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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 23, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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prosecutor to investigate the clinton foundation and while the manager is saying that the 90s and once gain to the campaign. >> hillary clinton is a bore and many voters think is not trustworthy and then in a casual relationship and she has a relationship with the truth. >> a brand new report from the press now and dropping within the last few minutes and details how many clinton donors met with hillary clinton while she was at the department of state. also on the agenda expanding the math and ex panlding the democratic map for the clinton campaign and one red state looking on tanabloo looking obtainable in a new campaign. president obama praising fema and promising support for those affected by the flooding. >> what i want the people of louisiana to know is that you're not alone in this.
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even after the tv cameras leave, the whole country is going to continue to support you and help you. >> a live report from louisiana is straight ahead. let's begin with the breaking news. hillary clinton at a high power a list fundraiser and trump going after her and the ap out with a brand new story in the past few minutes and showing the over lapping and intersecting interest and those able to speak with hillary clinton while secretary of the state. here is the report and saying that more than half of the people outside of the government who met with clinton while she was secretary of the state gave money either personally or through companies or groups to the clinton foundation. the foundation coming under intense scrutiny and donald trump calling for a special prosecutor to look for conflicts of interest. join me now is anne and good to see you. the question here is maybe
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they're people that are not surprised by this and the numbers do seem extraordinary, what's the sense of this. do you think this is going to be a big deal, or is this the kind of thing that's baked into hillary clinton perceptions. do you think there's something about the ties during the time she was secretary of the state and otherwise you think that this is the way that it was, and i'm voting on other things? >> well, certainly the clinton campaign hopes that it's the ladder and that people have made up their mind about what they think about hillary clinton's e-mail issues, any over lap between the clinton foundation and donors and any question of whether there was prefer shl treatment and all of those are not right by criticism and others and the clinton
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foundation and campaigns perspecti perspective, they keep on saying that it's old news. i will say that that's an extraordinarily high number of people from outside of the government that got meetings or phone conversations with her, and the over lap between that high number of people that got those and that kind of treatment and direct access between the donors and it's pretty eye opening and definitely will be for trump and really for also critics within and on the democratic side and hillary clinton's supporters that would like to see her put larger amounts of distance in herself and really finally put the e-mail issue to rest. >> and if you can stand by, i want to bring in angela mitchel that's covered the clinton campaign and so many years and
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including the secretary of the state at the time when she was at the state department and andrea, the numbers as anne pointed out are shocking and half of the people that met with her and talked to her on the phone had given money to the clinton foundation or a line to the organizations and what do you think of the associated press? >> well, we're going through the information and a lot of these people came from the think tanks and over lapping the world. many of them were calling about middle east issues and issues that were norm business for the state department and secretary office, so we're try to go o do our own analysis and accurate to say that more of the half of the people that dealt with the state department was a donor in some fashion and the context that was reported and in one case from a citizens united and 378 e-mails
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that just came out today and another one of the groups that was going after them and one of them indicates 150 phone contacts from a woman named laura gram and she was the director and then the state department of a two year period. a further analysis indicates that this could have been involving reconstruction work after the earthquake. i'm not sure of this yet. we're still checking and this is the thought that's being made here. if shfs cheryl that was the point person for the construction and the poster earthquake relief and the clinton foundation where bill was the special enjoy along with former president bush after the earthquake and then over two year period 150 phone calls is not that extraordinary. that's the kind of thing that we have to look into and there's certa certainly plenty and the donors and it's clear that they got
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their phone calls returned. in many cases it did not agree and did not put it through. they wrote the e-mails to the secretary and do you want to talk to someone. often there was no action and there was a quote. there's a lot of things to be done and this is going to be trailing hillary clinton from now to at the election. >> yeah, i think that we have to have a very important distinction here as you and your staff come to make these and doing it gain as you say and then there's a perception problem and there's a legal question and it does not appear that there's anything illegal about these mitings. there was an agreement and andrea was signed by bielema with the state department when she became secretary of the state about essentially what the behavior would be and the
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clinton foundation behavior would be. >> absolutely. it's fair and there were making the phone call and then the committee and then i was on the call and there was an agreement and in this case they cover the stage at the same time that i did and con vailed this out and then the vet ers were and the people that were working with hillary clinton worked with them and would work with the foundation and hillary clinton and bielema in other worlds. they were political opponenties and they were one of the defense lawyers and it was a small circle of people and they were doing the vetting for bielema and others at the foundation & you can ask her that question.
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>> let's talk about that and let's talk about the way that the campaign wants to paint this and let me just play for you when asking these questions what he felt and the campaign had to say just hours ago. take a listen. >> this is an absurd call by donald trump. it's an act of desperation and the djustice department decline to ask anything. >> he is responding specifically to the call for a special prosecutor and what about the vetting and what do we know about what happened? >> yeah, brian fallon is right strictly speaking if the justice department has declined to wlbrg forward the investigation and the special prosecutor could and would find much more or the panel, and you know, it's a legal stretch.
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that's a matter to the question and that's exactly what trump and brian and other republicans are getting at when they say essentially they were in charge of trying to separate the interest of the clinton foundation and the interest of the united states government when hillary clinton was secretary of the state and were not, you know, necessarily the completely impartial or unconnected to the clinton familiar economy the clinton family foundation. that's a perception issue that kind of -- while it's specific to this case kind of gets lumped in with a lot of other perception questions surrounding hillary clinton of, you know, essentially whether she always had the best interest of the united states government at heart when she was secretary of the state or whether some part of her loyalties were to
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potential future of her own political career and to the family foundation which was doing parallel and over lapping work. we mentioned the over lap and then the clinton foundation and the factors would say that the organization did an enormous work in haiti and around the world and providing aids drugs and so fort. that over laps the aide programs and there's actually an over lap there. the question is, you know, was one part benefitting the other and where was -- what was hillary clinton thinking? was there enough separation and did donors tend to the foundation get any specific access to the state department and to her secretary? >> yeah, anandrea, i have not looked at the numbers but they were the prime benefactor and this was a country that they
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focused on with time and money and trips that bielema made while he was there. when you talk about these competing interest and you talk about obviously the context of the campaign and we have seen more message discipline from the trump campaign. i don't think that any of us have any doubt that he is going to pound on this, would you expect as a result of this to hear anything different from the clinton campaign or hillary clinton andrea than we have hear from them in the past? >> yeah, i think for one thing in reno, we're going to hear a speech where she is going to talk about the right thing and what they're very critical of what they consider con conspiracy theories coming from the trump campaign and then the engagement of the people and then working with donald trump and then donald trump himself. one other thing that i should point out when we talk about some of the ways that hillary clinton has been viewed within
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the establishment and within the conservative circles and then the military circles, we have confirmation from our own pentagon producers that in fact as first reported by the washington examinering, a training poster that was used to handle insider threats had pictures of david and of some other people, you know, very well known and then it's like snowden and so she was on the training manual 18 months ago and then it's showing people how to spot in insider threat and someone that's in the government and with security. >> it's great and since if she was to win the election, she would hit the commander in chief.
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>> yeah, i want to ask both of you this but it's one thing to say that these meetings happen, and it's another thing to draw the connection to any sort of special treatment or changes in the position and then and then how difficult would it be and i will ask you and then go to you very quickly. >> there have been a couple of cases that are pointed out and then the clinton campaign and the state department pushing back in the last 48 hours and very very hard and saying that no one has proved anything was done and then with the meetings and then it's a special favor. >> anne? >> yeah -- because there's the potential for the people to be donors and that they may have
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gotten meetings and access that they would not have gotten otherwise. they're not the same thing as the government favors. >> okay. two people that have extraordinary inside and i thank you both approximate for responding to this new information that's coming out and andrea and should you and your staff find anything, come back to us in the next 45 minutes. we would love to hear it. meanwhile don o dald trump hoping to expand and showing him performing extremely poorly with the african american voters and just eight percent saying that they would support trump over hillary clinton and he is trying to rectify that and we heard it last night in ohio. >> crime, all of the problems to the african americans that i employee so many people, what in
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the hell do you have to lose. i will straighten it out. i will bring the jobs back and spirit back we will get rid of the crime and you can walk down the street without getting shot. right now you walk down the street and get shot. >> joe watkins is a former aide and the george hw bush white house. a lot of people taking offense in fact to the way that donald trump has presented this message. what do o you think of the message as he is trying to win back and what do you think? >> well, he is not going to do it talking that way and then what is important to the people of color and then the black people is having some african americans at the highest level of the campaign so that you can find out what african american
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issues are and how to solve them. you don't win the vote by saying that we ought to vote with you because you have nothing else to lose. you show what you would do to solve the problem that is we face. if you want to talk about law and order, talk about the african americans just in the last couple of years that were stopped by the police and lost their lives. >> i don't want to look back. i proefr to look forward, but did he lose the opportunities along the way and just in the last couple of months he is offered chances to speak before and well known groups and largely african american and most recently for example and then the black journalist groups and then clearly --
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>> he has lost one opportunity after another. you're absolutely right. if you want to engage the african american community, talk to the leadership of the african american community. that's to say that those that have the substantial and he could have spoken or and then the black journalists and then met with the leadership of the naacp. they have a large and talk to the african americans and all of the issues that plague us and matter to us. he could talk to mark and the urban league and it's a major organization and it's a huge and then the major of the american city and it's a balance and fair guy. if you're not talk to go the african american leaders and if you don't have any color at the senior level of the staff, and tv stations and radio stations
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to get the message out and -- >> and there's a discipline and then it's the new focus and i'm sure that it's certainly familiar with the message & then would you expect anything different from him? would you expect him to do any of the thing that is you're talking about and that other folks have suggested or that's smart for him and then it's anywhere near the majority of the people and then it's gotten. >> well, you have to reach out and have people around you and employee people to raise the
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number. in order to get any significant number of people, you have to put the effort in it. it takes time and money and people and the right people, and takes most importantly a message and having an agenda that's appealing to the african american community and say that i'm going give you my vote. i know that in 2004 george w bush spent a lot of time and effort and then certain key states and then in some states it was double digit and then six or 12 percent and then one was 27. you have the people on the ground and then getting the people that believe you and trust you and then it's money, time, effort and people. so far i have not seen any of those and i may be misstaken. >> joe watt kins, good to see you any friend. >> good to see you my friend.
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we're less than five weeks from the election debate. the ticket fighting for a spot on that stage and gary johnson and the running mate is going to join us after the break. classes start at ut austin and students are packing guns along with the books. a professor that's trying to block the law and ekeep the firearms out of the classes. a boy that got the first double transplant. my colleague will join us with the update on the inspiring magical miracle. he is a pioneer whose success is hope for other children. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful,
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of course the general election 77 days from now will not be a two way head to head match up and bill is in the race too and they're pulling for 11 percent in the poll and party nominee jill snagging another five percent and slinking the lead over trump to five points. former massachusetts governor and vice presidential nominee for the libertarian ticket is here with me now. good to see you. >> thank you. >> 11 percent and strong showing for the third ticket and then it's one poll and you need 15 to
1:25 pm
get on the stage. how do you do it? >> i cascade around the country. i have been out week and we're raising money at a vasely different clip than we were a couple of months ago. >> what does that mean? how does that translate? >> well, a million dollars on a day opposed to fives, tens and 15 three weeks ago. it's all begun to jell in the last few weeks. >> that's probably money for a senate campaign and not a presidential campaign. >> yeah, we're going to be out advertising and only 30 percent of the voters has heard of gary johnson enough to have an opinion on him. we get that up to 13 percent and that's going to go to 20 percent. it's not going o go to 15. >> let's talk about the pollster because when they left them off the ballot and gave them the choice of hillary clinton or donald trump or neither, eight
1:26 pm
percent opted for neither and others are satisfied with the candidates and then seeking out your platform and how do you get the message out there and how do you translate that dissatisfaction into something positive for you? >> well we have to stop having people bran washed and it's absolutely not. this year of all years people have to start to take responsibility for their own votes. people in washington that are party officials have a stake in having people leave that it's written in scripture that the d and the r have a monopoly. there's no reason that should be so. >> do you they the report and the press on clinton and the e-mails and the nongovernment people that she gave time to and having done donors or affiliated with donor tos to the clinton
1:27 pm
foundation, will you use that? >> well, gary johnson has used the play to play. >> let's talk about the time line because it's very close now to the debates and 15 percent can be a pretty high place to get to without that reason wli. is there any chance at all that you're in the conversation? >> no, if we do get to 15 or are included in the debates are other reasons, they may take them in account and then the committee made the recommendations and then the lower the percentage and that was going to be more democratic. and there's a point of view. >> that's not what exists right n now. >> and gary johnson is a real list and looking at the very
1:28 pm
least what and making it look like a real player. >> yeah, we would like to get out of this and win the debates and election. >> i think if we get to -- >> we're the only party that's conservative and socially liberal and then it's simple arguments that are winning arguments. >> governor, it's good to see you. thanks for coming on. after the break president obama touring the historic flood damage in louisiana and meets with families that lost so much. >> i just had a chance to see some of the damage from the historic floods here in louisiana. i come here first of all to say that the prayers of the united nation are here for the lost
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call today and ask how to get these savings plus a $250 prepaid card. comcast business. built for business. focussing on the border security and building a wall along the u.s. mexican border and hillary clinton is in california for a second day of fundraising against hollywood a list ers and just left the home of justin timberlake and tomorrow she is at a fundraiser in the valley with apple ceo tim cook. and obama walking through a flood tour of louisiana and getting a firsthand look at the devastation left behind and that comes when the president remained on the two week vacation as the louisiana residence struggled through the
1:33 pm
damaging flood waters. turning to texas and a federal judge has struck down the carry law and meaning that students with a license to carry a firearm will be able to bring the guns to class tomorrow lisa is suing to keep the open carry out of the classroom. thank you for joining us professor. you said it is going to be chilling to the first amendment right and can you explain that? >> absolutely. i grew up on a ranch, and one of my jobs as a kid was to shoot goof ers with a 22. another thing that i learned as a kid and something that i heard old timers say was don't bring the guns to town. the town square that i'm responsible at a faculty member of university of texas is a classroom. that's where we have to have the
1:34 pm
skills of meeting the challenging ideas. >> how does someone carrying a gun legally stop that? >> well, there are a few ways. accidental discharge. the more guns are in a situation, the more they can go off and get into the hand of the license holder and the other thing is that the chilling affect happens whether a gun comes out of the holster or not. i was teaching this summer when the law went into affect and it was really disruptive that day and i had to say to students that the laws and affects and you have to let know that guns are not permit in my office and allowed under the law and my policy. >> we did not talk much about jane austin that day. people were shocked and scared and wanted more information. that's just a distraction from the work of teaching and
1:35 pm
learning that's so important that we put out in the university. >> so let me approximate put this out and give you a chance to answer it. they say rightfully that texans have to be 21 to carry a weapon and that ut has estimated that fewer than one percent of students actually have a license to carry a handgun and beyond that students have been able to carry them on campus for decades. not just in school buildings. so how big of an impact will the law have on faculty or student body and whether it's a discussion or whether a student could be learning in the classroom? >> yeah, we're in a wash of gun violence in the country and this is just one more area where the ability to keep the guns out of a siltation that they do not belong is eroded. it's not just a question of statistically how are we going estimate the dangers will go up
1:36 pm
and what we know as the researchers and the people that believe the data is that when there's more gun or situations, there's danger. the item that there's a good guy with a gun and going take down the shooter is a myth. woman are less safe when there's more guns in a situation. so there's more to fear and then it's overly weaponized and because of accidents and things that might happen that are unforseen. you want to have your mind blown in your university classroom, and that has to be a metaphor. >> well, you're going to o block guns on the campus will fail and we hope that you will come back to us and talk. >> thank you. >> professor moore, we appreciate it. still to come. up for grades the continue of the tour of the swing state of florida. look how pretty it is there
1:37 pm
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ask your doctor about lyrica. and it's so important to the victory in the swing state that both campaigns are dumping more money there than anyone else. the corridor has seen more add spending than anywhere else in the country. in the up for grades taking us from tampa to the other interstate of four and daytona daech to find out what is on the mind of the voters in the swing state first of all, it's a total scam most of the people are watching these adds in doors and you're outdoors. what do we know if we're having an impact on what the voters think? >> reporter: well, it's really
1:41 pm
interesting because this county went from john mccain and mitt romney in 2008 and 2010. if you go to the coast hillary clinton is leading out here by a whooping 19 percent. see what people had to say. i made it here and more money is being spent here than anywhere else in the country and the campaign adds. that's why cannot see it and it's made a difference. hello. do you know what you're going to vote for.
1:42 pm
>> he is giving them a chance to give them the green card. like people that are not troublemakers. >> reporter: not as troublemakers. >> yeah, most of them in families and it's not really a good place to vote for donald trump at as. >> reporter: as a muslim family, what you think of donald trump? >> well, it's just fact and the way that he is talking. >> reporter: have the adds changed the way that you think at all? >> no, i don't think so. i don't watch the ads. >> reporter: you don't watch a lot of tv. thanks for watching us. big election coming up. do you know who you're going for? hillary clinton. >> trump. >> reporter: are you friends or colleagues? >> boyfriend and girlfriend.
1:43 pm
>> reporter: does it affect you in the way that you want to vote in any way? >> as of right now no i would say so. >> reporter: at the end of the day you're confident that donald trump is going to win? your girlfriend was right all along. >> yeah, if the lady is not happy, nobody is happy. >> reporter: tell me about it dude. i love you honey. i was talking to my wife. not you. don't worry. you're nice too. >> chris, when you look at the new add spending numbers that are out today and florida adds them across the country and hillary clinton is leading donald trump by a whooping $20 million in ad spending in this area. hillary clinton is also leading in the polls and saying these adds do not matter much, but maybe they do after all. >> well, when you go down there is that all that you see in the
1:44 pm
local and state office? r >> reporter: all of the time chris. some of them are new and talking about the thing in the news sick cycle and they're turning fast in hope that is they will affect the voters here. >> yeah we will see what impact that really has. jacob looks like he is enjoying himself and he is on the road in the states and between now and election day and he plans to visit skbrou if you live in a swing state, let them know it's up for grades and he may pay you a visit. straight ahead trump is leading on the key republican block and married woman. can trump win them back? plus 9 years old this little boy is aon an incredible health journey. he had a double hand transplant
1:45 pm
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republicans have traditionally won the married woman's vote and this year anything but normal and clinton had an eight point lead over donald trump with married woman voters and then that's the nbc national poll. we sat down with white suburban married woman from ohio and asked trump supporters why they think that the candidates message is not sitting well with
1:49 pm
some of the neighbors. >> reporter: what would you like to see donald trump tone down specifically? >> instead of being negative all of time, he will say the positive thing that is he will do and not the nasty things about the competition or groups. >> i would say 75 percent of the commercials that i see on the tv are against trump and for hillary clinton. >> okay. >> okay. and they take whatever he says out of context and, you know, i don't believe any of it. they say certain phrases and stick them all together and it sounds like oh my god, this man is terrible. he is outspoken. i will say that he is very outspoken and he has to learn to tone it down if he is going to make it in politics. >> yeah, political reporter and it's interesting what she had to say about the advertising and
1:50 pm
then it's donald trump and then and it's in the adds and then when you look at the ads overall you have obviously got a tremendous and then it's 17 to one advantage for hillary clinton and is that donald trump's problem with married woman? he only recently launched the ad of his campaign and hillary clinton and her allies are in the air ways and then a series of ads and then to use his own words against him and then you see the poll numbers, and you're seeing the evidence that the adds in the battlegrounds are the proof and clinton has pulled ahead by some digit. i think that's part of why you're seeing donald trump pivot and it's not really a pivot but in tone he is trying to appeal or he is changing the messaging
1:51 pm
and saying that he is addressing african american voters and hispanic voters. it's not going to offer a chance with the minorities and the chance to earn the vote. it's the woman and say that i can present a shorter image and seeing within the advertisements. >> there's an advertisement that you can make and the real one against him is donald trump and the things that he said that in many ways may enforce it. he is out there so much and it does not make a difference. he that new campaign team, and do you think that we're going see a lot more money spent ton advertising that we have not seen up to this point? >> i assume that we will see more money spent on the advertise asking the point that you make is a great one and it's in the show and those woman were not really talking about the specifics or the politics. they were saying that he was
1:52 pm
negative and angry. if that impress or the perception of donald trump is actually bake into the cake, then it becomes difficult to change. it's not something that he can undo the policy and then people change their mind about them. if woman are other critical demographic locks have decided that donald trump is unrensab unreasonable, it's different to change that. >> yeah, other things that people come and wanting to change is get him off the script. they want him to stay on the message clearly but also using tell prompter he went out trying to address the african american voters and saying what do you have to use and how bad the lives are. are was congresswoman from ohio responding to that. let me play it.
1:53 pm
>> this is not a war zone and my district is not a war zone. do we have issues? yes. but it's nothing like what donald trump is talking about or what he described. >> se bree octavia, are you seeing a different donald trump? >> not at all. the statements speak for skmooimhimself and the campaign is clear. it's only now that he is losing that he is sort of changing the way that he talks about them and then in capable of the script because i think it's just like
1:54 pm
the statements and it's going to appeal to the woman and say that i can present a different image and it's not to appeal to the african american voters. >> yeah, i wish that we had more time. we had breaking news at the top and we will come right back. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order
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1:58 pm
9-year-old zian and you just saw him last summer and he got the world's first double hand transplant on a child after losing his arms, forearms and feet after a life infection. a few weeks ago he throw out the first pitch at an oriels game and they talked about his progress and we have been following this and it's impossible not to fall in love with this little boy. >> the prognosis is good and the story is about hope and courage and inspiration. he just turned years old and all that people can talk about what a miracle he is. you can see that zian can do push ups, cut with scissors and staying within the lines. there are a lot of grown ups that cannot do that. he can do the pull ups on the bar and ripping them with the
1:59 pm
hands. these are the hands that he has had since you can remember. they were amputated when he was two years old and he has determination and his prognosis is extraordinary. he will be in therapy most of his life to make sure that they do not get stiff or the fingers get stiff, but this is a kid that has determination. >> the attitude just exceed happiness and joy. >> he wants to play dpofootball but his mom says absolutely not. >> look at him doing the push ups. >> if given the opportunity he wants to try out for a baseball team. you name it, and i they he has a possibility to do it. >> we're going see more on nightly news tonight and thank you for bringing that to us. it's so good to end the show on a wonderful note. again you can catch more on the story on the nbc nightly news.
2:00 pm
that's going to do it for this hour. i will see you back here tomorrow and mtd daily starts right now. if it's tuesday trump tries to change the subject once again. tonight it's trump 3.0. what has changed now that the rights leading provector is now in charge. >> i have been shocked by the vase scope of hillary clinton criminalalty. >> linton tries to laugh off a surprise. >> my e-mails are so boring. >> we have released 30,000 splourks what's a few more. >> it's the clinton foundation that's becoming a bigger problem and then after a round of criticism, president obama visits flooded louisiana. >> it's not a photo op issue. >> louisiana governor joins


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