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tv   MSNBC Live with Yasmin Vossoughian  MSNBC  January 10, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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by this time tomorrow the president could be on his way to a sec impeachment. democrats in the howls ready to introduce at least up with article accusing the president of inciting insurrection in connection with the attack on capitol hill. >> we absolutely have to heal, unify as a nation. we cannot do that without first having justice. that's why we need to remove donald trump. >> it has gotten worse and worse and worse and worse. so you know, my message to them is you don't want us to impeach him, what else are you willing to do? >> if we allow insurrection against the united states with impunity, with no accountability, we are inviting it to happen again. >> all right. but it's not clear any republicans will actually go along with it, even those who say that the president did something wrong and is even impeachable, the offense. take a listen. >> i don't think there's time to do an impeachment.
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there's ten days left the president leaves anyway. i think the best thing would be a resignation. >> i honestly don't think impeachment is the smart move because i think it victimizes donald trump. >> the president touched a hot stove on wednesday and is unlikely to touch it again. >> so the president, for his part is planning a trip, going to texas on tuesday to claim credit for building a wall he actually hasn't built. this next video you are going the see is very disturbing as all the videos are. this video was obtained by nbc news showing demonstrators in a pitched battle with capitol police as they tried to force their way into the building. using crutches, flag poles and everything they could find in their sight at officers protecting the entryway, what they are paided to do, their jobs. one man simply pummelled one of
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the officers as he is attempting to fight back. investigators are continuing to investigate and make arrests connected with the attack on capitol hill. i want to start this hour with money dare jones, newly elected congressman from new york. congressman, thank you for joining us on this. i started the last hour off with the new video we obtained. this hour as well because it is so shocking to see -- having seen this firsthand myself and seeing all of these videos emerge, once again, it's still shocking to see it doesn't seem like it is this country that it is happening to when, in fact, it is, congressman. >> it is this country. and i'm grateful that people oftentimes for the first time are opening their eyes to the virulent racism that persisted and invades our institutions including in the oval office. there must be accountability for
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this. people have died. people died protecting us valiantly. i was on the house floor as you know when that mob of domestic terrorists attempted to overtake the house chamber. thank god we were evacuated just a few minutes before they were able to break in. but you know, there was a security failure at the highest level on down. and of course this violent insurrection was incited at the hands and at the direct of the president of the united states and his coconspirators in the united states congress who perpetuated a lie after almost getting us killed by objecting to these pennsylvania electoral votes. >> a vote on a second impeachment of this president could basically be your first big action as a new member of congress. what does this say right now about the state of our country? >> it says that there must be
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accountability. congress must act. if congress were to do nothing in response to the attempted overthrow of the federal government just a few days ago, we would suffer great reputational harm, we would fail to lead this country and to protect our democracy. and we would weaken ourselves in terms of how other people view us. and let me just say that we would also be inviting another event like this to happen. and so we must have a strong reaction. and i am so looking forward to voting on they articles of impeachment that will be introduced tomorrow in the house. >> you bring up a really good point about racial disparities. it is something we have consistently talked about since wednesday. i want to reiterate a part of the tweet that you put out there with regards to this. you said i am just going to say it, if today's domestic terrorists were black they would have never been allowed to storm the capitol. this is something that has been
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echoed throughout especially during the black lives matter protests over the summer. how much of an uphill battle dooz this being? attacking racism in this country even though you have folk like you who can now be representative of this cause? right? there are still 74 million people who voted for this president who has shown the colors of racism throughout his four years, not just on wednesday. >> the fight to eliminate racism in our society, which is an original sin of this country s a long-suffering fight. it begins with the recognition that it exists, that it is pervasive. that the reason these domestic terrorists were able to overtake the capitol is because they were white. i have also said if those individuals had been black they would have been gunned down
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before they got within spitting distance of the capital. just look at the relatively heightened level of security during the peaceful black lives matter protests last summer in the same locate of the capitol. so we have to make sure that we are speaking truth to power. and i am so proud of house democrats across the idea logical spectrum because there is diversity in our caucus. what i have seen is uniform recognition that this would never had happened had these folks been black or brown or muslim. we have to make sure we are keeping that in mind as we think about how to respond from a security standpoint. i have agreed to cosponsor cory bush's resolution -- excuse me, jamaal bowman's resolution to look into the infiltration of our capitol police force by white nationalists. i mean we have seen cooperation in the video footage between
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certain capitol police officers and the domestic terrorists that were able to overtake the capitol. >> you had jim clyburn today on cnn saying he feels this was organized. the office in which his name is emblazoned on the outside wasn't touched. the other officer which has no indication that it is his was ransacked. >> it's true. obviously, no one likes to think that the people who have been tasked with protecting us, with protecting the entire legislative branch of the federal government, and therefore democracy itself, cannot be trusted to do that. and in fact, some members of that force had been working with the same people seeking to
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overthrow the federal government. again, most importantly, the blame lies at the feet of president trump and his enablers in congress, coconspirators who helped to perpetuate a lie that this election was somehow stollen from the outgoing president. and that led to the -- that was the incitement of the violent insurrection that we saw last week. so i have also called on investigating the extent to which my colleagues in the house and in the senate were coordinating with these folks and were helping to insight the insurrection that we saw. >> democratic congressman from new york, mond air jones, congratulations on winning your seat. i want to bring in vaughn hillyard, also donna edwards.
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vaughn, i want to start with you on this one. you have got new reporting from nbc news about a warning about wednesday's violence. tell us about that. >> yasmin, our investigations team is now reporting that, in fact, not only did the nypd, but also the fbi, directed urgings to capitol police that they had knowledge that there could, in fact, be violence on january 6th. the day that those electoral college votes would be counted. again these were suggestions made by police that they had no reason to believe there would be violence ahead of time. that is why this significant news should be noted here. not only was it nypd. but also the fbi per nbc news investigation's team saying they gave reporting ahead of time to capitol police. even visited six extremis,
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individuals who they believed could pose a threat and urged them to stay away from washington, d.c. that is what makes these images all the more tough to grapple with, to see individuals outmanned. yasmin you and i stood out on the front lawn behind me here looking a the capitol building looking up not knowing what was happening. now we know not only were capitol police being outmanned but one of them died. brian sicknick's remains in a procession passed by our camera just an hour ago. individuals like him were left to defend the fis ral united states congress, also to protect the lines of democratic members of congress and staff that come here every day to earn a living and make this nation function. >> carson, this is astounding to hear now that the fbi and the
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new york police department passed on information to the capitol police about the possibility of violence on january 6th, on that wednesday. and yet there didn't seem to be any reinforcement. >> that's right, yasmin. that's why it's no surprise that the entire leadership of the capitol police, the house, senate, sergeant at arms, which all resigned. because this is simply inexcusable. i mean, this is the national cathedral for our democracy. if the united states were a religion, this would be the most sacred place and it was left totally unguarded. maybe it has to do with the fact that people didn't think they would be a threat because they didn't look like the people who could cause violence.
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but they were a violent group of people. they were insighted by the president in a speech on that stage. it is unfortunate that they could not deal with that. we were opportunity. we could have seen a mass casualty event. we could still number the midst of this if they had organized and taken controlling of the capitol building. this is a big lesson the country has to learn. >> nbc has reached out to capitol police for comment on this new development but we have not heard back. congressman, i want to read from the breaking story. in it they report that the fbi visited extrooemists under investigation to urge them not to travel to washington. the threat was there. i mentioned to the congressman something that jim clyburn was talking about about the story
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this unmarked office that he has, for safety purposes. i want to play a little bit of that sound, him talking about that, and then have you react. >> i have an unmarked office that -- you have got to know exactly where it is. that's where i spend most of my time doing my work. they didn't go where my name was, but they went where i usually hng out. that indicates to me that something untoward may have been going on. >> he doesn't outright say it congresswoman, but nonetheless he had this unmarked office. that was ransacked. the one with his name on the outside untouched. now we have new reports that the capitol police had tips, they knew what was coming, they knew this was a possibly, and yet nothing. >> look, yasmin, i heard whip cli bern say that the other day. and i also noted when i was speaking last week that there were officers i could see on the video.
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and carlos can say this, too, that are not self identifiable. you have to know where you are going to find them. yet these insurrectionists found those officers and destroyed the capitol. look, the president of the united states, donald trump built the fire, fanned the flames, doused it with his words, incited these people to insurrection. and there has to be accountability. and i think, apart from the deep dive that needs to take place about what the intelligence and security failure was, i want to know whether there was some coordination from members of congress, from within the capitol hill police or other law enforcement. and we have to get to the bottom of this. the first order of business, frankly, is impeaching this guy and trying to remove him. he is a danger to america. and i think that, you know, what we have to do going forward is to figure out what happened and
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how deep and how wide what may have been a conspiracy against the united states, and who was responsible for that. i want to know. and if those people are members of congress they need to be prosecuted and kicked out of the congress. >> there is that c word, congresswoma congresswoman. i want to drill down. i want to get to more of that because you bring up the fact that you believe there could be coordination from inside congress. what are you alleging there? >> i don't know. but i know that i have seen video on social media from the stop the steal organizers that there was some coordination with three members of congress. i want to know how deep that goes, and whether it went to the day of, and whether there were
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communications with the white house. these are all open questions given what we have seen, given the violence that took place, given the homicide that took place in the capitol. these questions have to be answered because it leaves the capitol open and our government open to something like this happening again. and i have to say, i am deeply troubled by the fact that we've heard no word within the capitol hill law enforcement community about what went down. and you know, the chief, although he's resigned, apparently he's still in place for at least another week and a half. so i have a lot of questions, and i think some of it is going to be answered perhaps by an independent 9/11-style commission. and other questions are going to come directly from the congressional committees and their oversight. but there is documentation here. there are phone calls.
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there are records. and the congress needs to get to the bottom of this. >> congressman, having spent so much time in the halls of the capitol, first and foremost, were you surprised by how easily it was breached? >> without question. i mean, don and i walked those calls every day for years. ealways felt safe. every onceann a while there are people outside, people yelling, an incident with a firearm and the capitol would lockdown briefly. we always felt, like it was the safest place in the world particularly when you were on the house floor. and house members sometimes go to the senate floor as well. it is unimaginable that this would have ever happened. that's why as donna said, all leads must be pursued. because this was coordinated in some way. thankfully it wasn't very
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organized. thankfully, it wasn't too coherent but from must have been some coordination here. what is also troubling yasmin is that there are reports that the president of the united states was watching these images and was neither concerned nor troubled. did he expect this? did he know it was going to happen? did he encourage it? look, it's just beyond any words what those members of congress must have felt, the men and women who go there with good intentions and good hearts who try to solve problems for the american people and make decisions for our country. and to know that they could have been killed, kidnapped, et cetera just inimaginable. it's something that should have never happened in this country. it has happened in other countries, countries like cuba, where my parents had to flee because they lost all of their institutions and all their rights overnight. we need to follow the leads, get to the bottom of this and make sure it never happens again.
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want to be clear. we have actually confirmed -- nbc news have not confirmed any of the details of coordination between capitol police and rioters. it is important to note much of this is speculation and as we get moore details on the story we will bring it to you and make sure msnbc confirms all the details as we continue to move along here. i want to read from a piece that came out from our reporters. social media is just part of a full intelligence picture. while there was first-amendment protected activity on social media to include some people making threats to this point investigators haven't found there was an organized clout at the top. >> i asked that question as the video was emerging of the royaltiers trying to break
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through the capital. i asked, koss this look coordinated, organized, or emotional. this is a retired nypd detective. and he said, trait in the nays, this looks organized. >> do you know what? i don't know what the answers are to those questions. i agree that we have to be careful about that. i'm just saying there are multiple questions that need to be answered here because something just doesn't smell right. and it doesn't look right. and when -- i know when carlos and i looked at that video that we -- all of the video that's come out, we see things in there about the ease with which the capitol was accessed, about the places where people went, and the kind of damage that they did. and it just -- it just smells like something is wrong. so i want to ask the questions, but i also know that the american people deserve answers
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to these questions. we are going to take a break right now. we are continuing to follow this developing story as we are just learning, it seems, that in fact the capitol police did in fact get some tips both from the nypd and the fbi that there were threats ahead of the january 6th protests before they were able to breach the halls of the capitol. so we will bring that to you as it develops. frank -- is going to be on the other side. y pacs in a safe place and your child safer. to close, twist until it clicks. tide pods child-guard packaging. research shows people remember so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. wow! what'd you get, ryan? it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! what does it do bud? it customizes our home insurance
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welcome back, everyone. let's get to more on the breaking news about the fbi and n.y.p.d. telling capitol police about the possibility of very lens before wednesday's riot. i want to dig into it. because it is, again, shocking to me, right? so now we are hearing that there were tips and yet still the lack
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of preparedness. give me your reaction to this breaking news. >> this is an important piece of reporting. here's why. i think there is two major takeaways from this nbc news report. first, it's an acknowledgment that at least the fbi, if not also n.y.p.d., shared intelligence concerns and pertinent information with the capitol police and others about a possible violent incident at the capitol. number two, we've also learned that the fbi actually disrupted and dissuaded over a dozen investigative subjects who were the baddest of the bad is what i am hearing, and disrupted them from traveling to d.c. my own sources tell me that what happened at the capitol could have been much worse had the fbi not actually intercepted and disrupted the baddest of the bad
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who were going to organize something. what we saw blades out at the capitol looks like only a semiorganized event that could have been much worse. but the focus now shifts to the capitol police and some hard answers to hard questions that we need. if you have got these concerns, if you have got this from the fbi, if you've got this from n.y.p.d., why in god's name did you not prepare for battle? >> when you say intercepted the baddest of the bad, the way that you put it, what do you mean? they were held in custody? they were told not to go? or do we even know that they didn't show up? >> we -- so, what my sources tell me is that the people who were confronted did not travel and that the public needs to understand the constraints put
1:28 pm
on federal law enforce whent when it comes to domestic terrorism. americans are operating under a myth that there is something called domestic terrorism that is illegal in this country. there is not. for valid reason. there are civil liberties and privacy concerns about monitoring the conversations of american citizens. yet n the cases where the fbi had enough evidence there was violence planned and imminent, they were permitted to open cases on specific individuals. and in those lawful me permitted cases, they confronted those individuals and disrupted their travel to d.c. >> here's where i have some confusion, right, as i am reading through this piece that's just breaking. we have this information that the fbi and the n.y.p.d. tipped off the capitol police that there could be threats. then we have those quotes are the fbi's washington field office, the lead of that, and he says there was no indication
1:29 pm
that there was anything planned other than first amendment-protected activity. d.c. police chief says there was no intelligence that suggested there would be a breach of the u.s. capitol. where is the disconnect there? or are they just trying to evade the question? >> no. i think -- well, i think when we are seeing now is a clarification occurring because i share your concern about a disconnect. so part of it sts use of the technical definition of intelligen intelligence, which is actionable information, news you could use is the common vernacular -- news you could use legally. when we hear the field spokesperson saying we didn't see plans for organized breach and insurrection, what i think he's -- and i -- i haven't talked to him but i understand there is a distinct intelligence
1:30 pm
community definition of intelligence, right? what he seems to be saying and the fbi seems to be coming in behind him saying is social media open source public domain is one thing. secretive intercepts that indicates planning and organization is another thing. and then what we can act on for predicated investigative subjects and confront them and stop them is another thing. and that seems to have been the most organized evidence of leadership and planning that appears to have been disrupted or things would have been much worse. that is the message that i'm getting. >> so there is one thing that you can do -- in which you can stop them, which it appears the fbi was able to do. as you had said, the baddest of the bad. right? there is another step they can take which is to protect against them. i am looking the my side because i am writing down notes over here. they can protect against these threats. whether or not they think it is organized or not or this is just
1:31 pm
chatter, intelligence they are gathering on line, they don't really know to what extent these rioters will go to, the protection was still not there. >> well, you are absolutely right. but also understand that the fbi doesn't protect buildings. right? so they passed that, what they could, lawfully, to the capitol police s what this report is alleging. so what they did properly predicated and lawfully, they seem to have done. i want to stressing in here. as we speak, people are all over twitter, parlor, telegraph. and it looks like they are planning violence in the future. imagine the triage that is going on right now at the fbi with tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of messages. and they are trying to determindetermine wheat from the chaff e expiring
1:32 pm
aal or -- a guy on his couch or a known bad actor on his way to do harm? that's what they are up against right now. we need legislation that not only allows them to get staffed properly and get legislation in proactively just like we have for someone who is headed toward islamic jihad who is a relevant jihadist. the rules are different for that and that wall needs to come down. >> how difficult is it going to be to get that legislation through, especially considering the atmosphere in which we live with this major rise not only in white spremcity and domestic terrorism -- i am going to use the word even though i am not necessarily supposed to, in this country. >> i want to acknowledge this has to get done right. right? we can't move hastily legislatively because there are
1:33 pm
serious civil liberties and privacy concerns. no one wants big government listening in on their conversation because maybe they don't like the current president. we did this after 9/11 with the patriot act. were there abuses and exploitations? i will give you an example. it was discovered that metadata of phone numbers dialed was being stored by federal law enforcement for possible future use. congress eventually said we are very unfortunately with you storing people's phone records in terms of numbers dialed and received. stop doing that. we figured it out. it is not always pretty. but the good news is there have been proposed bills in the past including one by senator amy klobuchar. it is possible as we move into a different administration and different control of the senate that you might see some traction with domestic terrorism legislation. >> especially because these
1:34 pm
folks have been personally now affected by it in the places they work, in the capitol building. maybe now that they have been affected they are actually going to do something about it. frank, stand by. i want bring kennedy lany in, one of our correspondents who helped break this story. talk us through some of the details on this, the stuff we have been missing so far. >> yasmin, i apologize, i missed some of your conversation, but the news here is that senior law enforcement official have told us that both the fbi and n.y.p.d. had gathered information about potential violence in connection with this january 6th stop the steal rally in the capitol. and they passed it on to the capitol police. in the case of the fbi they actually went and visited some extremists that they had on their radar, under investigation, and dissuaded some of them from traveling to washington. so their view is that it might
1:35 pm
have been even worse. but the thing about this revelation is that it really raises the question, first of all what the head of the field office told pete williams on friday when he said we had no information that there was anything but peaceful protests planned. we have known flatly that's not the case because we have all seen on social media there was lots of indications. but it wasn't just the fbi that said that. the pentagon said that, the department of homeland security. there is a real disconnect here and we don't have all the information whether there was an intelligence failure. if the fbi had the information and passed it on why weren't more forces backing up the capitol police? i mean it is obvious the capitol police failed. they were not manned enough to stop the mob from rushing the capitol building. the fbi is responsible for domestic terrorism in the united states not the capitol police. and shame on us if the u.s.
1:36 pm
government can't figure out there is planned violence against the capitol, a symbol of american democracy. i think what frank was talking about is the difficulty that the neighbor labors under in the domestic context is of kesh. but they have the tools. even in the absence of a domestic terrorism law there is a ability to scrutinize and to open case asks to look at some of the social media postings that are threatening violence and that they need to have the will and to focus more on the domestic extremism threat the way they have with al qaeda related and jihadi and isis-related terrorism, yasmin. >> frank talk the me about the relationship between the fbi and the capitol police. is this a one way or a two-way street? here's what i mean. the fbi goes to the capitol police and say there is a major threat on january 6th, something bad might happen. the capitol police say we are
1:37 pm
taking care of it. thanks for the intelligence, moving on. or do they say what should we do? how bad of a threat is it? what kind of help do we need? should we call in reinforce meant? what do we need to know? what is the relationship between these two entities. also, do they have the ability to elevate it beyond the capitol police if they find they are not reacting properly. >> excellence questions. the relationship between all the agencies in that capitol organization is well oiled and well versed. think about fireworks on fourth of july. think about an inaugural every four years. this is rehearsed. there are habul top exercises. ken uses the words intelligence failure. i prefer the word security feelure because the intelligence was clearly available, but not acted upon.
1:38 pm
you have also raised another element here, which is was this briefed up, and to whom? we hear reports that this current president doesn't get or doesn't read his presidential daily briefing. we have also heard reports that since his campaign loss, he may not even be getting a verbal briefing. so the question is, did anyone at the white house get this on their radar screen? if so, what did they do about it as well. >> so is there a possibility, frank, that someone at the white house may have gotten this on the radar and brushed it off thinking it may not happen? >> i actually find it hard to believe that the fbi would be disseminating this intelligence across the capitol region on a major event and that it would not have reached some component of the white house complex. >> ken, do we know anything about that? do we know if the white house was at all.
1:39 pm
>> i wanted to be -- >> yeah, please, i want to know if the white house -- sor >> sorry. >> -- was briefed on this. go ahead. >> i don't know the answer to that question but i ten to think it may be no because of the way a senior fbi official described this information. they said look social media postings are an indicator. but we did not have evidence of a specific plot a criminal plot, to attack the capitol. they said the best evidence of that is once these rioters got in they had no idea what they wanted to do. they were running around breaking things and asking for directions from journalists. so that's a fair point, right? it wasn't the kind of plot that you would see with an al qaeda or an isis or even a lone wolf domestic terror plot. it was more like sort of a generalized idea that there would be a violent action against the capitol. people wanted to go and make their voices heard in a violent
1:40 pm
way. some people had flex cuffs some people used lead pipes. it is a thorny issue. it is not the kind of intelligence we would expect the cia to pass along about a potential attack on an embassy. we have to grapple with how woe deal with this kind of social media situation in the domestic context. look, for every 1,000 people that say they are going to do something violent on social media, maybe only one follows through with it. that's the fbi's challenge, to figure out which of these extremists they need to really pay attention to and to stop them. nobody has said it is easy but you are absolutely right, we need to answer the question of what information did the fbi have, and where did it go? into frank, how do americans have confidence that they are safe amidst all of this? we have been grappling with question of social media threats for quite some time. it didn't just start this the last week or so. i remember talking about a story
1:41 pm
like this when it came to isis, over a decade ago. it was that long ago. we have been grappling with fbiex with cia and social media and what to identify and whatnot to identify for quite some time. how can americans feel confident that our government has a handle on identifying threats like this when we see what took place at the capitol? >> you are on the money in that there is this unresolved tension between civil liberties and privacy validly and how to regulate and enforce this and whether or not we each need a domestic terrorism law. and as ken related to, smart professionals differ on this. i have colleague who is say, be careful, that is a slippery slope for abuse for some president who says that's a domestic terrorism group. i want the fbi monitoring their conversations, and of course it is merely his enemies. we have got to have this
1:42 pm
discussion. while we are having this discussion, the bad guys couldn't care less that we can't figure this out and social media is out way in front of us. and you no, let me pose this, wheel we have knocked off this president as an insighter of violence from twitter and facebook and other places and people now have migrated by the hundreds of thousands to parlor, are we creating an extremist echo chamber that will amplify their voices with each other and make it even more threatening, and then bring the president into that mix if he goes to parlor. and now we essentially have this extremist echo chamber that is a two-edged sword. makes it easier for law enforcement to look there for the bad guys but also amplifies their voice and eventually like isis and al qaeda like you mentioned you force them off mainstream media, you lose sight of them. they go down a rabbit hole,
1:43 pm
decentralize and now you can't find that lone wolf. we are facing a major challenge. >> all right. deep breath, everybody. kennedy lany and frank faluzzi thounk. >> i'm joined now by bill crystal. and trymaine lee as well. welcome. major breaking news with all of this. i appreciate riding along with all of it. bill, let me get your reaction first to what we are hearing now that in fact capitol police were tipped off, they knew there were threats on january 6th. they were tipped off by the fbi and by the n.y.p.d., and they did nothing. >> my reaction is whatever happened before january 6th we will have to investigate that. we cannot afford a security failure in the next ten days. we cannot afford a security failure on january 20th or the days coming up to that. that needs to be the focus of the fbi, the capitol police, the
1:44 pm
department of homeland security. they have an obligation to this nation to make sure this does not happen again. frankly, the incoming biden administration in my view as an obligation not to put itself at risk. i mean this is no time to get cute and get oh, god forbid we shouldn't have the traditional inauguration on the steps. if there is serious security risk they need to get sworn in elsewhere and they need to cordon off the capitol for a mile or two and have a security perimeter. and they need to look at every bus coming into washington on the highways and avenues that come in. it is no time to get fastidious frankly about we don't want to make it will be like we are worried. we should be worried. secondly, we need to get rid of this president because he incites violence. if those two things happen -- we need to make it through the next ten days as a serious country taking this threat seriously. >> let me play devil's advocate
1:45 pm
for one moment. i am probably going to be attacked as i always am for the things that i say. >> that's okay. >> someone could argue that what you just suggested would mean that joe biden would seem scared, that he would be scared off by these rioters, that he would be kind of bowing down the these rioters by kind of choosing to have a cordoned off inauguration, a protected inauguration, to not do what he was planning because of the threats that exist. >> you know, we go through airport security, after 9/11 there was a lot of security events in washington and new york where there were security perimeters. anyone been to a republican or democratic convention? you have to check in with the secret service half a mile away times and then you get checked again. it is totally reasonable to do. maybe he should have the thawing rags in the traditional place.
1:46 pm
i haven't thought through the details of this. i am not -- there are people would are experts. my point is they need to be serious about it and take security seriously not only for president-elect biden but for all the other people. this is not a time to let symbolism or optics overweigh the actual necessity to take the security seriously. the other thing we need to do in my opinion is to get this president to resign or impeach and convict him and get pence to invoke the 25th amendment because he is a security threat as long as he's president of the united states and willing to insight this kind of violence. >> that's actually what we were supposed to be talking about today. but of course the breaking news, wide to pivot. >> trymaine lee, i wanted to talk about how theity roars were treated compared to the black lives matter protesters we saw on the the streets throughout the country in response to the
1:47 pm
killing of george floyd. i can't help but connect the dots with this breaking news. the fbi and n.y.p.d. raising the alarm on threats to the capitol police saying on january 69:something might be coming. capitol police not only are they not ready. they are taking selfies, with these rioters. and they are opening doors pour the rioters and they are not handcuffing the rioters, walking out with them arrested. compare that to the images we were seeing during the black lives matter protests overnight and the rhetoric we have heard from the president, who has said, with the looting comes the shooting. >> what's so wild about this is it is actually even worse now than we expected. because there was finformation the fbi was able to obtain and spread that out. if you look back the last few
1:48 pm
years where this administration has peeled back on focusing on homegrown extremists, white extremists. meanwhile they are actively investigating so-called black identity extremism. the natural question, why weren't these riot he is, they insurrectionists treated the same way we have seen black folks treated this summer, the summer before that, or for the last 100 years? frankly it is a matter of citizenship. when police especially see black folks they don't see folks exercising their freedom of speech. they don't see american citizens exercising their rights. they see a threat. each when they were well aware that these folks meant some trouble wanted to come to d.c. to stir things up, in donald trump's words it is going to be wild. they knew that. but when they were there they ushered them in with the white robe -- story, white glove treatment, selfies, holding the door open.
1:49 pm
what would have happened if it was black folks getting to the steps? the 14th amendment was supposed to give us this citizenship. but black folks in this country generally operate as free' moons paided people of color that content fully enjoy all the rights and privileges that are protected. but to know they had information out there, they knew how bad it was going to be, to see them ushered in like that, it is disgusting. if ever there was a time where you would imagine a government as routinely bound as ours would be deploying violence against insurrectionists, it would be then. >> we have to end the conversation. we will continue to follow this breaking news everybody on msnbc ahead. stay with me. did you know that 70% of the soils
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welcome back, everybody. i'm on my fifth day of a long drawn-out hangover, without the nemryes of really good cocktails, a hazy night, where some things are more clear than others and thoughts of things i should or should not have said. instead, every single step, every experience and conversation and every image is seared into my brain. i drank nothing, in fact, i didn't eat anything either for hours as we raced to stay on top of the story and out of harm's way, constantly changing positions, assessing our threat, figuring out exactly what is happening and talking to folks
1:54 pm
who seemed open to talking. i even woke up this morning and thought, yaent believe th i can happened. on top of that, i worry, am i going to get sick? is that a symptom or am i imagining it? it was the storming of the capitol by the president's supporters, a president who urged them to in fact march on the capitol and has persistently urged officials to overturn an election that was in fact free and fair, an election that he lost. also, a pandemic where on that same day, rioters were overtaking the capitol, 4,000 people died of covid, rioters, by the way, who were not wearing masks. none of them. >> we have a much different vantage point. let's get a little closer. we want to stay kind of on the periphery of this thing because as you know, it's getting more heated as the moments tick by. that's tear gas, so that's tear gas. yeah, that's tear gas, guys.
1:55 pm
let's move this way. let's move away. we're going to be -- guys, we're in the -- we're in the air direction of the tear gas. let's move away. yeah. >> i couldn't honestly figure out which was worse, the threat of that tear gas, of stampeding rioters, of police trying to get the situation under control and failing, or covid everywhere. it was bad, all around, but to think they didn't prepare for that is even worse or they didn't expect it or were advised to stand down, whatever it was, it's really bad. it's bad because people died because lives were threatened and the capitol building breached. it's bad for anyone watching the last four years of this presidency, while it was shocking to watch what took place on wednesday, it wasn't surprising. it just wasn't. i'm not saying i knew it was going to happen, but i wasn't surprised. trump supporters had doubled down in their dedication to the president, and not only believed every lie he said, they repeated
1:56 pm
it verbatim. they repeat eed conspiracy theories born from the idea of us versus them. through the countless members of his advisory and cabinet who were jailed, they stuck with him, through child separation, hundreds of children separated from their parents, they stuck with him through the impeachment trial. they stuck with him through the multiple accusations of sexual assault and the "access hollywood" tape. they stuck with him when republican election officials begged them to stand down, the election was not stolen, stop the threats. they stuck with him. wednesday was the culmination of all of it. the growing instances of domestic terrorism in the name of donald trump, of militia groups who feel it's their duty to defend the right-wing extremists who will stop at nothing, but what stands out the most to me is if you think it over, it's not over. you are sorely mistaken. it is a member of a militia group named john who said to me
1:57 pm
this, it's over. we're done. the next time we come back, we're bringing our guns. it's not over, everybody. and while washington was not prepared for wednesday, they need to get prepared because some of these people may not relent, and next time it could be worse. i'm yazman vossoughian. i'm be back here next saturday and sunday. up next, reverend al sharpton and "politics nation." is maximum strength cold and flu medicine with soothing honey-licious taste. nyquil honey. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever best sleep with a cold medicine. if your gums bleed when you brush, the answer is yes. the clock may be ticking towards worse... parodontax is 3x more effective at removing plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums parodontax ♪ ♪
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