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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  November 21, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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thank you very much. i'm hallie jackson in washington today following a bunch of stories now. news out of argentina, new s ou of hawaii as well. that state's congresswoman in a new york state of mind. tulsi gabbard's visit to new york city about a position or pageantry? >> and we learned of a $15,000 reward in connection to the murder of a texas police officer. benjamin marconi shot and killed writing a traffic ticket. we have an update on the search. and welcome to winter. more snow and freezing temperatures across the united states. if you are dreaming of a white thanksgiving you are in luck. we start at trump tower where the president-elect is putting a little reality tv sizzle into the selection process. >> he'll take my application or interest under consideration. i'm glad he called. he'll meet other folks and we
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should know after thanksgiving. >> we have more. let's start with cal perry outside trump tower in manhattan. we have seen a lot of people in and out of the guilded lobby today. >> yeah, absolutely. you mentioned tulsi gabbard. was that for show? she's a democrat. she was an outspoken critic of barack obama, served in iraq. certainly for donald trump's potential hires that could be a real move. it could be just a signal to the media and democrats that he's willing to reach across the aisle. he said in the past he doesn't want democrats in the cabinet but would, quote, work with them on legislation. a few of the other big names. scott brown, former congressman for massachusetts met this morning with donald trump. rumored to be in the running for v.a. secretary. that we are working on confirming from the trump camp. we had rick perry, former governor of texas. interestingly enough he was an out spoken critic of the president-elect. he changed his tune after senator cruz lost the state of
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texas. that's when rick perry jumped on the bandwagon tweeting, let's roll. those have been the major names. we are also waiting for this potential video announcement. >> all right. thank you very much. keeping an eye on the comings and goings at trump tower. joining me now kristen welker and jonathan capehart. an msnbc contributor. i want to start with you. because we are following news an argentinian report we should note nbc news has not confirmed indicating in a phone call between the argentinian president and president-elect donald trump there may have been discussion of one of trump's president-elect's properties in bu buenos aires, so business dealings with political dealings. you talked about the issue of separating business and politics. listen.
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>> i lived this personally. i was asked to be secretary of health. within a week i was told by the office of governmental ethics i would need to divest every asset i had because they had certain links to the business. over time i made the conclusion i have to do this if i'm in public service. >> we have reached out to the president-elect's transition team about this. speak to that and whether you believe this is making republicans nervous. >> republicans want him to deal with this quickly. the phone call you mentioned with the argentinian leader under scores the fact that this is an ongoing question mark. with president-elect donald trump. are there blurred lines here? of course one of the big ones we have talked about is the fact he met with three executives from india last week who worked with his trump properties in that
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area. of course that meeting which his daughter sat in on with the prime minister of japan. do these things suggest that lines are getting blurred? of course our colleague chuck todd asked reince priebus, the incoming chief of staff about it over the weekend and he said, we are looking into it. there won't be an issue once he gets into office. how quickly can he put the questions to rest? what you are hearing from republicans ru t that he needs to address it quickly. you heard it there from mike le have it who said when similar issues were raised he decided to put the matters to rest. with president-elect trump there are a lot of business dealings at stake here. this is something his team is looking at. >> i pose the question to you, jonathan. do you think we'll get an update? are there plans to restructure
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th this. >> i will look at reports from the washington post about what president-elect donald trump does. to my mind, i'm looking at this, getting this feeling that perhaps trump doesn't think -- he will be the first who has not released his tax return. how that may impact world leaders and world affairs could impact his business. it is incumbent upon us in the media and congress to ensure that the president of the united states, even if it weren't donald trump but it soon will be that the president of the united states is acting on behalf of
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the american people and not on behalf of himself on his business interests. 65% of democratic voters say their leaders should stand up to president-elect trump, only 32% say they should work with. looking at president trump after january 20. z. >> after eight years of obstruction by republicans to president obama it's incumbent upon everyone in congress, democrats and republicans to find those areas where possible to get something done for the american people. there are a lot of plans and proposals out there that donald trump put out there.
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things that are unconstitutional or immoral, democrats will have to do everything possible to not only hold the president responsible but deportation of undocumented immigrants and their families or a so-called muslim ban, the things that are antithetical to who we are as americans don't happen. >> on that topic, i want to bring in here. we talked about the interview for chuck todd and reince priebus chuck asked about this issue. this is something donald trump's team, the inner circle has said wouldn't happen. will he continue to push these
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unpopular plans and policies? >> i think they are looking at them. that's the question. what you heard about the answer there from reince priebus over the weekend was he was trying to smooth it over. walk it back if you will. he said i'm not taking anything off the table. that was striking. you have president-elect donald trump who made these fairly hard lined promises as a candidate including building a wall. he told "60 minutes" he would be okay with a fence in some areas. we are seeing the reality meeting the proposals. some will have to be softened a blichlt but as he builds the cabinet look what we are seeing are a number of hard liners. mike flynn. the question is are they going to be pushing to try to push the limits on some of these? we'll see.
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i think reince priebus was trying to smooth things over and walk it back a little bit. >> we were seeing the shots of donald trump holding court, bringing out people. one of the folks we saw chris christie for example, rudy giuliani. neither named to a post yet. your question is relevant for both of the folks you mentioned. chris christie was heading the transition team. it's my sense chris christie isn't at this moment one of the top contenders. he said he's taking the meetings seriously. he's a businessman and that's
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what he does. at the same time not all of the folks meet with president-elect trump will mind up in his cabinet. but bottom line i think he's taking the meetings very seriously. we might see a cabinet filled with allies and also some rivals. >> kristen welker and jonathan capehart, thanks for joining us on this hour of msnbc. we want to know what you think in today's microsoft pulse question. reports of president-elect trump meeting with foreign businessmen after he was elected. is it a conflict of interest in your view? weigh in. we'll have the best responses later. coming up, as we have been talking about questions about who will handle the president-elect's businesses. we are looking at whether he can build a wall between business and politics. later, that muslim registry donald trump said he may create getting a lot of attention.
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we'll talk about it in the daily debate ahead. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans.
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so we are looking at new questions today about potential conflicts of interest for president-elect trump. foreign diplomats considering staying at his hotel in d.c. to win brownie points "new york times" writing trump met with his indian business partners last week but one of the partners said they didn't talk business. indian papers reported it differently. joining me to talk about it,
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director of citizens for responsibility and ethics in washington. let's start with one of the newer stories we are hearing about in the last hour or so. talking points memo citing an argentinian report that when their president called president-elect trump to congratulate him on election night the president-elect asked him to deal with some permitting issues related to a property in buenos aires. this is just coming out in a headline that maybe raise it is questions. nbc news has not confirmed the report. we have reached out to the transition team for comment. >> if this is true there is an example that there is no line between the trump business interests and the trump presidential administration. that's disturbing. >> why? explain that? >> sure. we want to know when president-elect trump makes decisions in selecting members
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of the cabinet and people who will work for him and beginning to come up with policies and certainly the decisions he makes as president that he's making them in the best interest of the american people, national security and the country not in the interest of his businesses and financial bottom line. we don't know what's driving him to make any decisions. >> president trump would be exempt from conflict of interest laws. there wouldn't be anything illegal. he's not breaking news. >> the conflict of interest laws don't apply to the president. every president since reagan put their financial assets in a blind trust or a similar open and public financial arrangement so the public wouldn't have questions about whether they are acting in the interest of their
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businesses, their finances or the interest of the american public. >> should conflict of interest laws extend to the president of the united states in your view? >> i believe they should. there was a concern a while back that presidents work in almost every sphere and you wanted people from all walks of life to be president. but the people who made those original laws never contemplated someone with a sprawling global empire of financial interests that could affect financial policy, tax policy, foreign policy. i think it is time for the laws to change if the president-elect doesn't take the steps voluntarily to separate those spheres. >> he said he will take those steps voluntarily. president-elect trump said he would create this blind trust or separation between business dealings and the presidential and political dealings. he knows what his business
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dealings are. he knows what would be affected by tax decisions and foreign policy decisions and other decisions he's made. secondly his children have been deeply involved in the campaign and deeply involved in the transition. there is no reason to think there would be. he needs to sell business interests controlled by somebody outside his family. only could we have real confidence because that won't affect his business decisions. >> does that discourage folks in the business community from running for office given what we are seeing now? if you talk about people wanting someone other than a politician? there was a sense people would fight against the political establishment. if a businessman or woman is thinking about running for president is that disincentiv e disincentivizing, if you will? >> i don't think so. if somebody wants to be
10:19 am
president of the united states and can be elected president of the united states, that ought to be their priority. we are not saying he has to give up the value of the companies. he can sell them, put those assets in a blind trust. but his priority for the next however many years he's president, whether it's one term or more ought to be being president not worrying about business interests. >> thank you very much for joining us, noah bookbinder, as perch in the nation's capital for a moment. >> appreciate it. >> now mike pence's plane just touching down at reagan national airport not far outside downtown washington. the vice president elect fresh off decorating the christmas tree in indianapolis where he was trying to figure out who will be part of his administration's cabinet. we'll keep an eye on the vice president elect assuming he'll head to transition offices in washington, possibly doing
10:20 am
interviews of his own. up next we head to texas where a man hunt is happening in san antonio after a detective was shot and killed in his squad car. we'll go live for an update on the search for the killer next. plus, the pope makes a surprising announcement today why he's giving all catholic priests the right to forgive abortion. world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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happening now, a man hunt for the person who shot and killed a police officer in san antonio, texas, during a traffic stop. surveillance video shows the suspect at some point before the shooting standing outside police headquarters and walking inside. just a few hours ago police gave us an update. jacob rascon was one of the reporters as police were filling us in. he joins me on the phone now. what do we need to know moving forward in the story? >> reporter: the man hunt has not stopped. overnight they took several
10:24 am
people into custody. they questioned them, released them. they are calling what they call a person of interest a suspect. there is a video. he went inside the police department several hours before the shooting. this person went in, asked a question. when the clerk said, sure, we can help you out on that he said, never mind and he walked out. he appeared to be walking around nervously at some point in the video. four hours after the video this person went up, parked just behind detective marconi who was in front of the police department, walked over to his door and shot him twice and took off. ever since the fbi, the u.s. marshall, detectives, rangers, all sorts of law enforcement formed a task force. they are determined to get this person they say assassinated one of their officers. it hasn't happened in san
10:25 am
antonio in a long way. chief said the one he can remember last is more than ten years ago. this is happening more often. detective marconi is the 58th officer in the country to be killed by gun fire this year. last year in the entire year there were just 36 -- not just, but if you compare the numbers it is a huge increase. a 51% increase so far. one of his former colleagues, somebody who went to the academy with him. it's just how difficult it is to be a police officer, even more so now with these killings that we are seeing more of. >> jacob, thank you very much. we're going to head to the northeast where a big storm system is dumping up to 18 inches of snow. in new york state, in massachusetts and in connecticut right at the start of thanksgiving week.
10:26 am
13,000 people don't have power in rochester, new york. another foot could fall tonight. pope francis is allowing all priests to ab solve women who have abortions. the pope says abortion is a grave sin but, quote, there is no sin god's mercy cannot wipe away when it finds a repentant heart seeking to be reconciled with god. anne thompson joins us now from msnbc headquarters in new york. what's is significance of this? talk about the timing, too. >> this is an extension of something pope francis allowed during the year of mercy which just ended on sunday. he said it was in the catholic church in most diocese it was considered such a grave offense. in practice here in the united states for years priests have been allowed to forgive the sin of abortion.
10:27 am
he's trying to show the church welcomes all of us as sinners and we can be forgiven. this is an example of that philosophy. >> okay. anne thompson, thank you very much. appreciate you joining us from new york. we want to take a live look at vice president elect mike pence arriving in washington coming off the plane. you can see him there headed to downtown d.c. for transition meetings. this was moments ago. the vice president-elect joining the rest of the transition team here in d.c. in the meantime we want to look at how you are responding to the microsoft pulse question. we have been talking about reports of president-elect trump meeting with foreign businessmen after he was elected. is it, in your view, a conflict of interest?
10:28 am
87% of you say yes, but 13% say no, no conflict of interest there. keep telling us what you think at pulse. it will be open for another 90 minutes. we are looking at big protests in washington over the weekend outside the ronald reagan building where supporters of the alt-right movement were meeting to celebrate president-elect trump's win. up next, why some members of that group feels they have found their voice in donald trump. stay with us. he gets a lot of compliments.
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he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. earlier today president obama got back from his last international trip as president. a trip that included this moment with russian president vladimir putin. i will leave it to you to characterize how comfortable you
10:32 am
thought that moment was. hans nichols is at the white house lawn breaking it down for us. tell us what we know from the meeting between president obama and president putin if you can call it a meeting. >> it was a four-minute conversation. you and i will have two minutes to talk here without translators. not a lot of substance between president obama and vladimir putin. simply because they don't have much to say. in some ways the brevity of the meeting is an indication that at least in terms of policy we are already talking about a trump presidency. we know where president obama is on russia and syria. he said after the meeting he didn't have optimism about a short-term solution to ending the violence in alleppo and the challenges there let alone the situation with isis or ukraine. in some ways he's already handed off the policy to donald trump. he could potentially start anew and start fresh.
10:33 am
>> hans, the president talked about politics, too, right? specifically donald trump's politics. >> don't look to president obama to audit everything president trump will say. this won't be a play by play. when asked about it president obama said he wasn't going to go entirely cold turkey. have a listen. >> if i think that it's necessary or helpful for me to defend those ideals, then i will examine it when it comes. >> reporter: george w. bush has been remarkably kwooiquiet livi dallas. he hasn't weighed in. expect obama to do something similar. he did leave himself an out. if he thinks the values of the country are being expunged i would expect him to say something. >> hans, thanks. you set us up nicely for a next segment with michael german,
10:34 am
former special agent with the fbi who teaches at the nyu school of law. you heard them talk about the values there. let me read you something richard spencer, a white nationalist said. this is according to the "new york times." america, he said, belonged to white people whom he called the children of the sun, a race of conquerers and creators marginalized but now in the era of president-elect trump were awakening to their own identity. let's unpack this a little bit. explain why? >> a lot of statements demonizing immigrants, denigrating muslims were a little bit of dog whistles to this white supremacist, white nationalist community.
10:35 am
there is recognition by the white nationalist community they can use this as an opportunity to get media attention to the cause. and they are trying to basically exploit the trump administration's dallying with this group as an opportunity to make their views widely known and grow their movement. >> during the campaign donald trump did disavow the kkk and david duke. there is a discussion about what it means to be a member of the alt-right, what the movement is and how you define it. some say it's white supremacy by another name. what's your take? >> it is in many ways.
10:36 am
part of what they are trying to do is alter the names in a way that blurs the lines between the various groups. whether you are simply anti-immigrant or anti-muslim or antisemitic, they don't want to have the distinctions get in the way of moving forward as a movement. they are trying to blur the lines in order to grow their movement. >> new york governor andrew cuomo is directing the state police to form a special unit devoted to hate crimes. you have been around a while. how bad is the problem getting? >> i think it's very bad. the rhetoric is one kind of problem. something we as an american community need to come together and make sure that's not an appropriate part of the political discourse and make sure that's made clear from the highest levels of government. it's important for law
10:37 am
enforcement how the criminal elements within the movements work and how we can best focus on the violence in a way that protects all american community and increases all of our kmurt. -- security. >> when you talk about the hate crimes we are referring to the fbi reported stats for 2015 that hate crimes were up 7%. that would mean the problem was starting to grow before the presidential race even began last year. what's feeding this? >> part of the problem is that the government doesn't keep accurate records of hate crimes that are actually happening. the fbi statistics come from reports by the police departments and those are notoriously low. some studies show they are sometimes 15 times lower than the hate crimes that are actually happening. so while it is a problem we have to understand also a lot of this is how the media reacts to it. they are looking for more attention and more attention is drawn to it.
10:38 am
that, again, gives more people trying to understand or see their message so they can grow their movement. >> all good points. thank you very much for being was. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up, the top challenger to house democratic leader nancy pelosi issuing a strong warning to colleagues. is the democratic party at risk of being obsolete as tim ryan predicts?
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we have news as president-elect trump looks at who to put in his cabinet senator john mccain is praising retired general jim maddus calling him impressive, saying he's one of the finest military officers i have had the privilege of knowing adding in this statement on screen i hope he has an opportunity to serve america again.
10:42 am
a hint, hint, nudge, nudge for james mattis. no official announcement from the president-elect. but you can see him call general mattis impressive yesterday. we'll read the tea leaves from capitol hill and trump tower. over to the democrats now on capitol hill. strong words from a man challenging nancy pelosi for leadership of house democrats. ohio congressman tim ryan. listen. >> i'm pulling the fire alarm now in the democratic party. i believe we are in denial of what happened. i'm pulling the fire alarm because the house is burning down. we better get our act together or we'll cease being a national party. >> fiery congressman ryan out there. the party lawmakers set to vote next wednesday. congressman cleaver, democrat from missouri joins us. >> good to be with you. >> you supported delaying the leadership vote. who are you supporting for
10:43 am
minority leader? >> i made the motion to postpone the leadership elections because i think political progress without communication is unimaginable in an environment. i think at this particular point i am listening to what my colleague tim ryan has said. but i think in the end nancy pelosi will have the votes but what tim ryan is doing which is not some kind of sacrificial gesture, he's very serious about what's going on. i do think it's an uphill battle. i think the leader will be open to things. we need a constructive imagination committee. we need young people becoming a part of the leadership. i think those things are
10:44 am
basically what tim ryan is suggesting. >> congressman, forgive me. i'm trying to read between the lines. you are praising both the pelosi and ryan camp. personally, who do you support? who do you think should be the one to lead house democrats? >> i think at this point we should listen to ryan and also pelosi. >> i'm sorry? >> you can only vote for one, right? >> that's right. i will vote for one of them. i'm one of the few people advocating that we vote openly instead of a closed ballot. >> that said, are you ready to say publically who you support? >> no, i'm not. not because i don't know. i do know who i will support. i don't think i want to, you know, start campaigning for anybody. what i want to campaign for is an open conversation to look at
10:45 am
where we are. the light in our lamp isn't out. we've got to be careful about suggesting the lamp is out. it is dimmer than it was p prenovember 8. we can do it and with nancy pelosi as the leader. she's open to doing the things congressman ryan is asking for. we need more leadership from young people. he's absolutely right. we need to redirect some of our attention. i represent rural areas and they need attention as well. >> one of the things, you talked about the imagination committee for democrats here. you look at what's happening in the leadership structure of the democrats. minnesota congressman keith ellison considered to head the dnc. i want to play his appearance on "morning joe" earlier. >> would you consider giving up your house seat to be chair? >> that's a fair conversation. it's too early to have that.
10:46 am
if you focus on the problem. whi can't we win? we didn't have turnout. >> okay. so i want to ask if you support his election to dnc chair and should he give up the house seat? >> i'll tell you what i said to congressman ellison and i try to be straight out. i said to him in the face was, look, we need a full-time person who wakes up every morning with one thing in mind. that's rebuilding and spreading the democratic party. if you are willing to devote full time to that i will be one of your primary cheerleaders. i serve on the committee with keith ellison. he's bright, articulate and thoughtful. he would be good. we need somebody who will do it every single morning. working for the party. not worrying about going to a committee hearing or trying to make this meeting, that meeting. work on the democratic party.
10:47 am
>> all right. emmanuel cleaver. thank you very much for joining us here today. >> good to be with you. >> up next, president-elect trump's chief of staff reince priebus talking about the muslim registry. we'll hear from voices on a couple sides of the debate after the break. world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful. the medicare enrollment deadline is just a few weeks away.
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president-elect trump donald trump out on the campaign trail seems to be opened to muslim regist registry living in the u.s. listen for yourself. >> i am not going to rule out anything but we are not going to
10:51 am
have a registry, some people have to be prevented from coming into this country. >> joining me now is the maryland outreach manager for the islamic relations and our gop strategist. thank you both for joining here. let's start off of what president-elect trump said yesterday when he was asked about the concept of muslim registry? >> okay, spoiler, he did not say anything, he turned around and went back inside. matt, i will open it up to you first. your thoughts on this and your conversation in general of possibility of muslims registry specifically. >> trump was listening to some of his advisers. they're saying that the national center counter terrorism have
10:52 am
wa have warned the isis group trying to use its refugee crisis to its advantage and getting its fighters inside the united states. putting a break on in figuring out exactly what we are going to do once he's sworn in the president of the united states. >> what do you think? >> any kind of program or policies that discriminate against any minorities is not only unconstitutional and unacceptable. it was dismantled in 2011 because it was proven to be in effective. not only that but it was also redundant to immigration policies that were already in place. any kind of policy that stated needs to be weighed carefully and need to make sure it is not playing to terrorist abroad
10:53 am
international may capitalize these and these kinds of programs have been known to be used as propaganda for those types of terrorist organizations to build their ranks. >> one of the thing that is the president elect talked about repeatedly and you are hearing it of the idea of intense vetting process that's in place. matt, the change is for you. do you think that's a more likely scenario that something we'll see under eventually president-elect trump after january 20th. >> the first job of the government is to protect its own citizens. right now when you have a group of isis telling us they're going to use the system to try to get into the united states and have terror attack here, we have to take it seriously and what we ned to do is learn from history and we had al-qaida saying the same thing back as 2000s a group like this warns us they're going
10:54 am
to use the system. what the government has to do its job and protect us. >> i would ask for your response to that. >> i think we have to keep the threats in perspective and weigh all the options on the table and not blow it out in proportions. the vast majority of muslims have equally committed to protecting our america. essentially, not only compromising our constitutional values but we are giveriing our enemies to be able to build our ranks. we cannot look in fears. we have to analyze of the information we have and go based off of that. >> go ahead. >> the information says that
10:55 am
they're going to use the program to infiltrate the united states. we are using the intel that we are getting. we have to be much more careful than we have been in the u.s. several months and years in the obama administration, we have to do that. >> we should be vigilant. >> i agree with it. i agree with it. at the same time, we have to walk that line carefully. we should make sure that our national security is protected. and laws of the land that we rein. >> all right, thank you very much. >> matt keelan. thank you for both being here. be sure to stay tuned in our next hour when congressman tim ryan will talk about his challenge of nancy pelosi being in the house. we'll be right back. to everyone with that makes ordinary tasks
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a few development here, mike pence slamming in washington. before we get to that, i want to talk about the story we discussed at the top of our shop. the argentina relating to some of trump's businesses in argentina. a spokesperson for the president that the conversation did not unfold and initially reported in argentina media. i will tell you this that nbc news has reached out to the transition team and for the argentinian agency as well. when we get it, we'll bring it to you in the meantime. >> mike pence arriving of that transition office down the streets here in washington. close enough, he's going to be there to chat with some of the folks who are figuring out who'll be in what position in the next administration and not just to the cabinet level.
11:00 am
remember there are thousands of appointment that is vice president elect pence/trump has to make. a lot is going on. is it a conflict of interest if president-elect trump meeting with foreign businessmen shortly after he was elected? >> 87% of you say yes and 13% of you say no. with that, i will turn it to my colleague, katy tur, in for thomas roberts. new question today of conflict of business posed for trump's businesses. one of four officers shot in three states in just one day. the struggle to survive in syria, casualties are


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