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tv   Pulse of America  MSNBC  December 18, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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good day. i'm shenelle jones for voice of america. these are the stories we want your pulse or for. president obama vows to retaliate after he said that russia interfered in the u.s. election to help donald trump win. donald trump himself says that there is no proof of that and so how will he deal with russia when he becomes the commander in
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chief. >> and there is a flood of call for the electoral college to defect from trump. will they? and new efforts today to evacuate thousands of civilians from aleppo and a look at more of what the u.s. could do to the end the slaughter. to voice your opinions on the pulse question, grab your phone or laptops and logon to where you can participate by selecting the response and you can vote as often as you would like throughout the show. we start this hour with donald trump, and the ongoing election of the assessment where the president meddled in the election. this is how cia director james woolsey answered the question. >> is it a problem if he then takes office? >> well, that is the wrong stance to take. the intelligence community works
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for the president, and not the other way around. >> and that brings us to the first poll question of the day, agree or disagree, donald trump is going to be acting in the best interest of u.s. in dealing with russia. and we rejoined now by ali in florida. donald trump made no reference to russia, and any information that he would acknowledge it? >> that is right, we have not heard donald trump mention the russian hacks on the time on the trail, and especially in mobile, and hi s reaction is consistent inning a e greeing with the intelligence community that russia is p behind the hack, and he was one of the biggest purveyors of the wikileaks hacks, and he went to often to say, that he loves the wikileaks and reading through them, and he has won and the president-elect and he has not gone so far to
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say that russia is behind it. and is so he has not weighed in on the trail. and reince priebus did, so this is what he had to say. >> and i think that he would accept the conclusion if these intelligence professionals would get together, put out a report, show the american people that they are actually on the same page. we have not heard from comey. i mean, so, look, i think that these guys should with be straight with the american people and come out and say it. >> and donald trump has been consistent as have the advisers and many of them saying that is is an attempt to delegitimize the november election and something that we should move on from, and the election is over, and donald trump has been elected and move on. and of course, congress is taking a different tact to estimate it. >> and so, let's tackle another topic, and there is an unmanned drone being seized by china, and
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is he being advised on this? >> we have reached out to find out what is behind the president-elect's tweets on the drone, and as you can see, he took a different tact from morning tonight, and saying unprecedented and then saying, let china keep it. we don't need it. and so far the transition team has been mum on it, and china has been painted by trump as one of the biggest adversaries, and he said multiple times that he is going to label them a currency manipulator and curb some of those trade policies with a bad relationship on the united states, and so we know that he is aware, but it is not clear what is informing the opinion when it comes to the latest instance with the drone. >> than yk you, ali. and coming up, we will see what is also involved in the next interests of the u.s. and
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russ russia. and i am joined by two gentlemen from the panel. and bill, kellyanne conway would def definitively accept the conclusions eventually? >> i would hope that he would as the commander in chief, and the u trummp spokesman today, reince priebus went out there, and with the valid point f there is information out there from the intelligence community, and the fbi and the cia and it should be a bipartisan report on the table. and does it look like the russians favored one kand a date over another, i would think so, and it needs to be out tlshhere and president trump would accept that. >> well, today, taryne, a group
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is calling for a select committee to investigate. this is mccain and schumer this morning, and then we will talk about it. >> we need a select committee. we need to get to the bottom of this and a special select committee that will focus on the foreign governments and russia and china and iran and their hacking of the political system. >> senator mitch mcconnell said that congress should rely on the appropriate committees to handle any investigation, and how do you see this playing out on the hill? >> well, it is interesting that this has to be a bipartisan effort. i mean, they are really delegit ma tizing the electoral level, and if we don't look into the mysterious nature of it, we won't be able to be taken seriously in the world. and so that is why we are hearing the same thing, and this is so rarely happens on the hill, right? it is a good place for us to start with the special select committee and what i hope is that the president elect gets on board quick ly with us as well, because it is one of the first times that we are hearing the bipartisan support for looking into this and making sure that
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we are taking it as seriously as we need to. >> and bilks i want your take on this, and this is former secretary robert gates in how the u.s. can respond to russia. take a listen. >> the question of retaliation is a difficult one, because do you retaliate in kind, militarily? economically? cyber? so this is going to be a tough one for the president to deal with in how do you put the russians on knnotice that this kind of behavior is unacceptable. >> and u should add to that that bill gates there assuming that the trump administration would consider retaliating, and so how do you see a trump administration weighing the options? >> well, the president would need to talk to the top advisers on the international affair, but there has to be a significant and significant retaliation for
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these attack nots just from the russians but the chinese and iran. and the chinese hacked into that then president obama's campaign and john mccain's, and so it is is nothing new. if you are letting it go, you are encouraging more of it. it has to be measured and i would not pretend to know better than any president, but it has to be something. >> and i think it is great that congress is getting involved and having a select committee, but the president-elect needs to be involved. he obviously needs to be involved. earlier one of the guests said that the intelligence community works with the president. and so, right, we need to make sure that we have the intelligence community focused on this, because it is so critical to the uk is cess and future of our democracy. >> and taryne, looking at this chairman campaign john podesta talked about why there should be
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a independent investigation into russia's activities. take a listen. >> i think that not what mr. trump knew, but trump, inc., and when did they know it and the were they in touch with the russians, and the lek -- electors have a right to know that. >> and is there a coordinated effort of the democrats to push for the answers once trump is sworn in in? >> well, i think they you will continue to see a push for, this and everyone in the community, democrat and republican is concerned about this level, and ongoing level and you said it nothing new, but it seems unprecedented in the size and the scope in this particular election cycle, so it is going to be a rallying cry, and bipartisan rallying cry to find these answers and to see when and more importantly to safeguard the future, and nothing more important than cyber security for our national
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security and security in genera general, a and so we have nak sure that we are protecting, and targeting. >> and bill, how do you believe that he will address the business ties, and yesterday, keling kelly o'donnell, under no circumstances has mr. trump requested nor requested briefings for his presidency, and she goes on the say, he is not on restrictions with family regarding the presidency, and so this is not going to say how and when he will die vest from the holdings. is this significant? >> yes, it is a significant issue, and to use the word bipartisan, and both parties should be, you know, they should work with the trump administration, and in finding a way to find solutions. trump is an unusual candidate, and unusual president because of the vastness of his holdings, because he is in business with largely the brand. there are lots of potential conflicts of interest out there.
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and so it is going to be tricky, and he does need to lay out a clear plan. he has not done it yet, and i expect they are trying to figure out how to do that, and it is, you know, he can't liquidate holdings, because it is more of the brand name that de ffines t business. >> yeah, that is a good point. all right. i will tell you what, this question is for both of you, a new nbts news/wall street poll on the transition. 50% approve of trump's handling of the transition, but in 2003, 73% approved of president obama's and so do you believe even with 77% in 1992 for bill clinton's transition. and should this be higher? >> well, it is a divisive election and negative one in general, and i think that the sort of the violence, and the
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divisive language and the hate language that came out in the days after the election took mr. trump a little bit of time, and president-elect time to condemn it, and tide it over to calm people down, and what you are seeing is that as well as what is happening on russia, there is a little bit of distrust, and a majority of the americans who didn't vote for him, and so when he didn't win the pop u you lar vote, and there is a cloud over him, and he needs to reach are out to the thoer side. and the president-elect does not always want to be the one to reach over to the other side, but that is why you are seeing that, and why that number is higher for some of the other previous presidents who thought that it is a time to come together together, and we have not heard that from him yet. >> and bill, the last word? >> yes, i think it is right, the country is very divided and a lot of distractions out there, and some manufactured by the trump opponents, and some very real. in the instances of the business conflicts, like the russian hacking, and i think that some
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clarity has to be developed on both of those, because the last thing that the trump administration wants is the distractions going forward. >> good conversation this afternoon. bill riley and amy, thank you. >> and for your ability to vote go to and you can cast your vote. try, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at
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i think that it is distorted by the the russian intervention, let e's put it that way. >> and what does distorted, and let me ask you -- >> a foreign adversary directly
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intervening into the democratic institution, and tried to tilt the election to donald trump. >> that is john podesta. hillary clinton's former campaign chairman and the first interview since the campaign and election. u.s. intelligence agencies are confident that the cyber attack against the clinton campaign, and the dnc were aimed in part for helping donald trump win the election. and clinton spoke out to reporters earlier in the week about it. >> vladimir putin, himself, conducted a covert cyber attack against our system, our democracy, and apparently because he has a personal beef against me. >> and dmitri maskov said to stop talking or produce some proof. and we are joined by amy knight
12:18 pm
a expert on russia and author of the "cold war." starting with the numbers from nbc polling, and then i will get your take. it found that 55% of americans were troubled by russia's interference, but most don't believe it helped trump win, and what is your reaction to those results? >> well, i would say that 55% of the population really believe s that the russians did the hacking, that is pretty significant, because they have not seen yet. obama has promised to do a report to detail some of the charges that we have not really seen the evidence. >> what is that? a fear of the unknown or just, you know, all of the echo chamber that exists or why is that? 55%, you are right, it is a significant number. >> right. i think that first of all, and very few people have mentioned, this it is not really that easy
12:19 pm
to have definitive proof of russian hacking. i phil mickelsonly believe they did the hacking, but they are very sophisticated. and for example putin would go through the back channels, and he would not come out to direct the fsb go ahead and do the hacking. it is done a little bit more with the wink and the nod. >> we keep hearing that it is in part to help trump win, and there is a broader strategy here, and can you talk about that for the russians, what is the broader strategy here in your opinion? >> one of the strategies was to cause havoc in the election system. you have to remember that russia does not have democratic elections, and think are presented with the one person or on the party list. and so this is kind of a dist k
12:20 pm
distraction, and also, i do firmly believe that the russian government favors trump, and wanted him to become president. >> a lot of people in fact, and now, this next poll, and like you read my notes here, and the poll found that 31% of americans thought that he was too friendly with putin, and 24% didn't think, so and 44% had no opinion. why should we be leery of a close relationship with putin's russia? >> well, the nomination of rex tillerson as secretary of state, because he is very, very friendly with the russian, and including igor, who is putin's second in command and a fomer kgb official. he is the head of gasness and tiller is the head of exxon, and that i have done billions of dollars together. >> is that a win for russia is that a fair way to answer the
12:21 pm
questi question? >> absolutely. >> and how does putin want this to play out, and right into his hands, and that is the fear, but there are so many people who insist that despite the ties that he is certainly qualified to do the job? >> well, i agree with that and i heard robert gates say that, and i have great respect for robert gates, but, you nknow, he has talked about the need for ending western sanctions, and so has trump. but i dont n't know if that is good thing at this time, because we will show that we will have a ha hard-line. >> and what is the takeaway here, and optimistic here because there are so many before president-elect takes office about his relationship with rush sharks and people believe that he has to respond in some way. what is your expectation or hope? >> well, i am not optimistic, and i believe that unless trump
12:22 pm
starts to take seriously -- >> and wouldn't he have to when he gets the security briefings and intelligence information. >> i would hope so. and he has come out more than once saying that putin, and he does not believe that putin commits any of the political murders, and lot of people do. >> all right. we will have to leave there. amy knight thank you for coming in this afternoon. the first polled question, we have been asking, agree or disagree that donald trump will be acting in the best interest of the u.s. with russia. and here are the votes, 91% disagree with this and 10% agree. moving on the age here, older votes believe more strongly than younger that trump will not act in the u.s.'s best interest against russia. and the gender breakdown, women disagreed more strongly than n men, and now the final poll
12:23 pm
results on this question. take a look. and the drum roll please. there you government 11% of you agree, and amy, 89% disagree. and you can voice your opinion now on the second pulse question. agree or disagree that the u.s. should send? significant ground forces to stop the slaugt e of civilians. logon to po logon to and we will look at the snow having an impact across america. i love you so much. that's why i bought six of you... for when you stretch out. i want you to stay this bright blue forever... that's why you will stay in this drawer... forever.
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millions off americans are feeling the freeze as another polar vortex is moving in. some people are seeing the windchills of 40 below zero this morning. the storm turning deadly in parts of the country, and 13 deaths have been reported in seven states. this fire tanker crash in baltimore was responsible for two of them, but it is not just the roads that are a mess. slick conditions in chicago
12:27 pm
o'hare sent one plane off of the runway. we go to blake in the airport, and those frightful temperatures are not scaring off the football fans. how do they deal with the cold? >> yes, it is officially one of the coldest bears/game. and you can see the folks are leaving behind me, but it is the bears are getting clobber ad ed >> and i have more stuff on than ever before and i'm ready for this. >> i am not that cold, but it is the adrenaline has got, and it is great. >> and it feels like christmas morning, man, because we are pl playing the packers. i don't care about the weather, but games like this in chicago, and this is amped up for, and you dress for the element, and
12:28 pm
it is just like any other sunda sunday. >> reporter: conditions were dangerous heading out on the floor, and that united airlines flight did slide off of the runway after 1:00 a.m. here, and taxiing, and nobody was injured there, and the officials across the mid with west will avoid travel with the coating of snow, and the frigid temperatures creating icy conditions, but the people here at the game, they are not staying away, and the cold is not keeping them away. >> i have to admit that i am not keeping up with the game, and i thought that it was over. >> no, no, it is 20-something to 11. i don't know. it is the middle of the game. it is offfor the bears. >> not enough hot chocolate. all right. blake mccoy, thank you for checking in. now, to a tough story out of arkansas. road rage incident in arkansas results in in the death of a
12:29 pm
little boy. the police say that the 3-year-old was in this car with his grandmother when the driver of another car got out and fired one shot at the car. the grandmother continued to the store, and when she arrived, she realized that her grandson was shot. the 3-year-old was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> i have no information to believe that anybody in this family has done anything to cost this young person his life, and this is as frustrated as you can be of a safety official, and just a plain citizen. >> it is so sad, and they believe that suspect had no relationship to the mother or the little boy. >> and a treep toppled on top of a wedding party, and the group was taking photographs in the park after the ceremony and the 100-foot eucalyptus tree fell, and trapped many people, including a 4-year-old girl who is in critical condition. >> it sounded like a
12:30 pm
firecracker. >> and you could see the lady with the little baby. i didn't know what to do, but i held the baby, and she had a bump on the head and it is bleeding. >> this hour, the investigations are going on to find out the cause of the collapse. >> next, the latest on the desperate situation in aleppo, syria, with tens of thousands of evacuations in the war zone. and we are asking you, agree or disagree, because the u.s. should send in a number of ground forces to stop the slaughter. logon logon logon to wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you™
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we are following developments out of the united nations where russia and france have agreed on a agreement to send monitors to eastern aleppo to ep sure safe evacuation, and
12:34 pm
immediate delivery of the mew man taryne aid. there is a vote tomorrow with the national security council and this is coming as the evacuations in aleppo and syria are on hold after militants burned five buses assigned to evacuation two more villages today. that is the second poll question today. agree or disagree, the u.s. should san diego in significant ground forces to stop the slaughter of civilians in syria. and we go to matt bradley in london, and how much of a difference will it make adding the monitors on the ground? >> well, we won't know up till tomorrow morning when samantha power the u.s. ambassador says that the united states nations security coup sill will be approving this entire french resolution to put the monitors on the ground. it is not clear if it is too little too the late, but all of the negotiations on the international level pale in comparison and the come mex ti of the negotiations going on right now on the ground in syria
12:35 pm
among the different groups engaging in the battles. right now, there is tens of thousands of civilians, and fig fighters believed to still be in east aleppo to be evacuated and their fates are tethered to the fates of four other towns and their residents. now, these treaties have been negotiated on and off again all week long. and the people to evacuate from eastern aleppo mean s ths that indian vince to the left, but the shia towns will also have to be simultaneously evacuated, and again, these are just the injured people as opposed to people in aleppo which comprises the entire population of the people remaining there, civilians and combatants, and so it is a delicate dance going on amongst the different group, the rebels and the pro government
12:36 pm
militia groups. and we saw five buses headed to evacuate the people, but they were torched by what pro government spokesmen say is torched by rebel forces. so that is more time waiting and suffering from the people of aleppo and throughout the country. >> yes, it is heart breaking to see the pictures. and speaking of the time, any hint as to when we can expect the evacuations to resume, and riff second and every day counts for families. >> with the individual gestures shot down, and what we have seen is the five buses being or ttor is not a good sign for the negotiators, and again, these citizens in east aleppo, their fates depend on what happens in fewa and the other provinces. so the people suffering the most
12:37 pm
in aleppo has to wait until more progress is made in idlib and that process is dependent on the fighters surrounding the villages, and so a you can see, it is complicate and no end in sight for the time being. >> matt bradley, thank you. joining me is douglas oli tlt vant, a olivant who joins us. this is coming just after russia is threatening to veto another resolution. what do you see at this hour. >> we have not seen the text, but russia's concerns are having a syrian government role in the u.n. monitors and going into the east aleppo, and the compromise to what was agreed to, we have not seen, but we can safely bet that russia is making sure that the assad regime's interests are
12:38 pm
protected. >> talk about the u.s. role in this as the world and the u.s. are trying to come to grips with how to stop the slaughter there. and this week, lindsey graham and john mccain had this to say about the situation in alep e poe, it is the inevitable approach of red lines and actions, and the red lines cross and tarnished moral influence, and total lack of american leadership. tough. you agree? >> well, it is certainly senator mccain's and graham's position all along. they have wanted a much more forceful u.s. policy in syria, and almost since the beginning. they have obviously not gotten it, in this administration, and in some ways, these words are probably aimed at incoming administration to see what they will do. >> with that said, talk about president obama's response at the end of the year press conference, president obama explained why the u.s. has not been more engaged militarily in aleppo. let's take a listen and then we
12:39 pm
will have a talk. >> unless we were all in, and willing to take over syria, we were going to have problems, and that everything else was tempting, because we wanted to do something, and it sounded like the right thing to do, but it was going to be impossible to do this on the cheap. >> so essentially the president is saying, we were either all-in or nothing at all, and is this the delilemma that president-elt trump will have to look at? >> i do in large measure buy the argument, because it is difficult to do a little bit, because the opponent can then respond to that. if you put up a no-fly zone, he will increase the assets on the ground or gets the ally to put in air dens, and if you try to put up a safe haven, you can find somebody to breech that, and the enemy can respond in kind, and so unless you are all-in like we were in iraq which is what everybody was trying to avoid here, it is difficult to really take control of the situation.
12:40 pm
>> so then not to put it all on your lap here, but if your opinion, what is america's role going forward, and that the cease-fire holds up and rebuilding syria? >> if i had the right answer for syria, i would have given it to someone long ago and it is a difficult problem and fundamentally, it is a tragic humanitarian situation, but the united states just doesn't have any serious national interests in syria in the way that the russians do, and they have an ally there and we don't. and so we are snake bit by what has happened in iraq, and we don't want to get into anything like that ever again. >> yeah. a lot of people would agree and the challenges of the heartbreaking pictures, douglas, and it makes our hearts hurt. >> it absolutely does. it is the humanitarian disaster is not in doubt, but do we want to put 18-year-old americans in syria to try to remedy it when they are surrounded by al qaeda
12:41 pm
types who would love to kill them. >> we have to lev leave it there, and thank you for your perspective this afternoon. >> thank you. >> on that note, we have been asking if the u.s. should send in significant ground forces to stop the slaughters in syria. and overall, 63% of you disagree that we should, and 37%ing a grae. and now, looking at it by political party, and the republicans agree, and the independents and the democrats were mostly neutral on this one. and the genderbreakdown, and by gender, women were mostly neutral and the men tend to disagree, and now a look at the final results here. 42% agree that the u.s. should send in some ground forces to stop is the slaughter in syria, and 52% disagree, and that is a tough topic. >> and tomorrow, the members of the electoral college will cast their votes, and there was a big effort underway to try to get the electors to not vote for donald trump.
12:42 pm
and now, donald trump won and the electoral college should honor his victory? make sure you vote at
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12:45 pm
less than 24 hours before the e electoral college starts to gather in the state capitals to officially vote in donald trump. but in recent weeks there is a push by celebrities and voters and some electors themselves to select someone other than trump. and that is the third poll question for you today. agree or disagree, donald trump won, and the electoral college should honor the victory? hillary clinton's campaign chairman believes that the electors deserve a briefing from the intelligence committee, and he also says that those who have the power to change the course of history tomorrow should do so >> well, that is a judgment for them, and we have not tried to
12:46 pm
influence what the electors will do, and we assume that they will vote for hillary clinton, but the question is whether there are 37 republican electors who think that either they are open questions or that donald trump based on everything that we know about him is really unfit to be president of the united states, and if they dox they le throw it to the house of representatives. >> there are certain supporters of yours say that the best route is to have the hillary clinton supporters to call on john kasich or mitt romney or mike pence in order to lure the others over. >> and the question, is the 37 republicans and not what the democrats are going to do. >> and let's talk about it, with christine pelosi who is leading the effort to get an intel briefing, and she is the daughter of nancy pelosi, and joining us from san francisco. and thank you for joining us. >> good afternoon. >> and so your request for a briefing is turned down, and do
12:47 pm
you have any options left on that front? >> well, as you mentioned, we were concerned about a week and a half ago when we read the news report has the cia had ed that -- cia had evidence that russia sway ed the votes to rus sharks and we want a briefing, and we believe that the american people have a right to know about any foreign interference in the election, and so we were pleased to see president obama confirm the reports by saying that actually, this did happen. he believes it is the russians, however, we are disappointed that we can't to this point get a briefing, and we do insist that it is important for people to know whether or not russia engaged in a single effort to hack or receive stolen e-mails and then push the contents out in order to sway the discussion
12:48 pm
around the election and to sway the election, itself, to donald trump and why they would have a motivation to do so. and what if anything anyone on donald trump's campaign knew about this, and what if anything they did with that knowledge, and so we continue to call for electors to be briefed and for the public to have an open independent bipartisan investigation of all of this. >> and the reality is that the clock is ticking, and looking for forward, you need 37 electors to change their minds tomorrow, and what is the game plan, and are you looking to support a compromised candidate perhaps and john kasich and mike pence. >> as you know, we are meeting in 50 different state capitals around the country, and each of the states has a different looking ballot and process, and in california for example where hillary clinton won two the one, we have 55 electors who will get two ballots tomorrow. r it will say, hillary clinton yes
12:49 pm
or no, and tim kaine yes or no for vice president and we won't have an opportunity to switch the votes in california and all we could do is to vote no, and so the strategy does not work in a place like california. other states have a place to mark a name on the ballot, and where you are not bound by state law to vote for the person who won your state, and so that is really where the emphasis has been with what they call the hamilton electors who say, look, if you have 37 republicans who put this on pause, take it to the house, and where every member of the house has the security clearance necessary to look at that the evidence, then they can at least make an informed decision, and if it ends up being donald trump, so beit, but at least they are doing it from the informed perspective. tomorrow, they will be voting from the uninformed perspective, because while we have confirmation from the president, we don't have detailed evidence from the intelligence agencies. >> and christine, another piece of this that i should mention that we have seen the e leks or
12:50 pm
the face extreme pressure from the outsiders heading intornlgs and some say they are being targeted with death threats and reams of hate mail, feeling tha pressure? >> i am and i mentioned that last week during an interview that i've received death threats, i've received a lot of hate speech and i think that's why a lot of electors did not want to speak out. frankly that's also why a lot of other people who agree with us on this point haven't wanted to speak out. look at my twitter feed. you know, google me and ask yourself what they're doing. they're trying to marginalize me so they can silence others from speaking out. i heard early on from republican electors who said i'm glad you're doing this, we need a braef briefing, but i'm not putting my name out there because i see what you're being subject to. i'm a political actor. i understand this arena and i've been in it and i can defend
12:51 pm
myself and i wouldn't say i'm comfortable receiving the hate that i'm receiving, but i'm comfortable receiving the pressure i'm receiving and i know how to report the threats to law enforcement. but other everyday electors who are living lives of quiet public service, you know, chanel, shay didn't sign up for that. >> unlike anything i've ever seen in my lifetime. i know it's happened but not many my lifetime. thank you for your time this afternoon. >> thank you. >> there's still time to make your voice heard on our third and final pulse question of the day. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler
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alec baldwin is back impersonating donald trump. he took a hit at the president-elect's relationship with russian president vladimir
12:55 pm
putin. >> are there any more cabinet picks left? >> we're almost full, sir. rick perry has agreed to be secretary of energy. >> was that a great choice? i saw him on "dancing with the stars." this guy has so much energy. yep. he's just unpresidented. what's that sound? >> i think it's coming from the chimney. >> is it a ghost? we're being scrooged? i hate that. scrooged. >> donald, i think it's -- >> vladimir, this is such a great surprise. >> what are you doing here? >> i was just in town, you know, hiding in the walls. since it is christmas after all, i got you a gift. this is elf on the shelf. he's fun. you just put it right here next to your internet router. >> vladimir, i'm sorry, but i didn't know you were coming so i don't want have a gift for you. >> please, mr. trump. you are the gift.
12:56 pm
>> so far no response from trump, keeping viewers in suspense on the latest "snl" trump twitter battle, i should say. all right. time to see how you've been voting on our last pulse question of the day. agree or disagree -- donald trump won and the electoral college should honor his victory. overall, 94% of you disagree and 6% of you agree. let's break it down by political party. while listening to chris peen pelosi outline the electoral process and strategy, democrats and republicans disagreed more strongly than independents that donald trump won and the electoral college should honor his victory. by gender, men and women both disagree with women disagreeing more strongly. so with all of that said, the final results on this one, look at this. 10% of you agree and 90% disagree. that'll do it for "pulse of america." thanks for participating this week. up next, a big difference in the number of republicans and
12:57 pm
democrats bothered by russia's role in the u.s. election. we'll bring you the results of a new nbc news poll as president obama comes under attack for how he handled that situation. we're back at the top of the hour.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
good morning. i'm sheinelle jones. president-elect donald trump is staying quiet despite the growing concern about his news on u.s. intelligence. he's yet to puck lickly acknowledge russia's interference in the presidential election. china has agreed to return a stolen u.s. navy research drone taken from international waters last week. trump waded in on twitter saying china should "keep the drone." and dangerous winter weather continues to cause problems across the country. snow and record cold temperatures make for treacherous travel. we start this hour with president-elect donald trump who is spending the holidays at his mar-a-lago estate amid


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