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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  October 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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we're expecting hillary clinton to hold a press conference herself on the campaign trail in des moines any moment now and we will bring you that when it happens. in a letter sent to the senate judiciary committee today, fbi director james comey said "in connection with an unrelated case the fbi has learned of the existence of e-mails that appear to be pertinent to the information. i agreed the fbi should take appropriate investigative steps to allow investigators to review the e-mails to determine whether they contain classified information as well as to assess their importance to our investigation." clinton campaign chairman john podesta called on director comey to provide more information and when i spoke with donald trump's running mate mike pence today about the news, in his first national interview since this story broke, he agreed. >> >> well, obviously it's a very serious matter but both donald trump and i commend the fbi for their transparentsy and willing to to move forward now
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that they've come across new pertinent investigation. they stand for the principle that no one is above the law and we rcht the integrity of what the director of the fbi announced to the congress. but i will tell you i just learned moments ago that john podesta echoed what i said here in pennsylvania today that the public always -- also has a right to know and we're calling on the fbi to make this information public, chris, we have a national election of enormous consequence to this country in 11 days and i truly do believe, as abraham lincoln said, give the people the facts and the republic will be saved. so we're calling on the fbi to make this information available to the american people. the machinery of the justice system will work in its own time but the american people have a right to know what this new information is and they can make their own judgment. >> do you believe the statements of the committee chair is
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adequate or would you like to see more information than was contained in comey's statement today? >> well, i think the notification by the director of the fbi today was appropriate but it's just so important that this new information come forward. obviously it's in the midst of an avalanche of information that's been coming out about the years of hillary clinton's tenure as secretary of state, a private family foundation, the existence of a private server, when we learn about quid pro quos that were offered by her state department to change classified information status to the fbi. we learn of friends of the clintons being flagged for contracts to rebuild haiti and on goes the list but now that the fbi has reinitiated this investigation, which is all tonight appropriate because no one is above the law, if there's new pertinent information that's what they should do, in addition
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to that, chris, we're calling on the fbi to make that information public as the american people go through this moment of decision in the life of our nation. >> i'll have more on my interview with governor pence in a moment. the news fired up donald trump and his supporters who chanted "lock her up" when trump trumpeted it. here he goes. >> they are reopening the case into her criminal and illegal conduct. [ cheers and applause ] that threatens the security of the united states of america. [ cheers and applause ] hillary clinton's corruption is on a scale we have never seen before. woe must not let her take her criminal chemointo the oval office. >> and here comes hillary clinton to the microphone. she'll address this fbi report today.
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>> i want to say a few words and then take your questions. i have now seen director comey's letter to congress. we are 11 days out from perhaps the most important national election of our lifetimes. voting is already under way in our country. the american people deserve to get the full -- i'll get your answers and take your questions. i have now seen director comey's letter to congress. we are 11 days out from perhaps the most important national election of our lifetimes. voting is already under way in our country so the american people deserve to get the full and complete facts immediately. . the director himself has said he doesn't know whether the e-mails referenced in his letter are significant or not. i'm confident whatever they are will not change the conclusion
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reached in july. therefore it's imperative that the bureau explain this issue in question, whatever it is, without any delay. so i look forward to moving forward too focus on the important challenges facing the american people, winning on november 8 and working with all americans to build a better future for our country. thank you. >> reporter: have you or any of your advisors heard from comey or anyone else from the fbi today and are you concerned at all that. [ inaudible question ] classified information that you sent or received? >> no. we have not been contacted by anyone. first we knew about it is i assume when you knew about it, when this letter sent to republican members of the house was released so we don't know the facts which is why we are calling on the fbi to release
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all the information that it has. even director comey noted this new information may not be significant so let's get it out. >> secretary clinton? >> reporter: you have 11 days to go. what would you say to a voter who right now will be seeing you and hearing what you're saying saying "i didn't trust her before, i don't trust her anymore right now" and they're heading to the ballot box tomorrow. >> i think people a long time ago made up their minds about the e-mails. i think that's factored into what people think and now they're choosing a president so i would urge everybody to get out and vote early in all the states that have early voting because i think americans want a president who can lead our country, who can get the economy working for everyone, not just those at the top and who can bring our country together. i can offer that, i can do that and i'm very confident that the
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american people know that and we're going to continue to discuss what's at stake in this election because i believe that it's one of the most consequential elections ever. >> reporter: thanks very much. secretary clinton there are some reports that this -- these e-mails were found on devices that belonged to your aide huma abedin and her husband anthony weiner. have you spoken to huma? was she able to give you information about that? >> we've heard these rumors. we don't know what to believe and i'm sewer there will be even more rumors. that's why it is incumbent upon the fbi to tell us what they're talking about, jeff. because right now your guess is as good as mine and i don't think that's good enough. so we've made it very clear that if they're going to be sending this kind of letter that is only going originally to republican members of the house that they need to share whatever facts
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they claim to have with the american people and that's what i expect to happen. >> thanks very much, everybody. >> thank you all. >> that's hillary clinton in des moines, iowa, taking a couple questions about this big fbi report today. we're joined by nbc news correspondent pete williams. just a fact question along there. didn't that letter coming from the fbi director, didn't that go to the senate chairs who are all democrats as well? it didn't just go to republicans? >> it went to 16 members of congress, republican chairman and democratic ranking members of the house and the opposite in the senate. >> so it didn't just go to republicans like the secretary said just then? >> right. >> okay. just want to get the facts straight. we're also joined by robert costa and kasie hunt as well. first of all, to you, pete, what do you think of the director of the fbi 11 days before an
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election to say he's about to investigate something without telling us what it is? >> well, what the fbi says is that because he testified in july and told the house that they'd pretty much finished up the investigation, when he was told about these newly discovered e-mails he felt he had to tell the congress that it wasn't done, that that testimony was no longer accurate and that he wanted them to know what the deal was. now they're well aware, they were well aware of the criticism now that they would get it but they say if they waited until after the election and it was discovered this material was found there would be equal criticism that, well, you didn't tell us before the election and now we're finding out too late so they felt it was a no-win situation and decided the thing to do was to be transparent and tell them what they knew. here's the thing i found out, chris. what they say is while investigating anthony weiner, this allegation he was sending improper text messages and
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photographs to an underage girl, they discovered that huma abedin had used the laptop computer that anthony weiner used to e-mail hillary clinton. so that opened up a new category of e-mails, a new group of e-mails that have to be looked at. they don't know what's in them. it's certainly possible that they've already seen them in investigating what was on the server. some may be on there, some may not be. they have to look at them but they don't know whether there's classified information or not so that's one important thing to keep in mind. but what they say is their investigation was to look at all the e-mails that were on her server, here's a new category that they don't know whether they were on the server or not so they have to look at them and that was their calculus. >> well i guess you don't know yet, we don't know yet whether there's any reason to believe probable cause or whatever the term of legal art is to believe that these e-mails did deal in
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national security or classified material information. in other words, could it mean they just discovered there were e-mails per se without any reasonable lead they're classified? >> yes, but what they say is they've got to look, that their investigation was to look at the universe of e-mails that were sent to her on her private server. now they've discovered a new source of them, they don't know whether they're already the ones on the private server or not so they have to look at them, see whether there's potentially classified information, a, as you say, that will take a while, and, b, if there was and they decide that there were more classified e-mails on the server than they knew, does that change the bottom line calculation here which is whether whether or not a crime was committed. the legal experts i've talked to say if it's just a matter of numbers that we knew before it was x e-mails and now we know it's x plus something, that may not change the calculation. >> what right does the fbi have? i don't mean it rhetorically.
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what right do they have to go from the e-mails related to anthony weiner's sexting, if you will, or potentially did and jump over and say oh, we have another e-mail account on this laptop, let's look at this. aren't they limited somehow or do they have the complete freedom to investigate everything they've got in their hands? >> no, they have to get a search warrant to look at those additional e-mails and they're doing that now. probably already have it. >> okay, thank you so much, pete, great having you, pete williams, have a nice weekend, a strange weekend already for this country. let me go to kristen welker, do we have kristen welker now? kasie, you're on this case, you cover hillary. they didn't even get word on the plane, they said. >> they didn't get word on the plane, no, they were flying as the plane was landing in iowa and there's spotty wi-fi. they had been talking to the communications director but the reporters couldn't get the news until after they landed and we watched the clinton campaign digest this over the course of the day. this is typical for how they
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handle situations like this. it takes them a couple hours to work through it. i think you're seeing frustration with comey at a level you can't see in the summer. they were frustrated with the way that comey indicted her, essentially in that press conference he held. >> he didn't indict her. >> in the end he did what they needed her to do and that was an unusual precedent to set but they felt a sense of relief, like okay, this is behind us, we're done with it. >> aren't they in a situation that's tricky because having basically saluted the discretion of joems as fbi director in july saying there's not enough here for a case now they have to say well, he's no good? and by the way i thought hillary clinton did put a shot into his arm when she said he only sent this letter out to republicans. but she wanted to do a nudge there. >> the secretary mentioned the word republican repeatedly during the news conference. >> like he's somehow in league with republicans. >> and if you couple secretary clinton's remarks with what governor pence told you, you now have both campaigns asking for
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more disclosure from the inbound if director. >> why would republicans want more when they have all they need right now? she's being investigated by the fbi for e-mails and a possible violation of the way she handled classi classified information? suspect that as good as it gets? >> there's a cloud hovering on both sides of the campaign. there's an expectation on both sides of the political aisle of what's being investigated. secretary clinton feels comfortable asking more more information to come out. >> wait a minute, she just asked for me. >> she's comfortable with asking for more. >> so she feels it's a matter of procedure. >> right and you can tell -- >> just talk politics for three seconds here. you don't want the name anthony weiner connected to you. you don't. i just tweeted -- i knew the trump people enough and we know the trump people, they're going to make anthony weiner hillary clinton's running mate in the next week. they'll run with this, they'll put the two faces together as much as they can. >> i think the private frustration and disdain among the clinton campaign for anthony weiner is possibly at the highest level it's ever been.
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>> but they love him in the trump campaign. he's useful. >> speaking about the politics here, when you look at anthony weiner, it's not about the clinton's server, a lot of democrats today are talking about how this is separate from secretary clinton's e-mails, it's about her associate huma abedin and anthony weiner and we're not sure about what kind of correspondents. >> but the reason we're talking about that is anthony weiner's sexting problem. and everything in politicscircl. first of all it's white water, so ken starr is investigating white water, then he's investigating paula jones, then he's investigating monica lewinsky. they drip into each other. one totally separate investigation and it ends up going to hillary clinton's white house chances. >> i was talking to peter king on homeland security committee talking to other republicans on capitol hill, there will be a culture of investigation that persists in washington should secretary clinton. >> look at the pictures, this is the picture the republicans want, anthony weiner with huma
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standing next to her trying to be supportive, trying to be a good spouse and you can't be better than her standing by this guy and hillary clinton stands by huma because they're friends as well as work mates if you will. >> what about his mentor chuck schumer in line to be senate majority leader if democrats take over the senate. now republicans are seizing on this across the map. >> and trump seized on this issue much earlier. this is something he brought up and repeatedly said but, you know, there were potentially concerns and lo and behold turns out there's a reason. >> well, the crowd in front of him is more extreme than he is. they're yelling "lock her up." now they've got some ammo, if you will. >> one thing i will say about your point that this letter was not just sent to republicans. >> it was not just my point. let's say it this way, it's a fact. >> the fact that. the fact that this was sent to all of the republican chairman. >> and all the democrat ranking members and chairman. >> democratic ranking members. the point is that they are -- this is an example of them
4:17 pm
trying to deflect. they're trying to say of course the republicans leaked this. you've covered capitol hill. the reality is if you send a letter to 16 members of congress, it's going to become public. >> why didn't comey just put out a press release? >> based on our reporting at the "washington post," because of his testimony to congress he felt he had to come forward with new information. >> here's the elephant in the room, why 11 days before an election? why not wait? because if he had waited -- >> because if he had waited -- pete touched on this. there's a risk if it's discovered later that republicans have a revolt and it calls into question the integrity of the fbi. that's part of the clinton campaign's frustration. >> let me take hillary clinton's argument because it's also mike pence's argue. if you just lay this out there now as a suggest she's liable to prosecution because she'si bein investigated by the fbi. there's civil cases where a politician can sue a major tv network. you can't put out to be indicted or is being under investigation.
4:18 pm
those are serious charges against somebody just to be investigated by the fbi. >> it's an extremely loaded political moment we're in right now. regardsless of what the director of the fbi chose to do -- >> he knew this was going to happen. he chose not to put anything -- >> it was totally botched. >> he chose not to put anything further out. here's the problem. could bit the institution of the fbi is law enforcement, relatively conservative organization, not the peace corps. it's tough. and when investigators find something they go "run with it." something is good enough to go towards finding and making a case. they don't want to hear a case is dropped, right? so there's an institutional pressure on comey to come forward and push this case. >> well, i think there's a sense inside the clinton campaign that comey is looking out for number one. >> the agency? >> well, the agency and himself as well because -- >> well, he's not a lackey of the clintons. >> no, that's certainly not the
4:19 pm
case. i don't think anyone's ever thought that, but i think you know there was a confidence in him, he was somebody who was seen as politically pure, kind of above it all and he had that reputation. >> as a non-lawyer -- i always like to say as a non-lawyer, it's my one bragging point -- why don't they get off their buts? in a couple days they can look at all the e-mail. this kind of day to day things people -- an assistant does for somebody. in that's what it is, why don't we get that past us and say what do you think about the latest from that isis report, okay if it's there but as you and people suggest, we don't even know there's anything there. >> we don't know, it's a black box and there's pressure from both parties to have the information out there. how could comey come out with this letter? >> i think he'll have pressure. >> there are people on the hill asking for briefings before the election. if that happens i would expect that to leak out. >> casey is right. he may be brought to capitol
4:20 pm
hill. >> i think hillary clinton is handling this well. i want more information because the public always wants more information. it's against her normal tendency. she's pushing for more, right, not disclosure, the old clinton method. she must feel very confident she's innocent and wants the facts out so it will be interesting to watch this week develop. robert costa, case soviet union hunt. much more on the bombshell news from fbi director comey, including more with my interview with indiana governor mike pence in his first interview since the news broke ant the fbi reporting. this is hardball, the place for politics. when i started designing a bronx tale: e musical, iame up... ...with this idea of four towers that were fire escapes... when i started designing a bronx tale: e ..ssentially. up... i'lluild a little model in photoshop anadd these... ...details in with a pen. i could never that with mac. i feel like my job is... put out there just enough detail to spur the audiences... magition to fi in all bnks. this winws pis azi ving a of myools... .rig at myinger tips is incrible.
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just last night, donald trump questioned the integrity of the fbi. just watch. >> the system is rigged and the biggest rigging of all is what's happened with the fbi and justice department with respect to hillary clinton because she is so guilty in so many different ways she shouldn't be allowed to run for president. the system is rigged? >> what a difference a day make.
4:22 pm
today he changed his tune, listen to what he had to say today. >> it might not be as rigged as i thought. right? [ cheers and applause ] i think they're going to right the ship, folks, i think they're going to right the ship. [ cheers and applause ] and they're going to save their great reputation by doing so. >> we'll be right back after this with trump's running mate, indiana governor mike pence. [ ruling ] wh aovely home you have. hey, kool-aid man! yea, that's myter, my so and t. is thiyo...husband. oh yeah!!! [ crashing ]
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welcome back to "hardball." we're continuing to follow today's news that the fbi is investigating newly discovered clinton-related e-mails. we heard from secretary clinton, she called on the fbi to release all the information it has immediately. what effect will this story have on the presidential race coming up in 11 days? is this the october surprise we hear about? well, we have more from my exclusive interview with with trump's running mate governor mike pence of indiana and his first interview since the story broke late today. what do you make of the fact that this came from the anthony weiner investigation and somehow had to do with e-mail going to
4:25 pm
and from, perhaps the clinton people, hillary clinton perhaps her and her close aide huma abedin which was apparently the same e-mail address used by her husband anthony weiner? what do you make that was the source of these new e-mails? nbc has just determined that. >> well, if that bears out and that is, in fact, the case, i think it also speaks about the forthrightness and the integrity of the department of justice and the director of the fbi that in an unremitted investigation they came across pertinent information related to hillary clinton's operation of a private server and the potential she further compromised classified information in this country, i think the fact that they're drawing that from another investigation is another reason to commend them, but, look, we recognize this is a -- this is as dramatic a choice in an election as i've ever witnessed in my lifetime. literally we have in hillary clinton as someone who has not
4:26 pm
only got a career of this pay-to-play politics and all of the noise and smoke around her years as secretary of state and the clinton foundation but as i said here in the suburbs of philadelphia today, when it comes to national security, when it comes to our military, our place in the world, when it comes to reviving our economy, our supreme court, the choice could not be more dramatic so the american people deserve all the information about all these candidates and that's why we're encouraging the fbi to come forth and my understanding is john podesta made the same request today. come forth with this information so the american people can make their decision with all the facts. >> well, to not properly handle classified information, is that a disqualifying factor for a candidate for president? if it comes out she mishandled information intentionally that was classified? is that a disqualifier? >> it certainly is a disqualifier for me but every voter in this country will make
4:27 pm
that decision but it really is remarkable as i said in our vice presidential debate, if either my son or theim kaine's son, bo of whom are serving our country as marines, mishandled classified information theway hillary clinton did they'd be at least court-martialed. we see one case after another, general cartwright and others who appropriately faced severe consequences for mishandling classified information and the fact that we have evidence of this, the private server that came out because of disclosures by the "new york times" and now these e-mails have come forward, i just -- i think at the end of the day every voter will make their own decision but for me, for my house i truly do believe that her record as well as the fact that she obviously mishandled classified information, had a private server that compromised the security of the united states of america certainly disqualified her to serve in the highest office in the land. >> let's run through these to recap. first of all, john podesta in that note you mentioned, the
4:28 pm
chairman of the clinton campaign, said they're not reopening the campaign and you say they're reinitiating the campaign. what's the difference? >> well, this is not a time to parse words. >> well, is reopen a good word or not? is reopen a good word or not? >> i think when the director of the fbi, chris, says they found new pertinent information concerning the investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private server that means that they are moving forward and reopening the investigation that he had previously announced was closed. i think that's obvious to most americans. but the facts here are what's most important, not the semantics and, you know, the one thing john podesta and i can agree on is the american people have a right to know. >> more than -- that's my next question. i'm not clear on you, do you believe that you should have more -- they are saying in the podesta letter, he is saying in his statement that the campaign for hillary clinton believes more information should be
4:29 pm
released by the fbi than they have released. do you believe that or simply reproduce the letter sent to the committee chairs on capitol hill? do you want further information on what's going on at the fbi in terms of this investigation? >> absolutely. i assume that the mechanism of our judicial system is under way to obtain access to that additional pertinent information that's referred to but it's what is this those documents. what do they show that's pertinent to the investigation of hillary clinton's use of a private server during her term as secretary of state. the those documents may well be e-mail documents and should be made public and they need to be made public in the next 11 days. there's voting going on right now not here in pennsylvania but in states all over the country. early voting is already under way. hundreds of thousands of people in state after state that have cast their vote but the american people deserve to know, they
4:30 pm
have a right to know what the new information is and the substance of that should be in the public domain before this election is over. >> last question, if all we get is the statement we got from the director of the fbi today that they're relooking into this investigation as to how hillary clinton handled her classified information, is -- how thoushou that affect the voter? you have a chance to say that on national television. how should this affect how people vote regarding this election? >> i think millions of americans are deeply troubled by the pay-to-play politics and the benefits, the favored few in evidence of what's already out about hillary clinton's years as secretary of state, the operation of a clinton foundation. we found out the "washington post" story this week about clinton incorporated where donors to the foundation were also encouraged to hire and provide personal income to former president clinton. the american people are tired of this kind of politics that benefits the favored few and it's exactly the kind of politics that's going to end the
4:31 pm
day that donald trump becomes president of the united states of america. but the fact, chris, that now that the democratic party, the democrat not knee president for the united states is under investigation by the fbi should be relevant to every american. they need to think about that, reflect on that because i truly do believe in donald trump we have the opportunity for a fresh start in america, back to a strong herb, more prosperous america, and put all this fast and loose ethics of the clintons behind us once and for all. >> i know you don't agree with their language, but the people in the crowd, when they yell "lock her up" are they going to feel justified? those people who yell that every time there's a trump rally? >> i think the emotion that you see at trump rallies around the country is a frustration of the american people that when it comes to the clintons they seem to operate by a different set of
4:32 pm
rules and held to a different set of standards but today with this action by the director of the fbi i think millions of americans can be encouraged that our jormt is once again -- it's come across pertinent information about hillary clinton's use of a private server and they've reaffirmed the princenal no one is above the law. >> thank you governor mike pence. thanks for coming on "hardball" tonight. thank you, sir. >> thank you, chris. >> the big news is he agrees with hillary clinton, he wants more information coming from the fbi, not just the statement they're looking at. he wants the substance of what they're looking at. so isn't it interesting bipartisan agreement? mike pence, the candidate for vice president agreeing with hillary clinton, the candidate on the democratic side for president here's the question we're coming up with next, why did director comey drop this bomb today? we'll find out what's going on inside the fbi that may have prompted comey to send this letter today. this is "hardball," the police for politics.
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i have now seen director comey's letter to congress. we are 11 days out from perhaps the most important national election of our lifetimes. voting is already under way in our country so the american people deserve to get the full and complete facts modely. the director himself has said he
4:37 pm
doesn't know whether the e-mails referenced in his letter are significant or not. i'm confident whatever they are will not change the conclusion reached in july. welcome back to "hardball." that was hillary clinton, of course, just moments ago addressing the fbi's new e-mail probe. as we've been reporting, fbi director james comey notified congress in a letter today that newly discovered e-mail which is emerged from a separate probe into anthony weiner appear to be pertinent to the information of hillary clinton's private e-mail server. it comes after comey a month ago testified to congress there was no new evidence that would warrant additional investigating at that time. >> since you announced that there would be no prosecution of secretary clinton in july there have been several material issues that are troubling and would that not require a reopening of the investigation to solve those issues? >> i haven't seen anything that
4:38 pm
would come near to that kind of situation. >> well, comey's letter today states h s that he learned of t new e-mails yesterday and wrote "the fbi cannot yet assess whether or not this material may be significant." i'm joined by ari melber. ari, here's a gut question, the nut of the matter. is there any reason to believe there's any probative evidence that suggests hillary clinton did something wrong based on the statement by the fbi director? any reason to believe she's done something wrong or they see something wrong? >> no. there's nothing in the letter that says that. >> nothing. >> no, not in the letter and all the letter says is, hey, i told congress we were done reading e-mail when i testified under oath and that was true then, we were done. we have now legally lawfully obtained more e-mail and we're going to read it rather than not read it, which is a prudent investigative thing to do, but this close to an election needing to update your testimony sets off all these alarm bells.
4:39 pm
>> but they have had this laptop in their possession for a while. i assume. >> five weeks. >> why didn't they notice there was an e-mailed address in ther for huma, that she used it to do her work. it doesn't sound right and if that's all they know is that there is an e-mail address. what's new here, pussy cat, if you will? what justified this sturm and drang, this big friday night special if all they know is there's an e-mail account? >> that's the question, what's new pussy cat. the answer is we have no idea. the letter only says they're looking at two things -- one, whether these new e-mails they have obtained have classified material. to your point they got them from this other investigation. >> five weeks to decide whether they thought that's the case. >> yes, and two whether there's anything else of "importance" to the underlying investigation. the standard, let's remember, james comey said, that he briefed the country and congress on was having reviewed tens of
4:40 pm
thousands of e. makes they never saw evidence of intent to miss handle classified information, they they put out changes the underlying reel reasoning which is why this is more about process than substance. having said all that, the bottom line if you believe james comey is that he came to work yesterday and someone put this on his desk and said here's what we found, do we want to look at it? investigators generally, you were talking about this earlier, the way white water turns into other issues, whether this is good or bad, investigators want to look at all of it rather than closing their eyes to things even when a case is closed. the other key question, chris, and as a keen observer of politics, you already noticed it. this letter is not very clarifying. that's why governor mike pence said he wants the same thing john podesta wants and hillary clinton wants. they want more information. why? the letter isn't very clarifying, what i what we have
4:41 pm
from james comey perhaps is an attempt to do the right thing, update congress in a formal way but doing it either so sloppily or the wrong way that it has not had a positive outcome thus far in anyone's eyes. >> what did jim sensenbrenner allude to? a month ago he said there's nothing to restart this information biut sensenbrenner had something in his craw there. hasn't there been pressure building within the fbi to do something differently than what they did in july when they said the case was closed? >> sensenbrenner, former chairman of the judiciary committee was getting at two thing, one internal complaints within the fbi allegedly from unnamed agents doing unauthorized leaks which is ironic given the topic, about how they thought this wasn't pursued the right way. they disagreed with what their boss james comey said. that happens in all kinds of workplaces. people disagree with the call and two this question of whether anything released in the other hacks or wikileaks rose to the level of changing the outcome of
4:42 pm
the investigation? the bottom line according to what the fbi said was james comey and others have said this kind of e-mails didn't either give them anything they hadn't seen before, anything that rose to the level of needing to look at it whereas in contrast they are saying the e-mails they got from this other case does involve something they want to read. another final point, chris. as you know, it's not appropriate for federal law enforcement to be leaking about this other case. james comey obviously deliberately omitted the other name and case inquiry from this letter. so james comey is sending out what he says to be a carefully circumscribed letter for congress not named anthony weiner in the case and then, boom within an hour the entire news and political world is reeling because anthony weiner's name is in this from an unauthorized federal law enforcement leak. so there's a will the of problems here. >> what do you make of hillary clinton, the former secretary of state, saying that this report coming from the fbi to congress only went to republicans. she put the little shiv into
4:43 pm
comey. it didn't just go to republicans, that's a fact. it went to republicans and democrat chairs and ranking members of the senate and the house. was that a shot across the bow against comey? it was clearly accusing him of partisanship. >> the implication i agree chris was that somehow this was being fed to republicans for republican purposes. in fact, the letter looks like most oversight letters addressed to the chairman that has been to be in the republican party and ccing on page two of the bottom of the letter all of the democratic ranking members. >> and the senate chairman as well. >> correct. >> thank you, ari melber, great analys analysis. up next, the "hardball" round table with much more on the political impact of today's announcement from the fbi. what will this mean? watch the newspapers tomorrow morning. this will be interesting how big they play it. just 11 days to the election. you're watching "hardball," the place for politics. real youhinenehrough? introding otezla (apremilast).
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hillary clinton's corruption is on a scale we have never seen before. we must not let her take her criminal scheme into the oval offi office. welcome back to "hardball." anyway, today's announcement couldn't come better for donald trump. the five most recent national polls had clinton ahead of trump anywhere from three points to 14 points. love that range. this may shift the enthusiasm toward his campaign. for more, i'm joined by our round table, the "boston globe's" annie linsky. "washington post" columnist eugene robinson, an msnbc political analyst and senior political reporter heidi. let's start here, annie and gina. political impact statement, please. if all we get is this, all we get is the squeezy little statement from the fbi director? >> if that's it and i don't
4:48 pm
think it will be it, i think there will be more, comey will have to talk, but i think this blows over and the election is still advantage clinton. >> no loss in points? >> maybe she loses a bit because of voter suppression, maybe there are some of those republicans that were going to vote for her and decided to stay home instead and that goes advantage trump. but it's bad but i don't know that it's game changing. >> so the news suppresses as well as republicans. i didn't know we were suppressing the vote. gene? >> i think it gives trump a closing argument. he didn't have one and so now he has one. he's got something to focus on. i assume this will be the closing argument because he wasn't doing too well with the flailing he was doing the last couple weeks so it may give his campaign focus and it -- on the margins i think it's -- it probably helps him perhaps with republicans, perhaps more
4:49 pm
enthusiasm among trump followers who thought it was lost anyhow and might have been tempted to stay home, thab mmaybe they'll out. i struggle to see how it makes a major change in the basic situation of the race but we'll see. comey may well have to come out and say something. >> i think you raised the key question, chris, that is how trump handles it because annie is right, at some point comey, the pressure on him will be overwhelming and while he can't give us a lot of information, we've seen from the leaks that they can take things off the table so if trump is out there saying where are the handcuffs, put her in jail and some of this stuff comes out like whoops, actually these are duplicative e-mails. >> or we haven't read them yet that seems incredible. pence handled it soberly i thought. >> i thought that was the right way to handle it because i think
4:50 pm
he knowsn't and there's even sources saying that people who have started to look at this think this is not a game changer. this is unsourced. that you run the risk of overplaying your hand. >> donald trump, if he did not overplay it in any situation, that would be the news. >> that's from the beginning, chris, if you talk to a lot of people betting odds from the very beginning, the way that hillary clinton and possibly the only way it could have been brought down is on e-mails. and when that disappeared, this race really started to -- >> you have an indictment really, that she could be indicted seemingly game changing. and the idea that that could change and there would be an indictment in the next 11 days would be preposterous. >> redskins score on defense. local concern in this part of the country. anyway, this thing about trump and his inability to do
4:51 pm
something sort of reasonably. i saw it again today. the locker up thing is so unfair unless you're a hillary hater every morning, every day -- morning is probably right. they get up and hate her. >> if you're kellyanne conway, you want to find donald trump and lock him in a room somewhere and get him to not say anything. time after time you had bad news for hillary clinton and then donald trump somehow finds a way -- >> you know what? there's two more women who came out today and we're not talking about them. >> if he wants this to work and probably the same with all the major cable networks and broadcast networks, the picture of anthony weiner is back on television all over the place smelling up this thing. if republicans have any brains or money left, they'll make him hillary clinton's running mate, the way they did willie horton. they'll find this guy and say, you want to vote for weiner? vote for weiner. >> it doesn't matter because it will bury these other headlines.
4:52 pm
>> here's donald trump back in july going after secretary clinton because her top aide was married to -- well, still married to anthony weiner. let's watch. >> why are they giving hillary clinton briefings? because it's going to get revealed. i mean, her number one person, human huma abedin is married to anthony weiner who is a sleazeball and a pervert. i'm not saying that -- i mean, that's recorded history. right? i don't like huma going home at night and telling anthony weiner all of these secrets, okay? >> well, there's a lead. did he get the heads up on this fbi report or what? that's a while ago. >> that's the thing about trump. so often the things that he says that seem crazy end up having this kernel of truth to them later and that gives him this authenticity. and that's what his gut seems to
4:53 pm
be -- >> pillow talk between huma and -- now it's e-mail to be blunt about it. the same laptop with different e-mails. they used different e-mail addresses with the laptop. anybody know how it's done? they can find out any messages on these things? >> i cannot tell you. >> let me tell you, hillary clinton was asked about her connections to anthony weiner. >> secretary clinton, there are some reports that these e-mails were found on devices that belonged to your aide, huma abedin and her husband anthony weiner. have you spoken to huma? was she able to give you any information about that? >> we've heard these rumors. we don't know what to believe. i'm sure there will be even more rumors. that's why it's incumbent on the fbi to tell us what they're talking about, jeff, because right now your guess is as good as mine. and i don't think that's good enough.
4:54 pm
>> actually, that's not true. nbc has determined it did come from that investigation of anthony weiner, whether you like it or not, madam secretary, it's a fact. to blame it on the fbi director by saying he only sent the report out to republican -- >> not smart. not smart. and she said that because the democrats, they spent months praising james comey as kind of this very impartial arbiter and hailing him, and now in the first kind of shot across the bow to kind of even suggest that he's -- >> remember dina washington, the great singer, what a difference a day makes? >> it's true. and i just keep reminding myself that there are 11 more of those things left. 1 1 more days. and so i wouldn't be surprised. >> anyway, thank you. your wisdom is overpowering sometimes. thank you so much. when we return, let me finish
4:55 pm
with my election diary for tonight, friday, october 28th. you didn't think anything would happen this late in the week as the campaign gets rocked by another bombshell. [ sighs ] [ rumbling ]
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proposition 61 is a very, very important step forward. for tand i thank the people of california for putting it on pharmacepathe ballot.ry. e... it is time for the pharmaceutical industry to stop the entire nation is looking at california. let's go forward together. thank you all very much. election diary friday, october 28th, 2016. today the fbi director put out word that the bureau is looking into e-mails related to its previous probe of hillary clinton. nbc learned that the e-mails were gathered in a separate probe of new york's anthony
4:59 pm
wein weiner. here we have one investigation that's opened the door to another. the way ken star's investigation led to the paula jones case and then to the matter of monica lewins lewinsky. we have the case of the hillary e-mails being reawakened by e-mails from the anthony weiner case. friday night's a bad day to make predictions. the end of the beweek not the beginning. it will hearten republican campaigners and cause doubt among those voters who had moved to hillary as an alternative rather than a desired designation -- destination. so if all we get from the fbi director is that there's a probe brought back to life, the political power of this story will depend on how the two candidates will decide and deal with it. if trump is unusually calm and nonhysteric, he will gain some points. if hillary clinton takes the small hit and moves on, she could limit the impact to that.
5:00 pm
a few lost states but still a strong probability to win the election. maybe this fbi story this weekend will be the one last test of political fitness, not because of what it contains because we won't know that until afterward. because of how this pair of candidates handle it. keep watching. that's "hardball" for now. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. >> tonight on "all in." >> donald trump says he can still win, and you know, he's right. >> yet another october surprise. the e-mails are back. >> even director comey noted that this new information may not be significant, so let's get it out. >> tonight pete williams on what we know about the fbi investigation, why we're finding out just days before the election, and what anthony weiner has to do with all of this. then, the campaign's react. >> the system is rigged. it might not be as rigged as i thought. >> my in


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