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tv   MSNBC Live With Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser  MSNBC  February 21, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PST

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boynton beach who became a real worldwide reality tmt show is florida inmate w-42222. that's all for this edition of "dateline," i'm natalie moralis. thanks for watching. breaking on msnbc, terrifying moments above colorado. a united plane, hundreds of people on board suffering engine failure. >> we're seeing all kinds of, you know, pieces of shrapnel, pieces of -- i mean, all over just on the road. a huge piece of the engine is in somebody's front yard. president biden declaring a major disaster in texas. >> we can land space ships on
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mars but we can't figure out how to get energy to communities in texas. it's quite frustrating. >> an emergency meeting on another growing crisis there. skyrocketing electricity bills. some texans report getting charged thousands of dollars last week alone wiping out their savings. donald trump set to give his first speech since leaving office and it will be at a major conservative conference as he reportedly gears up for war with his own party. the fbi and doj investigating roger stone and alex jones over their possible roles in the capitol hill riot. whether they may have instigated any violence. >> close eye on the covid numbers as the u.s. nears 500,000 deaths in the final week of february as we do say good morning, everybody. sunday, february 21st. i'm kendis gibson. >> we are live from msnbc reporters in new york. we have a team of reporters
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around the country. we begin with tom costello who has the stunning details on that united airlines engine failure. tom? >> kendis and lindsay, good morning to you. these were harrowing moments in the skies over this denver suburb of bloomfield between denver and boulder. 1:00 in the afternoon this united flight had just taken off from denver suddenly experienced a very serious in flight emergency. >> the video purportedly from on board united flight 328 terrifying. the right engine on fire. most of the covering gone while on the ground shrapnel and what appears to be the engine koulg. nearby, more chunks and pieces littering a soccer field. just after 1 p.m. mountain time when the pilot on the 777 flying. >> mayday, mayday, united air 28.
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united 328 heavy mayday, mayday, aircraft. >> united 328, heavy again. >> denver departure united 328. heavy mayday, aircraft just experienced an issue. >> on the ground they saw a loud bank, saw a puff of smoke. >> you heard the boom, looked up and saw stuff raining down from the sky so we took shelter. >> united said the plane experienced a rare uncontained engine failure where the engine fails and explodes rather than containing the failure. despite widespread debris, no one was hit. >> remarkably we have had no injuries reported yet. considering how nice the weather is today compared to last weekend, the amount of debris and how far it stretches, the dog park is right here, the turf field behind me and we have had no reports of any injuries. >> reporter: the incident drawing parallels to an uncontained engine failure three
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years ago that made an emergency landing in philadelphia. one passenger was killed when the shrapnel punctured her window pulling her from her seat. today no injuries. the flight landed safely at denver international. transportation secretary pete buttigieg. >> i know ntsb is mobilizing so an independent agency can provide right away information as they piece together what has happened. >> reporter: these types of uncontained engine failures are very, very rare but investigators are going to be looking at whether there was some sort of problem with the fan blades. did they come apart? was there a metal crack or metal urge gi problem they need to look at. they're looking at whether it ingested a flock of birds, a drone, some foreign object on the runway before it took off. everything is on the table here. this is a high priority for not just the ntsb, faa, boeing,
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united airlines. >> mayday. just terrifying. >> absolutely. but they sounded so calm throughout that entire thing. even inside of the cabin from all those videos that we saw, people were fairly calm. the stuff of our nightmares. >> something so harrowing to have to go through. >> our next guest was at denver international airport and he did what many of us would do. he whipped out his camera and started taking pictures. joining us is hayden smith. unlike us, you are not so much of an amateur. your photos are stunning. we're going to show some of them. you got shots of that smoking plane showing right now not only pieces falling but that smoke trail in the sky. tell us what you saw. >> so really i was just -- you know, it was the right place right time scenario. i noticed on my -- i was actually at a flight tracker and i noticed that this plane was turning back towards denver so
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naturally i got out my camera because i had it on me. in the distance i noticed this little plane with smoke coming off of it. i didn't realize how serious it was until it was already right there. i could see the smoke pouring off of it, flames just shooting out of the engine. crazy to see really. >> absolutely crazy to see. your photos are on the front page of the denver post. we're all glad this worked out great for everybody on board, but we also see this scary video of the plane landing with its engine literally in pieces. and as you listen to it, this is what i was noting. pop up the sound. it's a textbook landing. and the cheers of those on
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board, the relief really. >> almost like you could hear a pin drop before the applause. >> you could. it just gives you chills. as an aviation photographer, have you ever experienced or seen anything like this? >> i have never. i mean, i've been doing this for a few years now and i have never seen anything even close to what i just saw yesterday. so that was definitely a first for me. >> you really had the forethought when you opened up flight tracker here and you saw it was going to divert back to the airport. so you say right place right time, but you were at the airport because this is a passion of yours. you love aviation photography. all due respect here, your aviation geekery came -- >> i'm a geek in another way. no shame here. >> uh-huh. >> you were there experiencing this. as you're watching this, hayden, you did say that you could see debris falling. did you fear for your life from seeing all of that chunk of
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metal coming down? >> well, i was actually -- i wasn't at the airport. i was still probably a good five or so miles. i wasn't too worried. to be honest at the time, i didn't know that things were still falling from the plane. i had just thought that, you know, maybe it was right after it took off or something. really looking back on that, i really do think that i am lucky that i am safe and sound and, you know, everybody around me was safe. >> yeah. speaking of that, i mean, there are no injuries. when you saw how harrowing that was, did you breathe a sigh of relief when you read news articles that everybody was okay? >> i sure did. when i saw it i knew that planes are built to withstand things like this, but at the same time i was initially worried. reading that there was no injuries really was a, you know, relief. >> hayden, we're so thankful that you are here with us.
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we're thankful that you shot that video, not only just for our purposes but i'm sure the investigators will be looking at that -- those images very keenly to try to figure out what went wrong here. hayden smith, thank you. >> thank you. now to washington. a big week ahead on capitol hill. merrick garland finally gets his hearing tomorrow. the senate judiciary committee takes up his nomination. the capitol hill riot investigation gets underway tuesday as 35 officers are being investigated for their action starting the insurrection. house democrats are getting ready to push through the $1.9 trillion covid relief package by the end of the week. mariana sotomayor is here with the latest. let's start with merrick garland's confirmation. they call him the most patient man in washington. >> reporter: that's right. several years ago he sat before
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the senate nomination committee as obama's scotus nominee. this time it's biden's attorney general. this time he gets a favorable committee vote, he will likely get confirmed once his vote is presented before the senate. now one thing to note, too, of course, this starts on monday. he is expected to say that he will prosecute white supremacists as well as others who took part in the january 6th inr insurrection. he put out a lengthy statement overnight not just mentioning that, but the fact that he pledges he will not abide by what president biden may want to see the doj do. he will act independently, and that is actually a promise that biden himself said repeatedly on the campaign trail. he wants to find someone that will uphold the law and not the american people in a big contrast to president trump, of course. now besides that, something else
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to note is as you mentioned, those capitol hill hearings starting on tuesday. the senate, two of their committees will hold a joint hearing on the security failures. the house will also be doing that on thursday where they will actually bring forth the current acting capitol police chief and the house sargeant at arms to understand their internal investigation which now has 35 officers under investigation for their role on january 6th during the insurrection itself. as you mentioned of course, the house, a lot on their plate besides just covid. that is the main priority. it's likely to pass on a partisan basis. we could get some surprises with republicans supporting it. many of them being whipped by the house leadership on the republican side to vote against it. something else though that it's very important, too, on the house side, they're actually going to try and pass the equality act. they passed it way back in may
3:12 am
of 2019 but it just stalled in the senate. if the senate is able to pass it and then it is signed into law, this is the first time in american history, this is why it's such a big deal, that members of the lgbtq community would have protections against discrimination under federal law. it's unclear exactly when the senate would be able to take it up but the house making it a priority to pass potentially not just by the end of the week but into next weekend, guys. >> busy week in washington. thank you. $16,000, that's how much one texan reportedly owes after keeping his lights on during the deadly storm. our antonio hilton is on the ground in houston where skyrocketing power bills has wiped out some people's savings. ali velshi will speak with some residents in a city that is synonymous with the civil rights
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movement. >> in 2021 we are still marching, we are still talking about the same things my great grandparents were talking about 50, 60 years ago. basic human rights, basic respect, equality. being an attorney you see how wrongs are given out and how people of color are charged as opposed to those who don't look like them. >> the struggle continues, indeed. velshi, across america live from birmingham starting at 8 a.m. eastern.
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back now to the other days big story. the weather crisis in texas now turning into a humanitarian nightmare. >> 14 million people still without clean water. others waiting in long lines for much needed supplies. >> president biden declaring a
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disaster. state officials face growing outrage over soaring electricity bills. >> antonia hilton joins us. the second largest city in the country. what's the situation where you are. >> reporter: good morning, kendis. after a week of freezing in their homes, now in a city that's still under a boil water advisory, federal assistance is finally going to be on the way. the biden administration has made a major disaster declaration for texans who are in need so that means if you're a resident here who has suffered significant home related damages, you can reach out to the federal government for money. you need to make major pairs as a result of this storm or if your family is living in unsuitable living conditions, you can reach out to the federal government for help finding temporary housing. and this is going to be critical as now with the weather coming in and it's warming up here, people actually expect potentially more damages as
3:19 am
pipes thaw as you may see more pipes burst in people's homes. many texans are on edge and grateful for the coming help. it's critical to point out, we don't know the full extent and accounting of the damage that we're going to see, not just here in the city of houston but across texas, kendis. >> antonia, we're seeing incredible images of a bike hitched to a car turned into a complete icicle. the damage is unreal. the governor held an emergency meeting about the skyrocketing bills last night. either you didn't have power and you had this, a frozen suv or now you're potentially shelling out tens of thousands of dollars. >> reporter: yeah, that's exactly right. there's been a fair amount of panic about this here locally. so last night the governor greg abbott, lieutenant governor and a group of bipartisan lawmakers met about this to address this burgeoning financial crisis and
3:20 am
concern faced by texans here. to give you a little bit of an explainer, what essentially happened because of the spike in the energy market people have seen utility bills to the tune of a thousand dollars a day to have the privilege to shiver in their homes and to struggle to find food and water to eat for days on end. even though here in texas the political culture can be quite decisive, they got together and said they need to work on a legislative plan so that texans are not left footing the bill. if this was the first of likely several legislative discussions and meetings. this is just the beginning. they all agree that texans shouldn't be left paying for this. >> joining us from houston, texas. the good news is, it's going to be 71 degrees today. a lot of work to be done in texas. thank you. with us right now is congressman and proud texan, al green. he represents the state's 9th
3:21 am
district which makes up most of the houston area. congressman, thank you for being here. i know it's been a really rough week for yourself and many of your fellow texans. you posted a photo actually on twitter with two of your colleagues. sylvia garcia and alexandria ocasio-cortez assessing some of the homes from the storm. what are you seeing? what are you hearing from residents? >> the uncertainty is a great concern to people. when you don't have control of your destiny, it causes a good deal of uncertainty and we were visit ag young couple just bought a home having all sorts of problems with their pluming and these things were preventible. it causes consternation when you know you have a power bill for thousands of dollars. we allow profits to be placed
3:22 am
above people for too long in texas when it comes to our energy. we have to do something to make sure we align ourselves properly with the rest of the country, get on the national grid. that's an absolute necessity and that we make sure that we winterize our plumbing here in texas. that also applies to the power plants. they've got to winterize. if we can do these things, i think we'll have a better day. >> congressman, president biden declared an emergency disaster declaration in 77 counties. state officials wanted that relief to all counties, all 254 of them. is this enough so far to help people? what can you do to make sure that the people who have a bill for, say, $16,000 for their electricity don't have to shell that out. >> well, i'm an advocate now. i'm going to stand with them and for them. this is something that they should not have to endure but i must say this, i'm a christian.
3:23 am
thank god for president biden. what he has done with this covid-19 bill is important because in this bill there is $5 billion for help with utility bills for renters, so that's some help. we'll have to advocate for more and this is a start. i appreciate the president has handled this. this has not been based on politics. he has brought us to an era now of caring for people and dealing with circumstances based upon needs. we're going to continue to advocate for the people in the state of texas understanding that the state of texas also has a rainy day fund that has more than $10 billion in it. we're going to have to dip into the rainy day fund. it makes good sense for us to use that which is for a rainy day after you've had a rainy day. it is now time to dip into that fund. >> congressman, does that mean the electric companies that failed to winterize their equipment, they've been
3:24 am
outbidding one another, they've had no incentive to do maintenance, does this mean they will, in fact, collect those thousands and thousands of dollars in electric bills from those people with variable rate plans because there's a rainy day fund, because there's money included in the covid relief plan? >> well, if i had my way, they won't. i don't always get my way, but i don't think that they should be allowed to profit now from a circumstance that they created. this is a pitard that they created and they should not shall allowed the public to be hoist by this pitard. they should have to make amends and cover the costs. this is really a sad circumstance when you see what's happening. i see on your screen now you're showing these lines. i was out at the fountain of praise yesterday where there were just thousands it seems cars and people coming through for water. having enough gasoline to get
3:25 am
there, spending probably more on gasoline waiting in line than the cost of water if you can get it. these circumstances are dire and we cannot allow those who created the circumstances to profit from the circumstances. i'm going to fight them. i don't mean fight in fisticuffs but there is a desire to make sure that we have justice for the consumer and that the people who created this circumstance, they cover this. probably in the post impeachment trial world. representative al green of the 9th congressional district of texas. thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. the two of you make a great team. >> thank you. i agree. >> we'll use that in the promo. coming up, tracking the covid variants. richard engel has been investigating the virus mutations that have been tearing across the globe. he'll walk us through what he
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here are the latest coronavirus headlines we're following this morning. just as experts predicted, the u.s. will likely pass half a million deaths today. with more than 28 million cases recorded since the start of the pandemic. although new covid-19 cases are down across the nation, experts are projecting tens of thousands of more deaths in the next three months. they warn nearly 100,000 more americans could lose their lives to the virus by june 1st. as the harsh winter weather continues to delay the distribution of more than 6 million vaccines, new york city is down to fewer than 1,000 doses on hand. mayor bill deblaise yes said 35,000 first dose appointments were not scheduled as a result. you have all of these mutations, new ones getting
3:31 am
detected frequently, and there are the vaccines with varying effects on the virus. richard engel has a big investigative report tonight airing on msnbc about these new strains. richard joins us right now with a preview. richard, good morning to you. you have the mutations that are having a big impact on the battle to end this pandemic. >> reporter: not just a big impact, they are transforming the pandemic. it is almost like we are in a new pandemic. we know or we thought we knew what covid-19 could do. we've all been dealing with it for the last year or so with phases of lockdowns, the hope of the vaccine. now the vaccines are out. there's a race to roll them out but there is a twist. the virus is changing. and it's not an accident that it's changing now. it is changing now because there is so much virus in circulation.
3:32 am
a simple evolution but happening on a viral scale. we've all evolved and we evolved relatively slowly. viruses evolve very quickly and it's made of rna and there are trillions and trillions of viruses out there and they don't live very long. the life span of a few hours, perhaps maximum a few days. so with all of these replications, trillions and trillions all of the time, mistakes happen in the replication process. sometimes those mistakes are add vantage gous to the virus. there are 4,000 known variants but three main strains of concern right now. the south african strain, the brazil strain and the u.k. strain. it is all the many countries are talking about right now. i'm in the u.k. where the u.k. strain is dominant.
3:33 am
they are tentatively talking about coming out of lockdown, opening restrictions, but every time a political leader in the country talks about it, they add this caveat. we want to open up unless the virus changes on us, unless there is a new mutation, unless the mutation proves not to be more resistant to the vaccine. so they are trying to advance but there is this big question now as the virus, because it has been let loose and has had so much room to run is changing. it's almost like we are starting over again with a different virus. >> pretty frightening stuff when you say it is transforming the pandemic. richard engel, you can watch "on assignment with richard engel." still to come, senator lindsey graham hitting the links with donald trump trying to heal
3:34 am
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what a messed up- only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ we're back now with some of the headlines we're following at this hour. breaking news from the sports world from the australian open. just within the last few moments novak djokovic has beaten daniil medvedev in three sets to take
3:38 am
the title. it's his ninth australian open, 18th grand slam title overall. an investigation is underway following a wild shooting at a new orleans area gun store and shooting range. at least three people are dead, two people are in the hospital. what we know right now, someone opened fire inside the jefferson gun outlet. customers and staff started to shoot back. the initial gunman was killed in the shootout. >> bob dole will begin treatment tomorrow following an announcement that he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. dole served in the senate for 27 years. he's also a republican presidential nominee in 1996. president biden stopped by dole's home in washington, d.c., yesterday. the white house saying in a statement that he was visiting his close friend. take a look at this. >> this week trump will try to make his return back into the
3:39 am
spotlight. he's set to speak at the conservative political action conference. he's expected to talk about his recent impeachment trial and the future of the republican party. politico reporting though that trump's gearing up for war inside the party by seeking revenge against republicans who have crossed him and vetting candidates to help him with his maga mid-term agenda. meredith mcgrau wrote that article. good morning. thanks for being here with us. you reported trump is looking to retaliate against incumbent republicans, people who shuned him. how do you see this playing out? >> reporter: well, the former president has kept a relatively low profile in the past few weeks and that's by design. he's made a splash with some statements and he's gone out on the golf course, but behind the scenes he and his aides have been trying to figure out his
3:40 am
next move politically. part of that is going to be plotting out exactly who he's going to be getting behind and supporting in upcoming elections and he made it clear in his statement about senate republican leader mitch mcconnell that was extremely fiery, packed a lot of punch, but he made it clear that he's going to be getting behind candidates that are going to support his maga agenda. we know that during the impeachment proceedings the former president was keeping a close eye on exactly who was supporting him, who voted against him, he was briefed by aides on the ten house republicans who voted against him. he has his sights on liz cheney and michigan and others. he's going to be looking to recruit other maga supporting candidates to get into upcoming races.
3:41 am
>> mike pence has declined an invitation to speak at the same event, cpac. what is it that trump is welcomed back as a hero and pence is uncomfortable showing up. >> reporter: mike pence likes to stick with traditions. one of his aides says he is going to continue with the tradition that other former presidents like former president barack obama and george w. bush have made in stepping out of the spotlight to make way for the next administration and the next presidency, but of course trump hasn't operated within any of those traditional parameters and will be making his big public debut at cpac which is conveniently for him located in orlando, florida, this year instead of outside of d.c. the president is going to be trying to outline his vision for the republican party and i would expect among the things that he talks about is the biden
3:42 am
administration's policies. he and his supporters have their sights set on criticizing his administration policies so it's unusual for a former president to come out and take some swipes at the new administration but this isn't your usual former president either. >> to say the least. let's talk about covid relief. president biden is trying to get through his massive package here. it increases the minimum wage. it gets $1400 checks to people. it expands unemployment ppp eligibility. does he need republican support? what will republican opposition look like when this relief package is needed to help americans? >> well, this is coming, of course, at a time when the clock is ticking for people to be receiving their benefits, so really time is of the essence here. and republicans are, you know,
3:43 am
wanting to get relief but they also are taking issue with the -- excuse me, the bill here. >> meredith mcgraw, thank you so much for your reporting. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. the story of the week that we had in politics we could not wait to see what snl did with it, and they did not disappoint. >> senator ted cruz. >> olah, everyone. >> hey, teds. you look tan. >> oh, no, i'm not tan. i just cried myself red over my fellow texans. >> you will understand why people are calling you a coward. >> yeah, coward is the nicest word ever. >> let me ask you this, would a
3:44 am
coward have the cajones have the -- >> i said he's going to be back playing ted cruz. >> perfect role as well. it was a meme personified. john page from bridgerton. >> chloe was britney spears. >> yes, exactly. some people may have stalked the halls trying to see him. >> i wonder who that was. mattress mack is back. the man who turned his fancy furniture gallery into a make shift filter after hurricane katrina and harvey. he comes to the rescue once again and he joins us live next. sunday show, disaster relief for texans. cedric richmond joins jonathan capehart to talk about it all on the sunday show that starts at 10 a.m. eastern. mped the median.
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president biden's major disaster declaration means more federal aid for texas is on the way. emergency funding will go to people in 77 counties including hard-hit harris county where houston is located. that's where one man used his furniture store to help people stay afloat. he used it in 2005 and hurricane harvey in 2017. again, most recently as well tropical storm in 2019. now the owner jim mackinvale, better known as mattress mack is opening doors again. he's with us again. thank you for being here. appreciate it. >> glad to be here, bright and early. >> this has become a common practice for you. describe for us what your make shift shelter looks like this time around. are people camping out? >> yeah. it looks like a furniture store.
3:50 am
the people were here, they got here tuesday earlier in the morning, 9:00 and tuesday we had about 1,000 people come in to eat and warm up, 330 slept here tuesday night, wednesday night, thursday night. the power and the water got and everybody has gone home now but we had a huge crowd here for three nights. it was a challenge to balance the covid awareness with the crowd but it did all work out. >> you've done this before, but there is a little bit of a complexity involved in this situation because of covid. and also because, as you mentioned, the power went out. your store has taken a couple of punches from the storm. i believe at one point you only had one running faucet as well. how did you and your staff pull it together? >> it was difficult because the -- we had a generator to keep the power going but the water went out and you never know how much you miss water until you have no water. with 300 people here and no toilets, it made it quite interesting. but one of our ingenious staff
3:51 am
members figured out we had a faucet running in the back of the store. he got a 55-gallon bucket full of water and kept filling the toilet so they would flush. we managed to find a way and the people that were here were very understanding. they were great and stayed here for three days trying to get their lives back together and then they kept calling home every hour wanting to know was the power turned on in their apartments or in the subdivision where they lived and it finally came on friday so they went home. it was a tough situation. tough times never last. tough texans do. >> it's a great motto. i'm sure they're very grateful for all of the work that you ended up doing for them. you've done this during hurricane katrina, hurricane harvey, which devastated, of course, that area, as well as the recent tropical storm and now this situation. have you noticed some people who suffered during those previous incidents who have come back this time around? >> yeah, we have.
3:52 am
there's, unfortunately, a homeless population in houston and a lot of them live around this store. so some of them were here, but i was amazed how many of those homeless people were smart, intelligent and they volunteered and worked nonstop to help us out with cooking in the restaurant with the different janitorial duties we had, with different things. so different people live in the neighborhood and were trying to help them upgrade their lifestyle and every time we have one of these crises like this, we empower people. >> so imagine it's like seeing a family member when they walk through the doors and to be able to be welcome at your furniture store. are they emotional? what is it like for them? >> yeah, they're emotional. they're distraught. the emotional distress is much
3:53 am
higher during harvey when they had to wade through four feet of water to get here than it was during this storm but with freezing cold temperatures, ice and snow, no heat, no electricity, no water, they were very traumatized when they came in here as well. what we really tried to do is orient the store. we could help the senior citizens and the young children. lots of families with young children, senior citizens and the senior citizens are used to a routine and habits and comfortable, familiar surrounding. so they were really thrown for a loop. we were able to help a lot of seniors and young children with -- a lot of young families with children. >> it is great the work that you're doing. and we're thankful that you're doing it. let's hope that it never has to happen again and it's just a furniture store going forward. appreciate you being here with us. mattress mack. thank you. >> thank goodness for people like him. >> you all do great work. >> thank you. up next -- president biden says he wants students back in schools but there's a lot of
3:54 am
confusion about when. what declining covid numbers mean for your kids. one doctor at johns hopkins says covid will be mostly gone by april of this year. but dr. fauci says it will be more like 2022. what's going on here? we're going to ask our doctor coming up. for skin that never holds you back don't settle for silver #1 for diabetic dry skin* #1 for psoriasis symptom relief* and #1 for eczema symptom relief* gold bond champion your skin gold bond ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the cdc recently issued its guidance on the reopening of schools but there's a new color-coded system that has a
3:58 am
lot of parents, teachers and kids very confused. >> amanda golden is here is break it down for us. >> good morning, guys. the cdc put out this guidance last week. it's been having a diverse reaction on the ground in various school districts. one thing to note, cdc director rochelle walensky said on friday there is able to be in-person learning at least in some capacity for schools within red zones. and keep in mind about 76% of the united states is actually in red zones right now. that's according to analysis by burbio. that's a drop from 91% last week due in part to falling covid rates in various communities. there's a real discrepancy between the nationalized federal cdc guidelines and how it's playing out in communities. i've spent time in northern virginia talking with various school districts on what their plans on. in the middle school behind me for the public schools here, they're just embarking on their plans right now. the school behind me is planning to open up to two days in person
3:59 am
for some students as they start to move into the hybrid models. k through 5 and special needs. english learner priority students first to have those hybrid models for all students by mid-march. virginia governor ralph northum has said he wants all schools within the commonwealth of virginia to be open by mid-march. listen to what some of the parents have told me as to how the cdc guidelines and general confusion has been affecting their families. take a listen. >> the virtual learning has been an unmitigated disaster from day one. it is just not an effective way to learn for children of any age and that's true of my high schoolers, my freshman has never been inside of the school. >> we're going to wait until everybody is vaccinated. we're perfectly fine with virtual school. it works a little better than in-person school did before. we had no idea this would be a better scenario, but, you know, teenagers getting a little more
4:00 am
sleep in the morning is remarkably great for their health. and not having the distraction of like classroom noise and switching classes and heavy backpacks. those things actually are a bit better academic environment for my kids. >> so you can hear from those parents. there's a split in how they feel they should or shouldn't proceed with the option to eventually be in person right now. some saying they want to. others saying they're fine as the status quo is going with virtual learning. virginia is a commonwealth that is proposing vaccinating teachers as a priority. even though teachers are getting that added boost of protection, it's not fool-proof even for the teachers themselves. they're still not feeling entirely confident or having both doses of those vaccines to go into the schools. >> amanda golden, thank you. it's a new hour. a horrific sight above colorado. a united plane with hundreds of people on board suffering engine failure and sending debris like this plummeting down


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