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tv   Way Too Early With Kasie Hunt  MSNBC  February 8, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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with all that you've done, where does this rank? is this the crowning achievement? >> oh, i'm not putting any -- making any comparisons. you know, being down here and experiencing it with this group of guys is -- every year is amazing, and this team is world champions forever. you can't take it away from us, so. >> ha ha. tom brady, after dominating kansas city to lead the bucs to their second super bowl win, the seventh of his legendary career. the question -- i don't know if it's a question -- is he now officially the greatest football player of all time? plus, the second impeachment trial of donald trump kicks off
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this week. republicans are getting ready to argue about the process. the question is, can they defend against the substance? and the house is set to get working on the details of the president's covid relief package today, but the question is, will the president have to choose between going big or going bipartisan? it's "way too early" for this. >> good morning! and welcome to "way too early," the show that likes to think of itself as the tom brady of news? that would be really nice. but let's be real. i am kasie hunt on this monday, february 8th. we will start with the news. the second impeachment trial of former president donald trump gets under way tomorrow. house impeachment managers are planning a fast-paced, video-heavy presentation aimed at reigniting the outrage that lawmakers felt after last
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month's deadly capitol riot. democrats are looking to turn republican opinion in the senate to convict trump, but some members of the gop were on the sunday shows over the weekend voicing their disapproval on both the substance and the process of the impeachment proceedings. >> i think we're going to criminalize speech, and somehow, impeach everybody who says, oh, go fight to hear your voices heard. i mean, really, we ought to impeach chuck schumer then. he went to the supreme court, stood in front of the supreme court and said specifically, hey, gorsuch, hey, kavanaugh, you've unleashed a whirlwind, and you're going to pay the price. you won't know what hit you, if you continue with these awful decisions. so, if people want to hold president trump accountable for language, there has to be a consistent standard. and to my mind, it's a partisan farce because they're not doing anything to chuck schumer, not doing anything to representative omar, not doing anything to maxine waters. >> let's face it, the house did an incredibly poor job of
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building a case before their impeachment vote. the president wasn't there. he wasn't allowed counsel. they didn't amass evidence. in five hours, they kind of judged him, boom, he's impeached. now, i'm told that under the watergate, under the clinton impeachments, there were truckloads of information. here, it was a video. there was no process. i mean, it's almost like, you know, if it happened in the soviet union, you would have called it a show trial. >> and one of president trump's most staunchest allies in the senate expressed his desire to just move on. >> yeah, i think i'm ready to move on. i'm ready to end the impeachment trial, because i think it's blatantly unconstitutional. i'm ready to get on with trying to solve the nation's problems. >> just a reminder, a month ago, a mob stormed the u.s. capitol and were threatening the lives of all of those people that you just saw talking right there.
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that is the difference between this impeachment trial and the impeachment trials that have come before. we're also getting mixed messages from the u.s. capitol police leading up to the january 6th reveal about how unprepared law enforcement was for the violence that ensued. according to documents obtained by "the new york times," two days before the riot, the intelligence division of the capitol police issued a report listing all the groups that were planning to rally for president trump. the note reportedly gave low odds that any of the groups might break laws or incite violence, labelling the chances of that as, quote, improbable, highly improbable, or remote. but the "times" notes that the document never addressed that the groups might join together to provoke the violence. but just one day earlier, the same office had presented a slightly more ominous picture. the department warned of desperation about, quote, the last opportunity to overturn the results of the presidential election and the potential for
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significant danger to law enforcement and the public. and after an internal review, the acting capitol police chief is taking sweeping measures to ensure this type of oversight never happens again. i guess we're going to find out more about that in the coming weeks and months. meanwhile, former president trump's onslaught of falsehoods about the results of the 2020 election has left american taxpayers with a large and still growing bill. according to a "washington post" review of local, state, and federal spending records, as well as interviews with government officials, get this, the total cost so far, $519 million, and we're still counting. the expenditures reportedly include legal fees prompted by dozens of fruitless lawsuits, enhanced security in response to death threats against poll workers and costly repairs that were needed after the january 6th capitol riot. the attack also triggered the
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expensive massing of thousands of national guard troops on the streets of washington amid fears of additional extremist violence. the "post" notes that although more than $480 million of the total is attributable to the military's estimated expenses for the troop deployment through mid-march, the financial impact of trump's refusal to concede is probably much higher. in fact, according to the paper, we may never know just how much money it's cost all of us. joining us now, author of the "washington post's" early-morning newsletter "power up," jacqueline alemany. jackie, good morning to you. i actually want to start with the impeachment trial kicking off this week. it's one of those weeks in washington where we know we are going to watch history unfold. and sitting here, the outcome seems much more preordained than we imagined it might be when we were sitting here on january 7th and trying to digest what had just happened. but as you saw earlier,
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republicans seem set on acquitting donald trump here. what does that mean for the future? it's one of those things where you hear people say, okay, well, if you can't impeach them for inciting a riot to try to overtake a branch of government, what exactly would you ever impeach a president for? what are the stakes here? >> it's a really good question. it's something i actually was asking house impeachment managers last week along with those past democrats working on the trial. why are you going ahead with this when it's highly unlikely that 17 republican senators are going to ultimately vote to convict president trump? is this just a futile exercise? but what one of the managers told me is that they owe this to the american people that this was an unprecedented day in american history, and president trump's actions -- he used his perch and political power to degrade the office and interfere
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with the peaceful transfer of power every step along the way. and that's what democrats -- that's the case that democrats are going to try to show in really vivid and graphic detail, and they're going to try to force these senators, who have tried to play down and really mock this impeachment trial to relive those terrifying moments on january 6th, as well. it's unclear whether or not the costs of the impeachment trial, as you have mentioned, our "washington post" count of all of the costs are going to be included in this, but that's also another consideration i think that the american public should consider as well, if they're wondering why this case needs to happen, just how much president trump has made taxpayers spend because of his conspiratorial theories and beliefs that he's been propagating for the past few months. >> well, and to that very point, i mean, there are also security concerns around the impeachment trial, itself. this would be another situation
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where, certainly, at least the full senate is going to be present in the building. it's part of why the national guard troops are planning on staying here in washington through mid-march, why the razor wire is still up. what do we know about just how tense the atmosphere outside the building may be as this plays out inside? >> yeah, i was on -- as you were on capitol hill last week and the fencing and the new security measures and walking around the halls with national guard napping on floors around, you know, senate cafeteria's certainly a jarring sight. i have spoken with a number of lawmakers who have been showing up in the building since january 6th, and they still feel frightened and a bit scared every day going to work, concerned with their safety. that being said, things are pretty secure, but it's coming at a cost. i mean, even visually. our capitol and the white house are completely barricaded, unable -- you know, the american public is not even able to
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really view these important buildings and monuments in our country. it's, you know, a shame. it's pretty sad to look at and be a part of. and we don't even, again, as you noted, know the true costs of how much this is ultimately going to cost taxpayers. but i do think, unlike january 6th, capitol hill police and the national guard are very prepared for this week going forward. >> well, and mitt romney and some other members of congress have also proposed, perhaps, even leaving some of that broken glass on display so that people that come through the building, so that the lawmakers, themselves, don't forget, because they see it every single day. all right, the "washington post's" jackie alemany, thank you, as always, my friend. really appreciate having you here this morning. and still ahead here, tom brady does it again. the tampa bay bucs are super bowl champions, and brady has
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won his seventh ring. we're going to have all the highlights coming up next. and later, new coronavirus concerns as south africa suspends its astrazeneca vaccine rollout after new evidence shows it may not protect very well against a new variant of the virus. we're going to have those stories and a check on the weather when we come back. stories and a check on the weather when we come back. stay restless with the icon that does the same. the rx crafted by lexus.
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one more snap. would you have guessed when this impossible season was trying to launch that you'd get it all in, you'd get to tampa, and when the super bowl ended, the ball would be in the hands of tom brady? >> i don't know why we ever think it won't. >> the tampa bay buccaneers have a second super bowl title in franchise history. >> for real, why did we ever think it wouldn't be in his
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hands? the super bowl champion tampa bay buccaneers, led by quarterback tom brady, one year after ending his 20-year career with the new england patriots, joins one of the historically worst franchises in the league, and here you go, leads them to an nfl championship, extending his own super bowls record to seven. this was his tenth appearance in the big game. the 31-9 victory may have been one of brady's easiest super bowl wins, throwing for 201 yards last night. brady relied on a familiar target, tight end rob gronkowski, who came out of retirement to join brady on the buccaneers for the first two of his three touchdown passes in the game. brady also connected with receiver antonio brown on a one-yard score that gave tampa a 21-6 lead just before halftime. and running back leonard fournette found the end zone on a 27-yard rush in the third quarter.
2:16 am
meanwhile, the bucs defense made kansas city's star quarterback, patrick mahomes, and the high-powered chiefs offense, a nonfactor. kc was held to just three field goals in the game, while mahomes was intercepted twice and sacked three times in the first double-digit loss of his four-year nfl career. wow! tampa's bruce arians became the oldest coach at 68 to win the super bowl, while the 43-year-old brady, who earned his fifth super bowl mvp award, broke his own record for oldest player to win the big game. and he joins hall of famer peyton manning as the only quarterbacks to win one with multiple franchises. truly the greatest of all time. brady signaled he's not done yet. >> the team had a lot of confidence. we came together at the right time. i think we knew this was going to happen tonight, didn't we? we ended up playing our best game of the year. >> and there's more to come, right, tom? >> yes. >> there's more to come as far
2:17 am
as football. >> yeah, we're coming back. you already know that. >> coming back. tom brady's coming back. >> didn't we all know this is exactly how this was all going to end? all right, coming off a 7-9 season, tampa bay last february, if you were going to bet on this, they opened as high as 60-1 to win super bowl lv, and now they are the biggest preseason long shot to win the big game since the 2001 new england patriots. they, of course, were also quarterbacked by tom brady. cesar's sports book by william hill now lists the buccaneers at 11-1 to repeat their championship performance, the third best odds to win super bowl lvi behind the favorite, kansas city, and the green bay packers. so, i guess place your bets now for next year? all right. time now for the weather. let's go to meteorologist bill karins for a check on the forecast. bill, good morning. >> hey, good morning to you, kasie. and you know, what a week of weather it was, going through the weekend. and now we're going to deal with
2:18 am
this crazy winter blast and areas of snow. so, let's get into it. the first thing is the dangerous windchills, coldest of the season. you know, this is the type of weather where you go, wow! you know, you're looking the at the northern plains here, especially our friends like in fargo, international falls. i mean, these are the current windchill values. this is how it feels when you walk outside. negative 37 in duluth right now, negative 33 in fargo. if that gets into the dangerous category, even as far south as davenport and des moines and omaha, it's in the negative teens this morning, and that cold air's rushing down towards you in kansas city, st. louis, and chicago. there's even a little bit of snow out there this morning, so careful on the roads, around peoria, chicago to ft. wayne. and this is going to be a weak little storm. it's going to start to spread more snow during the day today in areas of kansas, even northern oklahoma could get light snow, our friends in missouri, too. and then eventually, there's that little bit of snow in louisville and cincinnati. as far as snowfall totals go, this isn't a blockbuster storm, but it is going to be just enough to make it about 1 to 2 inches across missouri,
2:19 am
interstate 70. and then tomorrow, that snow comes into areas of the northeast. notice we could get as much as 2 to 3, maybe even 4 inches in the high elevations of areas of central new england. so, for today, kasie, dangerously cold in the northern plains. tomorrow that snow comes into the northeast. and kasie, i have had enough personally. 27 inches of snow at my house in the last week. and this is my dog in my driveway. i am done. >> that is an impressive clearing job there, bill karins. thank you very much. and i'm feeling cold on behalf of everyone up in the plains. thanks very much, my friend. see you tomorrow. and still ahead here, we are not done with our super bowl highlights quite yet. we're going to take a look at last night's halftime show coming up in "the cooler." don't go anywhere. we'll be right back. th "e coole" don't go anywhere. we'll be right back. of course you've seen underwear that fits like this... but never for bladder leaks. new always discreet boutique black. i feel protected all day, in a fit so discreet, you'd never know they're for bladder leaks. always discreet boutique
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2:23 am
congresswoman marjorie taylor greene told reporters friday she was fine with being ousted. >> if i was on a committee, i'd be wasting my time, because my conservative values wouldn't be heard and neither would my district's. i'm fine with being kicked off of my committees, because it'd be a waste of my time. you know who i am. i'm a very hard worker, and i'm proud of it. so, now i have a lot of free time on my hands, which means i can talk to a whole lot more people, all over this country, and i can talk to more people and make connections and build a huge amount of support. a record number of americans voted for president trump, and when i tell you, republican voters support him still. the party is his. it doesn't belong to anybody else. >> just to be clear, when you go to congress to work on behalf of your constituents, it's the committees where that work gets done, so if you actually want to try and implement policies that
2:24 am
people back home want, you do actually need those committee seats. anyway. you heard what she said about it being trump's party. well, republican congresswoman liz cheney is refusing to back down from the trump wing of her party. on saturday, the republican party back in her home state of wyoming voted to censure cheney for her vote to impeach donald trump. here's how cheney responded. she wrote in a statement, quote, my vote to impeach was compelled by the oath i swore to the constitution. wyoming citizens know that this oath does not bend or yield to politics or partisanship. this comes after cheney defeated an effort in the house last week to remove her as conference chair. and two sources tell axios that before that gop conference meeting, cheney rejected a request from house minority leader kevin mccarthy to apologize for her vote to impeach. and not only is she refusing to back down, she continues to speak out. watch. >> is this still the party of
2:25 am
donald trump? and does marjorie taylor greene still hold a solid place in that party? >> chris, we're the party of abraham lincoln. we're the party of ronald reagan. we have to really take a hard look at who we are and what we stand for, what we believe in. i think when you look at both his actions leading up to what happened on january 6th, the fact that he was impeached in a bipartisan fashion, the fact that he lost the presidency, the fact that we lost the senate. we have to be in a position where we can say we stand for principles, we stand for ideals. somebody who has provoked an attack on the united states capitol to prevent the counting of electoral votes, which resulted in five people dying who refused to stand up immediately when he was asked and stop the violence, that is a person who does not have a role as the leader of our party going forward. we have to make sure that we are able to convey to the american voters, we are the party of responsibility, we are the party
2:26 am
of truth, that we actually can be trusted to handle the challenges this nation faces, like covid, and that's going to require us to focus on substance and policy and issues going forward. but we should not be embracing the former president. >> well, she laid it out there pretty succinctly. all right, still ahead here, we're going to get to the very latest on president biden's coronavirus relief package, as democrats prepare to unveil a plan to help fight child poverty. congresswoman debbie dingell joins us next to weigh in. but before we go to break, we want to know, as always, why are you awake? email us your reasons as to why you are up on this monday to, or drop me a tweet @kasie. use #waytooearly, and we will read all the best answers coming up later on in the show. er on i. it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous. tide pods child-guard pack helps keep your laundry pacs in a safe place and your child safer. to close, twist until it clicks.
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welcome back to "way too early." it is 5:30 here on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm kasie hunt. details of the next coronavirus relief bill remain influx. today, senior democrats are expected to unveil legislation that provides $3,000 per child to american families aiming to make a major dent in child poverty as part of the $1.9 trillion economic relief package. president biden, who has remained open to bipartisan talks throughout the process, took a markedly different tone on friday, pledging to move fast. he is not fwujbudging on his pre of $1,400 checks, but expressed
2:31 am
skepticism on whether they'll be able to hike the minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> i have to act fast. if i have to choose between getting help right now to americans who are hurting so badly and getting bogged down in a lengthy negotiation or compromising on a bill that's up to the crisis, that's an easy choice. look, no one should work 40 hours a week and live below the poverty wage. and if you're making less than $15 an hour, you're living below the poverty wage. >> but that may not be in your american rescue plan is what -- >> no. i put it in, but i don't think it's going to survive. >> joining us now, democratic congresswoman debbie dingell of michigan. congresswoman, good morning! always great to see you early on in the day. we'll start with covid relief, then i want to talk a little bit about the impeachment trial as well. do you think that this is the right choice for president biden
2:32 am
to plow ahead with using that set of rules that would make it hard to get a minimum wage change in there and instead focus on getting the money out the door? he had, of course, promised to be bipartisan. and i know you spent a lot of time thinking about how to make sure democrats are appealing to people across both parties, to independent voters. is this the right approach? >> well, it's a complicated question. i actually almost agree with everything that joe biden said yesterday. we have to move quickly. kasie, i'd like you or any reporter to come up to michigan and see show people are hurting. they need help and they have had promises made to them for almost a year. so we've got to get the money out there. this is the way that we want to do it. republicans met with president biden last week. he had them in the oval office within 24 hours. we always, always have to keep talking. but i think it's a mistake to drop the fight for minimum wage, period. here is the fact of the matter.
2:33 am
if you look at the situation this desperate country was in march and april, who was it that was the glue that kept us together? it was people that we didn't think were worth paying $15 an hour. and you cannot live above the poverty line making $7 an hour! you know, if minimum wage had kept up, they would be making $24 an hour right now. 30 years ago, a ceo made $59, i think, to $1 that a regular employee did. now they make almost $400 per. it's not right! we have a moral obligation to pay these people that are keeping our communities alive, keeping us going. they are the glue for our communities, and they deserve to be paid what they're worth. >> you did promise to be one of the loudest screamers on this, and i appreciate the forceful argument at this hour of the day. >> well, i mean, i'm talking --
2:34 am
>> no, i completely understand. >> so, yes, i am passionate about this, because we wouldn't be here if we didn't have those bus scrubbers, if we didn't have those grocery store workers, we didn't have -- i mean, all the nursing, the nurses that are, the care aides that are working both in long-term cares and going into people's homes, they don't make $15 an hour in many places. >> right. congresswoman, let's talk for a second about this impeachment trial, because we actually don't know a lot about how this is going to unfold the way that we did last time, some of the rules, how long it's going to take. and one thing i noticed is that we're not hearing as much from the impeachment managers directly, right ahead of this trial, compared to the way we heard from them ahead of president trump's first impeachment trial. what's the strategy behind the scenes for house democrats who are going to have to prosecute this case against president trump? is the strategy just let the
2:35 am
evidence that they're compiling speak for itself, or is it because president biden wants to move on and focus on covid instead of on this trial? >> i think -- look, i think everybody is very cognizant of, one, the need to hold president trump accountable for what happened on the sixth and prove the case that insurrection against the nation's capitol, that there were people who came who wanted to cause harm, attack our democracy, arrest and kill people. that's very there. but i also think that: and they want to be very clear and present their case. we don't want to divide the country further. i'm one of the people that doesn't want to divide the country further. and i know that the managers assigned on this case want to make a very strong case but are aware of that. joe biden's been very clear that he's got a job to do. his cabinet confirmed, get covid
2:36 am
relief done and let's get on with the rest of his agenda. so i don't think he's dictaing to anybody what's going to happen on the impeachment trial. had he wanted to stop the impeachment trial, he probably could have. so, but i do think that everybody's aware -- you know, the incident on the sixth was a very sobering time for this country, and we don't need to -- i'm one of the people that says we have to handle this very carefully. we cannot divide our country further. it's time to start to figure out how we're going to come together. >> all right, congresswoman debbie dingell, thank you very much, as always, for your insights. really appreciate seeing you this morning. and i'm sure i'll see you on the hill for this historic week. still ahead here, the best moments from the latest episode of "saturday night live." it was pretty great. plus, did the weeknd's super bowl halftime performance live up to the hype? those stories next in "the cooler." don't go anywhere. "way too early" back in a
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downy unstopables former social media influencer donald trump -- [ cheers and applause ] he will not testify at his impeachment trial next week, and i think i speak for all of us when i say, come on, please? give us one last show, man. you know, stop feeling sorry for yourself. put in your extensions and burst into that trial like it's maury povich and you are not the father. come on! think about it. you can yell out all the tweets you haven't been allowed to post for the past month, you know? like, worst inauguration ever. poem barely rhymes. >> it was a big weekend all around, starting off with a brand-new "saturday night live" on saturday night. golden globe nominee dan levy took a sabbatical and stopped by
2:41 am
studio 8h to host the show for the first time ever. he kicked off the monologue giving a backstage tour, talking about how covid protocols were being followed. and during said tour, levy discovered his father and co-star, eugene levy, who flew across the country to watch his son. the senior levy had to quarantine inside a clear box in order to watch the show. dan levy went on to appear in multiple sketches, ranging from singing and dancing in a new york city bar to the pleasures of searching real estate websites. that zillow skit's hilarious, by the way. before the show started, levy's mother took to twitter to prove that moms may forgive, but they will never forget. i also loved this. she tweeted, quote, this goes out to the punks at camp wtf who made life miserable for a certain cabin mate in the summer of '96 just because he was different. well, after all these years, i have just seven words to say to you -- "live from new york, it's saturday night!"
2:42 am
congrats to dan, and you have an awesome mom. i really love that. and in the middle of the tampa bay buccaneers' path to victory, the weeknd took the stage for pepsi's halftime show. the singer for most of his time was in the stands in a neon light cityscape complete with a choir and dancers. underneath the city was a hall of mirrors filled with doppelgangers and an up-close camera angle for this psychedelic experience. in the finale, the doppelgangers and a bunch of blinding lights took the field for the hit "blinding lights" on the 50 yard line. and while the performance sparked quite a few memes and scored mixed reviews, legendary singer diane warwick tweeted, quote, well done. loved the set and the pyros. you looked and sounded great. a big hug and loud applause. and actress olivia munn tweeted this super bowl halftime show makes me excited to go to
2:43 am
concerts again. ain't that the truth? i can't wait to see live music in person. still ahead, as the u.s. surpasses 27 million cases of the coronavirus, there is growing concern that variants may lead to an increase in infections. we'll check with a leading health expert when "way too early" comes back. leading health expert when "way too early" comes back. they have more freshness ingredients compared to bargain liquid detergent. they have 3 super powered ingredients that fight stink oxi boost febreze odor remover and concentrated detergent. try gain flings and smell the difference. ah, a package! you know what this human ordered? a backache. consider pain, delivered. pain says you can't. advil says you can. facing leaks takes strength, so here's to the strong, who trust in our performance and comfortable, long-lasting protection. because your strength is supported by ours. depend. the only thing stronger than us, is you.
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welcome back. the united states has now surpassed 27 million coronavirus cases, as president biden's aggressive approach to fight the virus begins to take shape. this new figure is more than the next three leading countries of covid cases combined. the united states' death toll has now surpassed 465,000 and is expected to reach 500,000 this month. and a coronavirus variant first found in britain that is said to be much more contagious is quickly spreading across the united states. "the new york times" is reporting that the numbers are doubling roughly every ten days,
2:47 am
according to a new study. researchers are predicting that in the next month, this contagious variant known as b117, could become the main strain of virus in this country, which could lead to a surge in new cases. the new variant has already caused surges in several other countries. and south africa has now put a hold on the use of the astrazeneca/oxford university vaccine after it's been proven ineffective against the country's strain of the virus. the extremely contagious variant has now reached at least 32 countries, including here in the united states, and those developments come nearly a week after 1 million new doses of the astrazeneca oxford vaccine arrived in south africa. joining us now, dean of the national school of tropical medicine at baylor college of medicine and co-director of the texas children's hospital center for vaccine development, dr. peter hotez. dr. hotez, thank you so much for starting off your morning oh so early with us. we really appreciate you taking some time out of your day. and i want to start with that
2:48 am
south africa strain and the astrazeneca/oxford vaccine. does it concern you that they have stopped using this because they found it to be not effective? what data are they working off of and what should we take away from this decision. >> kasie, good morning. the clinical trials were done mostly in younger people, but it showed that the vaccine, although it had been working well even against the uk strain and many other strains, against the south african variant, unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be stopping moderate disease. we do not know about severe disease yet, but it's concerning enough that it looks as though this vaccine is not going to be helpful for the south african variant as it's spreading not only through africa but now it's global. and for low and middle-income countries, we were depending heavily on the astrazeneca vaccine to be one of the workhorse vaccines. we have one as well, as well as j&j for global health, but the
2:49 am
mr&a vaccines are not going to filter to low and middle-income countries, so that's a huge setback. and for the united states, we have some of the astrazeneca vaccine stockpiled and we're waiting for clinical trials in the u.s., and the hope was that we'll use it in the u.s. we still can, but if the south african variant gets here also, that's going to be a real problem. so, no immediate impact on the u.s., but as you point out, these variants are doubling pretty regularly. and in the case of the uk one, which the vaccines still work against, that one is going to be pretty dominant very soon in this country. >> can you talk a little bit about how easy it is or not to modify these vaccines to deal with these strains? and i was listening to dr. fauci talk a little bit about this a couple weeks ago and how you would tweak an mrna vaccine -- that's pfizer and moderna -- but of course, the oxford/astrazeneca vaccine relies on a different technology. how hard or easy is it to try and adjust these as these
2:50 am
variations keep coming up? >> well, you know, in the laboratory, it's relatively straightforward. it's not a big deal. everybody, all of us can make those adjustments quickly. the problem is in the scale-up, because don't forget, each time you do this, you have to have the whole system of quality control, quality assurance. so you are more or less making a new vaccine at the production level in that large-scale manufacturing level. that's where it gets problematic. many of us are thinking continue with the current strains, the convenience against the current strains. and now go back and make a second version for the south african variant and deliver that as a boost. so for most americans what that means is you will still go ahead and get your vaccine that will work against even the new uk strain. but don't be surprised if, say, in six months from now or even a year from now you wind up getting a third immunization as a booster with that same version
2:51 am
of the vaccine that's tailored specifically for the south african variant. >> the race against time. and of course let's not lose sight of what an incredible scientific achievement it has been that we have come up with all of these vaccines so quickly. dr. peter hotez, i know you contributed significantly to that effort. thank you for being here this morning. we really appreciate it. >> thanks. earlier this morning we skld -- asked why are you up? nick said cause the boss doesn't believe monday after the super bowl is a holiday. melissa says i'm parched and hung over from my solo super bowl party. and stu said too many chicken
2:52 am
wings. we will be eating barbecue for the rest of the week. i frankly only got through half the game. but here we are this morning. coming up next, we'll look at the "axios" 1 big thing. and we will hear about the democrats' push to pass the next coronavirus relief bill. and chicago returning to in-person learning. don't go anywhere. "morning joe" just moments away. . "morning joe" just moments away. lift and push and push! there... it's up there. hey joshie... wrinkles send the wrong message. help prevent them before they start with downy wrinkleguard. hi. so you're the scientist here. does my aveeno® daily moisturizer really make my dry skin healthier in one day? it's true jen. this prebiotic oat formula moisturizes to help prevent dry skin. impressive! aveeno® healthy. it's our nature.™ try the body wash, too. incomparable design makes it beautiful.
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in his first hours, president joe biden announced he will handle the keystone xl pipeline. and the laborers international union said it will cost 1,000 union jobs. can you explain why the president was right? >> well, i wish he hadn't done that on the first day. because the laborers international was right. it did and will cost us jobs in the process. i wish he had paired that more carefully with the thing that he
2:56 am
did second by saying, here's where we're creating jobs. we can do mine reclamation. we can fix leaks and seeps and create hundreds of thousands of jobs in doing all of that stuff. . >> all right. that was "axios" 1 big thing this morning. with a look at "axios" a.m., political reporter hans nichols. walk us through the significance of that exchange right there between your colleague jonathan swan and the labor leader richard trumpco. >> i had to get my plug in real quick and explain my back drop. you know the labor world like i do. labor unions are very savvy. there was criticism of biden. that was unmistakable. the back half of the answer is mr. president, when you're spending more money -- and remember, biden plans to spend 2
2:57 am
trillion on green jobs, decarbonizing the economy -- make sure there is plenty of money for union jobs. he wants to pair any additional job loss announcements with new jobs. make sure you twin those. that to me is the message he is sending there. also not all that unexpected. a lot of union folks end up voting. so this is the beginning of the story, not the end of one. kasie? >> yeah. that's a good point. definitely from the other end of pennsylvania avenue what would get a climate deal done is to add jobs for the folks in climate-focused areas. hans, let's talk about the flip side of the labor coin and the business community.
2:58 am
because you have a scoop here about the u.s. chamber of commerce, which is an incredible powerhouse here in washington. this is a pretty big change for them. what did you learn? . >> tom donahue, the long-time president and ceo is going to be leaving. he will be replaced by susan clark. this had been signaled. it was signaled in a couple years. it's happening now. it's happening quickly. the chamber endorsed a lot of moderate, pro-business house democrats. there was a difficult phone call between mike pence, donald trump and tom donahue. tom donahue built the chamber as we know it, adequaty republican group. most of the time they are supporting republican candidates. spending millions of dollars. you look at how much they spent the last couple years, it's easy to get north of a billion. they come in and bring in their
2:59 am
candidates across the line, like susan collins. it is really significant. how the chamber 1/2 gates is going to be interesting to watch with the biden administration and how they interact with labor. so, again, to repeat myself, this is the different side of the story. we are also at the beginning of the story. by no means are we at the end of it. >> we are watching a real evolution. quickly, with joe biden's plan on schools, you guys are looking at that as well. mitch mcconnell plans to focus on it as well. will he be able to meet his 100 days? >> he's intent on it. the goal remains the same. there is a great deal of heartburn inside the political advisers from the president on just how they accomplish that. and crucially, kasie, what do open schools mean? that is my question today if i have a chance.
3:00 am
does it mean the teachers are in the classrooms with the students? >> absolutely critical. thank you very much for being with us this morning. thanks all of you for being at the start of this historic week. i think it's just worth reminding everyone that this is actually something that happens this week. what happens if the response to january 6th will be in the civics books. it's not like any other week in washington. don't go anywhere. "morning joe" starts right now. >> with all that you've done, where does this rank? is this crowning the achievement? >> i'm not putting any -- making any comparisons. being out here and experiencing it with this group of guys, every year is amazing. and this team is world champions forever. you can't take it away from us. >> tom brady and the tampa bay buccaneers dominate


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