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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 16, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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the white house once again in crisis control as new reports suggest president trump revealed highly classified information to russian officials during a face to face meeting in the oval office. and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are weighing in on this latest black eye for the trump administration, with one top official saying the white house is in a downward spiral. later, from bad to worse, they lay out accusations in that
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country's bloody civil war. good morning, everybody. it's tuesday, may 16. another week has brought an injury to the white house. revealing that president trump revealed highly classified information to the russian minister and ambassador in a face-to-face meeting last week. the information was provided by a u.s. partner through an intelligence-sharing arrangement considered so sensitive, details have been withheld from allies and tightly restricted even within the u.s. government. the foreign partner had not given the u.s. permission to share the material with russia, and trump's decision to do so reportedly endangers cooperation from an ally that has access to the inner workings of the islamic state. officials told the post that
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trump revealed the city in the islamic territory where they detected the threat. a detail the "washington post" is withholding at the urging of officials in the trump administration who warned it would jeopardize important intelligence capabilities. they said this is code information that should be kept at the highest levels. general mcmaster appeared to push back on that report. >> the story that came out tonight as reported is false. the president and the foreign minister reviewed a range of common threats to our two countries, including threats to civil aviation. at no time, at no time, were intelligence sources or methods discussed. and the president did not disclose any military operations that were not already publicly known. to other senior officials who are present, including the secretary of state, remember the
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meeting the same way and have said so. all other record accounts should outweigh those of anonymous sources. i was in the room. it did not happen. >> some members of congress were quick to respond to that, others reserved judgment. paul ryan said, quote, we have no way to know what was said, but protecting our nation's secrets is paramount. the speaker hopes for a full explanation of the facts. including senator bob corker who suggests the white house needs to get itself under control. >> obviously they're in a downward spiral right now and needs to figure out how to come to grips with all that's happening. the chaos that is being created by the lack of discipline is creating an environment that i think makes -- it creates a worrisome environment. >> it's disturbing and let's
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find out what death tails athe whether it actually happened or not. we have an initial report and it's very difficult to comment until we get all the facts here. >> it's really shocking. the suggestion that he might have shared highly classified information inappropriately with the russian foreign minister is deeply troubling, particularly at a time when we have so many other challenges facing us internationally and domestically. >> then chuck schumer on twitter writing, the president owes the intelligence community, the american people and congress a full explanation. martin hinrich of new mexico wrote, pro tip. don't give the russians classified information. and republican congressman carlos curbelo of florida tweeted, the importance of carefully handling classified information was one of the big lessons of 2016. all leaders should be held to the same standard. the handling of classified information was one of the leading topics of discussion in last year's presidential race,
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and "the 11th hour" with brian williams had this look back. >> some bad things came out today, the word classified. you know the word classified. this was not just extreme carelessness with classified material which is still totally disqualifying. this is calculated, deliberate, premeditated misconduct. the secretary of state was extremely careless and negligent in handling our classified secrets. she lied about passing on classified information, right? in my administration, i'm going to enforce all laws concerning the protection of classified information. she said she sent nothing classified. a total lie. we can't have someone in the oval office who doesn't understand the meaning of the word "confidential" or
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"classified." but classified information in the reach of our enemies. classified, confidential. they're so classified. they're beyond classified. and maybe classified at the highest, highest level. how sad. >> so let's get into this. joining us from washington is politico's author daniel litman. give us a temperature of what republicans are feeling this morning now in light of all this information and the possibility that president trump may have revealed this classified information to the russians. >> i think republicans think this is a huge black eye for their party and for trump himself, and it also hurts their priorities on the hill because everyone just keeps talking about the latest controversy of the week. republicans have always been seen as the party that is all about national security, but this really undermines that reputation. >> daniel, you know, there is -- at least it appears, because the
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president can declassify with broad authority. clearly what's at risk here is, let's not tell the president what's important. >> it's very hard to say no to the president when he asks for sources and methods, and it also hurts potential cooperation with foreign intelligence agencies. they've long been worried that if they give information now to the u.s. government, that will get to president trump and he may reveal it by accident, even, to an adversary. and so that -- really, that foreign intelligence cooperation could go down between those agencies and langley. >> how is the white house dealing with all of this? it seems one story after another we're hearing, one story after another, one catastrophe after another they have to deal with. what's their strategy going forward? >> it's really like kind of all hands on deck at the white
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house. everyone was working tremendously hard over the weekend because they wanted to have a good week, and then this story dropped, and so they feel like had he can't catthey can't. it's not their fault, it's more president trump doing what he wants to do, so we shouldn't blame reince priebus or steve bannon. those people were not revealing that classified information. the president's meeting with russian officials came just hours after he abruptly fired fbi director james comey after he was thinking about this russian thing, the sit-down with sergey lavrov came at the suggestion of vladimir putin two weeks ago on may 2nd as president trump told nbc last week. >> when i spoke with putin, he asked whether or not i would see lavrov. what am i going to say, no, i won't see him? i will see him.
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during that discussion with lavrov, i think we had a great discussion having to do with syria, having to do with the ukraine, and maybe that discussion will lead to a lot less people getting killed and will lead ultimately to peace. >> so the white house did not allow american press in to photograph trump with the russian leaders and the official white house readout only mentioned lavrov in the meeting. but photographs which were allowed in revealed kislyak was also in attendance. it brought about his ouster and attorney general jeff sessions recused himself from the russian investigation after he failed to disclose his meetings with kislyak. the president and putin failed to meet in homburg, germany.
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senator ben sasse, senator joe manchin and representative eric swalwell will join in on the conversation. the regime has also authorized the extra judicial killings of thousands of detainees using mass hangings at the military prison. the regime responsible for killing as many as 50 detainees per day. credible sources have believed that many of the bodies have been disposed in mass graves. we now believe that the syrian regime has installed a crematorium in the prison complex which could dispose of detainees' remains with little evidence. >> so that military prison nicknamed the slaughter house is located 45 minutes just outside
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damascus and is just one of the facilities where it is believed prisoners are held and abused. it purported to show the prison and its corruption. as many as 70 prisoners are held in cells with the capacity of five. he has previously denied that mass executions take place at this facility. stewart jones adds that the mass executions were carried out, quote, seemingly with the unconditional support of russia and iran. when asked if he believes russia or iran had anything to do with the crematorium, he simply says no. now speaking with john f. kennedy's grandson, obama defended his decision not to bomb syria as requiring the most
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political courage. >> let's take a look at the congressional race making big headlines after casting ballots in the special election for atlanta and florida district. they will soon be headed back to the polls in the january runoff. he talked to a crowd about the importance of electing handel in order to pass tax reform. 30-year-old democratic candidate john ossoff made 18 million in the first polling period. over 30 million has been spent in just tv advertising alone. republicans in north carolina, a legal blow after that state's ongoing i.d. battle. the celtics face off against the wizards in a decisive game there. game 7 is up.
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everyone's talking about, tonight. and the bill you need to pay? do it in seconds. because we should fit into your life, not the other way around. go to welcome back. the u.s. supreme court has struck down north carolina's republicans last effort to revive a state motor id law that they found illegally targeted voters. they will not hear the 1989 case which broke down portions of the law. in a statement, chief justice roberts noted that although the court declined to hear the case, it faces no opinion about the merits of the issue. head of the naacp and plaintiff
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of the case says the ruling is a victory for justice which is important for african-americans and the nation. a winning reporter who specialized in reporting on drug trafficking and organized crime was shot down. he wrote several books on the drug trade. this is at least the sixth journalist murdered in mexico since early march. they are investigating whether it was connected with valdez's work or a carjacking gone wrong. they condemned the attack calling it an outrageous crime. let's turn to weather where parts of the country will face severe weather today, damaging winds, large hail and even tornadoes. this was a scene near dumont, iowa yesterday evening as a group of storm chasers ducked for cover as their vehicle gets
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pelted with hail. in some cases the hail was the size of half dollars. i guess you don't want to be outside when that starts coming down, bill. let's get with our meteorologist bill carasn. we're also dealing with the heat. >> it's not always tornadoes that can cause damage. sometimes we get these dust gusts that come out of storms. this was in iowa. again, the winds really picked up and there was enough dust and debris that visibility got pretty poor there for a short period of time. a little bit of dirt cleanup there in areas of iowa. so as we go into today, severe weather has really kind of waned. we still have thunderstorms out there. minneapolis have dealt with some storms. some are approaching green bay. we have a very active, very juicey atmosphere. today we have a chance for tornadoes. didn't have any yesterday. you should be right around 500. we had 726 so far. we had a very active april.
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we haven't had an average at this point. we'll see what today delivers. this is typical where a tornado is occurring. tornado alley is right here. that's where the highest frequency is and that's our concern today. 13 million people at risk for severe storms today. we have a chance for tornadoes and maybe even a strong tornado or two. mainly as we go through western kansas, western oklahoma and this portion of northern texas. for minneapolis southward down to del rio, many has a chance of damaging winds. the heat is beginning to build. 91 in atlanta today, d.c. 81, new york city 79. here's your peek at tomorrow. 94 in our nation's capitol. there is a chance, yasmin and richard, that these could be the hottest temperatures we get all summer long. we go mid-90s. >> until august when it's 112. >> that's usually with the heat index. it won't be as humid, but the
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only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol® welcome back. time now for game 7 of the semi
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finals in boston, the wizards and celtic. boston took a big advantage with a 22-5 run stretching into the third quarter into the opening minutes of the fourth thanks to a hot streak from isaiah thomas. but bradley beal and the wizards would respond with points to get back on their own. kelly olnek stretches their lead in the final minutes. boston won 115 to 105 in the desired. they'll meet the cavaliers in game 1 tomorrow night, but a hard fought series for both teams. meanwhile, in san antonio, kawhi leonard has been ruled out of the game with no timetable set on when the all-star forward will be able to return. leonard, who reinjured his left ankle after landing awkwardly on the foot of zaza pachulia said
2:24 am
he didn't think he intended to hurt him on that play. spurs coach gregg popovich painted a very different picture while speaking to reporters about the incident yesterday. >> a two-step lead with your foot closeout is not appropriate. it's dangerous, it's unsportsmanlike, it's just not what anybody does to anybody else. and this particular individual has a history with that kind of action. we're up 23 points in the third quarter against golden state, and kawhi goes down. like that. and you want to know if our chances are less? and you want to know how we feel? that's how we feel. this is crap. and because he's got this history, it can't just be, oh, it was inadvertent. he didn't have intent. who gives a damn about what his intent was? did you ever hear of manslaughter? >> gregg popovich not happy
2:25 am
there. in response, pachulia maintained he is not a dirty player. turning to the ice of game 2 of the eastern conference final, pittsburgh won game 1 of the finals last night with the senators. phil kessel scored the game's winning goal for the pens in the third penguin. game 3 is tonight in ottawa. tampa first baseman logan morrison after a foul ball popped up on the stands in the first base side. reaches up into the crowd to come up with the ball and a fan's hat. it doesn't match his uniform, so he tosses it back. cleveland goes on to beat the rays 8-7 but a pretty nice play in there. >> i'm still in awe of popovich's anger. following the reports
2:26 am
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welcome back. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside richard liu. back to the accusations that
2:30 am
president trump reportedly handed over secret intelligence to the russians. the "washington post" said trump revealed highly secret intelligence to the russians. it was a sharing arrangement considered so sensitive that details had been held from allies even in the u.s. government. the foreign partner had not given permission to share the information with russia and trump's doing so defies an ally. they revealed the city where the partner detected that threat. a location at the "washington post" is withholding as well as plot details among urging in the trump administration who warned that it would jeopardize important intelligence capabilities. white house security adviser general h.r. mcmaster went before cameras to push back on this report. >> the story that came out tonight as reported is false.
2:31 am
the president and the foreign minister reviewed a range of common threats to our two countries, including threats to civil aviation. at no time, at no time were intelligence sources or methods discussed. and the president did not disclose any military operations that were not already publicly known. to other senior officials who were present, including the secretary of state, remember the meeting the same way and have said so. records of all accounts should outweigh those of anonymous sources. i was in the room. it did not happen. >> after that, general mcmaster did not take any questions and the "washington post" and others were quick to point out that the denial was directed at something that was not in the story, claiming at no point in time were intelligence sources or methods discussed. but the post reporting does not say that they were. yet the report did include this. senior white house officials appeared to recognize quickly that trump had overstepped and moved to contain the potential
2:32 am
fallout. thomas bossert, assistant to the homeland security, with the services most directly involved, also called for trump's discussion to be stricken from internal memos and for the full transcript to be limited to a small circle of recipients, all in a further effort to keep things from being disseminated or leaked. a spokesperson for house minority leader nancy pelosi released a statement that read in part, quote, even if president trump unwittingly blew a highly classified code-word source to the russians, that would be dangerous enough. if the president outed a highly classified code-word source intentionally, that would be even more dangerous. senator bob corker suggested the
2:33 am
white house needs to do better on matters like this. >> obviously they're in a downward spiral right now and have got to figure out a way to come to grips with all that's happening. the chaos that is being created by the lack of discipline is creating an environment -- it creates a worrisome environment. >> i don't know if it's accurate or not. if it's accurate, it would be troubling. if it's accurate, it would be troubling. i have no idea. >> it's disturbing and let's find out what the details are, whether it actually happened or not. we just have an initial report, so it's very difficult to comment until we get all the facts here. >> senate minority whip dick durbin posted on twitter as well saying, this is dangerous and reckless. gop must put country before party and demand an independent investigation and special
2:34 am
prosecutor now. intel committee ranking member mark moore tweeted, if true, this is a slap in the face to the intel community. risking sources and methods is inexcusable, particularly with the russians. bernie sanders saying, quote, protecting our national security is one of the most important tasks a president has and trump is failing at it. and republican congressman carlos curbelo tweeted, the importance of carefully handling classified information was one of the big lessons of 2016. all leaders should be held to the same standard. joining us, dan litman, author of the political playbook. daniel, good to see you. in the white house is difficult story after difficult story. an aide was walking by, deflecting inquiry about the piece saying, quote, i'm dealing with other dumpster fires, end quote. and one white house official texted then, quote, it never
2:35 am
stops. basically chaos at all times. monday the headline, as you know, daniel, was possible reboot. now the headline, if you add to it, is do we keep the president on a leash here because of this issue? >> yeah, it seems like the russia story made the staff shakeup less likely today or tomorrow because they're just trying to work through it, and you don't want to fire your whole staff and create another huge story. it's very hard to do actual policymaking in the white house when you're dealing with this and this internal drama. it's not a very attractive place to work. and so where are they going to find these new people that are supposedly maybe waiting in the wings to replace some of the advisers who may go out the door? >> and we saw h.r. mcmaster roll out onto the lawn and say it didn't happen, he was in the room, it didn't happen. here today he's joining sean spicer in the press room as well. it seems like they're rolling out the big guns on this one. this could be feasibly one of
2:36 am
the biggest things president trump has been facing in his first 100-some-odd days in office so far. >> you can imagine there will be hearings on capitol hill about this, there is going to be more leaks. you saw the very conservative media like breitbart and drudge pushing back on this saying he was striking back. with h.r. mcmaster in the briefing room later today, he's really putting his credibility on the line, because if it's revealed that what he's saying is not true, that really hurts his reputation as an independent voice who knows everything that's going on. >> yeah, that's a really good point to be made. politico's daniel litman, thank you. they will brief behind closed doors about the firing of fbi director james comey. nancy pelosi has requested an audience with a full house chamber as well. the search for a replacement, quote, is moving along rapidly,
2:37 am
however gowdy removed his name yesterday saying he would not be the right person. unresolved in all of this is whether or not secret recordings have been made in the white house as the president seemed to suggest, but sean spicer gave no ground on illuminating whether such tapes exist. take a listen. >> why won't you just explain whether or not there are recordings? >> the president has made clear what his position is. >> given you continue to deny any of this, how can they have a conversation about it? >> as i said, hallie, the president has stated his position on this. i answered the question over and over again the same way. >> how has the president made it clear what his position is? >> i've answered that several times. >> how has he made it clear? >> that's his position. he said that he has nothing further to add. >> we're also following the latest with the trump administration's travel ban. yesterday u.s. appeals court judges questioned the acting solicitor general about whether it discriminates against
2:38 am
muslims. the core issue was whether the courts should consider comments made by trump and his officials before and after the presidential campaign about banning muslims. acting solicitor general jeffrey wall defended trump saying the president disavowed his original muslim ban remarks. take a listen. >> has the president ever disavowed his campaign statements? has he ever stood up and said, i said before i wanted to ban all members of the islamic faith from entering the united states of america, i was wrong, i've consulted with lawyers. i'm now addressing it simply to security needs. has he ever said anything approaching that? >> yes, he has said several things approaching that. over time the president clarified that what he was talking about were islamic terrorist groups and the countries that shelter or sponsor them, and over time he and his advisers clarified that what he was focused on were groups like isis and al qaeda.
2:39 am
> >> he also argued that it doesn't say anything about religion. however during the obama administration, he said president trump has renewed his controversial statements while president. >> we wouldn't be standing here if it was just campaign statements on its own. the president rekindled those statements through his actions as president in two different respects. first, when he issued the first executive order, he read the title of the executive order, looked up at the camera and said, we all know what that means. when he issued both executive orders, he left on his website that very statement about the complete and total shutdown of muslims, a statement that just happened to disappear moments before the fourth circuit argument last week. >> now, the state of hawaii is suing over the travel ban. a federal judge put a halt on the order back in march. let's turn to business and new reports, the "wall street
2:40 am
journal report"ing they may slash their work force by thousands. what are you hearing about these possible job cuts? >> well, according to the sources cited by the wall street journal, ford is considering cutting 10% of its work force in north america and asia. that would come to about 20,000 mostly salaried jobs, we understand. the company itself has not confirmed these numbers. in fact, ford telling cnbc we have not announced any new people efficiency actions, nor do we comment on speculation. but it is already known that ford is trying to cut costs around $3 billion. this is being cited as one way to do that, but we're being told salary positions are at risk. it could be through voluntary redundancies rather than hourly workers protected by union laws. keep an eye on a big media story this morning. the owner of the chicago tribune is looking to buy its one-time biggest rival. that's right, the sun times. this comes after a failed bid
2:41 am
coming from ginet, the world's largest newspaper publishing company. details have not been disclosed and it is believed the justice department is reviewing the deal for any repetitive concerns. finally, we've been following the legal saga between uber and google. yesterday a federal judge in san francisco dealt a blow to uber. they said google's self-driving company had an argument that they didn't want uber to use technology that was allegedly stolen from their engineer, evan lundowsky. remember, evan left to start his own company like uber. the parent company welcomed that decision. back to you for now. all right, still ahead, bill cosby gives his first interview in more than two years. we're going to tell you what he's saying about the sexual assault case against him. plus the fiancee of aaron
2:42 am
hernandez is breaking her silence. she's saying she has some doubts about the story about him in prison. severe storms putting 13 million people at risk today with the threats of tornadoes. the heat is building. bill karans has the forecast coming up next. you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it.
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unimaginable ten years ago... ...and are on the verge of more tomorrow. the former nfl player aaron hernandez's fiancee is speaking for the first time. she says she has doubts that hernandez' death in prison was a suicide as authorities have ruled. >> i believe there is some unaccounted time. i don't think things were done properly. i feel like he could have been saved or something could have been done or whatever the case may have been.
2:46 am
i feel like someone was in the wrong somewhere, and i want answers. >> hernandez' suicide came just days after he was acquitted in a 2012 double murder case. he was still serving a life sentence for the 2013 killing of odon lloyd. no word yet from the correctional center where hernandez died. bill cosby has broken the silence after the sexual allegations against him. when asked if race played a role in the scandal, cosby replied, could be. prosecutors say they have stories from more than 50 women accusing cosby of sexual misconduct. when asked about the sheer number of accusers, cosby said that's because past allegations, quote, never worked. >> so the piling on, so to speak, is a way -- and certainly
2:47 am
an impressive, impressive way -- to get public opinion to come to the other side. >> are you telling me they're all lying? >> you know better than that. >> cosby has always denied the allegations against him. the trial is set to get under way next month. now to another political headline we're following. hillary clinton has officially launched her political group aimed at countering the policies of donald trump. it's called onward, together. according to clinton's e-mail blast, they are dedicated to, quote, advance the division that earned nearly 66,000 votes in the election. it will help some groups expand their reach while providing funding to others like swing left that is working to elect democrats to the house. a lot of people at risk of severe weather this morning. let's bring in nbc meteorologist bill karans. you're also bringing the heat, bill. >> it's quite a contrast.
2:48 am
we have snow falling the next couple days in areas of the rockies. we have a severe outbreak in the middle of the country and the east coast is getting ready for a heat wave, in the mid-atlantic and even the northeast. this morning there is not a lot of severe weather left. some good thunderstorms, though, for minneapolis if you're driving down towards madison and there's also a few here in south dakota. 13 million people at risk today. the enhanced risk is in the orange. omaha, you're included in that and back toward abilene, texas and rural sections of oklahoma. that's where the storms will be possible. there is a lot of storm teams out there, a lot of great visibility. if we get storm teams on the ground, we'll know about it. as far as the rain goes, we had rain yesterday in minnesota, more this morning. more this afternoon and over the next couple days, there is a flood risk here. two to three inches possible, so a good soaking rain. we'll have to see if we get some river flooding. now the heat wave coming to the east. all the warm air is east of the rockies. it has been hot in florida and hot in the southeast, but now
2:49 am
it's finally going to leak into areas of the mid-atlantic and northeast. not so much today. d.c. at 81. warmer. the really hot stuff, though, doesn't come until wednesday. that's when we hit 94 possibly in washington, d.c., 92 in columbia. d.c. has the chance to be the warmest spot in the entire country as we go through wednesday and that's a very rare event. even into thursday, it sticks with us. new york city 92. still in the 9 0s, baltimore, philly and new york. and we'll still be warm east of the mississippi. it will feel like summer in the east coast. we have severe weather typically like it is today, and in the west, the ski resorts are getting more snow. some areas are under a winter storm warning. up to a foot possible in utah. >> wow. juxtaposition there. >> pick your poison. still ahead, we continue to follow developments with that massive cyber attack. >> new clues are revealing where it may have come from, and we'll get a live report on that.
2:50 am
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welcome back. "the new york times" reporting new digital clues indicate north korea could be responsible for last friday's massive cyber attack. >> it could be weeks or longer before conclusions are reached there. joining us from beijing, china, nbc news correspondent janice mackey fair. the thing is you're normally reporting about an
2:53 am
intercontinental ballistic missiles and you're saying it's intercontinental cyber warfare. >> considered just as dangerous. investigators say it could be months before they're able to make any definite connection between this typer attack and pyongyang, but for now at least, north korean cyber hammers are among the suspects. investigators say there are digital clues, similarities in some of the computer code lines that were used in this latest attack with an earlier version of the wannacry ransomware that has suspected links to the sony pictures hack, the attack on the central bank of bangladesh and also banks in poland. so there are a lot of dots and nobody is connecting them just yet. experts say it could be a series of false flags that hackers use to cover their tracks, but there is a enough to warrant at least
2:54 am
further investigation. a big issue, of course, is that this latest attack was crafted on vulnerabilities in the microsoft system discovered by the national security agency and stolen from it. so this is the concern that investigators have. it has had a worldwide reach here in china, 40,000 institutions alone have been affected, and the problem had further reach because of the popularity of pirated software here. there were a lot of systems that simply missed the security patches. so as the cyber defenses go up, investigators say they'll continue to look for these clues, but it could be a while before they're willing to say the trail leads to pyongyang. >> janice mackey frayier, thank you. ambassador is set to present credentials to israel. he was at the western wall hours after arriving where in addition to praying he ran into
2:55 am
aerosmith's stephen tyler, this came after president trump's upcoming visit created controversy saf saying the wall is part of the occupied west bank. prime minister netanyahu was not welcome to accompany the president on his visit there. netanyahu's office says that message, quote, was received with shock. the comments were not authorized by the white house and do not reflect the u.s. position and certainly not the president's position. >> coming up next on "morning joe," the traigs responds. greg mig her, ned price, the long time analyst who chose to quit and then work for the traigs and jonathan furly on the possible legal implications.
2:56 am
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welcome back. before we toss it over to "morning joe," let's get a check on the stories in the day ahead. president trump welcome turkey's president to the white house. administration officials say president trump and erdogan will discuss a number of topics, the two scheduled to give a joint statement this afternoon. >> meanwhile, a pretrial hearing is scheduled in the case of the minnesota police officer charged in the shooting death of fernando castillo. new allegations are expected to be announced in the lawsuit over the deadly warehouse fire in oakland, california. 36 people died when the ghost ship warehouse caught fire last december. lawyers representing the families of ten victims are expected to file the new claims today. >> that does it for us on this
3:00 am
tuesday. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside louis burgdorf and. "morning joe" starts right now. good morning and welcome to "morning joe," another morning, another damaging report for the trump white house, yet another. it's chaos. "the washington post" out yesterday with the screaming headline, trump revealed highly classified information to russian foreign minister and ambassador. with us to break it down this morning, we have the co-authority of the report, national security correspondent for "the washington post," greg miller lt columnist and associate editor for "the washington post" david ignatius. former treasury official steve rattner and msnbc political contributor rick tyler. a lot to break down. "the post" broke the story, later matched by buzzfeed and


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