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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  September 29, 2016 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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brian williams will have the latest reporting from the campaign trail today and the latest on usa today taking sides for the first time ever in a presidential campaign. and steve kornacki will lay out the clinton and trump possible paths to victory. it takes a side for the first time ever. "the 11th hour" begins now. 39 days until americans choose the next president. good evening from our headquarters here in new york. "usa today" is 34 years old, the only publication ever marketed
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as america's newspaper and in its 34 years on this planet, they have never taken a stand on a presidential race or on a presidential candidate until now. tonight, the paper posted this on their web site, the editorial board of "usa today" believes donald trump is unfit for the presidency. they feel he lacks the "temperament, knowledge, steadiness and honesty that america needs from its presidents." and speaking of endorsements, the trump campaign seems to be endorsing a strategy that trump himself hinted at after monday night's debate going after the clintons' marital troubles. here was donald trump on the trail today and our apologies. we had a camera issue during this portion of the trump rally but still wanted you to hear what he said for yourself. >> corruption and scandals. and impeachment for lying. impeachment for lying.
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remember that, impeach. just tonight a short time ago the candidate going even further on this topic during an interview with nh 1 in new hampshire. >> if it does come up, do you think your past marital history is also fair game? >> i guess, i mean they can do but a lot different than his, that i can tell you. we have a situation where we have a president who was a disaster and he was ultimately impeached for it in a sense for lying so we'll see whether or not we discuss. >> it you're not worried about your past history at all? >> not at all. i have a very good history. >> for her part, hillary clinton was asked repeatedly about this today speaking to reporters on her plane in chicago today. here is the full exchange beginning with a question from our own kristen welker. >> reporter: secretary clinton, the trump campaign is signaling that they were poised to get personal about your husband's past, about your past. how will you respond at the debates and what's your response today? >> he can run his campaign
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however he chooses. that's up to him. i'm going to keep talking about the stakes in this election. i'm going to keep talking about my agenda that will, i believe increase growth, make it fairer, have it be lasting, deal with the real problems families are confronting. what i want to do to keep america safe and provide the kind of steady strong leadership the country needs and to bring people together which is going to be one of the highest priorities that i will have when i'm fortunate enough to be elected president if that's what turns out. so i'm not going to comment on how he runs his campaign. you'll be able to see we have two more debates. what he says and what i say. >> reporter: do you who wants women to win feel any obligation if trump brings up your
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husband's past to speak out against a spouse's indiscretions or pasts being brought into a campaign like this? >> no. [ laughter ] >> reporter: donald trump today invoked your husband's impeachment as evidence he says the clintons have "a sordid past" and his president would "be a very bright and clean future." i'm wondering if you have any response to that comparison. >> no. no. look, he can say whatever he wants to say, as we well know, we have seen it in realtime over the last many months. i'm going to keep running my campaign, talking about what i think the american people are interested in. >> hillary clinton talking to reporters in the back of her campaign plane today. for more tonight, we are joined once again by robert costa, national political reporter for for the "washington post." he has posted tonight for tomorrow "trump stirs old clinton sex scandals to the dismay of some allies."
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and, robert, tell us what your sources are telling you. >> brian, inside of trump tower there's an active discussion about just how far to go. the candidate certainly has an interest in moving in this direction and reviving these past controversies but there's a difference of opinion. you have rudy giuliani, the former new york mayor on one side, a campaign memo being circulated, it's been reported on by nbc and the "washington post" and others says to mention monica lewinsky and other people from clinton's past. then you have newt gingrich, an ally and others like carl paladino, the new york state chair for trump saying the post tonight, just don't go there. >> robert, doesn't it all fit this narrative of the candidate and then the immediate circle around the candidate, then the wider circle around the candidate and this on going very public debate about it all? >> trump is such an unusual politician, comes out of this
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non-traditional mode that he does have kellyanne conway saying today on "the view" that she doesn't want the candidate to necessarily go there but she knows as well as other people in trump's orbit know that he's being spoken to by a wide variety of people outside of politics, friends, associates, business people and they're telling him to be more combative. that's what trump wants to do. he wants to fight more in the st. louis debate. that's who he is according to people i've spoken to. >> robert costa, we want to brick in our other panelist tonight, nicolle wallace, a bush campaign and white house veteran with us again here in the studio and former pennsylvania governor, former philadelphia mayor, former dnc chairman ed rendell is with us this evening. governor, thank you very much for being with us. nicolle wallace, what do you make of this night of the new round of stories. >> what i saw in watching the clips is one campaign very much on the offense. hillary clinton feels so buoyed by her performance monday night she has to be careful not to
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overplay that. and the trump campaign can't put a poker face on its performance. they're hemming and hawing and mashing out what we talked about which was the discussion the campaign that we had that roberts reported on for a couple days about when she makes these arguments about his comments about women that one of the arguments was to go after hillary clinton's treatment of the women bill had had relations with. but the problem is at the same time they're having this public debate he was calling a woman fat. and i was out and object in my mommy world and that's what i hear people talking about. he's still cleaning up an insult that cut most women to the very core of their sort of self-esteem when their appearance or weight is questioned. >> and that has been said to be the damage he has inflicted upon the campaign. >> right. so even if he thinks he's going to gain some ground -- and i brought up tonight this piece that was written in december,
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trump has paid this card against clinton before, well before the republican primary was close to being over and the clintons responded with a little bit of timidity at the topic being raised and some journalists, and ruth marcus is a very good one, a very astute one on these issues, thought it was a fair question to make a narrow argument, the narrow argument about the kinds of things she said about these women. but i don't know that trump is capable of doing anything other than bludgeoning his opponent with something that does anything but make a narrow, precise point. >> governor rendell, before i show you something from today how do you counsel the clinton campaign if asked if this comes up at the next debate? >> i counsel them to say "we're not going to respond to stuff like this." hillary clinton was the most effective in some of the bernie sanders debates when he said something or martin o'malley said something and they said "secretary clinton, do you want to respond?" and she just smiled and said "no."
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>> robert costa mentioned this last item. trump campaign talking points memorandum is was obtained today by nbc news and it tells trump surrogates how to bring up bill clinton's past. it also instructs them to point out "hillary clinton and her husband actively worked to destroy bill clinton's accusers." and "hillary clinton bullied and smeared women like paula jones, gennifer flowers and monica lewinsky." trump supporters echoed those same themes, this is how talking points work, in appearances over the last 36 hours. >> gennifer flower, paula -- >> oh, we really want -- well, take our word for it. there were three people lined up repeating basically those same talking points. governor rendell, you've been around this trade a long time
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and you know that there are two ways talking points come into the public. the first way is i want to find out who in this campaign is talking to the press, that was private, that was our business. the second way is, here, member of the press i can share with you these talking points, don't say how you got them but this will nicely tell folks what we want to say and some of us won't say it overtly. which of the two do you think it was? >> i think it was the first but i don't think it matters, brian, and i think secretary clinton should not respond. if there are any responses necessary it should come from clinton surrogates who say, look, this is a guy who has trashed women publicly and we won't get into this stuff because we'll focus on the real issues like the secretary did in the first debate. i just think you blow it off. if you go down the road, there's
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no good answer in a sense, just ignore it. >> let me play devil's advocate for a nanosect becauond, it's n i would advise and kellyanne conway on "the view" says it's not what she would advise. but if you were to do it, monica lewinsky gave a riveting ted talk last year. i watched it three times through. there is a story about what happened to -- i'm most familiar with hers, but there is a story to tell. i just don't think trump is the right messenger to tell the story. monica lewinsky gave a ted talk, she talked about how her life essentially stopped as a young intern in her 20s. there is a story to tell about what happens when you sort of get snarled in the wreckage of the clintons and their human mistakes but trump at this hour in the campaign about what we usually give the countdown, 35 days out -- >> 39. >> i don't know that he's able to make it, and this race is so structural. he needs to win over the kinds of voters who may end up having
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sympathy for her if they're reminded of this chapter. >> governor? >> nicolle, it's hard for giuliani and gingrich to make this an issue. they come into the fray as very poor surrogates on the issue so i think if donald trump -- if i was advising donald trump i'd say talk about nothing but substantive issues. >> and the economy is the argument the clinton team is most afraid of being challenged on so they do have vulnerabilities with the kinds of voters that can be persuaded. i don't think this is the issue that speaks to the kind of voters that might still be up for grabs. >> robert costa, go ahead. >> real quick, when i was speaking to top democrats, they said republicans are going to be careful and trump is likely being told this behind the scenes because when you look at which point in her career was secretary clinton most popular, it was during the lewinsky scandal, her favorability soared as she was as someone dealing with that situation and as james
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carville put it to me today, look what happened since. she's won the democratic nomination, she's won two senate races, she's been through it, to think she's not ready for this kind of attack, well, she's ready. >> robert, something else. all this talk about does it come up at the next debate? let's talk about "the next debate" and all the talk surrounding which donald trump will arrive and take that stage and take his place in the same split screen you are in right now where the camera really never blinks. there was some talk today that maybe chris christie was going to move up in the ranking of those in charge of prepping donald trump for the debate. >> christie is known as someone who is the master of these town halls. he's had them in new jersey, hundreds of them. it's a different kind of skill roaming around with a microphone than being at a lectern. trump inspite of his
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extemporaneous ways and controlled performance, he is controlled, he walks up, has different hand gestures. this is a different setting. so far he hasn't had a mock town hall debate but that could be coming. >> i heard someone say this week neither candidate is naturally tactile. there isn't a bill clinton at this town hall debate so it will be interesting to watch the body language all over again. >> governor, don't you think, brian the up to hall setting is a very difficult setting the clinton infidelities and those problems? remember, it's the citizens who are going to be asking the questions. i can't see how you pivot from a citizen question and get into that without turning off the crowd. >> it's going to be an intimate gathering and you're right, they get to tall questions. governor, robert costa, thank you both for being with us tonight. when we come back, a look at
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since the debate was over, donald trump has said he won in all the online post-debate polls. the problem with that is that technology can be manipulated for those willing to refresh a million times and the numbers can be goosed upforward there's a determined effort to do. so tonight "meet the press
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daily" this point was pressed with jason miller, trump senior communications director. >> why do you think multiple polls, scientific polls, have said hillary clinton won that debate by a 2-1 margin. it's not even been close. >> all right, well i have to set you straight on that one. the polls that happened the that night, the night of the debate, the snap polls that happened online, those showed mr. trump winning in a huge way. >> what scientific poll had donald trump winning? give me one scientific poll. everything else was -- those are fan polls, man, those are -- computer programs can mess with those. those aren't real. >> those are immediate reactions. those are a snapshot of people watching the debate. the nbc/survey monkey poll, i thought you'd go to that one next. >> methodologically sound. >> that's monday and tuesday, tuesday is influenced by the debate coverage and the media will hype up hillary clinton to make it seem like she won. >> jason, you've been doing this a while, you know those are bogus. you know these are bogus.
8:20 pm
there's nothing -- they're beyond non-scientific, in fact, you have evidence, there's some evidence that there are computer programs that help refresh. all you have to do is empty your history and you get to vote again. they're not real, jason. >> the energy, the enthusiasm of this race is all with mr. trump. >> there's plenty of evidence where people lose the debate. i don't understand why we're, like, creating a reality that doesn't exist. >> chuck, i think you're seeing things completely differently. >> all of this is why we have asked our friend steve kornacki to stay up late with us to go over the known sets of numbers in this race. steve? >> let's look at where the race stands right now. the first thing i'll say is we're still waiting to see what the full impact of the debate will be so if hillary clinton gets a big bounce out of that, keep that in mind, that may pop up. but right now look at where we think the electoral college stands right now. the good news for hillary clinton right now, her road map to victory is make sure nothing changes if. she keeps the states she has right now, she'll be over 270.
8:21 pm
if you're donald trump, what does your path look like? let's look right now. it's complicated. there are a couple steps for donald trump. you want to lock down the states that mitt romney won in 2012. that means right now, north carolina, that's the one he's got to worry about. this was a romney state. if you take the average of the polls in north carolina right now, barely, three-tenths of a point donald trump is leading north carolina. he's got to get north carolina. if he does that puts him on his way. the next step for donald trump is start flipping obama states, states that obama won he has to win them over. he's getting good news on that front. look at ohio, he's a couple points ahead in the polls of ohio. you talk to clinton people, they're talking like ohio is not necessarily a state they need to win. take a look in iowa, president obama carried this twice. donald trump starting to run away with iowa, in fact. this is the best obama state right now for donald trump and you can see he's made moves in nevada. he's ahead in the polls out there. this is another state, start of this election nobody thought the
8:22 pm
republicans, certainly with donald trump at the top, would be in convention but you see right now those blue states he has the lead in, that edges his number up and that brings us down to florida. we talk about how key florida is. right now hillary clinton is a head afraction of a point, six-tenths of a point so if you're trump, again, this is a must-win. if you could get ahead, if you could win florida you're very close to 270. but you're not there. that's where the problem comes in because he would need more than that. everything i just showed you is going to take a lot but it's plausible he could get there. he would still need more. he would need to do something maybe in colorado, maybe in wisconsin. maybe in pennsylvania, maybe in new hampshire. those would be the four most likely targets but those are reaches. if trump locks down the red state, wins the obama states and gets one more, that's what you need to make happen. >> to your open proing proviso, nicolle believes these numbers
8:23 pm
are on the move because we live in changing times and what a week this has been. >> do the demographics nationally defy what's happening in the states where he's stronger? are women more attracted to him? i don't mean that especially with him. are women more drawn to his candidacy in nevada and florida than they are nationally? >> it's not just gender. it's class, it's economic class. we talk about that divide we see college white, non-college whites. iowa is a perfect example. >> he's been ahead in iowa for months. >> here's a state, obama won by 10 points in 2008. he had no problem carrying it in twae 2012. in 2012, 36% -- i have to write this down here, 36% of the electorate nationally was non-college white in 2012. what's the number for iowa? it's 54. this state is chock full of the type of voter, blue-collar white voter that donald trump's campaign is tailor made for. iowa and nevada are other states that fall into that category.
8:24 pm
it's not quite as high but it's high so you're seeing a divide among the blue state. you look at a state like virginia, that state has more suburban white voters, more suburban women that is a state where donald trump is right now, he's driving up support with blue-collar white voters where they predominate. >> so people don't kill us with e-mails we should probably say when we have a .2 to a .8, it all falls in the -- >> right, i'm showing you what the path would have to look like, not saying that will happen. >> nothing against the messenger who stayed up late to be on our broadcast. >> i get the messages, too, believe me. >> steve kornacki, thank you so very much. as always, a thorough look at the wall. nicolle wallace, thanks for hanging out. >> thanks for having me. another break for us and an update when we come back on the news story millions of americans watched play out on live television this morning. red 97! set! red 97!
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we had to think a little more seriously about saving money for the future and for the kids. - the income of airbnb really helped to mitigate the stress. - but we have that flexibility of knowing that if you know things get worse, we have this to help keep us afloat. - so that's very, very important for us. the last thing tonight had had to do with the news story that had us on the air all morning live because of what happened, how it happened and where it happened, particularly given the history of the past few days in the new york metropolitan area. you are looking at a live picture of new jersey's hoboken train terminal. a once chaotic scene is now calm. it dates back to the lackawanna railroad days, turn of the last century. a commuter train barrelled into the station directly across the
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river from manhattan, the lead car lurched up into the air, traveled a distance through the terminal, taking out girders and beams in the process. that led to a partial collapse of the station. a 34-year-old woman was killed, over 100 people were injured. tonight the engineer operating the train was released from the hospital. he has been questioned by law enforcement but sources are telling nbc news late tonight there are no red flags, as they put it, in his history. the feds, ntsb investigators will be interviewing the engineer. we'll have much more on the investigation tomorrow morning here on msnbc and on "today" on nbc. also tomorrow in political news on the trail trump is traveling in michigan, hillary clinton is in florida, joe biden appears on the "tonight show" this very night and that's going to do it for this edition of the
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11th hour. we hope so see you back here on monday night. thank you for being with us. he can't get over it. let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington where there's a well-known rule in politics -- when you here in a hole, stop digging. donald trump can't stop saying he won the debate. he can't stop behaving like baghdad bob, remember him? the iraqi who kept saying they were winning the battle against the u.s. invaders


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