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tv   Lockup Tampa - Extended Stay  MSNBC  December 18, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. if you want to live in this population as a child molester, you're going to pay me, or else i'm going to kick your ass. >> an inmate with a long record runs an extortion scheme. >> the hustle never sleeps. >> you didn't have any second thoughts when you were ingesting golf ball size of pills? >> you give us a hard time, we're going to run it military straight.
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♪ located on the gulf coast of the sunshine state, tampa, new hampshire is a gleaming city. >> there used to be a motto, tampa is where the good life gets better every day. >> but a dark cloud has steadily cast a shadow over tampa. >> we saw the prescription drug abuse epidemic really start to appear on the radar here in the tampa area. and it continued to grow. and the result now is our drug treatment systems are taxed to
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the limits. and our county jails are now becoming taxed to the limits. >> colonel jim prevatara, a former secret service agent, runs the two facilities that make up the hillsboro county jail system. located just outside downtown tampa, the jail has a capacity of 3,000 inmates. and four miles away, the orient road jail has room for 1,700. it's also the site of intake, where men and women are processed into the jail. >> line up along the wall here. >> unlike prison, where all the inmates are convicted, the majority of jail inmates have only been charged with the crime and are awaiting trial for the resolution of their cases. but these days, many of them first arrive in a similar state. >> we are seeing more and more men and women arrive in our doors in a state of opiate
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withdrawal. it's not a black or white issue, it's not an old or young issue, it's not a rich or poor issue. it crosses all lines. people feel it's okay to eat the stuff like candy because a doctor gave it to them. these irresponsible physicians have legalized it in many people's eyes. >> while some overprescribing doctors might be at the root of tampa's drug problem, once the pills reach the street, people like jessica come into play. >> when you have an addiction, you're going to get it. it doesn't matter if you get it from a drug dealer or a doctor, if they don't get it from me they'll get it from somebody else. >> i know you're happy to see me. >> she's been charged with trafficking vicodin, burglary and dealing in stolen properties. she's pled not guilty and is awaiting trial. and though she's never been convicted for it, she admits to
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having dealt drugs in the past. >> it's fast money. easy lifestyle to live just because the money comes so fast. it's easy to get. it's easy to learn how to do. >> look what we're eating for lunch. >> sandwiches. >> this is a mess. >> being here has opened up my eyes to like this woman is addicted to whatever her addiction is, and i kind of helped her get there. not me specifically, but drug dealers in general, we feed them. >> this is her first time in jail. she's currently housed in the 72-woman dorm. >> to put 72 women in a big room together, we're all emotionally stressed, all have their periods, you have too many
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personalities and too many attitudes, too many emotions and feelings for everybody to get along. ain't nobody worth me arguing it over. i'm going to hold my tongue. >> in the three months she's been in jail, she's received multiple write-ups for minor infractions, such as arguing with other inmates. >> i just have a bad attitude, and if i feel that i have something to say, whether it's going to hurt your feelings or not, i'm going to say it. >> she is the kind of inmate who always seems to have the manipulating thing going on and she's always arguing with everybody. it doesn't matter if it's staff or other inmates. >> i've tried to talk to my friend about her behavior. >> the key word she used, "tried." >> it did not work.
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>> what does the conduct record show? >> not good at all. giving the deputies a hard time, bad attitude, always talking back, being belligerent toward staff. >> to me, a verbal confrontation is not that serious. it's like okay, we had a disagreement and that's it. but to them it's like you guys are arguing. you guys have to be separated completely. >> so far, her violations have not been serious enough to place her in one of the jail's confinement units where she would be locked in her cell 23 hours a day. that's where steven caponi has spent the last nine months. >> they were going to put me back in population. i told them oh, no, i'm not going back in population. very comfortable where i am right now. got nobody in my face. i've got privacy. i like where i am right now.
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>> caponi had been out of prison for 90 days, on parole for sexual battery, when he was arrested for allegedly attempting to hold up a bank and a sandwich shop. he's pled not guilty to two armed robbery charges and is now awaiting trial. caponi was removed from general population. >> we're going to do a strip search. >> and placed in this confinement unit for extorting other inmates who he says were child molesters. >> if you're going to live in this population as a child molester, you're going to pay me. or else i'm going to kick your ass. that's the bottom line. >> caponi says he would force his victims to put money on his books. a debit account from which inmates purchase snacks and toiletries from the canteen. >> it's about who's got the most money. i'm your best friend when i'm extorting you.
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i don't just say you're going to give me this or that or i'm going to kill you. i'm going to approach you and be your best friend. you're going to confide me all your deepest secrets. and once i have that, your strengths and weaknesses, then i can dwell on that. the ones i was extorting, yeah, yeah, they admitted it. so no, i don't feel bad by what i did to them because they don't feel bad what they did to those kids. coming up, a surprise shakedown led by a sergeant with a no-nonsense reputation. >> you give my deputy a hard time, we're going to run it military style strict. >> and later, jessica graniela faces a new harsh reality. >> i don't get to see or call my son. >> this is the first time i've ever seen you with tears. he gets a lot of compliments.
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he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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you tearing up my property, is that where we're going with this? one way trip and you're never coming out. >> sergeant sarah herman came to the hillsboro county jail in tampa, florida after a career in television marketing. >> after 9/11, i wanted to do something a little bit different, something a little more meaningful. tell me what keeps bringing you back here. it fulfilled everything i wanted to do when it comes to helping people. sometimes it don't feel like we're making a difference. but if you just touch one person, one little word, i don't know if it's helping, but it does for me and i like it. >> while sergeant herman was motivated by her desire to help people, she's anything but soft. >> zero tolerance. i don't want to see you anymore. >> she's known by inmates and staff alike with a commanding presence with a zero tolerance policy for breaking the rules. after two inmates in her unit were caught smoking tobacco, she
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decided to search the entire unit in a shakedown disguised as a fire drill. >> fire drill! fire drill. fire drill! let's go! everybody out! >> come on! >> the ruse is intended to get inmates out of their cells into the recreation yard without time to dispose of contraband. >> yes, back wall. face the wall! >> deputies also be assisted by the jail's newly arrived dog.
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>> it's a deterrent. it sends a strong message, do not bring drugs into our jail. >> when i get suspicious, i don't have all the senses it makes to find what i need to find, but i have tools, called canine. so if you want to bring it in, if you want more charges, bring it in because we're going to find it and we'll be happy to to put more criminal charges on you, specifically for contraband. do i make myself clear on contraband? part number two, unless you want to be on 72-hour lock, nothing coming or going. you give my deputy a hard time, we going to run it military style strict. do i make myself clear? do i make myself clear? >> yes, ma'am!
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>> thank you. >> show me, where's it at. >> i think it was her just looking back. check that room kind of thorough. turns up is some crushed aspirin. >> that's a good girl. >> thank you for your hard work and your efforts. we sent a message, zero tolerance. thank you very much, guys. appreciate you. >> thank you, everybody. >> but the staff knows that keeping drugs out of the jail is a never-ending game of cat and mouse, and keeping up with the game is usually the first thing that deputy steven gray does when he arrives at work each morning. >> i got an e-mail this morning from an officer who wants me to look into a report. basically what we have here is a female inmate letting the pod deputy know that another female inmate had about 14 pills in her possession.
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so what they did was they took her into the strip search room along with a supervisor and observed her starting to chew something and swallow it. they took her to the medical unit to do some vomiting. she did admit to having pills but did not know the name. this is something i will look into as far as interviewing the inmates involved, especially the one who allegedly had the pills. it's been a day or so, so hopefully her attitude is where it needs to be. >> the following day they begin the investigation. they will start by interviewing the inmate who tipped off the deputies. she's requested anonymity. >> do you know why you're here? >> no. >> i wanted to get to the bottom of the report written on the female in the pod that you let the deputy know that she had some pills in her possession. >> right. >> can you walk me through that whole scenario again as far as what was going on?
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>> she said she had found these pills in her room and asked what they were. she was trying to sell them for canteen. >> is this like an all-day process? >> it was in the morning. there was hardly anybody up. >> did you physically see -- >> she had 14 pills in there. >> you physically saw these pills? >> they were wrapped in a walmart bag. >> now where was she coming from? was she new to the pod? she had been in there for a month. >> the captain told her if she got in trouble anymore that they would put her in charlie for her own protection. >> i appreciate you telling the deputy. you could have saved this girl's life. i wish there was more people like you inside the jail. i think you did the right thing. >> the inmate accused of having the prescription drug stash and swallowing it is one with the
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reputation for drug dealing, jessica graniela.
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with the capacity of nearly 5,000 inmates, 950 sworn deputies and 410 civilian employees, the hillsboro county jail in tampa, florida is like a city unto itself. >> everybody head on back to your bunks. we will be serving lunch shortly. >> while safely securing inmates is the top priority, the jail is supported by a vast infrastructure that must complete a large number of tasks for a large number of inmates. the laundry facility alone is manned ten hours a day, seven days a week. >> we do approximately 12,000 pounds of laundry a day. >> james turner supervises the operation.
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>> all of the loads are weighed before they go in the wash. we're putting in 165 pounds. we're not overstuffing the washer. >> turner supplements his human staff with automation. >> it makes everything the same size. so when you have five items on the shelf, you get five items across the shelf. you have a dozen inmates folding. one is going to fold so wide, another is going to fold wider. >> working in the laundry is considered a privilege. inmates earn one day off their sentence for every six days they work. but the job does have its downside. >> this is like the biohazard bin.
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i have two sets of gloves on. we have to watch out with this particular bin. you see all kinds you stuff. you see tampons attached to underwear. you see doo-doo stains. discharges from people who might have something. you just have to get it in the wash. >> javier perez has been working in the laundry a couple of weeks now. like many of the inmates at the jail, perez is here after getting caught up in tampa's prescription drug epidemic.
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he's pled not guilty and is now awaiting trial. >> the opportunity came across to make extra money and i tried to take it like an idiot. i made like $130. shows you i'm not that good, huh? i'm ready to change. it's definitely a wakeup call. >> but not everyone who comes to jail sees it as an opportunity for change. the drug trade exists even on the inside. drugs are most commonly smuggled in through visitors or the mail. and once they're in, inmates create their own sales and distribution systems. >> the laundry room, as well as the kitchen, are the central hubs for contraband throughout the facility.
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they'll put the contra band, whether it's drugs or weapons, they'll put it in a cart and tag the cart in such a manner that the other inmates at the receiving end know this is the cart. it might be something as simple as flipping a shirt over or taping a piece of paper to the side of the cart. >> but the techniques inmates use to smuggle drugs into jail are constantly evolving. the jail recently acquired a new team member. >> she's a narcotics dog. she's trained to find all the different forms of cocaine, meth, heroin, cannabis and we recently trained her on oxycodone. >> she's going to be off her leash and i'm going to let her do her thing.
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>> she's a big puppy. >> i think a lot of this job is going to be presence, just the inmates knowing that this dog is here and that we will be out looking for the drugs. i think we will deter it a good bit. >> whether directly or indirectly, drugs have led to the incarceration of many of the inmates at the county jail. >> my drug of choice is crack. >> i've been charged with two robberies. i have no recollections whatsoever of doing these crimes. all i remember is leaving a crack house, waking up in a field. that's it. >> steven caponi's troubles
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didn't end there. in jail, he was extorting other inmates he says were child molesters. he would threaten them with violence if they didn't put money on his books. >> for one, it was $40 a week, from the second one it was about $80 a week. >> the hustle landed caponi in confinement. >> another day in paradise. >> he says he's enjoyed the solitude. but after nine months is ready for a change. >> i would like to be in population so i can be around people. so i talk to somebody. >> can i talk to you for a second? >> yes, what's up? >> you didn't get anything back from them? >> i put two them in last week. >> during his time in confinement, caponi has run out of canteen snacks. >> i had a bunch of canteen in this corner. it's all gone now.
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>> and he has no money left on his books. >> i'm eating my fingernails. >> you think people are going to think you want to go back there to do your old tricks? >> that's exactly what they're going to think.
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he ain't got no money now, the reason he's out of confinement is he wants to hustle again. that's exactly what they're going to think. i don't care what they think. >> he might be trying to manipulate, but that's part of the game every day we go through. >> i know hell can't be too bad. >> we'll probably keep him a couple more weeks at least, but there's always that possibility if his behavior is good that they give him a shot back out in general population. >> here's the request slip. make sure you fill it out asking to go to general population. tell her that you've been behaving. >> worst case scenario if they
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let me out, i go back to extorting child molesters. i've got to leave them alone, i know that. coming up, under investigation for dealing drugs in jail, jessica turns the tables on her accuser. >> i had seen her on the phone earlier. you could hear her, she was saying six this -- >> maybe pill numbers? >> yeah, it was numbers. big wins for bernie sanders in two of three democratic caulk uses tonight. bernie sanders is projected to be the winner in washington state and in hawaii. >> and authorities have identified a american couple who are confirmed dead in the brussels attack. at the hillsboro county jail in tampa, florida, sentenced inmates work in a variety of capacities throughout the
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facility. there's a waiting list for the much coveted jobs and those lucky enough to hold them receive one day off their sentence for every six days worked. javier perez's job in the laundry facility has made the two months he has been here go by a little easier. >> it's something to do. if they made me feed pigs, i would have done that. >> when his morning shift is over, perez heads back to the dorms. >> 29, perez. >> once he's back at his bed, he often turns to a new time filler, poetry. >> my life comes and goes, where life can change no one knows, how in life is love many need a hug, where they need it is from heaven up above. >> it's something for me just to escape for a little while, you know? >> just two days after his arrest, perez's first child, a son, was born. >> i haven't even got a chance to hold him or meet him or anything. just be able to touch him for him to feel i'm there. i know he's missing me right now. i hear him cry over the phone and it's like, i'm coming, i'll be there soon. just hold on, my little buddy. it's hard, man. i made the choice. i made the choices. i'm in a room full of men. i've got to be a man, you know? i've got to stand up for my mistake.
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i've got to deal with it, and it's hard. it really is hard, you know? >> but perez knows showing too much emotion here can be dangerous. >> you can't let people see you for what you are. that's where your weaknesses and your faults come in. people will ride that right to the bank. you have to be an actor while in jail because sometimes you're going to have to be an act other than what you really are. >> steven caponi is a self-professed expert at taking advantage of vulnerable inmates. he spent the last nine months in confinement for extorting alleged child molesters. recently, his request to move back to general population was granted. >> the sergeant gave me the third degree last night. he said we ain't going to have no problems, are we? but this is jail, you have to do what you have to do. >> caponi's transfer isn't the
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only good news. >> we've got to eat. >> his sister just put some money on his books so he can buy snacks from the jail canteen. >> caponi says this time around, instead of hustling canteen, he's sharing it. they have pooled their snacks to make a jailhouse burrito. >> this is the bread and the noodles are right here. >> what the bread is going to do is bulk it up and expand it. >> it's going to make a dough. it's like pizza dough. pretty simple. deodorant used as a roller. >> rachel ray, eat your heart out. i hope you're watching because not only do we have the ultimate plan, but we've got the master
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plan. we take it and roll it up and make it look like this. if you want our recipe, you can write to me here. >> so good, it makes you want to slap your momma. >> as caponi enjoys his time in general population, jessica has recently been transferred from general population to confinement. she's under investigation after deputies witnessed her swallowing what turned out to be a packet of prescription pills. another inmate told master deputy steven gray that she was trying to sell the pills in her housing unit. but she claims the pills belong to the inmate who reported her. >> she approached me and was like can you hold this for me? so i put them in my bra. >> you didn't find that strange? >> after the fact, yeah. >> she says she didn't know what kind of pills were in the bag.
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but 15 minutes later, when a deputy called her over for a strip search, she put the bag in her mouth. >> i wasn't going to swallow them, i just put them in my mouth. as i was about to walk out the door, they were like open up your mouth. >> so when you put those in your mouth, you're putting something in your mouth that's almost the size of a golf ball. you didn't have any second thoughts when you were ingesting a golf ball size of pills as you were doing it? >> no. it happened too fast. >> because i'm going to be honest, you could have signed your death warrant. the only way i see you doing that without thinking, you knew what the pills were. >> i didn't know what they were. >> therefore you probably knew they weren't going to kill you. do you see the questions i've got to ask? if i swallow 10, 14 of these, they're not going to kill me.
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i'm not going to catch another charge. so i go ahead and swallow them. >> that's not what i was thinking at all. >> graniela claims if nothing else, she can prove that the pills belonged to the inmate who reported her. >> she was talking on the phone earlier and talking in code. he was i guess on the internet looking up something for her
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about the pills. >> maybe pill numbers? >> yeah. she would say numbers over the phone. like if you get the tape from her phone call, she was saying six this, whatever. she was saying numbers over the phone.
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>> the jail records all phone calls made by inmates for security purposes. but policy prohibits them from being made public. since graniela has provided the date and time of the calls, deputy gray accesses it and listens to the conversation between the inmate and her husband. >> on the actual phone call, she's asking on the other end for this person to on the internet look up a web m.d. and trying to identify these particular pills. now i think jessica may be telling the truth, which is going to require an additional interview with the first female that we interviewed to get to the bottom of this. it seems as though she's got a lot more to do with the case than what she originally told us. >> coming up -- >> i'm not going to let her know about the phone calls until a little bit into the interview. then we'll hilt her with everything. >> the investigation takes a turn. >> you know how i thanked you for telling the truth yesterday? i may have spoken too soon. >> and steven caponi finds old habits die hard.
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>> i need a fish to fry. >> they moved him out. >> that would have been a good score, too. at some point, most inmates who are at tampa's hillsboro county jail for the first time are hit with the realization of how much they've left behind. as she now finds herself at the center of a drug investigation, jessica graniela's thoughts are with her 2-year-old son. >> my son is so important to me. and like every day is just like it's so hard being without him. i know my son is with my mom and she takes very good care of him, but i still worry.
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i still care. i still know that he misses me and he needs his mom. >> graniela, who is in jail on a drug trafficking charge to which she pled not guilty, was recently accused of trying to sell prescription pills. she admits to swallowing a small packet of pills when deputies attempted to search her, but she says she was only holding them for the inmate who made the accusation. >> you, with your long history, yes, you know where i'm going. >> but this is only one of many disciplinary problems she's had in the two months she's been at hillsboro county. sergeant sarah herman has come to talk to her about her
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behavior. >> your long history says you can't cope in general population because you've had issues with everybody. >> i mean, it's not all my fault but i understand what you're saying. >> let's talk about fault. real quick, if you're not in it, it wouldn't happen. so either own it or you don't. >> i take full responsibility. >> then nothing else needs to be said. >> then nothing else needs to be said. that's called owning it 100%. once you get to that point, miss
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20-year-old, happy birthday, okay? that tells me that maybe, just maybe in your future, all of this will change. i'm hoping for you, okay? am i confident? no. i'm not going to stand up here and tell you anything different. you have a lot to learn at 20 years old. a lot. your habits have not changed. they have not. you are doing in jail, according to this report, what you are accustomed to on the street. the behavior is the same. >> i mean, what the report says is that i was selling pills in
12:48 am
the pod. it's not true. >> i don't even want to talk about the selling thing. close that new york mouth for a minute. seriously. i said it. you are qualifying every freaking thing that comes out of your mouth with an excuse, which means you're not owning it. accept it as what it is. you have to change it, you. >> i took the whole thing as a joke. >> i know you did. i knew you were going to end up here. >> i think being in lock, i've learned my lesson and i'm willing to go back into general population. >> you learned your lesson how? >> i don't get to see my son.
12:49 am
i don't get to call my son, which affects me. i'm suffering enough being here and not being not able to see him on the outside. having my visitation taken away from me too, it was like -- it would be easier if i had visitation. >> the worst thing in the world to have your freedom stripped from you. you realize this is the first time i've ever seen you draw tears, really? because all before it's been spunky, in your face, this is who i am, take it or leave it. >> attitude. >> way. i was trying not to give you that word but a lot of attitude, okay? >> i know. >> earlier, she told master deputy gray that the inmate who reported her having the pills had actually given her the pills. to prove it, she also said she overheard the inmate asking someone on the phone to identify the pills for her. when deputy gray listened to the tape of the conversation, her story checked out. now he and his partner will reinterview the accuser. >> the fact that we've got to come back and talk with her today irritates me. i'm going to let her know that. the fact that she's caused us more work and just telling us the truth to begin with. i'm not going to let her know about the phone calls until a little bit into the interview. i'm going to regurgitate her story back to her. i want her to agree that's what she told us and then we'll hit her with everything. you know how i thanked you for
12:50 am
telling me the truth yesterday? i may have spoke too soon. let me regurgitate the story you gave me yesterday as far as the whole pill thing. you said you were up in your cell talking to another female inmate. jessica comes up with these pills and shows you hey, look at these pills. you give her the speech, you don't know what those are, blah,
12:51 am
blah, blah. she said i might want to take a couple, you say that's stupid. you see her trying to sell these pills. long story short, she takes a couple or you think she does. you tell the deputy because you're thinking this girl just took a couple pills, you're concerned. and then the whole strip search thing goes on, she swallows them. you left out the whole part where you're on the phone where you're telling your husband two different names of whose pills they are.
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i had to listen to an hour's worth of phone calls that you made that day. >> i figured it was in the report because i told them exactly what happened. she wanted to take them. >> you were trying to find out what they were? >> right.
12:55 am
i didn't have a problem with jessica. just that one day we had an argument. >> after a few more minutes of questioning, deputy gray has a clearer picture of what happened. >> i think what happened is the female inmate that ingested the pills wasn't well liked. when she was hustling these pills, she was probably trying to sell them all day for canteen or phone cards or what have you. but i think once they found out that the pills jessica is trying to hustle were not anything they would be interested in taking themselves, i think that's when they probably set her up, gave her back the pills and told the deputy and out the pod she went. >> the investigation also served another purpose. >> it's kind of shaken people up in that pod. that's a victory for us. that lets them know we're listening to phone calls, we're
12:56 am
aware of what goes on. >> keeping contraband out of the jail is one way deputies maintain order and they keep an eye out for negative interactions between inmates. steven caponi spent nine months in confinement. after he was caught extorting deen funds from alleged child molesters. he's now back in general population and he's found that old habits die hard. >> the hustle never sleeps. the person i'm hustling right now has no idea what i'm about. >> not only is he hustling again, but he's raised the stakes. >> we're working on getting bonded out right now. the bond right now is $18,000. i need $1,800 to get out. so i'm not hustling for nickels and dimes anymore, you know? i don't want the canteen anymore. now i'm hustling to get bonded out, and it looks like it might come together. >> but this deputy has caponi on his radar. >> i notice he seems to be a social bug. he's always trying to involve himself in everything that goes on in the pod. usually the guys that are running hustles and running games are the ones that are circulating the pod like that. >> this is my little clique right here and this is what we do all day, play cards. there are people in here that do know what i'm about. and i consider them friends because they're not going to reveal what i'm doing to these other people. >> i've been in the pod with him four times in my past three working shifts and each day he's been counseled twice. >> this game is called pinochle. >> he's on the verge of disciplinary action. >> i feel lost when i ain't got a fish here to fry. you hear me? i need a fish to fry. >> they moved him out. >> yeah, they moved him out. that could have been a good
12:57 am
score, too. >> he wasn't in here long, was he? >> no. as soon as he got a look at me, he ran. >> coming up -- >> if you mess up, it won't be a second chance. you know me. >> jessica gets some more straight talk from sergeant herman. >> quite. you don't tell her what to do. >> and steven caponi's time in general population proves to be a short stay. >> i didn't think i would be back here for what i came back here for. but it was only a matter of time. you know what this means, right? >> after 30 days in confinement, jessica graniela is headed back to general population. >> if you mess up, it won't be a second chance. you know me. >> she had been in confinement for being in possession of and swallowing a packet of prescription pills. >> you are ready. >> i was ready like two weeks ago. >> really? >> yes. >> okay. we'll see. >> i'm looking forward to seeing my baby. >> we will see. if you stay out for another two weeks. where is your stuff? put that in there. >> i don't want to keep it. >> put that -- >> okay, okay. >> two minutes out the door. okay. girl you haven't even crossed
12:58 am
the threshold and you're telling me what you don't want to do. >> i'm so excited. >> let's not get too excited because you know i still got my rules in my pod. you know you don't get along with people too well. >> i know. >> there's more females in here. mind your business. >> i'm going to be anti-social. >> i'm not asking you to do that. >> i know, but it's the best thing for me to do. >> we're not even in here yet, but it feels like you're not there. the mouth. >> give me a chance. >> that's on you. >> have faith. >> inmates in her new unit share two-person cells. but with good behavior, can move to a single-person cell on the upper tier. >> downstairs she has to earn it. >> don't put that i'm not allowed.
12:59 am
>> excuse me. quiet. you don't tell her what to do. >> based on being counseled -- >> i'm thinking she's not ready. >> it has to are proven. no q-class write-ups for you to go upstairs for a private room. that's a privilege. >> thank you. >> this is a privilege. >> thank you. i plan on doing the right thing and staying out of trouble. >> she's all yours, ma'am. if she comes back to me, she ain't coming out. >> i'm going to try my hardest not to go. because i don't want to lose my privileges again. >> even with a strong motivation, the transition back to general population can sometimes be a tough one. steven caponi only lasted a few weeks there before he was sent back to confinement. >> i knew i would come back here in time. i didn't think i would be back here nor what i came back here for. but i knew it was only a matter of time. >> caponi's trip back to confinement started when the deputy caught him making fun of another inmate. >> the inmate in question that he was picking on had trouble walking and keeping his balance and inmate caponi was making gestures like he was going to push him down, blowing like he was going to blow him over and calling him some inaudible names. >> i made a joke about another inmate, that's all. >> what were you saying? >> i don't remember what i said. it was just a joke. >> c for k th i >> initi i g stood get into i told i t going to n >> con over. >> derailed. i've been derailed. just like that fast train they were trying to put up here in tampa, derailed. so no, there's no hustle. it's just doing time right now. >> without bond, caponi will stay in the hillsboro county jail while he awaits trial for two robberies. if convicted, he could get up to 20 years in prison and caponi says that kind of time will guarantee he'll never change. >> if i stay in jail till my 60s
1:00 am
and 70s and get out, you're not going to see me at publics telling you, paper or plastic, ma'am? i'm not going to be bagging your groceries. i'm going to go right back to what i do best, the stickup kid bitter pills due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. if you want to live in this population as a child molester, you're going to pay me, or else i'm going to kick your ass. due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. a surprise attack on a sheriff's deputy takes an unexpected turn. >> i just snapped and i decided to choke out a deputy. >> a convicted rapist loses his cool in court. >> i'm becoming irritated. i'm becoming impatient. it's a ticking time bomb. >> and an accused murderer in a high-profile case. >> hello? >> -- tries to ch


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