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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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the united states, donald j. trump. >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, new mexico, 24 votes trump. >> new york. 95 delegates with the following bound delegates. 89 trump, six kasich. >> madam secretary, new york, the empire state and the home of donald j. trump passes. >> new york passes. >> the reason that new york has just passed is for dramatic purposes. new york state is of course donald trump's home state. they are holding off in terms of their position in the
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alphabetical call so that they can be the state that comes in at just the right numerical time in order to cast their vote so they can be the state that puts trump over the top to 1237 and officially clinching the nomination. >> even more catching up the person doing the passing for new york, richard nixon's son-in-law and before that, the governor of new mexico was in that famous tussle with donald j. trump during the campaign. >> north carolina, one of the fastest growing state economies under governor pat mccrory and the republican-led general assembly proudly casts our 72 votes as follows. one, dr. ben carson. six, senator marco rubio. nine for ohio governor john kasich. >> in the great conservative tradition of the old north state, the home of billy graham, we proudly cast 27 votes for
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senator ted cruz. >> north carolina is a party which was funded and founded by blacks and whites and one of the parts most people don't know about this state is that 10% of all the historically black colleges and universities are within its border. we proudly cast 29 votes for the next president of the united states, the honorable donald john trump. >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, north
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carolina, 29 votes trump, 27 votes cruz, six votes rubio, nine votes kasich and one vote carson. >> north dakota, 28 delegates. >> mr. secretary, i'm jack dalrynple, governor of north dakota. it is my honor to announce the delegates of the state of north dakota. the great state of north dakota casts as the home of the current and five consecutive year national fcs football champions, the north dakota state university bison and at the same time the home of the national hockey champions, the university
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of north dakota fighting hawks, and the only state in the united states last year to actually grow younger, casts one vote carson, six votes cruz, and 21 votes for the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, north dakota, 21 votes trump, one vote carson, six votes cruz. >> northern mariana islands, nine delegates with the following bound delegates. nine trump. >> from the most republican
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territory -- >> the hubbub in the new york delegation is for what's about to happen. >> the new york delegation is expected to cast their votes not just to put donald trump over the top 1237, officially the nominee, but they expect to cast their votes through the voice of one of donald trump's sons. donald trump jr., who is the dark-haired young man you see on sort of the left center of your screen. he is expected to be the one announcing the new york votes. you see donald trump's other adult children there standing next to him. he's about to get the honors. >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, northern mariana islands cast nine votes trump. >> ohio, 66 delegates. >> welcome to cleveland, the
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city of champions. welcome to ohio, the host of the republican national convention. all right, guys. let's give it an o.h. o.h.! ohio, the mother of presidents proudly casts its 66 votes for governor john kasich. >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, ohio, 66 votes kasich. >> oklahoma. 43 delegates with the following bound delegates. 13 trump. >> good evening. my name is pam pollard.
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i'm the chairman of the republican party for the great state of oklahoma. as the second home to speaker paul and janna ryan, oklahoma is the heartland of america and the reddest state in the union. >> we have something from the floor. kelly? >> reporter: we just saw the donald trump family come by, they cleared a path for us. i said a quick hello to ivanka, eric, don and tiffany, who said they are excited about this tonight. they are very pumped up. tiffany of course is one of those speaking tonight along with her older brother, don. they have come through to be here for when new york can put their father over the top. we expect they will probably come by this crush of media and delegates again in a few minutes but we got a close-up look at the family coming in to see this for themselves tonight. >> thank you, kelly o'donnell on the convention floor. >> and 24 votes for the next president of the united states, donald j. trump.
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>> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, oklahoma, 24 votes trump, 19 votes cruz. >> oregon. 28 delegates with the following bound delegates. 18, trump. >> mr. chairman, oregon, the land of unrivaled natural beauty, snowy mountain peaks, majestic river valleys, serene high deserts, the great american pinot noir, tillamook cheese and hazelnuts, home of a great congressman, greg walden, and the reigning major league soccer
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champions, the portland timbers, home of track town, usa and the place where nike made ducks and beavers cool, ground zero in the fight against democrat corruption from disgraced ex-governor all the way to crooked hillary, the great state of oregon is proud to cast pursuant to our rules, five votes for senator ted cruz, 23 votes for the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, oregon, 23 votes trump, five votes cruz.
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>> pennsylvania. 71 delegates with the following bound delegates. 17 trump. >> madam secretary, i'm chairman of the republican party of pennsylvania. pennsylvania, the keystone state, the home of the stanley cup champions pittsburgh penguins. pennsylvania defers to the great state of new york and my friend, chairman ed cox. >> new york, 95 delegates with the following bound delegates. 89 trump, six kasich. >> madam secretary, new york, the empire state, proud to be
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the home of donald j. trump and proud that we were the first state to cast a majority of our primary votes for donald trump, proud that he won 61 of our 62 counties and more than 60% of the vote, and we are proud that we have as one of our delegates donald j. trump jr. >> thank you very much, ed. thank you to my family, eric, ivanka, tiffany, vn here, all of our supporters in the great state of new york, neeven in th places that aren't so conservative, we have had so much support. you won't believe it. we will put new york into play this time around. i have the incredible honor of not only being a part of the ride that's been this election
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process and to watch as a small fly on the wall what my father has done in creating this movement because it's not a campaign anymore, it's a movement. speaking to real americans, giving them a voice again. it is my honor to be able to throw donald trump over the top in the delegate count tonight with 89 delegates and another six for john kasich. congratulations, dad. we love you. >> a family affair in the new york delegation as the husband of trisha nixon yields to the son of donald trump, also named donald trump. this is on the schedule as a celebration. as by the count of the convention, the word presumptive can now be dropped and mathematically by their count,
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donald j. trump becomes the nominee of the republican party. >> the numbers actually reported from various states and territories from the floor of the convention today do not necessarily add up to the same number that the rnc is counting officially right now. >> -- new york, six votes kasich, 89 votes donald j. trump. >> that mathematical distinction is math, it's not the prose or poetry of what's happening. you see the jum botron, over the top. for all intents and purposes, donald trump is the nominee of the republican party.
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>> kelly o'donnell on the convention floor. >> you see the enthusiasm, it's a special, special time for our family. >> why did you want to be here to see this yourselves and have your brother put your father in nomination? >> because my father is one of my best friends in the world. he's an unbelievable guy. he's an amazing father, a machine tomentor. he will be a great father to this nation. >> inside the family, has this been a difficult day with the criticism of melania's speech? >> melania did an amazing job. it takes real gut and nerve to go onstage, it being her fifth language, she was eloquent, she was poised, she was beautiful. she really made the family proud. >> thank you, eric.
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>> kelly o'donnell with eric trump on the floor of the convention. as the questions about last night's speech continue to linger. >> we will see remarks from the stage from eric trump, from tiffany trump, from donald trump jr., ivanka trump, who is donald trump's eldest daughter. she will be the one who do introductory speech for him thursday night when he's due to accept the nomination formally. we expect to hear from mr. trump himself not in person, but by remote. he, from all reports, unexpectedly left the site of the convention last night and flew back to new york. this was a surprise specifically to the large number of donors who were due to meet with him this morning in cleveland where he was a no-show. back to jacob soboroff on the floor. >> reporter: i'm here with donald trump jr.
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how do you feel right now? >> it's awesome. it's totally surreal to be able to throw him over the top in this race after everything we have gone through in the last year in this process. totally awesome. >> reporter: melania trump has come under fire for that speech. accusations of plagiarism. how will that affect the nomination? >> it won't. she delivered an incredible speech for someone who avoided the public eye to get on that stage and to be able to do that, the way she did, i think was incredible. >> reporter: who is responsible for that happening? >> she worked with speechwriters to get something happening. that's what it is. that's it. >> reporter: will somebody be fired? >> i have to move. i have other people to talk to. it's awesome. it's totally surreal. i have never done anything bigger than this. that's for sure. it's pretty awesome. it's part of history. this campaign is part of history. it's a movement. not a campaign anymore. i see it from all the people in new york. even in places, i spend a lot of time upstate and i'm there all over the state.
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even in places like new york city that are not exactly bastions of conservative thought, i have people coming up to me, having dinner at my wife getting away from the five kids for a few minutes. it's i want to talk to you about your father. i'm saying i don't need this. they say we're voting for him because we're sick of the nonsense. these are people who didn't vote republican before. but they will do it. >> reporter: what's he doing tonight? >> you know, we are going to do it. you know what, people in upstate new york, in long island, in new york city who have seen my father's track record of accomplishment, have seen him do things like wolman rink that was dilapidat dilapidated, ferry point, he goes and takes it over and completes it in 18 months. when he says tewhen he's going do something, he's going to do it. politicians don't do that. the government doesn't do it.
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it's not their fault. they have never done these things in real life. they play developer half the time. they talk about job creation having never created a job other than lobbyist. >> reporter: where is he tonight? >> he's in new york. so they talk about that and he's done it. it's not theory for him. he's actually done it. >> reporter: are you worried about disunity in the party? are you disappointed how things went yesterday? >> not at all. i have the same group of four people running around. they wait for a camera to show up, then take their credentials and try to throw them on the floor. they look like idiots. >> reporter: you are talking about ken cuccinelli. you calling him an idiot? >> it looks like idiots when they do it. they should worry more about beating hillary clinton and less about getting a couple minutes' air time for themselves. they should worry about that. thank you. >> reporter: back to you. >> jacob, thank you. we saw donald trump jr. turn to the local news crew from new york there briefly. we were able to piggyback on that. but some emphatic opinions on
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the stop trump movement which has been officially stopped, squelched tonight. >> the amount of ink spent and breath expelled talking about the never trump movement, the stop trump movement, the machinations within the republican party to do anything to upend the will of republican voters and keep trump from getting this nomination ended with a whimper tonight. you can still hear in the background, the roll call is still going on. states are still adding their delegate totals but the delegate total will be not close. there will be no question of the margin here and that movement never came to anything. >> it didn't but i think we should point out here, as of the moment donald trump went over the top, the number of votes that were cast for another candidate was 505. not nearly enough to win. they won't have the numbers. let me put this in perspective. if you look at past republican
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conventions, 52 votes of dissent in 1980. zero in 1988. 19 in 1992. 51 in '96. seven in the year 2000, 23 in 2008. there were 202 in 2012 because of ron paul but 505 with more states to come, it's not nearly enough to stop him but that does speak to what a level of dissent you have in the republican party against this nominee you haven't had any time in modern history. >> we don't know if that's consequential. it wasn't consequential enough to deny him the nomination. will it be consequential in terms of organizing this campaign? it is so unorthodox up to and including its level of staffing, it's hard to predict what that might mean. >> you can make an argument, look, chris matthews said this at the top of the show, this is like a corporate takeover. this is donald trump and his brand taking over the republican party and any time something like that happens, you are not going to have a smooth takeover with only seven votes of dissent. maybe that's a necessary aspect of it. i think it is noteworthy.
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not every day you take a roll call and -- >> steve, what's your take? >> he shattered the policy orthodoxy on issues like trade where the party consensus has been for free trade. donald trump of course is not a free trader. on the question of the iraq war, donald trump famously opposed to the iraq war and has led the party away from the internationalism of the republican party. on issue after issue that we have come to identify as the conservative hallmarks of the republican party, donald trump has shattered that and a lot of those delegates, a lot of republican voters out across the country still hold fidelity to those positions. >> interesting, you see the party platform go down the line orthodox, pretty hard right conservative. you see the nomination of mike pence to be the vice presidential running mate who by one pretty well-respected estimate out of 435 members of the house was ranked 432 in terms of how conservative he
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was. but those things don't necessarily comfort conservatives and republicans who are looking just as you said, at the top of the ticket and not at the other things that might sort of soften that blow. >> exactly right. at the end of the day, people vote for the top of the ticket, not for who's going to be in the cabinet, not for the vice presidential candidate. >> a newcomer to american politics has gone to be the gop nominee. i'm told from the control room that now both sets of numbers make it official. the number from the floor and the number from the gop at the podium. >> we have had this, again, reiterating this sort of awkwardness, mathematical awkwardness we have been covering tonight which is that the states have been recording a specific number of delegates. the rnc has been recording a number of delegates from each state, that is in many cases different than what the states themselves are saying. it's because of the balance of different and in some cases, competing rules. we have been tracking here at
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msnbc what the states have been saying themselves. that number has been a lower number for donald trump than what the rnc has been recording but now, it's academic. both numbers are over 1237. donald trump is the republican nominee for president of the united states. the moments on earth that we had as a species before that was either true or possible have come to an end and now this is part of u.s. history. >> chris matthews, on that point from just off the convention floor. chris? >> i think we have to focus at least i want to focus for a minute or two what just happened. one of the two major political parties has done something remarkable. they nominated for president, therefore put into play one of the two people who will be our next president, an out and out nationalist. a person running against illegal immigration, immigration generally, you might say. certainly a person running against trade deals. any kind of baloney of any kind,
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running against recent wars in the world. very much a vote, a reaction of anger from the people out there. at least enough for them to win the republican primaries to take over this republican party. it is a takeover by a nationalist candidate of one of the two major political parties. i think with the wind at his back of anger, resentment, anger against the way things are going, that trump is there. not because of the particular things he says or the mistakes he makes over and over again, but the ferocity of anger in this country at the way things are going and as i said last night, hillary clinton is the way things are going. she is the regular candidate that faces him now as the irregular candidate. it's an extraordinary situation we face for the next four months. very different candidates. >> before we trot off to a break, let's listen to lieutenant governor dan patrick of texas. >> 92.
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and where every texan has the back of our law enforcement office officers, i am proud to report our vote for marco rubio, three votes. for our dear friend, a great conservative, our favorite son who we love, ted cruz, 104 votes. and for our new friend, our latest adopted favorite son, for the man who on the night of november 8th is going to get a phone call from a lady named hillary when she concedes the race to the next president of
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the united states, donald trump, 48 votes. >> on the floor of the convention, our coverage will continue right after this.
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we are back. you can drop as we have been saying, you can drop the word presumptive as you see our banner at the bottom of the screen. donald trump has officially clinched the gop nomination. in those early days of the trump campaign, just as the heart is a lonely hunter, endorsing donald trump in congress was a lonely place. someone had to go first in the house of representatives. andrea mitchell up near the podium is standing by with that member of the house. andrea? >> thanks, brian. congressman chris collins from buffalo, new york, it's not so lonely anymore. you were the first, the only congressman to endorse donald j. trump back in february, when no one was talking about this happening. >> you're right, andrea.
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it's been a wild ride, so to speak. it's so fun to see our united party here and so man of my fellow members of congress here and they are all chanting trump, trump, trump. yeah, february 24th i was kind of the lone man on the island. obviously it's overflowing today. to second his nomination was a true honor for me, representing western new york, and standing with his family as new york put him over the top. this is almost surreal in a very positive way. we are going to be moving forward to make america great again and elect donald j. trump on november 8th. >> it's been a bumpy ride also because the campaign hasn't had the infrastructure, the messup with melania trump's speech. how is he going to get the nuts and bolts right? >> i mean, i could call them growing pains between reince priebus and the rnc, paul manafort running the trump campaign. this is a joint effort. there have been some growing
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pains but you're seeing, this is coming off just fine. we are going to get the bump we need off of this convention to just keep rocking and rolling to november 8th. but it is a team effort between the rnc and the ground game and the trump campaign. we are doing just fine. >> the speaker of the house is going to speak in the 9:00 hour, not the 10:00 hour. i have been told that's because the trump campaign doesn't think he's enthusiastic enough, let's say. he took a month to come around and you are right in the middle of that. you have the leadership meetings with the trump people. >> yes. >> and the house people every thursday in washington. >> correct. i do. >> you are caught in the middle. is paul ryan now going to be -- >> as paul ryan has said, we need to defeat hillary clinton. we cannot survive four years or eight years of a clinton presidency. he is supporting donald j. trump to be our next president. when he was in d.c., mr. trump, paul ryan was introducing him. there's no question the speaker is going to work to defeat
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hillary clinton. i would say if you look at the speaker lineup, there's no snub of mr. ryan being in the 9:00 hour. we have donald trump's kid speaking tonight. america really wants to hear from donald's remarkable children. so i think all of us, myself included, are going in whatever slot we want to be part of the team. so there's no egos. we checked the egos at the door. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, andrea. >> back to you guys. >> andrea mitchell, thanks. >> chris matthews earlier tonight was able to speak with the man of the hour in a way. obviously donald trump getting the nomination tonight but one of the biggest stories of the convention, particularly because of it being in cleveland, in ohio, the question of the republican party unity around the donald trump nomination is so central to what is going on tonight and throughout this week. the other man of the hour, the guy who really looms large by his absence at the convention, is john kasich. governor of ohio, one of the last three men standing in contention for this nomination which donald trump has now won.
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chris matthews wrangled john kasich earlier today. let's go to chris now. >> that's right. today i went to the rock and roll museum and found the governor of the state. historically, a big part of any convention of either party is the welcoming address by the governor, the host governor. it's a big deal to get a convention to come to your state. i asked governor kasich why is he, after 80 years of waiting for a convention to come here, to cleveland, he did not come today to be part of it. here he is in our interview at the rock and roll hall of fame. >> governor, it's been 80 years since cleveland hosted a national political convention. it was back in '36. you have foregone the chance to be the host governor to give the great welcoming speech for the history books. why? >> well, maybe this little history in and of itself. look, when you run in politics, a lot of people think your rhetoric is nothing more than that. the things that i said during the campaign matter deeply to me
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and we are just too, you know, in a way of speaking, two different companies. different visions, different culture, different directions. i just felt this was the right thing to do. i'm not here to disrupt. i'm not here to criticize. i'm just here because i'm standing on the things that i believe are best for the country. >> you have said on the record that it's not personal, there's no animus between you and donald trump. you also said a condition for your changing your mind about supporting his nomination, his candidacy, is something almost like st. paul on the road to damascus. you want to see a real conversion. what would that be? >> i don't believe we can be anti-immigration. i don't think we want to deport 11.5 million people. i don't think we can say entitlements don't matter, our country is not going broke, we shouldn't shut down all of this trade. those are very bad policies. i don't think they help our country. but no one should be confused. the terrible thing is americans
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are faced increasingly i hear from people with no choice. they are not keen on trump and they don't like hillary either. it's a vexing situation. >> what's your advice to them? it usually comes down to a choice between two possible winners. >> i don't have any great advice for them. i did the best i could to raise the bar, i thought, for american politics, bring us together. the things that are the key for america and look, i had a great campaign. i had a great time, i'm in a great mood, i'm having the time of my life. it's just that this is something that's a matter of conscience for me. >> when you look into trump, you were on the stage with him so many times going head-to-head, do you believe he believes this ethnic stuff about mexicans being rapists, we got -- >> i don't know. i don't know. >> you don't know whether it's real or just p.r.? >> i have to go by what people say. when i hear things, they mean something to me. >> one thing everyone who has ever worked with you on the hill, you are good on accountability, good on numbers.
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budget committee. you got to make your numbers, got to deal with responsibility. this incident that happened last night with the speech being given apparently to melania trump to read which was written and given by someone who knew it was from michelle obama's speech, what do you make of the accountability issue? should somebody stand up? >> they have to decide that. i'm not getting in the middle of their campaign. anything i would say express an opinion around that would be news and would be disruptive to them. i'm not here for the purposes of being disruptive to them. and chris, everything, you handle every situation a little differently. they have to figure out what they want to do. so i really don't have any comment about it. i didn't even hear about it until this morning when people were talking about this. >> this is an old rule in politics. when in doubt put it out. get it over with. >> maybe you ought to run their campaign. >> thank you for your time. on that point. >> back here, i think you see a man there, i don't think it's
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just personal, i don't think it's just ego, i think he has a real moral problem with what trump has been saying about various groups, mexican americans and islamic people in the world. he has a real, i think, religious problem in terms of his morality. i think he will be a thomas moore standout on this whole situation from here through november. i don't expect to see donald trump fall off his horse on the way to damascus in any kind of situation that would say to governor kasich this guy has changed. back to you guys. >> chris matthews, thanks. because you are in cleveland, because music is the key of life, i thought that the fact that kasich was standing in front of roy orbison's "only the lone lonely" poster was as fantastic as the song that got republicans up and dancing this afternoon when they were gavelled into order was "if i could turn back the hands of time." >> and we get, there's been a ton of good musical stuff.
4:39 pm
we got "new york, new york" when trump was put over the top. there was also as the troubled rollout of mike pence at that event when they rolled out mike pence on saturday, they came out to the sounds of "you can't always get what you want" which was a weird thing for them to come out with alongside all the reporting that mike pence wasn't actually who donald trump wanted and he really wanted chris christie. steve schmidt, before we get too far down this path, let me ask you non-musically speaking, how much does it matter that a person of john kasich's stature in the republican party is holding out, is not at the convention, is being nice about it and is not picking fights but is not on board with this and is staying outside it? >> it's a huge deal. he's an enormously big figure inside the republican party. he ran a great campaign for president. we talk about what is to come in this race between donald trump and hillary clinton. this will be the meanest, most
4:40 pm
low-down, negative, nasty campaign of the modern era, bar none. john kasich's campaign was the light to the darkness. it was a positive campaign. across the board. he's someone who didn't abrogate his commitment to i'm going to run a positive campaign, i'm going to talk about the good. when this is all over, should donald trump lose and there's a moment of reflection in the republican party, john kasich may well be one of the people that emerges from the ashes that continues to play a real prominent role in national politics in the republican party. but for the home state governor of the convention not to be there to welcome the delegates to the state, and he's not doing it as i think was really clear from the interview with chris, for personal reasons. he's not angry, he's not upset that he's not the nominee. he has a deep moral objection to the tone, the tenor, and some of the scapegoating you have seen over the course of this
4:41 pm
campaign. he rejects it. he's there, he's on the scene, but he's not in the hall. he doesn't want to disrupt anything. but there is deep objections from many corners of the republican party to the tone and tenor of this campaign. >> you heard it from steve schmidt who doesn't like to brag. prediction of the meanest, ugliest, nastiest, most low-down campaign in modern history as the final state in the roll call casts its votes on the floor of this convention. we will take what is not our final break. we'll be right back.
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we are back. some of the states that passed for whatever reason are going now and this would include the commonwealths of pennsylvania right now, but this is the news of the hour, of the night, of the week and probably of this campaign season. among our frequent guests, hugh hewitt is waiting to talk to us from cleveland. hugh, i know at times like this, people like me ask people like you how does it feel, but coming off your earlier interview today that i saw talking about the self-inflicted wound of the trump campaign having lost the last 24 hours to that, this is an unorthodox campaign for starters, how does it feel to be there for this? >> well, it does feel like history, brian. i'm glad history is always
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happening in cleveland. i'm happy about that. but i'm reflecting that, using the hash tag black swan cycle because not only is the gop establishment been consumed and turned upside down, the european union, other news networks, i think house clinton is next in line. every expectation is over the side and as we like to joke in the talk radio world, frequently wrong, never in doubt. i'm cautioning everyone, don't come to any big conclusion about what the impact of last night was, because every big conclusion we have come to in this cycle has been wrong. donald trump has won an historic win. he is going to be the nominee of the republican party and nobody, i have been on that stage at four of these debates, no one thought he was going to win. i'm stepping back a little and saying he may have it in him, it may be the nature of the times, like brexit and like many other surprise votes of the last year or so, he could pull this off in the fall and you have got to think there are people on team clinton who are worried about
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that very same thing. >> hugh hewitt, who is heard daily in over 120 american cities. let's go to the speaker of the house for the results. i'm so tempted to listen in here. this could get good. >> chairman ryan is at the podium, teleprompters are up. it's hard to know if he's
4:48 pm
waiting for more quietude in the hall. we heard him earlier from the podium saying ssh, ssh. i don't know if it's too loud for him or he's waiting for some information to be conveyed to him before he starts to speak. >> seems to be a pro usa demonstration developing on the floor. >> shocking. >> he could just be waiting for the mechanics of the teleprompter to come up with his remarks with the final accounting. >> he could be basking in the glow. of his party having made this decision. >> trump chuck taylors. you don't see that often. here we go.
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>> does any state wish to cast its vote or to change its vote? the gentleman shall take place at his microphone. is alaska going the change their vote? >> mr. chairman -- >> does the person seek recognition? >> to contest the vote that alaska cast as it was recorded by the secretary. it was misrecorded by the secretary. we cast 12 votes for senator ted
4:50 pm
cruz, 11 votes for donald trump and five votes for marco rubio. that was pursuant to the state of alaska rules for our party. 100% of our delegation agrees with that as the proper 100% of our delegation agrees that was the proper vote. we were never notified of anything different by the rnc. our attorney wasn't consulted. we were never told you were going to scount or votes tonight. >> the gentleman will suspend. >> is the gentleman requesting a poll of the delegation of alaska? >> yes, i'm requesting a roll of the delegation of alaska, and that those votes be accurately recorded in this convention. >> a delegate has taken exception to the correctness of the vote for the delegation from
4:51 pm
alaska. accordingly the convention staff will report to the delegation to supervise the poll. [ crowd chanting "we want trump" ] ♪ ♪ >> the life-long adage when in doubt, play music, has been invoked by the gop convention. it was the right of the alaska delegation to poll their delegation and now
4:52 pm
representatives of the convention are going to head, in this case, down to alaska. you saw chairman reince priebus come out to the podium. we had some nervous now high-fives being exchanged -- >> in the alaska delegation. >> -- among members tof the alaska delegation. reince priebus there, the two of them are involved in working out this little not in the string at this point. the other person who you saw on stage with them. the guy with the beard who was walking paul ryan through what's going on, that's the house parliamentarian. he had a microphone in the cuff of his shirt, at one point he put into his fist and started talking to it, in terms of directing the personnel to do the nuts and bolts of what alaska is demanding here. alaska is one of several states that reported a number of delegates, a count from their
4:53 pm
delegates that they believed was the accurate count that they were supposed to bring to the convention. it reflected the way their state voted in their primary caucus. the rnc, in its terpation of the rules, did not take the state at its word, did not accept the way the state counted its delegates and put in a pro-trump count. a number of states we saw with that dissatisfaction, but alaska is contesting it right now. >> ben ginsburg is watching now with us. ben, other than the optics and the fact that it's a musical interlude and the fact that it was a surprise for the party, what's the net damage? >> the net damage is only to the way the program will unfold for the rest of the night. it's a tightly honed script, and something like this, if it takes
4:54 pm
too long, can throw off who gets to speak in primetime, and who doesn't. on the parliamentary side, it's possible that other states will now do sort of a similar tactic and ask for a polling of their delegation. that will really cause some havoc with the tv script for this evening. >> ben ginsburg, from our studio off the floor. with two of our friends here in the studio, anxious to partake. >> and they're just in alaska. it's very early in the alphabet. so -- >> this is a television show. it's a live television show that you want to keep on schedule. so, behind the podium, in the caff erns of the stadium there, there are very anxious republican party officials, very anxious officials with the donald trump campaign, staring at that clock right now, deeply worried as we get ready to come
4:55 pm
into the 8:00 hour, whether this program will be scuttled, which is particularly important, as you look at the first night of the convention, which by any definition certainly didn't meet the expectation of moving the ball forward for the campaign. >> eugene robinson has joined us, pulitzer-prize winning columnist from "the washington post." somewhere someone is writing they're acting more like democrats back in the day. >> they really are. this whole year, you could argue that both parties, certainly the republicans acted more like democrats used to. if we could take a minute to reflect on what just happened. donald trump just got nominated for president by the republican party. he took over one of our two major parties and bent it to his will. and he is going to be one of our two major candidates for president of the united states. >> you writers are so reflective. >> well, i mean, really, if you think about where our heads were
4:56 pm
a year ago, to imagine that this would actually happen, that we would be sitting here tonight, talking about trump's nomination, would have just been unthinkable. >> we are about two minutes and a few seconds from the republican party expected to be starting its list of speakers tonight. yesterday, first night of the convention, as steve schmidt mentioned, there were a lot of speakers left to go after the convention hall had petered out and emptied out, and it didn't go well in terms of its timing. tonight we may have a new crisis starting at the beginning of the night, particularly if more states follow alaska's lead. >> we may find out how many songs the band leader knows. we'll take a break. our coverage will continue as the events on the floor continue.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
5:00 pm
>> 5:00 p.m. on the west coast, 8:00 here in the east. this is a live picture of the republican convention in cleveland. it's done and dusted. it's all over. the nominee of the republican party is donald trump. however, we have an event going on, and the meter's running now. they're on company time,


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