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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  September 14, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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let's see if the bernie sanders momentum adds to pressure from the left. that's all for tonight. tune in to the 11th hour with brian williams tonight at 11:00 p.m. eastern. brian will have an exclusive one-on-one with new jersey governor chris christie. we'll be back tomorrow. "with all due respect" starts now. >> with all due are to all the other campaign issues out the there -- we'll get to that as soon as we determine hillary clinton's vitamin b-12 intake levels. we've got your daily dose of news nutrients. hillary clinton late today gave the world a look at her medical back ground.
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details about that reason bout with pneumonia that she's gone through as well as her current medical regime. we're told that she has had a normal ma'am gram and that her cholesterol level is 189. the campaign released some of her vilts. thing like blood pressure and hard rate. all in the normal zone. the release concludes with a quote from her doctor who. quote, clinton continues to remain healthy and fit to serve as president of the united states. so this document is more information than we had before. it is not the most voluminous release ever. is it enough? >> first, let me frame it. we have two candidates who are 70 years old and i have some very sobering news for the american public and their families. out of 100,000 people between ages of 65 and 74, during that period of time, almost 20% will die. so a 1 in 5 chance one of them could die. they're not young. let's say that. i think what hillary did today
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was not only enough to satisfy but on the offensive. the brilliance or sinisterness of trump is all he does is talk about the opaqueness of hillary. yet today he went on oz and. he eats fast food and said that no meat on the bone. hillary didn't do anything sexy today. she was not on oz but she released a lot of very pointed figures about her health. and trump has to match her point for point now or he will be in a really, really difficult position. >> she put out as best as i can tell enough to satisfy people who are serious about this and want statistics to the purpose of saying, the basic credibility of her doctor, whether that, you believe that or not. i think he's shut down a baseline. the conspiracy theorist there's say she's hiding something but i think based on the initial read of the documents, she has met
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the standard that many past candidates have done. enough to say here the basics. here her medical history. >> and i find it stunning. here we are sitting with papers, gone over and it trump's solution was to go a daytime talk show to kibbitz and kid around. the irony whether it comes to charitable foundations, to taxes, whether it come to business dealings. hillary clinton has been front and central for 34 years and we still know very little about donald trump. >> let me say this about clinton. they put out more stuff today. i don't know why they didn't do it before. the reality is, they only did it because trump said he was putting it out and the pneumonia. and for them to say, act all high and mighty like now we're putting out more about hillary clinton. they should have done it before. >> absolutely. and they clearly should have -- >> they're pretending they're doing it like normal. >> them hiding the pneumonia
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thing was incorrect. they put it out for that reason. i think we have to go on the premise that they're both 70. neither one of these. i know we'll talk about trump and his putin like testosterone levels. it is safe to say, another fact. 70% of all people over the aiming of 70 have hearing loss. and between 40 and 60% have erectile dysfunction at that age. you're not even breaking a smile. >> good segue. we'll talk a lot more about hillary clinton's release as well as trump. >> we're still waiting for additional information on trump. he tamed an interview with dr. oz in which he discusses cholesterol, enjoyment of fast food and desire to drop weight. wing he weighs 2 they can pounds and he considers campaigning his
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source of exercise. trump's testosterone level is apparently off the chart. it's huge, it's huge! all huge! those revelations were the summary of a physical exam he had last week the same doctor he said last year would be the healthiest individual ever elected. now that clinton is drawing a line in the sandal, does trump to have match her point for point? >> did we get his weight right? 236? is that correct? i'm waiting to final out. i thought they said it was higher than that. >> look. we have to wait to see what he puts out. this morning they suggested he wouldn't say anything on oz. that he gave him a letter. i agree. he has taken something long overdue. more disclosure about his health and turned it into a carnival of sorts by going on a show. at the same time, i think he should have used a different doctor. i don't know that doctor. >> he looks very credible.
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>> that doctor i mean, if you were doing this in a straightforward and serious way, would you say that guy has been my doctor. i love him. by doing an interview with cnn, by becoming the butt of jokes, i don't think it is in trump's interests, in the doctor's interests and i don't think it is in his interests to have that guy be the guy. for all these candidates every four years, you rely on the credibility of the doctor. that the tests are legit. they were done in a serious and vigorous way. the doctor is putting his or her credibility on the line. >> this election every issue come down to left brain, right brain. if you look at the left brain, you have one factual and the other with his goofy doctor. it is not just what he talks about. at best, highly suspect ask at worst a complete lie.
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he has this other thing. this other strength that allows people to kind of forgive, to overlook and i said this last week. i think this will be a little bit of an i.q. test for the american public. do we operate with our left or right brains? >> if trump puts out the kimes of statistic hillary put out, barring either of them having a health else, i think it is possible their fitness for office and her condition i think outside certain quarters of cable tv and talk radio, it will be put to rest. but i've been saying for a while. look at the actuarial tables. 70s will have health problems. he talked about his exercise being campaigning. hillary is could go three or four thing per day. trump -- >> he has stepped it up. >> would you say, i'll not saying this means health.
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>> let me say for their age, they are impressive in endurance. i went with trump, 100-degree day last summer. the hawaii state fair. he walked for 45 minutes in the heat, shaking hands, posing for photos. we got to the pork producer's ten. he sat for maybe 20 seconds and got back up. incredible stamina and so does she. >> up next, wave brand new bloomberg the ohio poll that is shaking up the race in a practical way. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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donald trump with a 5-point lead in the buckeye state. he is up in a head to head race. it dmt change much when third party candidates were included.
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bad news for clinton. her unfavorability rating is at a bruising 57%. that's not pretty considering 52% of ohio likely vote hers an unfavorable view of trump. we'll look at the guts of the poll later on. first, is this a krooshlg state for trump and his narrow path? how important is this? >> trump has to win ohio. that's one of the things. he has to win ohio to win. this poll hit big today. cnn has a poll that says trump up by 5. this is a big deal. if trump wins ohio, it doesn't guarantee he wins the white house. it gives him a chance but it changes the whole psychology of the race. every person .to today gasped. if ohio goes to trump, it is a big deal. high shy ohio. and it puts him in position. wave grand game in ohio that will make up whatever games.
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5 points is a big deal. and the republican incumbent is up very big in our poll, has been in other polling. it will keep them together if their down ballot candidates are doing well. >> i guessed. let's say that ohio has elected every president since 1964. it was taken from friday monday. hillary clinton's probably worst 72 hours. the combination of the deplorable baskets. rhett me tell you why this is huge for trump. crump's club, nobody does winning other than charlie sheen better than trump. if you watch the debates, every time someone would challenge trump on something, he would go, well, he's only saying this because i'm in the lead. so he has this chub. every time hillary clinton says something or anybody says something, he says, donald trump, you want to build a wall.
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look, they're going to say whatever they say because i'm in ohio and i'm winning. he owns that better than anyone. beyond the actual fact of the poll, he has not had that tool over the past four or five weeks and his number one weapon of choice is i'm winning. you're not. >> if he can maintain the lead. you can look at it was taken during her weak berd the deplorable baskets that pneumonia. you can say that suggested those would things hurt. will they hurt in a sustained way, we'll see as polling goes forward. no doubt that a candidate in ohio with that big of a lead has bragging rights. ohio is ohio. >> one more things on the polls. we're about ten days away from the debate. if he has polls in his favor, that is such a weapon. hillary, you're only saying that because you lost your lead.
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>> last night trump unveiled his childcare plan in suburban pennsylvania outside philadelphia. he appeared with his daughter ivanka and together they hated out a tax deduction for childcare expenses. also called for six weeks of maternity leave by extenting unmiami insurance for new mothers. democrats started poking hole in what trump proposed raising questions about how it would be paid for. saying a lot of the benefits to go those who don't need help and it doesn't help with those at lower income levels other don't pay income tax. but if you were watching television in the philadelphia area, here's the type of coverage you would have heard on local television. at one point we heard one apparently yell wow in response to the trump policy. >> hundreds of others were weren't invited cheering trump. supporters were delighted with his speech. >> the republican presidential nominee says he doesn't want
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moms and dads going broke caring for their kids. and the parents we spoke to say they're on board. >> trump says he was joined on the stage by five republican congress women. possibly a sign that trump is starting to reach out to some of his colleagues on capitol hill. it can't come soon enough. >> it would be nice to be able to afford daycare. >> with his opponent down, he is not showing down. >> we are hoping there will be an inquiry on the trump foundation. we'll keep an eye that haste development. >> you can see, with the exception of that one hill bit, very positive coverage for trump in that key market and things continue with the campaign on the offensive. ivanka trump front and center. she came back this morning pitching the plan on both "good morning america" and here on fox
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and friends. >> i have long advocated for professional women, my whole professional career. my father has employed thousands of women throughout his life and he understands their needs. and he recognizes the challenges with the prone childcare system and he wants to propose innovative new solutions. >> this policy speech and the rollout is a temperature mat campaign with the policy rollouts they plan between now and election. cheerily the campaign was going for that kinds of coverage as a case study for how the trump campaign is executing. >> very strong and metly demonstrative over the appointment i was making earlier. in reality he came out and he is giving six weeks maternity leave. he says clinton is not doing anything. in effect, she is giving 12 weeks. in effect, this was a, not at the lower or the middle class that people need it the most. it is for the upper middle which is a and the wealthy. if you make half million dollars a year, you get a 39% tax break.
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if you compare the two, hillary clinton still has a stronger man. but that doesn't matter because trump goes out and people rest on the headline. even back two weeks. he went to mexico. it stops this. very top line but very smart. sth we need scrutinize both their plans. there's more to ask about what he is proposing. you can also say from the point of view of the reality of the next 60 days, that was one of the most successful executions of anything they've done. we showed the local philadelphia coverage. i sam manied state media all day. they had surrogates out there. they had ivanka, a big multiplier and they got the exact coverage they want to get. trump talking about this issue and being on offense. his performance last night was another strong performance just
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in terms of the mechanics of the presentation. we have to scrutinize policy. >> and this was be about childcare. this was about suburban women. up next, we check on hillary clinton's health care with political reporters after this. eat more fiber. flax seeds. yogurt. get moving. keep moving. i know! try laxatives. been there, done that. my chronic constipation keeps coming back. i know. tell me something i don't know. vo: linzess works differently from laxatives. linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. it can help relieve your belly pain, and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements that are easier to pass. do not give linzess to children under six and it should not be given to children six to seventeen. it may harm them. don't take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain, especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea sometimes severe.
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit welcome back to the special health care edition of "with all due respect." donald trump today in a taping
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for dr. oz' show announced his weight. donny. it was 236. there are conflicting reports from those in the room. said said it was 267. a big difference with that. we'll have to wait and see when we see the actual show. we'll press forward to talk about hillary clinton and the release she just made with this bloomberg politics reporter jennifer epstein. and you who cover hillary clinton for the "washington post" and here in studio, the new york times. welcome. start with you to break down as we go through this. what the hillary clinton announce about her medical history and status that's new? >> it was a run down that she released a little over a year ago. thing like her cholesterol level and all those things were in the normal level. the only thing that was unusual was that she has pneumonia right now and it was described as a mild case.
3:22 pm
she is taking antibiotic right now and on a ten-day dose of that and that's really the only thing that really stands out that is immediate. but there is this new piece of information we had not learned before. back in january she had sciencitis and an ear infection and ultimately had pain ask 92 nid her ear that a little tube was put into her ear. that was a new thing we had not known about before. you it is pretty standard for people with ear infections but it had not been out there and now it is. >> how do you analyze the so far? >> well, i think she was, as jen said, this is an update of existing health information released by her doctor last year. it is in summary form. it is bh b as detailed as most candidates and the president himself release in the recent years but it is far from
3:23 pm
exhaustive. and i think for someone who has been the subject of so much speculation, this isn't going on settle or answer all of those conspiracy theories by a long shot. >> was today good day or a bad day for the american public? we have 60 something days until the election today. was spent on cholesterol levels. they're in fit healthful are we wasting too much time on this? >> i don't know. i think the hang-up is the willingness to dischose information. so i know what you mean, yes, and i'm sure much of the american public thinks that. at the same time, why is it pulling teeth to get this basic information? and in mrs. clinton's health records, wait until something bad happens and then we'll do something. we don't want that. >> my theory is the reason is
3:24 pm
that they're 70. they say don't get an mri, it will tell you xyz. even now we're going through 17 things. where the ones she didn't show us? they're both 70. >> she's supposed to go on the road tomorrow. we know about she's recovered. >> bill clinton said she has recovered. he was campaigning for her in las vegas. we have to assume that he knows what he's talking about. she wanted to keep going all the way through. it was only because of the incident on sunday that she stopped campaigning. i would guess other than a couple brief mentions and maybe even taking questions from reporters tomorrow, she is going on move ahead as normal and try not to dwell on this. that is what she was attempting to do when she had the incident. >> before the world changed with baskets of deplorables and what happened at ground zero, hillary was talking to the traveling press almost every day. she goes back out tomorrow.
3:25 pm
do you expect her to resume that in. >> we have no specific indication of it but i would think it is likely. she is going to want to be seen walking, talking, behaving like the democratic presidential nominee in full tomorrow. and part of that should be talking to the press. it will be the first time she's been back on her may not ask the press with her tomorrow, back on her plane. the setting is natural. it is also kind of the time in the campaign that the campaign, in the election, that the campaign had already set aside as hillary tries to make the bleks her instead of about donald trump. focuses on her policy positions. for her that means she does have to talk to the press whether she wants to or not. now they'll to have make up ground and get back to the point and the calendar they set for themselves.
3:26 pm
>> we mention that had her putting out her medical talking points, trump will have to do the same. with trump's followers, can he say, my doctor. i'm fine. that's all you get. he is held to a different level of accountability. >> i think he is. by the wargs he is presenting his medical records on television. i don't want to call it a reality show but almost the same difference. from the white house, will he go on dr. oz if he has a problem in the white house? so yeah, i think he's held to a slightly different standard. i think it is driving the clinton people nuts. hey, we've released more than trump. well, let's look at what day it is and the belated information. >> when you went to the website to look at it, the media pop-up was look at what we're doing, so
3:27 pm
much transparency. and donald trump hasn't released his medical records or his tax returns. >> i've never seen anything quite like it. if could you ask donald trump one question, what would it be? >> yeah. one question. >> when will you release your taxes and why haven't you so far? and a hillary clinton question. two seconds. >> what is your libya -- >> thank you all. >> we'll do more during recess. we'll stay on the story about clinton and trump and their help on this special medical center edition. e at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait.
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our partnership with habitat for humanity at pg&e, we believe solar should be accessible to everyone. allows us to provide the benefits of solar power to the types of customers who need it most. pg&e provided all of the homes here with solar panels. the solar savings can mean a lot, especially for low-income families. with the savings that i am getting from the solar panels, it's going to help me to have a better future for my children. to learn how you can save energy and money with solar, go to together, we're building a better california. welcome back. we're joined by alex castelanos. and steve mcmahan them both work with purple strategies and both
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join us from the d.c. bureau. let me start with you on the dr. killdare edition. hillary has put her baseline down. she released a bunch of very factual, very specific test results. does donald trump have to match it point for point? a >> no. what up earlier is exactly right. donald trump gets to skate above all of this. frankly, that's what makes sense. it is not an issue in this election. his health. hillary clinton is the one who fanltd going into a truck and they poured her in that van like she was a sack of oatmeal or something. we know how tough a job this is. you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. i think it is a legitimate question once questions like that have been raised. i think she should say she fanltd because she saw donald
3:32 pm
trump was up 5 points in ohio. >> you think it is fine that a candidate has been propelling health issues as far as hillary, challenges her, she come one the answers and he does not have to respond? >> i'm not saying it is fine. the question do voters make their decision based on this? no. they see trump as healthy. she has honesty issues. people don't know where to believe what she is saying about her health so i think it is a much bigger issue for her. if donald trump doesn't want to go there, i don't think it will hurt him. >> how much are they shaken one the video? >> i think the video shook some people up but i don't think who has seen hillary clinton campaigning for the last several years, or the last several days, being out on the street has any concerns about her health.
3:33 pm
any concerns were addressed 28 a fairly robust disclosure of health records. it didn't say the most spectacularly healthy woman ever to run for president or the healthiest woman ever to enter the oval office. real reports with real tests and real information. that's what trump should be doing. >> so a lot of stuff on this program and others that people will say, that doesn't matter. real voters don't care about that. i get that and i think that's often right. besides the debates, what matters? >> i would say the way they begin to chose the campaign and who are not they are offering people a positive aspirational vision for the country as opposed to just trying tear down -- >> you really think -- >> i'm not being cynical.
3:34 pm
you think offering a positive vision is what matters? i hope you're right. >> here's what i think. >> i don't think you can drive either of these candidates' favorables or unfavorables any higher. they are what they are. at some possibly they have to turn to the future and offer a vision for the future and connecting to the future in a way that americans will respond to. the undecided voters are undecided for a reason. >> i hate to agree with my partner but i think he is right. we ran 800 points of a positive, the dread positive commercial. we 15ly made one that donald trump. >> paid for by the super pac he works for. >> the that yeasuper pac. yes. voters do want that. what's in this election for them is this and i think trump has a
3:35 pm
much better message on that. we'll bring jobs back, economic growth, open up our economy, those kinds of things. he is a business guy with credibility. what we found when we ran that in youngstown, trump up 2 points to trump up 18 points. so the dreaded positive commercial may be what decides this race. >> hey, steve, we were going to do a segment tie bed wetting. which party wets their bed when things go bad. clearly, it is a bed wetting moment. what do you think is going on around they the campaign based on that sf. >> i don't think it is. >> there are 12 battle ground states that donald trump needs win all of. this is been one poll shows hillary ahead. >> you mean shows trump ahead. i'm sorry. alex's ad did a good job for the candidate and it added a nice
3:36 pm
impact. but that's ultimately not a national campaign. that's a one market, one spot shot. and i think when hillary clinton begins to do the same thing, i hope she begins to do soon. you will see the same result. donald trump has to run the table. hillary clinton does not. there's no bed wetting on our side. >> when you look at the real numbers, we've seen trump up in north carolina, ohio, pennsylvania, tight, we have numbers that say that. so yeah. i would not if this race is not already over and may be trump has won this thing. both candidates have huge negatives. more about each of them. you're trying burn down the same house twice. i'm not sure it will change anything. underneath all that, a desire for change. that may be what determines it. >> have you convinced any voters to write big dhoeks run tens of millions of positive adds in battle ground states? >> we're statewide in
3:37 pm
pennsylvania tomorrow, starting tomorrow in every, in every market except philadelphia. >> guys, each one of you has 20 seconds. steve, i'll start with you. what's your 20-second message to hillary clinton in. >> be yourself. look like you're having fun. smile. don't raise your voice. don't let him throw you off stride. >> that he's going to listen to you but what will you say? >> i'm going to say tell us how you'll make america great again. that this is something better for us all over the horizon. we don't to have settle for the way things are now. sth with the extra time i would say to tell hillary to bash hill in the face. >> i think we should put a clock on now. >> all right. thank you both. we'll break down the new bloomberg politics ohio poll that we've been talking about
3:38 pm
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3:41 pm
with us now, the person who did the poll for us. as usual, from des moines, iowa. let's talk about implicit in this is who will vote in ohio. this shows an electorate, rather than president obama's two wins. talk about what that make-up is and why we think that may be what it looks like. >> the reason we think it is what the electorate looks like. that's what our data are telling us. people read into our polls that we must be deciding what we want that submit to be. and our message says, we know that party idea is a floating variable. it is not a fixed variable. so we let our respondents tell us if they fast sxreen the higher proportion of republicans passed through that screen. the democrats then were going to trust that that is indicative of what is happening in the state.
3:42 pm
>> when we say it looks more like 2004, more republican but what else? >> it is more republican than democrat. but it is more republican than we saw in 2008 or 2012. and a lot of people are saying, well, gosh, 2008. that's eight years ago. things should look pretty much the same of but 2008 changed the way we understand how elections can be won. i wanted to go back. once we saw what the data is showing us, what happened before that? and we uncovered that it looks hike 2004. there is a misperception that we created the poll. >> i want to talk about the kasich factor and then broaden out. i think he has a 58, 59% approval rating. one could say it is the endorsement. is it fair to say because each of these candidates has 100%
3:43 pm
awareness level, it is so polarizing? >> i think there's a role that john kasich may be playing in ohio. virtually as popular with democrats as west republicans and that's almost unheard of in this age of polarization where everybody wants to hate everybody from the other party. the fact that he scores so well in ohio broadly across the board to me has kind of created an atmosphere where it is okay the like republicans in ohio. and i can't say that that would have been true for the past two elections before he really came to prominence. i think his distance from donald trump doesn't seem to be hurting trump at all. >> and one number caught my eye. >> clinton wins within the margin of error, 48-45% for trump.
3:44 pm
do rubbles usually do that well with union households? >> normally. union households are a strong hold for democrats. although in reason elections, that has been narrowing a bit. it is a group that hillary clinton win wfls so she overcomes to 5-point deficit. plus 3 points more there. i think it is offset by a great concern in ohio with trade. we asked a question about nafta and whether it has done more for ohio in terms of more exports. therefore more jobs, more to hurt ohio by losing company and losing jobs. a majority of people say that in fact it has hurt ohio. that includes a plurality of democrats. there is an economic basis that suggests that trump's approach is winning. >> of the four candidates we've talked about. the one most pro trade in this race is rob portman and he is winning overwhelmingly.
3:45 pm
so he is defying that sentiment deflected against free trade. >> that may well be. he has sort of blown out the race as it stands today. we know that he gets 20% of hillary clinton's supporters. so there is some cross voting going on there. >> and an interesting little side bar. hillary with her young voters. when you start to put the third and fourth party candidates in, loses more of that youth to that did a. >> that's right. when we do a two-way test, throws the number we've shown you. in a four-way test, her number is decreased because 22% of people under age thrive say they're supporting gary johnson. which is a huge number. for her to lose that many to that candidate, that's a signal that her constituency that she
3:46 pm
relies on, that young group of voters, they're not very solid. >> and we know tonight react to any single poll but are we right to look at this and say that's a big deal, trump up by 5 in ohio? well, at the time there wasn't enough to show him up by many points. you double-check the protocol to make sure that there is nothing that's bothering us. this afternoon, cnn released a poll showing trump up by 5 in ohio. so do we exhale? >> who knows? both polls could be wrong. there seem to be a trend. >> i don't think it is wrong. cnn has trump up by 5 in ohio and anyflorida amongst likely voters. up next, we'll be talking
3:47 pm
about the man of the world. we'll tell what you that means for traffic and weather. if you're watching us in the nation's capital, you can listen to us on the radio any time. i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions?
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joined by the man of the hour to talk about his new book. joe is the author of that book and editor-in-chief of the national memo. welcome to the show. as mark said off camera, you and all future guests. >> i want to start with the question, it is interesting. i spent two days on the bus with bill in the 1992 documentary. back to that and said he was a 10 as far as sharpness, as far as in charge. the bill clinton of today, physically you see he looks different. a lot of people say he still doesn't have it. where is he then versus a 10 now?
3:51 pm
i hate to rate him. he just turned 70 years old, as you know. >> does he still have it? >> you lose a step when you get to be that age. i'll tell you. in the book i talk about going to philadelphia with him toward the end of the primary season. and it was that famous incident where he engaged with a black protester just outside of philly. and that did not turn out well. and you can feel at that point he had lost his step. there was something off there. it was little reminiscent of 2008. some of the stuff that mark and john wrote about. but earlier that day, i went with him to a convention of the african-american bishops and ministers from all over the country. no other press there. i was traveling with him for the book and they knew that. and it was, he was on his game totally. he had them all rising from their seats applauding. he was quoting scripture. all of those, mostly men,
3:52 pm
religious leaders, went back to their that you will pits and instructed everybody, we're with her. and of course, they delivered. so he could still do that. and very, very well. >> what goung how he feel about the following fact. the repudiation of the crime bill, of his trade agreement. the notion of big government being over. how does he feel his wife's campaign seems to have moved the party further to the left than he had it? >> he is very practicing matic politically. i think he would argue more with the trade issue if he were able to speak up. i think he would argue about the crime bill and did he a bit. in that dth that we just discussed. he would remind people as did he that bernie sanders voted for
3:53 pm
the crime bill, too. as far as the era of big government, i think he left that statement behind. if you look at the last book he wrote, back to work. that is an doorm of government action in many respects. >> the work of the foundation, a lot has been in concert with the government. it is not private sector alone. it is private sellingor working with government. >> private sector with government. >> he's always been for that. i would say she is too. we need partnerships. philanthropic. ways that you get government to be more effective by engaging the private sector. what the boss of this place thinks too. they're in sync with a lot of those issues. i think it is true to say, make sure everybody has health care
3:54 pm
and education. that give public services. i think he's always been on that page and it is a question of how you do it. >> describe to us, come november 8. it goes hillary's way. >> bill clinton, first husband. >> first gentleman. >> what is that going to look like six months into the presidency? >> i think nobody knows. at the end of the book i say this is a job that nobody has done before. the way he invented the post presidency, which is the way the book is about. i would say there are at least two things that i would imagine him wanting to do. this is not really based on a discussion with him. just observation. he is one of the most talented diplomats we've ever had. he proved in it zmouk other occasions that i described in the book. even at age 70, some of the generation, have passed from leadership.
3:55 pm
a lot of them are still around. they're elder statesmen. and he knows everybody. so there's that aspect of it. he could work a lot of issues for her diplomat which i if she wanted him to. the other issue, and i think people don't know this as much. he is obsessed with climate change and clean energy. that has been an obsession of his for years. there was a point where he went to obama in 2009 and said i have a plan for you and it will create million jobs. we can create all kinds of commercial buildings and here's how we get this. very wonkish stuff. he is into that. >> why is the media so tough? tougher on her than i think anyone i've covered. >> i don't know why. >> people were angry when they shipped the punch on white
3:56 pm
water. you remarked on this in 2008. one of the fairest, most thoughtful comments i saw that year. that campaign was, they were tougher on her. you didn't have the answer then. i don't know. >> 20 seconds. not a comprehensive answer. give me one reason why she gets such tough coverage. >> i think there's history between her and the press and i don't think they don't always handle it well. >> great new book. man of the world. the further endeavors of bill clinton. thanks. onase, you're choosing more complete allergy relief and all the enjoyment that comes along with it. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by overproducing 6 key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only control 1. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. with flonase, more complete relief means enjoyment of every beautiful moment. flonase, six is greater than one, changes everything. ♪
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so donald trump puts out the same stats? >> he doesn't have to. this was a perfect example of these two candidates. hillary clinton, a fact sheet of zhings that even that is not enough. donald trump going on dr. oz, a daytime talk show waving a letter and that will be enough. >> there is more about our ohio
4:00 pm
poll at bloomberg where trump is up 5. we'll be tracking that and the candidates and their health. we'll have more tomorrow. >> thanks for watching. sayonara. coming up, "hardball" with chris matthews. >> bed side manners. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. this afternoon that oddly matched pair of clinton and trump competed to show their medical reports. only in a campaign this bizarre, this campaign from oz, did one of the candidates show up on dr. oz to perform the medical equivalent of a strip tease. maybe i won't show you. maybe i will. yes, i will. >> if your health is as strong as it se


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