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tv   The Week With Joshua Johnson  MSNBC  February 14, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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noah says last month was the seventh warmest january on record for the planet and the 433rd month in a row with temperatures above the 20th century averages. it is the the top of the hour. the second itch peachment trial is over. u.s. coronavirus cases and hospitalization rates at of their lowest since november and another round of covid relief is insight. i'm joshua johnson. welcome to "the week." >> it sended as many people expected it to. the senate acquitted president trump on one article of
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impeachment. seven republicans joined the democrats in voting guilty. mitch mcconnell was not among them. >> there's no question that president trump is practically and morally responsible for provoing the events of the day. >> senator lindsey graham responded to the speech this morning. >> i think senator income connell's speech got a load off his chest but unfortunately put a load on the back of republicans. that speech you will see in 2022 campaigns. he worked well with president trump. his speech is an outlier regarding how republicans feel about this. >> covid-19 continues to spread but appears to be slowing down. covid cases and hospitalization rates are the lowest since november and the daily
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vaccination rate increase. nearly 53 million have been administered. the u.s. finalized a deal with pfizer and moderna for 200 million more doses. the u.s. is expected to hit a half million deaths within the next few days. we begin with covid relief. congress is free to focus on president biden's agenda. it does not mean that nothing happened with the relief bills. far from it. it week house committees advanced parts of the package. they include direct payments and extension of unemployment programs and payments to families with children. nancy pelosi expects the house
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to approve this month. >> good evening, joshua. >> tell us more what the white house was doing this week. it was staying far away from the impeachment trial, but it was rather busy this week. >> staying away is a good day of staying that. not for lack of trying. we asked them to go what was going on the other side of pennsylvania avenue. the trial ended swiftly is probably good for president biden as it gives him more momentum to move on to otherish you autos such as climate change. they focused on the covid relief bill you referenced.
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it made progress in committee and spokie pelosi expects to have a vote before the end of this month. gets it on to president biden's death for early march. >> there was some part of the bill including raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour that drew pushback from democrats and republicans. how does it look like the pack original is doing? >> on balance, yes. the big issue is the minimum wage and president biden said in an interview with cbs his expectation that would not end up in the bill. i think you'll see him push for that. >> there is an executive order
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signed by president biden last month with a special enrollment period beginning tomorrow, february 15th for if health care is a concern for covid-19, sign up from on this is one of the pieces of policies, a, he wanted to change from the trump administration to advertise it and b to fight covid in different ways. >> that's right and i would say, c, the trump administration was trying to do away the affordable care act. this is president biden's way of
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saying the aca is here to stay. we want to strengthen it and give americans another chance to sign up for health care. it's his way of saying to americans who may have lost jobs and during the downturn, who may have signed up at the end of last year give them a shot at doing so, has an economic impact and health protection impact for americans who are struggling. >> he had a call with xi jinping the president of china. he posted up and says things are different from the last guy. here is what is changing. what is your sense of how the relationships are beginning to shake out?
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>> it depends which part of the world you're talking about. with china and russia he's giving a much, much stronger voice from the united states and that is a clear contrast of president trump. with our allies the united states is back and one thing the white house announced today this coming friday the president's going to hold a virtual meeting with leaders of the g7, the first gathering since last spring and another chance for the new president to say united states is back on everything from working together on the economy and climate change and working together in china. president trump was a go it alone type leader. president biden wants to work with allies more. >> yourself mason, good to see
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you. thank you very much. we continuing our discussion with david corn of mother jones and susan del percio. good to see you both. david, what do you make of where we stand now coming out of the trial going back into full focus on covid relief? j this is what competent and caring government looks like. for years under the trump administration, you have biden really focused on two big things, the covid vacsation program, amazing they built this vac even in record time but he came out last week and said there was really no plan on how to get it to this large country with 330 million people. something that donald trump and
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the white house was not engaged with. ron klain an expert in how to handle infectious diseases and then you have legislating going on, the white house engaged with both houses of congress and even trying to work with the other side. at the end of the day probably won't happen. the ten are so senate republicans who made an offer for a compromise deal came in less than a third of what the biden administration wanted in covid relief, $600 billion, sounds like a lot but much less and didn't seem like a good faith effort. biden and his team working with team and legislate. trump wanted credit for things
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obama passed. we got it spun up about itch peoplement and about what happened after the election, but now we have kind of like a status quo, return to the status quo when people in charge and some republicans, not many but some republicans are trying to work through these knotty issues to help the country. >> bring it on. >> yes, let me tell how much i love dull. less me raise a glass for dull. susan one of the not at all dull prospects of this package is the price tag. the initial offer, they're not in the same ball park. what is your sense the price tag may be may not be impediment
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toet going the deal on. >> depends. with force through the democrat control of the house or the senate it won't change that much. although there are some senators who feel that it is a little too high, mostly in how they are giving money to state and local governments as well as what the limit should be on the 1,400 check. there's also that. i don't think the negotiation process is done. president biden came in with a proposal. he knows how to negotiate so are places where he's willing to come down. they start the behind the scenes negotiation is it low enough that the republicans can take credit and go with it or not. here's the thing, the republicans are in a really in a
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perilous situation when you look at 2022. if joe biden pulls out a strong recovery they have to be part of that so there's no chance. they want to tack on to that. >> there are is the nascent efforts to primary some trump arind republicans, he said last night dropped two names, congressman biggs and gosar from arizona one of whom represents some of the suburbs outside of phoenix and one phoenix and las vegas. >> what's clear to me and to the over 120 republican officials who joined us on february 5th is that something new is required. the 40% feel there's no hope for the gop to reform and to rejoin
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the healthy political process in america and 40% thought we should start a new party. >> i got to move on, what is your sense how this affects the legislating? we're thinking about 202 because that's everybody's favorite sport. we still have people dying from covid. how do those two things coexist? >> it goes back to what david was saying. governance matters. good governance is credital. arizona got hit very hard so people do want to see
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vaccinations. can you raise the money? i think it's possible. >> david, i don't think democrats in areas that maybe lean or toss up in 2022 want to go back to their constituencies looking like they were punching down on president trump versus focusing on pocketbook issues. >> i think susan is right in the fact whoever is running in 2022 will be judged out of results. we have to get out of the trump disaster trump bequeathed to biden and -- and can do the onand passing relief the obligation of democratically controlled congress.
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god bless you, susan as a republican consultant. i think the party is a cult of personality and the idea of primary trump cultists, 43 republican senators said trump could notten punished. congress had no role for sending a murder ross mob to the capitol. i think the party isstill in the depths of trumpism. this fever is not done yet. >> it will be interesting to so how it shakes out what we're against and for. we are against trumpism and here
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are the things we've gotten done. thanks very much. coming up, gavin newsom spent years working his way to the governor's mansion. there's a push to remove him early in a recall election. what is going on? later, the votes are in but the dust not settled. how do you feel about the itch peoplement trial result? we'll share you some of the responses. first richard lui with the red lines. >> the price of the cryptocurrency bitcoin is nearly $50,000, value increased almost 20,000 just this year. add to that tesla may take bitcoin at payment. a brewery in egypt are the factory may have been built for royal rituals. speaking of royals of prince
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california has nearly 40 million people, it's our most populist state. they rank in the bottom third of states vaccinated and helping fuel a heated campaign to recall the governor gavin newsom. lately he's been facing criticism for the response. some say the rules for what shuts down and reopens are inconsistent and the vaccine
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rollout too slow. back in november a party he attended it violated the protocols he set. will the recall effort hit its mark? how much of the criticism does the governor deserve? joining is john meyers of the "lo angeles times." good to see you. >> thanks very much. >> this whole recall thing fascinates me. as soon as jerry brown got out of the way it was gavin newsom. how did the recall thing touch off? was there a moment where it
6:23 pm
began to look viable? >> there's one simple word it's covid-19. i think that fueled a lot of this. california governors have faced recall attempts for the last 50 years. every governor had something they fizzled out except for one, 2003 which we learned lessons about. newsom won with 62% of the vote, that seems bullet proof but covid-19 the rules his administration put in place, there was an inconsistency in the rules, hard to understand the science, didn't understand the data. you mentioned images in politics areexplosive. him sitting up athe upscale
6:24 pm
restaurant in napa valley, the hypocrisy. there have been the frustrations people are feeling and this was driven largely by republicans. there are millions of republicans in california and who have circulated the recall petition on the verge of getting it for a special election probably in the late fall. >> the recall efforts enough signatures. the biden administration says the president is not in favor of this. california is a blue state that seems to be since jerry brown handed it over to gavin newsom california is a blue state top to bottom governmentally. what are the chances of this being successful? i ask that carefully.
6:25 pm
if anyone said do you think arnold arnold schwarzenegger is your next governor in 2003. >> the then california gray davis was facing problems, big state budget deficit, a bad economy and one action where he increased the vehicle license fee schwarzenegger ran that through to the special election and won. the recall elections need someone a viable alternate. i don't know if it's clear who that would be. no republicans awon statewide in california since 2006 since arnold schwarzenegger was on the ballot. i think the chances are looking good given the signatures they collected. does it pass?
6:26 pm
hard to say. three recalls prior to this one, the governor of north dakota, history for everyone. scott walker faced a recall in wisconsin in 2012, beat that one. that was seen as a proxy on national politics and walker was a strong, so is newsom and the schwarzenegger election in 2003. never say never. these things can snowpaul and depends how newsom handles the vaccine rollout, surprisingly slow in california. >> we have invited governor newsom to take part, the door is open any time he'd like to discuss this or an array of what is going on in california. john, having lived in the bay area for 6 1/2 years before i
6:27 pm
moved back east i would have thought california would be hands down for fighting covid, the highly educated population, a gigantic biotech sector and active population, diverse and connected populations in the country. i would have thought california would have had this in the bag and hasn't. why not? >> we could go on this for a long time. one of the epicenters los angeles high covid rates. the demographics are different from other places. this state prides itself on local control and not state control and back and forth who calls what shots and there
6:28 pm
hasn't been enough vaccine and structure that has worked there. this is the governor's moment to right that ship. he has to have the conversation differently or going to face something that is politically very difficult to explain to people why he should keep the job. an election in 2022 he may say gev my another year. we'll see whether or not he can have ns to roll this back. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up, today marks three years since the deadly high school shooting in parkland, florida. what meaningful action has congress taken on gun violence? the founder of moms demand action joins us.
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it could be a long time before folks in parkland, florida, can fully enjoy valentine's day. today marks three years, the student killed 14 students and three staff members. 17 other people were injured. five weeks after the massacre the students led a historic demonstration in washington d.c., the march for our lives. hups of thousands of young adults and teachers gathered and demanded an end to america's inexcuable record of school shootings. president biden called on congress to do what the march for our lives movement demanded to strengthen gun laws, background checks on all gun sales, ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines and joining us is shannon watts,
6:34 pm
founder of moms demand action. good evening. >> good evening. >> what is on your mind now not only with the anniversary of parkland but impeachment trial. a lot were not shy about saying how unmoved they were considering finally these elder statesmen could feel what it was like to have to hide under a desk because someone invaded your safe place with a weapon. >> today is a tragic commemoration of not just one but two mass shootings in this country, first parkland which happened three years ago and also the mass shooting at northern illinois university where five people were killed, 13 years ago and goes to show it's been 25 years and we have yet to have congressional action on an issue that kills over 100
6:35 pm
americans a day, 25 mass shootings every day in this day and we are waiting for the right president, the right congress to act and we finally have that. it's been a long wait and we've done so much work and made progress in state houses an border rooms. we have a trick feck ta of gun sense president and house and i was heartened to hear the president say this was an issue important to him and there would be action. >> how are we doing dealing with gun violence? there was a shooting at a clinic in minnesota that took the lives of five people, a suspect charged with murder in that. are we making any progress at call? >> first i want to say covid is certainly exacerbaing the gun violence across the board. gun homicides, suicides,
6:36 pm
unintentional shootings, domestic gun violence, a steady increase because of that exacerbation. at the same time we are making progress in state houses and board rooms. we wait for the moment in congress which i believe is on its way. we passed background checks in 22 states, passed the red flag law, in 28 states. laws that disarm domestic abusers in 19 states and hundreds of restaurants'ril tears and other stores changed their policies around guns. we need action absolutely but there is hope and we are making progress. we can't wait any longer, 100 americans are shot and killed every day and the insurrection.
6:37 pm
they had enough live am any in addition to shoot every member of the house and senate five times. >> jen psaki the press secretary was asked about the biden administration's gun control policies. >> does the white house believe it could take executive action to address gun control or take a legislative approach. if you do believe you could take executive action, why haven't you done so? >> the president addressing gun violence in the country and putting in place additional safety measures is something the president has a personal commitment to in his history on this issue is evidence. he's taken on the nra twice and won and he is happy and eager to do that in the future. >> what is your sense, do you think they are on the right
6:38 pm
track or are there changes you'd like to see? >> first of all, joe biden and kamala harris made this issue a policy priority during their campaign. it's why so many americans turned out at the polls up and down the ticket to vote on this issue. we know 93% of americans support background checks on par with job creation and covid relief. many things this administration can do. there's not a corner of the justice department can't do. they can do things like strengthen the background check system and eliminate the market for ghost funds. city gun violence is off the charts right now and we know the violence interruption programs work, there's data that shows
6:39 pm
that. we need congress to pass comprehensive background checks legislation through both chambers and finally make federal law what we are seeing works so well in the states where they closed background check loophole. >> how optimistic are you about the future of this? i think the gun laws in this country are going to evolve partly because of the young people involved. the students who came out of parkland, florida, he phenomenal, savvy and do give a damn. they decided this is the way of future and they're going to make it happen. i feel they speak a lot to where things will be going. >> i believe this next generation is going to be a top issue for them. the lockdown generation, they spent their childhoods in school
6:40 pm
hiding in a closet, rehearsing their deaths as if a piece of wood protect them from the spray of an ar-15 and they're angry and should be. the group students dmabd action. it's important. so i do feel this is very hopeful but every american is impacted by gun violence in this country. my daughter is a first grade teacher and she's wearing a mask and a shield to school and hid under a desk for an hour the other day because there was a shooting nearby. we don't have to live or die like this. action is imperative and why americans keep going to the polls and voting and we need members of congress to join us and act and if they don't at their own political peril. >> parkland holds each year as a
6:41 pm
service project and say the names of the victims. i think i said earlier five people were killed in minnesota, five people were shot, one was killed, four injured and now a suspect facing murder charges. shannon, we appreciate your time. >> thank you so much. up next, how do you feel about the impeachment trial result? we'll share some of your responses next. see the difference, after being washed with tide hygienic clean. for a deep clean, try tide hygienic clean! if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide. for people living with h-i-v, keep being you. and ask your doctor about biktarvy. biktarvy is a complete, one-pill, once-a-day treatment used for h-i-v in certain adults. it's not a cure, but with one small pill, biktarvy fights h-i-v to help you get to and stay undetectable. that's when the amount of virus is so low
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6:45 pm
one viewer reminded of the candidate then donald trump. "he said that he could shoot someone and not be the procuted. he had killed/injured too many and walked. he fed propaganda to millions of people who have gotten lost in his lies. so many people, fallies even those of his own followers have suffered and there's no consequence. eight the republican senators who acquitted him confirms that the mob rules. is this our current economy? please prove is not so." one viewer tweeted requests i no longer have pride of country. i'm depressed and hopeless. and frightened. i don't think we are going anywhere good. no shining city on the hill. i fear we are descending into madness. finally one viewer was happen pi with house managers.
6:46 pm
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donald trump's critics are worried about him running for president again in 2024. one of the house impeachment managers ted lieu, mentioned that at the trial this beak. >> i'm not mentioned that at the trial this week. >> i'm not afraid of donald trump running again in four years. i'm afraid he's going to run again and lose, because he can do this again. >> there's no reason to believe mr. trump would not do this again, especially since senators from his party made sure to acquit him. but there's another concern that frankly has me more worried. a healthy democracy spares us from constantly watching our backs. it should not leave us in fear of not knowing what may happen next. donald trump is a powerful politician, but america has a way of producing deranged individuals who strike out against the powerful in unconscionable ways. now, to be clear, i'm not predicting this.
6:51 pm
and i'm definitely not advocating this, but i'm very worried about this. donald trump referred to his foes as the enemies of the people. another made that comment, he called president mckinley the enemy of the good people, after he assassinated him. on september 6, 1901, he shot president mckinley in the chest at the pan-american exposition in new york. his motive? he did not believe in his form of our government or any kind of head of state. in his words, quote, i killed the president because he was the enemy of the good people, the good working people. i am not sorry for my crime. unquote. when we think of presidents in peril, we tends to think of abraham lincoln of course. do you know what john wilkes booth yelled from the stage?
6:52 pm
he yelled the motto of the state of virginia. "thus ever two tyrants." the presidency carries unique dangers, especially from those swollen with vengeance and madness. james garfield was not in the back in 1881. the gunman was a megalomaniac, convinced that he was owed a post, because he had given a pro-garfield speech and expected a job as a civil service thank-you gift. and teddy roosevelt was the first to be guarded by the secret service. he was running for a third term, a race he would lose to woodrow wilson. before a campaign speech, this man, john shrank shot him on october 14, 1912.
6:53 pm
he was against three-term presidents and insane. when they caught him, he had a letter on him, describing a dream. in it, william mckinley's ghost told him to avenge his death by killing roosevelt. amazingly, the former president's eyeglass case slowed the bullet down. he lived with the slug in his chest for the rest of his life and even went on with the speech. these presidents faced deadly attacks without creating the toxic atmosphere that donald trump created. who's to say what's to come in had this atmosphere? now let me be clear, the threat from supremacists and far-right extremists is the top threat right now. that is why the biden administration is focussed on studying and stopping it. the current threats are much more dangerous from the far right than the far left. i'm not saying the danger's everywhere nor is it evenly
6:54 pm
distributed. but when it comes from presidents, it does not come from where we expect it, because we never know where to expect it. i still remember holding my breath when barack obama walked in his first inaugural parade. i prayed that no one would try to make an example of him or michelle obama. i remember watching and whispering "get back in the car, please, man, just get back in the car." i felt the same thing this year when kamala harris became the first multi-racial woman to serve as vice president. one heartbeat away from the oval office. donald trump has been at the center of a lot of political violence in this country, since his campaign began in 2015. but today's political violence threatens everyone. it could well threaten him, too. homegrown extremists and danger
6:55 pm
all of us, including him. we have not seen a movement whose destructiveness matches theirs. after what we've been through these last few years, god, i hope we never do. with that said, we would love to hear from you. how are you helping to keep our politics peaceful? write us an e-mail. our address is theweek keep it brief. 100 words or fewer or 30 seconds or less would be ideal for tv. theweek we will share some of your stories next weekend. thank you so much for making time for us. we will see you back here saturday and sunday night, 8:00 to 10:00 eastern.
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please bring a friend. i'm joshua johnson. make it a wonderful week. goodnight. t a wonderful week goodnight. ♪ got my hair ♪ ♪ got my head ♪ ♪ got my brains ♪ ♪ got my ears ♪ ♪ got my heart ♪ ♪ got my soul ♪ ♪ got my mouth ♪ ♪ i got life ♪ how great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu!
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our great republic has stood the test of time. >> in living color. >> for two and a half centuries, we've done a lot to be proud of. >> our leadership in science and industry, our hopes for peace and security. >> we've been prosperous, powerful. >> the cold war days are over. >> ambitious. >> it's the internet in your pocket. >> but tolerance hasn't been our strong suit. it never has.
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>> i am against the


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