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tv   Way Too Early With Kasie Hunt  MSNBC  February 23, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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was very newsy. tomorrow should be a big deal. also, confirmation hearings tomorrow for xavier becerra for health secretary, deb haaland for interior secretary, would be the first native american interior secretary, if confirmed. this will be a big beak, tomorrow in particular. "way too early with kasie hunt" is up next. this nation will smile again. this nation will know sunny days again. this nation will know joy again. and as we do, we'll remember each person we've lost, the lives they lived, the loved ones they left behind. we will get through this, i promise you. my heart aches for those of you who are going through it right now. my god bless you all, particularly those who have lost someone. god bless you. >> mourning the lost. president biden leads the nation in consoling the more than
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500,000 american families who have lost loved ones to covid-19. the question, what can each of us do to help our nation heal? plus, the supreme court paves the way for prosecutors to obtain donald trump's financial records. the question, will that lead to criminal charges against the former president? and judge merrick garland gets his chance to speak before the senate. question is, will he get the support he needs to be confirmed as attorney general? it's "way too early" for this. good morning and welcome to "way too early." i am kasie hunt on this tuesday, february 23rd. we'll start with the news. on the heels of the united states surpassing 500,000 coronavirus deaths, president joe biden marked the staggering
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milestone with a poignant address to the nation last night. drawing on his own personal experience of grief and loss, biden paid tribute to those who have died over the past year. >> for the loved ones left behind, i know all too well. i know what it's like to not be there when it happens. i know what it's like when you are there, holding their hands, as you look in their eye and they slip away. that black hole in your chest, you feel like you're being sucked into it. the survivor's remorse, the anger, the questions of faith in your soul. for those who have lost loved ones, this is what i know. they're never truly gone. they'll always be part of your
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heart. i know this as well. and it seems unbelievable, but i promise you, a day will come when the memory of the loved one you lost will bring a smile to your lips before a tear to your eye. it will come, i promise you. my prayer for you, though, is that they will come sooner rather than later. and that's when you know you're going to be okay. you're going to be okay. remember those we lost and those we left behind. but as we remember, as we all remember, i also ask us to act, to remain vigilant, to stay socially distanced, to mask up, get vaccinated when it's your turn. we must end the politics and misinformation that's divided families, communities, and the
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country and has cost too many lives already. it's not democrats and republicans who are dying from the virus. it's our fellow americans. it's our neighbors, our friends. we have to fight this together, as one people, as the united states of america. >> so, after those remarks, the president, first lady jill biden, vice president kamala harris and second gentleman doug emhoff, took part in a moment of silence ceremony. they were surrounded by 500 candles, each representing 1,000 lives lost to covid-19. and the marine band played "amazing grace" as they stood in silence, marking a very, very difficult moment for all of us. wear a mask. all right, let's turn now to politics. after being denied a confirmation hearing for his nomination to the supreme court in 2016, judge merrick garland
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yesterday finally appeared before the senate judiciary committee, this time as nominee for attorney general. garland was pressed on a number of issues from civil rights to gun reform but said that his first order of business would be investigationed into the january 6th attack on the capitol and taking on domestic terrorism. >> my first priority will be to have a briefing on where we are, if i'm confirmed, with the investigations, which from the outside appear quite vigorous and nationwide, and to find out what additional resources we need. but that is just a focus on what happened in the capitol. we also have to have a focus on what is happening all over the country and on where this could spread and where this came from. >> let me ask you about assaults on federal property in places other than washington, d.c. -- portland, for instance, seattle. do you regard assaults on federal courthouses or other
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federal property as acts of domestic extremism, domestic terrorism? >> well, senator, my own definition, which is about the same as the statutory definition, is the use of violence or threats of violence in an attempt to disrupt democratic processes. so, an attack on a courthouse while in operation, trying to prevent judges from actually deciding cases, that plainly is domestic extremism, domestic terrorism. an attack simply on a government property at night or any other kind of circumstances is a clear crime and a serious one and should be punished. i don't know enough about the facts of the example you're talking about, but that's where i draw the line. one is -- both are criminal, but one is a core attack on our democratic institutions.
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>> joining us now, the co-founder of punch bowl news, jake sherman. he is an msnbc political contributor. jake, good morning! let's start with garland and some of the other confirmation battles here, because i think we all knew what josh hawley was talking about there, trying to present some situations where you have seen left-wing protesters attack government buildings. of course, hawley set off the chain of events inside the senate building that ultimately led to challenging election results, and eventually, of course, we had the riot at the capitol. it does seem, though, that regardless of all these facts, merrick garland is on track to confirmation. some of president biden's other nominees not necessarily. >> well, good morning, kasie. merrick garland, it's not a question about whether he'll get confirmed, as you know. it's a question of how many republicans will support him. you had john cornyn telling us yesterday he's going to likely
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support him, lindsey graham likely to support garland, chuck grassley's going to support garland. i mean, it'd be difficult to think of somebody who would have done a better job than garland yesterday navigating the always tricky set of questions that you get as a nominee for attorney general. but as you alluded to, kasie, it seems like the lights are out for neera tanden's nomination to be omb director. tanden, a former head of the center for american progress -- i think she's currently the head of the center for american progress -- came under fire from the left and the right, and basically, everybody on capitol hill for a range of things. she has tweeted a lot of nasty stuff about republicans, so i guess that's not surprising, given that she's a democratic activist. and furthermore, the left doesn't love her because she was against bernie sanders. the center for american progress has taken a lot of corporate money. no one seems to be rescuing her. the white house is standing by her, for now.
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i'm not sure what they're standing by her for, what they're waiting for. i don't see any republicans at this point as we sit here this morning who are willing to come out and rescue her nomination. so, i would imagine that the white house will have to shift gears here in the next couple days. >> so, jake, do you think this has anything to do with some of the other nominees that are still waiting before the senate, namely congresswoman deb haaland, who's been picked for interior and xavier becerra over at health and human services department? becerra in particular, obviously. hhs is incredibly important during the pandemic. and haaland's path-breaking nomination, as she'd be the first native american woman to have a job like this, has really galvanized a lot of supporters for her. however, joe manchin says he's not sure if he's going to vote for her. >> yeah. i'm not sure how many times joe manchin can pull this, to be honest with you, without coming under fire. it's not clear to me that he cares about being under fire.
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as you know, kasie, he's pretty steadfast in his beliefs. i will say, though, this is -- we have to recognize, we, meaning reporters and the democratic caucus, that joe manchin does control the senate. i mean, he has veto power over anything that joe biden wants to do, and that's unfortunate for some democrats who want to push through more progressive candidates and more progressive policy. joe manchin is the most powerful person in washington right now. and to ignore that and say, oh, my god, he's not a democrat, he is not really a good use of your time if you're a democrat because that's not going to change his view. i think that xavier becerra and deb haaland both face uphill battles at this point. xavier becerra because he has basically no experience in the area in which he's being nominated for, and deb haaland because a lot of republicans and conservative democrats don't like her views on some energy policy and natural resources policy. so, i would just say that both of them face uphill battles. and yes, joe manchin is the
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reason on both of them. >> yeah, no. i mean, it's a remarkable situation. i'm sure he's thrilled to be in that position -- >> he must not like it at all, kasie. he must hate this. >> i know, right? and he clearly feels the need to flex his muscle, though. so, of course, there's some republicans as well, mitt romney, lisa murkowski, susan collins. but if democrats lose that one, they can't do anything united. punch bowl news' jake sherman, thanks. see you soon. still ahead, former president trump suffers a major setback in his efforts to keep his tax returns out of the hands of investigators. plus, president biden's coronavirus relief package is one step closer to passing in the house later on this week. we're going to have those stories and a check on the weather when we come right back. e weather when we come right back.
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welcome back! time now for sports.
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amazon's jeff bezos announced earlier this month he will step away from his role as ceo of the company that he founded, and now he's reportedly exploring an ownership position with the nfl's washington football team. according to court documents obtained by front office sports, bezos is said to have held talks about buying a stake in the team, which forbes listed as the eighth most valuable in the nfl at $3.5 billion. it comes as amazon is pushing into sports streaming rights and is considered one of the companies that will make a play at nfl rights coming to market. back in 2019, cbs sports reported that bezos was interested in buying a team and that he had strong support within the league to eventually join their ranks. the move would add to a number of investments for bezos centered around the nation's capital. in 2013, he purchased "washington post." amazon's second headquarters is nearby here in arlington, virginia, and bezos spent $12 million to renovate his
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27,000-square-foot d.c. mansion that he bought back in 2016. that is a lot of square feet and a lot of jeff bezos around here in d.c. and seattle mariners president and ceo kevin mather has resigned after a controversial video surfaced over the weekend of him expressing his views of the club's organizational strategy and making insensitive remarks about players during a recent online event. mather apologized late sunday after the comments made earlier this month to the bellevue, washington, breakfast rotary club were posted online and he was criticized for taking insensitive shots at a former all-star from japan and a top prospect from the dominican republic over their english-speaking skills. mather also drew eyre from the players union for admitting the team possibly manipulated service time for some of its top prospects. marianers chairman john stanton, who will serve as acting president and ceo until a successor is hired, said mather
2:17 am
resigned before a decision had to be made about whether he would be fired. videos not the first transgression of mather's tenure with the club. a 2018 report by "the seattle times" revealed his involvement in a settlement over allegations of harassment made by former female employees. the mariners are in the midst of a rebuild and own baseball's longest playoff drought without an appearance in postseason since 2001. it's been a while for them. all right, time now for the weather. let's go to meteorologist bill karins for a check on the forecast. bill, how are things looking in texas? are people digging out? and i've got to ask, when are we here in the northeast going to get a reprieve from this weather? because everyone i'm talking to is really, really tired of it. >> you're over it, right? see, that as what i was going to talk about. because there's like a little division going on, because it's still beautiful, and like, it looks nice. let me show you my backyard yesterday, kasie. you know, it was one of those snowstorms yesterday in the northeast that it was a heavy, wet snow. and look at the size of these snowflakes. i did a little slow-mo video
2:18 am
here. they were like snowballs falling from the sky. >> gorgeous. >> what it technically is -- yeah, it's gorgeous! little snowflakes clumping together with others as they fall. but i'm over it. i mean, and if a weather guy's over it, almost everyone else has to be over it, too. and here's the amazing part. texas, the warmth yesterday melted everything. it's gone. all of the snow and all of the ice. even oklahoma's gone, too. and temperatures this morning, dallas is at 48 degrees. and this afternoon, it's going to be like spring fever throughout areas of this country. i mean, we could hit 80 degrees in dallas this afternoon. how wild is that, considering they couldn't even break 32 degrees last week for five straight days? houston, 73. even kansas city and st. louis, spring fever, mid-60s. atlanta 66 degrees. and some of that warmth, kasie, will spread to the east tomorrow. washington, d.c., up to 60 degrees! that will feel warm. and the best news, kasie, is it kind of lasts right throughout the week, into the weekend.
2:19 am
so, enjoy our little february thaw. >> that sounds great. bill karins, lovely to have you, particularly lovely to have you this morning. we will see you tomorrow. thank you so much, my friend. and still ahead here, we'll have the very latest out of texas, where lines for water and food distribution stretch for blocks in some areas following last week's winter storm. we'll be back in just a moment. we'll be back in just a moment ♪ hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play ♪ ♪ hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid ♪ ♪ and all that glitters is gold ♪ applebee's $1 boneless wings with any handcrafted burger. trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high you know how i feel ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel ♪ [man: coughing]
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2:23 am
attorney general ken paxton and his wife, state senator angela paxton, left. they traveled to utah. paxton's campaign spokesperson told "the tribune" it was a previously planned trip to meet with utah's attorney general about a multistate lawsuit against google. all right, meanwhile, during an interview on fox news last night, senator ted cruz tried to blame the media for the negative attention that he's received for flying to cancun last week as his constituents suffered in the cold. take a look. >> i think the media's suffered from trump withdrawal, where they've attacked trump every day for four years, they don't know what to do, so they obsessed over my taking my girls to the beach. >> guess he misses him. anyway, democrats' coronavirus relief bill has passed another hurdle on its pathway to help struggling americans. the house budget committee approved a $1.9 trillion bill yesterday in a 19-16 vote, and that sets the stage for a potential house floor vote as
2:24 am
early as friday. a senate vote expected next week. here was senate majority leader chuck schumer yesterday. >> now that the trial is complete, we're going to move forward on both fronts. democrats remain hard at work preparing the desperately needed covid relief bill, which is on track to go to the president's desk before the march 14th expiration of unemployment insurance benefits. >> the big question, of course, can they put a minimum wage hike in that massive bill or not? it is something to watch, because, in part, it could split democrats, if it does stay in the bill. all right, still ahead here, president biden faces his first potential cabinet defeat as more senators come out against his pick for omb director neera tanden. but before we go to break, we want to know, as always, why are you awake? email your reasons for being up with us to or drop me a tweet @kasie. use #waytooearly, and we'll read some of our favorite answers coming up later on in the show. s coming up later on in the show
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♪♪ welcome back to "way too early." it is 5:30 here on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm kasie hunt. the confirmation hearing for president joe biden's interior secretary pick is set for today. congresswoman deborah haaland of. new mexico is expected to face opposition from western state republicans who strongly support energy development on public lands.
2:29 am
democrats see her as embodying the hopes of the new administration. if confirmed, she'll be the first native american to ever serve in a presidential cabinet. meanwhile, senator joe manchin of west virginia, chairman of the energy and natural resources committee is undecided on haaland. they met to discuss her nomination via zoom but the senator still has questions left. we will see how many times he is willing to go out there and say he is going to sink a nominee, and progressives are going to be very angry if he does it here in this particular case. meanwhile, republican lawmakers are pressuring president biden to rethink another one of his cabinet picks. more than 70 gop members of congress have signed a letter asking biden to replace xavier becerra as his nominee for health and human services secretary. they write in part, quote, mr. becerra's extremism and contempt for those who take a different view contradict your calls for unity.
2:30 am
his appointment would sow further division at a time our country needs to heal and would endanger lives at a time our citizens need life-saving treatments, vaccinations and the freedom to work and worship together. senator tom cotton taking it a step further, spending thousands of campaign dollars to run digital ads targeting vulnerable democratic senators and pressuring them to vote against the pick. becerra is scheduled to testify this week. and, of course, we've been covering this. president joe biden's pick to lead the white house office of management and budget is facing even more opposition. several key moderate republican senators said yesterday they'll vote against confirming neera tanden. senators susan collins, mitt romney and rob portman joined democratic senator joe manchin in opposing tanden's nomination. here's how the white house responded. >> we experienced some intransigence during the transition, some delays in processes that had previously worked at a more rapid pace. our view is that we have hopefully moved past that.
2:31 am
as it relates to neera tanden, let me just say that the president nominated her because he believes she'd be a stellar omb director. >> do you still see -- votes or more? >> we do. >> one source familiar with tanden's thinking tells nbc news that she's waiting until tomorrow's committee votes to determine next steps and to potentially take herself out of the running. joining us now, senior white house reporter for nbc news digital, shannon pettypiece. shannon, good morning! thank you so much for being up early with us. let's talk about this cabinet situation broadly. i think a lot of us were a little confused as to why the administration was doubling down on tanden's nomination, just because it seems abundantly clear that there isn't a moderate republican who's going to be willing to raise their hand and save her nomination, but they have some concerns with other picks as well that may be playing into this. what's your latest reporting? >> so, i asked that same question about tanden to someone close to the white house, you
2:32 am
know, why double down on this? why not, you know, people are privately acknowledging they don't have a 50th vote somewhere. there was some talk about senator portman maybe getting behind her at some point, you know. that does not appear to be happening. there is no indication that she has enough votes to get confirmed, so why not just pull the nomination? the person said to me, there's not really any up side for the white house in doing that at this point. maybe it could move the process along by putting someone else up there, you know, but it would just upset her supporters, it would upset progressives and the liberal wing of the party, and their case, too, was that for tanden, who could also withdraw her name, you know, this has given her a high profile. it has increased her popularity with liberals. she's sort of seen as this progressive fighter, you know, and is just getting her name out there and getting her some visibility. so, their take was, there wasn't really any up side in doing that at this point. the other nominees, there could be a different calculus.
2:33 am
and you know, i know from the beginning of this selection process the three you mentioned, tanden, haaland, and becerra, have been seen as the wild cards. one person referred to me, said that there might be some sacrificial lambs in there. so, understanding that these were risky picks. they could have picked a boring governor some some state for hhs and they didn't. and part of that was this biden administration's push to get diversity in there, to get progressives, to get different viewpoints within the democratic party in his cabinet. and that's one of the reasons that these candidates were selected and that we're seeing a difficult confirmation fight here. >> right. and deb haaland in particular is someone who i think there's a lot of support and excitement around. i saw alexandria ocasio-cortez has been tweeting about this, as joe manchin has suggested that perhaps he won't support her. so, something to watch.
2:34 am
shannon, big picture. we saw that very emotional event yesterday at the white house for the 500,000 americans who died, and the white house is also pushing forward with their massive plan to try and get more coronavirus relief out the door to americans who are hurting. what are you watching as they try to do that and as, you know, joe biden clearly, deeply, deeply affected by the moments that he's faced in his own life of grieving, really leading the nation in this ceremony in a way that it's been a while since we've seen something like this? >> and i think another moment where we're going to see something similar to that is this march 11th one-year anniversary that was of the sort of date where everything shut down. if you remember that day, president trump made the oval office address where he halted travel, or most travel from
2:35 am
europe, the nba season was canceled, a lot of schools closed, you know. that was the last day a lot of people ate out. i remember before that speech was the last time i had dinner out at a restaurant like a normal person. that is a date that's in the white house's head that they're very aware of that they have mentioned for weeks as going to be another milestone where they try to have a collective moment of not necessarily grief like we had for 500,000 deaths, but maybe a bit of mourning for how much of our lives have changed and the loss that we've had, you know, collectively since then. so, that march 11th date is on there. and then also, as you mentioned, kasie, it's covid, covid, covid. it is trying to get this american rescue plan passed, $15 minimum wage seems to be the big issue that we're going to focus on and be hearing a lot about this week, and then the continued vaccination efforts. they're digging out from that backlog of the storm, and now it's going to be a question of can they really start ramping up
2:36 am
these numbers past 1.6, 1.7 million in they've been on a little bit of a plateau, but of course, some of that's storm-related. >> for sure. and of course, there's a key meeting on the hill set for tomorrow on that minimum wage question that we'll be watching closely. shannon pettypiece, thank you for being with us early this morning. we appreciate it. still ahead, we're going to play for you some of the first sounds ever recorded from the surface of mars. so cool. don't go anywhere. "way too early" back in just a moment. nywhere. "way too early" back in just a moment
2:37 am
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2:40 am
[ laughter ] >> okay, it's just a little bit. it's a low growl. it's a wind gust from the red planet. it was captured with two microphones that are attached to perseverance. the clips were released on monday, along with new footage of the rover's landing last thursday. we're showing you a little bit of it here. the images are among the most sophisticated yet taken of mars. and the explorer, which is about the size of a car, is going to continue to roam the planet on its two-year mission, collecting rock samples and gathering more audio in search of ancient microbial life. this video that nasa put out is only a couple minutes long. it is really worth watching in its entirety. it is very, very cool. i've been a space nerd my entire life, so it's particularly, particularly fun for me. all right, this is a little different. the boss and america's former
2:41 am
boss are teaming up for a new podcast on spotify. president barack obama and bruce springsteen have launched "renegades: born in the usa," where they discuss everything from their childhoods and fatherhood to race in america. obama says the two friends are different on the surface but have, quote, parallel journeys and a shared sensibility about life. the eight-episode series is the second podcast by barack and michelle obama's production company hired brown. the first two episodes of "renegades" are available now. i've got to say, i'd listen to that. still ahead, the final dagger in donald trump's legal battle to keep his tax records out of the hands of investigators. and as we go to break, let's look at this date in history. 40 years ago, an attempted coup began in spain as 200 members of the civil guard invaded parliament. >> troops with machine guns suddenly appeared. general gutierrez, who was a defense minister for four years, fought with them. watch now as the terror of an
2:42 am
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welcome back. the new york district attorney's battle for former president trump's tax records is over, and he won. the supreme court yesterday declined to prevent a new york grand jury from obtaining eight years of trump's personal and corporate financial records from his accountants, removing the road block on a years-long investigation into alleged hush money payments and other financial transactions. new york d.a. cyrus vance began his investigation after former trump attorney michael cohen disclosed he paid stormy daniels $130,000 to keep quiet about her claim that she'd had an affair with trump. the supreme court declined last term to quash the subpoena on the grounds that the president
2:46 am
has absolute immunity but allowed trump to challenge it on other grounds, which eventually brought the matter back to the high court. vance responded to the order by simply saying, quote, the work continues. the former president issued a lengthy, rambling statement about witch hunts, fishing positions and persecution inspired by democrats. nbc news reports the ruling doesn't mean the returns will become public any time soon and they may never be publicly released. under new york state law, materials turned over to a grand jury must be kept secret. joining us now, former justice department spokesman, now an msnbc justice and security analyst, matthew miller. thank you so much for getting up so early with us this morning on this really important story, matt. we really appreciate it. let's talk about this tax question, because it is true that it's entirely possible we'll never see it, but if there's something in there that actually leads to a trial and is introduced as evidence, we could. what are the different ways that
2:47 am
this case could play out from here? >> so, what will happen next is that cy vance and his investigators will get their hands on these tax returns and be able to look through them, looking for details to see whether they can prove that the former president committed either tax fraud or bank fraud or insurance fraud. these are essentially the documents they would need to prove that case. we will only ever see them, if that case ever goes forward and the president is, in fact, prosecuted and that case goes to trial and we see it either in an indictment or we see them introduced as evidence at trial. other than that, these documents will stay completely secret. and i want to add one thing that i think a lot of people are getting wrong here, casting this as a real blow to donald trump. i think it's important to realize that the president's legal case here was always completely frivolous. and i don't think he, or certainly his attorneys, ever thought they would be able to quash this subpoena and keep these tax returns from being turned over to prosecutors.
2:48 am
their goal was always to delay this case as long as possible and delay it until after the presidential election, and they were successful in doing that. ultimately, they kind of gamed the court system here with a case they knew they could never win to drag this out beyond the election, and ultimately, beyond his presidency, and they won. i think they will look back at this as ultimately a successful effort for them, even if they lost in the end, as they would have predicted from the outset. >> yeah, no, for sure. and i think the real interesting question is how does whatever comes of this impact anything that he may do in 2024? i mean, looking at the way republicans handled impeachment, it's clear they're looking to the courts to try and take care of a problem that they decided that they didn't want to handle from a political perspective. so, definitely something to watch. matt, while i have you, let's talk about merrick garland for a second. you tweeted yesterday that one of the most important things that he's doing on this path to confirmation is that he is being boring and that gets you
2:49 am
confirmed. neera tanden's nomination, of course, has not been that way, and others who have potentially gone down a more contentious road. what'd you take away from his hearing yesterday as someone who's been behind the scenes at the justice department for a long time? >> yeah, well, a couple things. first of all, as the nominee, you do want your hearings to be boring. boring means noncontroversial, and noncontroversial nominees typically get approved, and importantly, get approved quickly. remember, this nomination came later than other senior nominees for the cabinet, and i know that people who are at the justice department very much want to get garland there and get the other senior department nominees approved so they can, you know, get full control over the department and have confirmed leadership running it. i thought, you know, look, merrick garland came up and kind of followed the playbook. there are a bunch of kind of words and phrases that you expect to hear from justice department nominees -- i will follow the facts and the law, i will act independently from the president, i don't expect the
2:50 am
president to ask me to do anything inappropriate, but if he ever does, i will refuse and resign, i will be the people's lawyer, not the president's lawyer. there is kind of a playbook and merrick garland played the playbook to a "t." the interesting thing is, going back the way bill bar did. he came into had he his appearing with a different background and auditioned in a much different way. but i say that to say there are people at the justice department who will look to hear the words, the career workforce who want a return to normal at doj. they want to believe there is going to be an attorney general who will act independently from the president and who will lead the department with independence and competence and integrity. and i think they will be
2:51 am
reassured by the words and i think they will believe them and it will prove to be accurate. . >> this is part of why then president obama selected him for the supreme court seat, because he is so widely respected, known as a sober, down the middle straight shooter. i think you saw that on display yesterday. it would be awful hard for a lot of republicans to turn around and vote against him after refusing to give him a hearing again. i know you will be joining the conversation on "morning joe". we look forward to that. see you soon, i hope. >> earlier in the show we asked all of you why are you awake. susan wrote, woke up wide awake at 2:00 so went ahead and went into work. at least i'll get a nap this afternoon. naps in the afternoon are one of my favorite things. this note from gail says she's keeping a candle lit for
2:52 am
everyone who has been lost co covid. thank you for that reminder and beautiful picture. pete is up bottling limoncelo that he from lemons from his backyard. lisa is getting an early start on moving and mario is helping. catherine emails to say we're up pause our dog somehow got stuck in his bed. poor tkpwaoeufplt i'm sorry about that. dimitri gets up to watch us with his mom in pennsylvania. they facetime together and watch. thank you to dimitri and your mom. we appreciate it. coming you were, the "axios"
2:53 am
1 big thing. and majority whip dick durbin as a massive relief bill moves one step closer to passage. plus the conversation with bill gates. don't go anywhere. tes. don't go anywhere. the calming scent of lavender by downy infusions calm. laundry isn't done until it's done with downy. ♪ hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play ♪ ♪ hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid ♪ ♪ and all that glitters is gold ♪ applebee's $1 boneless wings with any handcrafted burger.
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welcome back. joining us with a look at "axios" a.m., white house reporter elana, what's the one big thing today. >> good morning, kasie. today's 1 big thing is a look at how house leaders are quietly mounting a campaign for that lesson da young to replace neera tanden for budget. neera tanden is clearly facing an uphill battle especially after yesterday where several republican senators like susan collins, rob portman, mitt romney, indicated they are not going to support her nomination. and joe manchin, tkpratic
2:57 am
senator from west virginia, is also not looking to support her. now they need at least one republican to cross party lines in order to confirm her. they are looking amount biden's deputy nominee pick for budget to replace her. so we should see some of that movement this week as her confirmation plays out. . >> is there any sense as to whether they approved joe manchin for this pick. >> he is. senator manchin, when reporters asked him yesterday on the hill about this, he said i'm just one person. they can go and they can look to republicans as well if they need to get it. but i think the white house has been in talks with him for some time the past several weeks as it comes to stimulus negotiations and other key things. he is a key senator here that they really need to keep in line in a lot of these votes. i'm not sure yet if the white
2:58 am
house has talked to him specifically about who else he might nominate or support, but he made it clear he is not looking to support neera. moving forward, it will be interesting to see if he will support someone like that lesson da young. . >> it is clear he is feeling the need to flex muscle. the reality there isn't. if the democrats couldn't do this on their own, there's not a lot of incentive for republicans to help them out of this particular jam. that sort of leads me to what you have been reporting on, which is the coronavirus relief bill that the biden administration is pushing now. and they're using obviously a partisan process. they will be able to do this without republican votes. what does this mean for how joe biden, now president biden when he was campaigning,s he talked a lot about unity. they're basically trying to argue, well, unity and bipartisanship not the same thing. . >> exactly.
2:59 am
well, republicans already giving up, the house as well as the senate, are kind of giving up on the stimulus package. they are trying to package it as a political win or at least push back against what the biden administration is doing here by using budget reconciliation to get it through. they know this is going to pass. it is stimulus. a lot of people support it. now is the time to do it. it has bipartisan support from a number of voters and polls we have seen. they want this bill and they want a bill quickly to deliver much needed aid to restaurants and families across the country. now republicans are against it. no one is really wanting to support another $2 trillion package this early on, but it does look like it is going to pass. it is a bipartisan messaging thing here, rather partisan messaging against this message from republicans. and so it's going to be interesting i think to look at
3:00 am
how they continue to message this on other bills moving forward, especially the other bills with the reconciliation process. the biden administration has talked about doing it with other items. and how they will use this partisan process to get things through or reach across the aisle. >> all right. alayna treene, thank you for yo you time this morning. appreciate your reporting. that's my question this morning is who in the white house is on the phone with joe manchin. we now have questions about their superior nominee and also they want to put minimum wage in this massive covid relief bill and he says he's not on board either. i guess we'll see. thanks so much for getting up "way too early" on this tuesday morning. don't go anywhere. "morning joe" starts right now. >> my grandparents fled anti-semitism and persecution. the country


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