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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  November 21, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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cordial meeting, but also was a very substantive meeting and i can say that governor romney is under active and serious consideration to serve as secretary of state of the united states. >> this morning, trump back in new york preparing to host former texas governor, primary rival with perry. reports say the one time air force captain under consideration for secretary of defense or the top spot at the v.a. also, conflict of interest during the general election, donald trump railed against the clinton foundation accusing it of paper play but does the same argument apply to trump and his business interest now that he's president-elect? our political team watching the transition here this morning. let's start with hallie jackson live in washington. break it all down. we know he'll be meeting with rick perry and meeting with barden and he met with mitt romney. how seriously is he considering all these folks?
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>> his aides, you know this as well from the information your sources, these are serious meetings. particularly, the one, particularly, the one with mitt romney over the the weekend which was very interesting. the other interesting one today is congresswoman the representative from hawaii, a bernie sanders supporter during the primary and somebody who, as you know, stepped down from the dnc and a veteran record of military service as well. and he's also meeting with newt gingrich who has no interest in a cabinet position but would want to be chief planner. and some are pulling in for counsel and advice, and others are there for what you could call interviews. that's how it's described to me by tokhose close. you may see some announcements. i'll told wilbur ross is a leading contender of head of commerce and other folks around
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as well like for example general who's a possible secretary of defense. from the president-elect's own mouth, donald trump talking about how impressed he was and he is by general maddus. a lot of cabinet intrigue, cabinet dramas floating around. i do think we'll see more information over the next couple of days and more in the week after thanksgiving as well. >> i think you're right about that timeline. one of the things that's making this so striking is the fact that all of these candidates are being rolled out in front of us on camera. it's sort of a little bit of a reality tv feel, hallie. talk a little bit about the fact that this is unconventional, just like the donald trump campaign. >> right, well, it is. i think you summed it nicely in the introduction to your show talking about the parade of contenders, if you will, coming out. and i think some stage craft and pageantry associated with the president-elect with the people he wants the press to see, pulling them up, doing the photo op on the steps of bedminster,
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if we see them come in and out. with the stop, take a moment. it is sort of intended, it seems, to build suspense with the president-elect himself. teasing about potential announcements coming over the weekend or possibly today to kind of keep folks interested in the speculation of who will be in his administration. let's note though, there are ways for people to meet with the president-elect without members of the press being aware of it, different entrances and exits at trump tower where somebody could flip in and out unnoticed essentially by the media. remember, too, this is different from what we've seen in transitions past when there would be a more official briefing space and the person named to a cabinet post brought out for a brief sort of comment with the press as well, so yeah. unconventional candidate, unconventional transition. if there is any indication, an
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unconventional 100 firs days t n office. >> thank you so much. are decisions made about the president-elect's role in his business empire? katy, you and i have been talking about this. he met with three executives from one of his trump properties in india. that's raising questions the transition team saying there's no nothing to see here but this is overshadowing. >> this is a question that's beginning to unravel even before he was elected president. a question of how he's going to deal with his trump organization. he said on the campaign trail repeatedly he's going to give it over to his kids, he was calling it a blind trust even though it's not really a blind trust and making a vow he wasn't going to talk about it, as recently as on "60 minutes" a few days ago or last week saying it doesn't matter, not a big deal. running america is more important. remember on the campaign trail, also ran on the idea that the clinton foundation was a pay to play scheme and they were doing something wrong and taking meetings with people who were wealthy donors and trying to enrich themselves through the
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office of the secretary of state. now that same argument can be applied to donald trump. after he was elected president, he met with three indian businessmen, business partners for properties in that country. the indian papers reported it. it wasn't until they reported it did the american press find out about it. now the the parparties trying t play saying it was a friendly meet and greet instead of a business meeting but this is in addition to ivanka sitting in on the meeting with the prime minister of japan and also, in addition to even if donald trump said, i'm not going to do this, you have foreign diplomats now staying at donald trump's dc hotel and say, why would they stay at anywhere else, one of his competitors when they come to washington? so the question will be, is donald trump acting overseas in his own interest for his business or is he acting in the interest of the american public and conversely, are foreign
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governments trying to manipulate the president by using his businesses against him? >> the incoming chief of staff reince priebus asked this over the weekend and he said, we're looking at all of this, but look, there's not going to be any wrongdoing. we'll handle this in the right way but katy, i wonder, how problematic is it they haven't dealt with this already? the transition is well under way and this is one of the key questions during the campaign. >> absolutely. they said they're trying to adjust to the new realities and remember, they didn't necessarily expect they were going to win and t"the wall street journal" came out with a pretty scathing editorial board saying he needs to immediately liquidate assets in order to do away with the conflict of interest. why allow these questions to persist? it's going to pose a problem down the line. it will give the democrats an easy target to run against him for the midterms and also in four years, especially if things don't go as planned or as donald
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trump has planned them, creating more jobs, bringing back the coal industry, stopping places like carrier from moving their plants overseas, if there are glaring conflicts of interests, questions, why bother with him? liquidate assets, commit to running the country and then when it's over, go back. >> thank you for the in-depth analysis. great to see you in person. trump cut vacation short before the gop nominee spoke briefly to reporters. >> we've had a far reaching conversation with regards to the various theaters of the world. exchanged our views on those topics, very thorough and in-depth discussion in the time we had, and appreciate this chance to speak with the president-elect and look forward to the coming administration. >> did you bury the hatchet,
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governor? >> thank you. >> do you still think he's a con? >> breaking moments. someone who's been in the cabinet, george w. bush's second term and before that, a three term governor of utah and led the would-be transition for mitt romney in 2012. secretary lovett, great to see you. really appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> i wonder your take on everything we've observed this weekend and how seriously you know mitt romney cut his vacation short as we just said to have this meeting. taking this very seriously. how seriously do you think president-elect donald trump is taking this? >> i don't know. i think that mitt romney would be an extraordinary secretary of state. i think it would be good for donald trump. it would embrace in doing so a very wide swath of the republican party who need that kind of gesture. it would add a sense of balance,
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i think, to the foreign policy team and it would send a signal across the world that donald trump is very serious about foreign policy. >> a lot of people are wishing they could get inside governor romney's head right now and try to imagine, because he was so critical of donald trump during the campaign. do you think he's having an internal struggle about this? i mean, he was really laid out an argument against donald trump along ethical moral lines and a threat to the republican party. >> i'm confident that both mitt romney and donald trump are asking themselves the question, can i just set the past aside and move forward? and i'm confident they can do that, but i think that's undoubtedly part of the internal dialogue that they're both having. >> let's talk a little bit about policy. president-elect donald trump laid out a number of policies as a candidate and now there's a lot of questions about how he's going to proceed. i want you to listen to what his
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incoming chief of staff reince priebus said about the possibility of a muslim registry. >> i'm not going to rule out anything but we're not going to have a registry based on a religion, but what i think we're trying to do is say there are some people, certainly not all people, chuck, there are some people that are radicalized and there are some people that have to be prevented from coming into this country. >> what did you make of that response? he was trying to clarify, i'm not sure we got a lot of clarity there. >> i'm confident that it's a policy that's evolving. they have a policy objective to protect the people of the united states and there's lots of different angles on this and trying to figure out how to thread the theedneedle and that policy making. the sausage of policy. >> does it concern you, the mere talk of some type of registry?
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you heard reince say we're not going to have a registry based on religion but the mere fact it's about and something that some of his prospective cabinet members are advocating. >> i think the down sides of that will be readily evident and others in the government who will push back and he would obviously have to gain the approval of congress to do something like that. >> and you're talking about the reality of having to govern versus running a campaign and if you look at a whole host of issues, the president-elect trump talked about during the campaign, he seems to be moderating on some of them. entitlement reforms, mass deportations, he said he would deport 11 million and now he said we'll deport the criminals. and nato, wavering a bit. the wall with mexico, the biggest one and now saying, we'll be okay with a fence. is this a part of the typical moderating that happens once you assume office or something different going on here? >> two observations.
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about this time in 2008, we were ready to move into the obama administration. i was sitting in the oval office with then president george w. bush. we were talking about the transition that was happening and he said, barack obama is going to find out that this is harder than it looks. and i think every president realizes and comes to conclude that we're dealing with shared power here, not the unilateral capacity to act. and the second observation i would make is that this is a country with checks and balances. and in fact, presidents run on big principles and they illustrate those in different ways. that's always the way it is. but then there is a reality that comes to play in the formation of the actual policy. >> such a great point and it's something that the current president continues to say that there are realities of this office that really limit what you can do. i want to get your reaction.
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two quick things. the conversation with katy tur about his business holdings. has he done enough to make it clear to the american people that there aren't going to be conflicts of interest or does he need to, starting today, get out in front of this story and say, hey, folks, i'm divesting. i will not have any murkiness going on when it comes to business versus running the white house? >> this is one of the realities that's setting in. i lived this personally. i agreed to be the cabinet and within a week, told by the office of governmental ethics to essentially divest every asset i had because they had certain links to that business. and over time, i made the conclusion, i have to do this if i'm going to be in public service. i don't know the mechanism donald trump will use. lawyers will have to prescribe that but i think ultimately, he'll come to the conclusion, i have to set, i have to. i'm now a public servant and i have to make that my primary focus. >> sounds like it was a clear cut decision for you.
7:14 am
>> it was. i was under a bit different situation because cabinet secretary is under the obligation of law. the president has a slightly different standard obligation but legal circumstance. >> very, very quickly. donald trump took to twitter to lash out at snl and hamilton for making fun of him. hamilton because the cast members there, some gave this impassioned plea while vice president-elect was in the audience saying to represent all americans and president-elect trump said that was inappropriate. is twitter the right form? should he continue these tweet storms as president-elect or does it undercut his credibility? >> that is a method of communication we're not accustomed from and i suspect he'll learn something from that and so will we. >> thank you so much, we appreciate seeing you. coming up, seeing trump's most polarizing fire brand and what steve bannon said he has no
7:15 am
common with dick cheney. darth vader and satan. who will not be making the move to dc -- power that pope francis is extending to catholic priests. stay with us. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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mr. trump, mike pence is here. >> hello, sir. heard you went to see hamilton. how was that? >> it was good. i got a free lecture. >> heard they booed you. >> absolutely. >> taking aim at two american institutions. broadway and snl and calling
7:19 am
snl, totally one sided biassed show. nothing funny at all. equal time for us and then the president-elect called out the cast of hamilton for message to vice president elect pence and trump fired back, and cast and producers and i hear highly overrated should apologize for mike pence for terrible behavior. got an exclusive interview with steve bannon who served as the trump campaign ceo. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> let's get your reaction to the tweet storm. i wonder if you have more insight having interviewed steve bannon. >> i think it's the the immediamedia taking the bait. donald trump said i'm going to do this because those fools will really just grab it like chum in the water. you know, it's once again, one
7:20 am
of those things of the media not understanding how to regard trump and his victory and how to report this story. >> so on this point, one of the things that's fascinating about your interview with mr. bannon is that you note when you spoke to him before the election, he said, we're going to win and here's how. we're going to win all of these voters in michigan, pennsylvania, ohio. >> extraordinary, yes. >> the states delivered the white house to him. he saw something no one else did. talk about steve bannon. what did you learn from that interview? >> i think he's, first thing, enormously intelligent and energetic, knows what he's doing. he is the guy, that is not a random event. he has planned this out methodically. it's his vision. they used to say about george bush and carl rove that carl rove was bush's brain.
7:21 am
i think steve bannon is probably donald trump's brain in this, certainly, as they begin to craft the goals and the narrative of this administration. >> he's also a lightning rod. some on the left referred to him as a racist, misogynist and said i'm not a white nationalist, i'm an economic nationalist. if we deliver, we'll get 60% of the white vote and 40% of the black vote and hispanic vote and we'll govern for 50 years. and ultimately, trump got 29% of the latino and 8% of the black vote. what did you make of this argument and the mere fact he has to defend himself against charges he's a white nationalist? >> he's really not defending himself against these charges. these charges are being levelled at him and he's mostly ignoring them or i would just say
7:22 am
dismissing them, regarding them as people who are not focused on who he is and what he is about. and what he is about at least this is what he said clear to me is jobs, jobs, jobs. it's the economy in that old clintonian fashion and he believes this is politics in its most basic form. if you put, the more people you put to work with well paying jobs, the more people vote for you. and he was very precise. that's not a black or a white issue. black people as well as white people are working people. and if you give them jobs, they are yours for 50 years. >> democrats are calling on president-elect donald trump to reverse his decision and to not have steve bannon be a part of it. >> why would, ask yourself, why
7:23 am
would they possibly do that? it is not going to happen. >> it won't. my question to you though is what does he say about that? does it worry he will undercut mr. trump's effectiveness and ability? >> he believes the exact opposite. this increases their effectiveness, that the inability for liberals, the media, the left to actually focus on who they are allows them the ability to kind of slip around the back and do what they want to do. >> great conversation. congratulations on a great interview. >> thanks. >> good to see you. up next, police officers in san antonio where police are expected to deliver an update any minute on their manhunt for a cop killer. stay with us.
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and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. we are expecting to hear from san antonio police thy
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minute non the manhunt. benjamin shot in his cruiser while writing up a traffic ticket. fellow officers are promising justice now. >> families supposed to celebrate the holidays, now burying their own because of the cowardice by a suspect who will be caught and brought to justice. >> one of four police shootings on sunday and others were missouri and florida. nbc jacob rascon is awaiting a press conference there. jacob, what is the latest on this investigation in to trying to find the suspect? >> reporter: we've just learned in this press conference coming up in just minutes, they're going to show the media a couple of videos that show the suspect, the person they're looking for. it's a black male in 20s or 30s about 5 foote to 6 foot and goatee with tattoos on left arm and show him entering police
7:28 am
headquarters and at some point, haven't said when it was. if it was just before or a day before or when it was but this person they're looking for was, they call, an assassination of this police officer entering headquarters and then leaving headquarters so at some point before the shooting happened. the shooting actually happened just outside feet away from where i am just in front of headquarters, as you know, this detective markoni in the patrol car writing a traffic ticket and drove up parked behind him and walked up to the window, shot him twice and then took off and this morning, the fbi, the u.s. marshals, the texas rangers and others are searching for this person. also searching for and put out a picture of a black car that they believe belonged to this person, a mitsubishi with custom rims but expecting now in minutes ore lease videos which just give a clearer picture of who this
7:29 am
person is and hoping someone would recognize him and they've offered a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of this kristen? >> a lot of eyes on that press conference, that's for sure. and jacob, before i let you go, similar tragic incidents in missouri and florida yesterday. so what are police saying? do they think there's a link or do they simply think this was a copy cat act? what's going on here? >> reporter: no, it doesn't appear there's any link between them. largely because the suspect has been caught or killed in the other cases, so in at least two of them, it does appear that there was an ambush style attack just like here. the fourth incident is unclear what was going on and a traffic when somebody took off running but in missouri, one of the four that we are referencing, similar situation, sitting there in the car, somebody came up and shot into the car later in a shootout, that person was
7:30 am
killed. but the police chiefs in both places are calling these ambushes. this is a 58th officer killed by gunfire this year and that's up from 36 in a of last year, so a definite spike in these type of killings, kristen. >> unbelievably tragic. thank you so much for tracking developments there, jacob, really appreciate it. pope francis is indefinitely extending a rule that allowed priests over the last year to n absolve women who have abortions saying there's no sin that god's mercy cannot wipe away when it finds a repentant heart. covers the pope, ann, great to see you. >> good to be here. >> let's talk on two tracks. first of all, the practicality. what does this mean for women? >> it does not mean a big change for women in the u.s., kristen. during the year of mercy, pope francis gave the ability to forgive the sin of abortion
7:31 am
which is considered a grave sin in the catholic church, and in some diocese, only the bishop could forgive that sin. that wasn't the practice in america. priests have long been able to forgive the sin of abortion and in the u.s., the practice won't change. it will, what it does around the world, extends the practice for everyone else especially in the diocese. but pope, mercy is at the heart of his ministry and he is showing the world that even on this sin, which he says is a grave sin, he's not changing his stance on abortion by any means. it's still the end of what he calls an innocent life, but what he's saying is there's no sin that can't be forgiven if you want to be forgiven and so it's up to us to extend god's mercy. >> it tells us a lot about this pope. what does it tell us about where the church is right now in the
7:32 am
year 2016? >> i think what you see is pope francis has said he wanted to swing open the doors of the church, he said that the church should be a field hospital treating people when they're in pain and imagine you have terminated a pregnancy. that has to be an extraordinarily painful decision under any circumstance, so he's trying to meet people at that instead of condemning them telling them they're bad people, saying, we're a ul sall sinners nothing you've done that can't be forgiven if you want to be for given. >> and this fits into a broader canon of decisions he's made that showcases mercy, as you point out. >> absolutely. and i think he has changed the focus of the church, if you will, from what we have often referred to as the culture wars here in the u.s., gay marriage, abortion, and he has said, well, we understand the church's position on those issues, but we
7:33 am
have a greater mission and that is to lift people up and to meet people where they are and to be part of people's lives. and i think this is an textensin of that. >> ann thompson, thank you so much. good to see you. >> you as well. still ahead, president obama comes face to face with russian president vladimir putin and what he had to say to russian counterpart in what could be their final meeting and speaking of chilly air, nearly 60 million americans under some kind of winter weather advisory. take a look at these stunning photos. we'll take you live to upstate new york where travel is treacherous. stay with us.
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7:36 am
president obama in his final scheduled foreign trip as president met briefly with russian president vladimir putin at the asia pacific economic conference in peru. russia's news agency said they
7:37 am
need to reach a settlement on syria and president obama asked if the recent u.s. election was discussed. take a listen. >> the issue of the elections did not come up because that's behind us and i was focused in this brief discussion on moving forwa forward. i had already made clear our concerns about cyberattacks generally as well as specific concerns we had surrounding the dnc hack. >> nbc's hans nichols at the white house. so much at the backdrop of this meeting. not only the hacking the election but obviously there has been ongoing tensions with president obama and putin. what is the tone? >> reporter: it was a brief meeting, so brief, it barely qualified as a meeting. i call it a discussion. four minutes long in this down
7:38 am
there in peru. speaking to one administration official this morning talking about how there simly isn lply that much to say. they discussed ukraine and the importance of a minsk agreement and president obama not optimistic on syria and seemed down right pessimistic for a short-term solution. a couple of years back, their meeting went overboard, two hours and the last time in china, a long meeting and in september, president obama said it was constructive, but not conclusive. these four minutes, kristen, they were curt and you could almost say cursory. >> four minutes sort of says it all, doesn't it? do you think they'll meet again or was that their final meeting? >> reporter: it depends. if you have any reporting that vladimir putin is intending to attend the inauguration of donald trump, maybe there will
7:39 am
be an opportunity but nothing on my notebook on that. speaking to an administration official, it's unlikely they'll have a conversation again even. there simply isn't that much to say and in a lot ways, the focus is on the transition and what extent donald trump, not just trump but his people, his advocates, his surrogates they're having with people close to the kremlin. >> obviously, putin, the first person president-elect trump spoke with after he was elected. first foreign leader, i should say. thank you for your reporting from the white house. i really appreciate it. business as usual. donald trump's closed door meeting with investors with potential conflicts of interest plaguing a trump presidency and we'll talk about that next. which members of the trump family will not be moving into the white house on inauguration day? we're live outside of trump tower when we come right back. stay with us. glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears. be happy, it's glad.
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cal perry is at trump tower by rockefeller center. new news. tell us what you have. >> reporter: we're hearing from the trump camp there will be a video release today from the president-elect and cover trade, the economy, and securing and defending america's national interests. we're, of course, head coachiop learn more on that. scott brown is here at trump tower, former massachusetts senator. rumored to be in the running for v.a. secretary and hope to hear more this afternoon and still on the lookout for rick perry, former governor of texas. he was at odds with the president-elect throughout the campaign but then jumped on the bandwagon after ted cruz lost texas and you know this better than anyone, kristen, the first democrat we saw take a meeting with the president-elect unclear if she's in the running for the cabinet post and donald trump himself telling the media he's not interested in putting democrats in his cabinet but he
7:44 am
would, quote, work with them on legislation and finally, a bit of news, we understand that donald trump will travel to florida to mar-a-lago on tuesday night for thanksgiving. certainly a relief here for the new york city police department. >> indeed. that is for sure. let me ask you about other news we get when it comes to the transition with melania and barron trump, apparently not moving to the white house initially when mr. trump does. >> reporter: he's 10 years old in a private prep school here in the new york city area and understand from people inside the president-elect's transition team that they will travel down to washington for two days during the inauguration and then back here to trump tower and finish out the school year. so the understanding is that the entire family will move sometime in early summer but they want to finish out the school year here in new york. he's in the middle of his school year and something families everywhere deal with. >> that headaches senmakes sens.
7:45 am
just 10 years old. great reporting as always. hugh hewitt. msnbc political analyst. great to see you, hugh. >> hey, kristen. happy thanksgiving week to you. >> happy thanksgiving week to you. so much to chew over this monday morning. let's start off with the high profile meetings that we saw over the weekend, perhaps the one that's getting the most attention is the meeting with mitt romney, of course, one of his former rivals. i want to play you a bit of sound from mitt romney and then get your reaction on the other side. >> we had a far reaching conversation with regards to the various theaters of the world where they're of interest of the united states, of real significance and we discussed those areas and exchanged our views on those topics. >> hugh, what do you make of this meeting? so many republicans say mitt romney would be fantastic and balance things out a little bit, particularly when you have a steve bannon in the west wing. do you think mr. trump is
7:46 am
seriously considering him? >> i do because president-elect pence said as much about the president-elect yesterday. it would be a bold and strategic move and good for both men to put aside the hammers to sit down, talk about america's position in the world of both patriots and i believe doris goodwin who she wrote team of rivals in the only impacted the obama administration but the trump administration and i think it was a good move. no idea whether the offer will be accepted or extended or anything like that but just the optics were terrific for both men. >> i think there's broad agreement about that and mr. trump meeting with another former rival today, former texas governor and i went back to re-read the comments rick perry made about donald trump during the campaign. at one moment, called him a cancer on conservatiatisconserv.
7:47 am
how do you? >> ted cruz was the first to do this, first to meet with president-elect trump and i think senator cruz did a good thing in showing and modelling how to do that and of course, governor romney followed, governor perry. it's important that people do this because campaigns are nasty, broodish, and long now. so it's important and as former rivals show up, so there will be a look for people in the democratic party to serve and 4,000 appointments and there's a deep bench on the republican side and the non-partisan side. you think about people like stanley mcchrystal and general maddis and allen, so democrats, former republican rivals as well as trump supporters make themselves available to the president-elect and that's a good thing. >> let me ask you because he's getting a lot of attention. president-elect trump over the weekend was praising him saying he's the real deal. this is someone who has a
7:48 am
stellar reputation in the military. do you think he's going to be the next secretary of defense, do you think he should be? >> i hope so. i think he would be an amazing choice. he would definitely elevate the spirits of everyone from chief of staff, all the way down to the person who just enlisted in the military. amazing reputation at the hoover institution now. he's completely frustrating to me, i've been trying to book him and he won't have anything to do with media but he is an incredible intellect and i think when you look for a strategist with real experience and calm commander, theater commander, all different things. general james maddis, and a lot would bring back to president-elect trump as would mitt romney and john bolton and a bunch of other of these people and a youngster as a congressman
7:49 am
from texas, will herd, nine year cia veteran. the more you find people who have been on the front lines like mike pompeo, the better off your administration will be. >> if anyone can book him, you have, hugh. i have complete faith you'll get him. over to president-elect trump's business dealings. as you know, there have been some questions raised. he met with three executives who work at his trump properties in india and also had his daughter sit in on a meeting with the prime minister of japan. the trump team said, hey, look. we are taking a hard look at this. we are going to deal with this. ultimately, there's not going to be any blurred lines, but i wonder if you think that they should put these questions to rest already, by the transition so they wouldn't be hovering over it as they are right now. >> no, i don't think so, kristen. i'm a veteran of the white house council office and worked for dick houser in the reagan years.
7:50 am
when anyone enters government and president-elect trump was very sort of superstitious in not confronting issues until you have to deal with it. trump turnberry and doesn't think it will be a con tliflict interest. a jones day partner in washington, dc. i know of his reputation like fred fieldings, brilliant and these are complicated issues. the president-elect is not subject to the ethics laws. i think you had governor on earlier talking about this but he doesn't want his business partners or children enmeshed in the conflict of interest laws which would apply to everyone doing business with the government so i think mr. mcgan or whoever serves as white house council has a huge but not the 6
7:51 am
hours most in the media gave them. >> before i let you go, we saw another tweet storm over the weekend. mr. trump going after "snl" for mocking him and also "hamilton" because some of the cast members sending a message to vice president-elect michael pence. is it time for him to put away the twitter? it doesn't seem like he'll give it up altogether but does it undercut his seriousness at this moment? >> you know, kristen, i'm of two minds. on the one hand, it's easy if he does and two, i love twitter and i was tweeting out bad reviews of billy lin's, and it's fun, it's a hobby. as a president, you've got to be careful about moving markets and destroying reputations but as a hobby, something that's fun, a means of engagement, i'm not ready to say that the social media era ought to exclude the president. i think he has to think through it and if he's right, it's the
7:52 am
thing when he talked to "60 minutes," it is thing. he talks to millions of people and it's repeated. ronald reagan and mike devised a way to dominate tv. i think he'll dominate social media. >> great to talk to you. thank you so much. >> thanks, kristen. fridgid temperatures, icy roads. first major storm blankets the northeast, busiest travel week of the year. we'll show you where the snow is piling up. that's next. d telling ingredients to showing where they come from. beyond assuming the source is safe... to knowing it is. beyond asking for trust... to earning it. because, honestly, our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food.
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he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
7:55 am
our first big winter storm of the season clobbering parts of the northeast. blinding snow crippling traffic in some areas as we kick off one of the busiest travel weeks of the entire year. blake mccoy from syracuse. absolutely treacherous out there. how is it? >> reporter: a lot of snow coming down. it's been snowing since yesterday afternoon, so we're
7:56 am
going on almost 24 hours of snow so far and it looks like there's about a foot here. if i walk over here, get an idea of just how deep this is, i mean, we're looking at mid calf here for the snow and making driving difficult in this part of the country right now. you mentioned it's the start of the busy thanksgiving travel week. airports up here, keep an eye on any potential delays to slow things down but right now, big story on the roads. we see a lot of slideoffs, jackknifed semitrucks that shut off highways and people urged to stay home and school cancelled and snowing throughout the rest of the day here. kristen? >> blake, go get into that truck and warm up for a few minutes. thank you for the reporting. appreciate it. just moments away from the san antonio police news conference on the hunt for a suspect in the fatal lis shopol shooting. we'll bring that to you live. stay with us. extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered
7:57 am
with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you.
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7:59 am
that wraps up this hour.
8:00 am
tamron hall has more news. hey there, tamron. the trump transition. the potential conflict interest. 21 meetings this weekend and more to come today as the president-elect fills out his cabinet but he's facing some very serious questions today about ethics. i'll speak with george w. bush's former chief ethics lawyer about why that he thinks trump will violate the constitution on day one with his business dealings and meanwhile, incoming chief of staff reince priebus addresses other ethical and policy concerns like the proposed muslim ban. >> i'm not going to rule out anything, but i wouldn't, we're not going to have a registry based on a religion. there are some people that have to be prevented from coming into this country. >> and developing now, a texas manhunt under way. police are searching for a suspect in the fatal shooting of a san antonio officer ambush during


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