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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 27, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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[ applause ] so let me say, for a stronger america at home and abroad, for a military that will be able to defend our nation and stand for our allies -- [ applause ] -- to have a commander in chief who will name our enemy and marshall the resources to crush them at the source. [ applause ] to restore fiscal sanity to washington, d.c., to lower taxes, for better trade deals and a secure border for the united states of america. for an american energy policy
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that will end the war on coal once and for all. [ applause ] and for a president who will appoint justices to the supreme court who will respect our god given liberties, the sanctity of life and our second amendment. i give you the next president of the united states of america, donald trump! [ applause ] ♪ [ applause ] ♪
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[ applause ] >> thank you, whoa! whoa! [ applause ] this is amazing. this is amazing. thank you. usa. [ chanting usa ] this is incredible. you know, i had a press conference before, and one of the questions was, mr. trump, what are you doing? you're not supposed to be campaigning today. you broken all the rules. what's going on? they're having their convention, sir, you're not supposed to be campaigning. guess what, folks? we're campaigning. okay? we're campaigning, [ applause ]
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because we're going to make america great again, folks. we're goi to make america great again. remember that. [ applause ] and they said the same thing, you know, during the primaries, we had 17 people, very talented people. and they said the same thing. this will never work. because trump comes in, he has these big rallies. and then he leaves. i'm supposed to have dinner with two people spend the entire evening and go to another two. they said why do you do that. i said i can get the rallies the other people can't get the rallies, it's very simple. but that worked. i have to thank two people that have been unbelievable and great friends. tom merino, congressman, get up here tom, get up here and liou
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b burletta. just stay there. we know what you look like. they have been so great right from the beginning and i want to thank you both. i want to thank you both. thank you. i mean it. so it's been an amazing -- yeah, sit down, come on we've got plenty of time. we have nothing but time. it's a nice place. this is very nice. first of all, mike pence has been amazing. he's been amazing. [ applause ] you know, one of the reasons -- and this is 100%. one of the reasons i chose mike was because indiana under his leadership, has done so well, it's done so incredibly. aaa bond rating. they have really low unemployment. one of the top few states. everything is good.
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even for the veterans in terms of employment. i think it was 32 or 38. that's not the good number. that's when he got into office. when he left, right now, basically, they were number two in the nation he wants it to be number one. that's incredible. that's veterans being employed by some of the folks in this room. so that was good. now, when we won new york, we had these incredible victories. what do i know about politics, right? what do i know. we have a lot of commonsense, all of us, don't we? we know. we know. we know a lot. we know a lot. i had a run that was incredible it started with new york. and new york, do you know what's nice? i won new york -- queens, you're right, queens. he knows. what are you doing here? what are you doing here? we had this incredible period of
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time and we kept winning, winning. i went to new york and had a massive landslide victory. won just about everything. in my victory speech, i don't know even know why i said it. this is the middle of fifth avenue, okay, we're going to put the miners back to work. i said that. i don't even know why. and by the way, that includes the steel workers and we're going to take a lot of the regulations off of gas because is big and they want to close you down. they want to close the mines down. they've been closing mines down. it's sad. it's sad. little did i realize that shortly thereafter i'd go to a place called west virginia. and did they love trump. did you see those numbers? and hillary clinton, crooked hillary clinton, she's really crooked.
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so hillary clinton -- thank you. [ crowd booing ] [ crowd chanting lock her up ] you know what we're going to do even better? we're going to beat her on november 8th. we ev we're going to beat her. that's even better, okay? that's what we're going to do. got to get out there, got to vote. you got to get out there. we got to get out there. do you remember, so hillary gave a press conference in an area where coal and the different things that we all love wasn't so important, right? and she figured she'd make the statement and it wouldn't get back to west virginia. it got back to west virginia and it got back to pennsylvania and it got back to ohio and it got back to a lot of places that she
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didn't want to hear that message. she said we're going to put the coal miners and the coal mines out of business. okay? no good. and we had an event. it was in a big massive place. it was beautiful in west virginia. and the place was packed. it had to be 10,000, 12,000 people and outside they had at least double that number. and it was love. and i went and saw some of the miners and i said so tell me, did you ever think of leaving and going to another place and maybe doing something else instead of this? they said, mr. trump -- i understand this so well -- we love mining. we love doing it. this is our live lehood. our fathers, our grandfathers. we do it so well. we don't want to do something else. i said i love that. i love that. i understand it and i love that. love it. [ applause ]
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so hang in, because we're going to put you back to work. we're going to put you back. it's going to be a beautiful thing to see. because these are great people. these are amazing people. so many from this area, but so many from this state. and i went to school in pennsylvania. i love pennsylvania. [ applause ] i love pennsylvania. we're just -- when i look around and see what happened, i didn't need to do this. i had a very nice life. beautiful family, beautiful business. i built this incredible company. all good -- and i just couldn't stand -- you look at the iran deal. you look at so many -- everything is wrong. everything is wrong. take a look, i tell you what, let's talk. take a look at the convention that's going on right now. they don't honor -- think of it -- they don't honor our
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police. they don't honor our law enforcement. we started complaining, they had no american flags on this massive stage. they had no american flags. they forgot. they forgot to put up -- we had a lot of flags. [ applause ] somebody said i can't see you mr. trump, there are too many flags, i said it's okay we'll leave it that way. but we had a tremendous success. and we got a bounce that, according to one of the networks that it was one of the biggest bounces that anyone's seen. [ applause ] now, i give a lot of credit for that to my family, my family melania and tiffany and ivanka and don and eric, and they talk about these people.
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they say stars, stars. i'd rather have those five stars much more so, those five plus one, by the way. but they did an amazing job. and i have one of the stars with me, shall i introduce you to eric? eric! eric! [ applause ] get over here, eric. come here. [ applause ] >> wow. look at this crowd. this is amazing. well, you know i had to come today. i spent so much of my youth in scranton, in carbondale and waverly. so many of my best friends in the world. i went to boarding school in pennsylvania for five years. i love the state. i love this area as well as anyone and i had to be here
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today. so many great friends here, thank you. you know, we just came off a convention. >> all right. donald trump, mike pence rally taking place there in scranton, pennsylvania right now. been listening in on that. the republican nominees for president and vice president taking an unusual move, donald trump making a point there it's an unusual move. it's a campaign he's run that's been defined by unusual moves, but having a full political schedule campaign schedule during the other party's convention. something we're not necessarily accustomed to seeing. live here in philadelphia right now. we are awaiting some big developments here at the democratic national convention in the wells fargo center. in a few minutes, they are going to gavel to order day three of the democratic convention. and in a few minutes, we are going to have the formal and official vote for vice president. last night hillary clinton was nominated by this convention for the presidency, she became the
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first female ever nominated by a major party for that office. this afternoon, just a few minutes from now the name of her running mate, senator tim kaine of virginia will be placed before this convention. they're expected to ratify the selection in a voice vote. there is some question about what the response will be from some of the supporters of bernie sanders. that is because of the issue of the tpp, the transpacific partnership, the massive trade deal bernie sanders has campaigned vigorously against. you see in this convention hall around me, hundreds of sanders delegates holding up signs reading no tpp. well, in the last 12 hours, a big controversial has broken out over that when one of hillary clinton's close rs political allies, virginia governor terry mcauliffe said -- suggested i should say in an event last night she might end up supporting the tpp after the election. there might be a few changes she might then support it.
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terry mcauliffe has walked that statement back completely. her campaign continues to insist she opposes the tpp now. she will oppose it after the election. this is a major issue of concern for many bernie sanders' supporters, the tpp is an issue that senator tim kaine has previously been in favor of the tpp. we're looking to see what the response will be from some of these bernie sanders' delegates when the name of tim kaine is placed before them. especially in the wake of all of what we've had in the last 12 hours. that's going to be happening a few hours from now. we'll set the stage here in the next few minutes, jacob soberaff is in the sea of delegates. >> energy is good in here. everybody seems excited about tonight. and frankly, people are talking less about tim kaine coming up on the stage and more about what we heard from donald trump today. i've been talking to a lot of delegates about donald trump's
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remarks that he wants russia to find hillary clinton's e-mails. they think it's an outrageous statement. we've heard less about the remarks from governor mcauliffe and about the tpp. but perhaps that is because these donald trump remarks have overshadowed that. also, quite frankly some of the bernie sanders' supporters that were here yesterday may not be in the building. last night, although it was boisterous and loud, and it was very prohillary clinton, it seemed some of the seats had thinned out from where the bernie sanders supporters were after bernie sanders left the building. some of his supporters work out in protest. i guess the question is are those folks going to come back and make any noise as you said when kaine gets up on the stage. >> right. there had been -- thank you for that on the floor. there had been some rumbleings from sanders' supporters about the idea of putting up a protest
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candidate we're about to see for vice president. it's tradition the selection of the nominee for president is then honored and then ratified by the delegates of the convention. that is not etched in stone anywhere though. this is technically still a convention where delegates can make the choice and do make the official choice on who the nominee for vice president is going to be. there was a little bit of talk, did not seem to get off the ground about bernie sanders' supporters putting up a protest candidate to register their disproval of tim kaine. the only question is when the voice vote occurs. are there any expressions of displeasure, any audible expressions of displeasure? we're going to turn now to kelly o'donnell. she's also out there on the floor. kelly? what's going on? >> well, steve, with we are definitely seeing things fill up. we're in iowa right now, which is a key spot on the floor, of course we know how important a swing state this is. what we've been seeing is delegates are getting ready. this is the time when we begin to see the push, the
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reconnecting, they're talking about what they've heard in the news. we've been hearing comments about donald trump. also had an opportunity to speak to a prior nominee of this convention, michael due caucus, he was back stage. we were able to chat a little bit about the donald trump remarks today. and of course the governor was -- i would say incredulous about the kinds of comments donald trump was making with respect to russia and cyber hacking. we've been hearing that from democrats. let me spin a little bit. they're trying to keep the aisles open we may get a little nudge here. you begin to see it's starting to fill up. this is new jersey behind us. and over the next few hours, there will be a chance for these delegates to hear from some of the biggest names in the party. we'll hear from dr. jill biden, who will introduce the vice president who is a beloved figure among democrats. we know he had contemplated running, that was a painful decision for him based on the experiences in his family and
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it's today that donald trump is in scranton. one of the hometowns of joe biden. a place where he has deep roots. of course, it is tim kaine's night. he's got to compete with pretty high powered democratic speakers including the president. as we look this way, we've got -- i'm going to kind of cross over here. you get the sense that there is definitely -- this is tight in here. we are finding that with democrats having about twice the number of delegates than republicans do, and none of the issues they had in cleveland where there were members prominent members of the party who elected not to go to that convention. this is elbow room only. even them sometimes it's a tight squeeze. this is about the breathing time we have left as the evening catches on, it will be a fire marshal situation. people are building up for what will be one of the big nights, night three. >> kelly o'donnell on the floor.
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we've got the camera trained on the podium. you can see they are expected to formally gavel this thing to order in the next few minutes. they will go through the presentation of the colors the national anthem. then they'll get to the business of nominating a candidate for vice president. chris j chr chris jansing is in the virginia section. mr. virginia being nominated for vice president, what's the mood over there? >> i came out here about an hour ago, guess which delegation was filling up the fastest? this is pretty crowded here. the virginia delegation, amazing the number of people here. you know, not that huge of a state and the population is centered pretty much in one area. what do you think about tim kaine? so they're pretty excited about that. more than that it's been
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interesting watching -- they're practicing for later. as i've been walking are around, of course, barack obama, the person people want to see, but second to that, in my informal survey, lenny kravitz, as one woman said to me a little bit earlier today. she said, you know, this is like, going to like one of the best parties you can ever get. you get a little bit of politics, a little bit of hollywood, you get a little bit of music. so pretty excited atmosphere from the people who got here early and wanted to make sure that they could get the best seat they possibly could. we'll come back in a little bit and talk to the folks who know tim kaine. >> when your home state politician is going to be picked for president or vice president in one of these conventions, your seating improves dramatically. you see where the virginia delegation is positioned there. there are a lot worse seats in that house than they have. let's turn to the panel as we continue to wait for the gavel to come out to gavel this thing to order and begin day three. let's turn to the national
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political reporter at real clear politics and associate editor at the hill. the news donald trump made today, saying he wants russia, keep hacking those dnc e-mails the media will have a field day. an amazing statement. >> an amazing statement and something that republicans are already trying to distance themselves from. we heard from mike pence, paul ryan saying this is not u.s. policy, this is not the policy of the republican party. i'll be interested to see if the clinton campaign tries to weave that through. they've been trying to say, point to this as an issue of temperment. that's a thread throughout this campaign. tonight is national security theme. >> old that thought, here is congress woman marsha fudge. she's coming out to officially begin day three in philly. >> the third session of the 47th quadrennial national convention of the democratic party will now come to order.
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delegates alternates standing committee members, special guests and other friends, members of the news media, guests from around the world, and our fellow americans, welcome to our deliberations. please rise for the invocation offered by reverend william byron from st. joseph's university. >> we're going to -- they're starting with the prayer here. we'll take a quick break. come right back from philadelphia. >> friends all, recent weeks have brought violence and senseless killings to this nation and i'm thinking in particular of baton rouge and dallas. it just intrigues me that the dallas assassin bore the name
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micah and xavier. so i'm going to borrow from the words of the prophet micah and the great saint francis xavier in making this invocation. let's be mindfulhat we're in god's presence as we pray. lord god, creator and ruler of the universe, we invoke your blessing on this assembly, mindful that you hold our destiny in your hands. life itself is your gift to us. what we do with our lives is our gift to you. so bless us, we pray, as we look to the future of this nation.
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keep us free from hatred and violence. protect us from confusion and make the words of francis xavier our own xavier who said in you oh, lord have i put my hope. let me never be confounded. and we turn to your great prophet micah to listen to you speak the words that he passed on to us. you have been told oh, man, oh, woman, what is good. and what the lord requires of you only to do justice, to love goodness, and to walk humbly with your god. so help us, lord, to work unceasingly for justice, to know what is good and to seek it
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without fail. and to be truly humble as we walk with you into an unknown, but hope-filled future. amen. [ applause ] >> that was the invocation, we're going to stay here. things are going to start happening in the next few minutes, we've got the presentation of colors coming right now. going to watch that. they'll have the pledge of allegiance, the national anthem and they'll get down to business and we'll have an official democratic nominee for vice president. that's expected in the next 10, 15 a 20 minutes. here's the presentation of colors.
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>> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god. indivisible with liberty and justice for all. [ applause ] >> ladies and gentlemen, please remove your caps and welcome
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sebastian de la cruz from san antonio. [ applause ] ♪ o say, can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight ♪
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♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? ♪ ♪ and the rockets' red glare the bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪
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♪ and the home of the brave? ♪ [ applause ] >> that was the national anthem. that young man by the way was a semi finalist on the show america's got talent. getting a chance to sing the national anthem at the democratic national convention. we are now just about to begin with nominations for the office of vice president, tim kaine, senator tim kaine's name is going to be formally placed in nomination by bobby scott. bobby scott is a congressman from virginia. from tim kaine's state of virginia. he is going to come out -- brought out on the stage right here. he's expected to give a brief nominating address. >> pursuant to our procedural
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rules, the convention secretary has received nominating documents from one democratic candidate for the office of vice president of the united states, senator tim kaine. [ applause ] representative -- [ applause ] representative bobby scott from virginia has placed senator kaine's name in nomination. seconding the nomination is doris cruz mayes, the president of the virginia afl/cio and a community leader and advocate from arlington, virginia.
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there being only one person nominated the chair will entertain a motion to suspend the rules and nominate tim kaine by acclimation as the vice presidential candidate of the democratic party. [ applause ] is there a second? all in favor of the motion to suspend the rules and nominate by acclimation tim kaine as the democratic party's vice presidential candidate please say aye. all opposed? 2/3 of the delegates having voted in the affirmative, the motion to suspend the rules and nominate by acclimation is adopted. [ applause ] >> there it is s ladies and gentlemen, the 2016 democratic national ticket is now officially complete. hillary clinton nominated for
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president last night. tim kaine by acclimation is now officially the democratic candidate for vice president. we said we'd be listening if there was any dissent. hard to pick up. that was a loud and pretty much unanimous expression of support for tim kaine. the clinton kaine ticket is fixed. we have a special guest we'll get to in a minute. but we're going to check in with chris jansing. >> they're celebrating in virginia. the state senator, when they announced and put his name into nomination you jumped vertically. do you realize that? >> let me tell you what, our delegation is so exciting, you can hardly hear yourself think. this is so exciting. >> also with me is francis stevens and you're a capital
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police officer and you have been on the guard duty for tim kaine. >> yes, on several occasions i was. and i tell you, it was always an honor to be able to do that position. >> not a tough guy, not somebody who is trying to sneak off and lose you or anything like that? >> no . he had his own protective detail i was always excited when i had the opportunity to be on post to be able to insure his security is utmost. >> so far so good. for a lot of america they don't know him. they're going to get to know him for the first time tonight. who is the guy you know what are they going to learn about? >> i served under tim kaine when he was lieutenant governor and governor. you will not meet a smarter, but more gentle but tough and fair person in your life. he is absolutely the best pick that secretary clinton could have chosen. tim kaine is a person who will be able to step in and completely take over the position of commander in chief.
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there is not a doubt in my heart. >> when you are guarding someone, you get to see things behind the scenes, is there something super secret you'd like to tell us about tim kaine? >> no super secret. everyone knows that he's a kind individual. he believes in community service. in fact, to let our viewers know he interrupted his law school to do volunteer work in honduras. and that's where the jesuit volunteer corp. he was in charge of the vocational center. it was there that he was able to increase the enrollment by recruiting the local villagers. and it was also there that he learned how to speak spanish. he believes in community service. that's the tim kaine i know. that's tim kaine i know. >> what would you like to see from him tonight, anything different? >> i just want him t make america know who he is like we know who he is. >> is he going to play the harmonica? >> i hope he does. he is absolutely a perfectionist
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and expert at it. >> i was telling my friend, li s wouldn't it be great the crowd would go wild. >> when tim kaine came to check out the podium as they always do, first thing he did make sure he knows where the virginia delegation is and they are front and center. >> they're not too hard to spot at this convention. chris jansing with the virginia delegation. let's bring back our panel. joining us, a special guest someone who knows about picking vice presidents. michael dukakis. the 1988 convention was yours. you're credited in that campaign, it was one of the bigger mismatches we've seen between vice presidential candidates, lloyd benson, dan quayle. the pick of lloyd benson, take
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us through it through a candidate's perspective. >> it's one of the thing yz did right. i made a lot of mistakes in 1988. this is one of the things i think i did right. the process we use is one of the most of the democratic nominees since has used. one of the things that happens when you're governor, and i had been governor for ten years at that time, you pick a lot of people. and you realize that 90% of the job is picking excellent people. and so i had gone through the process. i liked putting a team together. and so we spread out net out. we asked anybody and everybody who had suggestions a to who ought to be considered, send them in. kind of narrowed the original field down and maybe 20, 25. then you go out and ask them whether or not they want to be considered. >> do they say no to that? >> sure. yeah, a lot of folks don't want to do it. you know, whatever. we finally narrowed the field
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down to basically four finalists if i could use that -- john glenn, al gore and lloyd benson. then we went to an exhaustive process, volunteer teams of lawyers and accountants looking at every one of these candidates, talking with them, their families, examining their tax returns. speaking of tax returns, we still haven't seen the trump tax return. >> you saw the tax returns for all the candidates? yeah. i'm curious, did that disqualify anybody when you saw it? >> no. no. in this case. but all of them were willing, obviously, to make them available and to give us an opportunity to go through them. then i met with each of them individually. and it's hard to describe this. but if you do the process right, it inevitably leads to the right
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person. not that the other three would have been excellent running mates. given my candidacy and the overriding concern which is can that person be an excellent president if something happens to you. everything else pales by comparison. it led to lloyd benson. and it was a -- he was a terrific running mate. we all know about that debate. if i had done a better job, had it been closer, it's entirely possible that he might have made -- >> that's the difference maker. >> it is. >> that debate moment is still, it's a generation ago now, one of the all time political speech moments. >> the other thing is -- i'm sorry i didn't take more advantage of lloyd's knowledge offer this. remember, he had beaten george h.w. bush. >> he had run against him for senate in texas. >> instead of kind of say, every monday he and i and our staff is getting together and saying where are we, how are we doing,
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know, let's take a look. he knew so much about running. >> knew how to beat him. >> instead we were running around every day campaigning. i think it was a mistake not to, you know, pause once a week, assess and take eventually of both his intelligence. lloyd benson was a very sharp guy. his political sense and his experience in running against the guy i was running against. >> stand by if you will. i want to sheck check in with t delegation. other speeches beginning here. the headliners still to come in primetime. they're going to go through a number of congressional leaders, this is sheila jackson lee from texas who is taking the podium for a brief speech. jeff soboroff is standing by in the california delegation. some of the sanders delegates have come from california.
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>> i'm straddling chair here. when the tim kaine nomination came through, as you can see this delegation was not particularly happy. it was a vote by acclimation. there was no roll call. why don't you tell me why you're holding up the tpp sign. >> tim kaine voted in favor of fast tracking tpp. and so this -- the tpp is one of the most important things we need to get rid of at this moment. to nominate a vice president that is in support of tpp, we're not in support of that. >> hillary clinton has said she's against tpp although there is some confusion after what terry mcauliffe said today. do you believe hillary clinton is against the tpp? >> no, i don't believe that. she has been in -- campaigning for that for the past what i believe four years? she's been campaigning for it for the past four years and there's people that have been
1:41 pm
involved with the tpp that i understand that says she will support it after she becomes president. >> what are you going to do? hillary clinton and tim kaine are the nominees now of the democratic party. are you going to vote for donald trump? what are your options? >> jill stein. >> you're going to vote for jill stein. i want to say i got to throw it back to you. the national nurses united here is opposing tim kaine. not because of the tpp only but also because of the issue of right to work. i'll throw it back to you. >> that is sheila jackson lee, the congresswoman from texas speaking. let's take a minute of her speech. >> a survivor. i am woman. hear me roar. but on the other hand, we have the republican nominee, the man
1:42 pm
of fear. and cleveland, the convention of fear. but we cannot choose fear. we cannot elect a president who provides no hope to the laid off union worker. no hope for the mother of five. and no hope for the researcher who might find a cure for cancer. we cannot elect a leader who is willfully ignorant to the outcry of young people who want real criminal justice reform and responsible gun safety legislation now. >> okay, sheila jackson lee at the podium. they're going to go through a number of brief speeches from congressional leaders that will be how the early evening hours go here in philadelphia. the headliners to come later today. the democratic ticket is complete it's hillary clinton and tim kaine. and still with us michael
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dukakis from massachusetts. the challenge hillary clinton faces, she's running against donald trump this fall. you've run many campaigns in your career. did you ever encounter an opponent like donald trump? when you look at this race do you have any idea how you're supposed to go about running against a candidate like that? >> well, it's kind of unique in some ways, people say to me i never seen anything like trump. he makes trump look like a minor leaguer he was a scary guy. trump's scary but i think trump is a nut to tell you the truth. i think that is being revealed every day as he pops off with these interesting things. but you know, i think it's very important, steve, we do two things. first, hillary and tim have got to run a first rate campaign and reflect american values which i think they do. secondly, we democrats have got
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to be at every single place in this country. working the streets, and precincts and connect ing with people at that level. it's so important. i'm very tired of this slice and dice campaign stuff. i think it's got to be a 50 state campaign. the last time we did that howard dean was the party chairman and we swept the congress. that tells us something. i want to see a combination of these things and i want to see trump's tax returns. >> right. >> because if we let this guy get away with this, he'll be the best of my knowledge, the only candidate for the presidency in modern history. >> it would be the first time. >> it's obvious there's something there he doesn't want to reveal. i think we've got to make sure that we get that. he's talking about e-mails this that and other. i want to see his tax return. >> it would be for the first time in the modern area a president candidate who wins without that. 1988 candidate. >> face to face, we're always on
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the phone. >> you talked to my college class wuonce in 2000 at boston university. >> you were in it. >> got me into this business. >> i'm delighted. >> thank you for stopping by. i appreciate that. we are keeping an eye on the podium here. at the democratic convention. still have our panel -- we are actually going to squeeze in a quick break. a lot of moving parts. be back live from philadelphia right after this. well she loves to say, "well, fantastic!" a lot. i do say that, you see... i study psychobiology. i'm a fine arts major. nobody really believes that i take notes this way, but they actually make sense to me. i try to balance my studying with the typical college experience. this windows pc is a life saver! being able to pull up different articles to different parts of the screen is so convenient. i used to be a mac user but this is way better.
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visit and get started today. all right. we're back live inside the wells fargo center, philadelphia, pennsylvania. that's the podium. the speech is underway on day three. eleanor holmes norton, she is the non-voting congresswoman from the district of columbia. joining us behind the sea of delegates is new york governorand rgoverno governorand regoverno governoragoverno governorand apan degree cuomo. the speech by your father, mario cuomo, the keynote address. i went back and read some of the transcript of it the other day. 30 pla 30 plus years later, the themes
1:50 pm
th he talked about are themes that resonate today. from your standpoint being here at the convention talking on behalf of the clinton ticket nationally do you feel a need to give the obligation to your father's message? >> it happens to be the fact and it happens to be true. 1984, we were battling reaganomics and the philosophy of it. take care of the people at top and the people on the bottom will be sustained from the meal at the top. that was reaganomics. that's basically the argument we're having today. record economic inequality. economic justice. the disparity has only gotten
1:51 pm
worse since 1984 matter of fact on the numbers. not better. middle class has gone backwards, working families have been backwards. real income is basically flat, meanwhile college tuition is up 60%. homes are up 15%. >> is there a parallel too between sort of the populist forces that were prupoliopellin reagan and the forces that are propelling trump? >> this is a more heightened populist than 1984. 1984 was more of a classic clash of philosophies that wasn't being driven i believe this clash on the republican side is being driven by a populist anger that is driving them. and i think with reaganomics it was more just philosophical. small government, limited government. it was 1984 reaganomics. the smaller the government the better. there are ways to limit
1:52 pm
government. raise debt. that limits government. but you should have charity for people who need assistance. and a very small government. right. that's not the fairest depiction of reaganomics but close enough. this is different. because there is -- it is being generated by an anger, frankly on both sides. so the keynote speech, the message there are a lot of parallels. what i've been doing has governor of new york, there are a lot of parallels. i have raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour. the highest in the united states of america. why? it's the best way a governor can combat economic inequality. people in new york will go from making $18,000 a year to $30,000 a year. paid family leave we passed. same basic concepts. so these are the issues of the day. economic inequality.
1:53 pm
disenfranchi disenfranchisement. people feeling locked out. overlaid with a racial tension, which is new, also. didn't exist in 1984. >> new york governor andrew cuomo. we're a little short on time. we've had activity on the floor we weren't anticipating, thank you for stopping by. we'll be back right after this. at the beginning of the 21st century, the earth needed to find a new way to keep up with the data from over 30 billion connected devices. just 30 billion? a bold group of researchers and computer scientists in silicon valley, had a breakthrough they called... the machine. it changed computing forever. and it's been part of every new technology for the last 250 years. everything? everything! this year, hewlett packard enterprise will preview the machine and accelerate the future. see star trek beyond.
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the late afternoon speeches continue. adam shif from california finishing up at the podium a moment ago. we're going to go down to that sea of delegates, kelly o'donnell is standing by. what do you have? >> well, steve, we are here where california is cheering very loudly. and this is because maxine waters, long time member of the california u.s. house is on stage. you can see her delegation has been excited. they are very happy to see one of their own taking the stage today. and in front we've got the lieutenant governor of california, gavin newsome and we're watching that. perhaps i can -- i don't know. he's doing an interview with some radio colleagues, i won't interrupt. but this is the kind of time when there are a number of speakers who are very important to their home delegations. they may not get as much national attention but it matters at home. we've seen members of congress get their moment.
1:58 pm
maxine waters has been a long time supporter of hillary clinton. has been really in the thick of it with her over the years, of course, california is a state democrats count on. so they have some prime territory here on the floor. and so what we can tell you is as the evening wears on, and it turns into an even tighter crowd we'll be hearing from more of the members that will also be a discussion of some of the issues that matter, especially rooted in places like california, the aids hiv crisis being dealt with and a real recognition of that over time. and that's something that matters to some of these delegations in particular. we've already had tim kaine, who by voice vote was nominated officially and it builds to his big night. he's got to share this third night with, of course, president obama, vice president joe biden, it will be a very big night here. and as we see it is starting to fill up. we have had difficulty getting
1:59 pm
around here, but we'll throw it back to you and go looking for others to talk to. steve? >> kelly o'donnell, that's potentially good preparation for being vice president, that's the job, right, to be overshadowed. kelly o'donnell, thanks for that. the speeches continue, hour number one on day three now in the books. there is an official democratic ticket. chuck todd will pick up our coverage right now. >> good evening i am chuck todd, as steve kornacki told you, he didn't lie. inside the convention hall here. welcome to msnbc special coverage of the democratic national convention. moments ago it was official senator tim kaine has been nominated to be hillary clinton's running mate. it's officially clinton kaine. he'll speak tonight as part of the highest powered speakers lineup i can remember in modern convention history. president obama, vice president
2:00 pm
joe biden, it's a big line up. a few speeches might end up getting a rewrite. the political world is reeling from what trump told reporters about the dnc hacking scandal and clinton's e-mails earlier today. take a listen. >> if is russia, it's really bad for a different reason. because it shows how little respect they have for our country when they would hack into a major party. and get everything. but it would be interesting to see i will tell you this, russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> that wasn't all. there was a lot more, take a listen. >> you call on putin to stay out of this election? >> i'm not going to tell putin what to do. they'd probably have them. i'd like to have them released.


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