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tv   Way Too Early With Kasie Hunt  MSNBC  February 1, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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though. thank you for watching. those on the east coast in the snow, please be safe out there. we'll be back next week, because if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." so, there are lasers in space that cause wildfires, and the lasers identify as jewish. >> mm-hmm, yeah, correct. >> and those are real things you believe and tell other people about? >> mm-hmm, yeah. >> and you're a u.s. representative? >> mm-hmm, yes. >> you represent the u.s.? >> mm-hmm, yeah. >> people can google you and it will say she's a real member of the u.s. government? >> it might not be the first thing that comes up, but yeah. >> and when your colleagues found out about all these hateful and psychotic things you
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said, what did they do? >> i was promoted to the education committee. >> "snl" takes on qanon congresswoman marjorie taylor greene as things heat up between her and a colleague on the hill. the question is, what will republican leader kevin mccarthy say to her when they meet this week? plus, a group of republican senators head to the white house today to pitch president biden on their much smaller counter offer to his covid relief proposal. the question, is it a nonstarter? and a massive winter storm moves east, expected to affect more than 100 million americans with a brutal mix of snow, rain, and high winds. the question is, how bad will it get? it's "way too early" for this. good morning! and welcome to "way too early," the show that's really cold just looking outside. i am kasie hunt on this monday,
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february 1st. we will start, as always, with the news. a group of ten republican senators will meet with president biden at the white house today to discuss their counteroffer to his nearly $2 trillion economic relief proposal. the group of mostly moderate senators outlined their proposal in a letter to the president yesterday, requesting the meeting. the republican outreach is an attempt to prevent democrats from using the process of reconciliation to push through biden's proposal without any republican support. the $600 billion counteroffer is less than a third of what the president is proposing. it includes $160 billion for vaccines, $4 billion for health and substance abuse services, the continuation of current unemployment aid, and unspecified, targeted economic assistance and help for schools. it does not mention democrats' priorities like state and local aid. senate majority leader chuck schumer has already pushed back,
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telling "the new york daily news," quote, they should negotiate with us, not make a take it or leave it offer. this is our attempt to have some bipartisanship, or at least, that is what joe biden, president biden had been promising. however, democratic senator joe manchin, who has pushed back on parts of the biden plan, says that he doesn't appreciate the administration's approach to winning his support. this comes after vice president kamala harris went straight to manchin's constituents last week, telling a west virginia news station about the need for leaders to, quote/unquote, step up. >> the president and i feel very strongly that these are the moments when we are facing a crisis of unbelievable proportion, that the american people deserve their leaders to step up and stand up for them. >> i saw it. i couldn't believe it. no one called me. we're going to try to find a
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bipartisan pathway forward. i think we need to. but we need to work together. that's not a way of working together, what was done. >> i'm not going to lie. i was a little surprised that they went straight to manchin's home state of west virginia to do this, this way. i'm interested to see how it plays out this week as they try to continue with these bipartisan talks. but joe manchin, somebody with a lot of power in the senate right now. let's go now, though, to the former administration. former president trump's focus on antifa reportedly distracted the department of justice from the impending far right threat. "the new york times" citing current and former officials' reports that the shift came at a time when the threat from the far right was building ominously. the diversion spurred from racial justice protests that erupted nationwide last year. and the message was amplified by attorney general william barr and trump's top homeland security officials who
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translated it into a shift in criminal justice and national security priorities. trump's efforts to focus his administration on leftist groups did not stop the justice department and fbi from pursuing cases of right-wing extremism. officials say that the effect of his direction was, nonetheless, substantial. they have a surprising amount of discretion when it comes to this kind of thing. and democratic congresswoman cori bush of missouri announced on friday that she is moving her congressional office away from congresswoman marjorie taylor greene's after a heated exchange where bush confronted the georgia republican about not wearing a mask in a hallway on capitol hill. bush tweeted, "a maskless marjorie taylor greene and her staff berated me in a hallway. she targeted me and others on social media. i'm moving my office away from hers for my team's safety." greene responded on twitter, posting a portion of a video that she claims is of the incident and said that, in fact,
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the democratic congresswoman berated her. >> then they funded, then they supported bail bond links, bail bond links for criminals -- >> put on a mask! >> you know what, yeah, don't yell at people. you know what, you shouldn't bring covid-positive members in here, spreading covid everywhere! stop being a hypocrite! >> put on a mask! >> yeah, this is how it is here now. this is how it is! stop being a hypocrite! >> the incident led speaker nancy pelosi to approve bush's request to move her office, as tensions between the two parties have grown in the aftermath of the capitol riot. never seen members of congress shouting at each other in that hallway before, quite like that. and a senior republican aide tells nbc news that house republican leader kevin mccarthy is expected to meet with the freshman congresswoman, and of
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course, conspiracy theorist, marjorie taylor greene, who you just saw in that video, this week. the news comes as many house republicans have stayed quiet about greene's newly resurfaced comments, including supporting violent threats against house speaker nancy pelosi and spreading baseless claims about school shootings. it is unclear exactly when the meeting will be taking place. joining us now, the author of the "washington post's" early-morning newsletter "power up," jacqueline alemany. jackie, good morning! it's great to see you. >> good morning. >> you recently wrote a story that focused on the georgia congresswoman and how she's a symptom, really, of a larger problem. can you explain? >> yeah. well, look, i mean, greene was elected to the halls of congress with the institutional backing of the republican party. yes, certain players, top leaders in the republican party remained silent during her primary, or endorsed her primary
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opponent, but once she did win her primary, this was someone who was standing on center stage with president trump during the final days of his campaign and has been embraced by top leaders and president trump himself, who called her a republican star. you know, minority leader kevin mccarthy is supposed to speak with taylor greene next week, but i think a verbal scold at this point isn't likely to correct the disinformation crisis that the republican party is suffering from that spread like wildfire among a significant portion of their base. and what we've seen is republican leaders really appeasing this portion of the base as they continue to consist of a growing constituency in the gop. >> well, and jackie, they did
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have an opportunity -- they could have the nrcc or other groups gone after her in the primary. i remember asking about this at the time, and in private conversations with folks, they would say, well, if we oppose her, we're just going to elevate her, and even though they knew that they really should do that, they were nervous about the effect that they would have, which i think underscores your point, that shining a light on these people, if you're republican leadership, actually just amplifies them, amplifies their message. now that she's in congress, what can they do to punish her? they did put her on the education committee, even though she's called the shootings at sandy hook elementary and at parkland at the high school false flag events. >> right. this is someone who, exactly, has a well-documented history of conspiracy theories, islamaphobic and ice mettic, bigoted comments. and it's, again, well documented and something that her peers have been well aware of since before, you know, really since she was initially had even
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jumped into the race. politico uncovered this in, i believe it was june of 2020. but that's why, actually, experts i spoke with last week recommended that this doesn't just require some, you know, way to penalize members through legislation or a bill passed by congress or through some sort of system that maybe would be implemented by congressional leaders, but rather, a whole-of-government approach that includes maybe even something implemented by the biden administration, although you know, the onus problem like taylor greene isn't on the biden administration themselves, the disinformation crisis we are suffering from right now has really taken hold of a portion of the american public is something that i think a lot of experts think could be addressed like the way they're tackling, the administration is tackling climate change. so putting disinformation offices in each agency and combating it from a whole-of-government perspective.
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for example, in the administration's covid-19 strategy plan, part of that plan implements and installs some resources dedicated towards combating vaccine skepticism and conspiracy theories. take that and apply it to really every policy that's going on. as disinformation really touches so many different issues. so, this is something that, you know, could and should garner bipartisan support and action. >> right. well, and we also need to at some point talk about the tech companies' role in all of this. you had tim cook coming out and essentially saying that mark zuckerberg's way of doing business could lead, potentially, to violence, and it's related to this very disinformation that you are talking about. the "washington post's" jackie alemany, thank you, as always, for getting up and starting off this first day in february with us. i don't know. i'm done with the second january of 2020. hopefully, we've actually rejoined 2021 here. still ahead, could the pandemic cause a delay in the
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major league baseball season? maybe2020. we'll have that new proposal. plus, bill karins with the latest on this new winter storm. "way too early" back in a moment. winter storm. "way too early" back in a moment the lasting cologne scent of old spice dynasty helps get you off your couch. and into the driver's seat.
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welcome back! time now for sports, where the major league baseball players association is considering a proposal to delay the start of the new season because of the pandemic. the plan presented by the league on friday would push back the start of spring training by about a month, slating opening day for april 28th, instead of april 1st, and cut the regular season from 162 games to 154. also, the playoffs would be expanded from ten teams to 14. the designated hitter would extend to the national league for the second straight season. and mlb would keep the
2:16 am
experimental rules for seven-inning double-headers and beginning extra innings with a runner on second base. espn now reports that if the union does not provide a counter offer by early next week, spring training will likely start in mid-february, as scheduled. hmm could really, really use some baseball this summer. anyway, turning now to the nba, where the washington wizards have notched their first win since restarting their season following a coronavirus outbreak. hosting the brooklyn nets last night, the wizards returned from an 18-point deficit, putting together a dramatic run in the final seconds to come out on top. >> he will pull up for three. he hits it! 35 for beale, two-point game. the steal! here's westbrook for three! wizards up by one! their four wins are against -- >> hey, hey. washington's russell westbrook
2:17 am
and bradley beal score six points in less than four seconds, part of an 8-0 run in the final moments that took the wizards to a 149-146 comeback victory. let's go now to denver, where utah's 11-game winning streak has come to an end after he led all scorers with a career-high 47 points hosting the jazz last night, lifting denver to a 128-117 victory. congrats to him. all right, time now for the weather and the big storm that is turning through the northeast. let's go to meteorologist bill karins. bill, happy monday! a very busy start to the month of february for you. >> yes, it is, kasie. good morning. washington, d.c., saw a little bit of snow yesterday, not quite as much as they had hoped for, but the kids did get out and play a little bit in three inches. now the focus is from philadelphia northwards. that's where all the heaviest
2:18 am
snow is. 75 million people under winter storm warnings and headlines, from baltimore up through maine. here's what it looks like now. we've already had about 4 inches of snow in areas north of philadelphia, northern new jersey, new york city area. snow is breaking out in the hudson valley, all the way through massachusetts. the mass pike's now got snow, too, all the way through pennsylvania. so, you can see it's a big footprint. here's the latest snowfall forecast. everywhere in blue's at least 3 to 6 inches. when you see the pinks and purples, that's 12 to 18 inches. the highest snow totals, poconos, catskills, hudson valley, berkshires, all the way back down into areas of southeast connecticut, including new york city. and as far as the max wind gusts are going to go, not quite blizzard criteria in many areas, but close to it with high wind gusts up to 40 to 55 miles per hour. and that could mean downed tree lines and scattered power outages. the worst of the storm is expected to be today, right during the middle of the daylight hours. and we'll see quite a scene in areas like new york city, where we bring in meteorologist janessa webb. and janessa, how much snow so
2:19 am
far, right in the center of manhattan? >> reporter: you know, bill, you can see the roadways. they are covered in this area. we've seen about 3 to 4 inches, as you just said, and we've seen from the mayor that state of emergency for new york city starts at 6:00 a.m. they're asking, if you're not an essential worker, to please stay at home, stay off roadways. we did talk to the plows earlier this morning, and they have plowed these streets about three times already, and you can see they're still covered. there has been a change just in the last hour. we've been here for the last about four hours. the winds, they are starting to pick up. and as you said, they're going to start cranking throughout the day. kasie? >> all right, janessa webb, and of course, bill karins, thank you both so much for the update this morning. stay warm, janessa. and still ahead here, we're going to -- a republican congresswoman launches a new effort to, quote, take back our
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puffs bring soothing softness and relief. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. this is no time for silence, not after the last month, not after the past few years. someone needs to tell the truth. someone needs to say what history needs to hear. so, here i am. the republican party has lost its way. if we are to lead again, we need to muster the courage to remember who we are. we need to remember what we believe and why we believe it. looking in the mirror can be hard, but the time has come to choose what kind of party we will be and what kind of future we'll fight to bring about. the choice is ours, and i've made mine. >> that was republican congressman adam kinzinger of illinois, unveiling his new political action committee called country 1st.
2:24 am
that campaign-style video -- did you see it? decries the departure of the gop from its core values and its evolution into the party of trump. kinzinger was one of ten republicans who voted to impeach the 45th president for inciting a crowd to insurrection. the "washington post" reports his new pac is designed to be a financial engine to challenge trump's wing of the republican caucus, conference, and the leaders who follow him. and a review of voter registration data shows that thousands of republicans changed their party affiliation after the capitol attack. as of this week, nearly 10,000 republicans in pennsylvania, just under 7,500 in north carolina, and more than 9,000 in arizona changed their voter registrations. statewide numbers in florida won't be available until next week, but orange county alone saw more than 1,200 republicans change their party, compared to fewer than 100 democrats. and the fbi continues to follow leads detailing a high level of coordination in the
2:25 am
january 6th assault on the u.s. capitol. some inside the bureau have described the riot investigation as their biggest case since the september 11th attacks, as they work to determine how much of the chaos was preplanned. according to a law enforcement official familiar with the investigation and video footage obtained by the "washington post," two pipe bombs that were discovered at the headquarters of the republican and democratic national committees are believed to have been planted the night before. meanwhile, body cam video obtained by "the new york times" shows a new angle of the clash at the capitol's west entrance that left one woman dead. the footage shows how rioters in their effort to attack the police trampled 34-year-old roseanne boyland, even as her friends shouted she was dying and needed help. and we're also learning more about those who helped fund the insurrectionists. the "wall street journal" reports that alt-right radio host alex jones personally pledged more than $50,000 in
2:26 am
seed money for donald trump's rally that morning. jones also helped arrange for julie jenkins fanchelli, a prominent gop donor and heiress -- get this -- to the publix supermarket chain -- to donate about $300,000 for the event. seems like the more we learn, the worse it gets still. all right, still ahead here, the south african coronavirus strain discovered in another u.s. state. plus, we're learning more about democrats' strategy for the trump impeachment trial, as the former president announces his legal team. but, before we go to break, we want to know, why are you awake? email us your reasons to or drop me a tweet @kasie. use #waytooearly, and we will read all of the best answers coming up later on in the show. s coming up later on in the show did you know prilosec otc can stop frequent heartburn before it begins? heartburn happens when stomach acid refluxes into the esophagus. prilosec otc uses a unique delayed-release formula
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welcome back to "way too early"! it is 5:30 here on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm kasie hunt. the coronavirus continues to rage on as the number of total cases in the u.s. now exceeds 26 million. the u.s. death toll, over 442,000, on track to reach half a million this month. the united states case count is over 15 million more than india's. that is the country with the next highest amount of cases. and a second state in the u.s. has now recorded a case of
2:31 am
the highly infectious south african variant of the coronavirus. maryland now joins south carolina in reporting a case of the b1351 variant. according to health experts, this mutation does not appear to cause more severe illness or increase the chance of death, but it does appear to be more transmissible, and the vaccines have proven to be less effective against it. wear a mask, folks. and president biden met with wounded troops during a visit to walter reed national military medical center on friday. the meet-and-greet with the president included both active and retired military personnel who are being treated at the hospital. he also toured a vaccine distribution center located in the facility, and the president has a personal history with walter reed. his late son, beau biden, died there in 2015 after a two-year fight with brain cancer. the visit was one of the few departures president biden has made from the white house campus since being sworn in as president.
2:32 am
joining us now, senior politics editor for nbc news and msnbc, beth fouhy. beth, we've been spending a lot of time this morning, and frankly, the last few weeks, justifiably, on the divisions within the republican party, but the reality here is that americans are really fighting with coronavirus. our lives are still incredibly impacted every day. and the biden administration's success or failure is really going to hinge on whether they can figure out a plan to get the virus under control, to get the vaccines out, and it seems like it's a race against time here. what are the central challenges for the biden administration as they try to figure out how to get these problems fixed and get help out to people who are suffering economically as well? >> yeah, you've just pointed to the two things that joe biden has promised to do, which is to get that relief package, that $1.9 trillion relief package that his administration is pushing, through congress, and to get vaccinations to every american who needs one, to get
2:33 am
to herd immunity. he has promised to do this, so he owns the problem. it's very different than president trump, who, basically, seemed to be sort of annoyed with the coronavirus challenge and sort of wished it to go away, and in a lot of ways kind of, you know, potentially made things worse by not pushing for a mask-wearing campaign and, in fact, sort of teasing people who embraced masks. so, joe biden's come in with a very different agenda and a very different promise, but because of that, as you say, he's got two huge things to accomplish. and if he doesn't, he's going to be judged on that. he's welcomed that judgment. he said it's what his administration's going to do, get that relief to people in the form of checks, in the form of stimulus to small businesses, in the form of getting vaccine distribution sort of mapped out in a way that makes sense. right now we're just sort of seeing a lot of chaos across the country. so, that's right, he's going to have to basically get this under control before that variant comes along to make the virus and the transmissibility even worse and even more dangerous,
2:34 am
and he's got to get that money out to people who are suffering. >> yeah, no, it does seem like, certainly, members of my family, other friends i have, they're all struggling to figure out how to get these vaccines out to people. nbc's beth fouhy, thank you so much for getting up early with us. we really appreciate you being here. and still ahead, we're going to look at the best moments from "saturday night live's" first show of the new year. don't go anywhere. "way too early" is coming right back. ing right back
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2:38 am
i wasn't in the bathroom that day. i was down at d.c., stopping the steal with my boys! >> oh, my god, brad! why on earth would you do that? >> because i care about the nation and its constitution, so i wiped jelly on a statue and put pelosi's phone down my pants. >> so that's what you did? >> what else was i supposed to do? the guy i wanted to win didn't win! >> all right, let's go. >> well, let me grab my coat first, okay? >> my god. i just -- i can't believe this! i mean, is this really happening? >> tell my story. >> all right. >> ow! my hands! >> that was "saturday night live" portraying a dinner party attended by a qanon shaman. "snl" was back for the first time in the new year, for the first time in the biden administration, and for the first time in four years, the show went without mentioning trump in any sketches.
2:39 am
john krasinski hosted, sharing an on-screen kiss with pete davidson, acting in as pam in the dialogue. and machine gun kelly fell off the stage but were unharmed. during the curtain call, "snl" paid tribute to cicely tyson, who died last week at age 96. "saturday night live" will be back for another new episode this saturday with host dan levy. and one 10-year-old boy is learning about long-term investments in a pretty sweet way. in december of 2019, when jaden carr was 8, he used to love going to gamestop to buy video games. and for kwanzaa that year, his mother bought him ten shares of gamestop at $6 a share, even though he wanted an xbox one. his mom said to think of all of it as a long-term investment. and last week, that investment paid off when the internet influenced gamestop's share price. carr and his mother sold his ten
2:40 am
shares for $320 a share, earning $3,200, a return of more than 5,000%. jaden plans to save $2,200 and reinvest $1,000 back into the market. there's a life lesson for you. and, i love this, as snowstorms are blanketing parts of the country, some creatures are taking advantage of the snow days. two giant pandas at the national zoo here in washington, d.c., were caught on camera sliding down the hillside on their backs and then rolling over to climb up the hill and do it all over again. the national zoo shared the footage from their panda cam on social media, wishing everyone a happy snow day from pandas mae xiong and tian tian. look at them! you've got to love it. they figured it out. they got it. i want to go, too. still ahead here, we'll break down the opposing legal strategies in president trump's upcoming impeachment trial.
2:41 am
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welcome back. former president trump yesterday announced that a new legal team will represent him at his second impeachment trial, which is set to begin next week. nbc news reports lawyers david shawn and bruce castor are coming on board, days after south carolina attorneys butch bowers and deborah and their team came to a mutual decision to part ways with trump. the former president reportedly wanted them to falsely argue that he won the election and that it was stolen through voter fraud. trump spokesman jason miller calls that fake news. they say the south carolina team was uncomfortable making the unsubstantiated claims and instead wanted to argue the unconstitutionality of impeaching a president who has already left office. meanwhile, "the new york times" reporter michael grynbalm tweets
2:45 am
that his new lawyer is someone who reportedly met with jeffrey epstein in prison and didn't believe epstein killed himself. the other declined to prosecute bill cosby in 2005 for sexual assault, citing insufficient evidence. and house democrats want to use new video evidence to create an emotionally charged impeachment trial. and the senate majority leader is on their side. >> and the trial managers, i am sure, are going to show the american people vividly, on film, what happened there in the capitol, what trump said, and people should see it. now, maybe the republican members will change or not, but history will say we at least tried to bring justice. >> and the "washington post" reports that in addition to new video evidence, house managers want to present witness testimony and updated details about injured officers to make republicans uncomfortable, voting to acquit the president, as most of them have indicated
2:46 am
they plan to do. but the senate is looking for the trial to last no longer than a week. the "post" writes, both parties are eager to move past the final days of trump's presidency with democrats hoping to turn their attention to president biden's ambitious legislative agenda, and republicans hoping to shift attention away from their standard-bearer's role in the shocking riot. joining us now is legal scholar and advocate jennifer taub, author of "other people's houses" and is a professor at vermont law school. jennifer, thank you so much for getting up early with us. we really appreciate it. it cannot bode well for the president that he is replacing his lawyers, literally, a week before the highest profile trial that he would ever face, and this idea that he wants them to go in there and argue that the election was stolen does not seem to me certainly to hold water with republicans. we're going to have to listen to that argument. now, they may have already made
2:47 am
up their minds. what are the stakes here for those lawyers defending him? >> the stakes really are more public perception at this point than legal arguments, unfortunately. and so, my question is whether donald trump has finally found his roy cohn again. that's always been his refrain. and if you look at the two lawyers he's chosen, one of them boasted -- david shoen boasted about being a former mob lawyer. he's the person that you just mentioned had visited with jeff epstein and almost joined his legal team before the prison suicide. the other attorney, himself, maybe seems to be swayed by the power and status of somebody who we can see that he declined to prosecute. but remember, you know, trump has two goals here. one, he's never going to, at this moment, win back the white house, whether he thinks he can do that in the future is a separate question. he's still trying to win in the
2:48 am
court of public opinion. and so, from a legal perspective, the smart thing here, which is not always, or rarely the path that trump will take -- the smart legal approach would be to play directly to those 45 republicans who have already decided that they think this is absolutely unconstitutional. now, as you probably know, that is a very weak and unsubstantiated argument. i trust my former constitutional law professor, larry tribe, on this. it's wrong to say that you cannot convict under an impeachment trial a former president. there's nothing in the constitution to support that. and in fact, it's the opposite. this is the path to also removing -- not just removing a president, but barring him from future office. but if they just did that, that would be enough for the republicans to be holdouts and simply ignore the evidence. but i don't think they're going to do that. i mean, trump is going to have a more challenging effort here, because on the one hand, he wants to still have these
2:49 am
lawyers promote the big lie, right? he's still claiming he won the election. but he also wants to distance himself, one would think, from causing the actual riot. and this is a challenge, because his base does not want to -- he doesn't want to condemn the base for what they did. he's probably quite happy that they were riled up. so it's going to be a tight rope there. to me, the biggest question, kasie, is whether trump, himself, will appear before the senate. i doubt it. but we were wondering if that would be the case, if he never lined up some lawyers. >> right. yeah, no. our reporting suggests that he will not appear in person, but it's an interesting point. and i mean, i think we know also the reporting about how he was watching this all unfold on tv and seemed to be relatively gleeful about it, speaks to that insurrection question. very quickly, jennifer, they have been, in the event that he gets acquitted here, there have been some conversations about whether there are other ways to bar the president from serving
2:50 am
in office again, perhaps the 14th amendment. is there anything else that you think is legally feasible to actually do that? >> yeah. you mentioned the 14th amendment, section 3. that seems to be a decent path, but there's a real legal question as to whether it can be sort of it can be self-executing later. will they say, look, there was this insurrection at that point. so we have to kind of wait and see. that seems to be possibly, you know, a decent, decent approach. >> all right. general fur taub, thank you for your insights today. earlier in the show we asked all of you why are you awake? we got this tweet from nick. the rain stole his snow day. always a downer. amber tweets i have been awake
2:51 am
way too late hanging this all gallery. i love that landing. kudos. >> i went to heat up my cup of coffee in the microwave, and instead in the cupboard. shut the door and wondered why i couldn't press the buttons. coming up next, we'll look at the axeeo 1 big thing. and mayor bill deplaceeo on the vaccine rely jut in new york city. the push to reopen schools in chicago could spur another teacher's strike. mayor lori lightfoot will join the conversation. "morning joe" just moments away. . he wants us to spray everything every time we walk into the door. it's just to be sure. just to be sure! tide antibacterial fabric spray.
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before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? welcome back. and joining us now hans nichols. what's the 1 big thing today?
2:55 am
. >> biden not picking as many donors for ambassadorships. he was going to give remarks at the state department today. he's not going to go because of the snow. we have this tradition of appointing political donors as ambassadors. elizabeth warren railed against it. they will not give as many slots. trump went in the other direction, gordon sund lund. he was doing a lot in ukraine even though he have eu ambassador. probably in the 30% range. not as many of them will be donors. a lot of ebgs-politicians, former aides.
2:56 am
biden's network is really people in d.c. that he has trusted and known for some time now. that's what we're looking at. we're not going to give a whole lot today because the speech is canceled because of the snow, which i know you're excited about. kasie. . >> this is d.c. level snow, which means not that much but a big reaction to it. hans, let's talk about -- you guys are also reporting how the biden team will interact with the press, try to get their message out to americans. it sounds a lot like what we saw under the obama administration. what's the strategy here? >> the strategy is still evolving. there are going to be a lot of updates on it. they realize it's not going to be that easy. they were able to control the message with really choreography where they had embargo press
2:57 am
releases. we were all up late writing. and then they had the president speak exactly to that point. going forward, you're going to see more local news, more direct conversations with the american people. and you're going to see some social media content. and they'll be communicating online. west wing leak, a feature that josh earnest, the former press secretary, would narrate. they will have new spins on that. stay tuned. it's going to look different. the white house knows that communications will get harder and their honeymoon, we can debate whether or not they're having a honeymoon, but they know it's going to end, whatever it's happening. >> the further donald trump gets off the stage, that makes sense. just to dig into the strategy for a minute. we mentioned this interview kamala harris did in west
2:58 am
virginia. what was the strategy behind that? >> probably not to anger manchin. it's going to be a go local strategy. it's tried and true. you get a local reporter, you're able to drive the narrative forward. instead of what's happening on twitter, they want to ignore twitter. the manchin situation is easily cured by just giving manchin a heads-up. he didn't seem to be objecting to the message, just that he wasn't told. that was the distinction i think that got lost. manchin's complaint, and it was was significant that he went to the media and complained, but he wanted a heads-up. that seems like something that's curable. >> so how does that play overall, hans, to how they are trying to sell this package? the pressure is on chuck schumer in the senate are the opposite.
2:59 am
>> yeah. look, i think it would be foolish for me to predict where they're going to go on selling the package and what the total number will look. is it going to be under reconciliation. they will be legislative battles. the broader picture, they want action. they want it quickly. they know every day they wait, the problem is going to compound and it's exponential. if that's your starting point, it seems they will move as quickly as possible with whatever the market will bear. and by that i mean how many senate votes will there be. >> hans nichols, thank you very much for being here with us and sharing your reporting. to this very point, we will start to answer this big question this week. this president says he wants bipartisanship. what lessons do d they learn from the obama administration in terms of whether they can get
3:00 am
cooperation. thank you so much for getting up "way too early" on this monday morning. don't go anywhere. "morning joe" starts right now. . >> found something good to read there, biscuit. >> oh, yes, idea. just reading from the good book, "becoming," michigan shell obama. >> ain't nothing finer than sipping your lemonade through a reusable straw. >> do you know where the men's room is? >> yeah. it's back in 2015. we don't have a men's restroom. but the alt restroom is around the corner. . >> i think everybody thinks we're all crazy christian top. >> it's fine. i'm jewish. >> oh, no. you're jewish?
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