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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  January 31, 2017 2:30am-3:01am PST

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george h.w. bush was released from the houston hospital after concluding a 16-day battle with pneumonia. the president was admitted after having difficulty breathing and underwent a procedure to remove a blockage in his lungs. the spokesperson says the former president is, quote, thankful for the many prayers and kind messages he received during his stay as well as the world class care that both his doctors and nurses provided. and the white house confirms israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will visit the u.s. on february 15th. president trump has pledged former ties with israel after a rocky relationship with the obama administration. the two will look at possible new sanctions against iran in the wake of a ballistic missile test. and there's a new top law enforcement officer running the justice department, dana boente. he relieved sally yates after she refused to go forward with the president's executive order. and this morning jeff sessions
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will vote be voted on for attor general. and the president's execive order was being developed, written and rolled out. the associated press reports, quote, at least three top national security officials, defense secretary jim mathes, john kelly and rex tillerson were not aware of the details until the time trump signed it. the report goes on, mattis, who stood next to trump during friday's signing ceremony, is particularly incensed. a senior u.s. official says mattis along with joint chiefs joseph dunford was aware of the general concept of trump's order but not the details. tillerson has told the president's political advisers he was baffled over not being consulted on the sub stance of the order. then there's lawmakers, insiders blasted communication with the hill as terrible.
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newt gingrich told "the washington post" the problem they've got is an off-broad way performance of a show that is now the number one hit on broadway. it's confirmed to nbc news that michael mccaul nor bob goodlatte were consulted on this executive order. and politico says senior staffers helped donald trump's top aides draft the executive order, but the party leadership were not informed. and that the small group of staffers were among the only people on capitol hill who knew about what was to come. politico cites two sources familiar with the matter that the trump administration even asked the staffers to sign non-disclosure agreements. the communications committee director declined to comment, but an unaimed aide told politico, quote, like other congressional committees, some staff at the house judiciary committee were permitted to offer their policy expertise to the trump transition team about
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the imgraduation law. however the trump administration is responsible for the final policy decisions contained in the executive order and its subsequent roll-out and implementation. john corker said, he probably found out through the media. i know they said they talked to staffers on the hill, not in our office. senator marco rubio said the state department was told not to talk to congress about this issue, but the white house maintains key players were in the loop. >> there are 535 offices plus territories. >> my question for you is -- >> i'm not under an obligation because you called one of 535 offices which ones we talked to. there were leadership offices involved. >> the department of homeland security is set for later on this morning. and shortly after firing acting attorney general, president trump replaced the acting director of u.s. immigration and customs
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enforcement. daniel ragsdale was replaced by thomas homan. he has been in ice and removal operations since 2013. there was no immediate reason given for the change, but the homeland security secretary john kelly said, i am confident that homan will continue to serve as a strong, effective leader for the men and women of ice. homeland security said late last night that daniel ragsdale returns to his full-time position as deputy director. and now to the decision to give white house chief strategist steve bannon a seat on the principle's committee. the former nsa director michael hayden expressed concern saying the move seems to put ideology over the expertise of the director of the national security and the joint chiefs chairman. and former obama senior adviser david axelrod is weighing in saying, he woke up
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as an alternative fact at press secretary sean spicer said this on "morning joe" and later at his press briefings. >> david axelrod attended national security meetings, as did robert gibbs. so all we did was become transparent and put down on paper who is going to attend. >> well, let's be honest, i mean, david axelrod walked in and out of meetings quite frequently by several accounts and your accounts. what this shows is the administration is rather transparent. that it's putting on the -- out in public who is going in and out of the meetings, not just letting people go in willie nilly. >> did you walk out of nsa meetings quite frequently? >> no, not at all. i sat in on some principles committee meetings during the period when they were reviewing the afghanistan policy because the president was trying to make
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a weighty decision on where to go in afghanistan. and we knew it was one that would bear a lot of explanation and be very important to the american people. so robert gibbs, our press secretary and i, sat in as observers on the sessions to get a sense of how the decision came act and what the process was going into it. and never did we speak in those meetings. we were purely observers. this really is new ground that they're charting and using me as a kind of example or precedent is way off the mark. >> well, the federal agency assigned to keep people from entering the united states illegally may have defied a federal judge's court order accused of preventing permanent resident access to legal counsel. "the daily beast" reports on saturday evening a federal judge ordered customs and border protection officials at dulles international airport to let lawyers have access to all legal permanent residents being detained due to president trump's recent executive order on immigration. however, according to the site, the immigration attorneys learned detainees were only
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provided with a copy of the judge's order and a paper listing contact information for pro bono attorneys. what is not clear is if those attorneys were available this past weekend or even if the detainees had access to phones to reach those on the list. lawyers at the airport waited for hours hoping to meet with nose being held to know avail. senator cory booker visited the airport in an attempt to speak to customs officials who refused to see him and instead passed notes back and forth regarding the judge's order. three democratic members of congress also tried to speak with the customs officials but were rebuffed. and president trump is said to name his nominee for supreme court today in a primetime televised event set for this evening. the leader contenders are two federal judges with strong conservative records. judge neil gorsuch worked for byron white and anthony kennedy. and his mother was the head of the epa under ronald reagan.
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meanwhile, thomas hardiman of the third circuit was the first member of his family to attend college. he served on the same court as maryann trump, president trump's sister. president trump announced the plan for his pick on thursday. >> he wanted to move it up. testifi he was ready to go. on friday he made his decision and the president chose to go with it. plain and simple. there's really nothing more. >> meanwhile, some senate democrats are looking to block any one nominee the president selects. senator jeff lerkley said he will block any nominee other than merrick garland. this is the second time the senate will filibuster a supreme
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court nominee. now to business now with wall street suffered the worst day in 2017 with the dow dropping below the 20,000 mark. caroline roth is joining us live from london. we're hearing more companies are also responding to president trump's travel ban. what can you tell us? >> reporter: yes, absolutely. let's kick things off with the market. if you thought that donald trump still was in a honeymoon period with investors, now it has definitely ended with the executive order on banning immigration from seven states in the middle east. and as you said, the dow jones dropping below that crucial 20,000 handle again off by 0.6%. the worst day for u.s. equity markets. and the futures once again are looking choppy this morning. and as you said, more and more companies are coming out and talking about that executive order. among them, consumer giant proctor & gamble saying, quote, for the broader pg community, we
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are creating an environment where all people are welcome, all people are valued and all people are respected. and guys, that trump travel ban may also have negative impact on some of the aircraft order that is have been made by the likes of boeing last year. now, analysts say that around $20 billion worth of boeing commercial aircraft orders to iran and iraq may be reversed under this executive order. and along with that, some of the jobs that would have been created may be reversed as well. when boeing announced the deal back in december, boeing said the new orders will support nearly 100,000 jobs. so it's very much unclear what happens to these orders and those jobs. and last but not least, let's talk about walmart versus amazon. now, walmart said it is scrapping its shipping pass program. that's a two-day shipping service it was testing to
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compete with amazon prime. that's no longer. the world's biggest retailer now will offer free two-day shipping on more than 2 million items if the minimum spent is above $35. that is down from its previous spending threshhold of $50. back over to you. >> cnn's caroline roth live from london. thank you so much. and later this morning, nbc's keir simmons will join us from london as thousands protest the trump administration's travel ban in an upcoming visit. we'll look forward to that. also ahead this morning, another historic decision from the boy scouts of america. plus, new reaction from senator chuck schumer overnight after the president dismissed his tears over the travel ban as, quote, fake. and there wasn't a dry eye in the house as a soldier returned home to boston last night. much to the surprise of his family. we are back in a emt mo. moment. per roll
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welcome back. just 18 months after the boy scouts of america said they were end i ending their ban on transgender programs, they no longer will be going by gender identity. they said the state laws are interpreting gender differently, adding the bsa is committed to identifying program option that is will help us truly serve the whole family. and this is an area that we will continue to thoughtfully evaluate to bring the benefits of scouting to the greatest number of youth possible. well, louis, in their winning game against the detroit pistons last night, the boston celtics won over fans and hearts. the team stagea homeming for u.s. national guard sergeant matthew knoll. his mother there is completely overcome with emotion and disbelief as she sees her son
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walk into the arena. hats off to them. what a special moment. good for you guys. >> making mom happy, right? >> i know. i the we don't have such nice pictures to show. yeah, pennsylvania and snow squalls seem like a bad mix. every year we get the snow squalls, unlike interstate 70 and the pennsylvania turnpike. quickly, it turns into this. this was a big pile up there yesterday. so we could see a similar situation today. we have roads slippery from overnight snow in michigan, ohio. the drive from cleveland to erie is not fun. and detroit to grand rapids, those are snow-covered roads. chicago, you lucked out last night. you were warm enough to have all rain out of this. this is the forecast for the next 24 hours. this area has already seen some snow, that's four inches out here. areas in the cat skills, binghamton, two to four inches. the timing of this is this afternoon and early this evening. so the evening commute could be rough.
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hartford, two to three inches. same for providence and boston. that may be enough with the timing to make the roads difficult heading up 81 or across the mass pike. south of new york city, you're fine. warm enough for all rain. here's the timing, just about now, there's the snow in the blue. by the time we get to the noon hour, that is when the snow breaks out through southern portions of new york all through the hudson valley. that's when we'll see snow from new york city up to hartford, connecticut. notice the snow in pittsburgh, but primarily pittsburgh looks to be too warm. most of the heavier snow is to your north. by 5:00 p.m., it is concentrated in southern new england with more snow squalls and snow showers from cleveland to areas near erie. so snow covered roads definitely through ohio, pennsylvania and then this evening in areas of southern new england. then tomorrow, we're dealing with windy conditions in more lake-effect. today's forecast, i'll point out, if you're in the southern half of the country, i mean, this is an unbelievable january. if we hit 70 today in atlanta, it will be the most 70-degree
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days we've ever had in january in atlanta. 57 in new orleans. 70 in oklahoma city is great. 60 in denver. there are probably people wearing shorts in denver at 60 degrees. d.c., 55 degrees. then heading into february, we start to see some cold coming down from canada. but still, no complaints, alex. i mean, 48 tomorrow in d.c. again. 58 in oklahoma city. you get the picture. the southern half of the country is saying, what winter? while everyone in the north is getting ready to do a little shoveling. >> i know, shorts in denver. >> 60 this time of the year, my son would wear shorts in denver this time of the year. >> totally he would. still ahead, barack obama makes his first post-presidency comments. plus, we'll take you live to london where protesters are taking to the streets to prevent donald trump from visiting the u.k. later this year. we're back in a moment. so beautiful. what shall we call you? tom! name it tom! studies show that toms have the highest average earning potential over their professional lifetime. see? uh, it's a girl. congratulations!
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donald trump held a press conference with british miami theresa may. it seemed like they were focused on one thing. take a look at this. >> we have a good relationship. >> we have already struck up a good relationship. >> i hope we have a fantastic relationship. >> we can build a stronger, special relationship. >> and it turned out to be a great relationship. >> can we get an update on where the relationship is? >> it's not a relationship. >> okay. people in several british cities took to the streets last night protesting the new travel ban instituted in the u.s. thousands jammed in front of
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prime minister theresa may's office. a member of britain's labor party said donald trump has been president for a few days and look at what he's doing. this comes as a petition to cancel the president's upcoming state visit has passed with 1.5 million signatures. and keir simmons is here, i cannot believe how quickly that took off. 1.5 million signatures on that petition. >> reporter: yeah, and what the british prime is getting, and i guess it's worth watching because it's a lesson in how foreign relations with other governments might go. the british prime minister is getting herself a lesson in the dangers of getting close to this new president. the opposition building here to president trump coming to the u.k. and the date hasn't been fixed yet, but the plan would be for a state visit to meet the queen. it's obviously one of the diplomatic things that britain can offer that people like very much. world leaders like very much. and people wanted to be offered to donald trump that petition now of 1.5 million people. those crowds gathering there in
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manchester, edenborough and in london. it's the people on the streets and there are others supportive of the new president. the foreign secretary equivalent of the secretary of state here describes the executive order as divisive, discriminatory and wrong. but at the same time, urging people not to demonize the new president. and many others pointing out that the u.s. is britain's closest ally and that it would be a mistake to find itself or britain to find itself on the side of the opposition to president trump. >> nevertheless, a little bit of a diplomatic tight-rope walking there. thank you very much. louis? >> after leaving the white house a week ago, former president barack obama returned to the political arena issuing a statement through his spokesperson saying he was encouraged by the demonstrations taking place around the country. he says in part, quote, citizens
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exercising their constitutional right to assemble, organize and have their voices heard by their elected officials is exactly what we expect to see when american values are at stake. and the former president also rejected president trump's claim that his travel ban is similar to what president obama did in 2011 regarding refugees from iraq. saying, quote, the president fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion. "the washington post" has pointed out that president obama's policy was in response to a specific threat after iraqi refugees had been found conspiring against u.s. troops. president obama also slowed the refugee process instead of halting it. all right, louis, yesterday we showed you senate minority leader chuck schumer tearing up while discussing president trump's executive order. that drew criticism from none other than the president yesterday dismissing it as fake. here's how the whole thing played out since the senator spoke on sunday. >> this executive order -- was
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mean-spirited and un-american. >> i noticed that chuck schumer yesterday with fake tears. i'm going to ask him who was his acting judge, because i know very well, i don't see him as a crier. if he is, he's a different man. there's a 5% chance it was real, but i think they were fake tears. >> i'm not going to respond to donald trump and dignify these comments. he aught to just repeal this awful order, which is likely to be declared unconstitutional and then we can work with him on, you know, further vetting of refugees where it's needed. >> well, white house press secretary sean spicer defended the president's rematches saying, quote, he hasn't seen too many tears coming from senator schumer over the last eight years. and when we come back, a look at the stories happening in the day ahead.
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the prime minister of canada justin trudeau, in the middle of all the uproar, tweeted this. he wrote, to those fleeing persecution, terror and war, canadians will welcome you regardless of your faith. diversity is our strength. #welcometocanada. gee, thanks, justin. as if we didn't look bad already. this is like when your mom catches you smoking and your little brother bursts in and says, i got an "a" on my book report. >> before we toss it over to "morning joe," we'll check on the stories in the day ahead. president trump is expected to announce his latest pick for supreme court to replace justice anthony scalia tonight at 8:00 p.m. and today various senate committees will meet to vote on attorney general nominee jeff sessions, rick perry for energy and congressman ryan zinke for interior. the nominations of education
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secretary betsy devos and hhs secretary tom price will be up for approval. >> that's a wrap for us on this tuesday. i'm mean-spirited and un-american. >> i notice chuck schumer yesterday with fake tears. i'm going to ask him who was his acting coach. i know him very well. i don't see him as a crier. if he is, he's a different man. there's a 5% chance it was real, but i think they were fake tears. >> all right. good morning, everybody. it's tuesday january 31st


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