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tv   MSNBC - Democratic National Convention  MSNBC  July 26, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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now on behalf of the millions seeked to determine a future and justice for all and dedicated to a government of the people, by the people and forthe people, i am truly honored to nominate bernie sanders for the president of the united states. >> there you heard it.
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the people have heard that it's 129 years since the personal public. of course steve is still here and i'm sorry you wanted to say good-bye and elected. >> you can go to me if you want. it's the deputy campaign and then i guess a little bit of drama and how sanders went over the top. it's much to do about nothing. >> well, and there's a question and some of the delegations and in michelle obama's thing and in california and how are they going and it's the history and
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within the next hour and it's the first woman since 1972 and then a normally nominated convention and then obviously going for the big moment in 84. and then it's the announcement. >> we should not forget that this is happening and then the nomination and then it's with the great chance of becoming the first woman nominee. >> there's the ability of that. >> yeah, so what and it's about time and a lot of woman in my wife are a generation older.
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>> it's long and a hard road. >> it's normal and then this is the way that it should be. that's historic. >> when it's no longer with the moment. >> obviously there's a nominator and bernie sanders. >> it's a bernie sanders delegation and one of the few members of the congress to get out there ahead for bernie sanders and then it's the campaign trail and then residing and then the vice chair of the d dnc. it's the focus and then how real
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is this from and being pushed. we try to see if it's simply a minority and it's going to be something to resinate and then you can tell just from this that the crowd is and so many people are and then there's about 60 percent of the survey and only a little bit said that they wanted to get out there and protest clinton. >> thank you casey. it's joking and then the sanders nomination and this crowd goes up and it's bernie sanders. >> yeah it's the most interesting thing walking around the hall and clinton delegates
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and how many of these have you been to before. two, three or five. i have been here several times and i found like two or three. >> it's the senator sanders and this morning and then they're going believe -- >> it's the supporters.
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then he got cheered and cannot say that sanders is not trying. it's just a process. >> yep. >> it's the proposal and then the sanders supporters. >> we're in the middle of that right now and then there's definitely more going up and
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then benny sanders signs and then as the speech goes on here and then what interest me and this is the back where it's very vocal. it's a lot of the cheering today and there's one person and they were saying that bernie sanders supporters is have said that it looked bigger than before and in the delegation and it's not hillary and not trump. that's the sense here from the bernie and it's a content and
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it's what happens for them. >> thank you. >> let's listen to nelson that's dell livering the second session of the speech here. >> this continues and we will never stop working for a future we believe in. we will never stop fighting and we will never forget the man that leaves that leads us and so with pride and then it's the
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future that we all build together. i stand before you for the purpose of the nomination and it's the friend and hero and it's senator bernie sanders. >> and it's today and i have been -- >> it's the location and the
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correction there and not with the delegation & it's the die hards and they want to be on the 4:00 cable. >> yeah, it's remembering in 2008 -- it's hillary kwlin ton and then the speech is being
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delivered by barbara and the longest serving woman in the u.s. senate in american history. she is retiring this cycle. this is a big historic moment for her as well. >> fellow americans, our nation was born here in philadelphia and 240 years ago and our founding fathers gave us a great start, but it was the founding mothers that said do not forget the ladies for we will ferment our own resolution.
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yes, we do break the barriers and then the first academic woman and it's with a full heart that they nominate hillary clinton for the first woman president of the united states of america. many of you have broken and you were the first to go to college. you were the first to start a business. maybe the first to be a citizen. it was the others and i would not have the barriers and the
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opportunities. and you can count on them and her and we're going to have skpaes the long range needs of the country and fight for the macro and the macaroni-n-cheese issu issues. we will have a really good future. yes, it's about a new job and
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solar energy and you're going to bite off the community and bight off the life ask she wants the light in you to shrine. she is a leader and behalf of all of the woman who have broken down barriers and the eye and i nominate hillary clinton's name for united states president. >> there you have it. the longest serving woman in the history of the united states senate and placing clinton's name in the nomination and i
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want to bring and then it's the delegate. >> pretty good energy chuck. >> amazing energy and you know what, i'm going to get you after this and -- >> my beloved democrats they're forces and they want to take us backwards and they want to undue 50 years of process that this nation has made and we have come to far and we have made too much
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progress and we are not going back and we're going to go forward. and we will never vote -- now eight years ago our party and the democratic party nominated and elected first person of color and ever serve and i'm here not for one term but two terms. tonight and tonight on this night we will see it again. we are the party of tomorrow and
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we will build a true dema'am harrah si and america. now i have known clinton for many years. she is one of the most qualified candidates to ever run for president. she is a leader. sometimes standing against the wind to break down barriers that divide us. she is smart just smart. she could have done anything with her life, but she decided long ago but she wanted this. she wanted to do good so she has
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dedicated her life and building up a better america for all of the people and no one will be left out or behind. so tonight as our mothers are trying to make ends meet, and our fathers who have not seen a pay increase in years, on behalf of the students trying to with debt or and they protected for immigration rights and then in america they had to be the victims of gun violence, i give your leader who can unite us as a nation and a leader that's going to break down the barriers and build a better future for
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every american. she will fight for us all. my fellow e democrats i am pleased to nominate hillary clinton for the party of the united states of america. >> that was john lewis civil rights icon and then seconding the nomination of hillary clinton. i will introduce warn er you hea heard. >> yeah, that's the next seconding speech here just explain and that's the hiss or
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the im. >> she is -- >> talk about that in 1984-86. >> she has been a relentless and lead to work inside and outside. i have never met anybody in politics that has a quicker way and a better term of phrase than barbara and one that you don't want to get on the wrong side. >> you don't want to get it. you know what is interesting today and then in the publications we know that bill clinton and then it's the one that's nominated and then to nominate clinton and then there's now one in four and 72 percent in 1912 was mike and with 90 percent of the voters.
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>> something like same-sex marriage and then now it's 68 percent. it's a change in the country. >> you came into elected office and then winning. >> it is. we have seen and then back in 2001 had five statewide elections and zero democrats and then we have five and then barack obama carried the state twice and then they're going to carry -- is this a blue state? >> i'm not going to find that out. >> it's never easy to win, but you have to put the coalitions together. i think that's what the democratic party is when it's best and going forward to the future and then last week we heard the great look back to the
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mystical girl days and then a frankly a convention that i have never seen and then it's brought that much fear. the fear and the personal optimism. >> it's interesting and you when you were governor and tim king when he followed you and you guys were considered the business democrats. can you be a pro business democrat and no longer be trained? >> well, i think that you can be a pro growth democrat. >> you're a tpp guy. >> yeah, i am a tpp guy but he got the knowledge back from the knowledge and 2016, we have not done enough for the communities and hurt by trade. >> have we made bad deals? what have we done? >> well, what happens is that just it's the benefits of the trade and then the areas. you can show all of the stats that you want and when you lose the factor or the furniture and
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often times that it may have stopped in mexico on the way and then advocates of trade need to say that if you believe that the t approximate tpp has to add, they have to do more of the four and a half billion dollars that's left behind. they have to identify the leader of the trade and say that you need to locate the chain and some of the communities are left behind. >> yeah, you guys are there and make the thing really quick. why is tim kaine the best? >> well, the best values of anybody that i know and chuck, that's going to go to the republicans seeing and that's a bad word about him, and they could not find a word about him so say that even if they disagree with the policies, they say that he is a goodman. >> okay. senator warren, i know that you want go go back with the roll
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call. that's coming up. >> let's check on the floor with kristen and the california delegation. what was it like during the clinton speech? >> reporter: well, there's cheers and i am joined by row land who is a california delegate and she does not plan to vote for hillary clinton. why is that? you heard sanders say that you should vote for her? >> i feel that i have to vote my conscience, and there's nothing about the platform or her positions that are concurregrue. >> reporter: does that mean that you're going to vote for trump? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: some democrats say that if you're not voting for kplin t clinton, it's a vote for trump.
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what do you think of that? >> very quickly why was the first lady able to persuade you? >> because i made my decision about her a long time ago. >> there was nothing that's said to change that. >> reporter: thank you for that perspective and that's the name chuck unity. that's what the democrats are fighting for. they have not got everyone on board, chuck. >> thank you very much. we're going to go to the podium and the official start of the role call. >> how do you cast your votes? [ inaudible ] >> we have champions for equal
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pay and we cast proudly 50 champion votes for secretary hillary clinton and we cast nine votes for senator bernie sanders. >> so here is how the roll call is going to go. we will keep track of the numbers. they will not be keeping track of the numbers inside of the hall, so they won't know when clinton goes over the top. we will show you the numbers when they're on the screen, and we're going and knowing that vermont is a big deal. some states will pass and there's a moment and we will assume that it's with vermont. you just heard alabama there and alabama steve is a reminder and part of the reason why hillary clinton is winning here is because of how she dominated the south. >> overwhelming reason.
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i said that the moment that i was confident that the sanders movement was not going to be enough was when we got the return from south carolina. we knew that we could win the caucus states. south carolina where she got 76 percent of the vote on that saturday night and talking 90 percent of the folks and that answered it and she was not going to get it. >> okay. now to senator chuck. >> hi, chuck, we're here with senator chuck that said that he spoke to sanders two or three times today. characterize it and what's the back and forth like? >> well, bernie is the leader of the movement. he understands that he has improved things dramatically for our party and for our country by focussing on the middle class and then he knows now that he has a job to do to lead us all together in a unified way and he
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is going to do a great job. >> has he lost control of the movement? >> no. you will find a few outline ers and the overwhelming majority of people and 95 percent i believe will vote for hillary and 75 percent will work for hillary and they know the difference in the candidates and bernie laid it out last night. he did his speech from his heart. he knew that he created some real plovmmovement. he knows that we have to work together and we're going to see a lot more of it in the days to come. >> would you like to see sanders on the floor? >> well, i think that he has a lot of people that are loyal to him and what he stands for. it's a constructive force and continuing to lead the movement and leading us to unity as well. >> your fellow new yorker is a small plat and saying that he may be able to come out of retirement if junior ran for the
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major of new york. what do you say? >> let's win the presidency first. back to you chuck. >> i love it. it's interesting to hear chuck talk so confidently about sanders. by the way they went to the same high school and they have that in common. chuck is going to be the next leader in the democrats and what leader sanders can be leader of. >> there's dependent -- and there's a movement and exactly how that works.
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>> if that's the president clinton and then sand ers and elizabeth warren. >> that's going on and to announce the final role call and that's running for the role call and here is arkansas and this is going to clinton and then the home state. >> secretary i am from arkansas where we first learned to believe in a place called hope. where we are equally as proud to be the home of american poe wit
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and civil rights leader and baits and arkansas where the mother and the lady clinton lead the fight for the access of preeducation long before it was poplar and where she lead the fight for the legal aid services before it was poplar and lead the effort to establish a children's hospital before it was poplar and fought for the mothers, sisters and daughters before it was poplar. ark where we are again filled with hope for the children and grandchildren including my five grand daughters because we know that this is truly a nation that should be equal. madam secretary, arkansas casts ten votes for bernie sanders and who know joins us in unity of joining clinton because he
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understands what is at sake, and now arkansas casts 27 votes for the next president of the united states hillary clinton. >> we heard from arkansas and about to hear from brown and bernie sanders and elizabeth warren or mitch mcconnell. who going to be a bigger thorn in the side? >> well, i do think that bernie returns to the senate with a newfound power. >> yeah. >> we will see how he uses that power. >> and the $15 minimum wage casts for bernie sanders 221
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votes. and for clinton of the next president of the united states 330 votes. >> this is a moment. >> yeah, we have that around and we're looking at the sanders delegates this week and they were taping the mouth shut and being silent. the last time that they did that, they were jerry brown delegates at jerry's convention in 1992 and jerry brown left the convention refusing to endorse clinton and never endorsed him in 92 or 96. talked about him as a failed president by the end of the 90s and then as we has done rein vented himself in the 2000 and
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has become an allie of bill and hillary clinton. >> well, allie is it's never been an tuesdhappy about this. >> yeah, there's not many candidates for the congress or governor of the united states and trying to get the face time during the role call. >> yeah, he is near colorado but also is there a buzz that's they're going to be playing a larger role than normal here? >> well, i think that it's fair to say. as a matter of fact senator sanders is no longer and the secrete service came and swept them out of the vermont delegation. we're closer to the maryland delegation and we anticipate sanders to be coming through here any moment now. will he make a moment to suspend
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ask the rules and nominate clinton for the nominee and just like she did for the senator of obama. you can see the security guards that are in this area and security is very tight. we anticipate that if sanders is going to come through and that looks like it, he will be passing through this area here. >> i want to say thank you and then for 1992 and 1992 and 2004 and 12, the same state officially put the democratic nominee over the top. give it a shot. it's a swing state. >> ohio. >> they have done it four times of the last six times ohio has
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gotten the privilege and new york in 08 and florida in 2000. susan, vermont is out here next. >> now, that's a sign of nervousness and then we're going to unite the party. >> yeah, that's right. the only other time that a swing state was not used as a prop for over the top moment is when they last had a unity she with clinton. zl this struck me at the time and then the noncome at the time pif put him over the top and who had the differ to new york at the convention do that? the vote got to pennsylvania and pennsylvania the state trump thinks that he can flip could have put him over the top. instead, trump has made him refer to new york and the blue state. >> stephanie, take us behind the
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scenes. i find it funny and it's important because if you don't let that state do it, they won't vote for you in november. does it matter? what does it mean? >> yeah, this is the party faithful and the and it's about who is working for you and it does not matter having ohio and vermont over the turn out. >> yeah, it's symbolic to have vermont put him over the top today because it gives vermont some ownership and the demonstration of it in the process and that's important. >> by the way i have a little correction here and it was not thomas jefferson by james madison high where chuck schumer and where they all went to high school. >> and ruth vader. >> yeah, it's a public high school. >> yeah, they did not have that.
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>> yeah, i don't mind that and any way they build on and that's funny how the stuff matters. we think it matters a little bit and we're caught up in it. >> if it's a one percent race in every state, maybe you want the nudge and maybe not vermont and you can count on. maybe you want the nudge in virk virk or ohio. probably not, but we have seen such close contest and who does not remember 2000. >> i want to go to bill clinton tonight because it's a speech that he's never given before. i am guessing that he will probably admit and say this later and it's true and the hardest speech in his life and advocating for her is a struggle for time. stephanie, on and off with the relations with him. why is it always difficult for him to successfully sell hillary? >> well, i did work for him for two terms in the clinton administration and i don't think that it's hard for him to
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advocate for her but being a second spouse is not a role that he is a -- he is a former president of the united states. that comes with certain things that you're used to in terms of what you talk about and who you advocate for. i think that odoing that for hi wife he has been impactful and successful in doing. >> they have used him selectively. he has not been a president as he was in 08. >> yeah, he was not a problem like he was in 08. he did not establish himself and his presidency is a little bit closer to the wounds and then the skanlds were a bit fresher than they were now. it matters less and continues to be an asset with the voters but not a problem as he was. >> steve, i am here and he acknowledges and does not -- is not in touch with the modern electric and modern tools. he does not get in the back seat
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and drive. >> the clinton campaign is happy about. i think that he has been in a spot a little bit like this before in 2000 when al gore was elected and he was the outgoing president and itching to play a role in the campaign and the people are so torn on what is good. the other thing with clinton that i'm curious about is that we saw this and you talked about not being in touch with the politics but the few times that he was out this year, some of the younger crowds got under his skin. crowds can get under clinton's skin. will they get under sanders skin, and how will he react? >> it's odd to me and it maybe the first time since 92 that he is not the most poplar democrat in the party. he will not own -- surprising. it is. it's more barack obama's party. >> yeah. i think that president clinton has acknowledged that.
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his full throated speech in 2012 we know how impactful that was. he owned the room when he gave that speech and endorsing and advocating for president obama. >> maybe the most important speech that he gave since the vote. >> yeah, i was on the campaign for us, and it was incredibly important for us. he remains poplar in the party. i think that he is a big asset for her in the election. it was commented on the previously one and i do want to say it one more time and it's remarkable that every major democratic elected official is here and -- >> wants to be here? >> and wants to be here and supporting clinton. this party is unified. >> well, it's getting there. i know that you want to say that. it's getting there. >> it will be. >> we thought that the delegates were not going to be unified but they will in the end. more so than we thought.
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>> they still ted cruz is not endorsing him. there's some -- >> definitely definitely there. >> we just saw that bernie sanders left the box and he is on the way to vermont delegation. let's listen to florida. i am from florida, and i'm controlling the audio right now. >> the state that went blue for president obama and is going go blue for hillary clinton and i proudly cast 72 votes for senator bernie sanders & 163 votes for the first woman president of the united states of america hillary clinton. >> steve, it's interesting to hear the big states. we had colorado and california.
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he won one state in the top ten and that was michigan. looks like it was an outline. >> yeah, looking ahead to the general election and i am watch two things happen with the map right now and one is that the traditionally red states that we talked about the demographics and then changing in nevada and new mexico looks like they're slipping away from trump. >> nevada is the only one that i would not put in there yet. he is holding up strong. you're right and it looks like -- >> yeah the flip side is that they're demonstrating with the educator and white voters is opening up in pennsylvania and ohio. maybe in iowa and when i put the combinations together if trump makes it and gets ohio and pennsylvania, he has still got to pick off florida. >> the thing with florida is that i cannot tell you -- i don't know of legitment polling that's had the race less than
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five points with five or more. >> yeah, it's a swing state and maybe less of the time because of hispanic voters. some of them are apalled by donald trump's language. this maybe the cost of the build the wall. >> yeah, and if you know florida there it's an inside trait of an inside straight. >> it's a royal -- >> let's go down to kelly o don nel and she is on the floor with the former governor of new jersey. >> reporter: hi everybody. we're up here and it's hard to hear. governor i know that you have your daughter with you tonight. this is a night that the party is trying to come together. do you think that the roll call of states is a unifying factor?
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>> yeah, it is. you hear from both camps and the sense of respect and sense of enthusiasm. from my 14-year-old daughter, this is the most exciting thing in her life right now. i think that this is for all daughters, mothers, sisters and wives there's something special happening right now in the room. i think that people are marching around. primaries are healthy and you have a closer examination of the issues. now i think that you saw a you healing and coming together that you did not see in the republican convention. >> you being from new jersey have been in the or bits of clintons and donald trump. when you look at the match up for the fall, it's been a rough tough kind of politics that's been going on. for the next three months what do you think is going happen to elevate the debate? is that going to happen or is it going to be old time dirty politics?
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>> well, it's always been rough and tumble. you're going to see it and two people that are going to go back and forth. i am a life long committed democrat, but i am invigorated by the fact that both parties here today in the democratic national convention and people talking about prisoner reent reentering and second chances. that's what i do in my prison ministry. >> that's criminal justice reform where people are coming together. i thank you for your time today governor. >> thank you. >> now, back to you. >> now, it's the president's home state of hawaii. >> it's my great honor to introduce the great senator from hawaii senator brian shots. >> hello. the great state of hawaii and the prettiest place in the world and the birth place and the home state of barack obama.
2:47 pm
and a place that has proven that you can go to 100 percent clean energy and proudly casts it's votes. >> 19 votes for the leader of our revolution which shall continue. the man that inspired young people nationwide all over the great land for a future that you can believe in, senator bernie sanders 19 votes. >> and 15 slovotes for the next president of the united states, secretary clinton. >> thank you hawaii.
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you have casted 1 for secretary clinton and 19 votes for senator sanders. idaho, you have 27 votes. how do you cast your votes? >> well, the state of idaho and the state that we have more mountain peaks than the 48 and the deepest george of the america and the longest dam riv er in the united states cast 20 votes for senat and seven votes for senator hillary clinton. >> yeah, there's bernie sanders and looked like he was heading down and not quit yet. he is just getting up and down as many of us want to do and stretch the legs. let's listen in as hillary
2:49 pm
clinton's birth state and illinois is going to be announcing the results. >> for the great state of illinois home of president barack obama. home of the former senator dick durban. home of the next united states senator tammy duckworth. for bernie sanders we give you senator clem. >> illinois proudly casts for a true progriessive and the fathe of a revolution, 74 votes for bernie sanders. for hillary clinton we give you hillary's life long friend
2:50 pm
betsy. >> if i can get in here. hello fellow democrats historic, in honor of dorothy and hugh's daughter and my sweet friend, i know you're watching. this one's for you, hill. 98 votes. yes. >> illinois, you have cast -- >> the midwesterner hillary clinton is one that i feel like the campaign is slowly trying to remind americans of, that yes, she was a new york senator, she's a child of the midwest. >> new york senator, went to yale. she has the illinois background which is both midwestern and middle class.
2:51 pm
that was kind of touching, wasn't it? >> that was a nice moment. it really was. let's go to indiana here. going to be a surprisingly competitive state this cycle up and down the ballot. >> in three months we're going to help create a democratic majority by sending evan bayh back to the u.s. senate. john graham is our next governor in the state of indiana. and hillary clinton as the first woman president of the united states of america. so on this episode of "the apprentice" we can say last week they conspired but their ideas misfired. their bigotry is tired, their attacks are uninspired. so mike pence and donald trump, you are officially fired!
2:52 pm
>> obviously the crowd very responsive. >> madam secretary, this year is the 200th anniversary of indiana's statehood. and madam secretary, we are giving ourselves a present. we are going to turn indiana blue one more time. we are going to send evan bayh back to the u.s. senate. we are going to elect my good friend john gregg, the next governor of indiana. and by the way, he's a governor who wants to be the governor of indiana.
2:53 pm
and with all of that, it is my pleasure to cast one abstention, 43 votes for senator bernie sande sanders, and 48 votes for the next president of the united states, hillary rodham clinton. >> you know, stephanie, i am curious, you have been on these general election campaigns. when do you decide to add a state, you're not sure is it a battleground or not, indiana may be on the cusp, georgia may be on the cusp. when do you make that decision? >> well, indiana was competitive in 2008 and we came through a competitive primary. i think we knew coming into the general election we had a strong base of support there so we weren't coming into it blind. in 2012 it was a different
2:54 pm
story. it had been a long time. we didn't compete. so you have a pretty good sense of where you will be competitive. in this cycle, georgia could be that state where democrats are competitive. north carolina, we are forcing trump to defend in north carolina. we came within five points of winning it in 2012. so the map is shifting. i think democrats are in better position in this cycle in adding states than republicans where they are constantly subtracting. >> i never felt less sure about the battleground math than i do right now and i'm surprised. >> do you try to calculate where you have a senate race, you could be helpful in, or governor's race that might make a difference and to what degree are you generous about trying to expand down the ballot and to what degree do you try to rack up as many electoral votes as you can. >> i have a feeling we will have more winning states where two
2:55 pm
things. the winner is under 50 and probably a majority of states where the winner is under 55. >> you talk about the flux in the electoral map. we are in right now the last four elections the longest period of stability in the electoral -- >> yes. we are due for something. yeah. >> you look at it, those red states, you add together like you put north carolina, georgia, indiana, arizona, that could be 50 electoral votes in play for hillary clinton. i will give you another one. a real wild card for very specific reasons, utah. >> always fun. take a listen to kansas. >> kansas is home to a rich history of democratic activism including the first student-led non-violent civil rights protest. the famous gotham sit-in. it's also the state where a courageous third grader changed
2:56 pm
the course of history, overturning jim crow laws through the brown versus board of education. we want to give a big shout-out to all our ku jayhawks, k-state wildcats and wsu shockers. go, shock! >> madam secretary, the great state of kansas, home to secretary kathleen sebelius, governors john carlin, joan finney and secretary of agriculture dan glshickman, we proudly cast 14 votes for the next president of the united states, hillary rodham clinton.
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>> thank you very much, kansas. you have cast 14 votes for secretary clinton and 23 votes for senator sanders. kentucky. kentucky, you have 60 votes. how do you cast your votes? >> madam secretary, in the commonwealth of kentucky, we know the beauty of bluegrass, rolling hills and the appalachian mountains. we gave the world muhammad ali, the greatest of all time. the kentucky derby, the most exciting two minutes in sports. and of course, kentucky bourbon, the world's finest whiskey. in other words, in kentucky, we know what a winner looks like. >> madam secretary, kentucky's 60 delegates proudly cast 27 votes for senator bernie sanders, and 33 votes for the
2:58 pm
next president of the united states of america, secretary hillary rodham clinton. >> kentucky, you have cast 33 votes to secretary clinton and 27 votes for senator sanders. louisiana. you have 59 votes. how do you cast your votes? >> my friend, madam secretary, my name is senator karen carter peterson and i chair the louisiana democratic party. and we are wild, louisiana. we will not be defined by any natural disaster, nor will we be defined by any act of senseless violence, because we are one louisiana.
2:59 pm
louisiana knows that love trumps hate. we are a melting pot of beautiful cultures, cajuns, creoles, we fish, we hunt, we like mardi gras, and we proudly cast our votes, 14 votes for senator bernie sanders and 45 votes for the first woman president of the united states, hillary rodham clinton. >> louisiana -- >> the enthusiasm of the louisiana delegation is why the roll call is almost my favorite part of this. chris hayes is here which means chris hayes will be the guy interrupting more often than me now. chris, you get to interrupt. kornacki and i will be -- >> do you want all my trivial knowledge of the different states? deep gorges?
3:00 pm
idaho, the deepest gorge? >> these are important facts. >> this is how you win bar trivia. watch the roll call of the states. you learn something new every time. >> it has been striking, the general sort of comity displayed in the hall here. c-o- c-o-m-i-t-y. >> we should acknowledge this more, it is a much different building today than yesterday. >> there is energy like this for a roll call of the states. a couple years ago, both parties were de-emphasizing the roll call. they would do a few states one day, a few the next day just to get it out of the way. it has come back in a big way. everyone's here. they are cheering everyone. this is an old school -- there's no suspense in the winner. in every other way this is an old school throwback roll call. >> i just thank you for making sure we get to do this. i like the roll call. >> also


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