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tv   MSNBC - Democratic National Convention  MSNBC  July 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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top of the 8 cloak hour in philadelphia and along the east coast and at the top of our coverage we talked about how some of the early speakers in the afternoon and evening hours were heckled. at least there were demonstra r demonstrators making a lot of noise while they were trying to talk. one of them is the veteran maryland member of congress in the democratic party, elijah
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cummings standing with kelly o'donnell. >> reporter: congressman cummings, you could hear the crowd that was really feisty while you were making your remarks. what does this convention need to do tonight to come together. there seems to be a lot of unresolved energy here. >> i think there are a lot of bernie's people mainly concerned about the tpp. i was responsible for drafting the agenda, the platform. i can tell you that bernie got about 90% of what he wanted. his fingerprints are all over this. bernie also said this is one of the most progressive platforms that he's seen. >> reporter: as a result of how well he did during the primaries, right? >> not only that how well he did during the platform process. i think bernie has to come out here and unequivocally say he supports hillary clinton and i think the first lady has to come out here and talk about why it's so important to be a democrat. one of the things i've emphasized the republican party
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has done every single thing in its power to stop people from vo voting. i'm telling you, when people begin to realize that and talk about it that they are trying to stop folks from voting, that's just to me that's undemocratic and unpatriotic, by the way. >> reporter: you think it's on bernie sand others to get his supporters along? >> he's got to do it. when i was appointed drafting chairman of the platform, bernie called me said i'm so glad you did it and then he called me and said you did a great job. he has to get that to his people. again, these are growing pains. a lot of these folks have never participated in the political process. we will be fine. >> thank you. >> kelly. next to talk to us next is ben jell rou jealous, former head of the
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naacp, a big supporter of bernie sanders. i have to say, having watched your speech, i don't know if they thanked you, the clinton force must have been happy in the full throated endorsement you gave her and in your effort to try to assuage hurt feelings and swing sanders support to her. >> i'm speaking from the place where most of our supporters are. folks realize we have 105 days to keep a madman out of the white house and we have 105 days to hold onto the white house and put somebody in there who has listened to our movement and worked with us to produce the most progressive platform in history, to assure us we will make real progress reducing the influence of superdelegates and even changesed the chair of the party. the reality is we are moving in exactly the direction that senator sanders wants us to move. that's why it gave me great pride to join him in saying,
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yes, let's go do this, let's win this and make sure hillary clinton is the next president of these united states and not donald trump. >> ben, talk about how it feels on the floor. i know you've been deputized, along with the other floor whips for bernie to try to unify the floor whips generally, to get behind this. rachel was saying earlier in our coverage, this feels like a prairie fire bernie sanders has had that has grown larger than bernie sanders has. >> i'm not a floor whip here and i haven't been deputized in any way. i have been walk around and talking to supporters an li listening to people. the majority of folks, you have to understand, this is what a real convention looks like. it may have been a while since we had one of these. you roll the tape on fdr, jfk, this is what a real convention looks like. this is the beginning. conventions are a weird cocoon,
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come in one animal and go out a different one. come in two campaigns that have fought each other and go out one to fight donald trump. this is the beginning of the evening and how people are sh showing up. rest assured we made great progress the recent weeks and the last couple of days and we will make great progressi this week, too. >> hey, ben. it's rachel in new york, talking about the path people have traveled and distance they have gone, you yourself have come some distance since we last talked on friday night. >> apparently you have a powerful wink. >> so tim kaine was just announced as hillary clinton's running mate. i said on the air introducing you, you have not endorsed hillary clinton after having been a prominent endorsement of bernie sanders and you said the clinton campaign hadn't given
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your your -- asked you to endorse them. >> frankly, i wasn't going to endorse until we got everything we wanted in the platform and we succeeded, the most progressive platform we've ever seen and we had to get through rules. and in the midst of that we had the e-mail scandal and i can't endorse until we have leadership change and we got most of what we wanted on the platform in rules and got change in leadership of the dnc and now, it's time to unify. the reality is we have 105 days to keep man i would refer to as a neofascist out of the white house. no joke, his campaign is getting stronger and stronger and time for us to get stronger, too. >> when you said you got a lot of what you needed to get, nobody that was a push over and wasn't asking to be brought along by the clinton folks, you
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said you drove a hard bargain and said you're happy on the platform and rules committee. >> it was never anything in this for me, all for our movement to make sure the demands we were making got met. the reality is senator sanders went out there in advance and endorsed. our revolution, we are a collective of people, some work inside and some work outside, we are focused on making real change in the party and in the country. we needed a platt form th-- plao empower all of us in the country and rules that are more democratic so the next party that runs doesn't have to face the internal obstacles bernie sanders faced. >> former president of naacp and prominent bernie sanders supporter and endorsed with remarkable affection on the floor tonight. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> he really was greeted with
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affects from t aaffects from the floor. nicolle wallace, tried to go there with chuck todd earlier, the cruise right and the sanders left and what they mean and engender from their core par parties. i see the parallel. maybe it's the lighting in here. i knew where you were going and in felt it last week in cleveland. i remember one night you asked me about the chant "lock her up," by next week, something just as jarring will happen in the democratic convention. little did i know 1,000 bernie protesters if you believe the "new york times" walked the streets saying "lock her up" today. the distinction is in the democratic case the man himself has joined forces with hillary clinton, the establishment figure that the movement despises. on the republican side, the person who came in second
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literally took to the stage and did the non-endorsement room which enraged the room but the passion and anger is very similar. i'm not sure what -- i don't accept the steam out of the valve analogy. it reminds me of win your lane and take on trump analogy. what makes them less mad? if there is something the democratic committee doesn't support. >> this is as strid sylva. one of the dreamers. watch. >> when i was four years old, my mother and i climbed into a raft. we crossed the river to join my father in america in search of a better life. all i had was a little doll. i grew up like an ordinary girl. my dad worked as a landscaper and my mom stayed at home with my brother and i. while my friends did ordinary things i couldn't because my parents were afraid someone
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might discover i was undocume undocumented. my family believed so deeply in the promise of this country that we risked everything for the american dream. as an undocumented student, i felt like college was out of reach. but after a journey of 10 years, i finally graduated from nevada state college. [ applause ] >> my family and i are here because of people like senator harry reid. who put themselves in our shoes and helped us. while president obama's immigration action protected me, we live in constant fear that my parents could be taken away from their grandson, noah. so when donald trump talks about deporting 11 million people, he's talking about ripping
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families apart. separating families like mine and like carla's. hillary clinton understands that this is not who we are as a country. i have seen her comfort children like carla who are scared they might lose their parents to deportation. i know she will fight to keep our families together. i know she will. ♪ ♪
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>> hello, philadelphia. you know, my parents grew up in rural puerto rico. they weren't educated, they didn't speak english, but they didn't even have a winter coat. barely out of their teens, they came to the u.s. when i -- and i was born in the great city of chicago. [ applause ] >> my parents were born american citizens but when they moved, along with half a million other puerto ricans in the 1950s, they were greeted with scorn and discrimination. politicians called them criminals! they said my parents were
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dangerous disease and would ruin the country. sound familiar to you tonight? nobody spoke up against the bigotry and hatred my parents endu endured, so you better believe i'm using my voice against the discrimination we hear today. i will raise my voice against the bigot who thinks a judge born in indiana can't do is job because his parents were born in mexico. i'll raise my voice against a bully who calls hard working immigrants criminals and rapis rapists! someone who promises to round up and deport families, millions of families and then put up a wall between them and us. you will join me in that fight and so has hillary clinton!
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she stands with us so americans remain an america remains a welcoming nation. we don't discriminate because of what you look like, who you love, how you pray, what language your parents speak or where you were born. but let's be clear. my parents, when they came from puerto rico, weren't the only ones to confront discrimination. every generation of newcomers, who ever and wherever they come from, latin america, europe, africa, asia, the middle east, they're met with skepticism and suspicion. but every generation proves the skip picks wrong. immigrants contribute to our communities and make america a great nation.
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immigrants died defending our democracy! and you know what? they give our founding principles meaning in our time. every time immigrants are labeled as them but over time they become part of us, we the people. about 11 million undocumented immigrants live, work, pay taxes and raise their families in the united states of america. a lot of their families include u.s. citizens just like me. but, listen, no matter wha your family tree looks like, a fair immigration system is better for all of america. no matter what others say, it is simply a fantasy that we're
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going to round up and deport 11 million people. it's a sick hateful fantasy. but let me tell you what gives me hope in her heart hillary clinton's dream for america is one where immigrants are allowed to come out of the shadows, get right with the law, pay their taxes and not feel fear that their families are going to be ripped apart! when hillary clinton steps to this podium to accept the nomination, we'll all take a giant step forward. the broad and diverse america that fights for an inclusive and fair nation, our union of black and brown, white and african and asian people who love the earth and know that climate change is real and value education.
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we will all step up to that podium with her. listen, we continue the work of our heroes, like john lewis and delores, dr. martin luther king! and martyrs who allow me to have the ability to speak from this podium. we fight for equal rights and workers rights. we believe women deserve equal pay for equal work in this country. and we will not stand identically by because we believe that congress has to keep its hands off planned parenthood! we believe that people should be able to love who they love and marry who they want to marry in
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the united states of america! and we believe that when you send your children to school, young people are having fun at a nightclub, or you walk a beat as a police officer, or you walk down the street in your neighborhood in chicago, you shouldn't fear being shot. we will take on the nra, as hillary with presidency of the united states! yes, we believe in a country where this son of uneducated parents, born in puerto rico, can speak to this nation on this podium in the city where the united states of america was born.
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[ speaking spanish ] >> with hillary, our nation will be greater, better and stronger. [ speaking spanish ] >> democratic congressman luis gutierrez from illinois, the only hispanic member of the illinois delegation. a break for us back to the convention floor right after this.
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our mission at clover is to create the best tasting, highest quality dairy products. clover has relationships with 27 different family farms. the environment is who clover is. without it, we're nothing. pg&e's been a great partner. they're the energy experts, we're the milk guys. pg&e worked with clover on a number of energy efficiency projects to save energy every month. if you're part of the fabric of the community, you've got to ensure that you do things right, environment included. learn how you can save at together, we're building a better california. bland we are back. traffic and weather together. this is independence hall. the wave of thunderstorms has passed bringing the humidity in
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philadelphia down to a comfortable 99%. the heat index today was 108. chris matthews is inside the climate controlled wells fargo arena with nancy pelosi. chris. >> brian, when you covered philadelphia, remember the word for 100 degree humidity, sticky! sticky! i'm here with the leader of the house, of the democrats, nancy pelosi. you are very good at unifying people. i've seen you get to 218. you're a tough leader. how does hillary clinton rally this group and this country on the democratic site to unity? >> when people ask me how i bring my caucus together, i say, i don't. we're unified by our values. that is exactly what hillary clinton will do, by our values. we're an economy that works for everyone, not just the
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privileged few. respect for women's rights and lbgt rights and respect for immigrants and what that does for our country and what immigration does for our country. a calling for common sense gun safety measures and the list goes on and on about what unites us. >> the bernie people, just to gener generalize, i saw a guy in the hotel yelling out bernie or trump. they're very angry. i don't know if they mean it or not but they're angry and seem to be angry because they say bernie was not treated well by the democratic party. did he get fair shake? >> first, i wouldn't generalize about all the bernie people. a number of them here understand the success they had with the platform and rules committee and change in leadership at the dnc and bernie's role here at the convention. in terms of how the has been treated at this point, they should have no complaint and
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many of them are declaring victory in that regard. in terms of how the dnc may have treated him along the way, they may have a legitimate complaint. griping about that is a luxury our country cannot afford when we have such a drastic difference between democrats and republicans, which mean hillary clinton and donald trump. >> let's take the issue of -- if you look at the signage here, a lot of it is anti-tpp. big lines through tpp. >> that's interesting because donald trump's anti-tpp, hillary clinton is against it now. she was, i think, for it. tim kaine is for it and mike pence is for it. how do you vote anti-tpp or should you? >> well, you vote anti-tpp, among other things. we're talking about recognizing we belong in a global economy, we just don't think tpp starts by meeting the needs of working
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families, bigger paychecks, better jobs. we can find a path to that. the democrats and the congress have been overwhelmingly against tpp in its current form. the republicans have been overwhelmingly for it. so that's where that action will happen. >> let's talking about the democratic platform, i know you know it. there are so many big progressive elements to it. $15. can you get that through to congress? >> i think we can, yes. i think the worked of it, which both sides agree to is $15 an hour phased in. >> phased in. >> what about basically public college tuition so you don't have a debt when you go to college when you get out of a state university or college? is that doable and what would pay for that? >> when we had the majority, we passed legislation that reduced the cost of college loans. it expired in five years and the
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republicans weren't interested in doing it. i do think hillary's plan is a good one. if you make over a certain amount of money or make under a certain amount of money, 125, 0 $125,000 a year, you will be tuition-free in public instituti institutions. there's a path to get this done. by the way, nothing brings more money to the treasury than investing in education. if you want to reduce the deficit, help pay for education. >> here's hard one we've been debating since high school. capitol punishment. can the federal government, call punishme punishment, can the president and government ban capital punishment, is that doable? >> yes. i've always been against it, as you can imagine. easy for me coming from california and san francisco. we have it on the ballot in california this year. i think by and large the country is understanding it's just not
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fair that there's not equality of representation, we don't have assurances this person actually committed the crime, it costs more money to the taxpayer, review and keeping people in prison over time until one of these days finally they might be executed. it's cruel and unusual punishment on a values basis, it should be eliminated. but it also does not save the taxpayer any money. >> one last curiosity. i watched the republican convention, we covered it. i heard donald trump twice come after the rights of the lbgtq community. he is so sophisticated on that issue, did you believe him? >> read their platform. read their platform, you will see they have conversion therapy. imagine in this day and age in their platform, conversion therapy to change peoples views.
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i don't know how sophisticated he is. he said something in his speech. but i will say this. if you are lbgt, there are lots of other letters that go after that now, but let's keep it at lgbt for the moment, you have a lot to lose with the republicans in congress and with donald trump elected as president. if you're a woman, senior, immigrant, if you're a muslim, you have a lot to lose in this election. >> thank you. leader, nancy pelosi. leader means more than a title. you're a leader. >> thank you. i appreciate that. >> you're a veteran collecting votes for tip o'neill, i think. i won't repeat it. >> i'll say it once. >> i won't tell anybody you said it. >> okay. thank you, nancy pelosi. thank you. >> former tip o'neill employee, chris matthews the current democratic leader in the house, quick thanks, when we come back a discussion about the wikileaks
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story as it continues to play out tonight.
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three cybersecurity experts told us the dnc e-mails were hacked by russian intelligence. what do you say? >> there's no proof of that whatsoever. we have not disclosed our source. this is a diversion being pushed by the hillary clinton campaign. >> our foreign correspondent,
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richard engel talking on a satellite monitor with julian assange, the founder of wikileaks. wikileaks dominated the news cycle during the run up to this convention with an enormous document dump, tens of thousands democratic committee e-mails they came to possess. it has already cost the chair of the democratic national committee her job. richard engel is with us from here in new york to start our conversation on this topic. richard, what else did julian assange say about how they came into possession of these? >> he was very secretive, i would say, about the source, it is understandable, a group called wikileaks, the whole idea of having a source that leak s docume documents, you protect those who supply you with information. he did say the allegations these
5:35 pm
came from russia. we have spoken with several security experts who say they have no doubt that the e-mails were stolen by russian government agents and then given over to wikileaks. mr. assange said there's some confusion about that and said they're talking about an older batch of e-mails and no particular evidence these e-mails leaked right now were taken by the russian security agents. then, in the course of our discussion, he said, look, the democratic national committee's servers and democratic party's e-mails in general are so transparent and said the republicans were as well, russian agencies and others can effectively help themselves at will. and have been helping themselves at will and suggested just because the russians have taken in the past doesn't mean and
5:36 pm
translate necessarily that this latest bunch is also the work of the russian intelligence. now, his critics will say that is not true, this is wikileaks attempt to divert responsibility, that wikileaks doesn't want to look like it was used or manipulated by the russian security apparatus and those experts say that they have fingerprints from these -- digital fingerprints that were left on these hacked events. >> i was going to ask you, richard, the web experts, i heard someone say today the code written to break in was done so on local russian time. what are the reasons they give as to why they suspect russia? >> it has to do with the trade craft. it has to do with the kinds of malware that were used to steal these e-mail and the ip address associated with them. that's one argument. the most technical argument, if
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you will, is the kind of code was russian code and the kind of code russian agencies have used in the past, in particular used to hack other government agency like the german parliament, one of the xls it ciexamples it cit technical argument. russia has motive and wants and expressed its desire to favor donald trump and that russia is engaged in -- according to these argume arguments, the same kind of cold war style politics where you use the tools you have to manipulate your adversaries, the same kind of cold war politics the united states did in many countries for many years but only updated to the modern and digital error. then the third issue, the claim of responsibility. there is a claim that these e-mails were hacked by a
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mysterious online hacker. the security experts say when you dig into this hacker, you will see he is not a real person but a digital creation, an amalgam created by russian intelligence to cover their tracks. >> richard engel in new york. thanks for that setup. let's bring in the former u.s. ambassador to russia, michael mcfall. ambassador, i suspect if this plot were presented to netflix as a pitch, it would be rejected for implausibility. the russian government, perhaps, at the orders of the russian president, thinking they're going to get a great deal doing the bidding of a candidate for president of the united states. what is your experience with the russi russians, specifically this issue, and do you believe it? do you find it plausible? >> let's unpack this, brian. first of all, the russians have
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tremendous capability to steal e-mails intelligence on the internet from americans organizations and around the world. nobody disagrees with that. second, i think all the experts, including the company that investigated this for the rnc, have concluded, rather definiti definitively, that the russian agency, two of them in fact, were the ones that hacked the dnc e-mails. that's not disputable either. the one piece there's uncertainty about is who gave the e-mails to wikileaks. obviously, wikileaks released them at a very strategic time. that's the one piece we don't know. i look at this as circumstantial evidence that seems pretty overwhe overwhelming. mr. assange said it wasn't them. there's a real easy way to dispute or refute that. mr. assange should just tell us where he got the information from. >> mr. ambassador, rachel maddow in new york. nice to see you. on the issue of plausibility,
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getting out what richard was describing as the russian motive here. the thing that seems like an over the top spy movie here is that the russian government would seek to release internal e-mails from the democratic party that would drive dissension within the democratic ranks and embarrass the democratic nominee on the eve of her convention and hurt the democratic party relationships with its donors and in the end benefit donald trump on this election. that is the plot presented to us by the circumstances we're aware of. is that the way that the russian government strategically thinks? do they think they can manipulate the results of an american presidential election by doing these kinds of things? >> it's good we're separating means and motive, right? we all agree they have the means to do this if they so choose. i don't think there's any argument. on motive i say two things. one is it's crystal clear to me as somebody who watches a lot
5:41 pm
more russian statements on television than probably you all do, the russians would prefer to deal with donald trump on policy terms. he's called for a rethinking of nato. that's music to putin's ears. he called for stop talking about democracy and human rights. that's what the russians agree. that's clear to me for sure. what's not clear to me is that they would think doing this data dump would somehow help donald trump. i mean, that's the part we have to speculate about. would they rather have donald trump? absolutely. one last thing. putin has a personal vendetta against secretary clinton for alleg allegedly, in his view, interfering and medaling in his election in 2011, 2012. she came out and criticized the parliamentary election. he called that a signal to russian protesters to go out and protest against him. maybe this is payback. >> fascinating.
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>> ambassador, michael mcfall, from montana, has served in moscow but now has the great privilege of being at stanford in california. ambassador, thank you very much for being with us. another break for our coverage right after this.
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we're into frame on night
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one -- we're into primetime on night one of the democratic national convention awaiting for speeches of cory booker, ava longoria speaking, a lot of folks ahead, democrats getting in their soap opera stars to compete with the soap opera s r stars last week so all is fair between the two parties. joining us is democratic senator claire mccaskill. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> are you moved at all by the demonstrations that we saw, the boo'ing, the shouting, the chanting we saw from the floor of the convention that was negative to hillary clinton and tim kaine today, those demonstrations we saw earlier today from bernie sanders suppo supporters? >> i think everybody needs to remember, this is a large group of delegates that are passionate about the issues and their
5:47 pm
candidates. for many of them, this is the first time they've ever been involved in any kind of organized political activity. i think it would be naive to think they would come here and sit on their hands. of course, they will come here and let their voices be heard. i don't have a problem with that as long as by the time bernie sanders speaking tonight and on into the week there is a sense that they understand completely we all have to be together because of the dangerous possibility of donald trump as president of the united states. >> there is a prospect that what you just said there might not happen. the reason i say that is because bernie sanders himself got ro d roundly boo'd and heckled and jeered by a room full of his own supporters today. he's seen as leading this faction or at least he was seen leading this faction. there is some sense it does feel out of his control. there is a little reporting today his camp contacted the
5:48 pm
clinton camp with a lot of worries they can't control what his folks are going to do. if they're not comforted by what he tells them tonight, if there will be people boo'ing hillary clinton's name all week, what then? >> i've been here most of the evening. i will tell you it is not like it was at the beginning already. you already are getting a sense that some of that is kind of getting out of the system of many of the bernie supporters. i'm hopeful that's not the case. the thing i think is insulting to the bernie supporters is this notion that donald trump is going to somehow appeal to them. these are smart people, they know better. they may not think that hillary clinton is perfect but they know donald trump is bad news. so i really am very optimistic. this will be an optimistic convention and positive. i'm optimistic before the week is over. there will be a few outliers and always will be.
5:49 pm
i think the vast majority of delegates will be cheering when the balloons drop thursday. senator, you're on the armed services committee, security, i have to ask you what we make as the profit an over the top spy movie in which it appears russian government hackers and intelligence hackers have hacked into and obtained democratic party documents and leaked them on the eve of the start of the democratic national convention and ensuing controversy not only embarrassed the party and stoked division and aggravated the campaign and cost the chair her job already and alienated and insulted democratic donors and appears to be of russian authorship. what's your reaction to that? >> i think solid reporting and factually based, there is no question russia did this. this is a country that has no
5:50 pm
problems helping their athletes dope in order to win olympic medals. i don't put this past them and confident, based on what i read that they did this. i'm also confident they want donald trump to be president. it is outrageous a candidate for president would actually say out loud we might consider not supporting our allies in europe. that's music to putin's ears. that's what he wants to hear, he can be aggressive and go back into countries like astonia and georgia and other countries that used to be part of the soviet union and try to reclaim these territorie territories. if he thinks donald trump wan be his partner in that, i do believe to his help donald trump. it makes sense, if you look at all the facts. >> senator mccaskill, have a great convention. >> thanks. >> bringing folks up to speed on the democratic convention,
5:51 pm
christian gillibrand, the other senator from new york as she is so often described because when you share a delegation with chuck schumer of new york, you are often called the other senator of new york. she is talking to this convention. after senator gillibrand is al franken who owns the distinction to be the only member of the u.s. senate to have been a cast member of saturday day night live. >> i don't know exactly what he will say but i wouldn't be surprised if he gets funny tonight. >> he could employ use of comedy. we're waiting for him to come out, which should herald the arrival of the lighter portion of the evening, as we heads to a around 10:00 p.m. eastern time, we will get into the big three, first lady, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. here is senator al franken of
5:52 pm
minnesota. >> hi, everybody. hi. save it for the end. i'm al franken. i'm al franken, minnesota n. senator and world renowned expert on right wing meg go mani maniacs. rush limbaugh, bill o'reilly and now donald trump. now, a little about my qualificati qualifications. i got my doctorate in
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megalomania studies from trump university. sure, i had to empty out my 14-kar 401(k) and take a reverse mortgage on my house to pay tuition, but mr. trump -- or rather some people who said they once met him -- convinced me it was worth it. fra frankly, as a proud alum of trump u, i think we may be underestimating donald trump. sure, he's scammed a lot of people. but did you know that trump university school of ripping people off is ranked second in the nation? right behind bernie madoff university. that is no mean feat.
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trump university is about more than just bilking people, although, trust me, you will get bi bilked, it's also about learning directly from success experts, like scott baio -- mike tyson, and, of course, a life sized cardboard cutout of mr. trump himself. now, of course, trump university wouldn't be trump university without its business school. their bankruptcy program in particular is known throughout the real estate investment community for its creativity. the most popular course, bankruptcy 101, how to leave your partners holding the bag. is taught by the cardboard cutout itself.
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the pride of trump university, of course, is his library, located on a shelf in the closet of the third floor of trump tower. all of mr. trump's best sellers are available for sale at a special rate. for students, which is 10% higher than the retail price. clearly, donald trump's enormous, dear i say, huge success, as a businessman qualifies him to be president. and if you believe that, i've got some delicious trump steaks to sell you. in all seriousness, i think rather than voting for someone who's never done anything for any other than himself, maybe we
5:56 pm
should go with a candidate who spent her entire life working to get important things done for the american people. [ applause ] >> i've known hillary -- i've known hillary for almost a quarter century. i never met any smarter, tougher or more ready to lead us forward. i am proud to call hillary clinton my friend and in can't wait to call her madam president. now, we're going to have -- we're going to have a lot of fun this week.
5:57 pm
we're going to have a lot of fun this week. but when we wake up friday morning, there will be just 102 days left until the election. what you, yes, all of you do in those 102 days could determine who wins. i mean that literally. i won my first race for the senate by 312 votes! there's my minnesota delegation. there are people up there who contacted more than 312 people themselves and literally, i would not be here. the reason i am, they are each of them individually the reason i am giving this speech here and not into my bathroom mirror.
5:58 pm
my friend, my friend, pal we paul wellstone -- [ applause ] >> my friend, my friend, paul we wellstone used to say the future belongs to those who are passionate and work hard. this week is about passion. starting friday morning, it's all about work, hard work. now, many of you have jobs. many of you have families. ignore them. let me tell you something. kids love it when their parents
5:59 pm
aren't home. they love it. let me tell you something else. an 8-year-old kid knows how to use a microwave oven. let me tell you something else. and 8-year-old kid can teach a 4-year-old kid to use a microwave oven. it's just scientific fact. don't worry about your kids, they'll be fine. you have work to do. get on those phones, knock on those doors and tell them al franken sent you. thank you! [ applause ] >> senator franken of minnesota. you all have job, you all have families, ignore them. >> he doesn't do comedy all that often since he became a senator, he does not wheel out that side of his personality very often anymore. the other senator of minnesota,
6:00 pm
the junior senator. >> chris matthews has a special guest with him off the floor. chris. >> thank you, brian. the music has picked up here. i have the campaign manager for hillary clinton. let's talk turkey. how are you going to use bernie sanders in your general election, first part of the question. second part, will you meet his demand for an airplane? his own airplane. will you give him that? jessie was here tonight and always got an airplane. >> i know for a fact bernie sanders is willing to ride coach wherever he goes. >> you're not giving him a plane? >> that's silly. >> it is? >> i'm sure he's willing -- >> wry does he want one? >> that was a memo from a long time ago. i don't know about that. what i do know is he will be tremendously helpful to us moving forward and won big in states like maine and oth


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