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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 28, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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it is both an opportunity and a challenge for her. what's the opportunity for hillary clinton? it isn't very often that a candidate for president or any politician for that matter gets to talk for 45 minutes unfiltered to tens of millions of americans. hillary clinton will get that opportunity tonight. that is a priceless forum. i don't need to tell you that. what is the challenge though? the challenge is this. it is interesting. hillary clinton has been a major public figure for a generation now. and yet many americans still feel they don't know her. don't necessarily trust her. don't necessarily like her. look at this latest poll, 56% of americans say they have an unfavorable view of hillary clinton. only 34% about 1 in 3 there saying they have a favorable view. how about honesty and trust worthiness. again, here is a problem, donald trump is actually outpolling her on that question of who is more honest and straight forward. so those are the challenges. hillary clinton does have some advantages. they have been talked about this
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week when it comes to foreign policy. when it comes to experience. when it comes to the idea of ready to be president, good commander-in-chief. she is outpolling donald trump on those topics. and of course another challenge for hillary clinton. this is something bill clinton really stressed in his speech the other night, trying to make hillary clinton a change agent because you can see in the poll numbers here now, donald trump is leading when people say they are looking for someone to really blow up the system, donald trump leading on that question. a huge opportunity for hillary clinton. one that does not come around everyday for a politician for a candidate for president and she will take center stage tonight. but again that the few hours from now. what's a few minutes from now is the gavel to order of day four of this convention here in the wells fargo center. msnbc's casey hunt is on the floor with the delegate getting ready for this very big day, very big night. casey, good afternoon to you. what's going on down there? >> good afternoon, steve. hi, steve. we're a little bit in the middle of things here as you can see, people bumping around. i want to show you this.
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this is what they're placing on a lot of seats down here on the main floor. it says this is your card to create a card stunt at the end of tonight's session. please don't remove or open this bag until instructed. this is for an illinois delegate obviously. that's what we will be watching for at very end of the night. after hillary clinton hillary clinton speaks, what they will do, whether or not they will pull it off or not. but obviously the focus tonight very heavily on how hillary clinton is going to approach. what is -- i think it is not hyperbole to say the biggest political moment of her career and what a storied career it really has been. so that is saying quite a bit. our understanding is she is going to really offer personal testimony tonight. don't expect to hear too much detail about her policies. they feel very comfortable that hillary clinton is well known as a policy walk, as someone who
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understands details of what she is doing. and obviously that is a passion of hers. but tonight, i think you can expect to hear more from the personal who wrote that book, it takes a village, talking about how it takes a village to raise a child. you will hear more about that speech he gave in beijing declaring that women's rights are human rights. i think you will remember there have been a couple moments from hillary clinton where she has really acknowledged the history around being the first woman to be in this position. in 2008 it wasn't something she really talked about until the very end of the campaign when she talked about putting 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling. we saw more from her this time around when she clenched the nomination and she had enough delegates, she knew to overcome bernie sanders in the primary and she went to the brooklyn navy yard and she invoked her mother and her daughter and her granddaughter to talk about how much the moment meant. and i think you're really going to see a lot of that on stage
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tonight. we have already seen women in this arena, sometimes openly crying at the moments we've seen so far. that's what i'm going to be watching for later, steve. >> all right. casey hunt on the convention floor. we will check in with you this evening. thanks for that. as can you see, the crowd filling in here at the wells fargo center. a few minutes from now they will bring the big old gavel out and get things under way building toward the hillary clinton acceptance speech tonight to preview that now let's bring in brian fallon from the clinton campaign. brian, thanks for taking a few minutes. casey hunt is talking about the idea of a more personal message from hillary clinton tonight. that really jumps out at you. i don't know if you were here when we put the poll numbers out, but we were showing on questions of preparation for the job, experience. someone fit to be president. she is scoring well. well ahead of donald trump. on personal questions, likability, favorability, honesty, trust worthiness, her numbers are not very good. seems like there is a challenge for you guys on the personal side.
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>> i think she is viewing this speech as an opportunity to speak to all-americans. and i do think she will do so in very personal terms. this is also an opportunity to bring together the themes of the last three days and really make the case about how while we face unique challenges as americans right now in terms of the state of the economy, the threat we face from terrorism, the only way we can truly confront challenges is if we come together and everybody plays their part and that's bnt consistent theme throughout the fights she waged all during her career. so i think she will say we are all in this together. we all need to come together. that's been the theme of my career. the book that she published as first lady, "it takes a ve veilvilvei village" is the campaign theme we've had the last four days. donald trump commune kaicating
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core supporters and paper over the republican party, i think this will be a speech that appeals to universal principles of what makes america great. >> the personal message, people are different, some people like talking about themselves, some people are less comfortable with it. she seems to be less comfortable with it than other politicians. is there an idea of maybe opening up a little more? >> she acknowledged that, steve. in many recent speeches, she talked about some of the skills it takes to do retail campaigning are not coming natural to her. i think she will acknowledge that again tonight and it'll be a very humble and personal speech in that regard. i would expect her to acknowledge that there are a lot of voters out there that are probably turned off by donald trump but still might have skepticism about hillary clinton. and i think about the message over the last three days is that this is someone who has true motivations that are pure motivations about trying to make a difference in people's lives. that's why she went to work for
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the children's defense fund. why she went to work to get children's health insurance passed in the 1990s. and she will put it together in one speech tonight and she will directly address questions about why she is in this race, what she running for and what she wants to accomplish. i think she will be successful at that. >> are there direct explicit contrasts with donald trump? or more implicit? >> i think the whole speech will be a contrast to donald trump. both in terms of what she is seeking to communicate to. i think she will extend an open hand and arm to independents, republicans, not just democrats. we have done a great job this past week of uniting our party. we know that there is still work to do there but to a great degree i think we have achieved a great measure of unity this week. but she is not just speaking to her base like donald trump is, she will expand that and make overtures to those maybe voting for a democrat for the first time. in terms of her overall message,
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we agree with the diagnosis that there is a lot that still ails people in the country right now. a lot of lingering economic anxiety. a lot of fear in response to the uptick in terrorism incidents we see not just here but around the world. but in terms after solution you provide in that diagnosis, we have a roll to play and you don't pit people against each other. that's a contrast of donald trump too. >> all right. thanks, steve. appreciate that. >> continuing to watch the podium, they will come out and gavel this order. a podium will magically appear in the middle of that circle there. it can kind of come up through the floor and maybe you've been noticing that this week. gavel it to order in a few minutes and again prime time tonight, the whole week pointing towards the biggest speech in the political life of hillary clinton. that will be delivered to night in this hall with tens of millions of americans potentially watching it. jacob is on the floor right now as well.
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jacob, i understand i think you're in the california delegation. tell us where you are, what you're seeing. >> i sure am, steve. what an historic night for here on the california delegation and throughout this arena here in philadelphia. as you know, hillary clinton is poised to become the first nominee from a major party that is a woman. 20% of members of congress are female. i'm here with one of them. janice hahn from the great city, my home city of los angeles, congresswoman, great to see you. what does tonight mean for you? >> for me, it means, as a woman, waiting so long to actually see a woman have the chance to become the president of the united states. united states is behind in that since other countries have had women in prime minister positions and presidential positiones. >> this is one of the more ruckus delegations. a lot of bernie sanders supporters. what do you expect tonight from your delegation?
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>> i think we will all be supportive of our nominee, hillary clinton. i think we will sit here and listen to her play out her plans and how she will move this country forward and make a contrast between her and donald trump. >> a little bit of local news, you decided to leave for congress and run for county supervisor in los angeles. are you sick of all of this? >> it is hard for me to be in congress where it is difficult to push forward an agenda. i've been there with barack obama who add tough time getting things done in a very gridlock congress. i'm going to home to los angeles and hopefully on the board of count ey soup supervisors. >> so i'm standing here with one that's national now and maybe local later. throwing it back to you over there. >> all right, jacob, thanks for that. continuing to wait for opening gavel. let's bring in susan page. washington bureau chief at usa today. senior editor for senior news and msnbc. let's look ahead to hillary clinton's big moment tonight.
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a couple past nominees were in the situation of the president is from their party finishing up two terms. there's that challenge of you want to be continuity. capitalize on the popularity that's there for the president. but you also want it separate yourself a little bit. think of george bush senior. 1988. you think of a gore in 2000 trying to succeed bill clinton. how do you think hillary clinton approaches that challenge tonight at this convention. >> deciding they are all in with barack obama, you heard that last night with the president's speech as well. a% is an important dividing line when you look at the contest to succeed them but there is risk there. we know the majority of americans think the country is going on the wrong track. so if she is so aligned with the administration that's been in for eight years, looks like she is candidate of status quo. she needs to articulate a
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picture of what would be different in people's lives. >> it is clear they understand on those personal questions on voters feeling a personal connection with the candidate that she have some issues there. >> and hillary clinton is the most famous pern that no one really know possess. opaque. sort of a deliberately opaque. keeping the public at bay. i covered the 2008 will race. wa i was on the plane with her for about a year and half. i've seen her very warm, personal, loving with her friends. loving with her family. a great big belly laugh. she listens better than bill clinton. everybody thinks he is the great communicator. he talks at people. hillary clinton talks to people. she has communication skills. but for some reason 25 years of career have not let that come forward. so in front of 30 million people she will step there and say hey give me another look. perhaps they will, perhaps she will give the speech of her life. perhaps the first day of a
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three-month effort to bring people closer to her and make them comfortable with her. but a place, hard place to start after all these years of sort of forming that opaque quality. >> it is funny, if i had a dime for every time somebody told me i know her privately and if the world could see the person i know she would be unstoppable. and yet i don't think the world has seen that person yet. >> the first time i interviewed hillary clinton was in 1992. when her husband was running in the new york primary, working for news day. i had a long interview with her. she was guarded even then. she had a rough time with the press in arkansas. i do think she has really worked on that in this campaign. even just eight years ago in 2008 will i think she made a big effort to be a little more vulnerable to people. and maybe that reflect the natural process of aging and having a granddaughter or maybe a political calculation of something she needs to do. this will be a test of that transformation or that transition that she's made tonight. >> and just to reset the scene for everybody, you see we are sort of panning the floor here
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at the wells farg fargo center in philadelphia. they are scheduled in about 2 minutes. this is what schedule says. day four of the convention the final day will then be open. they go through the invocation, in through presentation of the colors. series of speeches will be begin and again it is sort after crescendo. they are are building towards some time after 10:00 tonight when they have their largest possible television audience on the broadcast networks will be tuning in then as wells. people around the country can tune in and listen to hillary clinton, for 40, 45 minutes, maybe an hour. they can go on for sometime. this is not an understatement or an overstatement. the biggest political speech of her career is coming up tonight. let's talk while we wait for the gavel here about this convention. the entire convention we've seen this week. in terms of choreography, in terms after united front, a
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professional operation, this is very different than what we saw last week with the republican convention in cleveland where you have donald trump taking over the republican party and you see the resistance of the republic can establishment last week. from that standpoint this is success. here is the knock on it. i'm curious of what you think of it susan. last night joe biden came out. vice president gave a very firely speech about middle class. about meat and potatoes. economic issues. people say that's the third night of the convention and first time we heard a major speaker give direct address to blue collar americans. a lot of social issues, cultural issues, activism but not that kind of a pitch. did they miss the goal there a little bit? >> i think she made a decision that they needed to unite the party first. you saw a rocky start monday with sanders supporters. that is not the moment to make a more middle class pitch and they make that progressive pitch. you heard it from the vice president and tim kaine last
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night talking about his own middle class working class roots. but that is a vulnerability for the democrats this year. that is the demographic group that trump pald to. this is a big thing to lose white working class voters, that's a big part of the electorate, especially in swing state such as michigan, ohio and pennsylvania. >> all right, they've dimmed the lights. looks like they are about to get things under way. should be marcia fudge coming out. here she is. making an appearance. making her way to the podium. let's go there and watch the convention open. >> the fourth and closing session of the 47th quadrennial national convention of a democratic party will now come to order. [ cheers and applause ] please stand for the invocation. >> please welcome kevin washoe,
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executive director of the philadelphia 2016 host committee. >> good afternoon. on behalf of the philadelphia host committee we hope you've enjoyed your time in our city. we've enjoyed having you as our guests. [ cheers and applause ] philadelphia's rich history in america, but also a place rooted in deep faith. as we close out the final hours of this great convention, i'm reminded of philadelphia's hometown saying, katherine dreks el who believes comes from serving and loving neighbor answeand as a man proud of my catholic faith, i'm proud to introduce the next leaders. they share these value answers work to serve their communities. through their faith, they bring
1:18 pm
hope and joy to others. it is with deep respect i now welcome archbishop dimitrius, denise king and paul torrez. a each will lead us in an invocation. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. this is a time for prayer. oh, mighty and gracious god, god of unlimited love and uncompromising faith fullness. we call up on your great and holy name and we ask that you invite and inspire us. you have revealed yourself as a
1:19 pm
defender of the poor and the guide of the blind as a protector of orphans and the liberator of the oppressed as the friend of the foreigner and the constellation of the outcast open our eyes to become more like you oh, compassionate one. bless our nation today oh, lord even as you bless us so richly in years past. send your merciless on this, your servants, the delegates of the democratic national convention. so grace of lawes who they have
1:20 pm
nominated to the exalted and awesome office of president and vice president of the united states of america. hillary rodham clinton and tim kaine as they may faithfully connect and respond to their recording and honorably work for our fellow citizens in the best possible way. we embrace your holy words, lord, who said righteousness exalts a nation, holy god, exalt and and lift high this united states of america and follow in your righteousness, your mercy, your compassion, your
1:21 pm
unconditional love and to work in your truth and set us free and will keep us free. so with our freedom and work we give glory to your holy name now and forever and ever, amen. [ applause ] >> let us continue in prayer -- >> this is martin luther king, jr.'s daughter. >> you have created from one blood all people's to dwell upon the face of the earth. forgive us as a nation for succumbing to any spirit that has sought to separate, divide, polarize and antagonize us. when you have ordained us to be one nation under god indivisible
1:22 pm
with liberty and justice for all, therefore create in us a clean heart and renew within us a right spirit that we might reflect your nature and character which is oneness. so for we are indeed stronger together because we know that a house divided against itself cannot stand. as we prepare tonight to hear from our nominee and go forward from this convention, strengthen our hands oh, lord through the power of the holy spirit for the work ahead of elevating this nation to a place where unity trumps division, peace, trumps war and love trumps hate. we ask dear lord, trumps war and love trumps hate. we ask dear lord, that you anoint madam hillary clinton as our 45th president to lead us to
1:23 pm
become a stronger and more compassionate nation. where nonviolence is a way of life. and to lead us to overcome the systemic issues of race and economic injustice that persist from our past. help us, dear lord, to become a nation with a true spirit of justice, equity and inclusion. may we be the people in this party who always operate on the high plain of dignity and discipline, love and togetherness, for indeed we are stronger together. we praise you. we glorify you. and we bless you and thank you for these united states of america. in jesus' name, i pray.
1:24 pm
[ applause ] >> that is reverend denise king, she is daughter of late martin luther king, jr. >> this is paul torrez. [ speaking foreign language ] great spirit we seek your blessing and guidance on this convention and the wonderfulfully diverse group of people gathered here from across this great nation of ours. help us to be mindful of the importance of this endeavor to the country and to the democracy we are so privileged to live under. please help us to appreciate our diversity, to respect differences in our cultures, traditions, beliefs, and to show
1:25 pm
tolerance and understanding of others as we grapple with the critical issues facing our country. give us the strength to put aside our differences and unite in the face of challenges and adversity. help us to make this country and the world a more just safer and healthier place for all human kind. teach us to respect mother earth, recognizing the wonderful way that she can provide for us when we do so. help us to be mindful of and generous towards those who are less fortunate than us. guide us and protect our leaders, both those gathered here today and those who are not, and encourage them to act wisely and unselfishly. thank you for all you have given us and particularly for the
1:26 pm
extraordinary beautiful country we share. amen. [ applause ] >> those are the invocations. now we will have the presentation of colors. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the third regiment infantry, united states color troops. >> march! forward ahead. march!
1:27 pm
>> color guard, halt. present arms. >> please welcome shaefield, newly naturalized u.s. citizens to deliver the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
1:28 pm
[ applause ] >> now we have the national anthem. >> please welcome starr swain to sing the national anthem. ♪ oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed at twilight's last gleaming ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous
1:29 pm
fight ♪ ♪ oer the ram parts we watched were so galantly streaming ♪ ♪ and the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ oer the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave
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[ cheers and applause ] >> there you have it. a rousing rendition of the national anthem. and with that, the democratic convention day four here is now under way. joining me now from across town here in philadelphia, we're going to chuck schumer, senator from new york. also poised to become the next democratic leader in the u.s. senate after this election. senator schumer, thanks for joining us. appreciate it. this is hillary clinton's big night and it is interesting because the political story of hillary clinton in many ways starts with your race for the senate back in 1998 in new york. she was the first lady. top surrogate. top democratic surrogate in the country that year. i wonder if you can think back to the minute for the hillary clinton you saw campaigning for you 18 years ago in 1998 in the hillary clinton you see
1:31 pm
campaigning for president now. what is the biggest way she has changed or improved as a politician in those 18 years? >> well, 18 years ago, she came and campaigned for me because i was running against al demado. i think she wanted me to be senator anyway but she had to a score to settle with him over the whitewater hearings. in terms of her ability to relate to people and in terms of being an elected official, i think she is greatly improved. she was good then. she had passion and could arouse the crowd and had their affection. but now her breadth of knowledge is just so much greater. >> you mentioned your role in the senate. obviously you're very interested in the senate races this year democrats trying to retake the
1:32 pm
majority that they lost in the 2014 mid terms. we can show folks at home the current balance republicanes with 54. demes it says 44 here. two independents who caucus with them. you have a chance here especially when you look at competitive races, senator schumer. to take back the majority. i saw you quoted saying the biggest variable is how hillary clinton does. is there any clans for you to take back the senate if hillary clinton doesn't win the presidential race? >> it sure makes it harder but i think she will win the race by handsome amount. i think she will be an asset to us taking back the senate. not just knew travel but significant asset. the whole country, steve, is turning democratic. millennials are overwhelmingly democratic. hispanics are voting in higher numbers than ever. when middle incomes decline people instinctively move left. they want a more active
1:33 pm
government to help solve problems. getting rid of regulations only resonates with a handful of people. >> i wonder what happens, if hillary clinton does win this election, even if you take back the senate, there really isn't -- it is a remote scenario where democrats can get control of the house more than likely. more than one cham ber is controlled by republicans. given the gridlock we have seen the last eight years with president obama and republicans, what is the reason to expect we would see anything different with hillary clinton in a republican house or even republican senate? >> well that's great question. i think if we get back the majority and that's likely, not certain, we have not only an economic obligation to get middle class incomes moving again to let americans feel who are in the middle class more secure about staying there, to make those who feel they want to get to the middle class, they have an easier ladder, we have a political obligation. clean up the system.
1:34 pm
if we get a supreme court citizens united i think will fall. but we have a moral obligation. because of hard right strangulation of government people are losing their faith in government. that's what they want. but if we keep doing this for another four or five years, people are going to have so little faith in government it may well be a different america. optimistic note i have is that a lot of republicans will be tired of the hard right running the show. particularly because of two things. more and more of them are beating tea party insurgencies against them. none did in 2012. trend is continuing here. but more importantly our republican colleagues who are mainstream conservatives, i think they want to legislate as well. and we will have to compromise with them. but i don't think this idea of just disrupt, disrupt, disrupt will work. if they lose this election by a lot, and i think they will, they
1:35 pm
will say enough already and let the right dominate what we are doing and paul ryan nets world and many in the senate say let's work with democrats, compromise, get something done. i'm optimistic we can actually get something done particularly if the republicans lose significantly so that they know this hard right policy isn't working. >> that gets me to my final question and i'm sure you've seen these poll numbers too. we've been talking about them a bit this week. there does seem to be one particular group of voters where donald trump is doing better. maybe even a lot better than republicans have in the past. that is blue collar white voters. technically in the polls, 15 points above where mitt romney did four years ago. i look at this convention, there are a lot of successes for democrats. but watching joe biden speak last night it struck me that was the first direct message in a major speech this week to those blue collar voters. your is your party doing enough to reach out to them right now
1:36 pm
you think? >> let me say a couple of things. i think for everybody blue collar white voter we lose and they tend to be males. i don't think we are doing as badly with women as with men. we will pick up two likely women independent or republican leaning voters who are college-educated, more affluent in the suburbs. so i think that even though we may have a tough fight with the blue collar particularly high school males, that is not going to be enough for trump to win the election. he will lose more on the other side. but i think as these blue collar males learn what we stand for, and what trump stands for, trump won't wear well with anybody. his quick answers that don't explain to people how we will make their lives better, it is fine in primary, fine initially, but you know, presidential campaign, the spotlight is on you minute to minute. and i think people are going to do two things. they will see that hillary clinton and blue collar voters
1:37 pm
are on their side. they will realize she is not what fox news tried to convince them of. she is a person who cares and can get things done. so i think that both they will lose more than they gain even if blue collar votes stay wres it is but i think we will pick up. i think trump reached high water mark. bold naked and sometimes nasty appeals are going to wear thin after a while. >> senator chuck shumer from new york. people are wondering where the idea of hillary clinton running for office in new york ever came from, it was watching her campaign for him. 18 years ago. senator schumer, thanks for taking the time. >> nice to talk to you, thank you. >> that was chuck schumer across down in philadelphia. back now live on the convention floor. we will check in with kelly o'donnell, amongst the delegates. what do you have? >>. [ inaudible ]
1:38 pm
-- added a new barrier and created a set of seats closest to the stage separated from the delegates. this is new for today. and it is our expectation that those will be very special guest for hillary clinton to be able to see the speech up close and to, one might think, have quick access to the stage. that's change here today. also creating a little space here that they have kindly put some media access only signs. we appreciate that. that is really a response to how packed it was last night. there was such interest in being on the floor that it was elbow to elbow, a tight squeeze. difficult for media, difficult for guests to see. they are trying to create flow tonight. that's a change on the fly. it is not unusual to see a final night set change and they've done that here as well. back in our work space behind the scenes we saw some of the
1:39 pm
carpenters doing adjustments to the stage and bringing pieces out. so there will be something new to watch tonight. i can tell you an avid tv watcher, is donald trump. and he has put out a statement in advance of hillary clinton tonight where he says that the world presented by democrats is a fantasy world. and there's no problem with hillary clinton maintaining a full server of classified information that could have been hacked by any country. he said i propose, donald trump proposes, a different vision for america one where we can break up washington's rigged system and empower all-americans to achieve their dreams. if our vision we will put america first. a written pre-buttle where we will see in part the 1996 it takes a village meeting 2016 stronger together messages. back to you, steve.
1:40 pm
>> all right. kelly o'donnell on the fourth. fourth and final day of the democratic national convention officially under way in philadelphia. we will squeeze in a very quick break. we have a lot more on the other side. please stay with us. with the right steps, 80% of recurrent ischemic strokes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i can to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor
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we're back live here in philadelphia. the speech is there way at the
1:44 pm
podium now, that's antonio vera ragossa. former mayor. all building up to the main event tonight. hillary rodham clinton. we are expecting sometime after 10:00 p.m. will accept the nomination for president. she will become the first female ever to accept a major party nomination for presidency. back now just off the floor here in the wells fargo center, joined by jane gronkowski. thanks for stopping by. >> thanks for having me. >> so hillary clinton is an illinois girl by birth. we are told it will be a personal story for her tonight. a personal message in many ways that she delivers. we have been talking about the reluctance she has. reluctance to talk about herself personally. she has a challenge when you look at polling numbers when it comes to personal characteristics and people's likability, honesty, trust worthy. she has challenges there. what do you think the key is
1:45 pm
tonight for her having the speech? >> i think we want to understand hillary rodham clinton as warm, thoughtful, great friend, someone who does have personal relationships that have lasted all her life. and the kindness she brought to her public service. caring. and we heard some of that from people who have said that she has always been there for them. she calls them. people who were strangers who she has taken a personal interest in. >> i guess the question is, because we have heart testimonials this week and that's always effective to having someone tout your credentials like that. but how can she get that across to people? >> i hope, and i've been in small rooms with her, where she has been absolutely one of the most personal people i've seen. i hope she can imagine herself in that kind of role. because she does come across as i think the real and genuine and warm person that she is. that's what i'm hoping for.
1:46 pm
but you know, in any case, this is a woman that when she takes that oath of office, we know that she is going to have our back, particularly women and girls, here at home and all around the world. >> we've mentioned that the stage craft, core rchoreography this week, is impress ive, compared to last week in cleveland. looks like donald trump add polling bounce out of that convention. is that dispointing to hillary clinton? >> i would be real surprised if there isn't a bump after hearing from her husband, a real love letter to her. and for all of us to hear. the minute he said in 1970 i met a girl. he had us. >> i heard conversation about that. some people had issues with that. you liked the opening? >> oh, i absolutely loved it. i thought he had most people in the palm of his hand. but in any case, and barack
1:47 pm
obama, our vice president, kaine just such a descent person. that's the other thing i think about this convention, the decency of all the people who are the leaders of the democratic party. such a contrast with donald trump and the anger and bitterness and hate speech we heard from there and since he got the official nomination. we have people who especially the president yesterday, so kind and what did bloomberg say? we need someone sane. sane and competent. >> yes. he was the speaker -- >> for sure hillary clinton will come across as sane and competent. i know that from true. >> thank you for stopping by. appreciate that. we got our reporters fanned out in various delegations.
1:48 pm
jacob soeb rof is one of them. jacob, you've got some cheese heads there. >> you want it take a guess where we are? i guess it rhymes with misconsin. this is alex. this is frank. they've been hillary clinton supporters for the long haul. you were a hillary clinton supporter in 2008. that wasn't a necessarily a popular thing for a young guy back then. how come you've been supportive of her for so long? >> i admire her tenacity and that she never gives up. i come from a small business family where we were instilled from a young age to make sure we work hard and never give up. my mother runs a business right now and she has been discriminated against in the work force her entire life. i want someone who knows and understands those issues and understands what women who run businesses face everyday. and i know hillary will fight for her and fight for women across this country.
1:49 pm
and i've admired her for that, hands down. >> let me get alex in here. talk to me about what do you expect from the secretary and what you would like to see? >> i think what secretary will do is outline her vision for america. and where she wants to take the country. and i think what you will see is a stark contrast between what donald trump did last week, which was offer no policy solutions and just demagoguery, fear, and cynicism. i think from the secretary what you will see is hope be optimism and where america's going to go. i think that's what's been outlined all week and that's what the secretary believes and america doesn't need to be made great again, america is already great. >> what was it like it take your cheese head through security at the airport? >> we actually didn't have to bring them through the airport. we shipped them here. but bringing them through secret service was interesting. i got one boo from a vikings fan which, you know, it's a vikings fan, so not a big deal. >> i know you like sports teams
1:50 pm
paraphernalia. i will see if i can get one. >> that's okay, i'm pat fan. >> he is a patriots fan. >> thanks forñoño++
1:51 pm
they are going through a number of afternoon speeches right now. this convention, getting ready about a half hour ago. four days here in philadelphia, and results in a big polling bounce. let's take a listen now, head down to the convention podium and i believe this is jamie
1:52 pm
harrison. democratic party obviously playing a big role in the democratic process and in the primary a few months ago. >> chairman of the south carolina democratic party. as a demagogue preaches nostalgia from the past, it is worth talking about our past. a 10-year-old girl dragged bags of cotton under a searing sun. that girl was any grandmother. millions of americans lived separate, unequal lives. in 1960, a college student was arrested in orangeburg for protecting that unjust system. and in jail, he met his future wife. that student was jim clyburn.
1:53 pm
thanks to him and countless others, president lyndon johnson signed the civil rights act and a voting rights act. johnson new democrats would lose the south for a generation. but to paraphrase john f. kennedy, now the torch has been passed. passed it a new generation of southerners. diverse, progressive, and fed up with republicans failed governance and dangerous divisiveness. when this generation hears donald trump claim that america was only great in some bygone era, we know painfully well we can't go back to that old america. we can't go back to that old south. democrats believe in a new south because no matter your race, immigration status, income, religion, sex, sexual orientation or your gender
1:54 pm
identity, we all have the same aspirations, for high quality education. good jobs. safe neighborhoods. health care and retirement for all. my friends, these are the aspirations of my grandmother. who now sees her grandson as the first black party chair in south carolina. [ cheers and applause ] these aspirations were jim clyburn's who became majority whip of the united states house of representatives. only democrats can help all-americans fulfill these aspirations. after the horrific massacre at emmanuel ame church, south carolinians agreed to take down the confederate flag.
1:55 pm
we can't take down the flag until we take down the education and health care. we can't pat ourselves for being polite -- >> south chair of the democratic party. addressing the convention on this day four afternoon here in philadelphia. we are going to squeeze in a quick break. more from live from inside the wells fargo center right after this. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job,
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well... maybe, and finally: yes. then it was 36 clinical trials, 8,500 patient volunteers, and the hope of millions. and so after it became a medicine, someone who couldn't be cured, could be. me. ♪ back here in the wells fargo center in philadelphia. jacob has been moving amongst the delegates. jacob, where are you?
1:59 pm
what do you have? >> we just heard from jamie harrison, chair of the south carolina democratic party. this is crystal spain director of south carolina democratic party. so great to see you we just heard about the new south carolina democratic party. what does that mean and how does that play into what hillary clinton will say tonight? >> it means being more progressive and fighting for educational rights and just more progressive issues. >> when we talk about hillary clinton and how she is going to fair in south carolina, you know, we all remember the primary election this year. what do you think will happen come november? >> i think she will do very well in south carolina. she did very well in the primary. her base pretty much is the south carolina democratic party. i think that she will fair extremely well there. >> what are you looking forward to tonight? this is a very historic night. first female nominee of the major political party. >> i'm looking forward to seeing her accept the nomination. that is history in the making. we will never see the first one
2:00 pm
again. i'm excited about that. >> i appreciate you taking the time and steve i will throw it back to you and the other corner of the arena. >> jacob, hour number one here on day four is in the books. countdown continues to hillary clinton's big speech tonight. i'm steve kornacki, chuck todd will pick up the coverage live here from philadelphia right now. >> good evening, i'm chuck todd in his totoric philadelphia on historic night. never has a woman received a nomination for a major political party. tonight at wells fargo center, fourth and final night of this convention, just getting under way. as we countdown to the big moment in just a few hours, hillary clinton will accept her party's nomination for


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