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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  December 19, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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that does it for us for this hour of msnbc live from miami right now. we got more news from my colleague, ali velshi. >> thank you, halie jackson, you have a great afternoon. russia ambassador assassinated. nbc's bill neely is inside aleppo and more on the evacuation of the syrian girl who's the face of the city's conflict and the electoral college about to make donald trump's win official and not without a little drama. we'll have those states by states results as they come in. the protest efforts to get electors to trump trump. while a vote is a long shot. we start with the breaking news
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out of turkey of the ambassador shot and killed at the art exhibit in the capitol city. the attack captured in chilling video. our team is following developments here in the studio and on the ground. first to msnbc's senior editor, cal perry. he's got the disturbing footage. >> it is graphic and what you are going to see is the russian ambassador being shot from behind by what we now understand is a turkish police officer. take a look. >> you can hear the audio there. here is what the gunman says in arabic. he switched to turkish and he says do not forget aleppo and syria. you are killing people in aleppo so we'll kill you, too.
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>> the gunman of a brazen fashion and says i have nothing against you, speaking to the people here in this room. you are free to go, i am here to die, the gunman later died in a shoot out with turkish authorities. all of this happening at a museum in turkish capitol. it was entitled russia through turkish eye. it was a photography exhibit. the gunman he lingered behind the russian ambassador. he was a career diplomatic. the gunman lingering right behind the ambassador as he spoke to the media and as the ambassador was speaking to the media, he takes out his pistol and shoots him in the back, a brazen attack,obviously, ali. >> cal perry. thank you for that, now, lets go to istanbul of richard engel that's there. there was a message from the gunman. did we know that was a message on behalf of someone or he's working on his own, what do we know? >> reporter: the interior
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ministry said a short while ago that he was a riot police officer in the city. that was a first official confirmation that he was in fact of the members of the turkish security forces. there is reports that he was off duty at the time. he clearly looked comfortable in the room. he was able to get into this diplomatic event with his pistol. he was standing behind the ambassador as cal was describing. while the ambassador was speaking, moments into his remarks, he pulled out his pistol and opened fire and firing a burst of eight or more gunshots and then started to shou shout. what he was shouting in arabic and turkey was, he said, we are those who pledged allegiance to muhammad and the jihad. clearly identifying himself as a
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jihadist who's carrying this out. as for motivation, he went onto describe that this was pay back for russia's involvement, he says don't forget aleppo and syria. you will not taste security if our region is not safe and he started shouting to some of the people in the room. journalists and others gathered for this event telling them to stand back and pointing his weapon at them. then he went onto say, death can only take me out of here. after that he left the exhibit hall himself and smashed some paintings and went on some photograph and went up to the second floor and engaged in about a 15 minute gun battle with turkish police who then killed him. >> richard, turkey, had a rough year, they had attacks from kurdish separatists and attack at the airport which isis claimed responsibility for and an attempted presidential coo.
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and they are a nato country and u.s. allies what are we looking for in coming hours, what are we expecting to happen? >> reporter: well, i think what people want to know here was, was this attacker self motivated? was he a riot police officers, off duty who was anal to get access to his building and get access to the ambassador and decided on his own that he was going to carry out this attack, there was a lot of anger in this country and across the muslim world because of the joint russian syria offensive against the city of aleppo and other parts of opposition held syria. or, was he directed or specifically connected to isis or one of the other militant groups that operate inside of syria. i think that's going to be the connection right now. was he operating on his own and angry
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angry and had access or was this an attack of orchestrated elsewhere. >> this was the first time since the 1920s of the russian ambassador have been assassinated or that. >> richard engel for us. thank you, we turn to politics. electoral college, e llectors a meeting roiight now to cast the ballots over the next 60 minutes. official results are setting up protests. >> the votes are for donald trump. [ inaudible ] >> everyone of you are pathetic. >> change, change, change, change. >> this is not america. >> protests in states like
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michigan and texas today. some of trump's vocal critics urging unity. >> being an elector and having the responsibility to cast the vote should not be taken for granted and i don't think you do. it is an important responsibility. and as we cast our votes today, for the president-elect trump, then sometimes in january, we'll have an inauguration and we'll have a president. >> joining me now from austin, msnbc's jacob soboroff and in washington, nbc's senior political editor, mark murray, it is good to see you guys. first, jacob, texas, the state that donald trump won handedly. what does it seem like where you are? >> well, you know as you know, donald trump needs 37 electors
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to switch over from his side in order for him to not become officially the president of the united states. 38 electors are going to be voting here at this beautiful texas capitol building here in the rotunda. all the people lining up here are not necessarily to be those electors but they are here to watch the process. there is a great deal of interest in this state. what are you going in for today, did you expect anything to change? >> i am hoping that something will change because we need a good leader for america. >> reporter: do you think it is likely? realistically, odds are way, way against the electoral college going any other way than donald trump? >> would you have thought this had come out the way that it did with the numbers? >> reporter: touche. what's your name?
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>> stefanie. not very many people expect donald trump to come out today as president-elect of the united states. it is been a tough election cycle, we'll have to wait and see what happens at the end of today. jacob, all right, we'll check in as that process continues. mark, a new political morning consult poll found that 46% people think that electors should stick with the voters of their state. and a third thinks it is okay for them to make their own decision. explain why the magic number today is 37. 37 is the magic number, really gets back to where the election was. let me walk you through symptoms symptoms -- some of the number that is we have. we have now that at least one donald trump, elector, is
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probably going to vote for someone else. there is also reporting too that hillary clinton electors are voting for bernie sanders or other people so this may cancel itself out. what we end up seeing the people who already, the electoral college results have gone on, there is still a lot of the countries that have not. when you end up getting where the electoral college vote is right now, 306 and this was after nbc's own counting, leading up to today. hillary clinton at 232. you end up getting 37 needed because the magic number is 270 to be able to elect someone t president and you become president and you cross that 270. if somehow donald trump does not have 37 electors, does that put him down to 279. as i mentioned to you, hillary clinton already having some faith less electors on here own end so that would boost that number to 38 and 39 and 40
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perhaps. bottom line, one of the big reasons why is these electors are happening is most people are party officials. these people are voting on the way that they wanted to. these things are so much more exceptions rather than the world. >> thanks such for that and jacob soboroff as well. evan mcmullin, do you remember? former cia, counter terrorism officer, he's with us now, good to see you, your home state of utah votes at this hour. you came close to winning utah. is this ga-- is it good or is i under mining the will of the people? >> well, great to be with you. it is adel kate balance. the electoral college was established for a purpose and that purpose was in part of a safety valve to prevent someone
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that's a creature of a foreign power or unfit from taking presidency. it plays an important role. i don't expect anything to change today of what the expected outcome is. there maybe one or more who defact and vote on the republican side. i don't see that -- the electoral college has a progr s prerogative to consider which way it goes. every elector has its own opportunity to make his or her own choice. there is some state laws that manage that a little bit. but, it plays an important role but i just don't think it is going to change the outcome today. i think what we need to focus on for those of us who are still concerned of donald trump presidency. we need to focus on the other checks in our system that remains in place that we can use to keep him from doing things to our country that are harmful. >> let me ask you this.
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a lot of people think the electoral college needs to be changed. in your case, except if somebody did not reach that 270 votes and there were talk, a lot of talks about here is the way the road to which evan mcmullin to possibly becoming president of the united states. you maybe one american who thinks you could have been president because there is an electoral college. >> well, yes, but it is less about me. we knew that what we were doing was going to be challenging to achieve in that way and we were in the election first and for most to stand up for basic fundamentals and time less and american ideals that every man and woman is created equal and we have a right to life and pursuit of happiness, we are fighting for those things this very day. the race was very close and we were doing well in the mountain
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west and utah especially. it looked like that could be a possibility. but, i expect donald trump to prevail in the electoral college today and i believe in america, it is time for a new era of civic engagement and defend our liberty and the pure suit of happiness. thank you for joining us and thank you for pursuitieing thos goals. >> today we are asking you this on our microsoft pulse question. all eyes are on 538 electors to officially photo for the president and vice president today. is it time to re-evaluate how the electoral college works? head over to our website on pulse.
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evacuations are under way as innocent victims are heading out. where he getting a new view of the condition. the powerful play in north carolina and state legislatures limiting the power of the incoming democratic governor. will the newly signed laws stand a chance once roy cooper takes the oath of office. lford quads. (laughter) we're in 8th grade. technology is the only thing that really entertains us. i'm gonna use this picture on sketchbook, and i'm going to draw mustaches on you all. using the pen instead of fingers, it just feels more comfortable for me. be like, boop! it's gone. i like that only i can get into it and that it recognizes my fingerprint. our old tablet couldn't do that. it kind of makes you feel like you're your own person, which is a rare opportunity in (laughter)
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. legislatures in north carolina calling a special session on tuesday to repeal house bill 2. this is the bill that's signing to law back in march by governor pat mccory which forces people to use restroom according to their sex, listed on their birth certificates. roy cooper says the bill will be repealed in full. this development coming just days after the gop pulled off a
11:19 am
coup in north carolina. the state passed a proposal and stripping the incoming democratic governor of many of his hours. joining me now from raleigh, the executive director of the north carolina's republican party. dallas, good to see you. this is all about this bill. the legislature past h 32 to roll back bills like that that the city of charlotte have passed and promoting the idea that you should use the bathroom of the gender of which you identify rather than the one that is on your birth certifica certificate. it is a deal that's been cut. if charlotte takes away this law. the legislatures takes away it, too. >> this deal has been out there for months. the legislature never wanted
11:20 am
this fight, governor pat mccory never wanted this fight. they were concerned of bad actors, not people with legitimate issues of using this to access restroom and shower facilities that they should not be able to. charlotte has this ordinance and the deal has been out there for months that the legislature would repeal what they did and fortunate that our roy cooper over the summer defeated the compromise like this and as he did again in the fall. it shows the political nature of charlotte and mr. roy cooper. >> dallas, you know there is no real thing about this and there is no number supports the fact that people who claims to use someone else's bathroom of their gender. it is a made up fear. >> there is no issues of charlotte of people going to the bathroom either. >> fair enough. >> excluding people is different than including people. charlotte is trying to say you should go to the bathroom that you are comfortable with and the republicans of north carolina
11:21 am
are saying no, you should not. >> it is important to remember that we have gone to public restrooms provided by little boys and girls since we had them. this is a massive social change that was unnecessary and it was forced upon -- >> dallas, that is sort of a weird logic. we used to have separate bathrooms and water facilities and buses for black and white people. >> we are better off for it, right? >> of course, we are. that's a ridiculous comparison. >> you said we have been going bathrooms for little girls and little boys forever and that's massive social change to change that and i gave you an example of massive social change. >> i think comparing and keeping little boys going to bathrooms and little girls in bathrooms away from grown men is not comparable and i find it to be
11:22 am
offensive. what is obvious to you today was not obvious to a lot of americans 50 or 60 or 70 years ago. >> thank you for the lecture. >> i am not offering a lecture. this whole thing, the legislature had done this several months ago and as you said was on the table. your governor may have been reelected. >> well, if that's true, it shows the political nature of this issue by the democrats, you know if this is the most important thing, and i didn't want to inflict the economic harm on north carolina, they could have helped do this as well. as a matter of feedback, i thought of adding up the lost of avenue from losing the acc championship football game and say that should be reported as a contribution for the cooper governor campaign. >> charlotte did not cause that to happen. it was the legislatures that caused economic boycott of north carolina. >> i would disagree with that. the legislature would not pass anything if charlotte would not have upset this. >> this is a circular argument i
11:23 am
would imagine. you have argued that -- it is something that has happened before and in the '70s and you are saying it is normal course of action, the government in power and the legislatures is a different power, strip them of power. i don't think it is a good idea to use the word coupe. if you look at webster coup, it is a violent and illegal throw. this is a normal disagreement between divided government and in a state and i think it is important that lows executive powers. we elect a statewide council of people, treasure and insurance commissioner and people to divide power away from the governor and we don't have three branches of governor. we have a massively strong legislation than we do with governor. we have the 47th weakest governor in america no matter
11:24 am
who it is. this has happens in the '70s and '80s and '90s. >> you were not troubled when this republican governor is a little stronger than the democratic governor was going to be. >> i was not. i don't believe it is a moral question. i believe it is a political question that's been answered the same way time in and time out, the legislature reasserts its authorities and scales back power from the chief executives that's not close. >> just so you and i don't get up in the same argument, i am not going to say just because something has been done for a long time continues it is going to be done because you are going to tell me i am comparing race of gender and bathroom. >> i don't think it is a moral question. you didn't mind a governor was stronger and now there is a democratic governor coming in and you think the governor should not be too strong. just saying. it does not seem to be consistent. >> i think under north
11:25 am
carolina's history it is pretty consistent. >> dallas, good to talk to you. dallas woodhous. >> merry christmas. >> thank you, you too. >> we'll be watching this state by state electoral college vote as they come in. a deep freeze continues to grip most of america, records being broken from coast to coast. we a live in chicago with more on when the mercury could rise crise. there's a denture adhesive that holds strong until evening.
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11:29 am
where the gunman killed this three-year-old, he was shot on sunday of what police called aappare apparent act of road rage. they opened fire on the grandma's car because she was not moving fast enough on the stop sign. americans are dealing with the deep freeze and seeing temperatures ten to twenty degrees below average. 15 lives lost from coast to coast. thousands of lives are cancelled. in syria, evacuations are under way for tens of thousands of people in the city of aleppo. security council voted unanimously and new drone videos showing the devastation in the area, buildings and roads, look at this. anything recognizable? destroyed as far as the eye can see.
11:30 am
as msnbc bill neely reports discussing the living condition there and is sad to leave the city. >> reporter: president assad's forces, civilians are finally being free after six months under seas. these bus are evacuating and thousands are from east aleppo. escaped from a deadly siege to an uncertain future. buses crammed with desperate people and left the ruins of aleppo, taking them to safety. dozens more buses lined up, around 30,000 people are waiting to go. among those freed, the 7-year-old is saved in the arm of a doctor. for months on twitter, she's been telling the world of the suffering of her city and her fears she would die in the bombing. dozens of orphans who tried for
11:31 am
days to escape are finally reached a safer area. but, for these new refugees, safe does not mean happy. they're now enduring winter at a syrian army camp. they just come from rebel held aleppo where hunger was never far away. so when food suddenly arrives, they chased it. men and women and children in a crush to eat. >> this is what desperation looks like. these people have not had access to proper food for years. the syrian army tried to starve them to surrender. >> the food is being thrown from the back of the vehicle. people are fighting to try to get their hands on it. crowded people, reduced the beggars by siege warfare. rebel aleppo has fallen to its presiden
11:32 am
president's army literally. the damage of the billing uildi clear. the evacuation could prove to be the end of the siege ware far. it is cruel for civilians on both sides. many of them are children and some of them are a fans who know nothing but war. back to you. >> nbc our bill neely. breaking news the latest on today's assassination of russia's ambassador slain during an art exhibit.
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there is an investigation that's starting. i am not going to go through it. we have to remember that there is a mourning family out there. there is a diplomat now who laid dead and a family that's going through an incredibly tough
11:36 am
time. >> john kirby on the breaking news out of turkey where the russian ambassador was killed. kirby is refusing to call the attack terrorism. a warning that this video you are too see is disturbing. [ screams ] >> i want, i wa to go to cal pe who's been following this. that's a turkish policeman. >> he's lingering there behind the ambassador as the ambassador spoke to the media. he calmly takes out his weapon and assassinate his ambassador in front of the media and afterwards he spoke to the media about the people in aleppo. obviously, when these things happen, there are politics calling it terrorism verses hoping or thinking that the person was a lone wolf.
11:37 am
when it comes to turkey and russia, they have a relationship, it was just over a year ago where the turks who are nato member shot a russian member out in the sky. >> then we had a turkish coup. russia is becoming the dominate region. this is something that turkey has to step back. tomorrow there will be a meeting between the turks and the irania iranians. what you are saying and what the turks are looking at now is a new reality on the ground and the reality that's controlled by the russians and not the americans. >> the turks and syrians used to enjoy a good relationship including president erdogan of turkey and bashar al-assad and they are friends, they got together. this deteriorated more than anything. >> it deteriorated refugees. turkey was the first country to open its door to immigrants.
11:38 am
a lot of the country in the area is saying watch out, what is going to buy you is what's happening now. >> the shooter says we do in the name of professjihad. >> then he goes in to turkish and talks about aleppo. was this is alone act, they're going to try to find everyone involved. >> again, for context and our viewers, when he blames russia for aleppo, what he's saying is the turkish government now has taken control all of aleppo including east of aleppo which are held back by u.s. groups. >> you have the shifting narratives. if you are russians and aleppo was liberated and it was just free and the civilian who is are
11:39 am
hiding behind the rebels and being used as a human shields are safe. >> if you are watching this on the tush kish sirkish side. they should not be there to begin with. >> the state department, you did not want eastern aleppo fallen back to the government. >> no, the government is back on track and assad is again -- this gives assad of the oxygen he needs to carry on. cal perry, thank you very much. the first lady raising eye brows at a new interview saying some feel little hope after trump's win. it is going to clash of her husband's call for a smooth transition? donald trump is weighing in. this is all happening as electors meeting across the country voting for donald trump. we'll have it all here for you as msnbc live continues.
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protesters and rallies as we approach the sixth hour of this electoral college. sorry, 538 members of the electoral college met today to cast their ballots for the president of the united states. these are the states that are voting at this hour. joining me to vote it all down is jamal simmons and our noelle, thanks for being with us, people who are genuinely angry and some of them are scared and it looks that antitrump forces are going to prevail today. jamal, i have seen a lot of your tweets about this sort of thing. what are democrats supposed to
11:44 am
do here? are they supposed to tamp down these demonstrations and the rhetoric that's coming in and focusing on what they could do having not won the election. >> i am not going to stop people wanting to protest. not just because we got a president who won without the majority of the vote. that happens before. we got somebody threaten the foundation of things that we thought of -- i am prepared and i am going to hold him on standards based of him doing a bad job. >> right, i feel that from your tweet and ts and the things you written that democrats should not be angry on the things that's going on and they should be focused on what they want to take on of a trump administration and things like this could be a distraction. everything is outrageous and nothing becomes an outrage to voters and so who we have to sway back to.
11:45 am
there are a lot of things that democrats will do that make ourselves feel better. because we want to explain how upset we are. vote for him and the next democrat is. vision for the future might. i want to get vision for the future. >> nicole, let me ask you this of michelle obama's final interview making a lot of headlines right now. lets listen to it in her words. >> your husband's administration and everything is about hope. do you think this administration achieved that? >> yes. >> i do. because we feel that difference now. now we are feeling not having hope feels like. >> i met with president obama and michelle obama in the white house and my wife was there, she could not have been nicer.
11:46 am
i honestly believe that she meant that statement a different way that it came in. >> michelle obama said it and what you think she meant by it and that donald trump chimed in. lets start of what you think michelle obama meant. there are some people who are living with not having hope feels like. >> michelle obama is notorious for speaking her mind. she's a passionate woman. this lady is passionate. i believe she was sitting with her friend oprah and she's having an honest election. she felt that and there is a part of truth in michelle obama in what she said. i feel that there is some people feels like with donald trump all hope is down the tubes. i think that she's relaying that. as a reflection. >> what is your message as a republican to democrats? >> you know -- this is a touchy point because i have gotten a
11:47 am
lot of people and i have a lot of friends who are democrats, you know what, here we go, gun and bibles and yeehaw and who cares of what we wanted and everything that obama worked for and all the changes that obama did is all for nothing. i am like you know what? wait and see. some of trump's appointees if they get confirmed, they'll be serious con teptenders and a lo them are doing this for the greater good and they don't need the bad publicity. give it a chance. a lot of people had to give obama a chance and while they may not have agreed with his policy. there are some points and some things that he did that were not all together bad. give it a chance. in the meanwhile, look for something better and try to see where you went wrong in missing that middle class vote. >> for people out there who are going to schools and no now -- where their mothers and
11:48 am
daughters who are seeing him as president and disrespecting women so much or undocumented, you may have a tough time with hope this these days. michelle obama is speaking out for that. we'll see what happens january going forward. >> i think you are both accepting the idea that there are people in america who legitimately are fearful and we'll have to wait and see. jamal, noelle as well, good to see you both. we'll keep you updated and lets get an update on our microsoft pulse question, we have been asking you about the electoral college. all eyes on the 538 votes to be cast for president and vice president today, is it time to reevaluate how the electoral college works? >> so far, those are your numbers. 82% say yes and 18% say no.
11:49 am
keep voting at and let your voice be heard. worl d ug and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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all right, oil prices, you have been noticing them going up. you start to feel it at the gas pump. its got nothing to do with u.s. politics. its got a lot to do with what's going on the rest of the world including opec. i want to go back to all the way to the year of 2000s. look at the movement of the price of oil. it peaked at $130 since then p. since then, the prices have fallen down a lot. joining me now is steven, the editor and the smartest guy on earth of oil prices. i am going to ask you the question that you probably got 100 times a day.
11:53 am
>> they gave it $6 or $7 to the price of oil based on the assumption that they'll make it good with cuts. i ha ail ranging to $55 a barrel on the high end, we got to $54 at the beginning of last week and broke $50 and backup to $50 today. we are in the higher end there. so i expect to see prices migrate right in, $55 on the high end and $45 or $40. >> steven, has that all filtered through already or are people seeing that in the gas prices or you think it is a little higher to go. >> people begin to feel the crunch, beginning now because we are in the holiday rush. that's why that are feeling it now. demands are going to happen in
11:54 am
january and february so you should, if we hold these prices around steady, you should feel a little bit more relief right after the holidays. once we get into march and april, what we have to do is start to blend for a different type of gasoline and different blending methodology and different types of stocks making gasoline. these are not readily available and we go into our season, those prices tend to rise. it will be better. at this level, prices are expensive than last year. the greatest scheme of things, it is affordable. >> we have a lot more to discuss with you. we'll have to continue at a different time. i have got breaking news right now. that breaking news is out of germany. a truck plowing into a berlin christmas market, multiple people killed. cal perry is joining us again, cal, this is the second time we are talking about people getting killed.
11:55 am
what's the story here in berlin. >> reporter: about an hour and a half ago at the main christmas market, you are looking at the photo there. a police spokesperson confirming to nbc that a truck plowed through that market. at this point, they are not ready to say whether or not this was intentional or an accident. the spokesperson did confirmed there are a number of people wounded and dead on the ground and that the investigation is obviously launching into high-gear. this is the fear that germany had been facing for the past few months. germany had been rounding up a number of people across the country in various terror raids and there was a raid two days ago where a twelve-year-old was arrested for plotting an attack on christmas market. manager that's typical in germany. unclear if this was an attack or an accident but unnerving for
11:56 am
authorities there. >> they are and what we are getting out of berlin police and german police, they don't know and they are living all options opened. they are treating this as possible a terrorist incident or something else? >> the way they phrase it to us and they are quoting possibly including a terror attack or a traffic accident. they are leaving it open for the investigation. but, listen, this was the concerned and this was the fear and that's why they are leaving it open for the investigation. this has been an ongoing threat and we have seen this threat before and we saw this in niese and more recently than that. for a country like germany, it is been under a high stake alert now. >> i hope i don't have to see you again this hour because there is not any good news when we see you. we'll continue this story on msnbc. we'll be right back. owe iliin s
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ifbe ow y geee ldbeulmir ch i thodid the ancestrydna toian. find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. that wraps up our coverage at this hour, kate snow is
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picking things up at this hour. we are beginning with that breaking news out of germany right now. we are starting to get some pictures. this is berlin and this is a christmas market downtown, busy square in the center of berlin, we know multiple people have been injured and some have been killed and we are going to go to cal perry who's been trangickin all of this. we don't know much so far, we know it this does not sound goo. >> reporter: this was what germany was worried about. a lorry of some kind and that truck that you saw there, at some point into the christmas market. this is obviously a tactic that has been used in the past by the islamic state. we saw this in niese and the


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