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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 17, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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major party nominees. johnson learned he's not polling highest nationwide to make the first presidential debate, but why focus on that? at least he made the ballot. baby steps. "msnbc live" is next. good morning, i'm todd piro at msnbc world headquarters. here's what's happening -- 52 days left in the battle for the white house. all side hitting with new attacks. donald trump alarming some with this -- >> she goes around with armed bodyguards like you have never seen before. i think that her bodyguards should drop all weapons, they should disarm. [ applause ] >> that came after he tried to lay the birther issue to rest. the big question -- will the past few days blunt his apparent momentum? the next 53 days will shape
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the next 50 years. the future of our children and grandchildren hangs in the balance. >> hillary clinton, meanwhile, fighting back on the the campaign trail after a week that saw some tough new polls. new details ahead on the "the place for politics." a massive fuel spill in the south having a ripple effect on gas prices up and down parts of the east coast. we begin with politics. the clinton campaign blasting donald trump for comments he made at a rally in miami last night. >> now you know she's very much against the second amendment. wants to destroy your second amendment. [ boos ] >> i think that her bodyguards should drop all weapons. they should disarm. [ cheers ] i think they should disarm. immediately. what do you think? yes? yes. [ applause ] >> yeah. take their guns away. she doesn't want guns. take -- see what happens to her. >> the clinton campaign released a statement saying in part, "donald trump, the republican
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nominee for president, has a pattern of inciting people to violence. this kind of talk should be out of bounds for a presidential candidate, just like it should be out of bounds for a presidential candidate to peddle a conspiracy theory about the president of the united states for five years." that conspiracy theory, of course, being donald trump's birtherism claims which he put to rest in a conference yesterday. trump will campaign in texas and colorado today while his running mate, mike pence, holds a rally at the villages retirement community in florida. and after trump visited the "tonight show" for this lighthearted moment -- there it is with the hair. it's hillary clinton's turn. here's what she told jimmy fallon about the scrutiny she faces. part of an interview that will air monday night. >> it's especially tricky for women. >> yeah. >> it just is because there's a lot of serious things. the other night i was on a show and being asked about isis and iran and -- i was serious. these are important issues that the country needs to talk about.
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and the republicans were saying, oh, she looks so serious. you don't talk about isis with a grin on your face. they're a barbaric and evil group that we have to defeat and wipe out. it is a constants balancing act. how do you keep the energy and positive spirit while taking seriously what you need to? >> lit is off the campaign trail today but will deliver remarks along with president obama at the congressional black caucus dinner in washington. meantime, two of her key surrogates, senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, are in ohio today for several events. libertarian nominee gary johnson is in seattle. his event comes a day after finding out he will not be on the debate stage next week because he did not reach the 15% polling threshold. we'll bring in casey hunts from our bureau in washington. she follows the clinton campaign. and what more can you tell us about the clinton camp's response to trump's second amendment comments?
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>> reporter: this has been an extraordinary 24 hours for the clinton campaign. this was a week that was pretty difficult for them from the beginning because of the episode with her health but swung dramatically the other way in the last 24 hours. part of it are the comments that donald trump made about the second amendment. her campaign, of course, very quick to put out a statement that says in part, "we've seen again and again that no amount of failed resets can change who donald trump is. he is unfit to be president, and it is time republican leader stand up to denounce this disturbing behavior in their nominee." so they're casting this in the same light that they've tried to cast many of trump's statements in the past and kind of the overall frame they've been arguing through the summer that he is unfit to be president of the united states. of course, we've seen in recent days those polls starting to get a little bit tighter. and the clinton campaign have to adjust their strategy a bit. >> is there a sense as to how
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the clinton camp will continue to counter this line of attack especially during the big-tick items that are coming up, the debates? >> reporter: one thing i do think, this is something that we've heard in some form or another from donald trump before. i think what we also saw in the second piece of why the end of the week was frankly better for secretary clinton than the early part of the week is these birther comments from donald trump. and i think you're going to a push across the board from the clinton campaign to focus on that. you saw michelle obama who the clinton campaign views as a surrogate without peers. she is somebody who can gut out, they believe -- come who can go out, they believe, and make a strong case. i was with her, and look at what she had to say about the birther issue. >> there were those who questioned and continued to question for the past eight years up through this very day
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whether my husband was even born in this country. [ cheers ] [ boos ] well, during his time in office, i think barak has answered those questions with the example he set by going high when they go low. and he's answered these questions with the progress that we've achieved together. >> michelle obama having that response without ever -- and going through her speech without mentioning donald trump's name. >> live from washington. thank you. for more, joining me is's jane timm and jonathan allen. let's begin with donald trump in miami talking about hillary clinton's security guards and guns. you heard the sound that we just played. is this trump again going rogue, or is this actually a campaign calculation? >> you know, i think it's a little bit of each.
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going after her second amendment stance which i think is to say not to destroy the second amendment. he says this time and time again. it is frankly inaccurate. she wants to add restrictions to how people buy guns so they cannot do it without background checks. restrictions like that. things we've been talking about, things we had years ago. for him, i think the suggestion that her guards should do this is a little trump. but i think it makes headlines. that's what they like. they think all media is good media for donald trump. >> and john on, trump, had some momentum this week. is all that blunted by the last 24 hours? his handling of the birther question and now the guns remark? >> i hate to prediction what polls are going to do after the last year or so of watching them and watching donald trump's behavior. i do think that the birther controversy is not good for him, and you know, honestly, suggesting that a candidate for president should be -- should leave herself vulnerable to
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potential violence is dangerous. and his argument on guns there is pretty inane. i think most people will get that. it seems that every time donald trump gets close to the precipice of the presidency, he says something to arrest his rise. >> jane, back to the birther question. explain the campaign strategy behind how it unfolded in that press conference, and finally, do we think it will lay those questions to rest? >> you know, i don't think this was exactly the campaign strategy. this strikes me like entirely donald trump's game. the idea that his campaign has been saying for years this has been laid to rest, this has been laid to rest, we're not going to talk about this. donald trump has avoided talking about this. but when the "washington post" headline came out saying donald trump is still not addressing this issue from rob costa, they had to do something. and the idea that you would have this very long press conference and then have donald trump come out with one-line statement, seven second to get rid of a conspiracy theory that he nursed for five years seems pretty solidly like donald trump.
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i don't think it puts it to rest at all. the fact is he is still spreading rumors that the president might be muslim. he is still spreading rumors that he might be aligned with isis. he's done that as far as recently as i think february. this does not put his conspiracy theories to rest. if there's anything that's consistent with donald trump's campaign, it is how much he will stoke conspiracy theories. >> john, you get the tough question here. the first three questions, very negative trump, negative trump. but when you look at the some polls from the past week in ohio, a suffolk poll shows trump up by three. in colorado, emerson poll shows trump up by four. and in iowa, gop has won only once in the laugh seven elections a new monmouth poll showing trump up by a whopping eight. what is driving that surge in light of all the stuff that we just talked about? >> well, i think hillary clinton's brand throughout the campaign has been one of steadiness. and i think her health scare in particular as well as other things going on. that in particular has given trump an opening that he didn't
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have before. i think it's a combination of both people being concerned about her health, lack of forthcomingness, that's not a word, but obfuscating about the pneumonia. i think that hurt her significantly over the last couple of days. what we see with donald trump and polling is polls are dynamic, not static. electorate's mood changes. and so we're still pretty far out from election day. >> and it lends credence to the kind of laying off by trump on clinton's health. jane, i want to ask you about your latest work on fact check 2016. before the show, i had the chance to read these. there are highlights. break it down for us. >> you know, i think the top fact check of the week is going to be how much trump made the whopper of the week. how much trump is saying and insisting that he was against the war in iraq before it started. he wasn't. his only remark on the the war
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in iraq is saying he supposed it before it started. 18 months into the war, he goes deep into his position. by then public opinion had largely changed. on hillary clinton's side, i went into the poll numbers that we see behind the basket of deplorables comment where she says that half of his supporters have these views on sexism, homophobia, islamaphobia, and some of her suggestions were true. we do see a lot of islamaphobia in his supporters. about two-thirds of what she said, three-fifths i'd say is true. that was lost in the coverage, that this remark was offensive to go after his supporters seemed politically unwise. but there were numbers to back her up. not everything she said was correct. we really did not see the homophobia numbers. she was talking about this at a lgbt fundraiser. it was likely she was going to go for that. didn't see the numbers but did see them on other things. >> jonathan, last question. this is tough to ask because
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kind of negates everything that we've been doing if you answer yes. is everything before the first debate just noise? >> well, i think maybe i should just answer yes for the fun of it. no. i don't think everything before the first debate is noise. i think actually often we put too much emphasis on what happens in debates. this year looks like we're going to be heading into the first debate with a much closer race than it appeared to be several weeks ago. i do think that there is big importance on how the candidates react to each other and the moderator and how they answer questions. i don't think everything before it is noise. i think that voters have been inundatesed with questions this time around. and so what's happened to this point does matter. >> we will call it the appetizer before the unreal entree that we're expecting, three entrees, in fact. jane, john, thank you very much. have a great weekend. in other news, six people including two police officers shot in west philadelphia last night. officials say the suspect was targeting law enforcement and after shooting two officers, the
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suspect took aim at bystanders. >> this ramblingings ings isug he clearly was trying to target a police officer as he did. this was the initial shooting victim, the sergeant. it kind of makes it very clear to us what he was out there to do. >> police eventually chased the suspect into an alley where he was shot and killed. one of the victims is listed in critical condition. the other five people including the two officers are expected to be okay. lets us take a live look. times square, new york city. people starting on this awesome sunny, warm day in new york city. for a look at more of today's weather across the country, the weather channel's kelly cass joins me now. what's happening out there? >> good morning, everyone. we are watching out for some heavy downpours across portions of the ohio valley. the reds have got a doubleheader out there. could be issues. we've got the heavy rain slated toward the gulf coast, as well. even severe weather can't be
4:14 am
ruled out in the western parts of texas, oklahoma, and kansas. there could be pretty big hail with those storms. and then you've got the that onshore flow in the pacific northwest keeping your temperatures down in the 60s in seattle. otherwise, we're warm, we're muggy as we track the rain showers moving through the great lakes later this morning. right on into the afternoon hours. is of this could get heavy. there could be some strong, damaging wind gusts with this, as well. beware of that erie, ashtabula, into the afternoon hours, we'll get moisture involved in upstate new york and eventually into the poconos as we go through the overnight hours, as well. then we see more moisture involved with some of this shower and thunderstorm activity for tomorrow. some of the bigger cities like new york, philly, d.c., we get a chance for rain not just tomorrow, sunday, but monday, as well. back to you. >> all right. thanks. russian hacking, we'll talk about why russia is so interested in u.s. servers and when it could stop. plus, what it could mean for the november election coming up.
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a new call from capitol hill for president obama to started thinking about sanctioning -- to start thinking about sanctioning russia for hacking. hackers penetratesed the claun classified commuters -- penetrated the classified computers. it comes as the world anti-doping agency that a group known as fancy bear illegally hacked a data base of olympic athletes. what's more, american officials also see russia's hand behind an intrusion into the illinois state voter registration data base and an attempted hack into arizona's. here's part of a report from my colleague, richard engle, on yet another hack this summer. ♪ >> reporter: even as hillary clinton took to the stage of the democratic convention, party
4:19 am
officials were scrambling with a major security breach. they amy been hacked. investigators now say it was a cyberattack launched from russia. who are these hackers? >> basically they are come from the russia underground. >> reporter: this former hacker is now a leading expert on the russian hackers. they do services for the russian state, and in exchange they get protection? >> yeah. >> joining me now, msnbc terrorism analyst malcolm nance. why is russia so intent on hacking u.s. hackers? what ultimately is the end game, their goal? >> let's look at the two types of hacks. ones going on against the white house, the joint chiefs of staff, those are intelligence agency probes. they do that all the time. those are low-grade hacks. the hack on the dnc and dccc, hillary clinton campaign, this is a strategic campaign to change the balance of the
4:20 am
campaign in favor of donald trump. >> a headline in the "washington post" reads "putin wants revenge and respect as possib" as possi the reasons. do you agree? >> absolutely. as a matter of fact, he and hillary clinton have a very contentious history. he insulted hillary clinton at one point after she had made comments comparing him to hilt. she came back and slapped him down pretty hard by saying she knows how to deal with people like putin. she's dealt with elementary school children before. that humiliated him in russia. and ever since then, it's just been game on between the two of them. >> so i guess the big question is, if, when is this going to stop? >> well, it's not going to stop because russia has cyberwarfare as an incigral part of its new strategy called hybrid warfare, everything short of war. imagine a cold war where we don't just stare each other down, we take shots at each other by trying to figure out how to disable their global
4:21 am
infrastructure. but also their political infrastructure. vladimir putin sees an ally in donald trump. he understands that this guy will meet all of his strategic objectives, the breakup of nato, the breakup of the european union, allowing russia to do what it wants in eastern europe. and he is putting his bets on him by allowing the cyber bears, the hacking organizations, intelligence agency, military intelligence, and the criminal hackers to go completely whole hog on tabling this election. >> i'm going to deviate for a moment here. do you think that if donald trump were to win the presidency that that would be possible, that there would be such a capitulation possible in the white house, or are there too many layers of checks and balances to prevent that? >> there's no checks and balances here. this is his policy as written into the republican platform. he believes that nato is an obsolete organization and that all the 28 nations of nato should just go on their own and
4:22 am
defend themselves. that would immediately put fire nations of nato at risk for an invasion and ukraine at risk for invasion by russia. which would give all of eastern europe a russian back yard like we saw in the post stalinist era in world war ii. this is dangerous talk. the united states has stood at the point of nato, and the stability of the european union for 70 or more years, certainly in the point of nato. but vladimir putin would get everything on the russian checklist done if his ally, donald trump were to be elected president. >> getting back to the hacking front, the "washington post" reports congressman adam hiv is of the intelligence -- schiff of the committee thinks we should think about the intelligence in russia. given what you know about the intelligence and global community, would the sanctions work? >> sanctions have been working with russia. russia's not doing very well economically in this period. so we know that anything that can take away from their
4:23 am
economic standing is going to actually make vladimir putin think a little more. you have to understand putin is a person that deals from positions of strength. even whether he has it or not. so he is going to probably ante up each if we don't -- even if we do sanctions. if we don't do sanctions, he'll think he gotten over on us. if he gets donald trump elected, he might ease off on the hybrid warfare. for the most part, vladimir putin is going to get his way one way or the other. we should do sanctions and consider cyber-retaliation if we're going to take this seriously. >> let's get to that. do we have the capability to hack foreign computer networks, and do we have sort of the constitution, no pun intended, the will to do it? >> well, you know, people say that we are trading over the global war -- sorry, the cold war right now and trying to restoeb the cold war with russia. there's never been a stop in the cold war with russia. we are just shifting to cyberwar. you know, instead of having
4:24 am
agents run around and observe each other, everything is being done through stealth by cybercapability. we have a robust cyber-warfare capability. as the united states, we use it judiciously. we don't destabilize the political regime of a nation the size of russia. in russia, that strategy has been going on since the beginning of the soviet union and by this extension of vladimir putin's autocratic near dictatorial russia to where they are more than willing to play with the political process of any nation that gets in their way. do we have the stomach for? that remains to be seen. but secretary clinton has said that she views major cyberattacks like this as equivalent to an armed attack. we need to figure out where that line is. >> fascinating insight this morning. thank you very much. the emergency this morning in states after a massive fuel spill. what it could mean for your price at the pump. by willie nelson ] ♪ on the road again
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easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. welcome back. i'm todd piro at msnbc world headquarters in new york. at the half hour, here's what we're monitoring -- the governors of five southern states have declared states of emergency after a massive fuel spill in alabama. it has forced the shutdown of a crucial gasoline pipeline and is driving up prices at the pump for millions of americans. coming up in a few minutes, we'll have the latest in a live report. back now to politics. donald trump is out west holding events in texas and colorado where he's got a comfortable lead in the polls. let's bring in katy tur following the trump campaign. what's the reaction today to trump's latest comments? >> reporter: there's shock and awe as there is most days for donald trump and the various things he says.
4:32 am
as you mentioned, the polls are neck and neck for the most part, the daily if not hourly controversies doing little to blunt donald trump's momentum. last night he insinuated violence against his rival and also tried to put an end to a conspiracy theory that he perpetuated. topping off a surreal day on the campaign trail, donald trump tweaked "les miserable" as he took the stage if mia-- stage i miami. >> welcome to all of you deplorables. >> reporter: before daring hillary clinton's service detail to disarm. >> let's see what happens to her. >> reporter: earlier after five years of nurturing a conspiracy theory, trump took seven seconds to admit what was true all along. >> president the barack obama was born in the united states, period. >> reporter: then two falsehoods -- >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the
4:33 am
birther controversy. i finished it. >> reporter: trump refused to take questions from reporters at the so-called press event, instead offering a tour of his new hotel for cameras only. the networks declined. down the street, members of the congressional black caucus were not impressed. >> did he address it in a manner that showed he was mistaken and incorrect? no, he did not. >> reporter: neither is hillary clinton -- nor michelle obama -- >> there were those who questioned and continued to question for the past eight years up through this very day whether my husband was even worn in this country. >> reporter: sitting if the oval office, her husband shrugged it off. >> i was pretty confident about where i was born. i think most people were, as well. >> reporter: while democrats seized on trump's jarring 1 0, supporters awaiting him in miami
4:34 am
dug in. >> you don't need it, say i'm sorry to obama. obama have to say i'm sorry to us, to the american people. >> reporter: both candidates are back on the campaign trail today. donald trump is in houston for the first part of the day. hillary clinton will be joined by president obama tonight. they'll be at an awards ceremony at the congressional black caucus. todd? >> thanks. let's bring in joe watkins, republican strategist and former white house aide to president george h. w. bush, and rick tyler, msnbc political analyst and former national spokesman for the cruz campaign. so donald trump now says president obama was born in the u.s., but for hillary clinton, that admission is not enough. here's what she had to say at an event in washington yesterday -- >> he is feeding in to the worst impulses, the bigotry and bias that lurks in our country. barack obama was born in
4:35 am
america, plain and simple. and donald trump owes him and the american people an apology. [ applause ] >> so joe, should trump apologize? >> well, he should, but he's not going to. if he really wanted to reach out to the african-american community, an apology would be in order. but even an apology wouldn't be enough. most african-americans, every african-american that i know is offended by his comments on the birther movement and the fact that he's continued them for so long. so i don't even think that an apology at this point would be enough. i mean, it's almost the midnight hour of the 2016 presidential election, and he's finally calling it quits. so i don't think an apology would even be enough. >> why do you think it's been going on for so long, and why is he bringing it up again now with just a few days, say, a week or so before the debate? >> i think for the most part it's still an effort on trump's part to reach out to white
4:36 am
college-educated voters, a group that he needs to really get in his column, and he's not had a lot of success yet getting white college-educated voters on his side. so this becomes yet another move to reach those voters. they won't vote for a candidate who they think is racist. and so by saying that he's no longer a birther, that's meant to reach out to those white college-educated voters to tell them it's okay to supports him. i think that's what he's trying to do. >> rick, trump gave an actual policy speech this week, something he hasn't done too often. that's gotten lost in the talk about the birther thichblg is he shooting himself in the foot by taking attention from his own policies? >> i think so. the policy speech was actually very good, i thought. he talked about lowering the corporate rate to 15%. he talked about a pro-growth policy that he would come close to paying off or balancing in $4 trillion in taxes through economic growth. i'm not sure it add up. he didn't talk about cutting
4:37 am
government and reforming entitlements, a big problem. you're absolutely right. we're talking about birtherism, not the policies. i think the campaign including kellyanne conway wanted to put this birtherism issue been them before they if into debate because debates -- before they go into debate because the debate will be the single-most watched in history. huge numbers, tens of millions of people watching. they wanted to put this behind them. unfortunately for donald trump, i don't think he did a very satisfactory job of dispensing the issue. he basically acknowledged that barack obama was born in the united states, thereof was a citizen. look, he would have been eligible to be the president anyway. his manager was an american citizen. that's -- his mother was an american citizen. that's pretty established that he was a natural-born citizen. he's led this movement for a long time. in seven seconds, he's trying to undo five years of being the lead spokesman on birtherism. >> let's do more of this fly on the wall stuff inside the walls of the campaign. your area of expertise, rick,
4:38 am
what is happening inside the trump campaign now? you mentioned kellyanne conway a moment ago. she just came on board more or less to keep his message in check. you kind of alluded to it. do you think they're frustrated with there birther things? >> i think they've always been frustrated with the birthy things. it was the clintons who campaigned who brought it up again and rightfully so. they brought it up. it was testing negatively is my guess skrngs they need to get it behind them. you get it been them, as joe mentioned, by apologizing, saying you were wrong. he didn't do it. he basically said that clinton started it, and he finished it. that was very unsatisfactory. i suspect it's going to continue to be an issue. >> i feel like in all these interviews this morning there's been an not i trump questioning by me and then this question -- with all that said, trump's enjoying a bump in the polls this week, tying or pulling ahead of clinton by a few points nationally. joe, how do you explain that?
4:39 am
>> i don't know that you can explain anything easily. donald trump has been absolutely counter intuitive. i mean, normally a candidate at this point is -- rick and i have talked about this, would have a strong ground game. would have people in all the battle groin states, experienced staff in the battle groin states, making sure that you mobilize voters and got them out to vote and identify them, mobilize them, got them out to vote. we've seen none of that. we've seen mostly tweets and campaign speeches. but he has managed to dominate the news cycles. i mean, he is a genius at managing to dominate the news cycles. and he's done it again. i mean, almost every couple of days he comes out with something that dominates the news cycle. so he's enjoying i guess some of the angst that americans have about electing an establishment person. this is a year of the outsider, and donald trump continues to be the consummate outsider. >> rick, last question to you -- trump holding a rally in colorado tonight where he's pulled ahead in the polls for the first time since last november. is that a sign he could be
4:40 am
turning the electoral map in his favor? >> that's possible. i mean, all the polls in the battleground states are what matter. the national polls between 4% and 1% depending whether you include the independents. a lot of battleground states are closing. unfortunately for trump, there's a new you battleground state working in hillary's side, and one is in georgia. she actually is working very hard in north carolina, and she's got 33 offices there. if she wins north carolina, it blocks his path. we'll see. you know, he just -- he just can't tell. i don't want to predict anything anymore in this election. >> and that potential georgia blue swing is very fascinating. joe and rick, as always, a pleasure. love the insight. have a great weekend. >> thanks. happening now, motorists across the east coast bracing for a surge in gas prices after a major gas pipeline in alabama shut down. nbc has more from atlanta. sarah, what happened?
4:41 am
>> reporter: todd, that section of the critical gas pipeline remains shut down for repairs this morning. a process that is expected to stretch into next week as price increases and shortages begin to ripple across the south. this morning pain at the pump. >> things going up. >> reporter: with price increases and supply issues expected across a number of states. >> i think it's just going to make it harder for a lot of people to get by and rely having easy access and cheaper gas prices. >> reporter: already, drivers in cities in georgia and tennessee are seeing shortages. this knoxville station pumped dry. it's the result of a major pipeline leak in central alabama. the colonial pipeline company's line one, which stretches from texas to new york harbor, delivering 40% of the gasoline was severed last week, spilling more than 250,000 gallons of gas and disrupting service to millions. the company issued a statement
4:42 am
saying it has more than 680 employees and partners working as safely and expeditiously as possible to repair the impacted section of pipe. ships have done dispatched to provide fuel and more tanker trucks with drivers working longer hours have been ordered in at least five states. >> what i see is a lot of scrambling behind the scenes. people that supply the stations are taking every pain they can and going down every avenue to make sure the stations are filled with gasoline. >> reporter: estimates drivers in six states will be the first to see price increases. from five to 20 cents per gallon. been for drives who are faced -- bad news for drivers who are faced with few alternatives to opening their wallets. >> gas is gas. we've all god got to drive to work, i guess. you got to pay what the price is. >> reporter: once the leak is fixed, analysts believe that prices will drop relatively quickly, especially since a lot of stations are switching to cheaper winter blend of gasoline.
4:43 am
that assumes that repairs go smoothly and everything stays on schedule. back to you. >> understood. sarah dollof live in atlanta. new signs show the economy is on the right track. so why do so many americans say the country itself is on the wrong track? some answers next. divided this country enough. >> and in our next hour, hear more from congressman gregory meeks. he spoke out yesterday about donald trump's new birther comments. plus, a new report about young blacks voicing skepticism about supporting hillary clinton. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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4:47 am
gerald bernstein, a senior fellow at the center on budget and policy priorities. seems like the economy's on the right track, and that build-up there remind me of the lego movie with the song "everything is awesome." a lot of americans don't seem to be feeling the joy. "washington post" reporting many americans feel left behind, and the average american is making less today than he or she was 15 years ago. why isn't average joe, average american feeling the benefits of the recovery? >> well, first, there's really two answers to that question. one is a political answer, and one's an economic answer. let me start with the politics. if you talk about the right track, wrong track kind of questions on the economy, where don't really reflect the income gains you were suggesting, that's become a partisan question. democrats say right track, republicans say wrong track. it's more a question about how do you feel about the guy in the white house, and we're in such partisan times that you can't really map that particular question on to the economy. but when we get to the economic
4:48 am
realities, there are some of the points you made, they're very important. yes, we've had a great year, yes, the economy is finally moving if the right direction, and it's reaching a lot more people than it has before. but a couple of good years does not reverse a number of years of stagnation. and if you look at median household income, it's about where it was before the recession and about where it was back in 2000. that explains the longer term trend. >> let's build on a pril for a moment. "the new york times" reports while the economy is moving the right direction, the real incomes of most american households are still smaller than in the late 1990s, and large swaths of the country, rural america, industrial centers in the rust belt and appalachia are bagging behind. does this -- lagging behind. this does this explain the popularity of donald trump among this block of americans? >> i think so. i think one of the things that donald trump is doing with his campaign is kind of arguing a very nostalgic economic kind of platform. the idea that he can take the
4:49 am
economy, not just the economy but society back to the 1950s where the rust belt was flush with manufacturing jobs and where there were less people with unusual religions and people of color and things like that. less immigrants, less trade. so it's a kind of nostalgia for an economy that existed in the 1950s but with globalization, trade, increased immigrationation, it's a very different economy. >> why hasn't the administration raised up the economy in these areas? >> it's not as clear as you think that they haven't -- i shouldn't say that they haven't, that the economy hasn't reached there. if you look at more recent numbers than the ones you cited, it shows recently rural areas have been getting ahead, as well. these are long-term, structural shifts. i talked about rust belt. look, we have had trade deficits for a long time. we've had communities that have been in kind of head-to-head competition with very low-wage
4:50 am
countries with whom we trade. and that's definitely hurt the communities. it's not something one president can change. it's an underlying structural change in the nature of the global economy. >> as we noted, household income increased 5.2%, the largest single increase since record keeping began in 1967. that has to mean something to someone. how do you assess that? >> it means a lot it a lot of people. i think one of the things getting lost in the message is somehow everybody feels lousy about the economy. actually, if you look at consumer sentiment, it's back to where it was before the last recession. it's been going up steeply. again, these gains, we saw the gains in the middle, you've been citing the median household. lower income households have done even better.
4:51 am
there's the matter of the fed, we don't have time to break down how you their influencing the country. thank you very much. have a great weekend. >> you, too. celebration sun and cloudsed in controversy at penn state. some are asking whether this was the right time to honor joe paterno. ♪ take on any road with intuitive all-wheel drive. the nissan rogue, murano and pathfinder. now get 0% apr for 72 months, plus $500 bonus cash. wheyou wantve somto protect it.e, at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you
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4:54 am
penn state university under fire for celebrating joe paterno's first game. nbc's morgan radford has more. >> today will be the first time paterno has been officially recognized since he walked off the field in 2011. while he remains a beloved figure for many penn state figures and fans, his critics
4:55 am
say it's not the time or place to honor the man with a legacy. >> honored today on the 50th anniversary of his first game of penn state football. four years after paterno's death and five years after he was fired accused of covering up sex abuse by his then assistant coach, jerry sandusky. >> he had a legal, a moral and a professional obligation, and yet he stayed silent. >> the editors of the student-run newspaper also criticizing the decision. but moving on has been tough for a school so heavily affected by his legacy. >> love penn state. >> paterno was the most victorious coach is the penn state history, and he knows what
4:56 am
he did, i know what he did. >> sandusky charged with 45 counts of child sex abuse dating back to the 90s. >> thanks, and pray a little bit. >> and paterno who was never charged with the crime did tell a grand jury he didn't know of any other court incidents, although court reports released this year claims there was more. in a statement released this week, the university says today's activities will focus on the commitment paterno had to student athletes and academics. >> that sends a very dangerous message. >> in a statement paterno's wife
4:57 am
hopes she focused on thee play kwrurbz, and the last word on this saga has not been written. coming up, a preview of john kasich's preview, "meet the pres press". my colleague takes over at the top of the hour. ops ] ♪ just can't wait to get on the road again ♪ [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ♪ on the road again ♪ like a band of gypsies we go down the highway ♪ [ beetle horn honks ] no matter which passat you choose, you get more standard features, for less than you expected. hurry in and lease the 2017 passat s for just $199 a month.
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