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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 8, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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black or white, latino, asian american or native american. we are one people. we are one family. we are one house. we must learn to live together as brothers and sisters. if not, we will perish as fools. >> georgia congressman john lewis there. the conscience of the congress. in this case, the conscience of a country. it's 3:00 now here in dallas. 4:00 back east. want to take a second to remind you of what we know right now. what we know about last night's deadly shooting. five police officers are dead. seven more officers are hurt. a shooter now identified as 25-year-old micah xavier johnson opened fire at the end of what had been a peaceful protest here in dallas, texas. the city's police chief saying johnson, quote, wanted to kill
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white people, especially white officers, and that he was upset about recent police shootings. just a short time oago, mult pel senior officials said the investigation so far leads them to believe that johnson was, in fact, the lone gunman. he did it by himself. they say the investigation, however, remains fluid. sources say part of the investigation still includes other possible suspects who may have assisted him. johnson killed after an hours-long standoff. at this point we're waiting for a news conference from the governor of texas, greg abbott, as well as a number of other folks who will join him. the police chief and mayor will be with him at that press conference. we're expected to get more answers about what happened here. i want to bring in msnbc's tremane lee inside dallas city hall where that news conference is going to be happening, as i understand it, next hour. you spent a better part of the
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day talking to folks in and around dallas. what are they telling you? >> i'll tell you what, craig. it's kind of strange capping of a tumultuous week in america. i spoke to one gentleman outside of city hall who is surprised it hasn't happened more often. he says there are so many young people frustrated and angry and fed up and that, you know, they can only take so many slaps and feel their voice isn't heard before they yell and scream and everyone feels it. but again, as you've been talking about all day and talking to folks in the park at the vigil, there is this great sense of loss for everyone here in this community. not only have they death with a repeated list of young black men in particular killed by police from east to west, north to south, but now this assault on police officers. i spoke to one of the organizers of the march as you have today,
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about what this means moving forward. they said it means we need to redouble our efforts on love. hate begets hate and only love can bring about justice. still as we've traveled the country, craig, going from city to city, in communities that have been, you know, burned, communities that have seen great protest and those young people, we can never underestimate the depth of the true hurt. and that's what i've been hearing all week yesterday all day in baton rouge, louisiana, where we saw it happen in ferguson. we saw it happen in baltimore, and now it's happened here. we hear a little bit of when the family members of the suspect micah johnson who said he just couldn't take it anymore. and that's what is concerning people. what is next? if there isn't any resolution through the criminal justice system, if folks aren't held accountable when young black people especially are being killed in the streets, where do people turn? where do young people turn?
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again, there seems to be this appall over this city in talking to folks wrestling with what this means. not just for this city but the nation. craig? >> i have you here, i want to get your take on something that former mayor rudy giuliani said to brian williams last hour, or the hour before. i can't recall. but he said essentially, and this is a summary, that the black lives matter movement had contributed to a target being on the backs of police officers all over the country. and i know that you have spent a lot of time covering the movement, more time than perhaps anybody else at our network. what do you say to that? any legitimacy to that claim at all? >> i've been covering the black lives movement for the better part of 2 1/2 years. going from city to city, dozens of marches, talked with dozens
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if not hundreds of the organizers and protesters. and what they will say time and again is that their pushback against police violence and state-sanctioned violence, their pushback against young men being gunned down in their cars, being gunned down in the streets. in the case of michael brown left under the hot sun for four hours. their pushback that the black community has weathered since we've been here in this country unrelenting. the response is always violence. when folks say that black lives matter, you know, they don't necessarily mean that no one else's lives matter. but it's almost like asking a cancer patient about an amputee issue. let's solve the cancer first. i listen to that interview with rudy giuliani. unfortunately, it seems so often it's easy to wade into the murky pool of politics when there is, indeed bloodshed in the streets. and now not just of, you know, a young black man in baton rouge
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or a young black man in minnesota, but police officers who have been sworn to protect folks here in this community. >> national reporter tre maine lee. we'll get back to you in a bit. that news conference with the governor set to happen some time in the next hour. the white house flying flags at half staff today as the nation mourns the five police officers shot and killed last night. not far from where i stand here in dallas. we learning more details this hour about the victims. officer patrick zamarripa, a father. a huge dallas cowboys fan. he was also a veteran who survived not one, not two but three tours in iraq. officer patrick zamarripa there. also officer michael krol. 40 years old from redford township, michigan. he spent more than a decade in law enforcement before last
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night's tragic events. officer brent thompson, a dallas area rapid transit officer, d.a.r.t. officer who had just gotten married two weeks ago to a fellow transit officer. the first d.a.r.t. officer ever killed in the line of duty here in dallas. nbc news now working to confirm the identities of the other two officers who were kills in last night's deadly attack. another seven officers were injured. many of them still being treated at area hospitals here. nbc's tammy leitner working that story. she's at baylor university medical center here in dallas. tammy, what do we know? >> craig, we know some of the victims are still here recovering. this is only one of three level one trauma centers in the entire dallas area which means they deal with mass casualties. they are equipped to deal with gunshot wounds. last night an extremely
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emotional scene outside the e.r. as two of the deceased officers went through the e.r. fellow officers lined up outside and saluted them. hospital staff was there as well paying their respects. we now have the names of those three deceased officers. patrick zamarripa, michael krol and brent thompson. 43-year-old d.a.r.t. officer who was married just two weeks ago. we also have the names of the three d.a.r.t. officers injured. omar canon, misty mcbride, a five-year veteran with the force and jesus retana. one was treated and released and the other two are expected to recover. >> tammy leitner at baylor university hospital. thank you. i'm joined by shawn henry, msnbc contributor, former executive assistant director of the fbi. at this point we know the atf and the fbi are both heading up
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the investigation here. what does that tell us about where the investigation heads now? >> i think dallas police are looking for federal authorities to help with some of the resources they have and an investigation as wide scale as this. a tremendously large crime scene. the fbi has very extensive capabilities in terms of ballistics. that's going to be very important to try and identify if there were multiple shooters or not. we've gotten various reports. some folks saying it's one shooter. others saying there are multiple shooters or other people in custody. the crime scene is really important and capabilities brought to bear by the federal government in this case are going to be very important, craig. >> i would also imagine that as we're having this conversation, there has to be a concerted effort to track his digital footprint. taking a look at his facebook page. we've seen some of it. but i would imagine they are poring over all of that data as
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well to see if they can glean any more insight into what this guy was thinking. >> that's exactly right, craig. they'll be looking at a tremendously large, vast amount of information from a digital perspective, contacts in phones. they'll be exploiting that material. going back and looking at his time he served in the military. i think he was not full time in the military but he had experience there. they'll be looking at contacts through employment, neighbors, et cetera. the key for law enforcement is, first of all, they want to find out if there are others involved. is there a continued danger to the community, to law enforcement officers and others? we've heard about ieds potentially distributed throughout the city. they want to identify that and prevent any further type of attack. after that, second early, or in coordination, they'll be doing it simultaneously looking at his motivation and trying to determine as much as they can
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about him to try and make that type of assessment and evaluation, craig. >> the bomb that was used to kill the suspect last night, we've heard some reporting about precisely how that was done in the parking garage behind me after hours of negotiations. talks apparently broke down. there was an exchange of gunfire, and then they attached this sort of explosive device to the end of a robot n uand used robot to go in and detonate the bomb to kill the suspect. what kind of options did the police have at that point, other than that? >> i don't think the police had many options at all. they've justifiably used this type of force, deadly force, because their lives and the lives of others were in danger. we had somebody who had killed multiple police officers. he'd wounded others. clearly they didn't think there was any way to talk him out. had they had a snipe ethey would have used deadly force that way but baseod where he was
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physically located, based on the access to that space and the inability for them to talk him out, they had no other option than to use deadly force in this case, craig. >> that was the first time i'd ever heard of anything like that being used. how about you? is this some technology that's been out there for a bit and just not used often or was this the first time you heard of something like that? >> those robots are used oftentimes to disable explosive devices, to go in with cameras in difficult to access areas where you don't want to put a human being or canine in because there's a risk there's danger. that's oftentimes what those robots are used for. they used it to deliver a deadly payload. they justified deadly force. and by delivering that payload, they were able to safely end this event, craig. >> shawn henry, former fbi assistant director. when we come back, here in dallas, i'll talk to the man who
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in the hours after the shoot, dallas police identified what they called a suspect. they tweeted out this photo. here it is. and the caption, please help find him. this is one of our suspects. please help find him. that's mark hughes in the photo. mark turned himself in. he was released about a half
1:17 pm
hour later. in reality he was a peaceful demonstrator. that picture retweeted tens of thousands of times, plastered all over facebook. mark hughes joins me along with his brother who was one of the organizers. let me start with you. walk me through how this hand. give me a blow-by-blow. >> a blow-by-blow is kind of difficult because i wasn't aware that i was even a suspect. gun shots rang out. we ran. we went to go to our vehicle to leave but our vehicle was at the spot where, i guess, a lot of the shooting was happening. it was hours later after i had given up my gun that i received a phone call that i was now a suspect on cnn. around multiple news outlets that i was a suspect. and i just didn't understand how i became a suspect. >> and who called you? just a friend?
1:18 pm
>> a friend. >> mark, i see your face plastered everywhere. >> the moment they told me my face was out there, the only thing i could think of was, of course, i was in the background when they were doing interviews. of course, i made national news. >> here's the picture. you're wearing a camo shirt. and what kind of weapon do you have strapped around you? >> ar-15. >> you are walking through the streets of dallas with an ar-15 at a protest. why? >> exercising my second amendment right. >> so when you found out you were a suspect, were you surprised? >> absolutely. absolutely. because i hadn't done anything wrong. for me to go from a person that was actually assisting with the traffic, assisting, helping people get out of harm's way, to becoming a suspect was mind blowing. >> have you received an apology yet? >> i have not received an apology. dpd has yet to release my
1:19 pm
picture -- >> the picture is still up? >> it's still on their twitter page as of an hour ago. still on their twitter page as me being a suspect. and that's mind blowing to me. >> i want to -- again, as i understand it, you were one of the organizers last night. we've heard of eyewitnesses, people involved in the protest. they'd say it was peaceful. they say at points police officers were actually participating. i have talked to one or two folks that say toward the end there were people yelling things at the police. yelling some obscenities at the police. did you see that? did you hear that? >> i didn't necessarily see it or hear it but i've been to enough protests to realize there's always going to be a few agitators, that try to ride the coat tail of a peaceful protest. so although i didn't see it, i've experienced it before so it wouldn't surprise me. but all in all, i'd probably say it was probably one of the most peaceful protests i've ever
1:20 pm
attended. the spirits were high. every ethnicity was here. and we were basically here to give voices to the voiceless. and things changed in a matter of seconds. >> when did you realize, how did you realize that something awful was happening? >> well, because, you know, i was one of the speakers at the protest. we were in front of the lines people were protesting and marching. as we were walking up towards the parking garage, we heard -- i heard gunfire. and i instantly knew something was wrong because i heard gunfire being returned. when i first heard it, i thought it was fireworks. then it kept going. it kept going and everybody started running. the second thing that came to my mind was orlando, what just took place. i didn't know where the gunfire was coming from. after i got my bearings and realized what direction it was coming from, i ran the opposite direction and instructed the crowd to go back. after i instructed the crowd to
1:21 pm
go back, the next thing was for me to find my little brother. >> you'd been separated? >> we'd been separated. >> where were you at this point? >> i was more in the middle of the crowd. more in the middle of the crowd. and at the time where i was locating, i couldn't hear gunshots. i didn't hear gunshots or anything. i just noticed people running. so i began to run back. >> from there you went where? >> from there i went -- after the crowd -- because the crowd was going, some were going left, some going right, some going back. i didn't know where the gunshots were coming from or what they were running from. my next thing was to locate my brother. that's when he came to me and advised me to take my gun off. >> why did you advise him to do that? >> again, because i've been in several protests and unfortunately, i've been a witness to several hash tags. less than 48 hours ago, a young man had a concealed gun license
1:22 pm
and was still murdered by the cops. >> did big brother think to tell him not to show up with an ar-15 strapped to his chest? >> absolutely not. that's one of the reasons we were protesting. why does the constitution work for them n not for us? he's not a felon. he's not in harm's way. he's not harming anybody. why not allow him to exercise his constitutional right? >> you had the gun. at no point did you think perhaps returning fire? >> not at all because, again, i didn't know what was going on. i didn't know what people were running from. when it first happened, i assumed it was a fight. i assumed it was a fight. and people were -- and as the crowd began to run back, people were yelling, they're shooting. they're shooting. when my brother first came to me, the first thing he told me to do was unleash my firearm. and just like you say, i was like, why would i give up my gun if they're shooting? >> who did you give it to at that point? >> at that point i actually told
1:23 pm
him no. he went and got a police officer and asked the police officer to come get my gun. >> you get the cop and say, officer, my little brother has an ar-15 he wants to give you? >> absolutely. >> and then because people were running towards us and cops were running in the opposite direction, there's a gun -- and, of course, information is coming to us that they are shooting at the cops. i knew at that point it was important to say, hey, you give this gun to this cop so they know when they come full fledged that it's not you. so i found the cop. i wasn't taking no for an officer. you need to give this gun to the officer. >> the officer originally told me no and told me to put my gun away. he was adamant about me giving the gown the officer. and the officer gave me his card. >> was it loaded? >> i had a clip in it, but it was not loaded. >> how did you turn yourself in later when you saw the picture? again, this is after you turned
1:24 pm
your gun over. >> i didn't see the picture. i received a phone call. had to be within an hour and a half after the incident. hour and a half after the incident. i received a phone call that my photo was on multiple outlets, and the first thing i did was took my shirt off because i was surrounded by police officers and i did not want to be killed. i didn't think i was going to make it out alive if something like that would have -- if i would have kept my uniform on. so i flagged down two officers to let them know that i was on social media and news outlets as being a suspect. >> mark hughes -- >> thank you. >> corey. thank you very much. much, much more from here in dallas, including a conversation between my colleague lester holt and the presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton. that will happen live here on msnbc. from over 30 billion connected devices.
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we all live in the same house. and it doesn't matter whether we are black or white, latino, asian american or native american. we are one people. we are one family. we are one house. we must learn to live together as brothers and sisters. if not, we will perish as fools. we have too many guns. there's been too much violence. and we must act. >> congressman john lewis this morning flanked by other members of the congressional black caucus speaking in the wake of the tragedy here in dallas. the investigation continues into one of the deadliest mass shootings on law enforcement in
1:29 pm
u.s. history. that was last night during a peaceful protest in dallas, texas. the suspected shooter, 25-year-old micah xavier johnson. killed after an hours-long standoff with police. this morning, officials now believe that he was, in fact, the lone gunman in this incident. they stress the situation, though, is still fluid and that their understanding of the situation has changed throughout the day. investigators are still working to confirm whether johnson was connected to some kind of extremist organization, perhaps some sort of domestic organization. officials have ruled out any connection to islamist extremist groups, including isis and al qaeda. i'm joined now from capitol hill by congressman dave reichert of washington state. he's chair of the law enforcement caucus. he served in law enforcement for 33 years. congressman reichert, thank you so much for joining me. i know you're very busy today.
1:30 pm
based on what we know at this point about the events here in dallas, was there anything that could have been done to prevent the shootings here? >> i think that's a question that the local authorities are going to have to answer once they gather all the facts and complete their investigation. but, you know, i listen to the words of my colleague here in washington, d.c., john lewis. i agree that we're all one people. i agree that there's too much violence. and, in fact, i've approached john lewis in the past, and also just as recent as this morning and said, john, you know, you and i together could be a strong voice in helping bringing america together. african-american democrat, civil rights leader, caucasian republican, male, career law
1:31 pm
enforcement. what better partners could we put together right now today to really send a clear message to the american citizens that we want peace in this country, and that we need to work together to prevent things like this that happened in dallas and in other parts of our country over the past year or two. >> congressman, let me preference this by saying we do not know precisely how this guy got his hands on these weapons. we don't know whether the weapon was obtained legally or illegally, but it is difficult to dispute that you've got a guy who had military style weaponry picking off police officers in the streets of dallas. he outgunned them, so to speak, to a certain extent at least. does it make sense that citizens are able to possess the kind of weaponry that he had last night
1:32 pm
and fire off the number of shells that he was able to fire off in such a short period of time? does that make sense to you? >> i think the other thing coupled with this, this is a person at least i've been hearing on the news. and again, that's where i'm getting my information. he also had military training. that even complicates things more. but this is not about the guns. this is about how do we reduce gun crime? how do we reduce violence and bring civility back to america? and as the chair of the police and community task force here in d.c., in bringing people from baltimore and other parts of the country together to talk about how we got here in the first place and how we bridge that gap and also as the chair of the law enforcement caucus, i think we're going to come to some answers. i had a discussion this morning with our leadership team, the
1:33 pm
majority leader kevin mccarthy, with the speaker not too long ago. there are discussions with steny hoyer. next week we're going to be having discussions about how he as members of congress can set an example of civility and how we should be treating each other with respect and dignity and equality across this country. and i think we have to lead my example. that's first of all. second, if we want to talk about gun crime, then you have to stop this argument about gun control. we've got to focus on saving lives. >> congressman, as you well know, even researching gun violence in this country is something that has been stymied in your chamber for a number of years now. you say it's not about guns. i certainly don't want to have that conversation right now, but this guy didn't -- he didn't stab the officers to death. he didn't bludgeon them to
1:34 pm
death. he shot them. so it's got to be a little bit about guns. >> you're talking to a guy that spent 33 years in law enforcement. i wasn't shot, but i was stabbed and nearly killed. so i know there's other ways to kill people, and there are people out there that want to do harm to people in our community. and those are the people that we need to focus on and stop from doing violence. no matter what weapon they use. and one of the programs i'm interested in revitalizing is project safe neighborhoods. it reduced gun crime, that's was a bush/cheney initiative that's been defunded under the obama administration and we're actually trying to get that funded and refocus our efforts on focussing on those people that want to do harm across the country, not only with guns but with any kind of a weapon. >> congressman, we will leave it there, sir.
1:35 pm
i appreciate your time on this day in dallas. coming up, lester holt interviews hillary clinton, the presumed nominee of the democratic party. that's next here on msnbc.
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experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra single packs. some breaking news to pass along regarding the 25-year-old shooter here in dallas. a senior law enforcement official is telling nbc news that at this point, they are telling us no ties to any domestic terror group, as well, no ties to a domestic terror group. we heard earlier they do not believe he had any ties to an international terror group either. at this point, it does appear, according to senior law enforcement officials, he acted alone. he was the lone gunman. here with me, deputy dallas police chief malik aziz. also the national chairman of the national black police officers association. deputy, first of all, our condolences to the force. how are officers doing here in
1:39 pm
dallas? >> you know, the officers, our hearts are very heavy today. losing four dallas police officers and one d.a.r.t. officer, there's a blanket over the dallas police force and d.a.r.t. agency of losing so much talent, so many tremendous men in blue. they gave so much. courageous individuals. unbelievable people. i'm sure we'll hear more about them in the coming days, but dallas police in 27 years of law enforcement, this is the hardest day i've ever seen. n many of my peers or colleague have reiterated the same. >> this 25-year-old shooter, you've seen his face and know his name at this point. is he someone to your knowledge that was known to the dallas police department? >> you know, from everything that i would know, i haven't heard of this individual. i don't think anybody has. i think our chief of police, you know, david brown, has
1:40 pm
reiterated and said some things clearly about things that we know about him, and we didn't know it. if he was on our radar as dallas police, we would have known where he was. dallas law enforcement, period, and from federal and state and local entities, especially dallas police, we do one of the best jobs you'll ever see in the nation. we didn't know. >> stand by. lester holt here in dallas joins us with a special interview with hillary clinton. lester? >> craig, thanks very much. we're joined from philadelphia by the presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton. secretary clinton, thank you for making the time and being with us today. >> thank you, lester. >> madam secretary, it seems we have been stuck on this conversation about race in this country in a perpetual loop. we're not getting very far. some would argue we've slipped backwards. president obama has spent eight years this to and hasn't been able to move the needle.
1:41 pm
how will you move the needle? is there a moonshot type strategy? >> well, lester, i think everyone understands that we have some very deep divides in our country, and if we don't start addressing them, and that's a matter of urgency, and it's not just for some people to do it, but it's for all of us to do it. then i believe we'll find ourselves in an even worse downward spiral. i believe we need a national conversation, and we start showing respect toward one another. seeing each other, walking in each other's shoes. i think we have to show our support for our police under very difficult circumstances, particularly as we have seen in the last day, the bravery of police officers running toward danger and being shot down. at the same time, we've got to do criminal justice reform and we need national guidelines
1:42 pm
about the use of force, particularly lethal force so routine traffic stops don't escalate into killings. we also have to be honest, all of us, in facing implicit bias that all of us, unfortunately, i think, may still have. >> let me talk about the climate in this country. in this campaign specifically. it's been very heated. mayor rawlings here in dallas talked about asking people to stop fighting each other from the pulpit, the political spectrum to choose words carefully. do you think the environment that, the heated campaign rhetoric has at all contributed to the climate that's allowed this to happen? >> i think the mayor is right, lester. i think that something has been unleashed in our nation where people are saying cruel and hateful things about one another from all kinds of vantage
1:43 pm
points. in many ways, the internet has turned into a terrible example of how people anonymously say the worst possible things about their neighbor down the street, the girl in school or political officials. yes, we are unfortunately in the grip of some very divisive and hateful rhetoric. and i think -- >> will you change your campaign tone at all? >> well, i think our tone has been very careful. you know, we have gone to criticize people for what they have done. we've tried to stay away from name-calling. but i will certainly take a hard look about what more we can do because what i'm interested in is bringing our country together, not deepening the divides. and i want white people to understand how african-americans
1:44 pm
feel every day. the anxiety and fear, particularly sending off their children, particularly young men, not knowing what's going to happen to them. i want people to put themselves in the shoes of police officers and their families who get up every day and go off and do a very dangerous job. we need to start looking at each other as fellow americans. and we need to be listening and working together to try to stem the violence, the hatred, the divisive rhetoric. and, yes, i'm going to do my best to try to bring that about in my campaign and then in the white house working on specific ways to try to create, you know, more understanding between us. >> and, madam secretary, our time is short. if i could switch gears. this is the first chance to chat since the head of the fbi called you out for careless handling of classified documents on your personal e-mail server.
1:45 pm
you said that none of the e-mails you sent were marked as classified. he says they were. you said it was a single device. he said multiple devices. you say you turned over all work-related material. he says you didn't. did he get it right, and if so, where did he get it wrong? >> well, lester, i think yesterday director comey clarified many of the issues you've just alluded to. very quickly, he clarified, as did the state department, that the very few, no more than three documents that they thought might have some kind of marking, two of them were a result of human error. they were not classified. and i believe and have said many times that i take classified material seriously. i death with over 300 people in the state department, many with decades of experience who understand clearly how to handle classified material. and there were no materials that
1:46 pm
were marked classified. so i think he's clarified it. the state department has clarified it. i have said, i regret using a personal e-mail. we turned over every document in my possession when the state department requested it, and we turned over every device that we had. so i think that as director comey said yesterday, we cooperated fully. we answered questions. and we're very grateful that this matter is behind us. >> but to the extent that there's a disconnect between things you said and what he later found, it is certainly playing into the narrative of the trump campaign raising that question of doubt as to whether you can be trusted as president of the united states. whether you can even be trusted with classified materials. how do you respond to that? >> well, again, i would just repeat if you read his testimony yesterday, i think there was a lot of clarification. i do not believe that all of the
1:47 pm
professionals that i dealt with in the state department were careless in handling classified material. i do not believe that they did anything that in any way, they believed, was inappropriate. and i think the facts show that. now in retrospect, other agencies have said, well, maybe they should have known at the time, but these are professionals. diplomats deal with some of the most important issues around the world. they were doing the best job they could. they were not careless. the material they sent to me, they had not believed was classified. and i'm very proud to have worked with them, and i believe that the clarification that was set forth yesterday answers a lot of the remaining questions. >> he also raised the issue that it's likely that your e-mail system was breached by hostile actors. you had suggested it hadn't been breached or hacked.
1:48 pm
what's the truth there? >> well, there is no evidence. there is no evidence, and he did not contradict that. i think he was speculating. but if you go by the evidence, there is no evidence that the system was breached or hacked successfully. and i think that what's important here is follow the evidence. and there is no evidence. and that can't be said about a lot of other systems, including government systems. >> all right. secretary clinton, we'll leave it there. thank you for your time. we do appreciate it. >> thank you very much. good to talk to you. >> all right. good to talk to you as well. let's turn it back to my colleague craig now. >> lester, thank you. make sure you catch lester holt tonight. more of that interview on "nbc nightly news" live from dallas. we'll be right back with much, much more from here in dallas, texas. after a long day,
1:49 pm
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president obama has ordered flags at half-staff at the white house yet again. this is the 67th time that he has done so during his presidency. no other president in u.s. history has done it more often. ery langford is a reporter at the "texas tribune."
1:53 pm
she joins me live now in texas. we're talking a lot about the relationship between the police here in dallas and the community here in dallas. and we know that over the past five or six years or so, things have improved, i don't want to say dramatically, but considerably. is that's a fair assessment? >> it's a fair assessment. if you look back in time in the '90s, it was a much different story. you had fewer minority officers on the force and a city that has about a quarter of the residents are black. you had protests led by a county commissioner for years over this issue and aggressive policing. so it has really come around about 180 degrees. is it perfect? no. >> you've also got new reporting today over what city officials are now looking at. one of the things they're looking at in the wake of what happened here tonight, early this morning. >> in addition to the investigation and the victims'
1:54 pm
families, the police are also looking at how to keep protests and free assembly from -- to keep it happening in dallas. neither the chief nor the mayor want to see anything happen to anyone's right to assemble. but they are re-examining some of the rules and some of the protocols because they want everyone saved. >> one of the criticisms so far has been that perhaps police on the ground last night were not as well prepared as they could have been or should have been because they had gotten too close to the protesters. and by that i mean they were participating in some of the marching versus keeping a watchful eye or what was happening. what are you hearing from city officials about that? >> the chief brown has said there were adequate number of officers on the ground, and they were well prepared. they are not talking much about the actions of last night.
1:55 pm
and they won't for a little while. >> one of the things as we wrap up, one thing that continues to elude me having been on air for a few hours. there were points last night where there were suspects. they rounded up the suspects, talked to the suspects, they weren't being cooperative. over the last few hours we've heard nothing more about any of these suspects. >> right. >> do you have any insight? any -- >> no, the police chief and mayor rawlings both said today they are not going to give any information. they aren't going to give us a count. they are not going to comment on numbers given out last night that there were three other suspects that they talked about last night. we know nothing more about them at this time. >> terri langford, "texas tribune," thank you for your time. i'm a big fan of the "tribune." you're doing great work. we'll be back with much, much more from dallas, texas. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it.
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in the police profession, we're very comfortable with not hearing thank you from citizens especially who need us the most. we're used to it. >> thank you! thank you! thank you. >> that is going to do it for me this hour. my colleague brian williams is back. he'll pick up our coverage right now. >> craig melvin, thanks. brian williams here with you in new york. the bad news is craig melvin doesn't get off that easy after a day of superb coverage at streetside there in dallas. and i'd like to go right back to
2:00 pm
him in dallas. craig, forgive the intrusion, but two things. number one, have you been given a satisfactory answer to your question all day, what happened to the multiple suspects, the idea of multiple suspects? and number two, for people tuning in at the top of this hour, can you debrief us on your interview, which i saw in the last hour, with the man wrongly identified as a suspect last night, his photo disseminated around the world. his photo was still on the dpd website as of late this afternoon. and, oh, by the way, he carried an ar-15 to a peaceful rally. >> let's start with your first question about my question, those suspects. at one point, three of them, we were told. we were also told they'd not been cooperating. i've a


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