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tv   MSNBC Live With Andrea Mitchell  MSNBC  November 21, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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will be dealt with. >> and keep calm and carry on on his last day of the final foreign trip. president obama trying to reassure allies home and abroad. >> i want to be respectful of the office and give the president-elect an opportunity to put forward his platform and arguments without somebody popping off in every instance. >> good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. after weekend meetings at his golf resort donald trump is back in trump tower for more talks with potential cabinet members including texas governor rick perry who once called donald trump's candidacy a cancer on
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conservativis conservativism. former massachusetts governor scott brown saying he met with trump about becoming the secretary of veteran affairs. >> i'm not competing with anybody. i'm the best person. there are tremendous people out there. i don't look at it as a competition. anyone who takes the job, the toughest job in the cabinet because it has so many problems and it is so visible. people's lives are depending on whether you do it right or wrong. i think as the president-elect said it's heiss highest priority. the veterans came out strongly for him. >> so far trump himself has only teased his next moves responding to shouted questions from the press. tweeting about a front-runner for secretary of defense. joining me now kristen welker and senior political editor mark murray. thank you very much to you both. you are there in new york where
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this is all happening. of course in new jersey over the weekend. this is an extraordinary process, different from anything we have seen. >> it is. it is unfolding in front of the cameras. we are used to the transition processes behind closed doors and a nugget leaks out. president-elect trump is parading potential candidates in front of the cameras. reporters shouting questions, in some cases full interviews. tulsey gabord is floated as a potential u.n. ambassador. rick perry is such a rival, regarded as one of president-elect trump's former rivals who spoke about him in some of the sharpest terms.
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he's looked at for everything from v.a. to secretary of defense. and mary fallon of oklahoma. she's someone whose name is being floated. obviously someone who has a lot of support. someone who could potentially be under consideration for secretary of the interior. mitt romney made big headlines, also a former rival. his name floated for a very serious contender for potentially secretary of state. what's interesting is we are seeing the president-elect start to consider some of the rivals. the question is how seriously. as of now he's picked a number of allies, loyalists. will he pick a rival, reach across the aisle to pick a democrat like tulsi gabbard? that remains to be seen. >> just to follow up, if mitt romney were secretary of state, not being part of the inner
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circle one could infer especially with the choices already in the defense and national security field that he might be an outlier, he may not have the president's ear. that would be something he would have to consider seriously before going in. >> i think that's right. of course you have the national security adviser, michael flynn, someone who is going to have the president's ear, and who is the lightning rod for a host of reasons. a number of controversial comments made about muslims. there is a question mark around that. you're right. there is a lot of support among republicans for picking someone like mitt romney. they feel he would be a real counter point to flynn or to a steve bannon who is, of course, going to be the chief strategist there in the west wing. they see mitt romney as someone who would have more bipartisan support, who would do a better job of, you know, reaching across the aisle.
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and making compromises if and where necessary and, again, just in terms of the broader picture of the cabinet coming together. someone who would bring balance. >> speaking of balance, mark murray, let's talk about balancing business interests and his presidency. this is something we have never seen before. we have never had a businessman who is still going to keep his business within the family. there is no such thing as a blind trust if the kid sz are running the business. he's not required to, but it's highly unusual. the big controversy is over his having met with indian business executives this week without any notification to the press and also this report that diplomats were invited by the trump organization to the new trump hotel. it was very unsubtly pushed on them that foreign leaders and other diplomats should stay at
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the trump hotel in washington. >> it was reported there are diplomats now staying at the trump d.c. hotel as a way to say, i'm in good with your administration. the washington post reported during the campaign in august of 2015 donald trump opened some business entities in saudi arabia. given the attacks on the clinton foundation during the general election alleging there was pay for play, improper conflicts of interest when hillary clinton was secretary of state or a potential presidential candidate. donald trump still has his business and down the stretch of the 2016 campaign the clinton team had plans of what to do with the clinton foundation. we still don't have word from trump, campaign officials or anyone on what they will do with his business interests. this is a big story. >> mike pence or reince priebus
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said they are working on it. >> not to the level as the clinton foundation if she had won. >> you have a president-elect over the weekend issuing a twitter storm about what happened at "hamilton." kristen, mike pence, his daughter and the cousins, nieces and nephews, whatever, go to "hamilton." there were boos from the audience and then the actor who portrayed aaron burr at the end giving a lecture to the vice president-elect saying please preserve the diversity and our rights. from the stage. after the curtain call. donald trump taking offense at that saying the theater must be a safe and special place. the cast of "hamilton" was very rude last night to a very good
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man. apologize. then to say the cast and producers of hamilton which i hear is highly over rated should immediately apologize for their terrible behavior. there were tweets from the president-elect about alec baldwin and "snl." why do that? what everyone thinks of the hamilton issue and mike pence said he had no problem with it. let others judge. recommends people see it. that it was a wonderful performance. why get on twitter and take to twitter to go after the broadway production? >> first of all, you have some people speculating he was trying to distract from the settlement with trump university. this is what we saw from president-elect trump when he was a cancandidate. down to the final weeks of the campaign some of the top advisers were successful at convincing him not to take to twitter every time he had a grievance to air. he's clearly back in charge, turning back to that medium.
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he's said during the "60 minutes," look, this is one of the modes of communication now and i'm going to use it. it's a little bit of a preview of what we can anticipate over the next four years. he doesn't seem to be giving up this form of communication. some people say it undercuts his seriousness, his image as he assumes the presidency. he clearly sees it in a different way. what i found striking about what you mentioned in terms of what unravelled at "hamilton," this is a divided country and president trump has a big job to unify the country which he said he's serious about. >> thank you both so much. joining me now a top democrat on the senate foreign relations committee. going to work closely with donald trump's picks for secretary of state in particular and also defense and national
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security. let me give you two choices that are reportedly front-runners, you have rudy giuliani and mitt romney. first of all, rudy giuliani. how would the confirmation hearing go? what issues might you have if any? >> i won't comment on a specific person. you have mentioned two different people in the two you mentioned. i just hope president trump will select for his cabinet people who are well qualified, well respected in their fields. you can make a judgment as to the two mentioned about how they would meet the qualification. >> i would infer one of them, although a mayor, never had foreign policy experience but has a lot of foreign clients and represented a number of governments and official governmentings as and energy
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operations. the other is someone who's done business around the world. mitt romney. >> we believe trump -- that would require us to meet. i hope he would select people who are just well qualified. have a lot of people out there with great foreign policy experience. the international community and diplomacy necessary to conduct foreign policy. i hope he'll select one of those individuals. >> at the same time, general maddus is considered for secretary of defense. i know you are not voting for
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him but he's generally very well regarded. >> again, i would want the confirmation process to go forward. we are obviously concerned. some of the people he's nominated that are not going to be concerned, the commitment to american values. i have expressed myself already on that. these are not confirmed by the senate. secretary of defense, secretary of state will have opportunities during the confirmation process. >> just a hypothetical. do you have a problem with someone who's been military within three years so needs a waiver to become the sieve yap head of the pentagon? >> everything else being equal i would rather have the requirement complied with. it does give the type of credibility to is secretary of defen defense. it's the type of person we'd like to see as secretary of
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defense. >> let me ask about mike flynn. he's not someone who would be confirmed. he is controversial. >> i have expressed myself. he will not be confirmed. to me he has done so much that's credible. that's not the type of person i would like to have giving national security advice. >> there are those who are partly responsible for the muslim register. how will democrats now in the minority, even a smaller minority than before. how will democrats have anything to say about the policies. >> clearly when it comes time for political action we'll be open about the concerns if the president chooses a course that
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doesn't reflect the values. we hope you will work with us. if he tries to implement or comes with legislation that's very much against the values which america stander for, verse ti is the strength. this is a nation that's been built by people willing to come to the country. we'll work aggressively to point it out use every tool at our disposal as well as when we think the president is denver vieting from the interests of the country. >> alternative right conservatives to celebrate. it was scheduled for a saturday in d.c. turned into a victory celebration. there were shots of "heil."
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this has been reported. nobody denied that several audience membered outstretched their arms in a nazi salute when mr. spencer or perhaps someone near him, it was not clear who shouted "heil the people, heil the victory," the people shouted it back. should officials speak out on supporters with whom they disagree including david duke? >> to me the president-elect, the president of the united states need to speak out when we see values against the united states of america. it's happening all over the country. people feel it is free to express their comments. the president-elect needs to speak out now. it is critically important.
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i think the democrats and republicans in the united states congress will be vocal. and work together. donald trump has to make it clear he won't tolerate that type of behavior. so far we haven't heard that. >> without any announcement it was only reported by the press in new delhi or mumbai that he met with indian business people only last week. he had his daughter and son-in-law in on the meeting with the indian prime minister. people reached out to diplomats letting them know it would be viewed favorably if they stayed at the trump hotel. what does he need to do to prove he's separating his business interests since he's not going to follow the advice of the "wall street journal" and liquidate it, what should he do
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to separate the business interests from the presidency and prevent conflicts of interest. >> i think he only had two choices in compliance with the constitutional requirements. he either has to divest, sell assets or put it in a blind trust. otherwise he's financially benefitting when other countries' diplomats stay in his hotel, when trump is negotiating. there will always be the concern that he got a particular break and that's an illegal gift to the president of the united states. there is no way he can insulate himself from that type of vulnerability. the only thing he can do to protect the integrity of the office and comply with the constitution is use a blind trust or divest. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up, cabinet watch. what the roster says about the
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so far donald trump's picks, jeff sessions, michael flynn, mike pompeo, steve bannon and reince priebus are all white men. will he diversify the cabinet? joining me now, linda chavez from the center for equal opportunity, former senior reagan white house official. and a never trumper. >> yes. >> what do you think so far? >> some of the appointments i'm hearing of i prove of. james maddus would be great. mitt romney as secretary of state. there are troubling people as
9:22 am
well. certainly that dichotomy in the white house with steve bannon and reince priebus indicates he'll probably try to split the baby in half. >> what about the muslim ban? someone who supported that in the past has been interviewed for a potential job. >> chris is probably the person on the list i am most concerned about. >> tell us about him. >> he's secretary of state of kansas. he's closely aligned with the most radical anti-population, anti-immigration groups out there. he was actually the person who drafted the low which was struck down as uncontroversial. he was not just to end illegal immigration. he would like an end to any legal immigration that increased the net number of new immigrants coming to the united states.
9:23 am
that would be a disaster for the economy. >> you know a lot about the job force and the fact we need more people, that we have states that are actually lacking in enough people to take the jobs out there. >> if they were successful at eliminating illegal immigrants that's 6% of the u.s. labor force doing jobs that americans shun. people want to pick peaches on the western slope of colorado, work in the meat packing plants or lettuce in california. we need a way to bring workers here. we have to fix our legal immigration laws. >> what are your concerns about jeff sessions because of his hard line on immigration as someone who will oversee deportations and also the civil rights division of the justice department? >> absolutely.
9:24 am
jeff sessions is aligned with anti-immigration groups, you know, i am concerned about that. ins which used to be the immigration force, used to be in justice. now at homeland security. i think homeland security pick will be critical if it's somebody like rudy giuliani, he has had a history of being more favorable. if it's chris kobash it will be a disaster. >> thank you very much. it's greet to see you again. >> and you. >> coming up, law and order. much on what the justice department will look like led by donald trump's pick if he's confirmed senator jeff sessions. this is "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc, the place for politics. if you have medicare
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and they're the only plans of their kind endorsed by aarp. remember - these plans let you apply all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. senator jeff sessions' career has been haunted by allegations he made racist remarks in the 1980s. those allegations are
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resurfacing now that he's donald trump's choice for attorney general. vice president-elect mike pence defended sessions on sunday. >> what about the record with race, gays and women? >> well, i'm very confident that in the course of the confirmation hearings that his record in its totality will come out. this man prosecuted the kkk in his own home state. this is someone who demonstrated personal courage. you will see an outpouring of support from diverse voices including the african-american community in his home state and across the country. >> joining me now is wesley lowry, national reporter for the washington post and a member of a team awarded the pulitzer prize for coverage of police shootings and he has a book called "they can't kill us all." thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> should jeff sessions be cut a break?
9:29 am
it's been 30 years since what he allegedly said when he was attorney in alabama. >> i think his record, even beyond the allegations and some aren't allegations. he acknowledged making many of the remarks during those confirmation hearings when he wasn't appointed. >> he denied he was a racist and calling a colleague "boy". >> he did. he pushed back on those ideas. most racists deny being racists. i don't know how much stock we can put in someone insisting they are not a racist, but the conversation is about what would he look like as attorney general of the united states? we saw in 2015 comments he made supporting the confederate flag still flying in southern states, we know his stance on immigration and policing. there is a rear in communities that jeff sessions not only would be a step back from the eric holder and loretta lynch department of justice but that he would be a flashback to a
9:30 am
different era in terms of policies toward immigrants and black and brown communities. >> in fact, he did question the role of a justice department which moved in after ferguson and some of the other incidents to take over local departments and pursue the possibility of civil rights investigations in baltimore and other cases. >> that's a large concern with civil rights and police reform groups. the obama justice department under eric holder and loretta lynch used the patterns and practices investigations to aggressively refompl local police departments. it seems unlikely that with jeff sessions would pursue the same reforms and donald trump said previously he doesn't know that's what the department of justice should be doing. he's said he doesn't know local police departments should have to report data to the feds and provide information about who is being killed by the police. we are seeing the potential for a 180-degree shift. >> let me ask you what happened
9:31 am
at "hamilto"hamilton" and asked about what brandon dixon said after the curtain call to mike pence. >> vice president-elect pence we thank you for joining us here at hamilton. we, sir, are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. [ booing ] [ cheers and applause ] >> our planet, the children, our parents or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights sir. we hope this show inspired you to uphold our values and work on behalf of all of us. [ cheers and applause ] >> we have already discussed that donald trump tweeted a storm of tweets that night and the next day. this was mike pence. he took a different approach. >> when we arrived we heard a few boos and some cheers.
9:32 am
i nudged my kids and reminded them that's what freedom sounds like. i wasn't offended. i will leave to others whether that was the appropriate venue to say it. >> mike pence taking more of a philosophical point of view. what's your take away from this? >> mike sense went a different tact than donald trump. many people across the political spectrum but certainly to the center right have a visceral reaction to the disruptive protest no matter what it is. him being booed, disrupted, a highway being shut down. he talks about all the complaints that a highway was shut down. this is in the book. the mayor goes that's the inconvenience of freedom. we live in a cry where people have the right to speak up, speak out. we don't always have to be
9:33 am
completely respectful of people in power and we can apply pressure that way. it speaks to the tone they have had. donald trump has often spoken out against people oppose him. even his friends who make a comment about him in the media and he blasts them on twitter. mike pence will be seen as a more moderate force. >> big challenges if these diverse communities. and by those who didn't support donald trump, especially people of color they are in danger and feel threatened. >> a lot of people take donald trump at his word. he says he'll ban muslims. says he wants to institute nationwide stop and frisk. to black, brown people, to women wondering what happens to birth control, planned parenthood,
9:34 am
what happens in donald trump's america. right now people are worried about what might be to come. >> leslie lowry was there in ferguson and wrote "they can't kill us all." a new era in america's racial justice move. now a new new era. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. a man hunt is under way in san antonio for a suspect accused of killing a police officer. 20-year veteran officer benjamin marconi was shot inside his cruiser while writing a ticket. a man walked up to the window and shot him through the head. police weighed in on the motive. >> i think the uniform was the target. anyone who -- first person who happened along was the person he targeted. >> up to $25,000 is being offered as a reward for any
9:35 am
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very thorough and in depth discussion in the time we had. and appreciate the chance to speak with the president-elect and look forward to the coming administration. >> mitt romney, one of donald trump's fiercest critics during the election after his meeting with the president-elect saturday afternoon. romney is under active consideration, we are told, for secretary of state. joining me now sara flores, former deputy campaign manager for carly fiorina. what's your take as to whether mitt romney would accept a job at the high level in the administration? >> i think mitt romney would accept any job that would serve his country, that would serve this president. i think in general this transition effort has been
9:39 am
mission-oriented. it's been smart politically. smart as a press strategy. bring as many people as you can. hear from the voices within the republican party. we see the result of that. the latest poll shows a double digit swing in trump's favorability among americans. between obama's re-election and the inauguration he had a 20-point swing. so far folks like bringing in folks like mitt romney and think he would accept a position. >> is it window dressing or a head fake to say he's meeting with mitt romney but will end up with rudy giuliani? they met for only an hour. they have divergent views about how to deal with vladimir putin. how do you resolve that and resolve the working plan going forward? if you're going to hire someone like mitt romney in only an hour? >> sure. we have seen presidents before hire people on the teams and in
9:40 am
the cabinets who they had strong disagreements with ahead of time. obviously barack obama hired secretary of state hillary clinton. he had seward, a fierce critic, as his secretary of state. throughout our primary and even general election you saw republicans willing to stand up and criticize the now president-elect for positions he was taking. you never saw it with mm-hmm. they cleared the primary for her scandal after scandal. no democrats would dare say anything negative. it is healthy to bring in mitt romney, rick perry. other people from around the party in the full spectrum to show he's listening to everyone. we have seen few statements from donald trump. we have seen a mission-focused transition that's going to serve the country well, bring the republicans together, unite the conservative movement which we need. this is on us now. we have the senate, house, white
9:41 am
house, many, many state governments. we have told the american people the conservative values will create jobs, fix problems plaguing the country. we have to do it no so bring in everybody you can, mitt romney included. >> let me say having covered bernie sanders he said a lot of negative things. it was a vigorous primary fight. not as personal or as nasty as the republican side. but that said, president obama brought in hillary clinton. they were both democrats. they had a respectful rivalry. but nothing as vicious personally as the things that mitt romney and donald trump said about each other. do you think they can work, that mitt romney can work within the national security team with mike flynn and with jeff sessions as attorney general? >> there is a human aspect to this. you have someone like mitt romney and for that matter most
9:42 am
if not all of the people who serve in government having a sense of duty toward their government and serve as the pleasure of the president. that would be the case for mitt romney or anyone else serving in this government. looking back at the democratic primary for barack obama and hillary clinton, i'm not sure i agree. i think that did get personal, very nasty. you saw the obama team even throughout eight years in office not getting along with the clinton team. that team of rivals thing is easy to write about in the lincoln years. but much harder in practice. it's harder and sends a powerful message to american that is we are putting our disagreements aside, bringing in people we disagree with. we want to make sure the government works for everyone across the board. >> do you think some of the voices at the table in high positions will be women and people of color? >> we'll see.
9:43 am
i think what donald trump has shown throughout this is he will not use identity politics or political correctness to pick people. he'll pick the people he thinks are best for the job in his opinion. i think what the american people voted for was the end of identity politics. something the left struggled with instead of picking what unites people they have tried to finished things that divided people whether it's the war on women, the sort of quota systems of how many people you have of this color or that color on your team. donald trump won by not doing that. i don't think you will see a quota system in the cabinet. but the american people rejected that in this election. >> sara flores, good to see you. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. coming up, reality check. president obama shares his thoughts on the future trump administration next on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc, the place for politics. world ugly . they are the natural born enemy of the way things are.
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yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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i can't guarantee the president-elect won't pursue some of the positions he's taken. what i can guarantee is that reality will force him to adjust how he approaches many of these issues. >> president obama on the last day of his final foreign trip sunday night trying to reassure the world about donald trump. joining me now for our daily fix chris cillizza, founder of the washington post six blog and ashley parker who the times and post reported today will be joining the washington post covering the white house. congratulations, ashley. >> thank you. >> very exciting. chris, first of all, president obama trying to reassure the world. but at the same time we are seeing moves from donald trump. we talked earlier this program about possible conflicts of
9:48 am
interest. there is talk in buenos aires that donald trump allegedly asked about permits for some projects during the phone call. he already met with indian executives from india and had his daughter and son-in-law present at the meeting with the japanese foreign minister. reince priebus assured us on the talk shows that he'll set up a process. what's going on here? >> let me first add my congrats to ashley. we are thrilled and lucky to have her. what's going on here is that -- you know, i don't think donald trump understands the line between personal business as it relates to his trump organization and the job that he'll soon take as president.
9:49 am
fl there's always been an intermingling of his private business and his public life. feeding his private business and vice versa. one virtuous circle. that has to change obviously when you get elected president of the united states. whatever reince priebus said over the weekend really has to have already begun. some of the things he's doing now already don't look good. there can't be a blurring of lines as it relates to what's for the trump organization and what's for trump the president? you are already seeing reports of stuff that's not looking great. >> we have not independently confirmed what happened on that phone call. this is from the argentinian press coming from the people who were on the call, but not from
9:50 am
this end. ashley, you wrote this weekend with your colleague that trump, the candidate, exhibited the twitter storms and trump the president-elect is doing the same thing. has he changed? will he? >> that's an interesting question everyone is trying to figure out the answer to. our story found donald trump is the same as he was. he's most comfortable in trump tower. he's holed up there. he's holding meetings in his 26th floor office, the same way he did as the canadidate. there are people milling in and out, shuffling around. he didn't use a computer then. is not using a computer now. he's flipping between tv stations, watching himself and he's actively tweeting. >> what's the risk or benefit? he talks about twitter, social media, we are all on twitter, on facebook, we live that way. but we are not the
9:51 am
president-elect. is there a down side to this? >> sure. he feels and we saw in the campaign that social media is a way to circumvent the media filter, going right to americans to get the message out and that's valuable. the risk which is a risk his campaign team was aware of is that he can go off message, be controversial. they probably spent the most time trying to cleep up and walk back tweets he made as a candidate. as president that's magnified a hundred-fold. >> chris cillizza, con miles an hour tags challenges. do you think they will be tough hearings for some of the national security positions so far and attorney general? the democrats don't have the votes to stop it. >> right. remember, the fact that a simple majority is needed is of the democrats' doing, by the way. they can't filibuster it. if jeff sessions wasn't a
9:52 am
senator i think it would be harder. it is a party line vote but he'll get it. he'll be the most controversial of what we have seen so far. >> chris cillizza and ashley parker, thank you very much. pope benedict with a big announcement from the catholic church on abortion. more next. attention: are you eligible for medicare? the medicare enrollment deadline is just a few weeks away. changes to medicare plans could impact your healthcare costs. are you getting all the benefits available to you? call healthmarkets and we'll help you
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now to a major announcement at the vatican today. pope francis extending new power to priests regarding abortion. anne thompson has the details. >> reporter: this is a big development for the global church. what pope francis has done is extended a practice allowed during a full year of mercy that just ended allowing catholic priests to grant forgiveness to women who have abortions. it used to be only bishops could do it because abortion was such a grave sin. in the u.s. that's always the practice. priests have long had the able to forgive abortion.
9:56 am
there is no change here. what doesn't change is the church's position on abortion. let me read from the pope's letter today. he said i wish to restate that abortion is a good afternoon sin since it puts an end to an innocent life. in the same way, however, i can and must state there is no sin that god's mercy cannot reach and wipe away when it finds a repentant heart seeking to be reconciled with the father. this is all part of his mission to open the doors wide to the church and emphasize its merciful and loving face. andrea? >> oh, anne, that's fascinating. thank you very much for telling us. we'll look forward to hearing more on that. more ahead on "andrea mitchell reports." stay with us. but had trouble getting paid. not a good time, jeanette. even worse. now i'm uncomfortable. but here's the good news, jeanette got quickbooks.
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>> hi, andrea. thank you very much. i'm hallie jackson in washington today following a bunch of stories now. news out of argentina, new s ou of hawaii as well. that state's congresswoman in a new york state of mind. tulsi gabbard's visit to new york city about a position or pageantry? >> and we learned of a $15,000 reward in connection to the murder of a texas police officer. benjamin marconi shot and killed writing a traffic ticket. we have an update on the search. and welcome to winter. more snow and freezing temperatures across the united states. if you are dreaming of a white thanksgiving you are in luck. we start at trump tower where the president-elect is putting a little reality tv sizzle into the selection process. >> he'll take my application or interest under consideration. i'm glad he called.


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