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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  July 7, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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coverage elsewhere in the region. so we're going to be recapping at the top of the hour for a national television audience that perhaps is not up on all the details of this and may have been watching entertainment programming tonight when we interrupt.
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. . . . . the pd and the dallas police department and darts, dallas area rapid transit, it appears tonight of a peaceful protest protesting of the recently televised police involved shooting in baton rouge and minnesota of these protests happened at cities across the country tonight. dallas was no different. it was during a night outdoors for especially a lot of young people that shots rang out.
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dallas police officers in a briefing within the past hour say they have reason to believe that there are more than one suspects they are looking for that more than one sniper opera operating from a high angle was using part of downtown dallas as a kill zone targeting police officers because they were police officers. this video you are seeing on this screen is part of the video that came into us tonight via social media as the extent of this emergency became clear. we are going to run some of the video tapes now of what we have witnessed so far in our coverage tonight from dallas. [ sirens ] [ gunshot ] oh my god. [ sirens ]
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[ bleep ]. >> this is not one person. >> now, that sound sounded a lot to those been around firearms like the report, like the sound of a long gun. and, especially people in law enforcement feared that was on semi or full automatic. more rounds than you could count. again, happening in the central business district, the portion of dallas texas, very popular at night, not far from daily plaza,
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from the fame doepository build ing and tonight of the population of this area swells because of this peaceful protest. many of the officers targeted working for the dallas area rapid transit. they have bus lines to worry about and light rail to worry about and they were visible as were all police officers dressed no t in riot gear but in their shortsleeves and normal service uniforms on a hot summer night. here now is more of the video and audio of the confusion after these shots rang out as recorded by a by stander. [ gunshots ] [ sirens ]
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>> this is an unbelievable scene tonight in dallas, texas. as far as we know this is still not resolved. we had promise that there was negotiations going on. that was a report that came out earlier tonight proved not to be true as we have been saying to our live audience on msnbc this evening that the fog of war rules now applied that this is the time where we have to be awfully cautious about the details we report. these terribly tragic numbers were reporting of 11 police officers again, four of them killed. those numbers came in a briefing sadly from the dallas police chief himself. we are waiting for an update
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from the mayor of dallas, texas, as well. you can imagine our staff, k xas that services the dallas metroplex, we are fortunate to have scott freeman live with us. we are on the air right now and our audience is watching live on msnbc, anything, any grounds that we have not covered that you maybe locally that our audience know about. >> it is a terrifying scene here for downtown dallas. some were apart of this protest started as a peaceful march and others going about their normal business and eating at restaurants in the west end of dallas and walking the streets and suddenly gunfire appeared to come from the rooftop.
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when i arrived here immediately, i talked todd t the man who hadn near one of the police officers who was shot. the man described he believed to be as many as 60 shots. they say other officers were standing around and trying to understand where the gunfire was coming from. no one could pinpoint the location of the fire. that officer were taken away in an ambulance and we do not know if that was one of the officers who was wounded or killed tonight. where i stand right now, not far from el centro college. we had s.w.a.t. officers coming in and going here over the last 20 minutes, boarded armor and vehicles left here. we are not sure from where we
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are. we are being kept back. when we arrived, police had gun drawn at our direction along with others on the streets telling us to move back and they have cautioned us. they prevented people from even crossing a street corners in the area for their own safety, ryan. >> scott, there was a time when responding police officers, it kind of clicked that they were the targets that they saw other officers down and at first it was mistaken for officers proned a and maybe avoiding fire but they have been hit of the kind of realization that spread as well that were the officers who were the targets.
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>> as we approach the scene here and we were listening to police radio transitioning, you can assess of that chaos, we can hear supervisors in the area and some even from home tonight. i am standing where we had people came out here from home and they were called in. at many of them arrived to the area, they're told suiting up and make sure they have bullet proof vest to get that out and have it on as they approached the building. inside the college where a s.w.a.t. officer apparently cornered a suspect for some time made verbal contact with that suspect and again, they were being told of only s.w.a.t. officer above a certain floor and of folks in there having the most protection and the most fire power with them to deal
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with this situation as it was unfolding. >> scott, one o f the sad details beyond the loss of lives and what this may mean for our country is what it means for the city of dallas as we were saying in the last hour has struggled since 1963, to be associated with something other than gun violent and something other than the murder of our former president, john f. kennedy. for people who have not traveled there for business for pleasure is a beautiful place. we are looking at the outline of some of the buildings of led lights. one of the builds we are loings parking garage structure. how proverse that we are talking about this in a downtown that has tried so hard to be among the most gleaming and most beautiful gleaming area in the
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downtown area of the united states >> you are right, where i am standing is blocks from the plaza and where the kennedy assassination occurred where shots were fired from a window of the building and tonight we have snipers on the rooftops of buildings intentionally targeting police officers. you can describe more than one gunman firing in an attempt to direct all of their fires on police officers on the ground and 11 hit as you have heard. it is been difficult the tonight to watch the officers here as they try to go about their business and continue to deal with this active situation while of course, their hearts are with their colleagues and many of them are wounded and killed. from more than one agency, we should say some killed tonight
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is with the rapid transit. there are some railroad tracks and dark tracks that run close to where this college is, officers are out here to assist tonight with the demonstration just to be extra presence in around the march that started peacefully in downtown dallas. scott, thank you for joining u we'll come back on the air for the first full blown press conference of the evening. in dallas, kxas, we'll stay on this, more later of course, on this network on your late local news and on msnbc all night.
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for viewers who remains with usz us on msnbc, we are back with you. really what we have been calling a national tragedy. a national emergency tonight in the dallas, fort worth metroplex area specifically in the cbd, central business district of dallas, texas, where right now we are awaiting for a press conference from dallas police. we have reasons to believe the mayor of dallas tax will be at this event as well. we are going with the number from them. we had 11 police officers hit. that also means police officers have been targeted.
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we had 11 of them hit from gunfire and we have had four fatalities. we believe all four are police officers. we believe it is more than one jurisdiction. there is dallas pd and dart transit cops. dallas area rapid transit, while smaller than number than the metropolitan police department there. they have a huge responsibility and a lot of territory, it includes bus lines and includes light rail, all things mass transit. the problems tonight was if you were wearing a police uniform, when the firing broke out in downtown dallas, you were a target. the problem also was police were trying to be in a very non-off stance. this was a peaceful protest going on tonight and some of them affiliated with the black
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lives matter campaign. as they were protesting in so many cities from coast to coast, some of them are perhaps still playing out on the west coast where it is just after the 10:00 p. 10:00 p.m. hour now. in the middle of this peaceful protest where police were not camped out in riot gear and they were not in an aggressive stance, they were in regular shortsleeves and summer service uniforms when they started to get targeted and going down. we have another interview standing by apparently on video tape with an eye witness. >> i was walking and the sniper just started shooting and i just saw cops standing over and it would have been five or six cops were all shot down. it was right after the round like we were just walking to the car. all the cops. >> how many? >> i saw about three.
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>> we were running like, they kept on shooting. we don't know where it is coming from but it was every -- i didn't see anybody else shot, it was just the cops. >> imagine put yourself in the position of that young man. it is a hot night and you have come out united by a cause and video has come out on social media, two instances in the last 24 or so hours of police involved shootings. two black men dead in cases of states hundreds of miles apart of louisiana and minnesota, it prompted a kind of lives sparked of protests in cities across the country. in dallas, again, as was the case many in so many cities tonight including new york where there was an arrest and hundreds of thousands of people are mo
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moving peacefully through the streets. in the middle of that, the shots rang out and civilians got tramp led on and noetticed the targetf the gunfire, people that are falling around them are police officers. a nightmare in dallas and 1:17 a.m., we don't have a resolution to tell you about. this is still an active search for a sniper suspect or more likely suspects, the briefing from the police department painted a picture of almost a kill zone where it was designed to be from a high angle, almost across fire situation where people in this case, the targeted was police officers were bound to be hit and indeed sadly they were. we are joined now by yet another
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guest, phillip motif, he's the center of police center. thank you very much for coming on the air tonight. i know one of the things you want to talk about is the success story after a lot of hard work of the dallas police department >> that's right. thank you brian. this is in comparable tragedy. we spent all day today with dedicated police chiefs who cared about making their department better. dallas has been among the national leaders at putting their data online which today and this week, we are looking at the loss of lives, seems like the most minor thing you can do. it is a critical step in bringing communities to the table and bringing conversations together. dallas had been doing a great job of that. they have been doing your use of force out there and for anybody
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to take a look at. we were celebrating four years of success at bringing police together to begin to fill that gap so we can have a better sense or measuring what actually matters and on a week like this, i have to say as an academic and scientist, all of this feels so small. none of this is saving lives this week >> absolutely, this is the opposite. phillip, a couple of points of what you just said. dallas police, we are looking at pictures of this mayhem, so proud of their peaceful stance tonight that earlier on social media, they were tweeting out pictures of themselves with some of these civilian protesters tonight. exactly, what supposed to happen in a big city and exactly the kind of stance that post ferguson that police department are supposed to take. >> that's exactly right. >> yes, amen to that.
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we were celebrating on social media that you had lined of officers and not just chiefs understanding this -- we were in the midst of another national tragedy of crisis of law enforcement and crisis in our democracy. and, police officers doing their jobs because they want to do the right thing for a living. they look at the same videos and they say that's bad policy and that's bad tactics and someone is losing their lives without good cause. so these protests are in many ways are in common cause of law enforcement. i am seeing on social media and i am seeing people sending me e-mails, we have terrible people who are attacking police. those are the protesters. many police officers and a lot of police chiefs, i was in a
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room full of them today, they were celebrating the fact that in a world that is seeing more and more polar riized that you e law enforcement and protesters on the same side. in the midst of this, you have one or more murders going after men and women in blue, causing a scare that i don't know exactly. >> you are right, it is a look of america tonight. prior to this, we knew we had to have a good hard conversation about policing. we knew that we had a problem and we knew that it was going to take a while. we have 18,000 give or take police chiefs in this country and this was going to filler down to the local levels. these video tapes were out today are difficult for any human to watch. tonight t what strikes me about
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these pictures beyond the tragedy of the sadness and the urgency is that i hope people notice and realize the people running towards danger and the people running towards officers who are down, s.w.a.t. cars that have been hit by gunfire, our first responders and police officers, as you pointed out, that's the bottom line of their job's description. >> that's exactly right. >> law enforcement's job is to run towards the danger and put themselves between danger and the rest of the civilians and we have been in crisis because we have a whole community that feels as if when law enforcement is there to be between danger and them, that law enforcement is endangered. what we cannot do is cannot allow these images. again, there was common cause there. i have to say that i commend the
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bravery of the folks among the residen residen residents who came to film and they were there with law enforcement. i am here to bare witness that law enforcement is being targeted. i was sitting next to a woman who works at the center of policing equity who's married to a lead officer, they have three children together. i know she's watching this scene tonight in just terrible horror and she's a black mother of three black children. she has to watch those other videos and terrible horror. we don't have to choose at the men and women of dallas pd, they are not choosing between tonight, they're mourning a tragedy. it is an extension of the tragedy that we have been mourning all week long. >> you and i both taking glance and blows of this. it is the elephant in the conversation and it is the elephant in the central business
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of dallas tonight. if this is as so many of us fear and suspect, a reaction of what we have seen in these two police involvement shootings in the country, if this is someone's idea of an armed response on behalf of the people targeting police, this is out of hand. we got a big problem. >> i want to be really clear on this and i am glad you bring this up. crazy sick people with guns are always a problem. they are rarely representatives of communities. >> thank you for saying it quite that way. phillip, he's been with us from washington dc, phillip, thank you very much for adding what you did to the krconversations.
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perry is in our news room here, if you have been watching our coverage, you have seen what he's been able to contribute, kind of rumors on social media of some of the imagery being sent out tonight is now being questioned and counted. what can you tell us of what you're monitoring there. >> a few things we can bring our viewers up to date on that. i-35, the picture that we have, that's a black mercedes-benz. police are saying that the black mercedes-benz sped off at a high speed near where the shooting took place. there is still an ongoing bomb threat around dallas and we are waiting for this press conference at the bottom of the hour. they told police to call an all clear. they're urging people to stay off the streets and go home.
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you heard some of the reporting there from the program, they are asking press to stay close to the building because of this ongoing bomb threat. they would like people to go to for any tips that can be submitted. as you mentioned, they put out a picture or a photo or a man they have called a suspect on twitter. we realized in a variety of videos that the individual was not where the sniper would have been at an elevated position. he had turn himself into police custody. there are two people in total police custody, that being the first person. the second was taken into police custody after a shoot out with police. i appears at least one of the gunman who carried out this attack is in police custody. it is unclear whether a second person is in custody. one of the problems we had is we have these conflicting reports,
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we have on the i-35 two people taken into custody in a black mercedes-benz, it is not clearr shooting. right now the headlines from dallas police is any tips. there is still an ongoing bomb threat and these two suspects somehow communicated to police they were planting bombs in around the downtown area. >> yeah, folks in dallas fort worth, metroplex can see us here on msnbc on cable. they cannot see us on the msnbc television network because their local station is super seeding all of that and doing wall to wall coverage. this means of the most violent day history of the city of dallas texas.
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clint has been with us. many conversations with lauren o' donnel as this escalated. we realized that we have here, clint, i cannot believer we ar having a conversation about something like a kill zone, not just an urban area in america, this downtown in this city on this night and this protest targeting uniform police officers. >> yeah, this sounds like urban terroris terrorists. police cars are shot up because two or three terrorists were trying to take the vehicles out and not the police officers. and in america by and large, that's why police officers carry handguns because they don't go up to weapons. it is so frustrating to see
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these officers down behind their cars looking up at a 10 or 15 story building pointing their handguns up in the air and realizing that they're not dpoigoing to get up that high and doing any good. but if somebody that's sitting up there, they're plugging down. i turned on the television at 10:00 and i was watching. when i saw the first police car get hit. the wheel came out from under the car and the next thing you see where brian, two officers one sprawled out in the middle of the street looked like his gun was laying out in front of it. he did not move. the second officer was behind the car with a couple of guys trying to administer to them. that takes me back to vietnam and seeing combat taken place like that. when you see that on american streets and you realize, we have got snipers up in the buildings
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trying to knock down the men and women in blue. black lives and white lives or blue lives, it alienal matters. what we have seen the last two days of these two shootings appeared to have negative consequences and to turn that around and making it more negative with these assassinations and planned assassinations on police officers. this conversation we keep on talking about in america, it really has to happen and we have to come together to agree to not kill each other first of all and start to agree how we'll solve these issues. >> clint, as you speak, you know we are hours away from this being the subject of the presidential campaign and it already has been things like open carry laws and things like different philosophy between
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arming everybody and getting more guns out there to stop a bad actor with a gun verses restraining gun rights in this country. we happen to be talking about an open carry state in texas. >> and you know there is very legitimate constitutional reasons that allow united states citizens to carry guns. when you see people walking through the streets with rifles, when you see like i did just a week or two ago, a guy comes into a store and he got his wife and three or four little kids and he got a gun hanging down from his under wear and back pocket, the thought has to be, what are you going do when something happens, are you going pull out your gun when you have three little kids standing next to you. the common sense rule got to take hold some day.
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we got 320 million americans and we got well over 300 million guns and that's just a math problem and not less a social problem that we are going to have to solve. >> and you talked about the ongoi ongoi ongoing conversations that's been brought by these two horrendous hard to watch of social media videos of these two involved shootings of the two black men. the other thing i have been anxious for people to know from the video we are watching tonight, you talked about this. these are police officers running towards the fire that took down some of their colleagues and another expression from warfare is situational awareness and that's what they needed to get. lets go, clint, i have to interru interrupt myself, the mayor of
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dallas texas, we'll be hearing from him. >> good morning, as i said earlier we are trying to keep you updated with as much information as we have realtime and that's the purpose of this press conference. i will make a couple of comments after chief brown and we'll take a couple of questions and then you probably won't hear from us in person until the morning again. we'll be sending information out as we get it online. i do want to say that i have heard from both the white house and the governor's office extending their help and we are sure going to be able to use some help from the governor's office and we got so many police officers out tonight that we want to make sure that their
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backs is filled in the right way. there is news to be given to you, i will let the chief to talk about that. >> currently we are in negotiation of the suspect involved in the shooting of el centro in downtown dallas. this suspect had been exchanging gunfires with us. before i came here i asked for plans to end this standoff and as soon as i am done here, i will be presenting with those plans. in addition to this second floor garage as we recap the previous press release, we have in custody a female who was in the same area of the el centro garage and we followed a mercedes-benz with two suspects
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who had camouflage bags who officers ended up stopping on traffic in the oak cliff area near 67 and polk. they are in custody and being interviewed. the suspect we are negotiating with had eck changxchanged gunfh us. he told us that the end is come ing and he's going to hurt and kill more of us and there are bombs all over the place in this garage and in downtown so we are being very careful in our tactics so that we don't injure or put any of our officers at home a
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harm's way. we still don't have a complete comfort level that we have all the suspects. we'll continue a very, very rigorous investigation and search of downtown. we are likely to work throughout the early morning hours of friday until we are satisfied that all suspects have been captured and have the opportunity to be interviewed so we can understand fully what motivated this attack on our officers. as i mentioned in the conference before we came out, one of our officers in surgery that we had hopes would survive, bring in the total count of officers passed away to four. three dallas police officers and
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one dart police officer. we are continuing to ask for the politic's prayers and support and encouragement. but, i can tell you i have never been more proud of our police officers and being apart of this great noble profession, seeing the courage and the professionalism and just the grit to stay on scene in an area looking for the suspect and know th ing that we are vulnerable and downtown is very large and with high buildings. some of the stories i have heard talking about what happened running towards gunfire to help the injured officers and to get them transported to the hospital by patrol car and not having time to wait for ambulance. just so many stories of great courage. we continue to fight the good
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fight to bring this to a conclusion. it is still a continuous situation and we again -- as soon as the mayor is done we'll take additional questions then we'll have to be leaving. where we are determining how big that crime scene is. there are many people working in the downtown area. we ask them to stay away from the crime scene. we'll post it on dallas city news and you can check with your buildings that you work in and make sure that those buildings are opened. we have gotten to support our police officer fors and police e to do their jobs to make sure we
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get to the bottom of this. please make it easy for the police force and other citizens to check your traffic routes in the morning before you come in. i want to add that it is a heartbre heartbreaking morning to lose these four officers. to say that our police officers put their lives on the day everyday is -- we as a city must come together to heal the wounds that we all feel from time to time. words mattered.
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leadership matters at this time. i am proud of our chief. with that, we'll take questions. >> at this point, we don't have a lot of cooperations to find those answers but we'll be continuing with our interrogations of other people we are having in custody. we are not getting cooperation that we like to know the answer of why and who they are. our detectives are diligently interviewing and interrogating these people and we'll let you know as soon as we have it. [ inaudible question ] >> where the march -- ended up
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going, the route of the march, and there had to be some speculations from us that there is some knowledge of the route where to be so how will you know the post up there. we are leaving every motive on the table. we'll wait for the suspect to break and let us know what they are doing. >> we were monitoring social media and we had attended many planning meetings for the protest groups. we'll be pursuing that. it has to be determined. >> yes, last question. [ inaudible question ]
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>> it has to be determined and there is a lot of things on social media that gets posted and we monitor and follow up. with connection of these posts and any of the suspects, we have yet to determine that. we are definitely pursuing any of that to a connection that we can prove and charge a person with. >> the chief and i have some business he's got to make. he's got to make some tough calls. he and i are going to be going to the hospital right now. it is important for us to do that. thank you very much. >> mayor rawlings had to make some tough calls. like a commander, he had asked his department his patrol commander and potentially s.w.a.t. and snipers to come
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back to him with a plan on how to end this. it could cover all manner of devices and different attempts to end this standoff to end human life after so much bloodshed. we have been talking about the fog of war, we have been talking about initial details are often wrong. when we last show the areal pictures on i-35 of police pulling over the black mercedes-benz, it was to come on the air to say we are sure that car is not apart of the investigation in the sniping incident and now we have learned that it is in fact in connection with the sniping incident downtown. we have a suspect engaged in live gunfire with dallas police
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and engaged in some sort of conversations. viewers just tuning into this would be for given to think that this is some kind of urban fiction. sadly, it is not. i am quite sure that in the central business of dallas tonight, it had seem like the end of days of a lot of people witnessing this. when a police chief of a major city, the chief had the black band on his badge indicating a loss of life for that department. when the police chief uses the word "vulnerable," that is bad. no americans like to say that. no american cities like to feel that way, saying nothing o f the mayor of police chief of dallas texas. the numbers thankfully have not moved. we are at this horrendous toll,
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cannot believe we are repeating this of 11 police officers hit and four fatal. and one was in surgery when the death toll was three. dallas police announced that that officer did not make it. among the dead, three are from dpd, the dallas police department, one is from dart. you heard perhaps of bart, the bay area around the transit in san francisco, dart is around dallas and it encompasses service transportations and bus lines and light rails. all of these officers unwittingly were very public targets tonight at this protest rally protesting officers involved fatal shootings. two of them -- on social media video of them both from louisiana to minnesota today.
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>> we have a journalist stanning by standing by to talk to us on the busiest night. lets not forget the journalist is trying to cover this story. >> sfrom the dallas morning new is with us, what can you add as we just pointed out? >> yeah, things have calmed down for the most part in dallas. i am standing outside the parking garage where the negotiations are finally taking place. there is helicopters ahead and many have blocked off of flashing lights. there is a big blocks. i have seen in the parking garage in a higher level but i have not heard gunshots since i have been here. >> sarah, i think the marking garage, i want to say about five stories high and they did say
10:47 pm
the gunman was two stories up, perhaps that would indicate that they had -- they interrupted the gunman's exit. but, am i correct in we are talking about the same parking garage? >> right, basically if you are looking at the skyline of dallas, it is the scene of the hotel and the tall tank bank of america building of the green light, of the iconic building. >> when was the last time you heard gunfire of the central business building? >> not that i can remember. >> tonight thwere you covering r a protest? were you there for the start of the gunfire tonight? i was not here for the protest, when i got here, it wa was -- pretty chaotic. the police were really urging
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people to get back saying this is not a video game, we don't want any casualties. it was very intense. >> we have a front page for tomorrow to put on the screen. we show this picture earlier. it is heartbreaking. it looks like it could be perhaps outside a hospital entrance or in the lobby of a building in the central district. you said a calm has taken over. do you think most people heeded
10:49 pm
the warning and gotten out of the cbd. >> that's why when i say calmer, earlier in the night, all of the people were at the rally were still here and they were chanting and i may have mentioned one person got arrested and that was an intense moment where they were walking to the cop's car and taking him away. the protesters -- i think as the time is on, people were able to get to their car and leave. it was not quite as crowded. there were negotiations going on. this is nowhere near normal for the city of dallas at 12:50 a.m. >> and were you there during the initial response by police. the social media pictures kind of grainy and low definition video showing them not only arriving and kind of realizing
10:50 pm
what they have and getting out in some cases, body armor out of their s.w.a.t. cars. >> i did not witness body armor. i witness guns pulled and hiding behind and crouching down vehicles and other vehicles. i am trying to understand where the suspects were. first, i cannot speculate on the exact time line. we didn't know where these people were. everyone is getting back because they did not know who was at risk. sarah, thank you very much, we realize this is the busiest night for your publication in the modern history of the dallas morning news c. we keep on pointing this out, certainly since the most violent day in the live s of most
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americans in november of 1963. thank you very much for being was. >> thank you. >>. >> all people are hoping the same thing tonight, we are not looking at a kind of urban army situation here. a plan retaliation attack for the gruesome and awful police involved fatal shootings we have watched played out this week. >> well, that's right, brian, that's a good point, it is like terrorists, you take out some kind of cause that allows them to murder people no matter what the cause is and even if the cause have some arguments and
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they twist the cause and it is interesting to hear the chief say they have four people involved in this conspiracy and two in the car and the black mercedes-benz we saw on 35 there and you know one fella pinned up in the parking garage maybe yelling back and forth with the dallas pd negotiators saying he has bombs and more people are going to die and so forth. this is a conspiracy now to murder and conspiracy so assassinate and ambush uniform police officers. we should just point out and i don't know if everybody recalls, it was a year ago in june with a fellow in an armor van attacked dallas police head quarters. they had a big chase and s.w.a.t. team chased him and
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they sought the van. he planted bombs around police head quarters. that was just a year ago and dallas pd and s.w.a.t. were able to stop him. he was killed in the event. that was the attack under police head quarters. it is always dangerous being in law enforcement but our hearts really is heavy today and every citizen of goodwill for the dallas police, this is such an awful, cold-blooded calculated, you know murder. it is just murder to shoot people down and rifles as you are standing ton the streets protecting the rest of us. it is just an awful, awful case. >> this is the assassination tonight of police officers and the attempt of assassination of the wounded .
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eleven officers have been hit and four have been killed in dallas texas. prior to this news arriving, there were two names in the news of the most awful reason. two police involved fatal shootings of black men that were so gruesome. so hard to watch and so of the conversation that has to be had about policing and people of color in this country that those two names and two shootings had prompted an almost spontaneous out pouring demonstrations in just about any major population center from new york all the way to west to los angeles. well, dallas was no different
10:55 pm
tonight. i cannot imagine there were more than a handful. we saw a large gathering that gathered tonight here in new york. people were angry and the president of the united states talked about these two shootings when he landed in poland for a nato meeting tonight. it was at the top of the newscast until this. that's why jim was saying among others that every peaceful person has to hope that this was not anything larger than it is and the conversations that needs to be had can be had after this. this is over and we understand exactly what it is we are covering tonight. there is still a suspect at large that they know of who is doing some sort of conversing
10:56 pm
and negotiating with the dallas police department. this suspect has made a verbal threat that the end is coming. i think it was the quote from the police chief "there are bombs and explosive devices in the parking garage" and elsewhere in downtown of dallas, texas and police long ago told everyone to clear out of there. they long ago needs these streets back for our vehicles. you are not save down here. police officers were targeted. they pulled over a car on i-35 and turns out they believed it was tied to this. they have a woman in custody and turns out they believe she maybe tied to this. all along we are watching social media and we have new videos just into us. again, we are all watch ting th at the same time but lets roll it and see what it is.
10:57 pm
[ screams ] run! run! there is a gun. someone's shot. someone got shot! just horrendous and so difficult to watch and listen to that. >> if what we know turns out to be correct, we have one
10:58 pm
remaining suspect with a firearm or firearms who's been apart of this team brought down these officers who's claiming that the end is coming, who's claiming that there are explosive devices throughout downtown dallas. how on earth if you are on the dallas pd, do you communicate with that person? we know now because police chief had said publicly, how are you going to end this? that means ending his life among the options. >> yeah, brian, as you know from your firefighter experience and having been on the scene on various things like this, we got a guy who says he's going to hurt and kill people. obviously, you are going to take his words. our best case scenario and what i do for a living and the fbi is using hostage negotiators, we'll try to talk him out and minimize what he's done and trying to get
10:59 pm
him informed where he can come out and talk the the media and make a case. brian in the meantime, tactical routine is looking at two things of an assault plan and a deliberate plan. okay, we take about half an hour and figure out how we are going to get in the building and we are going to use gas or are we going to use snipers or are we going to use assault team to go in and neutralize that person. an emergency plan means we just got off to the scene, lets go do something right now and everybody gets it. we got the threat that you suggested a bomb so you have to consider a bomb there, you have
11:00 pm
to consider will there be more suspect and booby traps. police may say lets hold back and lock gas in if it is a close location. they'll try to do these i true s true -- intrusive way to neut l neutralize the shooters. we would be working very hard trying to hook this guy just like a fisherman goes out and tries to hook a trout. we psychologically trying to hook that guy and trying to reeling him in about 85% of the time we are able to do it. there is a lot of cars and wrong side of this guy's death. he may well thinks he wants to die. the police are going to be there


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