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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  November 21, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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the potential conflict interest. 21 meetings this weekend and more to come today as the president-elect fills out his cabinet but he's facing some very serious questions today about ethics. i'll speak with george w. bush's former chief ethics lawyer about why that he thinks trump will violate the constitution on day one with his business dealings and meanwhile, incoming chief of staff reince priebus addresses other ethical and policy concerns like the proposed muslim ban. >> i'm not going to rule out anything, but i wouldn't, we're not going to have a registry based on a religion. there are some people that have to be prevented from coming into this country. >> and developing now, a texas manhunt under way. police are searching for a suspect in the fatal shooting of a san antonio officer ambush during a traffic stop. officials say the suspect is extremely dangerous and a threat to the public. we are waiting for a press
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conference in san antonio set to start any minute from now and bring that to you immediately and let's go to politics as we wait for the update at san antonio, texas. i'm tamron hall coming to you live from our msnbc headquarters in new york. waiting for the press conference but let's talk about what's happening in the political front at this hour. as president-elect donald trump holds more meetings today, his campaign manager, kellyanne conway, said could be more appointments. gaber who supported bernie sanders and even nominated sanders at the democratic convention and the president-elect is also scheduled to meet with former texas governor rick perry after dropping out of the gop primary race and perry endorsed ted cruz and was one of the president elect's harshest critics during the primaries. >> he offers a barking carnival act that can best be described as trumpism. >> i want a president of the united states that brings out
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the best in us. >> perry did not, or i should say, did endorse trump back in may and now speculation swirling that the former governor is considered for a cabinet role including secretary of defense. all of this follows the flurry of meetings over the weekend as the president-elect golf resort in bedminister, new jersey, nine on saturday including a high profile talk with mitt romney and james "mad dog" maddox and then business from his former hollywood agent, ari manuel and rudy giuliani and chris christie who recently replaced or was replaced by the vice president-elect mike pence on the transition team as chairman. >> and other things. and other things.
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>> your administration? >> very talented man. great guy. thank you. >> chris christie? >> many qualities. including. >> joining me here in the studio, katy tur has been covering the campaign since day one and nbc news kristen welker. for perspective, how different is what we saw the last 48 hours than what traditionally happens including answers shouted at him. >> it has a reality tv feel because all the candidates are essentially walking in front of the camera, shaking hands with president-elect donald trump in front of the cameras. usually, tamron, this process goes on behind closed doors. remember when president obama, then senator obama announced this, and then senator clinton was his top candidate for secretary of state, remember the shock in that? in this case, we have all the prospective candidates paraded in front of the camera.
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from a press perspective, et all it allows us to get a real sense of the people he's considering for the job but much like the trump campaign itself, it's a break from transition and by the way, tamron, a bit of breaking news. we learn that he's going to be releasing a video later on today which includes some of the top legislative and policy priorities on things like trade, the economy, bringing back jobs to the coal sector. and we'll be hearing from him today. >> katy, is that to deal with the fact there's not been that traditional press conference from a president-elect? people have been saying, when is he going to show up and answer some of the early questions, is that to kind of buy some time? >> you know, they have shown indications of late they're going to try to circumvent the press as much as they can. there's a few instances they try and did not succeed during the campaign just to give a presidential style announcement to the country just a single camera that would go out on the
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networks without the press gathered and the editorials presence. that's happened a kfew times an then can't deliver a message unless you are the president and you're sitting in the oval office. traditionally, there is a press conference that comes alongside of this and he is sort of answering questions on the steps of the golf course and see how awkward it was with chris christie right there but this is certainly an indication that druch donald trump is going to try to do things his own way and used twitter in that sense and try to get out his message without the filter of the press. that way donald trump can say what he wants to say. sometimes, spin the truth in his favor. >> it's like we're getting a little bit of trump tv. the prediction if he lost was to start his own network. he is in a sense starting his own line of communication avoiding the media. >> and there was a question of
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whether trump tv was really for if he lost or for if he won, frankly, and his ability to get out what he would think is his message. you see that with breitbart, pushing along donald trump's strategy, his platforms, pushing back against his critics, they've got this facebook tv thing they've been doing. so this could be the start of them trying to understood cut and diminish the american free press which is a problem. >> two big questions here. this tulcy gaber, an ally of bernie sanders, an independent thinker. what do we know about this meeting? >> what's interesting about this is that you have some democrats saying, is there common ground we can find with him? >> i'm sorry, we're going to take our audience to san antonio, texas. there's a manhunt going on right now for an individual, police say shot ambush style shot and attacked an officer with a
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traffic citation. let's listen in. >> the suspect is described as a black male in his 20s and thin build, 5'8" to 5'10" with a goatee. the vehicle is a 2009 to 2012 black mitsubishi gallant with rims and could compromise the murderer of the arrested. and forgive me if i can't release the information and let it drop right there. we continue to ask our partners in the public for their assistance in identifying the suspect. if you have any information, please call police at 9-1-1 or crime stoppers at 224-stop. our state and federal law enforcement partners are working
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with us to aggressively investigate this case and we will continue that without stop, without fail until this suspect is in custody. and again, we consider this suspect extremely dangerous both to the police and to the public. so if you see him, see this car out there, or see the individual that you believe matches the description of the person of the video, please call us. don't approach him on your own. and any questions that you may have. we question a number of people. he was one of them. >> who are you talking about? >> the surveillance photo of this man. >> i don't know why he was in headquarters. we have some ideas why he believe he may have been in headquarters but we're not quite sure. there's several motives we're looking at. >> in the video, he leaned down and said something over the
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intercom and do you know what he said? >> i don't know but i'll not reveal that right now and the investigation but i'll not put out too many details on that. >> you find out what happens to the originals. >> the original driver was questioned by our homicide detectives. >> you said you. >> what area? we are listen -- we have been listening in to the news conference out of san antonio. i apologize for our technical difficulty here. this individual that authorities are looking for that they describe as a person of interest listed the description here. this incident happening over the weekend, the slain officer identified as police detective benjamin markony, a 20 year
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veteran of the force. a manhunt is under way in texas. after this incident on sunday when the officer was shot and killed during what's been described as a routine traffic stop. the shooting unfolded when the suspect pulled his car behind the parked police cruiser and got out, according to authorities, walked to the patrol car and shot the detective in the head through the window as he was writing a ticket. we'll continue to follow the latest developments of this situation and bring it to you as soon as we get more of an update. again, we apologize for the technical difficulty we experienced there with a bad live shot and just simply got worse there. let's go back to politics. for more on the security outside of trump tower and how much it's costing taxpayers. let's go to msnbc's cal perry in mid-town. we heard melania tru and her son barron will remain at least to the school here. so in addition to the protest, even the macy's day parade and general tourist traffic around
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there, people expect gridlock but also a price tag that could surprise some taxpayers. >> reporter: yeah. and all during the holiday season, i mean, it's easy for new yorkers when you hear mayor de blasio say avoid mid-town but if you're one of the thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of tourists who come here for the thanksgiving day parade, one thing you want to do is cold dome down fifth avenue o shopping. they do most of their business this year and likely go back to h homeland security for most and 12 hour shifts for the new york city police departments and quite a bit of overtime and that's going to be something that the city is going to have to pay for at least in the short-term. certainly in the long-term, they'll go back to try to get some money and sort of figuring out where the first family is going to be. we do understand that the president-elect will stay here until early summer and for the president-elect himself has said he'll move to the white house
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but also expressed a desire to spend -- >> i apologize. we're clearly having a series of technical issues here because now we've had some audio issues with cal perry. again, we apologize for the technical difficulty but moving on, president-elect trump promised to implement a database to attract muslims in the country but trump declined to answer questions about it. incoming chief of staff reince priebus on "meet the press" and said the team is not planning to create a muslim registry. >> i'm not going to rule out anything, but i wouldn't, we're not going to have a registry based on a religion but what i think we're trying to do is say that there are some people,
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certainly not all people, chuck, there are some people that are radicalized and there are some people that have to be prevented from coming into this country. >> join meganing me now, former secretary of state and member of the obama transition team and retired air force colonel. thank you so much for joining me sir. how do you process what reince priebus is explaining? a no fly list or increasing it or does it sound different than what's in place right now to keep known terrorists out of the country or do you believe he's talking about something more? >> well, we'll find out. i mean, obviously, there's an evolution here. there are many thing that mr. trump said on the campaign trail that are either bad policy or impractical. he can improve border security but can't make mexico pay for a wall and he talked about a ban and then talked about extreme vetting. obviously, anyone coming to the united states, particularly
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from, you know, the more dangerous and conflict parts of the world are vetted through our security and our intelligence agencies so that's already being done. but as both president bush said and president obama said, we've got to avoid actions that feed into the islamic state narrative or the al qaeda narrative of intractable war between the united states and the west and the islamic world and certainly were he to attempt a sort of ban, it would be doing the islamic state a favor, actually. >> as i mentioned, you were a member of the obama transition team and headlines last week that the trump team was in disarray and when you look at the day count, he is within range of what we've seen in the past. but it is some of the names that have popped up, certainly that i think are getting a few more eyebrows raised than in others. rudy giuliani and john bolton stuck out to you. what's your assessment as they are clearly battling out for
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some spots? >> obviously, from a national security standpoint, perhaps halfway through the process. we obviously have a national security advisor and a cia director, key pieces will be who is the secretary of state and the secretary of defense and then what kind of a cohesive team will they form? will they both provide the president the information that he needs to know or needs to get to make informed decisions? but particularly, talking about the national security advisor, he or she is normally the last person who talks to the president before he makes a critical decision and will that person provide information that the president needs to know whether he wants to hear that or not. so depending on how he forms the rest of his team, will thate a team that lends itself to a process? we don't know yet. >> going back just to this idea of having a muslim registry, you heard again, reince priebus
8:16 am
saying there will not be a registry but you have chris who could be secretary of state quoted with reuters last week saying the new administration may create a muslim registry based on the system created after the september 11 attacks. the range of messaging whether it's on this muslim registry or whether it's this president-elect plans to go ahead with his deportation plan that is still unclear of what it is, your experience, what does that tell you? if it's not disarray, why can't they have a coordinated at least talking point on this? something as simple as, we'll hear from the president-elect. >> there's always going to be evolution. you know, there's a difference between governing than campaigning, so there will need to be an evolutionary process and the transition is part of that, adapting from campaigning
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and in this particular case, you had a campaign at least from the national security messaging that was far more on impulse than a formed view of the world, and the question is, does the administration begin to evolve? president-elect trumhas said some things that appear to be moving this that direction, but obviously, we have a wait and see, not only who he forms the completion of his team but then obviously what he decides to do in terms of changing the messaging, changing the strategy in terms of how to approach the rest of the world. >> quickly here, general james maddis, a contender for secretary of defense. if selected, would have the law to require to have been out of uniform for at least seven years. he retired from the marines in 2013. this would be yet another first or yet another different route
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for this president-elect. is it worth it? >> i know general maddus personally and i'm a great admirer of general maddus. these are guys, general flynn as well, a skilled tactical intelligence officer and need to make the leap from just the role of intelligence to the role of operations to a world that has policy substance and politics. get both of those right to advance american interest around the world. and i certainly think that joe maddus has tremendous experience and knowledge of the world and a realistic figure and i think the realism would be something of value inside a trump national security team. >> p.j. crowley, thank you so much for your time. we greatly appreciate it, thank you. more than 100 of the companies have done business overseas and just friday, quite a few diplomats visited the president-elect's newest hotel
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in washington, dc. some even won overnight stays at trump properties. i'll talk with the chief ethics lawyer for president george w. bush and a new report as the search for the suspect continues. we'll be right back. see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive.
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we follow the breaking news out of texas. the ambush style shoots death of a san antonio police officer. jacob rascon joins us now from san antonio. he was inside the news conference where police updated the latest information. what can you tell us? >> reporter: what they did was release a couple of videos showing the eaperson they now cl a person of interest a suspect
8:23 am
d you can see this person walking inside of police headquarters and wasn't released until now. 7:45 yesterday morning so several hours before the shooting happened. the person walks inside. he's in there only 20 seconds or so and asked the clerk a question, and the clerk said they would help him out and he said, never mind and he left and then several hours later, what happened was just outside police headquarters and feet away from where i am and this person apparently parked behind detective marconi's car and walked out of the car and shot him twice and took off. this morning, 24 hours later almost, police, the fbi, u.s. marshals, texas rangers and others searching for this person and only describe him as you see in the video as a black male, 20s or 30s, thin, and think he has a tattoo perhaps on his left arm. and also some facial hair and asking anybody with any
8:24 am
information about this person to please call them and there are a couple of rewards now. $10,000 reward from san antonio crime stoppers and now a $15,000 reward from the governor's office for a total of $25,000 cash for information that leads to the arrest of this person and finally, during the press conference, reemphasized, they believe this person is targeting police officers and dangerous to officers and to the public. tamron? >> did we learn more about the officer that was slain? >> reporter: no, we didn't. though we did talk to the police chief yesterday and he simply explained for 20 years, he was with the department and gone from officer to detective. he worked mostly in a special unit dealing with sex crimes and was a well regarded member of the team as you usually hear when you hear about these officers. so tragically somebody very well respected within the team and leaves behind family, he had
8:25 am
children, he had grandchildren. will be sorely missed. this is a department in mourning. >> jacob rascon live in san antonio, texas. up next, a real estate mogul is thousand the president-elect. i'll speak with george w. bush's tomorrow abo tomorrow, former chief ethics lawyer.
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welcome back. we have developing news to report. former massachusetts senator scott brown just left a meeting with president-elect trump at trump tower in new york. brown is in the running report for u.s. secretary veterans affairs and what the former senator said just a few minutes ago. >> it was a great meeting with the president-elect. he's focused. one meeting after another, after another. we obviously spoke about my passion and his passion, veterans and veterans issues
8:29 am
and, you know, obviously, it's, i think, the toughest job in the cabinet to lead the v.a. and while so many angels working there, so many great problems as well. and he's obviously going to take my application or interest under consideration and i'm glad he called. and he's going to obviously meet other folks and we should know i think probably after thanksgiving. >> new questions this morning about president-elect donald trump's businesses and whether they present a conflict of interest. "the washington post" reports foreign diplomats could hope to curry favor with trump by staying in his dc hotel. a sales pitch event held specifically for diplomats last week, one attende said much of the discussion was over, quote, how are we going to build ties with the new administration? and an interview with progress, richard painter, chief ethics counsel to george w. bush, it looks like it violates the
8:30 am
constitution and richard joining us to talk about what he wrote. thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. >> you've got this quote from an asian diplomat at this event in the washington, dc trump hotel saying why wouldn't i stay in this hotel blocks from the white house to tell the new president i love your new hotel? isn't it rude to come to a city and say, i'm not staying there? a competitor. >> this is one of them. many ways in which foreign government money is going to get into the trump business empire if president trump chooses to retain ownership of these hotels and many properties around the globe. whether it's going to be foreign diplomat competing for the most expensive suites in his hotel or the bank loan that's outstanding from the bank of china and how that's worked out or deals with wealth funds. this is a big problem. and then also the problem of protecting properties abroad.
8:31 am
he has properties all over the world in some countries with terrorist threats and who's going to pay for all that? we saw the enormous expense of protecting trump tower in new york city. who's going to deal with that in other countries? is that going to be at the expense of the united states government? probably the foreign governments will have to pay for that too and this is a serious national security threat to have the president have personal properties all over the globe and this is something i think you ought to seriously consider, whether he's doing the right thing by holding on to business empire wihile serving as president of the united states and take the billions of dollars and put it in a blind rust atru go about the business of being an effective president. >> we see this president-elect has shown no interest in what you just proposed as an option for him. his daughter was in a meeting
8:32 am
with japan's prime minister. she's supposed to head the company in this blind trust that we've yet to see and outline more specifics on but the bottom line is you look at according to "the washington post" analysis, some 111 trump companies that have done business in 18 countries and territories across the globe. this goes into some of the criticism, pay for play, that donald trump alleged to what the clinton foundation and we're not even scratching the surface of just trump tower alone and reports of chine bank investments in that building and he is talking about negotiating or perhaps some trade issues with china, so what happens after the inauguration? what are we looking at here? >> well, i think he has to sell the business empire here and he could raise billions of dollars in cash through a public offering and if he doesn't, we'll hear about this story for the next four years and efforts
8:33 am
by foreign governments to put money into the trump business empire and that is, as i've said, repeatedly a serious problem under the emolument clause of the constitution and the trump globe from terrorist attacks and all i'm hearing is ridiculous ideas like this so-called muslim registry which is unconstitutional and we're going to have a christian registry i have to sign up for and jewish registry. we don't do that in the united states. we do practical things like not have a president of the united states own vulnerable properties all over the world and then be dependent on foreign governments for their protection. >> let's go back to what happened this past week and the "the new york times" reporting details of a meeting that happened last week between donald trump and three indian business partners who are building a trump brand and luxury hotel in mumbai and
8:34 am
simply a two minute congr congratulatory conversation but possibly doing more real estate deals in the future. what do you believe congress needs to do at this point or be looking at? >> i think the first thing to realize is that all this rhetoric about retreating from globalization is an enormous hoax. mr. trump himself has made a lot of money off deals all over the world and in india, many other countries. and so there's a complete disjuncture between what he's saying to the american people and now he has a job to do and needs to do it free of conflict of interest and congress needs to pressure him to sell off his business holdings, put the proceeds in a blind trust so he can be an effective president. >> thank you very much, great pleasure having you on with your
8:35 am
insight. thank you. next up, there have been more than 700 reported hate crimes since election day. that number according to the southern povrerty law center an a special unit to investigate crimes in this state. we'll have the latest on concerns following this election and crimes against citizens. we'll have more after the break. . yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. new york city mayor bill de blasio is holding a rally on the recent spike in hate crimes after governor cuomo announced a special unit within the new york state police to investigate these series of crimes as reported by the new york police department and a new report from the southern poverty law center said that they've seen a report of 701 incidents of hate in the u.s. since the election. postelection hate crimes are not
8:39 am
unusual. southern poverty law said hundreds after president obama was elected to the white house and joining me now, msnbc contributor, jonathan, i didn't remember i was talking about barack obama, whether his life was in danger to put the hate from the groups directed at him, at african-americans. so to make the point, it's not unusual to have this kind of hate after an election for black president and according to polling, the most disliked president in modern times now. >> this is not unusual and i believe local communities will respond well in the way they did after the hate crimes against president obama. you're going to see people coming together. you've already seen it. people coming together to protect ose who have been the target of these hate crimes. so i'm not so worried about that, tamron. there will be an increase over the next tour years. the real problem is that the people connected to this climate of hate now have a direct
8:40 am
contact at the highest levels. they held a neonazi convention by richard spencer, of the alt right. everybody is becoming familiar with that term. now steve bannon, president-elect's chief strategist, by his own words said that breitbart, his web site, is quote, a platform for the alt right. so he has admitted that he has given aid and comfort and support to these merchants of the most vicious kind of hate and that must be confronted. he's part of a facebook group called vigilant patriot which is an alt right white nationalist facebook group. so when he says, i'm just a thashl i nationalist, not a white nationalist, but he's not telling the truth about this. so the press can't let this drop
8:41 am
about bannon. that's the hate story right now. >> thank you, we've run out of time but i know we want to talk more with you tomorrow perhaps about these conflicts of interest that could be facing the president-elect very soon and with the constitution. >> with the emolument clause. it's right there in the constitution and trump's business holdings are in flat violation of the constitution and congress can as a law saying he's allowed to do that but until they do, once he becomes president, he will be in flat violation of the constitution. >> thank you very much. we'll talk more about that, of course. up next, turn to the weather because it is going to impact millions of people. northeast is embracing for a holiday storm and causing situations. latest from up state new york and how it could affect travel plans. more travel headaches out of chicago. workers at o'hare international
8:42 am
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welcome back. the first major storm of the season now blanketing parts of the east coast. that tops our look inside the news nation today. making its way from new england all the way down to virginia, potentially ruining travel plans for the upcoming holiday weekend. nbc's blake mccoy is live for us in syracuse, new york. my goodness. already there, blake. >> reporter: it's been like this for 24 hours, tamron, if you can believe it. snow packing quite a punch. this first major snowfall of the season. here in syracuse, fonew york, almost a foot of snow. mid calf at this point and the snow is expected to continue into the night. for people who live here in syracuse, this first snowstorm
8:46 am
has been quite a jolt. listen. >> two days ago, it was like 70 outside and then started drizzling yesterday and i'm like, it's not going to stick and we woke up with all this. i'm like, whoa. >> reporter: they expect up to 20 inches of snow in some areas and school cancelled and a close eye kept on travel because as people start the thanksgiving holiday week, airports are looking for potential delays. actually the the momost delays laguardia and windy with the storm system and see the most delays at this point and the roads are going to be the biggest concern because after this snow is finished tonight, there's going to be a lot of snow on the road and it is going to get warm enough to start melting during the day and refreezing overnight so we could see potentially several days of travel problems as a result of this storm. tamron? >> makblake, thank you very muc. other headlines for you. the pope granted all roman
8:47 am
catholic priests to forgive the sin of abortion only reserved for only bishops but in his annual year end letter released today, emphasized it's a grave sin and put end to an innocent life, there's no sin that can't be forgiven with repentance. o'hare airport, going on strike next tuesday after the thanksgiving travel rush. most of the workers handle the airports baggage, cleaning, maintenance. they seek union rights at $15 per hour wages and a violent clash between police and protesters after the dakota access pipelines and reportedly used aerogas and wat, tear gas water used to put fires set by
8:48 am
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president obama is back at the white house today landing overnight after his last trip abroad as president after his last international press conference where he said he is prepared to criticize president-elect trump after he leaves office. >> if there are issues that have less to do with the specifics of some legislative proposal or battle but go to core questions about our values and our ideals and if i think that it's necessary or helpful for me to defend those ideals then i'll examine it when it comes. >> nbc's hans nichols is
8:52 am
following the story for us at the white house. president obama also met with president putin. their photograph, the exchange certainly made headlines. what are the takeaways? >> i'm glad you called it an exchange between president obama and not a meeting. four minutes hardly qualifies as a meeting. there was a short conversation. they mentioned ukraine, talked about syria. at least president obama pressed mr. putin to return to the negotiating table. in some ways talking to administration officials at the white house they say there is not much to say. the last conversation face to face, 90 minutes, president obama coming out of the china meeting described it as constructive but inconclusive. he said this was a matter of courtesy and it was also candid. when you hear diplomats talk about a candid meeting that usually means it was tense. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it.
8:53 am
we are back with the daily briefing on politics. we'll have -- we have not heard much from hillary clinton post election. senator bernie sanders continues to speak loudly about his opinions on the senate and the future of the democratic party. joining me now, nbc news senior political editor mark murray. i don't think anybody expected to hear a lot from secretary clinton. we heard her speak and accept the award graciously last week. this bernie mafia you guys write about, is that the headline we'll see especially after january? >> this was a piece by my colleague. alex writes how bernie sanders has been strong after the election. i do think this dnc chair race is still one of the earliest battles for the heart and soul of the democratic party after the defeat in the november general election. what bernie sanders and his
8:54 am
group ends up representing is more idealism versus some of the pragmatism in the obama years. this give and take in the democratic party with the democratic party should end up being how bernie sanders is and might play in places like north carolina, virginia, colorado, and including the industrial midwest will be fascinating to. with a. of course the dnc chair race, who wins out will be fascinating. >> just quickly, mark, speaking of senator sanders, one of his allies planning to meet with donald trump today. democratic member of congress. what if any insight does it give into the process and where the trump team is. >> this was a very strong supporter of bernie sanders during the primary season. spoke on bernie sanders behalf at the democratic convention. she's a congresswoman from hawaii. she's a continued critic of
8:55 am
obama 57bd his administration. it will be interesting to see not only what kind of role if any she would have in the trump administration but how the sanders' rank and file views her going to chat with donald trump at trump tower. >> we'll see you tomorrow. we'll be right back. all finished.
8:56 am
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(vo) your love is purely thoughtful, purely natural, purely fancy feast. delicious entrées, crafted to the last detail. flaked tuna, white-meat chicken, never any by-products or fillers. purely natural tastes purely fancy feast. breaking news to report to you. oklahoma governor mary fallon came out of her meeting with president-elect donald trump. here's what she said. >> we discussed a wide range of issues and his plan and agenda for america and how i might be able to help. it was a wonderful discussion. really enjoyed it. excited about the administration and all the wonderful things that will be done for america. it was an initial meeting to discuss a wide range of topics. >> there you have it. another meeting, a wide range of topics. thank you very much for watching this hour of msnbc. i'm tamron hall. i will be back tomorrow as we
8:59 am
turn it over to "andrea mitchell reports." >> thank you, tamron. now on "andrea mitchell reports" cabinet parade. after a whirlwind weekend of meetings tweeting and a revolving show case of contenders at the new jersey golf resort, donald trump closing in onis next picks for top cabinet posts. >> well, we made a couple of deals. we'll let you know soon. fantastic day. i think we have some really incredible people going to be working for the country. >> trump inc. facing unprecedented conflicts of interest. can the president-elect untangle foreign financial ties from the administration? >> we are going to make sure no matter what decisions are made they will be run through counsel. there is a white house counsel office that will be there issuing opinions and the matters will be dealt with. >> and keep calm and carry on on his last day of the final foreign trip.
9:00 am
president obama trying to reassure allies home and abroad. >> i want to be respectful of the office and give the president-elect an opportunity to put forward his platform and arguments without somebody popping off in every instance. >> good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. after weekend meetings at his golf resort donald trump is back in trump tower for more talks with potential cabinet members including texas governor rick perry who once called donald trump's candidacy a cancer on conservativ


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