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tv   MSNBC Live With Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  October 28, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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we will continue our breaking news about hillary clinton and her e-mails and the fbi investigation. two big interviews coming up. the chairman of both campaigns. a spokesperson and chair woman of the other. >> kellyanne conway the campaign manager coming up and brian fellman. continuing our coverage. a busy day today 11 days away. it is the october surprise. we thought that scandal over hillary clinton's private e-mail server might have been behind us, turns out that issue is coming back in a big way today.
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donald trump already framing the news as disqualifying for his opponent. >> hillary clinton's corruption is on a scale we have never seen before. we must not let her take her criminal scheme into the oval office. >> we are within two weeks of election day and donald trump has been lacking behind. could this change anything? what will the impact be? donald trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway is standing by and will join us in a few minutes. also on the agenda, fury from democrats on capitol hill who are alarmed by the lack of clarity from the fbi given how close this development is to election day. hillary clinton avoided the topic and they were shouted questions from the press and she
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didn't address them and put out a statement and they are calling on the fbi to provide more information and as i said as well, the spokesman is standing by and you will hear from him. also it appears to be an october surprise and how it stacks up in presidential races. voters going to the polls and in fact some of them already at the polls. we begin with the breaking news. the director saying they are now reviewing new e-mails that may be pertinent to their investigation of hillary clinton's private server. this is a breaking story. we continue to learn more almost by the minute here. obviously a very complicated story. we just want to begin with the very basic facts that we know right now. here they are. this is what happened this afternoon.
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there was a letter sent by james comb tow eight congressional republican chair men who he said they have uncovered and discovered e-mails that appear to be pertinent to that investigation of hillary clinton's e-mail server. the fbi is reviewing the e-mails to see if there is any classified information involved. that was what it was about in the first place. was it sent or received? he also said there is no time table right now and he doesn't know he said how long this review is going to take and also the newest development, the "new york times" reported and the nbc news confirmed that the fbi is looking at it and they stem from the investigation into anthony wiener. anthony wiener with the sexting case with his child. we also have this statement from
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hillary clinton's campaign. this is from her cam pair chairman and the full statement that is on the screen as well. upon completing this investigation more than three months ago, the fbi declared no reasonable prosecutor would move forward with a case like this. not even a close call. in the months since, donald trump has been baselessly second-guessing the fbi and in both public and private brow beating career officials are to revisit their conclusion in a desperate attempt to harm hillary clinton's campaign. he should immediately provide the public more information than is contained in the letterer he sent to eight chairman. already we have seen characterizations that they are reopening an investigation, but his words do not match that characterization. the director's letter refers to e-mails who have come to light in an unlelted race and we have no idea what the e-mails are and the director notes they may not
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be significant. it is extraordinary that we would see something like this 11 dois out from a presidential election. the director owes it to the american people to immediately provide the full details of what he is now examining. we are confident this will not produce any conclusions different from the one the fbi reached in july. that again is the complete statement released in the last few minutes by the clinton campaign. now casey hunt is with us now. she was the first on the air with this surprising new development. it caught everybody off guard and i want to get to the justice department to break down the facts for us. i laid out the basics of the communication in the letter to the eight republican chairman and the detail that springs out of the anthony wean are investigation. what more can you add right now
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about what we know about what's going on here? >> just for the record, the letter was sent to 16 members of congress, eight chairman and the ranking democrats. what we are told is that while the fbi was investigating the allegations that former congressman wiener may have been sending inappropriate texts and pictures to an underage girl, they were looking at the devices he used to send and receive those messages and discovered e-mails on them that they now want to know if they may be pertinent to the investigation. that's pretty much the bottom line here. we are told that the fbi does not believe that anybody was withholding evidence and this information did not come from hillary clinton's server or anyone else.
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that is one question here. there is no indication of that so far. the bottom line question here is if they discover other e-mails that may have classified information on them, two things flow from that. it's going to take a long time to determine whether they were classified. remember how long it took in the e-mail investigation itself. you have to go back to where it originated and see if it was classified then and if it was classified when it was sent. that takes a long time. you can guarantee this is not going to be done before the election. no way. there is a legal process going on to get subpoenas to look at the colmaterials as well. how might it change the fbi's bottom line conclusion which the attorney general agreed with if there is no prosecutable case that no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case like this. the picture is from july when he made the statement and subsequent appearances on the
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hill. legal experts tell us if it was more of the same and if they find more e-mails that contain classified information and you started out with x and now you have x plus how many. that wouldn't change the bottom line classification and the first step is to see if there was classified information and take it from there. there is no way this is going to be done before the election. >> the letter sent to congressman who appears to be pertinent and this is not hillary clinton's server. sk and were they potentially sent just to her? >> they are not from her, but who they were to and what they were about, i don't know. >> in terms of the investigation, if it's not her server, if they are not from
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her, what is her potential in terms of looking at this investigation and what would her involvement be? >> that's impossible to see until we know what the e-mails are? they didn't have a full grasp either. it will take a while to analyze them and figure it out. the question here all along is was classified information mishandled? that was the point of the e-mail investigation. now you look at the additional things and does that change the conclusion that was reached in july and until we know what it is and they know what it is, it's impossible to say. >> just to be clear, there is a lot of reporting going on out there. this is mentioned in the clinton statement about this investigation that is being reopened now. can you just take us through the technical question of what terminology should be used to describe what's happening? >> i understand the confusion because the letter itself adds
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to that confusion. as a technical matter, the e-mail investigation hasn't been closed so it's not being reopened. the question of giving everything back. as a technical matter, it wasn't closed. what the fbi said in july is that the main investigation into whether it was a prosecutable offense was completed, but i know it sounds confusing. over to casey hunt and she was the first to report with the letter that james comby sent to the committee chairs.
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casey, first of all, the letter to all appearances came out of absolutely nowhere. what can you tell us about what brought this letter about today? >> it really did come out of nowhere. the point when i opened it initially, i was not sure what i was looking at and whether it was as big of a deal as it seemed to be. it seemed innocuous. everyone i talked to on the hill was surprised and didn't know what to say about it. usually this would come out of an inquiry or question. in this case it's clear that he is amending the testimony he gave to the committee saying what i told you before is not exactly true anymore. here's the update. this is being received by both republicans and democrats as quite a surprise so close to the election. it's for different reasons, but you have democrats and republicans calling for more information from him before the
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election in just 11 days. tom cotton called for that and you have the clinton campaign calling for that as well. in this statement that we just have received from the clinton campaign and it took them a couple of hours to wrap their head around this and put out a statement. they go further in criticizing the fbi director than i have seen him go in the past. everyone has been careful when they are talking about his integrity as it relates to the investigation and he walked a careful line. you will remember while he cleared hillary clinton of wrong-doing in july, he offered a scathing assessment of the way she used her e-mail. him being careful to make sure he was talking to both constituencies and not coming down in a political way and it turn they were careful not to say anything about his handling of this and anything along those lines. that changed with the letter and
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as you read, john is calling for him to immediately release more information about just what kind of information we are looking at. as pete reported, it is unlikely or we don't have a sense of what could be impactful enough to change or cause them to have different thoughts about whether or not they would recommend that clinton be prosecuted for this. politically it is a reopening of snag when he announced the decision, it was a huge sigh of relief for the clinton campaign. the wound has been reopened 11 days out from the election. >> kasie hunt in washington. thank you for that and lots of angles on the story. we are saying this looks like an october surprise and the implications for the elections and the potential to be enormous. donald trump playing this out at a campaign event. here's what he had to say.
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>> they are reopening the case into her criminal and illegal conduct that threatens the security of the united states of america. hillary clinton's corruption is on a scale we have never seen before. we must not let her take her criminal scheme into the oval office. i have great respect for the fact that the fbi and the department of justice are willing to have the courage to right the horrible mistake they made.
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this was a grave miscarriage of justice that the american people fully understood. that little about to be corrected. >> that was donald trump in the last hour. i want to bring in the campaign manager kellyanne conway. that was donald trump this afternoon just last night. donald trump was on fox news talking about the e-mail case. he said the system is rigged. i think the biggest rigging of all is what happened with the fbi and the justice department with respect to hillary clinton. you now are rescinding that criticism? >> no, why would he do that? we know what you know about the fbi's investigation and it looks
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like a separate investigation. no, what donald trump said last night and today is a sentiment shared by millions of americans. you know it in their polling where people say they don't trust hillary clinton and don't think she is honest and trustworthy. she is compromised and all the attacks coming from camp clinton are displace said. imagine if he had not come if forward and sat on this and she was elect and he had to come forward. we are supposed to elect someone unqualified and find out after the election that there is no controversy swirling around her? i agree with the clinton campaign and they are asking them to come forward and tell americans exactly what this is all about. we the republicans and the trump
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campaign release and let us judge are if ourselves. they agree with us because they don ran focus groups to find out what she did and what she believes and how to sell it to the american people. no way do they have a plan b in a way to react to this to really pawn a lot of voters's fears that they are electing somebody under a cloud of controversy if not indictment. >> the criticisms of the fbi and attacks that are coming from the clinton side were coming for the past few months from the trump side and donald trump supporters. >> they were coming from both sides. >> he said as recently as last night that the fbi investigation was rig and he said the skids were greased to exonerate hillary clinton. now that the fbi is taking this step, do you still sdpeel is it still the position of the trump campaign that they are greased
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to potential hillary clinton? >> it's still the fact that the fbi director said no reasonable prosecutor would indict her and completely controverted under sworn testimony and i give him credit, he is not like the hillary clinton people to immunize himself against criminal repercussions. she said she had one device and there were 13. she said there was no classified information and he said there was. donald trump and so many mill yo yons of americans believe the fbi came to the wrong conclusion and let's not forget many clinton supporters and many people in the mainstream media were critical of the director at the time for having that press conference. they wanted to leave it at a statement and not protect the reputation and the integrity of the investigation.
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the fact that he has a separate investigation based on anthony wiener's sexting we are told has nothing to do with the previous criticisms. i give him a ton of credit. it looks like he was in a terrible spot. sit on the information and let the electoral process go forward or disclose it to the american people, some of whom are standing in line to vote as you and i are speaking. they have a right to know who this woman is. you look at the polling and it is exactly who they suspect she is. >> you said a minute ago that echoes what mike pence, the candidate's running mate is. he said he calls on the fbi to release all e-mails pertinent before election day and given the sensitivity of this and they are conducting a review to see if the information is classified, how could the fbi release that right now? wouldn't that be irresponsible to release it before there is a
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conclusion if it is classified. >> i don't know what is in there. if they are yoga, reecipes and girl talk with her friends, no harm. they need to release complete information so we know what this is about versus and please don't touch the e-mails she never bothered to turn over. the other thing is it's rich and ironic to have hillary clinton calling for immediacy, honesty, transparency and full disclosure. she is guilty of never doing any of that. i'm telling you with 11 days to go, it's remarkable if not unprecedented to have an investigation of this magnitude. you have people involved in watergate saying all of this is worse. you have people saying this is exactly what plays into why
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americans are reluctant to vote for her. here at the trump campaign if you haven't noticed, we suffer through a lot of slings and arrows and have untold numbers of stories and the race is over and the path is narrowed. that robs people of their voice and choice. when you have days like this and tightening polls and they will continue to tighten and donald trump running his campaign writing a check for $10 million and expanding the map and the revelatio revelations, explosive revelations by the fbi, that is why we say don't count us out. it's a mistake to bet against donald trump. >> you obviously think you are making the case for why this this should help your campaign. before any of this came out this afternoon, nearly 20 million votes had already been cast because of early voting. do you think that numbs the
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effect of what you are talking about? >> no. we respect that people have cast their votes and we get informationdaley and i was reviewing it about the early returns. we are with the absentee ballots and the early returns compared to where president obama and governor romney were on this date in 2012 and we feel good about the millions that the rnc and the campaign have made into the early voting programs. it seems to be bearing fruit. it's not like people woke up and said wow, hillary clinton is ethically compromised? they knew that. they know that about her and people obviously thook into the bals on box with a number of other things. i will say it again and many times between now and november 8th and afterwards, there is no evidence that people are being told is important is what is
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important to them as they go into the ballot box and the discernment to vote according to the issues and the impressions that they have irregardless of what you or me or anyone else told them to think about that. >> we write a statement from the clinton campaign and standing by, brian fallon is the communications director for the clinton campaign and we will join you on the other side of this quick break. stay with us. i loveshop,
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teachers, firefighters and nurss support prop 51. prop 51 repairs older schools and removes dangerous lead paint and pipes ensuring classrooms are safe for all students. for safe schools vote yes on 51. >> hillary clinton's corruption is on a scale we have never seen before. we must not let her take her criminal scheme into the oval
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office. >> that was donald trump reacting to that news. fbi director saying new e-mails have been discovered and the fbi is reviewing them to see if they contain classified information. it may be pertinent into the private e-mail server. we heard from kellyanne conway. now brian fallon is a campaign spokesman for hillary clinton. thanks for taking a few minutes. we read a statement with the campaign chairman. and how extraordinary it is 11 days away from the presidential election. let me take it from the other side and kellyanne conway said if he waited until after the election to inform the american team in new e-mails had been discovered and they will investigate to see if they contained classification information and say we wanted to know about that before we cast our votes. is there a fair point there? >> thank you for having me,
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steve. in his statement that was delivered to the republican congressional chairman that was bound to be leaked as soon as it was sent, the director refers to the possibility that these materials may not be significant at all. given that possibility and that likelihood from our vantage point, it boggles the mind where the steps were taken. we are 11 days out from election day and several weeks into early voting into the states. 20 million people have gone to the polls and many are voting as we speak. it is incumbent upon director comby to provide the information about what prompted them to send this letter today. he aired this in an extraordinary step and the public doesn't have any way to judge the significance of this
1:29 pm
and what it has to do with hillary clinton. >> also in the statement, he said in his words they spent that time brow beating career officials and brow beating james comb skpet fbi for that decision over the summer not to pursue a case. is there a suggestion there given what you are saying about the timing. are you suggesting at all that that brow beating might be related to the thakz he or the fbi were intimidated? >> we need to review the facts of what happened and in july that included full cooperation from hillary clinton and the closest aides as a sitting presidential candidate and the nominee of her party sat for an hours long interview. they help them get to the bottom of anything. they concluded on that first week of july that there was no case to be brought here.
1:30 pm
it was not even a close call. in the weeks since, they saw other republicans who were disappointed in the ought come seeking to relitigate the handling and calling director comby who throughout his career has been someone of utmost integrity and professional reputation who was the number two in the bush justice department. they suggested that there were quid pro quos even after the fbi denies it. donald trump himself have called the bureau's integrity into question. and the rep tarnishing that the congressional republicans have been engaging in. for something like this to be conveyed 11 days before an election and to be sent to chair men who have shown no discretion for keeping anything
1:31 pm
confidential and it had to be known that a document like this would get out. now that it is out, the american people need to have the full facts. when the director said this was something arising from an unrelated matter to the case that was closed in july, he now owes us an explanation. when he includes for the possibility that these e-mails may be insignificant, he needs to tell us why he sent this letter if they are insignificant. we are fully confident that however long it takes, there will be no conclusion drawn that would change the out come of the investigation that was wrapped up in july. we think at this point it is incumbent to go further than what is contained in this letter and hold another press conference if that's what it takes. to explain what relevance this
1:32 pm
has on the decision that voters were making when they go to the polls and choose between hillary clinton and donald trump. we don't think there is any connection. >> thanks for taking a few minutes. >> kelly o'donnell is on the ground in lisbon, maine. donald trump is expected to be speaking there. he is making a play for the congressional district in the western part of maine. we played a clip earlierer and seeing tremendous opportunity in this 11 days. what are you hear something. >> opportunity is the word in talking with republican sources. they have described it that way. not wanting to be too cheerful and gleeful about this development as it pertains to waming the campaign against hillary clinton and they see it as an opportunity. the supporters are for hours now and have been riled up with
1:33 pm
speakers before donald trump was not expected to get here until 5:00 running far behind. >> trump has been going after this in different ways. he tweeted against anthony wiener and the vice chairman of the clinton campaign and tried to make it personal along the way. it would not be a surprise if he doesn't go after anthony wiener yet again or reference huma, the close associate of hillary clinton. opportunity. how do you find a way donald trump can use it? we have seen him try to make wikileaks something he can use to his advantage with mixed results. many people say it's russian hacking to interfere with the electoral process. the director is a different matter and in talking with congressional republicans on the judiciary committee, they see
1:34 pm
this as demanding more information. the long time iowa senator in charge of the judiciary committee, they provide a special briefing to congress and more about the context of the situation here. is it volatile? yes, it is. is it advantageous to donald trump and other republicans? that we will have to see. >> donald trump expected up there shortly. joe, thanks for taking a few minutes and let me ask you to weigh in. we heard two different answers, from kellyanne conway and he said they have no choice but to put out an announcement. they would put into po tegz and irresponsible to put something out there unless you have hard
1:35 pm
evidence because it causes all sorts of speculation. where do you come down on the question of timing? >> we are in a political fog right now. sort of a fog of political war. we really don't know what james comby knows. the one thing that brian and kellyanne know is there has to be transparency. i really when you listen to brian fallon's words that this is the worst of all possible worlds for hillary clinton, it's the truth. fbi is putting the clinton campaign in a no win position right now. by dropping this 11 days before the election. this has to be one of the biggest october surprises in the last 50 years. you think of kids turning in the
1:36 pm
72 election, that wasn't that close. it's more bad news for the clinton cam with the obamacare premiums going up and the clinton stories and now this. it also raises again the question of james comby's leadership at the fbi. delivering a long scathing statement deciding no the to indict ilry clinton. over half of americans believe hillary clinton should have been indicted and believe that james comby cut her a special break. then you have james comby after he decides not to indict her, making an unprecedented statement. you either indict or don't indict. that's what he looked like he was doing in july. he had his testimony saying that
1:37 pm
she wasn't honest and trust worthy and you had his decisions go at cheryl mills in her testimony. you have the decision 11 days before the election. it really is confounding. if james comby does not -- if it proves there are not significant e-mails in here that would change the case, it's hard to believe there is something that would alter the out come of the case. we just don't know. there needs to be transparency. unless there is some major game changer in these e-mails, you have to wonder why james decided to weigh in 11 days before everyone goes to the polls.
1:38 pm
>> it feels like the definition and the political impact of this. there is 20 million people who have cast their ballots. do you think this is something that is baked in as far as perceptions of hillary clinton or does this have the potential to change minds, do you think? >> you have heard it like me from reporters on the ground who one of the things that surprises him so much is they talked to voters whether it's in florida or ohio or iowa who are undecided. they are not voting for the candidates at this point. they are voting against one or the other. i suspect with undecided voters, this could have an impact. if i were in the clinton campaign or were a house candidate and i would be
1:39 pm
outraged this dropped 11 days before election day. >> will this have an impact? yes. will it have as much impact as 1980 or 1992 before there was early voting? perhaps not. i can't believe with -- you come on the show and talk about the close states in play when you are talking about florida or ohio or iowa and new hampshire, there were polls that show ed i in clinton's hands and close to the margin of error. it will have an impact. i hope for james comey's sake and for the sake of the fbi and this country he had a good reason to drop this 11 days before the election.
1:40 pm
if he didn't, this will be a permanent stain not only on his legacy, but also on the reputation of the professionals that work in the fbi. >> joe scarborough, thanks for taking a few minutes. >> we will continue our coverage of this breaking news on this october surprise friday. one question lawmakers on both sides asking why now? you heard joe scarborough weighing in on why he decided today, 11 days before the election to reveal his agency is now reviewing new e-mails connected to the information of hillary clinton's server. i will discuss the timing and what it could mean with the former federal prosecutor. that's next. i'lle programming at ge. oh i got joboo, at zazes. (friends gasp) the p whe you put fruit hats on imals? i love that! guys, ll be wrg code (irupting) thati st zazzied y. coicate. (plookt it!ates)
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>> again, so much developing in this hour. an october surprise. a brief recap of this top story that has been breaking all afternoon. the fbi saying they are looking at newly discovered e-mail that is it said appeared to be pertinent in the investigation as to hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. the messages were not found on the server she used as secretary of state. they were found on anthony wiener's device. they are being looked at as part of an unrelated investigation of wiener. the announcement coming 11 days
1:45 pm
before the election and months after he announced there was not enough evidence to charge clinton or others connected to the server that she used as secretary of state. for more on the reaction to this this story playing out as we speak, michael steel and former dnc chair, both of them msnbc contributors. i will start with you and we heard from the clinton campaign and they said they are in the worst of both worlds and he is putting this letter out and bringing this issue back. you cast doubt here. he is saying and i'm reading the letter closely. he said it appears to be pertinent and that suggests that the e-mails and the fbi believes that the e-mails they have come across and they believe them to be and they lock like they are relevant to the server investigation. given that, if that is the judgment they are making here, the fbi would get criticized if
1:46 pm
they didn't come out with it. >> they said could be pertinent, they didn't say they are pertinent. i was a special prosecutor for a year investigating the corruption. i was an assistant da and i never and let me repeat this, i never ever would have released information about a candidate running for office 11 days before the election prior to the election. particularly when this investigation is obviously not going to be concluded before the election. they have been made by republicans all afternoon. peter king was a reasonable guy saying james comey must have felt this was really important and relevant or else he wouldn't have released it. the conclusions have been drawn and no way to defend themselves. this is conduct that boggles the mind. >> where do you come down on the
1:47 pm
question if the judgment from the fbi and the word is appear. they appear to be relevant and they are not saying sfaft they are. where do you fall? >> i'm amused. james comby is now the bad guy according to democrats. three months ago they were lotting his decisions and the pronouncements he was making about the case. the reason why this may appear to be relevant is he put his hands on the e-mails that apparently were deleted from the server they were looking at from hillary clinton. they exist in a different device. they now have their hands on the device. they will go through that and put together a case, if there is one, or dismiss it if there isn't. ed can appreciate this as an elected official that james comby is in a very delicate
1:48 pm
situation here given the fact that if he did wait and made the announcement after the election and hillary clinton wins the election, imagine what people would be saying about it. democrats would be having a very different conversation two or weeks from now than the one they will have today. the same for republicans. the smarter political move i believe was the one he made. put it out there and let it do whatever it's going to do. they will go on about their business with the investigation. let it do whatever they will do. >> we see the polls and it's about a six-point lead if you average them together for hillary clinton. do you think the political effect will be to that lead? >> the smart move was to put it out, but it's not the smart prosecution move? >> why not? because of an elected official? >> you don't release evidence that cast dis-persians on a
1:49 pm
candidate when you won't conclude your investigation and determine that. >> is that written somewhere? is that in a handbook? >> it's not in a handbook, but it's what every prosecutor goes by. in terms of your question, it's a boot for the trump campaign even if it comes out that this is not hillary clinton's server and she didn't author any of the e-mails. let's assume for the moment that it stays where it is. most people are baked in about this issue, but the trump supporters, some of whom started to lose hope from all of this rigged talk and the media saying it was over, this will reenergize the trump supporters and increase the turn out of trump supporters and it's a definite plus for donald trump. >> thanks for taking a few minutes. appreciate it. we have the issue and the question of what the fbi director did whether it was appropriate.
1:50 pm
somebody who might be able to weigh in with authority on that is paul butler is a law professor and a former federal prosecutor. thanks for taking a few minutes. ed rendell said no good prosecutor would do this. >> i think he is wrong. you are aware that there is an election coming up. if you are an ethical prosecutor and you try to ignore them. in part, director comey has been way more open about this investigation from the beginning. you could say he is being transparent and making inappropriate disclosures, but the fact is from the very beginning he has been chatty about this in a way he hasn't been with other kinds of investigations. this step today, this new disclosure is not unusual in the context of this investigation with hillary clinton and any other public corruption case. i have never seen anything like
1:51 pm
it. >> it seems consistent from what we have seen when you announced over the summer, there would be no case and no charges. he criticized hillary clinton's conduct in terms that gave opponents ammunition with that. now to come out with this 11 days before the election, the fact that it appears according to peete williams that will extend well past the election. whether they knew it was discovered will not be rendered until after the election and saying information that appears to be relevant and putting it out there ahead of time with no chance of information, is that fair to do? >> if we look at the first, that took over a year. they reviewed 30,000 e-mails. we had no idea how many e-mails have been discovered, but
1:52 pm
chances are they are not going to look at them and subpoena a grand jury and do this determination of whether they are classified or not in 13 days. does it have an impact on the election and might it? is director comey aware of that? absolutely. he is in a no win position given this role he started down long ago. if this were a normal case, the fbi would review the documents and do the work to determine whether they were classified and we would never know about it until the end when they made a disclosure. either they are prosecuting or not. >> paul butler, thanks for the time. >> much more on this breaking story. we have to squeeze a quick break in. chris matthews is standing by and will weigh in. stay tuned. [ "on the road again," by willie lson ] ♪ on the road again [ rear alert sound] [ music sts ] just can't wait to get onhe road again ♪ [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ]t wait to get onhe road again ♪ ♪ on the road again ♪ like a band of gypsies we go down the highway ♪
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continuing our coverage on a very busy afternoon. chris matthews joins us. look, it's an october surprise. we are 11 days out. what do you make of this? >> as ed rendell just said, i got evidence of that on the telephone. this will energize republican committee people and people who have to organize the vote. the regular republican people. regular republicans and not trumpites gives them a chance to ignite people to get out the vote. they will vote against hillary. at the same time it will take the people that are weak and hillary and shake them loose. two points up for trump and two
1:57 pm
down for hillary. it's not going to close the gap, but it will make things interesting. we don't know where the whole anthony wiener piece will go. how it will end. we know how it will be and it helps trump. >> what do we think about james comey. what they discovered ark peers to be pertinent to the clinton e-mail investigation. he is not putting anything else out and the reporting is we are probably not going to learn much more before the election takes place. do you think james comey was right to put it out? >> we are talking about the reputation and he has a great one. a long time because of his independence when he was under the bush. he was ahead of a law enforcement agency. it's about enforcing the law. you catch the bad guys and you try to find them and catch them in action. whether they are bank robbers or
1:58 pm
whatever they are, you try to put them away. your job is law enforcement and it's a conservative organization in terms of attitude and you don't mess around with the law. they are protectors against law breaking. the culture of the women around him, who comes in the room? agents. people who were involved and investigating law making. he has to represent the bureau. he has to represent that and the people have to feel their investigations are important and they will be protected and acted upon. he has to moouf forward and i have great respect for him and almost all the democrats had respect for him. why would he change now? if you trust him in july, what changed?
1:59 pm
>> the investigation was rigged and he was saying it was greased to protect hillary clinton and now a very different message for the republicans and democrats as well. >> that doesn't surprise me. does it surprise you? you are not talking to me about that. i am fairly consistent and they like comey. unless you are a partisan or a flack, you will look at the guy the same way now as you looked at him in july. you are not going to change your view of his character because you don't like his latest decision. would you change your mind because you don't like their latest decision? >> in politics i have come to expect nothing will surprise me. >> they make character judgments and they came krooacross as a mf character for a long time. >> would you tell everybody about this? >> mike pence talks about the
2:00 pm
conflict between him over what this means. there should be more information coming out and they are on the same wave length as far as more information from homey coming out. whether it's a reinitiation or a reop reopening. i think it's a parallel thinking. >> "hardball," 7:00 eastern here on msnbc. very busy afternoon. our coverage will continue. mtp daily starts now. >> well, if it's friday, we will find out what the fbi's october surprise means and does not mean for the election. the breaking news puts an exclamation point on the end of a horrible week for clinton and the democrats. >> perhaps finally justice will


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