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tv   MSNBC Live With Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  November 21, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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>> live here in new york, 60 days and counting until donald trump is sworn in as president. topping our agenda the auditions continue at trump tower. >> diversity from across the aisle, people coming together and wanting to offer advice and vie for a spot in his cabinet. >> a number of names sitting down with the president-elect, including a top democrat who had provocative words after. on the agenda, conflict of interest? >> very confident he is not break laws. he has lawyers and advisers who tell him what he can and can't do. >> when he becomes president, how much will he stay involved in the business that bears his name and how much can he be involved? and manhunt, texas thfrts on pursuit for the man who killed a police detective in his vehicle
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yesterday. video of the suspect and the latest just ahead. we begin with our top story, donald trump continuing to meet with potential picks to fill out his cabinet. trump holding a high profile meeting with retired general james mattis, calling him the real deal and said he will consider him for secretary of defense. he seemed to endorse the idea calling mattis one of the finest military officers of his generation and leader who inspired a rare and special admiration of our troops. also spotted in trump tower, hawaii congresswoman gab effort. she held the top post with the democratic national committee. trump's campaign manager told the media that trump is looking not just for diversity, but diversity of ideas in his cabinet. more on those two names in just a minute. many of those in and out of
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terror, coy over what position they may be there to talk about. not so when it comes to scott brown, the former massachusetts senator in trump tower today and he was clear what he was there for. >> it was a great meeting with the president-elect. he is focused and has one meeting after another after another. we spoke about my passion and his passion with veterans and veterans's issues. it's the toughest job and the cabinet is to lead the va. it has so many angels working there and so many problems as well. he is obviously going to take my opication or interest under consideration. >> cal perry is in front of trump tower. scott brown said he put a job abication in. pretty blunt, but other names. the former labor secretary and the wife of the top republican is there as we speak. tell us what you have been
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watching today. >> and so much of this is the ability of the president-elect to get people here and get them on camera and show he is meeting with just about everybody that he wants to. over the weekend we had the shot where he was able to wave at the press and make a reality show out of everything. we are looking at the live peculiars from the lobby where the pool is camped out and they are keeping an eye on the gold elevators to see who comes and goes. scott brown and former massachusetts senator seemingly in the running for va secretary. so much of this is rumors and whit pers. rick perry is another big name. former governor of texas called president-elect trump a potential cancer of conservatism until senator cruz lost the state of texas and then he said let's roll. he seems to be on board. unclear what cabinet position he could take.
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you mentioned gabbard. that made people wonder if it was a political move. when it comes to the president-elect, he made it clear he does not want democrats in his cabinet, but is willing to work with them in his legislation. we know who the attorney general is going to be, but beyond that we don't know. there have been no major cabinet announcements, but what we have seen is this steady stream of people and steady conversation coming from the trump camp to the american people, wondering who is going to be in the cabinet. we expect to maybe have something before thanksgiving. the president-elect will go to florida. we will have to wait and see. >> outside trump tower there in the heart of new york city. thanks for that. for more, let's bring in katie. big picture on this stuff. we have seen as cal said, the actual names that have been announced. you have to say those come from the inner circle.
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these were the loyalists with trump the whole way. flynn, bannon, session, people like that. other names are floating around. mitt romney was not part of the inner circle. is donald trump actually going to expand the selections outside of that inner circle or is it for show? >> they want us to believe he is going to expand it or consider expanding it. that's why you are seeing so many people come out of trump tower as did you over the weekend. we can say that they haven't given us any indication of which way they are going. despite the fact that there is a lot of talk about the turmoil behind the scenes and they were not ready for the transition and getting rid of chris christie, that great blog, they are actually ahead of schedule when it comes to naming cabinet members so far. that being said, there are questions that are still unanswered.
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secretary of state being the biggest one. who will get that role. we have seen mitt romney and rudy giuliani. there are talk talks that nikki haley could fill that role. we will find out if he is a loyalist. rudy giuliani has been vocal about this. we are hearing his vocalist was a turn off to donald trump and they didn't want him to take the attention away and presume he could get whatever he wanted. mitt romney would make them feel a lot better. not only the establishment, but republicans who were not excited by the prospect of a donald trump presidency and thought he was a wary choice. also democrats who were worried about him. mitt romney is a figure that many can rally behind on both sides of the aisle if he were to be picked for a high profile role. what i find most interesting and we are pointing this out and rachel maddow pointed this out on her twitter, the kansas
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secretary of the state of kansas went into bed minster golf course over the weekend and wants the homeland security job. he went in with a pad of paper in his hand and we zoomed in on the paper and you can see that he is going in with his homeland security plan in his hand. his plan to reestablish the ensears program, the vetting of immigrants coming into the country and talking about getting rid of syrian refugees entirely. banning them from coming into this country. we are getting a glimpse of the proposals that donald trump is being presented with which is actually a fascinating look. it shouldn't be surprising obviously. he was a pretty big proponent of the program, but donald trump so far even though they are talking about this idea, they have been talking about this idea of a registry and reince priebus saying it is not based on
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religion, but clearly they are still trying to stick to the campaign promises that severely limit and will test how we decide to vet people who come into this country. >> they could have put that paper in the folder. >> he could have. >> probably would the next time. thanks for the update on the transition. meanwhile donald trump the businessman morphos into president-elect. there are possible conflicts of interest. an article from an indian paper over the weekend showing trump in his offices taking a meeting with the indian businessman where they say trump's business in the country was discussed. today a newspaper in argentina reporting a congratulations phone call from argentina to trump turned into a discussion of the office building in that country. a spokesperson for the president denying that there were any
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business discussions at all between the two in that conversation. the trump organization said the future of the company is a top priority and the structure that is selected will comply with the rules and regulations. what will that look like? the special counsel to president obama for ethics and government reform. thanks for taking a few minutes. it has been more than a week. we have the questions about how donald trump will handle the business and all of his business interest when he becomes president. a bottom line question and saying look, i am confident no laws have been broken. are you confident in that? >> thanks, steve. we don't know if laws have been broken or not. allegations are swirling around and we know however that practice and precedent and
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common sense have been broken. every president since the 1978 ethics in government act established blind trust has used that or the equivalent to hold conflicted business interest of the kind mr. trump has on steroids. he said so far that he is going to let his children manage the businesses. that's neither blind nor trust. i am very concerned every time there is a press report about his daughter being in a meeting with the japanese prime minister. about the trump hotel here in washington, d.c. soliciting foreign diplomats to come and meet with them. these other reports that the argentinian government denied about a possible permitting. who knows if they are true or not. we shouldn't have the process subject to these questions.
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he should do a true blind trust. >> let me ask you. even if he were to take the step you are describing, would some of these questions be unavoidable? the diplomats staying at the new trump hotel near the white house. one said look, if you are smart, you want to meet with the president of the united states and say great hotel. i didn't stay at your competition. even in in a blind trust is set up, that hotel has his name on it. he doesn't need to say or do anything and it's going to apply, won't it? >> well, there are likesly to be continuing problems and to some extend, you will have to deal with those. why should they expose himself to criminal liability if some of these individuals he is doing business with try to offer dribs
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to constitutional liability under what we call the clause that forbids gifts. let's minimize it by as soon as possible turning all of his interests over to a trustee and not a family member. let that trustee figure out how to convert those and severing the financial ties between mr. trump and the businesses. and put that behind a big beautiful wall. not a wall on the border, about, but mr. trump doesn't know what the trustee. problems will persist. this is an unprecedented situation. >> he was the ethics czar for
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president obama. >> michael steele, former chair of the rnc. by the way, we should mention getting news here. this parade of big names coming through and newt gingrich going up the golden elevators. there is another name. there is the picture right there. he and his wife, calista a few minutes ago walking into trump tower going up the elevator for one of the meetings the president-elect is holding. i will ask you about the names associated with cabinets here. let me pick up what we were talking about. this question of potential conflicts of interest of how donald trump could and should handle his business as president. what do you think he should be doing right now? >> along the lines of what mr. eisen just said, to create that wall as much as possible. so that these things do not become a distraction for the
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administration in its early days. look, this is not something that requires a lot of thought. you realize you have and a financial interest. >> let me ask you the big picture question about the administration.
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you probably agree there is a lot of trump skeptics who are waiting for what they hope would be a big signal from donald trump and he is reaching out in the inner circle. they had the meeting over the picture. when push comes to shove, donald trump for a major position will go down that road and reach timeout to somebody like mid-romney. >> they think he will. they think he will do that for two reasons. one out of necessity. simply because the field of loyalists was a small field and a small group of people. he has to fill a lot of this is
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not the way he talked about it. he is approaching the immigration issue. he has to marry the interests and the way he begins to do that is by having the romney type. the retired general tops the list for a defense secretary. he was received warmly at his golf club in jersey on saturday. it was remaining mum about the potential appointment.
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>> that was saturday retired general james mattis in new jersey. we want to focus on two names that emerged in the last day or two. apparently at the top of the list for secretary of defense who is james mattis. there is a way around that. congress is the senate that
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confirms the appointees. if you look at the way the republicans control the senate, there is a good chance that if a trump administration were to ask, he would get that waiver again. essentially endorsing for this position. another name though, this is the biggest surprise we have seen. maybe mitt romney and maybe this is. tulsi gabbard had a top job with the committee, a top position with the democratic national committee and resigned in protest. she supported bernie sanders. she didn't think they were being fair and resigned in protest. there is also her views on
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syria. she separated herself from much of the democratic establishment and much of the republican establishment. she said that the goal of the u.s. should not be to overthrow the government in syria. a lot of the political establishment, but gives her common ground with donald trump who talked about working with the russians and not making the overthrow a priority right now. also she opposed the transpacific approximate partnership for bernie sanders. two names we see in the mix. we have a major announcement from the vatican. pope francis speaking out about abortion. what it means for one of the most divicive social issues. that coming up. plus --
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>> more than 150 people injured after a standoff in protesters at the dakota access pipeline that intensified overnight. tear gas in freezing cold water cannons used to disburse the crowd. the latest on those clashes are ahead. world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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>> it was not only cordial, but substantive and i can say that governor romney is under active and serious consideration to serve as secretary of state as
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the united states. >> that was vice president-elect mike pence talking about mitt romney in the position of secretary of state. after they met over the weekend. the short list for secretary of state could be growing longer and top advisers say it may be days or weeks before he is ready to make any announcements. i want to bring in congressman charlie dent from pennsylvania. he was critical of donald trump. his party's nominee in the campaign. i think of people like you when you think of mitt romney potentially serving as secretary of state. they said this would be an administration that reaches out beyond the hard core loyalists. you saw that meeting with mitt romney. do you think it's real and do you think there is a real possibility? >> i hope it's real that mitt
1:25 pm
romney could be secretary of state. >> that mike. >> i don't know mr. bannon. i had no intersection with him. i am going to reserve judgment on him obviously. he wouldn't have been my pick, but hey, the president won the presidency and he will be able to surround himself with people he feels comfortable with. senator session, i got to know him a little bit and we are
1:26 pm
cochairs with the study group on germany. my interactions with him on transatlantic issues have been positive. we are going to let the senate sort that out. matic, pompio and mitt romney are all solid picks. >> i want to ask you a bigger picture question here. he didn't expect the out come obviously and a lot of experts didn't expect the out come. was it caught off guard on what happened november 8th? >> sure. look, i would be surprised if a lot of the trump people thought they would win the election on tuesday the 8th. people were caught off guard. at least in my state of pennsylvania, donald trump performed very well they under
1:27 pm
performed in areas where she needed to do better. they didn't come out with a strong margin, it was not enough. everybody kind of got it wrong. here we are. my view of this is that we simply need to work with a new president as best we can and when we agree, we will support him. with disagreements we might have to serve as a check. >> thanks as always for the time. >> thank you, steve. >> we have more breaking news from japan just in the last few minutes. a powerful earthquake has struck that country. local time in japan. a tsunami warning in effect for coastal areas around fukushima. residents have been told to evacuate. it could be up to ten feet tall. this is the same area that was devastated by a powerful earthquake that spawned in 2011. that tsunami destroyed hundreds
1:28 pm
of thousands of buildings that caused a melt down at the fukushima nuclear power plant that killed more than 15,000 people. we will keep our eyes on this developing and frightening situation. coming up, four officers shot in separate incidents and all targeted while on duty. including a texas officer who was ambushed while writing a ticket. the latest on the search for two suspects. pope francis changing the church's tone on one of the most divicive issues. the new directive he is now giving on abortion, next. per roll more "doing chores for dad" per roll more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent,
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>> time for a check of the headlines. donald trump holding more meetings with potential appointees. among those stopping by is rick perry. former massachusetts senator
1:32 pm
scott brown. oklahoma governor mary fallon. hawaii democratic congresswoman tulsi g tulsi. saying that the man suspected of killing a police officer on sunday visited police headquarters not long before the shooting. the detective was shot and killed as he wrote a traffic ticket. authorities say he was targeted because of his uniform. the governor's office said there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the killer. authorities in north dakota say that 16 people were arrested at the site of the clashes between police and protesters trying to stop construction of the dakota access pipeline. using tear gas and water to try to disburse the demonstrators. at least 200 people were injured in the process.
1:33 pm
the aclu asking the justice department to investigate the response to the protests. pope francis is permanently allowing all priests to grant forgiveness to women who had abortions, changing the right that was granted only to bishops that comes at the end of what was a holy year of mercy. we are going to take a closer look at the impact of this decision in a minute. we are also continuing were tel the reports of a major earthquake in japan. for the coastal areas and residents told to evacuate. we will continue to follow this story as we learn more again. snow is falling across much of upstate new york into new england.
1:34 pm
making it tough for people and blake mccoy from syracuse. one of the areas expected to be hard hit by the storm. syracuse is the snow capital of new york. even by their standards, this is something. we already had about 20 inches of snow in syracuse, new york. this snow is expected to go until 4:00 a.m. when the weather warning expires. we will bring in ed ruse. what do you think of all of this? >> it's terrible to be frank. i have been out here shoveling for a while. >> third time today? >> yeah, actually. i shovelled it the first time for my mother to go to work and the second time to bring it back in and now to pick her up. >> a good sign. the snow like i said is expected to fall until 4:00 a.m.
1:35 pm
average snowfall for november is about 9.5 inches. we are at 20. we are way above average with the one snowstorm. it is going to be a long night for folks being advised to stay home if they don't need to travel. >> blake mccoy in syracuse, new york. home of the orange although i guess white is the color of the moment. now to the vatican in a change in how the catholic church offers forgiveness to those who had abortions. they have been calling it the holy year of mercy by announcing that all priests will be able to ab solve women who committed what he calls the grave sin of abortion. he temporarily granted that authority and it is normally reserved for bishops and he granted it to all priests during the past year. that came to an end yesterday and now making it permanent. the executive director of network, lobbying for social
1:36 pm
justice. thanks for taking a few minutes. tell me if this is the correct interpretation. in terms of practical impact, this might be small in terms of symbolism and in terms of the statement it is intended to make and maybe bigger. >> that's accurate, steve. the most important piece is this is about compassion and engagement. pope francis in his year of mercy talks about the need to have a heartbroken open by the reality and the pastoral needs of our people. this is a response in gospel tradition. jesus's tradition to respond to those in need. this move is to expand the pardon, the grace, the gift of forgiveness to many. >> what does that mean in terms of parishioners and their relationship with the church. by saying that any priest can do this now as opposed to a bishop,
1:37 pm
what does that mean? >> practically many more people are likely to know a local priest than the local bishop. that alone means it is much more of a pastoral setting. in the united states, most priest his had that permission. i think it's most important in other parts of the world and africa, latin america, central america. where women never had access to the hierarchy of our church, but can respond to priests. the important thing to note is that it does require our priests to have a compassionate heart for women and to understand the challenging situation. the challenging feeling women have felt making this decision. >> the papacy has been marked by a number of developments like this. is there a next step that you see him taking on this front? >> i guess the next step that i would like is for him to call us
1:38 pm
to stop fighting the culture wars over this. and actually work to limit abortions. abortion we know in our nation goes down when women are cared for. when there is economic support for women and women can carry a baby to term without losing the rest of their family. those are actual steps forward. i hope he challenges our nation to care for all women who are pregnant and not just yell about abortion. yelling is political. we have been hearing a lot of politics on your show. we can care for the heart that is broken. >> thanks for the time. >> thank you. >> up next, it's the most important number of the day. here's a hint. the honeymoon phase. i will explain after the break.
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>> it was a long hard fought campaign and donald trump proved he understood america and he will be president to all americans. >> that was kellyanne conway. today she is part of donald trump's transition team. she said the president-elect is ready to turn the page now that the campaign is over. that brings us to the most important number of the day today. 46. let's set it up before we unveil what that's all about. what did we talk about? one of the themes of our coverage is that we have never before seen two candidates who were less popular and less well like and had higher unfavorable ratings. the campaign is over and here's one of the first measurements of the favorable ratings. 46% unfavorable. this is a slight up tick. not huge, but it was 37% in the
1:43 pm
same poll. that was the number before the election and no it's up to 46%. we talk about a honeymoon period for fewly elected presidents, but for donald trump, he's are actually some of the best numbers he has registered since becoming a presidential candidate. historically, a president-elect should be much higher than 46-46, but for the standards of this campaign and donald trump's candidacy where his numbers were in the 30s and sometimes in the 20s, 46% is progress for him. a couple other things in this poll from politico and morning consult, a couple other things jump out. about the state of the transition just over half of all americans, 53% say it's as organized or more than previous transitions. how about the question of conflicts of interest and the role of trump's business and his children and mixing the worlds.
1:44 pm
what do people think about that? 62% said trump's children should be involved in conditioning to run his business. the trump organization. and a lot of people say it shouldn't r should be a blind trust. some say they would be okay with the kids doing that, but what about a question of running the organization and being involved in the government. only 31% say trump's children should be involved in the administration. a divide there as well. new numbers here. state of donald trump's image after the election. how people are starting to think of this and that is donald trump's favorable score. that's a problem for donald trump at this point. that's as good as it has been in a while. that's the most important number of the day. up next from mike pence's encounter at hamilton to
1:45 pm
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for more i want to bring in sam stein from the "huffington post" u national political reporter at real clear politics, my take away from all of this is the twitter account is more importantly the twitter voice of donald trump is here to stay it sounds like for his presidency.
1:50 pm
he put that to the side in the final two weeks of the campaign. he was starting to get a lot of credit and people i were looking for reassurance and he is back to old habits. >> the 60 minutes interview he did, he talked about how much he values twitter as a communication tool. he doesn't use e-mail and sees twitter as an effective way to talk to his supporters and talk to people and send a message. the problem for him is that he is no longer just appealing to the base with which the twitter and the tweets was effective. rallying their support and so forth. he is speaking to a broader audience which is not only the american people. also the world. these are things that can move markets. the fact that he is still using twitter shows he is still in campaign mode a little bit as he is transitioning to the role of
1:51 pm
the presidency. >> sam, there is all those concerns kaitlyn raised with it. i remember the first time he tweeted one of the classic trump tweets after the election, there were a lot of greens from people i talked to at that point were looking for signs there might be a different trump post election. on the flip side, what he sees here is authenticity comes through? >> i guess. maybe he just enjoys the medium and the exchange and if you step back and look at it, it's alarming and a bit childish for a president-elect. you had people, white nationalists congregate a couple of blocks from the white house over the weekend and swastikas and conflicts of interest surrounding the president-elect. this is what he is talking about is hamilton? it is baffling to a lot of people and baffling to republicans as well. it is troubling to watch the president get distracted by the silly things and wage culture
1:52 pm
wars. there are a ton of more legitimate and pressing and alarming things he should be addressing and he is not. >> the administration starting to take shape and here's one that i think raised some eyebrows. tulsi gabered from hawaii. she met with trump today. she had a statement afterwards, a fairly provocative statement and let me read a part of it. saying i felt it important to take the opportunity to meet with the president-elect now before the drumbeats of war that neocons have been beating drag us into an escalation of the war. a war which cost hundreds of thens of lives and forced millions of refugees to flee their homes in search of safety for themselves and their families. i guess the back story on this is donald trump has a stated vision with a different
1:53 pm
relationship with russia. certainly as that applies to syria and the democratic congresswoman from hawaii seen as a rising star by many in the party until recently. she shares that view. >> there are so many different factors that play here. you are right. the whole reassessment of our relationship with russia has incredible ramifications from the syria policy. they asked russia to support assad in the efforts to get rid of isis. they asked to do the same and the less u.s. involvement. at the same time you are watching him bring into his administration for interviews the cast of characters that are known as traditional interventionists. rudy giuliani and even mitt romney talking about taking the secretary of state position. in that context, it is interesting that this they are asking him to stay true. he is interested in potentially getting a job in the administration himself or having
1:54 pm
her serve in a position like un ambassador. there are factors at play here and i'm curious to see how it plays out. >> also the issue here too of how democrats who now will try to govern the country with trump and how they are responding to all of this. one of the other tweets, this caught attention as well. he had complimentary words for chuck schumer, the top democrat in the senate. i had a good relationship with chuck schumer and he is far smarter than harry reid and has the ability to get things done. good news. a compliment for chuck schumer and he said donald trump is not my friend. never had a meal with him. that seems to be a signal from donald trump. what do you make of it? >> chuck schumer has one of the most difficult jobs in washington. he is going to be in charge of leading the loyal opposition and has people in his party in the house and the senate and trying to figure out where they are going to go and move forward in
1:55 pm
terms of winning elections and governing. some democrats who said we can work with trump on things like infrastructure and tax reform. they find a lot november common with him and you talked to democrats who don't want to work with him and want to maintain the opposition and build up the party. opposing him. you have democrats who say we don't want to be like republicans and oppose everything the president is doing. it's a tough job. he has people like joe mansion and others from red states up for reelection and he has to look out for them and make sure republicans are not able to expand their majority. they are looking at a very favorable map in 2018. >> the position he and others didn't think they would be in up to two weeks ago. sam stein and burns, thank you for your time and now for the market wrap. >> thanks so much, steve. equities closed higher led by
1:56 pm
energy stocks. this on renewed optimism that opec was cutting production. the dow rose and the s&p climbed 16 and the nasdaq gained 47. that's it from cnbc first in business worldwide. . they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful. i've got a nice long life ahead.
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2:00 pm
miles deep. the key point is it happened off the coast of fukushima where the nuclear power plant was located in 2011. it happened at 6:00 in the morning and felt in tokyo. there is a tsunami warning. people are being asked to evacuate to higher ground. it's the fukushima nuclear plant that everyone is looking at. all eyes on the coastline. steve? >> thank you for that. we will have much more as we learn about that situation. that's going to do it for this hour. mtpdale we andrea mitchell in for chuck starts now. >> if it's monday, we are about to get our first substantial comments from the president-elect. putting a trump-produced video. no access for reporters. pulling back the curtain on trump inc.


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