there. we'll get to the politics in a minute. first, the very is latest on the breaking news we have been following all day here that's been going on in bangladesh. police say as many as 40 hostages are still being held in a restaurant in the diplomatic
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enclave of damage ta up to eight gunmen opened fire and killed four security personnel that we know of. the isis-affiliated news agency is reporting these gunmen are islamic state commandos. however, the state department is saying they cannot confirm the claims as of now. doctors at a nearby hospital are saying they have seen up to 25 wounded come in and care for there. a short time ago kate snow spoke to a witness who actually lives near the site of the standoff. >> they are not very comfortable of it. it is happening around the tri-state area. yes, we were worried about it. but this has really hit home. this is right next door.
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>> the restaurant, which is called the holey bakery. it is actually a restaurant that has a bakery in the title is less than a mile from the u.s. embassy. all their personnel is safe. the u.s. embassy was never under immediate threat from this attack. of course they are still checking on americans who live or happen to be vacationing around the city. in fact, if you are a u.s. citizen or you know of a u.s. citizen that is near this area in dhaka, contact them and get them to contact the state department to let them know that they are okay. joining me now for a little bit more on what's going on here, one of our foreign correspondent, amon. set the scene a little bit. the isis affiliated groups in bangladesh, how affiliated are
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they with isis and how much of this is more domestic than international? >> for isis over the past several months has been trying to make inroads into the country. it is a strategically important country, fourth largest muslim population on the planet. 150 million or so. neighbors india, that has had a long-running feud with pakistan. isis has been trying to get a foot hold in afghanistan and pakistan as well. what we have seen the past year, chuck, is a systematic target of individuals, prominent individuals in the country. isis claimed responsibility for some of the gruesome killings, activists, writers, bloggers, members of the gay community. we haven't seen anything like this. we have not seen a large scale coordinated attack. that in part has been because they have struggled to be actually to build up the organizational infrastructure for this. they do not believe isis has an
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organizational structure in their country. they have been trying to write these off as one off, lone wolf types. if we don't have any doubt to believe this claim of responsibility as being fake at this point, but if it turns out to be isis, this would be a very significant development for that terrorist organization and certainly a map for bangladesh. they have had a long history of political islam and certainly militant groups and extreme groups. but they have had not had the presence of al qaeda on this level yet, chuck. >> you brought up al qaeda. al qaeda tried and did get a foot hold in bangladesh. >> that's right. it has operated in southeast asia has systematically as well tried to do that. with the weakening of al qaeda central as a result of u.s. efforts in afghanistan and drone strikes in pakistan, their ability to project beyond their borders certainly decreased.
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that gave rise to isis. the ideology began to appeal more to the extremists elements in bangladesh. it touted hit no presence of either one of these groups, we saw isis making inroad. in november in one of the magazines, the so-called isis propaganda magazine put out online, they specifically and explicitly said they wanted to build a foot hold in bangladesh. so this was something that has been in the sights of isis for some time, chuck. >> i'm going to let you go. you're monitoring this. if there's any breaking developments, we'll be getting you back in front of the camera to tell us what's going on there. >> you got it. >> appreciate it. allrighty. of course we will dip into this later this hour and keep up to date. there is a lot going on in domestic politics today. starting with something that we unveiled this morning. our new battleground map.
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t minus 17 days. gut check as both war rooms are getting ready for a strategy to capture the white house. this afternoon donald trump was rally conservatives in the swing state of colorado with a promise to redraw the electoral map in what he said would be in historic fashion. >> we got to win this one. man. we play, meaning us, meaning me, play in a lot of states that a republican, more traditional republican doesn't play. i have so many friends that live in connecticut. we may give a shout to new york and california. ohio, pennsylvania, i think we will do great in these places. >> i think he got close to naming all 50 states. here's the current battle field, if you will, for the two campaigns. you're looking at our new battleground map. here's a lot to chew on. a lot of colors. we will break it down color by
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color, i'll promise. it still heavily favors clinton. 255 in the dem column. a small analysis. this is a rosy scenario for trump. even though it doesn't look like that. a lot of states are in tossup that should should lean democrat. right now clinton is mostly overperforming in diverse states and underperforming in nondiverse states. being held by trump's well documented struggles with minorities. the bright spot for him, he is holding his own with large white working class populations, including a place like pennsylvania. to this point, look at the is significant changes we made to this new battleground map since we unveiled it in may. we moved florida from tossup to lean democrat. two of the last three polls have had clinton up double digits in florida. all of this stems from trump's problem with hispanics.
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and pennsylvania. stronghold for working class whites. a state that has been in the democratic column forever. lean democrat to tossup. most polls show clinton up there. clinton's super pac is now in the air in the keystone state. vice president biden will make an appearance with hillary clinton. and utah. reliably red state into the lean column as of now. trump is struggling with significant pockets of white voters in that state. if you heard about mike lee tearing into trump. this is more about mormons really, really being offended by the muslim bam. that issue alone, religious persecution, that is a big issue for a lot of mormon voters particularly in the state of utah. and nevada, more diverse state. it should favor clinton. at the end of the day, it may do that. polling shows a closer contest than anybody thought it would be. there's even a few polls with trump ahead. the biggest reason, he's overperforming what romney did in reno.
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so we moved it from down to tossup. i have my political editor along with two veterans of battleground politics. steve mcmahon and republican media consultant kim alfano. welcome to all of you. carrie, let me put up the tossup states. hillary clinton just 15 short. it means she just needs to win. just wins ohio, over. just wins pennsylvania, over. it's a nice place for her to be. >> absolutely. with the 93 electoral votes out of our tossup category, it is very striking to me. we have moved florida out of the tossup category. now we see poll after poll with hillary clinton overperforming and donald trump severely severely underperforming with
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minorities, it caused us to move it. that's why it looks different than maps we have seen -- >> by the way, producers, put up the tossup maps. two had stripes on it. it is maine and nebraska. both split their electoral votes. maine second congressional. he was in bangor earlier this week. and the second is hillary clinton advertise anything omaha. kim, we start with you. is this map fair? what do you not like about it, other than the breakdown of d versus r. let's be fair about it. >> i think if you read chris elizabeth, he thinks there are 300 plus democratic advantage no matter how you look at the map. and i don't disagree with that. the only thing i would say is
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maybe electorates don't look like this this year. you have to ask what you are polling, who you are polling and are we truly getting a sample of who will show up on election day. >> steve, same to you? >> i think it's fair given the polls that you see right now. but one of the things you see polling pretty consistently, there's a larger than normal undecided right now. which is a little unusual. i actually think pennsylvania is fools gold for republicans. they think they have a shot. they spend money there. they almost never come up with a win. i'm thinking you have places like arizona and nevada. nevada in particular, hillary has to have an advantage. arizona looks like it will be a swing state because of the hispanic vote. i think it's fair given where we are today. it would be very hard looking at this battle ground map for hillary clinton not to be successful on election day. >> walk me through the advertising numbers. this is what's stunning here. earlier today, the rnc echoed
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trump has been saying, which is he hasn't started his general election campaign yet. >> he may never start. >> okay. we have the financial numbers on the map. >> it is absolutely stunning up until a couple of days ago, is and this is sort of a charitable khrafrg clarification of it, hillary clinton was outadvertising 200,000 to 0, goose egg. the nra is airing anti-clinton ads pegged to the benghazi scandal. but hillary and priorities advertising in mostly those classified as tossup states, colorado, florida, iowa, new hampshire, ohio, virginia, and pennsylvania. >> two things there, steve, on the money numbers. number one, why isn't clinton
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trying arizona and georgia now? >> that's a good question. >> would you be? >> yes. one you go see, it is third party more than the clinton campaign. they tried to shore up where they are to be stronger and make sure donald trump can't turn some of the toss jaap states or lean blue states red. one of the other things you are saying is advertising doesn't matter. . donald trump spent 15 cents and destroyed the field. bernie sanders outspent hillary. it's not mattering as much as it usually does. >> the thing is it's 26 million to zero in many of these markets. yes, there's ohio now thanks to the nra. it could be heaviful to trump in ohio. yes, i agree tv ads mean less than unusual. but? >> i think in addition to tv ads being less than unusual, in addition to trump dominating
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every news cycle every day pretty much, and having the ability to throw a molotov cocktail every 24 hours. >> or willing to throw one. >> well, stke. well, he does. the reason i think he's waiting to go on the air if i can give them the benefit of the doubt is because of that. because spending money now is 100 plus days out. or several hundred days. so why would you start buying now? >> let me play a little game with you. i'm going to put up the republican state map. the pink are in lean. and then we have the ones that are likely there in the dark red. steve, what on there do you expect to be in the tossup category by october 15th? >> of the republican states? >> yeah. >> i think -- >> what do you think democrats will make inroads? >> i'm having difficulty seeing the map. >> the ones we have in pink,
2:15 pm
georgia, missouri, utah, arizona. >> i think georgia is a state that democrats are going to be stronger in than they look today. it is a place where the clinton campaign has indicated that they want to play. and so i think you're going to see some activity there that you wouldn't normally see in a normal year. >> cam, the same exercise for you. just the leans and the likely. light blues are the leans. dark blue the likelies. donald trump, illinois, connecticut, utah. >> michigan. >> dark blue, dark blue, dark blue. >> admire miss confidence. >> michigan we have in our lean category out of definite republicans to them because they say they are going to spend time and money there. >> well, i think you have to look at the blue collar, the place where the old school reagan republicans are. maybe wisconsin. i don't think florida will come our way. >> really? do you think florida is stuck in
2:16 pm
lean category? >> i think it's stuck in lean. but i think -- you know, i would disagree on pennsylvania. only because, again, the blue collar visceral voter, the person who is a little bit nervous and they have lost their job to automation, globalization, i don't know that they are going to go democrat this year. >> if there is one thing we also saw and sort of the way we calculate this battle ground map is college educated whites. >> right. >> and essentially the states with large suburban populations are the ones that feel as if clinton is strengthening. >> right. >> so is that is colorado, virginia, north carolina, and that's florida. >> looking at our colleague, the idea of these urban suburbs, highly educated, college equitied whites in these areas, northern virginia, right across the river here, those are voters not only on will trump not perform in north carolina, some
2:17 pm
of the big stories there, but he is also going to lose republicans who are in these suburban counties who are looking at donald trump and saying i just can't quite get there. >> at the same time he's doing nonrepublican things. he's talking about issues that cross over. whether you want to -- >> but he doesn't talk about issues of the suburban republicans care about. that could be the problem. >> maybe blue collar democrats. >> if we have a terrorist attack every meet from now until the election -- i mean, highly educated voters get scared too. they have to ensue. >> there's another thing that, another factor not yet on the field. that's when bernie sanders comes in and elizabeth warren sort of amps it up a little bit more. and bernie sanders starts talking about trade and the way he has been so effective with the very democrats donald trump is trying to target right now and explains why hillary clinton is a better choice, i think he's got a level of credibility on those issues, particularly matters of economic insecurity
2:18 pm
for blue collar democrats that maybe hillary clinton doesn't have. and he'll bring that to the table. >> will he? >> it will be tough for her. it's the one issue that trump has been consistent about his whole adult life. and she's been on the other side of this a couple of different times. >> trade is tough. and i think she's evolved over the campaign. trump evolved over a lot of the issues. >> i am evolving to ending this segment. thank you, guys. much appreciated. coming up, we'll talk deep stakes. who is topping the short list right now and what's at stake for both campaigns. plus, our "first look" inside the democratic platform. did the bernie sanders campaign persistence pay off? did hillary clinton get what she wanted, or was it a barack obama platform >> and the unfolding hostage situation in bangladesh. much more coming up after this.
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as many as 40 hostages are still being held at a restaurant in the diplomatic enclave. it was not under attack from any threat or attack. isis claimed responsibility. u.s. has not confirmed that. 26 people, mostly security personnel, have been injured. six in critical condition. two police officers have been killed. more right after this. ♪ americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the us postal service to get it there. because when you ship with us, your business becomes our business. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the us postal service. priority: you
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2:23 pm
both have bombastic personalities. they both come with baggage. i think you know trump probably trusts him both. christie has been a local supporter, even defending trump's racially charged comments about the judge presiding over the trump university case. but the new jersey governor has horrendous approval ratings. under 30% according to the last fairleigh dickinson poll. nafta might be a sticking point with gingrich. watch. >> nafta is very important to north america. and it's very important to americans i think in job creation. there's no question in my mind that an american-mexican team competing with a japanese-chinese team in the world market will create more jobs in the united states than
2:24 pm
we will have without a north american free trade agreement. >> okay. don't let these figures with high name recognition overshadow the other big players. and i think big player here. mike pence and bob corker are in the top tier. kelly o'donnell broke the news that pence is traveling to new york. pence is among those being formally vetted. elizabeth warren, sherrod brown, and tim kaine leading the pack. contributor and reporter for washington post. and contributor. and bob ehrlich who endorsed john kasich but saided it is time to rally behind trump. >> liz, let me start with you. pence, look, this is one of
2:25 pm
those did -- i've been tipped off. he checks two boxes. one is social conservatives. two is washington experience without being washington. >> three, i'll just add he used to be a conservative talk radio show host before he came to congress. he's very good on camera. that's why he was in republican leadership while he was in washington. he wanted to go and be governor. and the reality of the situation is, donald trump can win. if you believe that, then you have a chance if you're mike pence to be the vice president of the united states -- >> on a guy who -- a micro manager. >> right. >> but i think also he does want to have the oval office under his belt. i don't think he wants to marry himself to the trump brand. i think we are just beginning to see the backlash from conservatives. the fact that you have so many distancing themselves from him, from donald trump. he actually is going to secure
2:26 pm
himself. >> it's funny -- >> look, there is why some people have taken themselves out. nikki haley i would argue the perfect running mate option. >> john kasich. >> he doesn't need it. >> all three candidates check the conservative, socially conservative box. >> christie the least among them. >> those numbers are a little disquieted. >> well, it's new jersey. >> a second term governor is always good. chris is charismatic, great public speaker. newt, very charismatic, great public speaker. you can check the box. >> of the three, though, who would you prefer for trump? >> it's tough not to mention gingrich because he's so bright. he gets it. i think the campaign needs him. on the other hand, i know that he has been out of the public eye for a while now obviously. >> but he did run four years ago. >> and policy.
2:27 pm
but i actually think trump -- >> but they get along. >> but trump doesn't really need the older white voter. he needs the older white woman voter. joan is a rising star in the republican party. she is a veteran. she actually is in washington but not too teamly inside. >> trump is worried if he picks a woman it looks like pandering. >> there is a sense that dodged trump wins this race. >> all 300 million of us and one other. >> we said this the last time on the show. all the establish principles, the rule book out the window. the paradigm, out the window. we're talking about flipping one or two. >> you need to start appealing to republican women. republican women right now are not with him. >> another reason why he has to have a conservative, somebody
2:28 pm
close to him. the convention, we think we're going to be okay but we don't want to give them any reason to get angry. meaning scott brown, pro-choice. that would light a fire. >> what's the best thing he's done since he became the presumptive nominee? named the supreme court. >> i like that. >> i was on the show last week with mike lee. he didn't have a lot nice to say about trump. so if you're going to do something like that, i would think he is probably rooting like heck, hillary clinton picks elizabeth warren. if you try to unite the republican party, that would be the way to do it. he still needs to do it. ted cruz finished second, who is by all means a conservative and party loyalist -- >> he's still out there. >> he's not there. >> gingrich is strong on the opportunity society, middleclass, working class
2:29 pm
angst. >> the american-mexican team versus the japan-china team. i wonder what japan thinks? let's move to the democrats here. on my show coming up sunday, he is on a shorter list than people think. marie, i'll start with you. what do you make of tom perez? what do you make of her name in the number two? >> for the latina community, it would be fantastic. to recognize that we're american. tom went after sheriff arpaio and made sure he recognized the violations. >> he has moved up ahead of castro. >> he has been around for a long time. i think people are finding he has juice now. he's appealing very much to the latino community is and has a
2:30 pm
very stronghold when it comes to california. castro is new to the political system so he is still being tested. >> all three don't have immediate foreign policy experience. >> right. >> does that matter with former secretary of state at the top of the ticket? >> i think you need experience broadly. i think that's why julian castro dropped a little bit. mccain's one good issue against barack obama, this guy hasn't done it long enough. so you put the mayor of a town of a very small city. i think experience. i still think tim kaine. he has been a mayor, governor, senator. yes, he doesn't have massive foreign policy experience. >> as a republican, boy, if you pick him, that would be smart. >> tim kaine. the rest are hard lefties. what we thought would be more moderate hillary or the latest iteration to the left of elizabeth warren. which will emerge?
2:31 pm
>> it depends where she finds the polling. she will pick elizabeth warren if she says holy moly. this is a huge tidal wave sweeping the united states. >> can you say -- >> i'm going to pause here. you guys are coming back. we'll talk about a little tarmac incident. we'll be back with more political headlines, including details of the dnc party platform, including some nods to bernie sanders. but is it enough? stay tuned. choose two or three grilled favorites on one plate - like chicken bryan and linguine positano starting at just $15.99. carrabba's. this is how you do italian. at experian, we believe credit isn't just a score. it's a skill. and like anything else, you can get better. that's why we have tools that show you what happens if you forgot to pay a bill.
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2:35 pm
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the hostage situation in dhaka, bangladesh is now in its sixth hour. there are as many as 40 hostages in the diplomatic enclave and at least eight gunmen. state department officials say
2:39 pm
the compound was never under any threat from attack. isis claimed responsibility but there has been no confirmation by us or even the bangladeshi government by us. witnesses reported hearing gunshots and explosions during the attack. we have been following this very quickly. we are now in standoff mode. do we have any update? are there holding hostages? what do they want? >> at this point we have zero information that negotiations are taking place. what we do know is shortly after this incident came to a stand still, meaning the hostage takers, the militants or the armed gunmen managed to get inside, take their hostages, the situation around that restaurant has changed dramatically. the area has been cordoned off. something the equivalent of a s.w.a.t. team arrived.
2:40 pm
additional security measures have been taken. in terms of negotiations, we don't even know yet if police or security forces were able to make contact with the armed gunmen inside. one eyewitness we spoke to earlier, we asked if the electricity in the neighborhood had been cut off. that is sometimes a sign that an operation may be under way, an indication that police want to have the upper hand by turning off the lights, giving them the advantage of nighttime vision. that has not happened according to the eyewitness we spoke to. however, i spoke to a doctor a short while ago who said the hospital where they were treating some of these casualties had been put on high alert. they were told to prepare for a possibility of an influx of victims or casualties. so that was perhaps an indication as well that an operation may be getting under way. however, as of yet, there is no indication that a rescue operation has commenced at the scene of that restaurant. and we don't know yet if negotiations or direct negotiations or even communications have been established, chuck.
2:41 pm
>> does this fit an isis pattern? do you feel like this fits a pattern here of what isis is up to lately? >> it does. if you take into account about what it says it wants to do in bangladesh, it wants to got a stronger foothold, that is according to its own propaganda. they wanted to do something there. if you look at the nature of where this is, this is in a western dominated enclave, at a restaurant in an area frequented by ex-pats. so if you look at the target they're going after and more importantly, chuck, the method. you're looking at eight or nine armed gunmen. they threw grenades. they had small arms. they have taken hostages. this fits the profile of what we have seen in the past. bangladesh does have various militant groups. in terms of the nature, the
2:42 pm
profile, the characteristics, very similar to other isis attacks in which individuals storm a venue, predominant in nature by western frequenters if you will or patrongoers like an airport, cafe, cosmo pal tan areas with explosives, multiple attackers. very well coordinated, chuck. >> unfortunately like the club in orlando. i know you're staying on top of this. we'll come back if there is news to report. >> meanwhile, in this war against these terrorists, the white house made good on a promise of transparency concerning the unmanned drone program. they released a report on u.s. drone strikes. the report shows between 64 and 116 noncombatants, translation civilians, were killed in 473 air strikes of these unmanned drones since january 2009. most of the counter terror operations were targeting al qaeda targets in pakistan, yemen and somalia. president obama signed an
2:43 pm
executive order that calls for an annual disclosure of civilian deaths from drone strikes. the guidelines about steps to avoid civilian casualties and when and how drones can and should be used effectively. former defense secretary and former cia director leon panetta called the strikes "the most important weapon in the fight to protect our homeland from terror attacks." . then he went on to say, "these are lawful, fully authorized by the congress and the president, precise, and carefulliry viewed to ensure terrorists are targeted and civilian casualties are avoided. of course, though, the point of this is they are not always avoided. and that's why this new program. we'll be back. my experience with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids
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yopantene expert gives you thee? most beautiful hair ever, with our strongest pro-v formula ever. strong is beautiful. this sunday on "meet the press" i will speak with tom perez. i spoke with him earlier this afternoon. >> before you were labor secretary you were appointee at the justice department. i've got to ask you about the occur tpufl including lynch, the tarmac. attorney general lynch said she has just taken the recommendation from the prosecutors and the fbi and not get involved in any other judgment on that. appropriate decision by her?
2:46 pm
>> i have great respect for loretta lynch. she's a person of great integrity. and i trust her. i know -- >> was the meeting a mistake in hind set? >> this was a chance meeting where they ran into it. it wasn't i called you up and said can we meet next wednesday. everyone knows bill clinton, if he runs into someone at the airport, he's going to come up and say hello to them. i think your listeners will appreciate this was not something that was planned in advance. it happen. and she has spoken i think very clearly about what she intends to do. >> okay. >> again, i have tremendous respect for loretta lynch and tremendous respect as someone who worked at the justice department in both a career capacity and noncareer capacity. i have respect for the dedicated career professionals at the
2:47 pm
department of justice. you can see more of my sitdown with tom perez this sunday on "meet the press". we talk a lot about trade. talk a little bit about some of the issues that he could deal with if he were vice president. we'll be right back. ♪ uh oh. oh. henry! oh my. good, you're good. back, back, back. (vo) according to kelley blue book, subaru has the highest resale value of any brand. again. you might find that comforting. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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2:49 pm
he just happened to be at the airport at this time. just think about it. just happened to be at the airport. when i first heard the story i said, no, no, you're kidding. i thought somebody was joking. >> that was donald trump today on the attorney general and bill clinton's tarmac meeting on monday. chris, maria and governor ehrlich.
2:50 pm
you sit here and you can't fathom how this happened other than -- >> i can. i can. >> all right. do you take the con spear view? >> attorney general supposedly beyond reproach, i buy everything everybody has said about her. the other guy? it's the clintons. this is the m.o. they push the line every time and then act surprised that you're surprised. >> give me a break. >> whatever it is, well, i won't speak for maria. i think it is colossally dumb politically. like i'm not going to get into ascribing motives. he has to know better. this is someone who is a two-term president of the united states. you know that -- i understand -- >> he did a bunch of things in the '90s. >> i can only imagine the hillary campaign wringing their fingers saying are we going to need to chaperone him. >> yes. you have to. there was not a senior --
2:51 pm
>> knowledge who was who was i >> that's the thing. he makes unforced errors. it was a pattern in '08. >> her job was to clean it up. >> where it does feel as if i don't know if a senior person is always traveling with him all the time. on campaign events, there is. >> i also think it's hard, too, because look, spouses are difficult anyway. they often -- but he's the former president of the united states. even if there is a senior staffer, what senior staffer will be like yeah, mr. president, you can't go over there? they could say it but would he listen? >> the attorney general saying listen, thank you for appointing me but we will catch up after the election. it puts her in an impossible situation. [ speaking simultaneously ] >> let me ask you this. i will be honest. i feel like this was something she should have done six weeks ago. i asked her this very question. have you thought about taking yourself out of this, find a way
2:52 pm
so that you're not the last person, because perception does matter. everybody is guilty, i hate it, we all hate it, we are guilty until proven innocent because that's the wrath we have earned from the american people. politics and media. >> the attorney general has had such wide support from both the republicans and democrats. i think had this not happened, people would actually say yes, whatever came out of that office was clean. >> now she had to do what she had to do. >> it hurts hillary, too, because now it's to the point where exoneration will be -- now, there are people -- what i mean, exoneration will be treated as part of a broader conspiracy within a not insignificant group of people. i'm not saying everyone is going to say this is fine. this adds fuel to the fire. >> you want four more years of this? >> i think it adds fuel to the
2:53 pm
folks she's trying to bring in from bernie sanders supporters. that's where it gets sticky. >> do you want four more years of this is what should have been bernie sanders' best argument. >> you know -- >> they never talk about this stuff. >> know who made this argument most effectively? >> jerry brown. >> no. barack obama when he used turn the page. turn the page was absolutely code for -- >> broken for a long time. >> that's right. that was code for are you exhausted from the clinton years. >> to be fair, the clinton years was one of the most prosperous years in recent history for americans. >> who was speaker of the house? newt gingrich. >> let me turn to something i know the governor has been reading. >> when we were off air. >> he was reading my book. >> dog-eared it and everything which is the democratic party's platform. i know you are very interested in it. >> is that the playbook? >> look, here are the quick highlights. $15 minimum wage, abolish the
2:54 pm
death penalty, free community college, overturn citizens united, strong wall street language, murky on tpp. doesn't go anywhere. pro-d.c. statehood. committed to closing gitmo. >> john kennedy could never get elected today. >> what's interesting in this is i don't feel like a couple things here are not clinton things. they are bernie things. more things in here are obama things. this is obama's platform. >> folks are saying who will vote for that. in the last ten years we had immigration rallies, a black lives matter movement, occupy wall street movement, women's choice. who is she appealing to? the emerging america. >> that's right. it seems targeted toward those. >> that's who she's talking to. >> this is just hard left. we have had eight years of it. >> but we have also had movements, hundreds of thousands of people marching along exactly these platforms she's talking about. >> it's occupy wall street with a shower and shave is what it is. it's not main street america. it's hard left.
2:55 pm
it shouldn't be given any credit at all. >> what they are trying to do i think is not just recreate on an issue basis obama but if you look where she's advertising, look where she's going, it's more strategic where she goes even now, they are just trying to 100% recreate the 2012, not even 2008. nothing moderate. >> let me ask you a reality-based question here. when you are running for governor, do you think before i put out a stance on an issue let me see what the republican party platform was in 1994, 1998? nope, okay. these platforms, we talk about them, do they matter? >> do regular people know? >> when has the republican party platform mattered? >> this is a road map for what they will talk about in the course of the campaign. then it does matter. >> wage for 15 was one of the pieces of legislation that passed overwhelmingly in the ballot box in 2014 when republican governors and senators were overwhelmingly one. when it was on the ballot, those
2:56 pm
folks also won. >> by the way, which is why trump is pro minimum wage. >> if you're worth $12 an hour and are a kid, you don't get hired and automation is going to occur at mcdonald's and wendy's. hardly anybody living on minimum wage is head of the household. it's a second job. >> 20% of latina women are disproportionately impacted by less than $15 an hour. they are the largest folks that would actually benefit. >> you guys can continue the debate but i'm not putting it on tv. >> this is really good stuff. >> i know. maria, bob, you keep it up, chris, we'll go home and enjoy the weekend. we'll be right back. everything online. and so many businesses rely on the us postal service to get it there. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the us postal service. priority: you igoing to clean betteran electthan a manual. was he said sure...but don't get just any one.
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that does it for us tonight. i'll see you sunday. it's an all tom show. here's kate snow picking up our coverage right now. good evening. i'm kate snow. it is 6:00 on the east coast. it is 4:00 a.m. in bangladesh where we continue to follow breaking news out of that country's capital, dhaka. at 9:20 local time this evening, about seven hours ago, as many as nine gunmen attacked a restaurant, popular with ex-pats in a diplomatic zone near the u.s. embassy. police say there may be as many as 40 hostages inside that restaurant. authorities told the associated press the gunmen took


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