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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  October 1, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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i do hope you enjoy your weekend. if you dream of being a senator, the good news is that your weekend would go on for an extra 44 more days after all the rest of us have to come back to work on monday. "msnbc live" is next. good morning, everyone. i'm dara brown in new york at msnbc world headquarters. it's 7:00 in the east, 4:00 out west. here's what's happening -- 38 days till the presidential election. both sides unleashing new lines of attack. for the first time, we're getting a real look at the impact the debate may have had on polling numbers. >> with respect to the speech that you made and specifically the focus on mexicans and immigrants, did you write the statement in advance? >> under oath for the first time, we're hearing some of what donald trump said during a deposition for a lawsuit he filed against two chefs. overseas, a miracle out of madness. a baby a few months old rescued from the bombing rubble in syria. the latest from the war zone
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ahead. and jamaica prepares for the worst. a monster category-four hurricane headed for the island nation. and's expected to turn upward toward the u.s. in days. details next. we begin with politics and donald trump's latest attack over former president bill clinton's past. in an interview with "the new york times," trump says he was bringing up mr. clinton's infidelities because he thought they would repulse female voters and turn them away from the clintons. "hillary clinton was an unenabler and attacked the women bill mistreated." afterwa afterward, "i think it is a serious problem for them, and it is something i'm considering talking about more in the near future." when asked about his public infidelities during his first marriage he said, "i don't talk about it. i wasn't the president of the united states." trump took a different line of attack at a rally in michigan yesterday. >> mr. president, will you pledge not to issue a pardon to
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hillary clinton and her co-conspirators for their many crimes against our country and against society itself? will you make that pledge? the fbi never charged clinton and will others connected to the e-mail scandal with any crimes. clinton was in florida yesterday ramping up her attacks against trump over his rhetoric against women. >> my opponent's only infrastructure plan is to build a wall. i love that he went to mexico and choked. he is sitting with the president of mexico and doesn't bring it up. he finds it a lot easier to insult women than to talk to the president of mexico about building a wall! [ cheers ] >> new polls in the battleground states of florida, michigan, and nevada show clinton ahead in a
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post-debate bump. and in three days, the vice presidential nominees will get their turn to face off for their first and only debate. clinton is off the campaign trail while trump holds a rally in pennsylvania. for more on the trump campaign, let's go to mannheim, spa, and jacob rascon. a key battleground state. what are we expecting from trump when he campaigns that their later this evening? >> reporter: such an important state for the trump campaign. only the last several weeks, i've been here with trump several times. he's behind in the polls but he wants to make a play here and believes he can do it. he believes he can get, for example, some democrats who want to switch over and, in fact, funny enough, we're here with somebody who's first in line, 12 hours ahead of this rally. jim curry. jim, thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> reporter: arguably this was not a good week for trump because some post poll debate results show hillary clinton got a bounce. we're talking about the fight
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between him and miss universe. as a trump supporter, what do you make of his week? >> i'm not worried about it. obviously after a debate you're going to see bumps in either direction. polls are constantly fluctuating. a slight bump for hale doesn't bother me. in fact, i think she should be worried if she's only up a couple of points in a state that's been democratic, pennsylvania i'm talking about, for the last 30 years. i don't think it's been since reagan that the state has gone red. to be up only a few points i don't care is comforting for her. >> reporter: when i've talked to supporters this week, specifically about this miss universe issue because he doubled down and then it became a big issue, a lot of them blame the press. they offer different things they wish we would be talking about. the question is, why did trump not pivot to those things in the debate, and why instead of doubling down and fighting her more like on twitter, why doesn't he talk about other things? isn't this partly him to blame? >> i don't necessarily think it's him to blame. i mean, he's not a politician, i
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don't think you're going to see the type of responses out of him you would expect out of somebody who's been doing this for 30 years. if you listened to the debate, you would see that hillary clinton's responses were totally canned. mr. trump is more off the cuff and speaks from his heart. in terms of focusing on the issues, if i was going to offer advice, that's what i would hope in the next debate. he should hammer her on every single scandal that's been part of her political career from benghazi to the emails to the pay for play. those are things that i hope he hammers her on the next time. i think he was trying to be more kind, if you want to use that word, during the first debate. people hit him generally on his attitude. that's what got him here. people like the breath of fresh air. they like the realness. and i think going into the next debate, i think you'll see him go back to what he does best which is calling her out for everything that she's ever done negatively. >> all right. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: now of course, what trump has to do is get these undecided voters, the question is what will they want to hear,
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and a lot of voters want her to hit her harder in the next debate on the issues. >> thank you very much. let's get the latest on the clinton campaign now from washington, d.c. good morning to you. >> reporter: great to see you. secretary clinton trying to capitalize on that controversy that jacob was talking about, the fact that donald trump continues to have this twitter war with alicia machado, the form miss universe. she thinks that it is going to help rally latino voters and also women voters who may be turned off by this fight and the fact that he criticized the former miss universe for gaining weight. secretary clinton on the campaign trail in florida yesterday took sharp aim at donald trump. take a listen. >> his latest twitter meltdown is unhinged even for him. it proves yet again that he is temperamentally unfit to be
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president and commander in chief. [ applause ] >> now of course yesterday's headlines were fueled by the fact that we all woke up to this overnight twitter storm that donald trump had launched at about 3:00 a.m. in the morning, attacking alicia machado while overnight this morning the clinton campaign tweeting, although they tweeted about national service, i'll read you one. it's 3:20 a.m. as good a time as any to tweet about national service. there are hundreds of thousands more americorps applications than spots. let's extends it to 250,000. that was her theme yesterday on the campaign trail, talking about national service. and that is aimed at energizing younger, millennial voters. she's struggling with them, not getting the numbers that president obama got in 2012. there's going to be a focus on trying to energize them, to get behind secretary clinton and also go to the polls on election
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day. >> she's definitely sticking to business there. the clinton camp is -- they're off the trail today. what's coming up next in her schedule? >> reporter: they're going to be hitting all of the key battleground states this week including stops in ohio, pennsylvania. look, the key here, dara, is that the democrats are all-hands-on-deck right now. it's not just going to be secretary clinton, it's the top surrogates in the party. president obama, bernie sanders in minnesota. the first lady has been playing a large role which is unusual for a first lady. sort of underscores the urgency here in terms of what they're going to be focusing on. it goes back to younger voters. expect to see a lot of events on college campuses, really aimed at making sure millennials are signed up to vote. a lot of the states have started early voting including iowa which is where i was with secretary clinton earlier this week. >> is hillary clinton going to be spending a lot of time in ohio? if she is in ohio, what does that mean?
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>> reporter: well, she's certainly going to be in ohio. there's no doubt about that. i don't know that she'll be spending any more time in that key battleground state than any of the others. look, ohio is a steep climb for her. particularly because donald trump has a lot of support there, a lot of white working class voters. the same is true for iowa. the clinton campaign sees those as two tough battleground states. i think you're going to see her there. i think you're going to see top surrogates there. as well, ohio has always been an incredibly important battleground state. one note, pennsylvania is her firewall. so expect to see a lot of focus on pennsylvania because it is nearly impossible for donald trump to win the white house without that state. >> interesting details. thank you very much. >> reporter: thanks. joining me now, nbc jane kim and jonathan allen, columnist for "roll call" and co-author of "hrc," a biography of hillary clinton. politico puts bluntly.
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trump had a terrible week. if there's one issue from the past week that might move the needle or have electoral staying power, what do you think that might be? >> you know, for me it's how donald trump handled women this week. we saw him repeatedly interrupt hillary clinton in the debate. it wasn't his best look. i think we saw him repeated deleon eye things that you could -- deny things that you could easily google. his most re-tweeted remark was how he said climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the chinese. an old tweet for sure, but repeatedly re-tweeted during the debate because he denied it to her and to her face even when she said, "i know you said this." and we saw her continually go after alicia machado. at the end of the debate, hillary clinton laid, carefully laid trap and said, you criticized this woman for her weight, you called her miss housekeeping because she's latina. he said, you know, she got too big. she gained weight. i think this does not work with women voters on the campaign
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trail. and put simply, donald trump cannot win the white house without more women voters than he has right now. >> jonathan, what's your take? anything that will ultimately affect the polls that bee saw from the past week? >> sure. it's hard to predict exactly what polls will do. we're already seeing that poll number, national polling average breaking apart again. it was very close. trump had essentially caught hillary clinton in at least poll, was ahead. i think he perched poorly in the -- performed poorly in the debate on standard metrics of knowledge of public policy and also as jane said, walking into the traps that hillary clinton laid. >> we saw trump go on another tweet storm of sorts. now "the new york times" articles. here's one of his supporters, newt gingrich, trying to defend trump. >> yeah. i think it was -- >> this is like further east -- this is like benghazi, this is like being shot at when she landed in bosnia. the truth is, they're finding victims who aren't very
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attractive. they're not -- turn out to be not real. she has a fair chance of winning if they can keep the campaign in the gutter. if it's he said/shy she said, a personality thing, she has a fair chance of winning. she has zero chance of winning if trump can discipline himself and lun this at a very high level. >> jane, what do you think? can trump discipline himself? >> i mean, that is the many billion-dollar question for this election. what's interesting about this idea that it's a new attack line, to go after her marriage, is we saw him deliberately at the end of that debate say, oh, i don't want to say that mean thing i could say. and had his surrogates on the air the next day going, well, he wasn't talking about that thing. these are people who are quietly shouting a very obvious attack line. i don't think it worked then. i don't think it's going to work again. if there's anything that hillary clinton is prepared to talk about in this race, it's her husband's infidelities.
4:13 am
she's been talking about that for 20 years. she knows how to handle that. if he keeps talking about her marriage, glitch gingrich newt right, he's going to struggle. >> i want to play a moment that had nothing to do with trump or clinton but could impact the election more than either of them. take a listen. >> who's your favorite foreign leader? >> who's my favorite -- >> any -- anyanywhere, anyone i the country. one foreign leader you respect. look up to -- >> mine was shimon peres. >> i'm talking about living. go ahead. you got to do this. anywhere. any continent. canada, mexico, europe, over there, asia, south america, africa, name a foreign leader that you respect. >> i guess i'm having an aleppo moment in the former president of mexico -- >> i'm giving you the world. >> i know. i know. i know. >> anybody in the world you like. anybody. pick any leader. >> jonathan, is gary johnson's second big gaffe important? does the clinton camp see form grab votes here?
4:14 am
>> i think there is a potential to grab votes from republicans who didn't want to vote for hillary clinton and were looking at voting for gary johnson because they didn't want to vote for her and couldn't face the idea of voting for trump. when that's a large or small number i think remains to be seen. gary johnson is proving interview by interview that he's unequipped to be president of the united states. >> and jane looking ahead at the vice presidential debate, how much might it turn into mike pence actually defending the top ticket's policies and comments, and as -- is that what we're expecting? >> it's twofold. pence has to come off as an educated, careful, studied leader whoaybe strikes a contrast to the more bombastic donald trump. he's going to be asked to defend and balance those things. can he come off as a skilled leader? for republicans on the fence, they might say i'm not sure about donald trump, but i'd like to have that guy in the west wing helping, being there in the big, critical decisions. at the same time, he's going to have to find a way to explain away things like going after
4:15 am
name unanymously. things like his -- alicia machado. things like his twitter meltdowns, as hillary clinton calls them. that's really the question for mike pence. >> and jonathan, ultimately, though, how much does any vice presidential debate actually move the needle? >> zero. generally speaking, vice presidential debates don't do a lot. in particular this year, i don't think we've ever had two presidential candidates who were so clearly the issue on the ticket, the issue on the ballot. and two vice presidential candidates who are so under the radar. somebody would have to do something really astounding to affect this lace from the vice presidential debate -- this race from the vice presidential debate. they could do something battle to hurt their own candidate. i don't know, endorse the other side or something. this vice presidential debate will be interested for those of
4:16 am
us who care a lot about politics. at the end of the day, it's not going to move the needle for anybody. >> jonathan, jane, thank you very much for joining me. >> take care. there are new bombings in syria, and a miracle in the rubble. the rescue of a month' old baby highlights the struggles of civilians. is there any hope for a cease-fire that actually takes hold? the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen. ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast.
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in syria, thousands of government troops are said to be gathering around aleppo. senior u.s. officials tell nbc news they're expecting a major government assault in the rebel-held city. they're concerned the war-torn city could fall. elsewhere in syria, a baby girl was pulled alive from the rubble. a rescue work heard a cry as he heard the baby, he held the baby
4:20 am
and heard her cry. joining me, retired u.s. army colonel jake jack objects. and military analyst and medal of ronnor recipient. great to have you here. we have to jump into there. what happens now? what can be done to save aleppo? >> not a lot. if they're serious, they've been bombing facilities like hospitals to break the will and capability of the resistance to resist. and already we have reports of mortars falling in east aleppo. that means that the syrian government is within maybe 1,000 or 2,000 meters away from their initial objective. not a lot except the cease-fire can save it. >> the u.s. -- the diplomacy called to end the violence that it's on life support. has the u.s. done all it can, and what else could it do to make a difference? >> well, what it can do is something it's not going to do because it requires the concurrence of russia. russia's a participant here.
4:21 am
they don't want it to stop. they want assad's government to take aleppo and seize the cup. they have, the russians, have their own objectives here. and it's important for putin that assad stay in power. there's not a lot that can be done without the concurrence of russia. you're not going to get it. >> let's talk about that. a monitoring group says more than 9,000 people have been killed in one year of russian air raids. moscow says it will press on with the bombing campaign. how long can russia be involved in this? >> it's interesting. in a democratic environment, not as long as russia's already persevered. but it's not a democratic environment in russia. and as long as putin wants warm water ports, wants to have influence in the only country in the region in which there is russian influence, and he can keep it at a relatively low
4:22 am
level of russianni involvement that is bombing from the air, putin and russia can persevere and keep it up for a long time. certainly long enough to achieve their objectives. >> could you put this tragedy into perspective because of the bombing campaign? this has been a five-year war. what's your take on that? >> i think it's going to carry on. it's interesting to note that it's been going on for a long time because it appears as though russia's decisively engaged with assad. at the end of the day, russia doesn't care much for assad personally, as long as there's some despot of some kind that can control all of syria so russia can have its influence and ports there. five years is not a long time for an environment -- in an environment like this. we've been fighting in southwest asia for well over a decade. we were in vietnam for over a
4:23 am
decade. conventional wars have a tendency to go on for a while, and then stop relatively soon. wars like this where there's battles for control among disparate forces in countries that are not really well controlled like syria, they have a tendency to go on for a long, long time. >> and jack, what issia ur take on this against isis? is this war in russia helping or hindering our fight against isis? >> it's not making it any easier to be sure because the forces there that could help us against isis are not really fighting against isis. russia says that they're bombing isis, but they're not really. they're just bombing squlen meese of assad -- enemies of assad. this battle against isis, against fragmented forces of terrorism in southwest asia, with or without the war in syria is going to go on for us for a long, long time, as long as we're willing to pursue it, too. sending new forces southwest asia despite the fact the president said we're getting out, we're not getting out either.
4:24 am
the next president will have some serious decisions to make in this area. >> colonel jake jacobs. always great to have you. thank you very much for your insight. >> my pleasure. next month, nevada and four other states will decide when to legalize recreational marijuana use. the issue will draw young people to the polls. will it translate into votes for trump or clinton? answers next. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the fruit... veggies... and herbs needed to create a pop-up pick-your-own juice bar in the middle of the city, so now everyone knows... we have some of the freshest juice in town. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at
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hi, i'm meteorologist kelly cass. we're trying to get rid of this upper low which has been pesky the past couple of days. keeping it breezy. places like new york and philly. we were gusting close to 40 yesterday and saw all that moisture riding in from the atlantic soegz, as well. at times, rain will be heavy especially watching the coast of virginia, the delmarva, as well. there's your forecast with the rain and thunderstorms, even back over the great lakes through the afternoon, the berkshires toward boston. again, that ride down the new york stay thruway will be wet for you, even toward long island. still tonight, tracking the rain and the thunderstorms. keep in mind, we need the rainfall in many areas across the northeast. looks like tomorrow through sunday we're calling for scattered showers. maybe some rumbles of thunder out there, as well. a little bit of instability out there. there will be that. but we could see potentially an inch, possibly up to two inches of rain, not necessarily a bad thing especially when we've had a drought that's been quite bad here in boston. we're talking extreme drought conditions back into the western parts of new york state, as
4:32 am
well. we'll take whatever mother nature will provide. watch the weather channel for the latest. >> thanks. back to politics, and another post-debate bump for hillary clinton. a new suffolk university poll of likely voters in nevada shows her with a six-point lead over donald trump, 44-38%, making it her widest lead in the battleground state to state. joining subcommittee director of suffolk university's political research center. and david, thanks for being here. let's talk about monday night. how did that contribute to the bump for secretary clinton? how much of a victory is this for her? >> well, it was crystal clear that the debate delivered this four-point bump from plus two to plus six. when you look at the polling data, the winner was hillary clinton. we asked the question 53-27. then when we asked who exceeded your expectations despite your personal preference, hillary clinton again was a winner,
4:33 am
60%-27%. from the podiums to the polling, it was a crystal clear win for hillary clinton. >> and where did trump lose his support since he was up in nevada a few weeks ago? >> yes. you know, he lost in a few interesting areas. he lost among registered republicans, instead of getting 89%, dropping to 78%. among women, he was trailing by 5%. now he trails 15%, a drop of 10%. also among elderly voters. so the result of all of these drops for donald trump is that his unfavorable went up higher, and his untrustworthiness crossed over 60%. so he is now less trustworthy than hillary clinton in nevada. >> and how volatile is this electorate? could presidential debate number two swing the voters back, or do you think they've actually decided? >> it's possible. donald trump lost four points to
4:34 am
mostly other candidates including gary johnson voters. he bumped up from five to seven points. this next debate is going to be crucial because you get two little blocks of voters. not only in nevada but in other battleground states, nationally. you've got the johnson block, around six or seven points, and then you've got the undecided block, about the same. that's -- that's a high amount of voters who are persuadable. and those are fertile for a good second debate for either hillary clinton, a repeat performance, or donald trump. >> your poll shows that 57% of never voters believe clinton won the debate. only 23% said that trump won. there are still warning signs for clinton because she's only up by six points. how do you explain that? >> that's a great question because her number never moved. she was 44% in august and 44% today. it was trump who lost. he lost 4%. most of which went to gary
4:35 am
johnson. some -- there are five candidates on the nevada ballot. plus they had none of these candidates as an actual ballot option. so he lost his support elsewhere, and hillary clinton didn't get from that. so that's the big warning sign for hillary clinton, that she needs to grow her number from the 44 that she's at now into the high 40s, and debates can potentially deliver that. and obviously the suffolk university polls, they're in a lot of states. are there any other indicators in the states that hillary clinton has gained ground since the debate? >> we polled nevada. we went in the field tuesday to thursday night. we're planning to poll as we have been in the past, we're doing weekly battleground polling in addition to our national polling with "usa today." >> and what about going down the ballot? what are the keys to the democrats keeping the senate, holding on to minority leader harry reid's seat? the republican is leading by 3% points right now. how do you see that unfolding as
4:36 am
we move forward and clotser to the election? >> i'm not so sure that's a great sign for the republican. i -- you know, the democrat is -- is -- she has a name recognition problem. and there are many people who don't know her, have never heard of her, or have heard of her and are undecided. especially outside of the las vegas area. so i think you've got to look at where the margin of error stands now. it's -- the republican heck is a little bit more well known but is only three points ahead. i don't think that that's any indicator. it's still a margin of error race. >> very interesting. we still have a few more weeks to figure this out. david, thank you very much for your time. >> my pleasure, thank you. come november 8th, a silver state could go up in smoke. nevada and four other states will sdield when to fully -- decide when to fully legalize
4:37 am
recreational marijuana. the pending legislation could draw more young people to the polls. and msnbc's jacob silveroff talked to voters in his latest "up for grabs" series. >> what well we going to do? we've got to put these on? >> oput these on and make sure e don't spread bugs or airborne pathogens into a secure environment. take off your shoes. put on the crocs. >> this is very walter white. >> it is. breaking green. >> reporter: breaking green. david? >> yes? >> reporter: you own a retail store. >> i do. >> reporter: where this is all sold. the weed in your store comes from here? >>, why a lot of it comes from here. >> reporter: should we hand sanitize? hey. what's up? these well the actual buds on the plants that people are going buy and smoke or do whatever they wish. >> uh-huh, yeah. all of this marijuana, everything around us, under the
4:38 am
medical marijuana laws of nevada currently is completely legal. >> it's legal in the state of nevada. >> if recreational marijuana is legalized here in november, all this stuff could be sold to anybody under those rules, too. >> this comes in the facility you were at? this is your store? >> this is my store. >> reporter: are you going to vote for marijuana? it's on the ballot. >> reporter: which way will you vote, legalization or against? >> legalization. >> reporter: what about president? are you going to vote for president? >> that's a tough one. are we talking politics here or weed? >> reporter: you think you'll vote for weed and not for president? >> yeah. >> reporter: really? >> both aren't really my first choice. so bernie sanders, if he was still up, i would vote for him. >> reporter: full legal recreation on the ballot, will you vote? >> yes. >> reporter: not for president? >> not for presidency, marijuana yes. >> reporter: how come?
4:39 am
>> just personal employees preference, sir. >> reporter: and are you democrat, republican? >> democrat. >> reporter: and so you're not going to vote for hillary clinton, but you're going to vote for weed? >> yeah. >> that was nbc's jacob soberoff reporting there. the new trump campaign ad featuring the candidate's daughter. is this resonating with all the back and forth over miss universe? then at the top of the hour, a new report about hackers targeting voter registration systems in more than 20 states. we'll look at how real the threat is of having the election hacked. little dakota's nose was quivering in fear. because it knew an ordinary tissue was near. the fiery tissue left her nose sore and red. so dad slayed the problem with puffs plus lotion, instead. puffs have pillowy softness for dakota's tender nose. with lotion to comfort and soothe when she blows. don't get burned by ordinary tissues. a nose in need deserves puffs, indeed. now get puffs plus lotion in the squeezable softpack.
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4:43 am
to hillary clinton and her co-conspirators for their many crimes against our country and against society itself? will you make that pledge? >> rick tyler, msnbc political analyst and former national spokesman for the cruz campaign. and joe watkins, republican strategist and former white house aide to president george h.w. bush. welcome. >> good morning. >> let's start with the tweet storm. hey. trump's barrage of tweets friday about former miss universe, alicia machado. people have been quick to call a lot of trump's previous controversies campaign killers. but do you think this one actually could be it? >> i do. the end is here. look, these -- this is the worst post debate spin in history. maybe -- maybe caligula had a worst debate spin in roman times. this is as bad as it gets. he could have survived his poor performance in the debate.
4:44 am
now he's going on four, five days with the former miss universe. nobody cares about it. and he is just -- it's funny because the clintons are -- they have to be, the clinton camp has to be overjoyed with how they've been able to emotionally manipulate this man. they played right into his hands. and he has wasted four days, and -- and the biggest problem i'm sure we'll talk about is he's going to lose women. he's losing them big time. >> well, joe, what do you think? do you think it could be any worse? >> i think rick tyler is absolutely right. these have been very, very difficult four post days since the debate. he had a poor debate performance, and he's only made it worse by going after the former miss universe and tweeting at 3:00 in the morning. a terrible narrative, playing into every weakness and perceived weakness he already
4:45 am
has. so this has been a very bad four-day stretch. there's not that much longer to go. there is disastrous, i think, for the trump campaign. >> rick, a quick question. if ted cruz had been the candidate, how do you think he'd be handling this? >> which part? what do you mean? >> he's a great debater. he hits his marks, he gets his point across, he doesn't leave -- donald trump left everything on the table. he didn't lay a glove on hillary. maybe he did with trade which is ironic because tlad is a republican issue. we're supposed to be pro trade, pro free market, pro consumer and pro jobs. he's on the opposite side of that. he didn't hit her on the clinton foundation, didn't talk about the e-mail, the server. the people who got immunity. he was so rattled that he forgot what he was doing. >> he's trying to turn things because he unveiled a new ad
4:46 am
featuring his daughter, ivanka. here's a clip. >> the most important job any woman can have is being a mother. and it shouldn't mean taking a pay cut. i'm ivanka trump. a mother, a wife, and an entrepreneur. donald trump understands the needs of a modern work force. my father will change outdate labor laws so that they support women and american families. he will provide tax credits for childcare, paid maternity leave and child savings accounts. >> joe, trump already struggled with women voters even before the dustup with alicia machado. how many minds will be changed by this ad@thi at this point? >> i think ivanka does a great job, but i don't think any minds will be changed by the ad. the actions of the candidate matter even more. hillary clinton has unleashed a series of ads that have effective, bthe way, using donald trump's own words about women.
4:47 am
he's got a long way to go. i don't think he's going to be able to overcome his current position with women the next four or five weeks. >> it might be quite a climb. rick, can trump win if his support stays so weak among women? >> no, he can't win. he cannot win it he doesn't turn it recent with women. i don't see it happening. ivanka's a democrat. she introduced a massive welfare program, and the people who will pay for the program are the children that she says that she's trying to help. i find that amazing. >> interesting. joe, let's talk about trump's behavior. could this cause lasting damage to the gop? >> well, not lasting damage. it certainly is going to cause lasting damage to the trump campaign and for his chances to win in november. but certainly for a republican candidate running for the house and senate, this is a big problem. >> and this week clinton has pulled ahead in several key swing states. and there's just a little over a
4:48 am
month left until the election. how much should that worry trump with clinton actually pulling ahead in the polls? >> right before the debate, he was closing in, he had all the momentum. he just had to survive the debate and have the most debate spin. he has evaporated that. and now she's back on the march. she's -- she's not gained so much as what he's lost. but it should be very worrisome to him because she's actually doing well in states that he should be winning handily. it's interesting how the battleground states have shifted a bit this time. he's -- it doesn't lookood for him now. >> i want to ask you about ohio. that is actually -- a big state. and do you think trump could win ohio and lose the election? >> yeah. that would be interesting. ohio has always won by the nominee. yes, he could win ohio, or more correctly, clinton could lose and still lose the election.
4:49 am
if she wins florida and pennsylvania and say she wins north carolina, north carolina is sort of -- if you see clinton win north carolina early in the evening, it's going to be over. >> and we're talking about these swing states, and joe, the "wall street journal" argues that this election could come down to fewer than ten states. do you agree with that? >> yeah, i do. i do. i think rick's analysis is on point. you might see earlier in the night where the election is headed. just keep your eye on those states, north carolina, pennsylvania, florida, those are key states, nevada. of course, we've heard about nevada and colorado, wisconsin, iowa, new hampshire. all of those states. keep your eye on them. >> rick, the second debate is now just about a week away. how should trump be preparing for this? i mean, if he wants to have a decisive victory because he didn't get one in the first debate, what is he going to have to do to pull this one off? >> practice, practice, practice. it's something he hasn't done. he -- you need to do mock
4:50 am
debates, study the issues, focus on what are the points you're going to get across no matter what is asked, no matter what she says, and learn not to be rattled when she tries to get under and learn not to be rattled when she suects to get under your skin. it was very successful. >> do you think he can recover from the first debate? >> no, no, i think this race is over. i know that sounds stark and we have five weeks and it doesn't seem fair, but i have watched trump for a long time and he doesn't seem to learn from his mistakes or make core corrections. >> what would you be telling him to do in the next debate? >> be very disciplined and not loose focus and prepare. he didn't seem very well prepared this last time, and he has to prepare and have a massive performance if he wants to turn around the affects of the first one. >> i love that, practice, practice, practice. thank you so much and love have you guys here, thanks so much.
4:51 am
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and now talking to crew members as they investigate a commuter train that crashed. the black box also has been recovered. and tammy is live. what happened? >> reporter: you know, it doesn't sound like it, they have hit a lot of road blocks, roadblocks they did not anticipate. they have not been able to analyze the date tau, and there's a second black box in the first car and they have not been able to retrieve that. the roof collapses on the first
4:55 am
car and it's mangled, and the biggest concern now is the asbestos, and the black boxes are key, and it can tell you what the engineering was doing, and the tommy gallagher, and investigators, still, as of last night have not interviewed him, and they want to ask, were you on medication, and were ylet's o ahead and listen. >> i just told her to just breathe, and focus on your family and loved ones, and i am not going to leave you. and she just -- she fought. she did try her best. i am so sorry to her family that
4:56 am
i could not have done so much more and i tried my best to help out and comfort her and unfortunately she passed away and it's hard me for right now. >> reporter: we do know investigators have spoke with other crew members and they have retrieved all other devices, mobile phones, and they will see if that can tell them what happened. >> is there a reason they have not interviewed the engineer t yet? >> reporter: there are aot of things as to why they may not have interviewed him yet. that will do it for me this hour. i am daria brown. and at the top of the hour, what trump is doing to the republican party.
4:57 am
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welcome to msnbc world headquarters in new york, i am aima aimans. mr. trump said mrs. clinton who portrayed miss machado had, quote, made this young later into a girl scout when she was the exact opposite. machado tweeted last night, he is attempting to distract from his problems, and trump avoided the controversy at a rally in michigan yesterday and discussed other issues like his concern of voter fraud. >> we're going to win, so go to your place and vote and go pick some other place and sit with your friends and make sure it's on the up


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