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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  January 7, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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but there's only one way to become one... by going all in. the new lexus is. with a lower center of gravity, a more responsive suspension, and an aggressive wider stance. this is what we call going all in on the sport sedan. lease the 2021 is 300 for $359 a month for 39 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. calls are growing tonight for donald trump to be immediate immediate immediately removed from office. the attack he incited against our country. today house speaker nancy pelosi urged vice president pence to
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invoke the 25th amendment threatening to impeach trump for a second time if he does not. >> i join the senate democrat leader in calling on the vice president to remove this president by immediately invoking the 25th amendment. if the vice president or cabinet do not act, the congress maybe prepared to move forward with impeachment. that is the overwhelming sentiment of my caucus. >> joining that call is trump's former chief of staff. john kelly who said that if he were still there he would vote to remove him. multiple officials are heading for the exit including secretary of transportation. whose husband is senate minority leader. mitch mcconnell. the hostile take over ot u.s. capitol yesterday by a domestic terrorist mob was not only a massive failure on the part of several police agencies it was a full scale breech of national
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security. make no mistake the whole world was watching. those countries that we have been lecturing ability democracy like russia and china. they are laughing at us and mocking hypocrisy. thanks to trump. here's a look at the chaos yesterday through the lens of a rotter who was imbedded with the insurrectionist. >> this is exactly what was feared. in no way is this a surprise. it has been fuelled by the president rhetoric. >> we follow the aggrieved and trump supporters as they storm the building. and for a few moments they felt they won the precious stroirk. victory. >> trump was actively promoting this attempted coup for week ts. encouraging the deranged supporters to take to the streets to quote stop the steal. promising december 19th that quote it's going to be wild.
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trump gave them marching orders from the white house grounds minutes before they laid siege to the seat of american government. >> you'll never take back our country with weakness. you have to show strength and you have to be strong. we fight. we fight like hell. and if you don't fight you won't have a country anymore. >> he unleashed that maga fans on the u.s. capitol where they faced little resistance from police. there's video that show officers moving the barricades. to allow the rioters onto the premise. in moments ago a spokesperson for the department said the chief of the capitol police would resign. effective january 16. not a moment too soon. we are two weeks away from an inauguration that will pose a more complex security challenge. someone up to the task needs to be on the job. in a normal world a president
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would move to suppress insurrection. trump refused to mobilize the national guard. vice president pence had to do it. trumps thugs didn't just march on the capitol but state houses across the country. in other words this was a koort nated attack on multiple locations. worse yet, we have known that protrump extremists. proud boys have been organizing on social media. the "washington post" report td friday that anonymous users have posted tips and strategy for smuggling firearms. into d.c. as president-elect joe biden said today we could have seen this coming. and he laid the blame squarely at trumps feet. >> the past four years we have had a president who made his contempt for the democracy, our constitution, the rule of law, clear. in everything he has done.
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he unleashed an all out assault on our institutions of democracy from the out set. and yesterday was what the culmination of that unrelenting attack. >> in a moment i'll be joined by senator booker. joining me now is butch jones a retired capitol hill police officer. and malcolm nance. counter terrorism and intelligence analyst. i thank you for being here. i want to start with you, officer jones. you spent 37 years in the capitol police department. your daughter tweeted at me today. i was connected with you. my question to you now is the same. adds a veteran capitol police officer, when you saw what happened yesterday, in your view what went wrong? >> i was appalled by what i saw yesterday. there was no reenforcement. normally in a situation like that, that magnitude would have
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park police. metro police. and capitol police joined together. i think if that was a black organization, they would never got to the steps. >> you said that earlier today. normally if there's a big march, you talk about a march four people were coming with minister lewis with the nation of islam. and meetings talks about what to do. in this case, the capitol police according to reporting from the associated press they rejected offers of federal help. three days before the propresident trump riot at the capitol. the pentagon asked police if it needed national guard manpower. the mob descended wednesday on the building. justice department leaders offered up fbi agents. the police turned them down. according to to a defense official.
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would that have been normal. you said over the time you were a member of the department there were marchs and things planned. nazis coming. is it normal to turn down help from the federal government? >> number one, no it's not. normally the chief will make a recommendation then you go to the police board. the police board is made up the house. the senate. and architect of the capitol. something went wrong because normally we would have the help they wouldn't have crossed the line or the steps of the capitol. >> malcolm, you had the threats from donald trump on december 19th he tweeted it's going to be wild. anybody who has twitter and certainly everybody knew this was planned. here you have -- let's listen to the people inciting on that day. this is donald trump jr., moe
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brooks tries to say it was antifa. and riling up the crowd. >> today is the day patriots take down names and kicking ass. are you willing to do what it takes to fight for america? this is donald trump's republican party! >> fight for trump! >> let's have trial by combat. >> there was donald trump jr. going on stage before the rally. trial by combat rudy giuliani was saying. as you look at this, it was happening in other capitols around the country, you alerted me to that. did you see this as a coordinated essentially domestic terrorist attack?
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>> well we have to be careful about the use of the word terrorist. in this particular instance. i saw a coordinated operation. i have been monitoring this for month. 3:30 a.m. and we go through the parlor chat. the telegram feeds. the video links they are putting out. where they discuss what they're rage of the day is about. leading into the election, they were starting to make noise like they were going to have one of two options. whether donald trump won they would become the par militaries of the campaign. and if he lost it was the start of an insurge si. that led to the second civil war. we saw donald trump ignore the results of the election, they started out confused. then they became more concentrated in their anger. they waited for december 14. then started getting code words
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and frads phrases from trump. all they were looking for was the right word. this that rally we were monitoring their live feeds from right wing extremists on facebook and red it and we were watching the trump campaign itself. their theme for the day was fight for trump. that rallying call you saw. there was a live feed from donald trump jr. in the tent where they kept saying, fight fight, fight for trump. that is what he sent them out to the capitol with. those people could have carried out the larnlest hostage barricade in american history if they had gone into the building and not just flowed through as a crowd, my impression was several of those members could have in fact been a capture and kill team. that was operating within that crowd. people were there with weapons, and zip ties. police flex cuffs.
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they fully intended to take democratic members quite possibly either harass them, beat them, we don't know. the capitol police were supposed to prevent that. they could have captured and executed a representative member of the government. and occupy that building if not set it on fire. that is -- the only thing about this is -- jealous they didn't think of it first. getting a bunch of people and walking up to the building. >> to go back to you, officer jones, the capitol police has 2,300 active duty members. they have a budget of $460 million. they have the manpower if they want to stop it. in your view, do you get the sense perhaps the leadership level they didn't want to stop it? >> i think the leadership left it as a regular workday. that's the way it appeared on tv
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yesterday. they there was a regular workday. they didn't call extra help. normally you know exactly all days are cancelled. and like i say you have back up. we didn't see horses, we didn't see dogs. we didn't see anyone. normally you have a outer perimeter. you didn't have that. so, to me that was black lives matter, they would have stopped them before they got on the grounds. they wouldn't have got that far. >> i'll leave you with the same question. if somebody were going to prepare for a wild rally of maga supporters and already saying online they were going to bring guns into the capitol. it looks to me there was zero preparation for that. what you make of the seemingly laying down in advance? >> the capitol police it's an
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utter failure. this isn't normal. i went through swat officer school. with the police officers that create the containment and emergency response team. that are there. they saw this rally of 40 to 50,000 people as almost like a high school group from iowa coming to visit the place. there was fighting on the western side of the capitol. but what happened on the east side was almost like a picnic. they let them up on the steps and this force used mass to come through and some officers obviously let them come up there. what they didn't do is they didn't take the breech of this building as a national security crisis. which should have had multiple agencies. if it wasn't for the secret service calling in the fbi strike team, mike pence and kamala harris might not have gotten out safely. >> it's amazing to look at the images of the people defiling the capitol. and the people sworn to defend the capitol are missing or
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passive. i have never seen anything like it. thank you so much for being here. great to meet you. we will have you back. thank you for your help and expertise and understanding. joining me now senator booker of new jersey. i want to ask you the same question. the police are sworn to defend you, your life and protect your safety. when you saw what essentially looked like in advance they decided to treat it as if it was a picnic coming. or a school high school group. and essentially make no preparation and accept no federal help. the police chief resigned. what do you make of that? >> well, there was a clear lack of preparedness. and dangerously so. i have gotten to know the rank and file air forces over the seven years in the senate and private conversation with them. they felt like they were hung out there. and unprepared and put
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themselves -- were put into danger. this is unfortunate. it is also gallingly ironic and deeply, tragic hypocrisy to see how they prepare for other types of protests. clearly and pointed out. rightfully so. the way we have seen black lives matter protests around the country being treated. starkly, starkly different in the way that the protesters yesterday were treated. and our president his language -- this didn't happen in a vacuum. he was one of the inciting forces. it wasn't just yesterday. this is a president who is a violent language has been a consistent part of the four years as well as in his days running for the office. he was a man that talked about
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how we should be treating supporters should be treating the people that he paid for the bills. their legal bills. if they punch them. he was the man that told right wing groups like proud boys to stand back and standby. his language has been leading to this moment. it is not over. anyone who thinks those of us who have been calling this out for years now, warning about what would happen. and still believe we were over stating the fact. they were just by standers to this president. that shows that they contributed to this tragic present that we're here allowing this president to do these things without necessary measures to stop him. >> these people were flying the treason flag. they had trump flags and confederate flag flying inside the capitol. you can see them there owning the building. not only the capitol police but
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the metro police. virginia and maryland police. nobody was able to stop them. we know that donald trump refused to call out the national guard. the capitol police jekted federal assistance. it's to the point even william barr no less has said orchestrating a mob to pressure the congress is inexcusable. the other betrayers. your republican colleagues. josh holly and rick scott and ted cruz. who even after this mayhem. still tried to strip essentially black voters. 80 million voters over all of the vote. after this. do you think they should be expelled? >> these things are connected to what you said about the symbol of white supremacy and signs of white supremacy to have the confederate flag inches from
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where i sit. outside the door. from the pictures it seems that was where they were waving the confederate flag. and when you listen to the arguments they made, these are men that i work with, i partner with bills on. i listen carefully hoping ted cruz would say something to me and the public. so justify it. to have him use the compromise -- which is such an historical affront. with the confederate flag waved on the floor blind where i sit. and him dredging up a history a compromise that put in place with the destruction of the reconstruction. allowing the unleashing of the greatest period of domestic terrorism. the connection for me was painful. to see the terrorism going on today with the symbol and sign of white supremacy.
4:19 pm
and the justification for allowing the delusion to persist when it is proven a fraud time and time again this election was stolen. for them to fan the flames of conspiracy theories and lies. and use it as justification. that we should be like those who allow the compromise. it was galling for me. so galling. >> yeah. i think it also he stated the point. right? he stated what it is he believes. and that haste compromise is clearly his believes. thank you for making time to be with us. up next on the "the reidout" republicans in chaos. losing their senate majority at the moment the capitol was being over run by trumps thugs. plus remember when trump said when the looting start the shooting starts? imagine if yesterday's capitol had been black.
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all indications of the president has become not just from his duty, but from reality itself. it is for this reason i call for the vice president and members of the cabinet to ensure the next few weeks are safe for the american people. that we have a sane captain of the ship. >> illinois republican congressman became the first republican in congress to call for invoking 25th amendment. i'm joined by host of the cross connection. and senior adviser for the lincoln project and chief strategist for mitt romney 2012 campaign. stewart, while we were doing the previous segment and talking about the invasion of the capitol by a band of
4:25 pm
insurrectionists a mob. trump is cutting a video. it appears he has been handed a script that sounds like a normal script. accepting the election and denouncing the violence that was the report say from maggie haberman and others that he was enjoying watching the violence. and invoked the violence. what do you make of this little turn? >> look, this is a guy trying to save himself from getting impeached. i hope it doesn't work. if you can't impeach a president for calling for americans to attack the couple. which they did more successfully than 9/11 terrorists. what is impeachable? he's a dangerous guy. you have to get him out white house. somebody who can't tweet doesn't need nuclear codes.
4:26 pm
>> fair point. you have climb downs happening. rubio trying to say some misled you. somebody did. he wouldn't vote for impeachment but saying 25th amendment him. a lot of people running backwards now and cycling back. what in your view should be the consequences of yesterday? >> i'm fresh out of here ro capes for the people who at the 11th hour are trying to reject the trump policy. adam voted with trump 91% of the time. he knew fell well who trump was in 2016. he opted to vote tr him. he called saying people calling racism systemic and law enforcement was imflam toir. i'm not here for people at this point to decide it's not -- let
4:27 pm
me part ways. he had russians in the oval. and racial rhetoric. when you feel like there might be a political future in it. you are not hero. mitt romney is no hero. john kelly is no hero. mick mulvaney is no hero. i hope people have long memories. we have need to have a discussion about how we got here. it proceeds donald trump. there have been a lot of clever people and never trumpers to come out. some of them laid the ground work for this week now. now that the dems -- there's been a shift of power in the senate. that tilts towards democratic policy, let's see where our new friends land. and we can all proceed as patriots. not stoke the racist rhetoric that led to this very moment.
4:28 pm
>> stewart, your book is it was all a lie. you're saying the same things. your political foundation were people performing a thing. in real life were backing white supremacy. you have the "wall street journal" editorial board hand in glove with trump for four long years. as he did horrible things to the country. calling for donald trump to be removed from office. you have people who helped him do the deeds like john kelly saying he should go. mick pumulvaney. people helping him and benefitting from it. you have mitch mcconnell doing a performance. i don't see how they should be in good graces at all. they did this. >> i don't think it's fair to throw mitt romney with the crowd. he opposed donald trump in both elections. he was the only republican who voted for impeachment.
4:29 pm
>> he sat on the stage with him. after he was elected. he came out and stood next to him and applauded him. saying he did something i continue do. granted he was lobbying for a job as secretary of state. that he didn't get. he had ample opportunity to stand against what he did and opted not to do so. >> he met with obama after he lost to the presidency to obama. he was asked to meet with the president-elect of his own party, i don't think you can hold that against him. when he did it with a democrat. romney has been a hero. he has spoken out and had other republicans follow the example starting in the spring of 2016. we wouldn't be where we are now. look i i think with all the people who i think can hold two contradictory thoughts at the same time. it's good for the people and
4:30 pm
whoever comes out and calls for him to be removed from office is good. at the same time they should be held accountable for what they did and didn't do. both of those can be true at the same time. the urgency is get him out of the white house. >> indeed. he was already removed. by the american people. so removing him 14 days early would be codifying what was already decided by the more than people. he's dangerous. we have to get all the way through the 20th and this man already invoked one white nationalist riot. he could do it again. people should be very afraid. you live near the capitol. you experienced it firsthand. i'm glad you were both here. we'll have more debates like this. the double standard couldn't be clearer. passive control police officers offer for trump supporters. and aggressive heavy armed
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donald trump spent his presidency claiming he was the president of law and order. until it was his supporters breaking the law. >> these are anarchists. these are not protesters. >> bad people. they don't love the country. >> any acts or threats of political violence are an attack
4:35 pm
on our democracy itself. we must accept the verdict of the election. >> while i'm your president we will protect our citizens, defend our federal buildings and we'll bring rioters and looters and thugs to justice. >> go home, we love you. you're very special. >> that last we love you was for the people rioting in the capitol. and the police changed their tune as well. treating mostly white maga protesters entirely differently compared to black protesters from ferguson to baltimore. where 300 black lives matter protesters were arrested in one day. compared to the dozens arrested yesterday in chaos. i'm joined by principal of the black future action fund. and host of the pod cast indistracted. i'll start with you. ferguson is sered into you are
4:36 pm
minds. and baltimore. i was there. the way police failed to prepare. for this to happen, malcolm described it as a school group was coming. rather than prepare for. what do you make of the lack of preparation and is it right for the police chief to resign as a result? >> the lack of preparation was a choice. it's important as you have been careful to do to choose the right language. we have been hearing all day, all across tv and social media that the police just let it happen. that applies passivity. these are active choices. just like it was an active choice to vote for donald trump in 2016. again in 2020. it was a choice for certain journalistic out lets to humanize followers and a choice to call him presidential on air waves simply for being able to string together a sentence.
4:37 pm
it was a choice for social media to not deplatform him. just like the choices, it's a choice to not prepare for a promised insurrection and mob. a choice to ignore the repeated requests of black lawmakers to secure the capitol ahead of time. a choice to take self-fys with insectionists and open up barricades to invite them in. there are at least 35 federal and district law enforcement institutions in a 68 square mile city called washington d.c. with only 684,000 residents in it. it was a choice for one of those departments to take the $460 million they get every year and sit on their hands and pretend like this is wasn't domestic terrorism. the rioters knew they would make this choice. they're online happily taking credit for everything they caused yesterday. we are not here by accident. we are here because of intentional deliberate choices
4:38 pm
that were made by people of power and privilege. and guess what? they don't get to run away. we won't let them. with won't forget this. >> you have the nation did a piece they quote a woman who said, she can't believe anyone got arrested at all. it was like 50 something people. this is not america. a woman said to a small group her voice shaking. he was crying. they're shooting at us. they're supposed to shoot blm. but they're shooting patriots. >> i saw under policing. it was one person got shot. who was trying to breech the speakers of the house is. what do you make of it? >> listen, as britney said and i 100% agree. this was clearly designed. it was by design.
4:39 pm
even the out rage of the woman that you just talked about who was quoted in the nation. what she is saying is actually true for her. she deeply believes that this country is supposed to demonize black lives matter. it's supposed it demonize people fighting for dignity and justice and freedom. and overpolice the communities. it's supposed to create us into an other that is criminal, animalistic and savage. and out to take something from white people in this country. that is literally laid out in display on that article. i do want to say here, one of the ways in which we see how whiteness is on display in the country at not just in that article, but over the last few days and over the last 300 plus years, certainly in a heightened way because of the events last
4:40 pm
night. there are false equivalent make between the insurrection and attempted coup with vanilla isis. and people who are taking to the streets because we are tired of being killed. by the people who are supposed to protect and serve us. we are tired of having our communities be devastated by a lack of resources while our military budgets and police budgets are in the trillions. and yet, as you saw at the capitol yesterday, vanilla isis was given milk and cookies. i can tell you 100% that a black woman who was having a mental health crisis dared to do a u turn in front of the building and she was shot and killed. that is whiteness on display. and i'm glad that quote came out. it is really reflective of how a will the of people see what
4:41 pm
america is. >> yeah. amazing. you win for vanilla isis. you got that in there. i have to smile at that one. thank you both very much. we went over time earlier in the show. i wish we had more time. coming up, mary trump on how much damage her uncle is capable of doing on the way out of the white house doors. new freestyle libre 2 system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose with a painless, one-second scan. and now with optional alarms, you can choose to be notified if you go too high or too low. and for those who qualify, the freestyle libre 2 system is now covered by medicare. ask your doctor for a prescription. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at freestyle libre 2 dot u.s. ♪
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4:46 pm
of siblings destroyed my father. i have can't let him destroy my country. joining me now. clinical and psychologist and author of how my family created the world eers most dangerous man. i want to start about asking about this surprising video which looks like a belated attempt to save himself from investigation, prosecution or impeachment. your uncle put out tonight. sort of walking it back and condemning the violence. what do you make of that? >> i think somebody was able to get through to him and convince him that even if it's only performtive he needed to do something to mitigate the damage he caused only to himself of course. that's all he cares about. that he caused himself yesterday. but of course, it was purely performance. there was not any truth in it at all. if you listen carefully, he doesn't actually concede the election.
4:47 pm
so, there's no reason to take that video seriously. there's no reason to give thim credit for it. there's no reason at all to believe that it means that he is going to change going forward. we're looking at a very difficult potentially dangerous 12 days. and it's certainly shouldn't do anything to let him off the hook. if he's not impeached and removed from office we're in serious trouble. >> the "wall street journal" calling for him to resign. it doesn't seem like something he would do. do you think that your uncle is mentally unwell? he should be the 25th amendment should apply to him. because he's mentally unwell. >> he's been mentally unwell since well before he was inaugurated in 2017. so i don't think that's the question anymore. honestly -- i'm not a constitutional scholar by any stretch of the imagination. i think both avenues should be
4:48 pm
pursued. because it may take longer to impeach and remove him. if they start to enact the 25th amendment it will put certain things on hold. but i also -- i don't want that to be used as an excuse to let him off the hook down the road. by claiming that he wasn't mentally fit. so, i think our best bet is impeachment and removal. if it takes both i'm okay with that too. the urgency is to get him out of the office. and away from any power or protections the oval office affords him. >> that's the point. he's dangerous. we talked about it earlier. he incited a mob to physically invade the united states capitol and has a pull over the set of media that there's a transactional relationship between him and far right media. that are the new competitors.
4:49 pm
epic times. news max. and of course parlor. parlor has become a place where far right wing and white nationalist groups organize. and these the thing yesterday was organized in large part. we're hearing accounts connected to support es of trump are calling for violence, using parlor. with some asserting wednesday the war begins today. they were asserting that yesterday. donald trump himself has been locked off of facebook until the inauguration. are you concerned that his sort of cult is self-fulfilling. what danger does that pose? >> it poses an enormous amount of danger. there's no reason to suggest that he is not continuing to speak to them. in some fashion or another. so, that's why what congress
4:50 pm
does what the cabinet does now is so crucially important. they blew it yesterday. they have been blowing it for a long time now. it's time to turn the page on this. keep him contained and prevent further harm. because he can and he will. he's a very desperate person. i mean, he was probably feeling quite emboldened yesterday, not only because of a bunch of white supremacist domestic terrorists on his orders were able to invade the capitol building, thanks in very large part to how extraordinarily racist this country is, and the corrosive toxin of white privilege. but at the same time, they were not able to complete their mission to have the results of this legitimate election overturned, so donald is also freaking out because what other
4:51 pm
options does he have? 12 days is a long time to wreak havoc. we have to stop this immediately. >> yeah, i am with you on that. mary trump, thank you so much for speaking out for so long. it's been very, very important, i think, to the future of this country. appreciate you. we're back after this. i get to define myself through the scores of people who lead to me. bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of the body, are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+/her2- metastatic breast cancer, as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole significantly delayed disease progression versus letrozole, and shrank tumors in over half of patients.
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faced with reality that it was trump supporters who attacked our democracy, right wing politicians like sarah palin, matt gaetz, and mo brooks are looking to blame anyone but
4:55 pm
the perpetrators. instead, they lied and they're now trying to blame the right-wing boogie myth, antifa. the real culprits, of course, are a well known collection of qanon supporters, militia members, and proud boys members and hangers on. in fact, yesterday's events were promoted by the proud boys leader, enrico tario, who posted, quote, the proud boys will turn out in record numbers on january s6th, but this time with a twist, unquote. earlier this week, he was arrested and banned from the nation's capitol, after he was arrested for vandalizing a black lives matter banner ripped off an historic black church, and wows found with high capacity firearm magazines. he also happens to be the florida state director of latinos for trump, which while officially unaffiliated with the trump campaign, has fueled maga support among cuban americans and other conservative latinos. and one more curious thing, the proud boys have a long history
4:56 pm
of getting preferential treatment from police across the country. for more, i'm joined by will summer, politics reporter at the daily best. will, let's go through these in order. this lie that it was antifa, where did that come from, and how do they think they can get away with that with all the receipts all over social media? >> as you say, joy, it's very bizarre because we know trump was promoting this rally. we know trump supporters online were really excited about this protest, and indeed, the possibility of attacking congress. then once it happens, they say, oh, no, it's antifa. this was a story in the conservative washington times paper. based on like some very shady sourcing involving a little known facial recognition company. they claim they recognized members of antifa in the crowd. they didn't show any pictures. then matt gaetz gets on board, mo brooks, and laura ingraham. check it out, this lie goes
4:57 pm
everywhere, and the company that supposedly came up with this technology says this story is totally fake, and as of tonight, the "washington times" has deleted the story and added a correction. >> yeah, of course they will because they have to worry about lawsuits. more to the actual people, the woman who was killed in the capitol who was climbing through one of the windows and was shot presumably by police. police have now put the officer on sort of desk duty in the meantime. she embraced conspiracy theories. her name was ashli babbitt. 35 years old. she tweeted about pizza gate. he tweeted thousands of tweets to fox news hosts. he engaged in social media with info wars, in 2020, she began to tweet with qanon accounts and use qanon hashtags. he was a military veteran. she did three or four tours recently in afghanistan or iraq. she had military training, but she was qanon. >> she was heavily into qanon based on her social media presence. this is someone who did not just
4:58 pm
tweet one hashtag once. i mean, as you mentioned, she was even into the pizza gate conspiracy theory. the key thing about qanon, this is not just people who love trump, have some wacky ideas. at its core, qanon is about this moment called the storm which they believe essentially donald trump will execute or imprison all of his enemies and all enemies even culture, political enemies of conservatives. this is like a blood bath, a fascist thing. and she tweeted, she thought the storm was coming. it was going to happen on wednesday. she was kind of appears to be looking forward to what was going to be a big blood bath. >> yeah. and lastly, the proud boys. what is this connection between the proud boys, the president, and police about? >> sure, so the proud boys is a far right men's club. proud boys have been caught being members of the police or police have been caught being members of the proud boys. latinos for trump group invited the leader of the proud boys on a tour of the white house. they claim they had some help
4:59 pm
within the white house setting up that tour. you know, there's this very, you know, we know there were proud boys inside the capitol, smoking cigarettes, partying it up after breaking in. there is this nexus, this kind of far-right connection, the proud boys are close with roger stone. so while i think the trump administration would love to kind of obfuscate all their ties there, this is kind of a pro-trump street brawling group. >> and so when you put it all together, how much danger do you think we're in as we head toward the inauguration with all of these groups free to roam, apparently? >> on one hand, i think now, you know, as always happens after a national security problem like this, there's going to be a huge reaction from police. d.c. is already flooded with police and national guard. as i think it should be until the inauguration. but going forward, i think it's a real risk that this was able to happen because now both the groups that were involved yesterday and any groups going forward are going to sense a vulnerability that you can rush, whether you rush the congress,
5:00 pm
you could rush the state house, the governor's mansion, and kind of make your demands. there were truly scary groups involved there. i think it gets at a larger block going on in our politics glrb indeed, they now know, as does isis, al qaeda, any terrorist in the world, you can get in the capitol, but you better use white folks because it's going to make it easier for you. will, thank you for being here and your reporting. that's tonight's reidout. "all in with chris hayes" starts now. >> tonight on "all in." >> the president of the united states incited an armed insurrection against america. >> don't dare call them protesters. they were a riotous mob, insurrectionists. domestic terrorists. >> one day after the trump inspired siege of the capitol. >> my phone is exploding with impeach, impeach, impeach. the president mus


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