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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  November 25, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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stephanie ruhle. you can find me anytime on twitter. coming up right now, more news with my friend, ali velshi in new york. >> enjoy the rest of your day. i'm ali velshi at msnbc headquarters in new york right now on msnbc. remembering a tv icon. america's favorite mom, brady bunch star florence henderson passed away and how the world is honoring her and after thanksgiving comes black pretwl. some plan to protest it and how officials discovered the isis-directed plans to strike on french soil. we begin with the death of one of america's most favorite tv moms. florence henderson died after heart failure yesterday in los angeles. she was 82. a stage tv actress, best known for her role as carol brady. the matriarch of the blended family. as if i have to say this to
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anyone, the hit show lasted for decades in syndication making henderson a pop culture icon and also the face of wesson oil and for more, we turn to tammy leitner. what a story. she's just a part of american fabric for decades. >> oh, yeah. i think there were so many people that grew up watching her like i did and, you know, considered her a mom on television. her death, it was unexpected. she died overnight at cedar sinai in l.a. of heart failure. her friends and family were with her and she had even continued working up until her death and she looked in good health. >> that was one of the things that made her so relevant. she was so diverse as so i think
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peep tell people tell me. >> the kids on tv were almost like family. are we getting reactions from them? >> they stayed in touch. all have taken to social media. barry williams said deeply saddened. florence was one of the most gracious people i have ever known and proud to call her mop and friend. and maureen mccormick said she was a dear prefriend for so man years. love her dearly. >> people follow her after the brady bunch. where did she come from? >> she started as a singer and did a couple of tv shows and actually on the today show. she was the very first today girl and she did weather segments, lighter ones and obviously went on to land the
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role that has made her a household name on the brady bunch. >> tammy leitner, great reporting. >> thank you. black friday madness across the country and sales records are already being shattered. how do we know this? retails offering pretty incredible discounts to lure in customers. jolene kent is braving the crowds at the malls in jersey city, new jersey. good morning, jolene. >> reporter: good morning. we see record breaking numbers already. target and amazon over the past 24 hours have already shattered their own records. a lot of shoppers out today. rasheem is here. why are you out shopping? >> looking for a suitcase, sheets for my bed, watches. >> reporter: what is it about the deal that gets you out from brooklyn to jersey city to make a purchase? why? >> people more friendlier,
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cheaper, no tax. >> reporter: that bottom line that counts. nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: i want to show you this busy register here and we're inside sears where the black friday deals are flowing. we've got a bunch of shoppers here and what we're finding this black friday may be one of the biggest black fridays on record and target already seen their ecommerce had a record day and amazon just the last ten hours or so of black friday, they have already sod more products, had more orders come in than last time so we see the health of the consumer unpofold here but retailers urpd a lot of pressure to make sure they deliver to make up for a relatively soft year, ali. >> i cannot believe that guy went from brooklyn to new jersey because he said people are nicer. good to see you. we'll catch up with you later in the day. one of the best places to shop on black friday minnesota's mall
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of america. mariana atencio keeping up with the crowds there. how are the crowds where you are? >> reporter: with 520 stores, the ma stretches for miles, no surprise it's packed here and even though more and more people are shopping online, and according to the national retail federation, more than half of consumers already started holiday shopping. that didn't stop people from pouring in this morning and i'm so surprised how many young people are doing black friday shopping. millennials and generation z kids, the younger ones after millennials like these girls here, girls, is black friday a tradition for you or feel like a holiday? >> i feel like i come here with my friends and it's a good time to hang out with family or friends and shop at your favorite stores, i guess. >> reporter: i'm hearing six in ten people buy clothing and accessories. show me your bags. what did you buy today? >> i bought a sean mendez
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t-shirt. >> clothing. >> i bought a one direction phone case. >> i think you'd like that one direction phone case, wouldn't you. how much have you spent already and planning to spend? >> $20. >> $50. >> probably $70. >> you come here with a plan or just kind of improvise? >> kind of improvise. >> i bet your parents don't like that. okay, so the average consumer today spending on themselves, ali. $140. so you're doing good, still. take it easy, okay? ali? >> i'll remember never to walk near you because you might ask me on national television to show you what i bought and then like a six packs of boxers would come out. so note to self. avoid mariana atencio at the mall. >> reporter: probably better than a sean mendez t-shirt. >> i like the one direction
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phone case though. we'll check in with you a little bit. mall of america. a much more serious atmosphere. a plaqblack friday protest on t magnificent mile. let's go to blake mccoy. what's the protest about? >> reporter: well, ali, the first protest drew hundreds of people, shut down michigan avenue on this busy travel day and plan to do it this year and what activists are upset about is a lack of police oversight for the police department here in light of these police shootings we see. this is frank chapman. why the mag mile? why black friday? >> the mag mile on black friday has its best shopping day. millions of consumers. also, powerful corporations in the mag mile, behind these retailers who have their hands
7:08 am
on all the levers of power in this city and in this nation. >> reporter: how many people are you expecting to show up today? >> we hope thousands but this is not an exact science. we can't you tell how many people but a lot of people are going to show up and we're going to have this. >> reporter: thank you very much. it's their own security and they're going to be in the crowd trying to keep things peaceful and makeure they don't get out of hand. >> blake, we'll check in with you later on, on the magnificent mile. now a check on the black friday forecast. my old friend, bonnie schneider joining us now. how is it looking across this country for the shoppers? >> great to see you. we look at good conditions, i would say. with some exceptions. we have the pacific northwest, a steady flow of rain into northern krachcalifornia. this is a series of storms
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around throughout middle of next week and into the portland area and watch for the rain to push to southern california by the weekend so heavy valley rain and careful in the burn areas. mountain, snow, and strong winds and the timing of this, by saturday night, we look for heavy rain in and out of the los angeles area and that will impact travel and shopping as we go forward through the weekend. let's talk about saturday's forecast. and we could see delays in san francisco due to showers and wind. the worst of it will occur in the afternoon and to the east, at logan airport in boston, low clouds and poor visibility, that may slow you down and saturday's forecast, where we don't have any airport delays to tell you about. if you're driving on saturday from new haven to banger main, watch out. from connecticut northward and especially in nortrn new england. from san francisco to reno, rainy travel. that's through the central valley.
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watch out for the snow over the mountain passes and are actually expecting substantial snow in the sierras and to the storms. by the time we get to sunday, we'll talk about the rain dealing in california and the threat will increase lothrougho the day and bring in gusty winds. more of a nuisance than anything else but may slow you down at logan airport. may have a delay to contend with. pretty much the same areas we're watching for a little bit of a problem. lake-effect snow in new york state and saw that earlier this season and heavy rain with possible mud slides and that's from santa barbara to san diego and we could see the rain coming heavy and hard and it could cause problems. temperatures though across the board for retailers, for shoppers, anyone out and about this black friday really looks favorable. nothing bitterly cold and nice and warm throughout florida and the southeast. a fine looking day for today and as we approach saturday and sunday.
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>> we keep checking in with you and bonnie schneider, a check of the weather. >> latest on the trump transition and when we could see more key appointments. kristen welker joining us live from palm beach, florida, where the president-elect is spending the holiday. the itsy bitsy spider went up the waterspout. down came the rain and clogged the gutter system creating a leak in the roof. luckily the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he got full replacement and now owns the sleep number bed. his sleep number setting is 25. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. imy moderate to severeng crohn's disease.
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we haven't seen much of president-elect donald trump over the holiday but we are learning he's been busy behind the scenes talking to foreign leaders. he's at his mar-a-lago resort in south florida where we find nbc's kristen welker. what do we know about what donald trump is up to? >> reporter: we got this list just moments ago, ali. these are the list of foreign leaders who president-elect trump has been speaking with in recent days. i'll read you a few of them. prime minister of greece, the prime minister of hungary,
7:15 am
slovenia and sweden. this is notable today amid new questions about the fact that according to intelligence officials, the president-elect has only received two intelligence briefings. that's far fewer than the near daily intelligence briefings that are expected. his transition team pushed back and said, look, national security is the president-elect's top priority and they've pointed to these phone calls as evidence he's been deeply engaged in this and at the same time, saying there's no substitute for these intelligence briefings. one senior official cautioned, this is still a transition that's getting under way. give the president-elect time. don't make any judgments in he actually assumes office but these briefings that go on a near daily basis typically during a transition process are critical. case in point, pence is getting briefed on a daily basis, ali. >> donald trump trying to get
7:16 am
the air-conditioning carrier company moved to the u.s. and talked about moving the manufacturing to mexico. >> reporter: that's right. and the president-elect tweeted about this yesterday. he said, i'm working on thanksgiving. holding conversations with carrier ac to get them to keep their plant here in indianapolis and he said they were making progress. cnbc reporting at this hour that progress is being made. we know vice president-elect pence is heading up the conversations. this is a key part of the platform that donald trump ran on. this promise to keep jobs in the u.s. and to essentially protect the u.s. against outsourcing and he railed against carrier ac for suggesting they were going to move jobs overseas to mexico so this could be one of the first campaign promises he follows through on if they get a deal and indicate they're nearing a deal and the company i.tself
7:17 am
saying yes it's true but no announcements yet. >> we'll stay on top of that story and the rest of the transition with you. kristen welker coming up. as the holiday shopping season kicks off, how donald trump white house victory affects retailers bottom lines. when you've been making delicious natural cheese for over 100 years like kraft has, you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay...
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president-elect donald trump painting thanksgiving as a working holiday as we just mentioned, tweeted he's trying to get the carrier air-conditioning company to keep the plant in indiana. carrier confirms it's in talks with the incoming administration but no comment beyond that. cnbc contributor ron asana is looking into this. carrier decided they were moving this plant to mexico. is it like a fakeout with ford that was never going to move or is carrier talking about keeping its factory in indiana?
7:21 am
>> from the reporting at our colleagues here in the washington bureau with ayman mohyeld mohyeldin, eamon javrs and to remain competitive making air-conditioning units and the like. whether or not this is a small concession for a company as large as united technologies remains to be seen. united tech is a much, much bigger company than its carrier unit and a pattern you might see down the road and much larger companies with supply chains that literally go around the world. >> does it make sense to make manufacturing competitive in america because we're not going to want to spend when the
7:22 am
chinese or koreans can make for clr 200. >> much more cost competitive here with the price of energy one of the biggest inputs in manufacturing coming down particularly natural gas and much more competitive on the energy front and when you look at certain labor, downward. china's advantage not nearly as big as it's been. the places now more competitive than the u.s. and manufacturing are vietnam and mexico. so china is less of a concern. their prices and labor costs have been going up. ours have been negotiated down so theest real esu.s. is still place to manufacture so in a certain sense, donald trump may have the wind at his back because a less difficult negotiation than it has been in the past. >> i was talking to nissan, reno, mitsubishi and why would
7:23 am
they make it here? 640,000 cars. infrastructure, the quality of worker, training that the workers get, the ability to get to ports and the american highway subpoena are a lot of reasons that are other than just wage but also, the idea of anies that are brands need the rep ewationutationalreputat. >> discontent from arguably a gutted middle class has to do with globalization and trade and some has to do with technological advances and more with technology than trade but still, built in america is becoming a rather interesting or made in america slogan again. you look at overseas companies, airbuses build airplanes in the united states for the first time in history, bfas and other automakers come for the very reasons you described. so that trend was beginning as energy costs collapsed and labor
7:24 am
costs became more competitive and might accelerate under a trump presidency because there is, let's face it, good pr to be on the right side of any administration no matter who runs it. >> i want to ask about retail sales. it's black friday. certainly, luxury goods, people are a little bit more excited because the stock market has been on a run for a while but look at this market, ron. if you are looking at stocks, they make sense. a price makes sense and after a while, it doesn't matter how enthusiastic you are about donald trump. banks are up 12%, 13%, 14% since the day donald trump got elected and at sop poime point, a stock be too expensive. >> if you think donald trump will cut taxes and deregulate the financial services industry by rolling back a great number of provisions in the dodd frank bill, deregulation and tax cuts and even to the extent we get infrastructure spending could be major propel lance for the stock market so i think we might enter
7:25 am
the second leg of the but market that might be more powerful than people realize. whether you agree with big tax cuts that are unfunded or want regulations roll back. those are different questions. are what you look at and if you think they'll happen in the first 100 days, you need to be out of bonds because more government, bigger deficits and other issues to affect bond yields and make prices go lower. the stock market looks like the place to be and i wouldn't doubt the message of the market. up 1,000 points and new all time highs for the dow, the s&p, they're making a potent statement at the moment. >> looking forward to more of these conversations. ron at cnbc. up ahead, terrorist attack thwarted. about the isis directed plans. next right here on msnbc. ♪
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. welcome back. a look at what's happening right now. a judge in the charleston shooting is competent to stand trial in the june killing of nine parishioners attending bible study. jury selection is set to begin this monday. millions who grew up watching the brady bunch wake up to the sad news of florence henderson's death. died of heart failure last night. she was 82. a team of 50 american fiefts headed to israel to fight a series of wildfires. offering help as officials in central and northern israel investigate the fires as acts of arson. officials say 12 suspects were arrested overnight in connection with the fires which have been
7:30 am
burning for the last three days but intensified yesterday due to the dry and windy weather and it's a thanksgiving miracle for a northern california woman who was missing for three weeks after going out for a jog. police say despite being tied up, sherry was able to flag down a passing driver after her abductors released her on the side of the road. she's receiving medical treatment for non-li non-life-threatening injuries and $50,000 reward as they look for her abductors. new details emerging about a foiled terror plot in paris. french officials say five men arrested were planning to attack. a search found an arsenal of weapons and computer analysis detailing how isis guided the group remotely from syria or iraq. for more on this story, we turn to nbc's foreign correspondent matt bradley in london. how were these suspects getting orders from isis? >> reporter: good morning, ali.
7:31 am
as you mentioned, five suspects who were arrested on sunday. four were french. one was moroccan. one in strasburg and one in marsailles. he offered a couple of clues. the strasburg group, the commandos based there were actually old friends. many knew each other for years and a lot actually had long criminal records with the french police. now this group, they communicated amongst each other using a dedicated closed telephone system and hay didn't communicate with the fifth suspect, the moroccan, arrested in marsailles but all received text instructions from a puppet master or coordinator so french prosecutors, again, go ahead, please. >> what do we know about where
7:32 am
they were trying to target? >> reporter: we actually don't really know where they were trying to target but the french prosecutor didn't actually identify any of these places but mentioned among the computers seized in the home raid on sunday in the eastern city of strasburg there were several screen shots that showed images of the potential targets. while they received really detailed instructions from the coordinator in the syrian and iraq area where to pick up cash and weapons for their operation, they didn't actually appear to have arrived at any specific target and in fact, it seemed like they were still even in the planning stages though this attack was supposed to happen as mentioned on december 1st so very soon but seemed like they were closing in on various targets they might be attacking and were discussing it among themselves and according to this prosecutor, no specific target that had been identified. ali? >> matt bradley, good to talk to you. in london for us. back here in the united states, holiday shopping is
7:33 am
officially under way. online shopping is expected to be bigger than ever before. more than 87% of shoppers plan to buy gifts online this season. 84% will be hitting stores looking to get the best bang for their buck. so where are the best ways to save money and avoid the stress? finance expert lynette cox, >> that's my first tip, stay home. >> best way to save money. >> you don't have to be one of the 137 million people out. literally, that's when the national retail federation said. >> more people than voted. >> which is crazy, right? if you hop online, you'll save yourself time, stress, aggravation and often, money. a lot of those same 40% deals you can get online, if you check out a site like, they round up all the black friday as well as the cybermonday ads that are out there and show you the leaked
7:34 am
ads so get a jump on the competition. >> some people like the adventure of it, to go out but what's your advice to charge holiday purchase to credit card? >> i say, don't go into debt like charge only what you can afford, especially what you can afford to pay off but if you are going to use a credit card, make sure it's a rewards credit card. if you check out, they have an app with the best credit deals the find for cash back cards, $500 bonuses, zero percent deals, balance transfer, that kind of thingen and i like creditsesame because they help you get on it. >> they give you no interest payments for 12 or 18 months but if you don't make the payments on time or miss the last payment. >> the interest will be exactly. so keep on top of your credit so they'll give you a free credit score and what's your credit
7:35 am
grade because credit is important. you don't want to mess that up because of the holiday shopping. >> what about social media? how do you use social media to get a better deal? >> everybody is on facebook, twitter, et cetera. if you follow your favorite retailer, say, on twitter or like their facebook page, often get you extra discounts, bonuses, coupons, special savings, and alert you via text or e-mail. so getting social with your favorite retailer is a way to save money as well. >> what about buyer's remorse? the good news, you live in a world to return things but sometimes, i buy something and it's exciting to buy at the time. >> and maybe i shouldn't have. or the bill comes. well, i tell everybody, make sure you know the returns policy. especially during the holiday shopping weekend. some places will have flash sales and there may not be things that are returnable, so is it a seven-day return policy or what is it? you need to know because if you get a case of buyer's remorse,
7:36 am
you don't want to say, i can't turn it back. >> some people like going to the mall. we had mariana atencio at the mall of america and she's talking to people and they kind of like the adventure. squ >> absolutely. >> how do you do that? i don't want to feel badly i didn't buy something. >> one way to do it is with a gift card, for example. some people, look, they're going to buy some things online, gift cards, getting those online is a way to save money because of the set amount you'll spend, if you're out there, use a gift card. gift card granny is one of the sites to buy at a discount so let's say they have a $100 gift card from american apparel or target or kohl's, walmart, all of these listed on this site. well, get a 5%, anywhere up to a 50% discount. >> huh. >> and it's a great way to save because you know what? when you get into the mall, the tendency is to overspend but if
7:37 am
you have a specific amount, then you are kind of stuck with that and it's a great way to save. >> you have been giving fantastic advice for years. thank you. >>. >> demanding a recount. green party presidential candidate jill stein raised millions to fund the effort in three critical states. what happens next? i'll ask my political panel right after this break. before danny got what he was dreaming about for the holidays. before his mom earned 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ dinosaur growls ] and his dad earned 2% back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs. yeah! even before they earned 3% back on gas. danny's parents used their bankamericard cash rewards credit card to give him the best day ever. that's the joy of rewarding connections. learn more at
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in the past two days, green party presidential candidate jill stein has raised nearly $5 million to fund the recount effort in three critical states. the effort launched after reports of suspicious results in three rust belt states could in theory cast doubt on enough electoral college votes to swing the election to hillary clinton. joe watkins is a republican strategist and former white house aide in the george h.w.
7:41 am
bush administration and michelle juwando. welcome to both of you. michelle, let me start with you. do you think this effort is worthwhile, good for the country? >> you know, i think your money can be spent in many other ways and this might not be the way that i would recommend, particularly angry clinton voters to use their resources. if you look at two of the states that miss stein is moving forward with the recount, michigan and in wisconsin, her margin of the votes she received was greater than the difference between donald trump and hillary clinton. so i have a concern that you start a fund raising campaign that continually grows and now up to like $6 million and if we really talk about issues, we talk about voter suppression and how that works out in states like wisconsin. 300,000 voters didn't have the proper id and the difference between trump and clinton,
7:42 am
27,000 votes. so let's talk about that. >> joe, what do you do when people are upset, they don't like the outcome of the vote and now veering towards this direction that something was rigged, hacked, or somethingas wrong. does this allow those who didn't like donald trump to move forward effectively? >> well, you know, the country needs to heal, really. obviously, more than half the country is not only quietly displeased but very angry and so there's a lot of vocal critics of the incoming administration. so the burden really is on donald trump as the president-elect to reach out to extend an olive branch to begin the process of healing the country. it's hard work but has to be done. i don't think what jill stein is doing is helpful because right now, we're still so fractured and fragile as a country that having some kind of a recount in
7:43 am
those three critical states, any kind of an effort to overturn the election results i think would be disastrous for the country. >> let's talk about the trump transition. we kept hearing loyalty was a key criteria for trump and saw kel canc kellyanne conway talk in respect to that. nikki haley relatively outspoken critic of donald trump and got chosen, albeit not for a crucial position as secretary of state but if romney gets the post over giuliani, do we then assume loyalty isn't the factor in the decisions that donald trump is making? >> certainly may be. it may be an indication that he's willing to even override the suggestions of some of his closest advisors to not remember what happened during the campaign. there were lots of people who did not support him in the campaign, including lots of republicans. he has surprised some already by
7:44 am
people who posed and even appointed people like nikki haley who was opposed to him for quite a bit of the campaign to key administrative posts. so i wouldn't be surprised. i mean, if he appointed mitt romney, it would be another indication that he's willing to go outside the box to try to select some outstanding people or positions even though they didn't agree with him or support him. so i wouldn't be surprised if he did that. >> the trump team the touting two women. michelle devos and nikki haley. no disrespect to either of them but the trump campaign, the trump administration and many republicans aren't that into the u.n. and the education department is one of three departments constantly referred to by republican candidates for president as one that they would do away with. >> that's right. you know, it's interesting there's been a lot said that this is an opportunity for trump to grow a more inclusive diverse
7:45 am
cabinet but when you look at who nikki haley is, very little foreign policy experience and he has a billionaire investor focused on one discreet area of education, charter schools in particular and leading vouchers, a massive infrastructure that needs a lot more than focused on one thing so this is a throwaway pick, if we're being honest, and we're not actually really looking at, what are the qualifications that people need to have of these positions? a lot was said about donald trump draining the swamp but if you continue to look at many of his picks, they represent more of the same that we're used to and quite frankly, you want people in government who actually know what they're doing. let's try that. it's a novel concept. >> we get news in now we're going to get two staff level pops named today by donald trump. we don't know now but we'll keep you posted. we hear wilbur ross is on the
7:46 am
short list for commerce secretary. goldman sachs on the short list for treasury. both millionaire, maybe billionaire wall street guys. wilbur ross, trying to think about this. what does that say to the little guy who was apparently central to donald trump's campaign? >> well, i don't know the little guy will lose faith because of the appointment of wall street insiders to key cabinet posts. wilbur ross has a reputation as somebody who's been successful in the turnaround business, taking distressed companies and then helping them become profitable and selling them and then goldman sachs one of the best known firms in the country for work in the investment bank industry but i don't know that the little guy, that the average person, the person that felt they were left out, people that donald trump said he was representing and spoke to, i
7:47 am
don't know they feel slighted by these choices. if it has to do with the legislation his administration puts forward in the first few months of his presidency. >> joe, good to talk to you again. republican strategist, george h.w. bush administration. michelle, great to have both of you here. still ahead, jared kushner, trump's son-in-law, kreftcredit with building a sophisticated data operation that helped to pave the way to the white house. i'll break it down next. he gets a lot of compliments.
7:48 am
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he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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male vo: comcast. breaking news from the trump transition team. nbc's kristen welker reporting now from mar-a-lago with the latest. what are we hearing? >> reporter: hey there, ali. the trump transition team just held the daily conference call and a bit of news from the call. we learn a little bit later on today, we can expect two
7:51 am
staffing announcements from president-elect donald trump. so what does that mean? that means at the staff level, it does not mean we'll learn new cabinet positions today. in fact, it seems as though we won't learn cabinet positions until monday at the earliest, so what are the cabinet positions that we are looking at most closely? we thought we might hear about commerce secretary wilbur ross, a billionaire, seems to be the leading contender for that and hud secretary. we know trump offered to ben carson and hold a series of meetings on monday. he'll be back in new york at that time. i'll read you some of the names that he's going to meet with. paul white and sherrod clarke and the list goes on and on. he's still looking at potential candidates to form his cabinet even though we're getting a better sense of some of the names who will be serving along
7:52 am
with him, so again, the headline at this hour is that today we are going to get an announcement of two staff lev positions. those are going to be positions that don't require senate confirmation. so we're going to get a slightly better sense of who will be inside the west wing with him before the day's end. ali? >> we'll get you back on tv to talk. >> indeed. thank you. >> some had the impression of taking it easy on palm beach, florida. >> never. >> talk to you in a bit. donald trump's victory was something no public polling predicted but a sophisticated operation gave hope to some of president-elect's allies. jared kushner is credited with building that team but how did it work? here with me now is michael fehrdig. big forbes article about jared kushner being old he couldn't spend any money and using the
7:53 am
interwebs, basically, figure out ways to win this election. you, i asked you to look into this a little bit and you said, maybe that article was more complementary than roadway. >> there's a lot of truth in that article. some is celebrity. he's a tantlented guy. you have all these article coverage about a candidate and his transition team and success, you have to cover something so manufactured the story about jared kushner, i think it is a puff piece. >> they quote peter and eric schmidt. >> those guys on the concept of big data. they quote about how great. father-in-law. i was in the chicago office of the barack obama campaign and he were like, way more sophisticated and even the article itself on its own terms makes jared's operation out to
7:54 am
be, i think, look, when i read that article and asked me to read the article which i did do for you, i was reminded, only a second rate mind is afraid of the obvious. i think they did one god thing for donald trump during the campaign and that was to take twitter away from the child. they took it away from the child. he was no longer able to shoot himself in the face, chest, knee, the foot. for two weeks. lo and behold, couldn't say anything dumb and then comey and the election, i don't think there was a genius operation here. >> do you think they had a more successful data marketing effort than the clinton campaign would have? >> no, no. and not even close. not even if you take the forbes article on its own terms. it was silly. the most basic social media facebook campaign you could. stuff you do like when you get out of college as a first marketing job, they made him out
7:55 am
to look like a mad genius. i think they were characterizing this guy as a son-in-law. everyby said he's smart and a lot of people say nice things about him but they were in the context of his being close to the common voice of the man. and that's basically what it was. the horse, the trump whisperer. >> if they both had, both campaigns had good data and good ability to target, why didn't the hillary campaign prevail? >> good decision making, we should acknowledge whether you think it was sexism, racism, at the end of the day, she was a bad candidate. we should acknowledge that and made some lousy decisions. >> very nasty tweets for you sayi saying that. >> she never went to wisconsin during the general election and
7:56 am
lost by 29,000 votes. >> which brings us to the jill stein question. >> oh my god, jill stein. >> funding to the tune of $6 million and recount in states where her number of votes was greater than the margin of victory between donald trump. >> so glad you are pointing that out. >> if i could go through a couple of numbers here, in the states that jill stein is talking about, wisconsin, trump beat clinton by 27,000 votes. >> that's right. >> jill stein received 30,000 votes. >> you got it. and michigan, more. >> michigan, trump beat clinton by 11,500 votes. so if jill stein didn't want donald trump to win -- >> use that money, not for a recount but invent a time machine to go back in time an uninvent her campaign. that's what i would like to see her use the money for and thank you for giving michigan and wisconsin to donald trump. see what you got. >> a lot more to talk about but the hour is just about over, so
7:57 am
come back. >> always a pleasure. >> you're on the west coast, sleepy sometimes. >> i will wake up for you. i'll stay up for you. >> michael fertik. founder of we'll be right back. >> leslie hanson is in the beautiful coastal count of half-moon bay. geodes, terrariums and fossils. she'll encourage to shop small all season. small business saturday is our day to get out and shop small. a day to support our community and show some love for the people we love. and the places we love. the stuff we can't get anywhere else and food that tastes like home. because the money we spend here can help keep our town gwing.
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