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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 2, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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until the big day, election day. topping our agenda, what hillary clinton told the fbi. 58 pages of findings from their investigation of her use of a private e-mail server released just in the last few hours. the justice department decided in july not to prosecute clinton. some of this new information, though, causing a stir. we will take you through it. also on the agend adonald trump's outreach. he's in philadelphia today, in detroit tomorrow. he says he's going after support from black voters, but some are asking if there's a different group of voters he's really targeting. also colin kaepernick takes a knee. the 49ers quarterback taking a difference approach to the national anthem last night as his protest of racial inequality continues. >> there are a lot of issues that need to be talked about, need to be brought to life. and we need to fix those things. >> kaepernick also sported socks
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that had pigs with police hats during pregame warm-ups last night. that got a lot of people buzzing. we'll talk to a former nfl player and army green beret who had a long conversation with colin kaepernick just before that game last night. he's going to join us in a little while. stay tuned for that. and much more to come this hour. we are going to begin with the fbi just in the last few hours releasing dozens of pages from its investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server, including what's known as a 302, a detailed description of clinton's interview with the fbi. again, this is all from an investigation that was completed in july. that is when the fbi's director james comey recommended to the justice department that it not charge clinton with any crime. that's a recommendation the justice department then accepted. but now, after a freedom of information request, all of these materials from that investigation are being released. and we have been poring over the
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new documents here this afternoon, including our own nbc's kristen welker. she's been going over them. i've been looking through these. a couple of things jumping out at me. a revelation that hillary clinton, who said when all of this began, that she wanted to use one device for all of her e-mail as a matter of convenience. she had eight blackberrys while secretary of state and that her lawyers told the fbi they could come up with none of them. what else is in here? >> the fact that she had so many blackberrys, steve, is one of the things that made this investigation so difficult. and the fbi says they have no indication that her account was hacked but it's not conclusive because she had so many devices, and they also conclude this. they did findhat hostile foreign actors successfully gained access to the personal e-mail accounts with individuals with whom clinton was in regular contact. that underscores what fbi director james comey said which is that secretary clinton was
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careless in using a private server but found no reason to actually indict her. here are other headlines we noted. she requested the secure bla blackberry when she arrived at the state department. she didn't consult with anyone. multiple phishing e-mails were sent to her private account and she didn't intend to evade the federal records act. also important she told investigators she set up this account as a matter of convenience. that's something she's always maintained. this is what her spokesperson said. we're pleased the fbi has released the colors from hillary clinton's interview as we have requested. while her use of a single e-mail account was clearly a mistake and she's taken responsibility for it, these materials make clear why the justice department believed there was no basis to move forward with this case. now just to take a deeper look at that statement. the reason the clinton campaign is saying they wanted these documents to be released is because lawmakers requested these same documents and the clinton campaign was concerned if they weren't released to the
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public, there would be some cherry picking by republicans. now, of course, the republicans are pouncing today. they are responding, including the trump campaign. i'll read you this statement from jason miller who says clinton's secret e-mail server was an end run around government transparency, laws that wound up jeopardizing our national security and sensitive diplomatic efforts. clinton's reckless conduct n dishonest attempts to avoid accountability show she cannot be trusted with the presidency and its chief obligation of commander in chief. there's no major bombshell in here, at this point. we're still going through these documents, but there's no doubt that every day these e-mails are in the headlines is a lag on her campaign. >> yeah. as we say, lots of little nuggets in there. people are going to be talking about for a little while to come. kristen welker, thank you for that. other breaking news this afternoon. the latest on hermine. the storm making landfall early this morning on the northwest coast of florida as a category 1
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hurricane. this is the first hurricane to hit the state in more than a decade. governor rick scott says one man was killed when a tree fell on a tent in a homeless camp near gainesville, floerrida. it's now a tropical storm but could ruin holiday weekend plans for millions of people up and down the coast. erica grove with wnbc here in new york takes us through what the weekend looks like. >> the storm is going to be impacting a big chunk of the eastern seaboard through this holiday weekend. currently it's right at the line between south carolina and georgia. it's continuing its trek to the northeast at about 15 miles per hour, and it still has 50-mile-per-hour winds. it's still a pretty strong tropical storm. you can see the watches that have been issued and the warnings. the tropical storm warning in orange and tropical storm watch is in yellow. that includes the entire new jersey coast and all of long island. that includes new york as well. now the tropical storm warning
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is in effect for the entire coastline of north carolina and also virginia. taking a look at the forecast as we move forward. it's going to be pretty much straight on that northeast trajectory. by the time we get to 8:00 a.m. saturday, it's impacting the outer banks of north carolina pretty directly. those winds are still strong at 50 miles per hour. by saturday evening, it's back over the open water. this is warm water but it's not really conducive to further strengthening. the problem with this storm is that it's going to sit and stall out. look at this. sunday, sunday, tuesday, wednesday, continuing to sit in the exact same spot. the storm is expected to stall out just to the south and east. new york city metropolitan area. that not only means the rain threat persists and the wind threat but coastal erosion and storm surge will be an issue with this storm. here's a look at the forecast for rainfall through the weekend. 4 to 8 inches of rainfall and a very wide swath of area and the heavyiest rainfall potential in the carolinas once the storm
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gets offshore. then the coastal erosion and flooding threat is going to be a big and substantial one, especially for long island and new jersey. back to you. >> erica grove in the weather center. thanks for that. turning back to politics now. donald trump receiving his second classified security briefing as a presidential candidate this morning in new york. he received that briefing, before traveling down to philadelphia. he's there this afternoon meet with african-american community leaders. a major trip for trump to detroit planned for tomorrow. we'll talk about that visit in just a moment. but the other news out of the trump campaign, this is also big news. it involves their ground organization. their ability to mobilize voters on election day in november. the republican national committee releasing a press release today saying that they brought on nearly 400 new staffers across the country to help with that get out the vote effort. to identify turnout supporters. now this comes after a report in
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politico saying that some very close to donald trump, including his son eric and son-in-law jared kushner who play major roles in his campaign have been increasingly unsure about their ability to mobilize votes in key swing states this november. for more on this very important aspect of who is going to win this election, we're joined by hallie jackson. we've been hearing about this for a while now that donald trump's campaign compared to hillary clinton's campaign is just not matching what they're able to do. they've been relying on the rnc. maybe the rnc is late to the game? >> the rnc is trying to get staffed up with that new release of close to 400 staffers. the rnc pointing out that is more people on the ground right now than what they had during mitt romney's campaign back in 2012. they point to more than 100 offices open. they feel like they have people in place. when you look at the office to office comparison, just in my conversations, they'll say the important thing is to get organizers out in the field. doesn't matter if people are
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sitting behind the desk. the important thing is we have people doing door knocks and get out the vote. the trump campaign is relying on the rnc for this. virtually no ground game of their own. they need to make sure the gop is doing what they need to. it doesn't matter what donald trump says at these rallies or how many people he can pull out. what matters is whether they show up on election day. the other thing i hear oftentimes is, they're trying to turn these big rally attendees. like the people who show up, into volunteers. into this army of boots on the ground that will go out and try to do these door knocks. i don't think we've seen an answer on enthusiasm to show up at an event translates into trying to get people to go out and vote for him. >> we're in september now. have they missed -- how much have they missed by -- >> even republican operatives who have no sort of stake in the game, right, other than, whatever, say that after labor day there is still some time. once you hit labor day, and we're here now, that's when you
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really have got to show up or get out of here. and so i think that what we see over the next week or so is going to be really important in determining the pace and the potential success that trump's team will have. >> hallie jackson on the trump beat. nice to see you. and trump, as we said, traveling to detroit tomorrow. this as he tries to court black voters. he appeared on fox news last night and gave a preview of the argument he's going to be making. take a listen. >> going to detroit for an african-american outreach. what do you plan to do there? what's the outreach statement? >> just that. we'll have an african-american outreach. look. i go over -- first, i have so many african-american -- and i say, what do you have to lose? i say to them, what do you have to lose? give it to me. i'm going to fix it. >> the detroit free press saying
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ahead of this trip that trump could be on mission impossible here when it comes to winning over the black vote. let's take a look at what donald trump is up against as he heads to detroit. this is from our latest nbc news, "wall street journal" poll. black voters asked which candidate are you supporting? you rarely see something that's almost as unanimous as this. 91% of black voters in our poll saying they're for hillary clinton. 1% for donald trump. it's basically impossible to be doing any worse than donald trump is with black voters. of course, republican candidates typically don't do very well with black voters. mitt romney got 6% of the black vote when he ran. there's been no republican since 1960 who has received more than 20% of the black vote in a presidential election. and that is one of the reasons that some people are looking at donald trump and his outreach to black voters. they're saying maybe it's not black voters he's actually targeting here. let me show you what i mean. look at this breakdown among
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white voters. we've talked about this a lot. the difference between white voters without college degrees. blue collar white voters and white voters with college degrees. among blue collar, voters, he's got a double-digit lead over headquarte hillary clinton. this is a strong group for him. check this out. professional, more economically upscale white voters with college degrees. hillary clinton leading by seven points over donald trump. why is that important? because never, never in history has a democratic candidate won this group of voters. whites with college degrees. but hillary clinton is right now. she's leading donald trump by seven points. that goes a long way to understanding why hillary clinton leads this presidential race right now. in these voters, they tend to be suburban i aanit suburbanites, tend to be more moderate on social and cultural issues. they've been profoundly uncomfortable by the tone of donald trump's campaign.
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by the rhetoric on immigration. the rhetoric on racial issues. there's a theory that donald trump in going to detroit in saying that he's making a pitch to black voters that he's not so much going after black voters as he is trying to make this type of white voter comfortable with the idea of voting for donald trump. history says this is a group the republican is absolutely supposed to be winning in a presidential race. and donald trump is losing it right now. anyway. that is a little bit of the advance, a little prep for donald trump's trip to detroit. for more, i want to bring in joe watkins, a republican strategist, former aide in the george h.w. bush white house. he joins us now. so let me ask you that basic question. we outlined what some are saying this is really all about for donald trump. what do you think this trip to detroit is all about? >> i think you're right. i don't know how he moves the dial at all with african-americans. most of us have been offended by what we've heard in the speeches which makes it sound like all
1:14 pm
black people are poor and live in the inner city and all black people worried about getting shot when they walk down the street. that is not the case. most african-americans are offended by that kind of talk. talking to us as if all of us have the same situation and not having any regard that we're americans too and there's a lot of diversity like there is in any other community in this country. but if donald trump was really serious about talking to african-americans, having a real dialogue, he wouldn't need questions in advance. we wouldn't need scripted answers because he's an unscripted kind of a candidate. and he'd be talking with african-americans who have large, national constituencies like the national urban league or the naacp or the national association of black journalists. these are folks that have large constituencies who represent large numbers of people of color. and if he wanted to have a real dialogue, he'd be talking with large groups that concern people of color in this country. he listened to what they have to say as well as what he thought
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they could do to change that. >> there was questions, was he going to offer a different tone on immigration. certainly didn't sound like that in that speech. he goes to detroit tomorrow. do you think there's going to be any change in tone? anything closer to what you're saying he needs to be saying? >> it will probably make for a good television. him at a black church talking with an african-american ministers, i understand, and some others. it's not a real dialogue. the real dialogue should have come when we had the incidents where african-americans were killed by police officers in milwaukee. he could have gone to milwaukee and met with the leadership of the black community to discuss ways to make sure that doesn't happen. he's missed a lot of opportunities already. for many african-americans, this is little more than what we call a dog and pony show where you go to the black community and have a staged event and then you leave. real dialogue is a lot deeper
1:16 pm
than that. >> we put the poll numbers up there. we are used to republican candidates for president doing terribly with black voters. but never this bad. 91% to 1% in the nbc news "wall street journal" poll. this is a long-term problem for republicans. it seems, at least for right now, it's gotten even worse under donald trump. do you see, just looking ahead, past this election, do you see a path that exists for the republican party to ever reverse that's trend? >> this is a path but it takes money. it takes people, and it takes message. you have to have a message that appeals to the african-american community. you have to engage the african-american community in a very real way. own up to the things you haven't done right and talk about how you're going to change them. if that were done, there's a chance to get more african-americans to join the republican party. it's got to be a real dialogue, not just a dog and pony show. can't just be a few crumbs here and there. if you really want to get the black folks involved and interested, you have to have dialogue and spend money.
1:17 pm
spend money with african-american publications, with radios, african-american radio stations and newspapers and african-american tv stations. and that's the way that you -- and talk with the leadership. and that's got to be done if it's ever going to change. >> joe watkins joining us from philadelphia. thanks for the time. >> thanks, steve. coming up, the fallout continues over trump's ever-shifting stance and rhetoric when it comes to immigration. he revised his position again just last night on what to do after deporting undocumented immigrants convicted of crimes. >> we're going to sit back. we're going to assess the situation. we're going to make a decision at that time. i want to see, before we do anything further, i want to see how it shapes up when we have strong -- i use the word impenetrable borders. >> and it was military night last night at qualcomm stadium in san diego. colin kaepernick was there with the 49ers again refusing to
1:18 pm
stand during the national anthem before the game. former nfl player and army green beret nate boyer stood next to him last night and had a long talk before the game with colin kaepernick. he's going to join us and tell us about that. that's coming up. aking dog chow for 36 years now. my dog girlfriend is 17 years old. she's been eating dog chow from her very first day and she can still chase squirrels. she can't catch them, but she can still chase them. after 17 years i'm still confident in feeding her dog chow because i see the high quality ingredients that go into it. i'm very proud to make dog chow right here in edmond, oklahoma.
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we want to remind people that family values do not stop at the rio grande river. people are coming to our country to do jobs americans won't do to be able to feed their families. >> those words from more than a decade ago, often repeated by george w. bush were on the minds of republican voters when they started planning for this year's
1:22 pm
election back in 2012. they started looking to 2016. they concluded, based on the 2012 election, that one of the reasons they lost was poor outreach to latino voters. in fact, the party's 2012 autopsy report was how they tried to explain why they lost. it reads, quote, repairing that relationship with latino voters will require both a tone that welcomes in, as well as substantial time spent in the community demonstrating a commitment to addressing its unique concerns. that's what's the republican party was saying as this campaign started but compare that to the message that donald trump's speech delivered this week on immigration. >> anyone who tells you that the core issue is the needs of those living here illegally has simply spent too much time in washington. there is only one core issue in the immigration debate. and that issue is the well-being
1:23 pm
of the american people. >> want to bring in republican congressman chris collins from new york. the first member of congress to endorse donald trump this year. thanks for taking a few minutes. back to that autopsy from 2012. obviously, i'm sure you're familiar with it. would the conclusions that the party reached though back in 2012, about the need to reach out to latino voters to spend time in the community to demonstrate everything i just read right there. were those conclusions wrong? >> well, i think it goes back to the fact that our borders are porous. we have a mess on our hands, whether it's 11 or 15 million illegal immigrants here. donald trump has been very clear. secure the borders and build the wall. deport those illegal immigrants who have broken the law. get that criminal element out of the united states and get e-verify working so we know who is here and that they're here legally. now that does leave 10 million,
1:24 pm
11 million illegal immigrants here who are raising their families, working the farms in my district, milking the cows. what i'm happy to hear is there is no deportation force that's going to be removing them from the country. and what mr. trump has said, it's going to take a couple of years to get the border secure, get e-verify working. and then working with congress, there are some common sense solutions to keeping the illegal immigrants that are here working the farms, keeping them here with visas and my suggestion has been all along, let's let the farmers control the visas. if a dairy farmer needs 40 workers, let him control 40 visas. working with the government. where he can get the workforce he needs and in many cases, perhaps, working with the farmers that have these illegal immigrants now. those visas can go to those individuals. they would have the work papers.
1:25 pm
we would know who they are. and i think there's a solution, working with congress, that could deal with the issues that we have and deal with the 10 or 11 illegal immigrants who are here raising their families. it's a compassionate solution, and i think that's one that's doable. >> but a more basic question, i guess, because that autopsy that we were reading from there, the republican party was saying, they were saying, they thought immigration had to be addressed. that was the one policy recommendation that made it into that report. they were talking bigger picture there about tone. about establishing a tone that tells latino voters, that tells the people you're describing. the undocumented here now who haven't committed crimes, who have been contributing members of society, living in communities, have established themselves in community for some time. establish a tone of inclusiveness, a welcoming tone towards them. and in that clip from donald trump was basically saying of those very people you're talking about right now, i don't think their status is that importent.
1:26 pm
maybe we'll get to it in a few years. is that the tone this party needs to take that the nominee of your party needs to take. >> donald trump is saying we're going to put america first. the needs of america first. that is our dairy farmers and crop farmers to have a workforce that we have verified through e-verify with visas. and i think the tone donald trump is taking is put america first. it's unfortunate that 7 1/2 years into barack obama's administration, the situation is worse than ever. he has not secured the borders. i don't think anyone expected after 2012 for the situation to get as bad as it has gotten. you can't put that on donald trump. he will be walking in to a very terrible situation on immigration. i think he's laid out a very good plan to stop the flow of illegal immigrants in. if the illegals that have been
1:27 pm
breaking the law out of here. e-verify is a key piece that barack obama has not been able to get working as it should. and then as i've said in a compassionate base, i and we heard that tone from donald trump, putting the farmers first. let's make sure they have the workforce they need with the visas they need. and i think that's a reasonable place as donald trump has said all along. america first. >> quick question, congressman. 2012, mitt romney got 27% of the latino vote. can donald trump win if his support among latino voters is less than that's? >> oh, donald trump is going to win. and a lot of this will be when you look at pennsylvania, ohio, and michigan. you know, the blue collar workers, many of them put out of work with bad trade deals. as donald trump has talked about jobs and the economy, i don't think he necessarily needs a significant up surge in the hispanic vote. he's going to get voters that's
1:28 pm
traditionally would have voted democrat. and if he wins michigan, you know, pennsylvania, and ohio, he's going to be the next president. >> chris collins, congressman from new york. thanks for the time. >> good to be with you, steve. coming up next wednesday night, matt lauer is going to host the commander in chief forum live on the intrepid sea, air and space museum in accordination with the iraq and afghanistan veterans of america. both donald trump and hillary clinton are going to be there with matt lauer for that forum, and you can catch it. exclusively here on msnbc wednesday night, september 7th at 8:00 eastern time. but first, 23 million east coast residents are in the path of tropical storm hermine after it tore across florida overnight. watches and warnings now stretch all the way to new england. at least one death has already been blamed on the storm. the east coast preparing as florida is already starting to recover. that's next. man, my feet are killin' me.
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welcome back. here are the "headlines at the half hour." the fbi out with dozens of pages from its investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail server. this included noted from its interviews with clinton in july. that's an interview in which she told investigatorsshy used a personal server out of convenience. now the public can access them, too. there are some redactions. donald trump is spending his weekend reaching out to black voters. he met privateley with leaders of the black community in philadelphia this afternoon and will visit a predominantly black church in detroit tomorrow. president obama heading to china. the president stopping on the remote pacific island of midway. he announced expansion of a
1:33 pm
national wildlife refuge there. and the former stanford university swimmer convicted of sexual assault is now a free man. walking out of jail after serviserve ing half of his six-month sentence. he was convicted of assaulting an unconscious woman at a fraternity party. many saying his sentence was far too lenient. hundreds of thousands of floridians are cleaning up from the first hurricane to lit land in that state in more than ten years. what was hurricane hermine, now a tropical storm. it made landfall in the northwest part of the state overnight. knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people and one person was killed. gabe gutierrez is live now in apalachicola, florida. gabe, it is the day after there. the storm, obviously, very much an issue for the rest of the east coast. tell us what's going on where you are. >> hi, steve. here in florida, a lot of downed
1:34 pm
trees. power says they've been able to restore power to 146,000 people. about 50-some,000 still remain without power. they hope to restore some of the power in the next day or so. there's one fatality blamed on the storm so far. a homeless man in ocala when a tree fell on the tent he was sleeping in. just in the last few hours, florida's governor rick scott toured some of the damage in tallahassee. that's where there was a lot of wind damage there. trees falling on cars and houses. and other parts of the state, flooding. here in the florida panhandle where the storm made landfall around st. marks, coastal flooding there as well as flooding near the tampa area. as you mentioned, right now the concern is as this storm moves past georgia into the carolinas and up the east coast, it could impact millions of people. tropical storm watches and warnings up and down the east
1:35 pm
coast. dangerous rip currents expected throughout the holiday weekend. >> gabe gutierrez, thanks for that. coming up, it's the labor day weekend. labor day means we're officially kicking off the home stretch of the presidential campaign. where exactly does this race stand right now? we're going to head over to the big board and tackle that question with our most important number of the day. and also this -- >> what i did was taken out of context and spun a different way. >> colin kaepernick last night again refusing to stand for the national anthem. we'll talk to somebody who was with him last night. that's coming up as well.
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my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactns or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusu changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, tired feeling or blurry vision. common se effects ar dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain answelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you knowow lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. ask your doctor about lyrica. all right. it's my favorite time of the show. our most important number of the day. a special edition. it's a holiday weekend. it's labor day weekend. and what is labor day in politics? labor day means the campaign really starts to heat up. we really enter the home stretch
1:39 pm
when labor day hits. labor day weekend is here. where exactly does this race for president stand as we hit the home stretch? it's our most important number of the day. 270. 270, magic number of electoral votes to be elected president. who is closer? who is farther? here's what's we're going to do. we're going to start with the map looking like this. what is this? this is what, if you are a republican, at the start of this campaign, if you were the trump campaign, this is roughly what you hoped this electoral map would look like right now as we hit the home stretch. a very close race in terms of electoral votes and all these states in gray sort of being the swing states. if you are the trump campaign, a republican, you wanted it to look like this. it would mean you really got about a 50/50 shot. now we're going to show you what it actually looks like. we'll show you this in a couple of steps. among the swing states, states that are supposed to be swing states, two that everybody
1:40 pm
thought at the start of this campaign would be swing states suddenly aren't. let me show you which ones. you can start in virginia. virginia, this was a state republican all the way up until 2008. president obama won it in close races both times. hillary clinton has exploded into a double digit lead here. obama won by four points. hillary clinton, double digits. that one has fallen off the board in terms of being a swing state. so has colorado. another one that was republican for a very long time. look at this. our latest poll. hillary clinton up by 14 points. we got to say, these two states right now, they are looking like hillary clinton states. that's changing the map a little bit. here's another thing that's changed. some of these red states, states we assume will go for trump because they always go for republicans. some of those suddenly don't look like red states. one, north carolina. a state that mitt romney won by two points four years ago. hillary clinton, actually leading by two points in the most recent poll. another one, georgia.
1:41 pm
last time it went for a democrat, 1992. romney won it by seven. trump up four in the post recent poll. that's a close race, though. that means hillary clinton is within striking distance. can't say it is safely a republican state at this point. missouri. romney won by ten points in 2012. trump ahead by just a point. very close. one more, arizona. double-digit romney win four years ago. trump by three in the latest polls. we go back to that map and say, hey, we can't guarantee right now that these are red states. carolina, georgia, missouri, arizona. you say, those are really more in the toss-up category now and you see it starting to change. a sense of what the race is looking like. bad news for the republicans here. new hampshire, state obama won by six points four years ago. hillary clinton is outperforming that right now. nine points in the most recent poll. same thing in pennsylvania. a lot of talk from the trump campaign about winning this state. five points for obama four years
1:42 pm
ago. hillary clinton up seven in the most recent poll. marge ins putting her higher, t. obama won by the smallest margin four years ago. these are states if you are donald trump, you have to be flipping. blue states you want to be turning red. hillary clinton, four points up in ohio. wis wir wisconsin, hillary up by three. that's relatively good news for trump. but still a lead for hillary clinton there. this is the best news for donald trump in all the swing states. best news is he's got a tie in iowa. a state obama won by six points. he's only tied. you can look out to nevada as well. hillary clinton struggling a little bit there. obama won it by six. she's only up by two. but not seeing trump leading. take a look at it quickly. we saw new hampshire. it looks like a solid clinton lead. pennsylvania looks like a solid clinton lead. what you see right now is hillary clinton very close to
1:43 pm
270 as we hit the home stretch. donald trump very far away. what you'd need, all these gray states, you basically have to run the table at this point. that's the state of this race. that's the challenge facing trump as labor day arrives. that's our most important number of the day. 270. vladimir putin is breaking his silence on the dnc hack. a lot of people say russia and putin had something to do with that. he's calling it a public service but said he had nothing to do with it. plus, colin kaepernick refusing to stand for the anthem. this time opting to kneel after speaking with green beret nate boyer. boyer is going to be here. i'm going to ask him about his pregame conversation with kaepernick who says this is what america should be all about. (vo) stank face. a universal expression of disgust, often caused by inadequate cat litter. if you or your a loved one suffers from stank face,
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donald trump and hillary clinton squaring off for the first debate of the general election just 24 days from now. nbc's lester holt will moderate the first debate. this from the details released by the commission on presidential debates. the second debate moderated by abc's martha rad at and cnn's anderson cooper and chris wallace will head up the final one on october 19th. joining me in the studio, political reporter at "the washington post." nile stanich from the hill. we were waiting for the announcement. who is going to moderate these announcements. a surprise this year. it's not jim lehrer, the first
1:48 pm
time since '88 or '84 he hasn't been involved. that's the list right there. this also underscores, this is a week donald trump made a lot of news on the immigration front. it's labor day. he's still behind in this race. we're getting to the point if he needs a big moment, it's going to have to come in these debates. >> the first debate in particular, it's traditionally the most watched of all three. that's the time really he can create a new sense of himself because one of the big problems for trump has been this question of whether he is really ready to be president. that's one of the polling questions he scores worst on. if he can change that in the first debate, that could really change the dynamics of the race. >> immigration was the subject of the week here. some of those liabilities that trump faces in the polls talking about, do you look at this week so far. he'll make news in detroit tomorrow. holiday weekend. we'll see who notices. on immigration in terms of the trip to mexico, the speech, any of the challenges donald trump
1:49 pm
faced in terms of trying to get back into this race, did he address any of them? >> the focus of his week ended up being doubling down on his base of support. the speech he gave in phoenix was very much targeted to people who already like him trying to make the point they need to get out to the poll and support him. trying to boost that white working class male vote that's been the core to what he's trying to do. two hours earlier in mexico, that's not what it looked like. a much softer tone then. i don't think the numbers are there for a base strategy to work. simply aren't enough votes. simply too many who already oppose him and the demographics of the country have changed far too much. >> something else that caught my eye. asking about splitting tickets. people usually go out and vote for one party. clinton supporters there, a little more likely than trump voters to say they're willing to go out there and basically vote for hillary clinton at the top and maybe the significance of
1:50 pm
this is the senate races, down ballot, republicans trying to hang on to the senate in a state like ohio and pennsylvania. they'll need at this point people checking offclinton's name and clicking republican for the senate. >> that's one of the rare polls. the hillary clinton supporters and think republicans would be quite happy about that. the down ballot guys. if you look at someone like pat toomey in pennsylvania, kelly ayotte in new hampshire. if the polls stay where they are right now, they'll have to outpace donald trump by a significant margin. obviously if he loses a state by six points, they have to do seven points better. in this day and age when it's a polarized nation, that's a difficult ask. >> we'll see if what they're saying now holds up when they get into the voting booth. you might have seen it last night. certainly got a lot of attention afterwards. this exchange from a trump supporter with joy reid. i want to show this and philip has an interesting angle on this. take a look. >> we need to understand that
1:51 pm
this is a different time. we're having problems here. >> what problems? what problems are you talking about? >> my culture is a very dominant culture. and it's impulsing and it's causing problems. if you do don't do something about it, you'll have taco trucks every corner prchlgs that was marco gutierrez, the founder of latinos for trump. a lot of people have some strong views on what he said there. it's a holiday weekend. we can have a little fun. you looked at the feasibility of a taco truck on every corner. how many taco trucks would that mean? >> my initial estimate was that we were going to have something like 3.2 million taco trucks, assuming one per intersection, not one per corner. but someone at "the new york times" followed up on that and crunched the numbers looking at all of the streets in america. 21.5 million intersections. 21.5 million taco trucks which is 60 million jobs if you assume three workers per truck.
1:52 pm
we'll undercut a lot of restaurants. a lot of repercussions. >> everywhere in america you're never more than 20 seconds away from a taco truck. i could live in that country. niles, thank you both for joining us. trump's vice presidential pick mike pence will join chuck todd for an exclusive interview on "meet the exprepress." catch that sunday on nbc. wall street reacting to today's new jobs report. here's josh lipton with the market wrap. >> u.s. stocks closed higher on friday with the three major indexes posting weekly gains. following the disappointing jobs report. the dow jumped more than 72 points. the s&p climbed 9. the nasdaq tacking on 23. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. that didn's made plastics that make them lighter? the lubricants that improved fuel economy. even technology to make engines more efficient. what company does all this?
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san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick kneeling for the national anthem before his team's game against the san diego chargers last night. this was at military night at that stadium. kaepernick protesting what he sees as racial oppression in this country. last night he was joined by teammate eric reed who also took a knee for the anthem. the man standing on the right of your screen right here next to kaepernick is nate boyer, a former nfl player and former green beret. he spoke with kaepernick before the game. he joins us now. your background is interesting, certainly given this story. you got a chance to talk to colin kaepernick laugh nighst n. >> he actually invited me down
1:57 pm
to san diego to meet with him before the game. and i had written an open letter discussing my concerns and, you know, how -- what he was doing hurt me. but also that i was willing to listen. i wanted to open up a dialogue and have a conversation with him. and try to help him develop some sort of a plan of action and find a way to fix this thing. and so we came down. i came down to san diego and we linked up for a couple hours and had a real deep conversation and shared both sides of the issue. i told him about my concerns. and people that i knew that gesture was affecting. and how important it was to remember to honor those guys because, you know, those guys are the reason we have those freedoms and the reason -- what that flag is supposed to represent. and he doesn't believe right now that that is the right way. represented in the correct light. that is completely his opinion, and i stand by his freedoms and his right to do that because
1:58 pm
that's what we fought for. and so i look forward to the day that he stands once again for the national anthem. i can't wait for that day. i think it will come. >> in your conversation what you are describing you expressed to him. he's talked about how he sees the flag as an offensive symbol right now because, to him, it represents the oppression that he sees in the country. you're describing to him how that moment, the standing for the flag at a football game means something very different to other people, to veterans, people you've served with. did he acknowledge what he's doing is to them offensive? >> yeah. and that's why he, after we had a conversation, he decided to change his tactic last night. and instead of sitting back on the bench isolated, he camed up and joined his teammates and took a knee alongside them while i still would rather have him stand, because i want him to feel that pride in country like i do, he took a step forward. he was willing to give something. and give up a little bit of
1:59 pm
something and come to a compromise in some way just over the course of a day through one conversation. i think, honestly, just through me willing to open up and listen to the guy and take him seriously and not just attack him and hate him for thinking a little different than i do. and i respect that. i respect that a lot. so it was a big step. we also talked about, what next? what action can we take? how can we make a difference. afterwards he talked about, you know, starting with a very sizable donation moneywise. but he wants to take action in other ways as well. and really try to fix this problem and both with the police and people that feel oppressed, and this country in general instead of constantly dividing ureally bringing us together. there's a lot of hate going on right now. and it's frustrating. >> all right. nate boyer, former nfl player, army green beret. got the chance to talk with colin kaepernick last night. thanks for sharing with us.
2:00 pm
we appreciate it. >> appreciate you guys. thanks. that's going to do it for this hour. i'm going to see you in a couple of hours, 7:00 eastern for "hardball." first "mtp daily" starts right now. if it's friday, republicans see donald trump heading one way and many who are running on the ballot in '16 are heading the other. tonight, dumping trump. down ballot republicans aren't waiting for a memo from washington. they've already started to distance themselves from trump before it's too late. >> this is not the choice i wanted us to have. >> plus, could the fbi's public policy today of its clinton e-mail notes actually end up helping her campaign? you've got mail. lots of it. with many politicians sounding more like a stalking ex-lover, desperately seeking your dollars. this is "mtp daily," and it starts right


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