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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 5, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PST

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welcome back. joining us from washington with a look at axios a.m. political reporter for axios alexi verikx good morning, everybody, it is thursday, march 5th. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside vercammen. talk to us about axios's "one ayman mohyeldin. we're going to begin with the latest from the super tuesday big thing" today? >> two days in burlington, earthquake that rocked the race for the democratic presidential vermont, from bernie sanders tuesday rally and talked to a bunch of supporters throughout nomination. joe biden added a tenth state to his list of super tuesday the night. one thing became clear, a worry victories after nbc news declared him the apparent winner in the way a certain coalition of maine as we are awaiting the of the party is rallying around results there. the only state we haven't been able to call is california. joe biden since the primary. all that matters, two reasons. sanders holds a nine point lead in that state as of now. talk to sanders diehard, of the state's massive 415 passionate voters you hear the same themes you heard in the delegates, sanders has been 2016 election. awarded 161 so far. that there's an internal division between the progressive biden 100. side of the party and what they the former vice president still leads the overall delegate call the establishment side of the party. count, 527, you see there, to we've talked about this a long time. it matters because it threatens 475, a difference of just 52 democrats' chances as their delegates. returning to unseat donald trump if the they have this internal
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meanwhile, michael bloomberg's decision to end his campaign division. means biden now has the room to the other reason is matters, because it's making a lot of charge ahead in the moderate lane all by himself. sanders supporters rethink elizabeth warren's place in this looking ahead to next tuesday's primary. a couple people told me they think her voice is a good primary, idaho, michigan, missouri, mississippi, north progressive voice in the race in dakota, washington state, here's some of what biden and bloomberg addition to sanders but think had to say yesterday. it's time for her to drop out and endorse bernie sanders because they think it's >> today i am cleared eyed about detracting from his support the our overriding objective, and longer she stays in the race. that is victory in november. >> how could her endorsement change the race? any data to back up if she does not victory for me or our campaign, but victory for our drop out her voters to go to a sanders campaign or be split country. among the biden campaign as if you remember, i entered the well? >> polling shows her supporters would definitely be split between bernie and biden. race for president to defeat interesting thing to remember, donald trump, and today i am elizabeth warren already had a leaving the race for the same chance to endorse bernie sanders for president and chose not to reason, to defeat donald trump in 2016. because staying in would make it i think she's weighing harry more difficult to achieve that options whether it's biden or goal. i have always believed that bernie as a normani, i thimineet defeating donald trump starts with uniting behind the candidate with the best shot to
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do it. and after yesterday's vote, it is clear that candidate is my want to ruin positions if biden friend and a great american, joe is nominee by endorsing bernie sanders for a cabinet position. biden. >> this is what we have to do to she may stay out of it all win. this is what we have to do to together. >> talk about what emerged from unify the nation. that's why i entered the race in the first place, to unify this super tuesday, really long lines in texas and california, a lot country. so we welcome all those who want of people waiting in line up to four or five hours to get their to join us. vote in. all those who want to join us, >> that's right. >> what more are you learning and to build a movement and this about this? >> you know, to your point, is a movement we are building. it is a movement, and we need yasmine in harr that movement to beat donald trump. and to build a future, we all yasmine -- yasmin, 40% is know is possible. >> can you imagine the huge latino, 19% african-american and apparatus that bloomberg built had some of the longest wait when he was running for lines in the state. >> wow. president now going to put all >> people reporting six and seven hours. of that behind biden. he can't necessarily write a the big picture with wait times for voting it disproportionately check to biden and coordinate with the biden campaign but he often affects low-income voters and people of color going to has 500 employees, so that's a vote to exercise the right to lot of money for biden going vote. in the past you'd have to go to the justice department as a forward. meanwhile as elizabeth state government to change the warren assesses her path forward way you run elections. "the washington post" reports
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that talks are underway for the it's not easy to change these things. it was long waiting lines, it senator to end her campaign and was machines getting jammed, get behind bernie sanders. slowing rolls, which led to even two sources tell the post that longer wait times. the talks involve sanders some precincts captains and supporters in congress reaching out to the warren campaign. officials apparently weren't showing up because afraid of sanders confirmed that he did speak to warren by phone coronavirus and didn't want to be around a lot of people. yesterday and while he didn't give details of the conversation, he did at one point frame the contest as a that was delaying polls in race between just himself and places for some people pnd giant joe biden. amy klobuchar got out. states crucial for the election pete buttigieg got out. other states thinking ahead to bloomberg got out, and now we're march 17th, five or six states dealing with one candidate. voting, they have to think about and you know what, i feel good about that. how to address those kind of senator warren has worked really problems. >> and i can tell you times i hard over the last year. have not seen lines take seven she has run in many ways, an excellent campaign, bringing out hours. should not be happening in america. we celebrate the people waiting a whole lot of ideas, which i think have expanded political in line waiting to vote, that consciousness. she's now assessing where she wants to go, and she deserves that not be happening in the the time and the space to make united states. thank you very much. reading axios a.m. in a that decision. >> during a meeting at the white little bit. sign up for the newsletter. house just yesterday, president trump weighed in on the results that does it for us on this of super tuesday. thursday morning. here's what he told reporters. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin, "morning joe"
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>> i think the election was starts right now. in 2003 in december wesley great. i thought it was great. i thought the results were -- it clark was winning polls. was a great comeback for joe >> come on. be fair. okay? i've been consistent in leading in the polls after taking all biden. incredible comeback when you the hits. think about it. if you would have looked, if ego down, and everybody that's hit me is out. elizabeth warren would have done you all declare me -- not you, what she probably should have done from their point of view, he would have won, right. editorially and abroad declare me dead and guess what? he would have won a lot of i ain't dead. states, including massachusetts, >> nope. he was definitely right about probably texas, definitely that. minnesota. so bernie would have won states >> that's what you call political prophecy by joe biden on december 16th, 2019 and he that he lost. >> so while the president has proved that this past week. >> yeah. projected confidence about when it came to his political defeating either biden or sanders this fall, there's reportedly some private concern prot pe within the white house. prospects nearly three months according to the associated ago whenid press, there's a worry that the democrat's messy nomination process could end up producing an emboldened version of joe biden, the ap notes that biden has long been viewed as the candidate who could revive the
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coalition who helped elect barack obama twice into the white house and the one who could siphon white working class voters that propelled trump to victory in 2016. the "new york times" reporting that trump campaign officials are viewing biden as hillary clinton like, arguing he generated little enthusiasm of his own while coasting off opposition to the president and bernie sanders. >> joining us now from washington, d.c., political reporter for the hill julia manchester. let's start with joe biden's impressive performance on super tuesday, poised to change the dynamics ahead of next week's primaries. what's your name. >> going into super tuesday, i don't think any of us could have imagined the margin of how much biden would really take so many states that night, and you know, could possibly continue to take more. i mean, we're still waiting on california. it's amazing to see how much momentum or joe-mentum as this
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campaign is calling it. i think it puts the sanders campaign on their toes and the next round of states we have are going to be very contentious. if you look to a state like michigan, this is a state sanders won in 2016, however biden is polling ahead in some places in michigan. that's a state we're definitely going to watch. in a couple of weeks we'll have florida and arizona. florida seen as a red leaning purple state, and we know sanders' past comments about fidel castro could potentially impact him in south florida communities. arizona has a contentious senate race. that electability issue will be an issue for voters to think about. >> you recently spoke to jim clyburn, who some are calling a king maker because of biden's win in south carolina. what did he have to say and what type of role does he see himself
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playing in the biden campaign. >> james clyburn told me when he went into north carolina, when he won south carolina, he went to fatesville or goldsboro, and talking to voters, and told him, your endorsement cemented my decision to vote for joe biden, so clearly this figure, the highest ranking african-american in congress has such a profound impact on the biden campaign. he said he also urged biden to really change his messaging to become so much more forceful, compassionate to talk about more personal stories on the campaign trail and that appears to have worked in southern states like south carolina, north carolina, and virginia, which biden won handedly. >> julia manchester, live in d.c. we're going talk to you again. switching to the coronavirus, there are eleven fatalities linked to the virus as officials in washington, d.c.
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say a tenth person has died. california -- according to the department of homeland security, and an internal e-mail obtained by nbc news, a medical professional who conducted passenger screenings at los angeles international airport has now tested positive for the coronavirus. the person's last shift at lax was february 21st, more than a week before the appearance of any symptoms. california governor gavin newsom has declared a state of emergency over the outbreak. >> here in new york, 11 people, including nine members of two west chester county families have tested positive for the coronavirus according to the "wall street journal," new york governor andrew cuomo said all but one of the cases are tied o each other with a connection being a 50-year-old lawyer from new rochelle who was the second person in the state to contract the virus. as of last night, nbc news has
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confirmed more than 150 cases of coronavirus here in the united states. around 50 of the cases are in individua individuals evacuated from either wuhan, china or the diamond princess cruise ship. according to the world health organization, over 95,000 cases, unbelievable, have been reported globally with more than 3,200 deaths in 79 countries. >> in an enhanced effort to fend off the disease, the house passed an $8.3 billion emergency coronavirus package. the package includes around $7.7 billion to help with developing vaccine, research and funding equipment. stockpiles as well as state and local health budgets, the house chamber passed the measure in an astounds 450-2 vote, and heads to the senate where it would hold a vote this afternoon. it will then be sent to president trump who yesterday tweeted his support of congress's passing vote writing quote this is great news for our health, our economy and our nation. still ahead, supreme court
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chief justice john roberts scolds minority leader chuck schumer, we're going it talk about that rare rebuke with legal analyst danny cevallos. and pressure because of the growing coronavirus outbreak, president trump is now trying to pin some of the blame on his predecessor, former president barack obama. those stories and a check on weather when we come right back. weather when we come right back. ♪ the more you go out and see this world of ours,
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welcome back, chief justice john roberts is denouncing remarks made by senate minority leader chuck schumer after he attacked supreme court justices neil gorsuch and brett kavanaugh as they heard arguments in a major abortion case. watch this. >> i want to tell you gorsuch, i want to tell you kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price.
2:15 am
you won't know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions. >> in a highly unusual statement issued yesterday, roberts defended the two trump appointed justices writing in part this, justices know that criticism comes with the territory but threatening statements of this sort from the highest levels of government are not only inappropriate, they are dangerous. all members of the court will continue to do their job without fear or favor from whatever quarter. >> and president trump later joined the criticism accusing schumer of quote making a direct and dangerous threat to the u.s. supreme court. a spokesperson for schumer issued a statement defending the new york senator writing it was a reference to the political price senate republicans will pay for putting these justices on the court and a warning that the justices will unleash a major grass roots movement on the issue of reproductive rights for justice roberts to follow the right wing's deliberate m misinterpretation of what senator schumer said and
2:16 am
remaining silent shows justice roberts does not just call balls and strikes. joining us on set, msnbc legal analyst danny cevallos. good to have you with us. this is an interesting development. there's a little bit of truth in what everyone is saying. senator chuck schumer could have had clearer words, crisper words, he was definitely referring to gorsuch and justices gorsuch and kavanaugh. what do you make of the situation, is there a double standard for how the president and chief justice are responding given the fact that president trump has been very critical of justices sotomayor and ginsberg. >> on the one hand, congress is no stranger to fiery rhetoric. this was a speech in front of a charged up crowd. on one hand you could say this was just political speech and it was probably hyperbolic and really ultimately it was very unfortunate. here's why. the words that are key to me are the idea that the justices will pay a price and they will be hit
2:17 am
by something. now, even if that isn't necessarily a violence, the reality is the way our government is set up that justices are never hit with any kind of whirlwind or any political price. they are unlike any other person in our government because they are appointed for life. they are supposed to be immune to political pressure. so to make a speech that says that you won't know what hit you, the reality is nothing is going to hit them. >> and he knows that he was talking about the justices, he name checked them. he didn't say the republican party will be hit with this whirlwind, they will pay a price. >> the follow up statement out of schumer's office is not accurate. it's clear he was directing his ire, senator schumer, at those particular justices and because of the way our government is set up, that's what makes the statement even worse because it would be one thing to say to another politician, a senator or a member of the house, you won't
2:18 am
know what hit you, there will be a whirlwind, you could interpret that as well, the voters will get rid of you when your time comes. there are no voters for supreme court justices. >> ayman touched on this a bit, can you touch on the response from roberts, obviously schumer's office basically criticizing roberts' response in saying that he remained impartial, it seems when president trump attacked ruth bader ginsberg, sotomayor and ginsberg, do you think this was a deliberate response from roberts on his behalf, and that he should have maybe stayed out of it. >> if one is a shrewd political tactician, you could look at this as an opportunity for justice roberts because he's at least being seen as even handed. he's criticized president trump, and he's also criticizing senator chuck schumer for their statements attacking supreme court justices or the court itself or federal judges. now, are there those who say that roberts could go further in criticizing either side or maybe even less, yeah, sure, but the fact remains that justice
2:19 am
roberts it's really been different than prior supreme court chief justices in he's willing to come out and defend the court, defend the judiciary, whereas traditionally, the court and the federal judiciary is designed to sit there silently and take it. justice roberts says no there's a new sheriff in town. >> it's unprecedented to hear from a chief justice in this way. >> it is. >> it underscores how polarized our country and politics have become that even the institution of the high court in some ways is being politicized with the nomination process the way senators are openly speaking about justices and of course the way the president is also doing that. >> that's right. >> danny cevallos, always great seeing you. >> always a pleasure, danny, thanks. senator bernie sanders rolls out a new ad featuring former president barack obama and the biden campaign as you can imagine immediately hits back. we're going to show you the ad and what both campaigns are saying about it next. h campaign saying about it next what couldn't keep up was our bargain detergent.
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senator bernie sanders' campaign released three new campaign ads including one featuring former president obama praising the vermont senator. politico reports that the ads include one that could be mistaken for an endorsement video featuring obama praising sanders for his work on the senate veterans affairs committee. watch. >> bernie is somebody when has the virtue of saying exactly what he believes, great authenticity, great passion and is fearless. bernie served on the veterans committee and got bills done. i think people are ready for a call to action. they want honest leadership who cares about them. they want somebody who's going to fight for them. and they will find it in bernie. >> a spokesman for biden's campaign slammed sanders for the ads saying this, barack obama chose vice president biden to be his partner over eight years in the white house, by contrast, senator sanders explored a primary challenge to president obama who he compared to a moderate republican, and said was not a progressive. as recent history has proven, no
2:24 am
quantity of ads can rewrite history, and there's no substitute for genuinely having the back of the best president of our lifetimes. sanders defended the ad yesterday. >> look, we have worked with president obama. i'm not going to say he and i are best friends. we worked closely. he was great on something that i think is enormously important, increasing by $11 billion money for the community health center program, something he was very very supportive of. and you know, i wanted to make it clear because, you know, there's a lot of dishonesty about my relationship with obama to say that i worked with him and respect him and look forward to working with him. >> let's switch gears, get your first look at the forecast with nbc meteorologist bill karins. good morning. once again, all eyes on the southeast, more rain, more chances of severe weather, including isolated tornadoes later on today.
2:25 am
by the way, we found out yesterday that the tennessee tornado, the big one that killed 18 people in putnam county had 175 miles per hour winds. it was an ef 4, and one that went through nashville was on the ground for 50 miles. straight. which is very unusual. all right, so we're tracking storms once again this morning through alabama and also a lot of heavy rain from atlanta to may con. all of this mess will move out of the southeast today. but it's going to take a while. a slight risk of storms, 3 million people, this afternoon to early evening, southern georgia, anywhere from tallahassee to florida, isolated tornadoes are possible. we have 13 million people under flash flood watches. it doesn't look like this is going to be too bad. a lot of rivers are in flood stage. they're going to go up. highest rainfall totals 1 to 3 inches from georgia into areas of south carolina and if you're traveling at the airports today, atlanta, savannah and jacksonville, and driving i-95, a lot of the rest of the country
2:26 am
looking great today. the northeast is going to look nice today, and that's because tomorrow it's not. >> great. >> tomorrow is a rainy friday here. i'll talk more about that and the weekend forecast coming up. >> thank you for that. >> we need the weekend forecast as soon as possible. >> stat. >> we can't wait for it. >> if you want to give up some of your reads, i can do it now. >> yasmin will, she loves doing that. still ahead, bernie sanders and joe biden go back and forth about some of the former vice president's supporters, and whether biden is supported by the establishment. and it's been a roller coaster not just on the set but on wall street, stocks rallied after biden's super tuesday wins, but this morning, futures are pointing lower again. we're going to get the latest from cnbc. from cnbc. x, real estate credit, solar incentives... and we have no way to integrate all that? no...but bdo does. (announcer) people who know, know bdo.
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welcome back, everyone, i'm ayman mohyeldin, alongside yasmin vossoughian, we begin this half hour with the very latest from the super tuesday earthquake that rocked the race for the democratic presidential nomination, this morning we are still feeling the tremors. joe biden added a tenth state to his list of super tuesday victory, after nbc news declared him the winner of maine, with only 50% of california in, that race is still too early to call. sanders horks you eve sanders however holds a 9 point lead, he has been awarded 161 of california's 415 delegates, biden has 100. the former vice president is leading the overall delegate count, 527 to 475, a difference of about 52 right there. meanwhile, michael bloomberg's
2:31 am
decision to end his campaign means that biden now essentially has the room to charge ahead in the moderate lane all by himself. here's some of what both had to say yesterday. >> today i am cleared eyed about our overriding objective, and that is victory in november. not victory from me or our campaign but victory for our th race for president to defeat donald trump, and today i am leaving the race for the same reason, to defeat donald trump because staying in would make it more difficult to achieve that goal. i've always believed that defeating donald trump starts with uniting behind the candidate with the best shot to do it. and after yesterday's vote, it is clear that candidate is my friend and a great american, joe
2:32 am
biden. >> this is what we have to do to win. this is what we have to do to unify the nation. that's why i entered the race in the first place, to unify this country. so we welcome all of those who want to join us. all those who want to join us, and to build a movement and this is a movement we are building. it is a movement. and we need that movement to beat donald trump. and to build a future, we all know is possible. >> and joe biden's super tuesday victories included a big fundraising haul for his presidential campaign. in an e-mail to supporters, the former vice president's campaign says it raised over $7 million since tuesday's contest. biden's camp says the total is more than $5.5 million than sanders campaign said it raised from 220,000 donations in 42 hours since the start of super tuesday. the war of words continue between bernie sanders and joe biden as the have the senator once again claims that the former vice president's campaign is now supported or at least has been supported by the corporate
2:33 am
establishment. sa sanders and biden traded barbs about the former vice president's voters during news conferences yesterday. >> joe biden is somebody i have known for many years. i like joe. i think he's a very decent human being. joe and i have a very different voting recordme. joe and i have a very different vision for the future of this country, and joe and i are running very different campaigns and my hope is that in the coming months, we will be able to debate and discuss the very significant differences that we have. joe is running a campaign which is obviously heavily supported by the corporate establishment. >> is this the establishment trying to defeat bernie sanders, mr. vice president? >> the establishment are all those hard working middle class people, those african-americans, those single women.
2:34 am
>> now, sanders later responded to biden's comments tweeting quote, no, joe, the establishment are the 60 billionaires who are funding your campaign and corporate funded super pacs spending millions on negative ads attacking me. james clyburn also questioned sanders description of biden supporters in south carolina as the establishment, telling the daily beast i find it very interesting that someone is referring to african-american voters in south carolina as the establishment. i don't understand how that vote can be dismissed. joining us from washington, political reporter for the hill, julia manchester. up until this point, up until super tuesday, biden and sanders were not necessarily at each other's throats because there were so many other people on the stage as we saw, especially on the debate stage. now it seems like obviously with really just two people left in the race that have a path to the n nomination, this is going to go from 0 to 60 really fast as the stakes become even higher. how do you see it playing out?
2:35 am
>> this is natural in any primary, once it win knonows doo this point. you have two front runners or two viable candidates going neck in neck. i think this illustrates like we saw in 2016, the very deep divide in the democratic party between a moderate, more, i guess you could say establishment lane and then the progressives trying to shake things up and you're seeing it playing out in realtime. i find sanders attacks on biden interesting going after him for establishment support, and i think he's going to have to be very careful with how he frames those attacks because biden got quite a bit of support from african americans across the south on super tuesday and it's easy for someone like jim clyburn to say aftrican-americas aren't establishment. when biden is quite frankly just
2:36 am
getting the majority of the vote at this point. >> let me ask your thoughts about elizabeth warren because she has proven to be very interesting in terms of the impact she has had on this race. not just in the way that she, you know, by some analysis has been present and making taking some votes and siphoning votes away from the progressive movement that includes bernie sanders and she was so effective in going after michael bloomberg that she single handedly may have taken him out of the race, and that may have benefitted a joe biden campaign and given him that boost in the final week. where does she go from here given the important role and the impact that she has had on the race so far. >> we're hearing that sanders allies on capitol hill are reaching out to her to see what they can do going forward from here. we're hearing she's reassessing her campaign, but she hasn't formally dropped out yet. she's such an interesting figure i think in this story because she is a progressive but she might not be as far left as, as far progressive in that lane as bernie sanders. i think elizabeth warren is
2:37 am
almost a little closer to the establishment lane, and she's proven herself able to build more coalitions in congress than a bernie sanders has, and in fact she's gone after bernie sanders in debates for that. she could be a useful ally, i think on capitol hill and get nor support and broaden sanders coalition. >> any read on who warren would plan on endorsing were she to drop out of this. >> i would imagine she would support bernie sanders, there's a long standing tension between her and joe biden, and her id logically she matches up with bernie sanders. >> always great seeing you. without citing any direct evidence, president trump blamed his predecessor, barack obama, for making it more difficult to quickly enact widespread testing for the coronavirus. here's what the president had to say at a white house meeting with airline executives yesterday. watch. >> the obama administration made a decision on testing that turned out to be very detrimental to what we're doing,
2:38 am
and we undid that decision a few days ago so that the testing can take place in a much more accurate and rapid fashion that was a decision we disagreed with. i don't think we would have made it but for some reason it was made, but we've undone that decision. >> and the cdc said a new change implemented by the trump administration over the weekend had made coronavirus testing more available but according to health experts and officials cited by "the new york times" they were unaware of any rules put in place by the obama administration that would have impacted testing for the virus today. an investigation instead of using the test recommended by the world health organization the cdc chose to implement its own more complicated test which did not work as expected causing a delay and forcing the trump administration to come up with alternatives. the former president stayed above the fray tweeting let's stay calm, listen to the experts and follow the science. meanwhile, president trump kept up his criticism claiming the obama administration didn't do
2:39 am
much against the swine flu. >> i will say the h1n1, that was swine flu, commonly referred to as swine flu and that went from around april of '09 to april of '10 where there were 60 million ka cases of swine flew, and actually, it's over 13,000, i think you might have said 17. i had heard it was 13. but a lot of deaths and they didn't do anything about it. >> okay. so a false number. that is what president trump called the world health organization's global death rate of the coronavirus. the president cast doubt on the virus's new estimated mortality rate of 3.4% up from 2%. he also down played the severity of the coronavirus. >> we have a report today the global death rate at 3.4%, and a report that the olympics could be delayed. your reaction to that? >> well, i think the 3.4% is
2:40 am
really a false number. now, this is just my hunch but based on a lot of conversations with a lot of people that do this because a lot of people will have this, and it's very mild. they'll get better very rapidly. they don't even see a doctor. they don't even call a doctor, so if, you know, we have thousands or hundreds of thousands of people that get better just by, you know, sitting around and even going to work, some of them go to work, but they get better, and then when you do have a death like you've had in the state of washington, like you had one in california, i believe you had one in new york, you know, all of a sudden it seems like 3 or 4%, which is a very high number, as opposed to a fraction of 1%. >> all right. still ahead with joe biden surging in his push for the democratic nomination, the republican controlled senate moves forward with its plans to probe burisma, your first look at "morning joe" is back in a
2:41 am
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welcome back, everybody, republican senator ron johnson plans to hold a committee vote on march 11th on the first subpoena into the probe on the ukrainian energy company, burisma. >> it's not over yet. if you thought it was over with the impeachment, it's not. >> and former vice president joe biden's son, andre teleshanko, a u.s. consulting whose client included burisma pushing the narrative of obama administration corruption in ukraine and alleged ukraine interference in the 2016 election. johnson, the chairman of the senate homeland security and government affairs committee insists this is not an investigation into hunter biden but says hunter and his business associate devin archer quote made themselves part of the story. that's interesting. johnson recently hosted a
2:45 am
classified briefing for republican members, and his committee to update them on his investigation and says blue star is not fully cooperating with his request for information. let's pivot away from politics for a moment, take a quick look at the more important part of the ow, o weekend forecast with meteorologist bill karins. >> are you guys working this weekend at all? >> we're always working in some way, shape or form, bill, you know. >> right. sure you are. so if you're just joining us, what you need to know -- >> we are hard working people. >> i know you are. you are. heavy rains moving through the southeast, thunderstorms are continuing in areas of southern georgia, north florida, we have a chance of isolated tornadoes today. keep that in mind, anywhere from tallahassee to, jacksonville, florida and area south of savannah towards albany, valdosta. the northeast is a decent day, especially considering it's still early march. 55 in d.c., 53 in new york, middle of the country is gorgeous, oklahoma city, 66. denver is great, salt lake city,
2:46 am
no problems in the southwest, just a little bit of rain in seattle. now let's get to the weekend forecast, so in the northeast, we're going to give you an ugly friday, it's going to be kind of rainy. it's going to be kind of cold, if you're in areas like detroit and pittsburgh and buffalo, syracuse, you'll likely see rain going to a little bit of snow. not a lot of accumulations with this. probably not a big deal. it's going to be kind of an ugly friday. we trade that, get rid of that storm on saturday, so it's a chilly start but the afternoon will be sunny. we're going to be in the 30s and 40s in the northeast. notice the new storm coming into the west. we actually could use some of that snow and rain in california. we dry it out in the southeast, and he's r here is the re -- here is the reward for everyone, a beautiful sunday, 50s, new york city 57, d.c. should be in the 60s on sunday. the southeast is gorgeous, too. so after a very rainy, extremely rainy -- >> i'm just making brunch reservations for sunday, outdoor sunday brunch. >> oddly excited, you have major
2:47 am
plans this weekend? >> no, i get excited about nice warm weather. i'm over the cold. >> he has been working so hard, that he just can't wait for that break, that quick hour on sunday for brunch. >> sunshine on your face. >> exactly. . all right. thanks, bill. appreciate it. still ahead, market volatility, the dow on pace for its best week since 2011 after experiencing its worst since 2008. billions of government dollars in the u.s. and in china reserved for coronavirus response efforts. those stories driving your business day are next. ose storir business day are next.
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2:50 am
the wild swings continue on wall street as the dow futures look towards another drop this morning following yesterday's high. cnbc's willem marx joins us live from london. good to have you with us. interesting dayan the markets. some say rallying because joe biden had a clear vict vi ory o super tuesday. doesn't look like it's going to last. >> seeing huge swings up and
2:51 am
down. yesterday when the market closed was going to be up 6.6% so far this week. now it looks like a heavy downward spiral at the start of trading in a few hours's time. market strategists and participants saying the news normal. high volatility of trading seeing in the markets could be something that continues for some while. the u.s. house of representatives is trying to combat the virus. a partisan bill around $8.3 billion in emergency funding. just two members of the house of representatives voting against it. it could get to the senate and on president trump's trump as soon as this weekend and in china trying to combat the spread with more deaths and a lot more infections in hubei province. the finance minister committing $16 billion to combat this and in north korea a lot more cases. the government doing whatever they can reporting 760 new cases
2:52 am
there, 3 more deaths. >> wow. >> you've seen a lot of stories people going to the grocery store, stockpiling supplies in case they have to stay inside their homes if the coronavirus takes off. campbells soup upping its production because of this. >> yeah. what they're seeing, they say, is an uptick in demand in certain parts of the country where you've had clusters of cases reported. people buying more of those kind of staples including canned soup. the ceo of the company told the cdc yesterday he had not considers this a trend just yet, but they're talking to retailers, seeing an uptick online as well trying to figure how to meet that demand. >> everyone needs to take a deep breath. calm down. willem marx, appreciate it. coming up, axios's wrnithi thing" and on "morning joe," mike bloomberg steps aside to clear the nomination path for
2:53 am
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