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tv   MSNBC Live With Ayman Mohyeldin  MSNBC  February 23, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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at least that's what i'm doing. >> i think you're totally right. let's not speculate. what we do know right now, from the authorities, this happened just after 7:00 a.m. pacific time, hours ago now. they say it was a single car rollover crash as gadi was reporting. it is unclear if he might have been swerving from another car. what we can tell from the aerials, at least in the immediate field, there is not another car in this scene. it was a rollover crash. the car is now on an embankment, as gadi was saying. the jaws of life were used to take tiger woods out of that car. he was immediately rushed to a local hospital. we do not yet know the extent. his injuries. we've went reaching out to figure out what we can figure out, find out from tiger woods' people. we don't know if he's injured at all, although by the looks of
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this car, it would be very hard to escape that without any injuries. and he was again rushed to a local hospital. this happened again 7:00 a.m., 7:12 a.m. local time. so many hours ago. what you can see are investigators piecing together the debris field of this car to figure out what might have caused this accident. there was in a wider shot that we saw a moment ago, a portion of a street sign or some sort of estates sign on the side of the road. unclear if the car hit that sign. there is still a lot we do not know. we are gathering this information as we go. but again, tiger woods making, has made an incredible comeback in his career, both a personal comeback, a professional come
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back, a physical comeback. bill, talk to me about what he was trying to do next. >> well, ever since, there i go. he's done an incredible job of just living his life, you know, regaining his reputation, and he's been building his great relationship with his children, playing golf with his son. and obviously, a great comeback at the master. when he won the masters. what he was doing, it is so difficult because he's been living his life publicly since he was like 10 years old. and what he was in the process of doing was simply continuing to rebuild his legacy. a legacy that his family, his children could be proud of.
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and you know, you know, again, i'm sort of in prayer mode now. i just have, who knows, maybe he was golfing this morning, a practice round. who knows? but to answer your question, a good question. what he was in the process of doing was writing another chapter in his life. the chapter of rebounding. the chapter of coming back. the chapter of you know, remaking a legacy. a new legacy. and you know, this is just going to be hard. i heard a statement from his agent who was saying, surgery and that kind of stuff.
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man, i hope he's okay. as okay, from the looks of these pictures, that's all i can say. i just hope he's okay. i pray for his family, his son. it's just, it must be awful to be in that position, a father-son level. not even about celebrity. it's your dad. and he's been in this terrible crash. so that's kind of where i am now. i hope he's okay. >> we do, too. we do, too. let's hope the damage was to the exterior of the car and they needed to use the jaws of life because the exterior was so bad. let's hope and pray for that. we do see that the airbags were deployed there. again, we don't know the extent
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of the injuries. we know tiger woods was rushed to a local hospital. he was the only person in this car. more details as we get them. for now, ayman mohyeldin picks things up. good afternoon, everyone. we are continuing our live breaking news coverage from southern california on golf star tiger woods. the los angeles county sheriff's office saying woods has been injured in a rollover car accident. just after 7:00 a.m. pacific time on the border of rolling hills estates and rancho palos verdes south of los angeles. police say woods was the only person in the car. as you can see from those images, it sustained such major damage that authorities needed to use the jaws of life to free him with the help of firefighters and paramedics. we understand that woods was rushed to the hospital and the extent of his injuries right now remains unclear. joining us in california, gadi
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schwartz. bring us up to speed on what more we know at this moment. >> it looks like this happened about 7:12 this morning is when the first calls started coming in. it was pretty early in the morning. a couple things happening if california, especially over social media that is causing a lot of confusion. and that is that around that same time, there were pictures and videos posted from several notable celebrities of what appeared to be tiger woods golfing with them. it appears as though those were taken yesterday and tiger woods was in town shooting a two-day television special. and he had been giving on course lessons to several noted celebrities. dwayne wade is one of them, jada pinkett smith, it looked like that happened yesterday and it was posted today. so we understand that he was supposed to be at the golf course.
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he was supposed to be possibly continuing that shoot and may have never made it. as you can see, the suv that he was traveling in was found on the embankment when emergency responders got there. tiger woods we understand was alive, is alive, and was extricated using the jaws of life. it appears as though they either made entrance from that front windshield that you're looking at there or possibly the back windshield. we understand he was pinned inside. and you can see, there is extensive damage to the front of that suv. it looks to be completely sheard off. as we pull out, you can see how far away that vehicle is from the roadway. and there were no other vehicles that we can see that were pulled over next to where that suv ended up landing. we are told andrew blankstein, one of our investigative
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reporters, has been told there may have been other vehicles involved. whether it is swerving out of the way, whether it was tiger coming into traffic. it is still unclear and it looks like there are conflicting reports. we do know that tiger woods was the only one injured in this. he's been taken to harbor view medical and we understand the jaws of life were used. but again, they were used to pull him out of that vehicle. at this point, he's alive and we're told his injuries were moderate to critical or moderate to severe. so far we haven't heard from authorities as to an update on how he's doing now. >> stay with me for a second. i'll come back to you. i want to read a statement being posted by espn. this is being attributed to tiger woods' agent. the venerable agent mark steinberg. he is quoted saying, tiger woods was in a single car accident this morning in california where he suffered multiple leg injuries. he is currently in surgery and we thank you for your privacy and support.
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again, that's mark steinberg, being quoted by espn. i understand that we're still getting multiple streams of information from the officials there on the ground. certainly law enforcement, the sheriff's office. we can see from the image of that vehicle that the airbags were obviously deployed. you can see how severe the damage to the vehicle was. you were saying gadi that tiger woods' condition is being described as moderate to severe. is that coming from hospital officials or medical officials that you've been speaking to? >> that's coming to the sources we've got working the investigation to andrew blankstein. we're still trying to get an official update from the hospital. those injuries were severe enough to rush him to the hospital. we're just hearing the news for the first time about the leg injuries. and you can see how that's the case just by looking at the
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vehicle. you've got the entire front side where the engine is supposed to be completely sheared off. so as you can imagine, you've got the steering column and right underneath is where his feet and his legs would go. and so it is unclear what the extent of those injuries is right now. you can imagine that they are going to be injuries that necessitate some sort of immediate response, which he's getting at harbor view medical right now. and again -- >> i was going to say. his agent is suggesting that, that he is getting, he suffered multiple leg injuries. he is currently in surgery. we'll continue to follow that aspect of it. let me ask but the conditions and that area. you may be more familiar with that. tell us generally where this is in relationship to los angeles, more importantly, do you know anything about the area
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generally? windy roads, dangerous conditions? do you know anything about what might have precipitated this in terms of driving conditions at that time? >> this is on the border of rolling hills estate. i can't tell you the speed limit but it isn't something extraordinary. so we're talking about going pretty slow on some windy roads. it is a hilly, mountainous area. and so you know, you've got a lot of twists and turns. they're not the types of twists and turns would you find in colorado. these are rolling hills. it is not something that you would think would possibly cause some road hazards. but just looking at where that vehicle landed, it appears, i'm not saying there was a high level of speed but he is quite a ways away from the roadway. and you've got the entire front
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of that vehicle that is basically missing and it is unclear what that vehicle hit to make that type of damage. we've seen remnants of a possible sign in the roadway. it does appear there is a piece of a sign in the roadway. and then you have the embankment where you can see the car came to a rest, and that is slightly uphill from what appears to be the road. it is a clear day here in california. there is no slick roads as a factor. the sun is shining. we don't know what caused his vehicle to go off the road there. >> do you know, and that i know andrew blankstein, our colleague working this with the local sheriff's office and the police on the scene. do we know where the vehicle was
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coming from? i know you were talking based on some of the social media reports that we certainly don't want to speculate about but that created couldn't fusion early on whether or not tiger woods w going to participate in some sort of golfing activity today, was it perhaps even a practice? have you gotten any update from any of the authorities as to where and from where the vehicle was coming and going? >> so far, no. we know that yesterday he was at rolling hills golf club and that's where he was doing the television shoot with some of the celebrities. we know that he was supposed to be there today. this happened around 7:00 in the morning. so we don't know if he was possibly headed there. we don't know if he was coming from there. this was the beginning of the day when this accident happened. so this is pretty close to that golf club, tom golf course. we still don't have answers as
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to where he was going. if he was traveling northbound, southbound on that road. we do understand from andrew blankstein that somebody may have pulled over to check only vehicle. they didn't get out of the vehicle. there may have been a secondary crash that happened as one vehicle pulled over to look at the rolled over suv. again, just looking at the footage here, we don't see the footage. we're showing on the screen, that is a piece of what appears to be a sign. if that is the beginning of the accident, you can see just how far that vehicle came to a stop. so it is not as though the vehicle was right on the road just alongside there where it came to a rest. it looked like it was quite a bit aways from there. maybe a couple hundred yards. quite a bit of travel, possibly making its way through some
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brush, and then it looks like it is facing the opposite side of the direction where the accident happened. so this vehicle at some point not only rolled over but it looks like it flipped completely opposite of the way it was headed. which gives us more of an explanation as to why we may be seeing so much damage there. >> all right. we'll give you a moment to pause, continue to gather information for us. call your sources if you can. let's bring into the conversation right now, nbc sports anchor mike tiricco. i'm sure you've been hitting the phones. do you have any idea what may have transpired this morning? >> yeah. nothing beyond what has been out there. and as you did say, i've been talking on folks here. tiger's long time agent did say
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he's in surgery with multiple leg injuries and that's consistent with what we heard. the golf community and industry is a pretty small one. those who have been out on tour, word does travel pretty quick and that's consistent with what we've heard. everybody is really concerned for someone who has defined the sport the last 25 years. >> we'll get to that in a moment in the larger picture. gadi schwartz described his condition as moderate to severe. do you have any update from his agent about the leg injuries, you're saying he suffered multiple leg injuries? >> yeah. >> yes. that's what we've got from his agent, that's the best that we've got at this point. and surgery with the leg
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injuries. a very, very down the road concern is tiger's health. in terms of golf and sports, we want to make sure that he survived through this. but when they say suffered multiple leg injuries, currently in surgery in the statement, that kind of grabs your attention. tiger has been through so much in terms of medical issues and surgeries. just about a month or so ago, a little more than a month, had his fifth procedure on his back which is really what has slowed down tiger over the last seven, eight, nine years, almost a decade, really, of his golfing greatness. so somebody who has dealt with so much injury and pain and everything else. and you're just taken back. some of the athletes, tiger, as special as he is, as anyone has been in this sport, in any sport, we've been living through one of the great eras of golf i
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know what the jack nicholas era, and all. us around it have gotten to know tiger. to see this news, it takes you back to a terrible place and you're taken aback by it. >> no doubt about that. all of us, certainly those of us who grew up learning the name tiger woods, few individuals i would say have the name recognition and certainly not in this country but around the world, someone who had a profound impact on the sport of golf, taken it beyond the borders to places one would not normally associate with golf. you talk about what lies ahead. talk to us about the community you were saying, the golfing community, the golfing industry, a close-knit family. what kind of reaction, and what are you hearing so far from people in the golfing world? >> yeah. it's an immediate concern for tiger's health. no doubt about it.
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what i think, ayman, people have seen in the sport over the last few years, after the difficult times, after the accident in 2009, thanksgiving, going through some difficult dark times in his career, we've seen tiger coming back from health issues, it was one of the most popular wins. you watched tiger at the 18th green in augusta in april after winning the masters. and you saw a bunch of players there to congratulate him. so many of the players who are the current stars, ayman, in their 20s and early 30s, they are the players who were inspired by tiger woods. he's out in southern california because the tournament that was just played is one that tiger's foundation is the beneficiary of. and tiger presented the trophy to a golfer named max, not to the msnbc audience, max grew up
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going to riviera, the golf course where it was played, hoping to high five tiger woods. and here he was a decade or so later getting the trophy as the winner of the event that tiger is the host of. that gives you an go aanecdotal 48 hours ago example of the generation of golfers, the professional level all the way down. so it is one that this story and this news, the twitter feeds, text messages, one that everybody is feeling a gut punch in the golf world for sure. >> stay with me for a second. it looks like the local officials are continuing to work the scene of that car accident, bringing out tape measures. going back to the point gadi was saying, trying to determine what happened and where the car began to lose control and skid off the road there. mike, one of the most accomplished and recognizable sports broadcasters of our
12:21 pm
generation, you described the moment that tiger woods won the masters as one of the biggest moments you've called in professional sports. talk to us about that. >> broadcasting on the radio that year, the only year i had the opportunity to do so. i was at the 18th green, not too far away. as the players go around augusta national, you can hear cheers and roars. those of us at the masters for a while, you know where the cheers are coming from. as players struggled on the 12th hole, players fell behind, you can hear from different places, the roars. sitting at 18 as they changed the score on the big scoreboard, every time a hole finished, there were cheers. people were hoping that they would see tiger coming back from yet another injury. trying to win the tournament he has won so famously, in so many
12:22 pm
ways on the golf course and societally, and they chanted tiger's name as he was coming off the 18th green after he won. the fans, the patrons. that's not something you ever hear at augusta. you hear it at football games and basketball games. you don't hear it at augusta national. it shows the impact that tiger had. he brought to you an incredible new level of fandom in the sport and has been as good as anyone in the sport. 82 wins all time, which is tied. behind the great jack nicholas, but because of tiger's racial back ground, how tiger came out so young. nike and cool and hip have seen him since he was just a couple years old and started to walk on the old mike douglas show on tv. tiger became the star who not
12:23 pm
only didn't miss but has great career on the golf course as anyone. you were talking on gadi. i apologize. one piece of information. tiger who lives in florida is from california. he was born 30 miles west of the area where the accident happened. he was out there shooting some tv content. as a matter of fact, on social media yesterday, david spade and dwayne wade, there were pictures posted by golf digest with tiger doing a shoot with them. he wasn't out hitting golf balls with them but it was a tv type promotional type shoot. that's part of why he was out. in area. at a he was at a golf course nearby and that's why he was in that rancho palos verdes area. i don't know if that's repetitive. >> not at all. appreciate that.
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nbc sports anchor mike tirico giving us the details as well as the context to the incredible moments in tiger woods' career. for those of you who are joining us at this hour, you see there on your screen. the accident was at 7:12 a.m. pacific time. tiger woods was removed from that vehicle using the jaws of life according to local law enforcement officials there, speaking to our reporters on the scene. he was transported to a hospital where now according to his agent, mark steinberg, he suffered multiple injuries and is currently undergoing surgery at the hospital. we'll continue to monitor that accident and bring you any updates on when we get more information. the police remain at the seasonable. we've seen them taking measurements of the area and we'll continue to monitor the
12:25 pm
developments coming out of there. meantime, let's bring in the sports writer, it's good to have you with us. first, let me get your reactions to the news we're hearing from southern california today. if you've had a chance to get any more information than what we've already reported. >> thank you for having me. i think we're all very stunned. i wish i had more information to give you. everything is speculation right now except for what tiger's agent has released about multiple leg injuries and he's having surgery. i think the immediate reaction is first and foremost, hoping that tiger is okay. that his health will be okay. that he will be okay in the long run. and then at some point after the shock of this settles, you have to have a real conversation about what this means for his golf. >> yeah. for sure. that's a question on a lot of people's minds, once we know what he has sustained in terms of injuries and how severe they
12:26 pm
may be. as someone who follows the sport closely, do you have any sense of how robust his schedule was? as we heard there from mike tirico, he was in southern california participating in a charity tournament as well as, you know, shooting a, some content for golf digest and golf tv. this is a person obviously in the spotlight quite a lot. he would be hard pressed to go anywhere and someone not noticing him. do you have any idea what his schedule has been over the last couple weeks and in the weeks ahead? >> yeah. he had just, i want to say two days ago did an interview with jim nance as part of the trip and the shooting trip he's had, where they talked about his golf future, about how he was recovering from some injuries. he was supposed to get results from an mri back today. and i believe jim asked him, when do we see you hit the links
12:27 pm
again? will we see you back for the masters? tiger played a little bit coy on that. he's definitely been making the rounds. tiger is someone who can't avoid the spotlight. and so there definitely has been a push that he's been doing the last few days. >> certainly with the pressure on him to get back to the sport, because people wanted to see him play. he still had a profound impact and continues as we just heard from mike tirico with his foundation and the various events that he participates. he is certainly committed to the sport. talk about the sport in its current form, even when he arrived on the scene decades ago. >> he has certainly been the biggest ambassador for golf that the sport has ever had, frankly. there are people, similar to how there are tennis fans who never watched before venus and serena, there are people who never turned on golf had it not been for tiger. what he has men to black and
12:28 pm
asian fans, people who didn't think the sport was for them to watch. to see this person who didn't look like all the other golfers, rise up and really turn golf into a power game also, and make the sport exciting and dominate in the way that he has. the mark he's had on the sport will forever continue to be felt and we can't overstate it. >> what was it about him, in terms of like his style, his performance, that drew so many people? mike was talking about when he was there when he called the historic win for tiger woods, calling it one of his most defining time in his career. what is it that draws so many people to tiger woods and the sport of golf? >> you can't overstate the fact that he was not an old white guy playing golf. he brought a youthfulness to it. he brought a diversity to it.
12:29 pm
he was also fiery. he had such personality. he was someone you wanted to root for and you felt the fire he had in him when he succeeded and won things. and the power game. the power behind his swing and his drive was kind of revolutionary and set the table for this current generation of golfers that we see today, and like mike said right before me, there is an entire generation of golfers that we love to root for that had tiger woods posters on their wall. who can point to tiger woods and say they modeled their game after him. >> and you immediately think about something like this. this car accident. you think about the troubled history that tiger has had and that raises all kinds of questions with everyone right now, wishing him a speedy recovery. you were saying, he was expecting the results of an mri today. mike was mentioning that he was having, or had recently had his fifth position on his back.
12:30 pm
so he's someone who has been plagued with injuries throughout his time playing the sport of golf. >> absolutely. and the back has been absolutely the thing that has hampered him in reason years. he also has had quite a lengthy history of knee injuries. the fact he's having leg surgeries is extremely concerning when it comes to purely his golf future. multiple acl, mcl, cartilage, that kind of thing. first and foremost you hope for his health and he can recover and you hope he can get back on the course. when jack nicklas retired, he had the proper sendoff that a legend like this deserved. and you hope that tiger is okay and you hope that he is able to say goodbye to the sport as he would want to. as he would see fit. >> absolutely. thank you so much for joining us this hour.
12:31 pm
joining us now is "washington post" sports reporter cindy, it is good to have you with us. have you had a chance to get any more information on this accident that has led tiger woods into the hospital undergoing surgery? >> a little more, yes. "the los angeles times" quotes law enforcement sources but it did not name who said the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed. woods lost control of it, crossed the center divider and then rolled a couple times before it came to a halt and tiger had to be removed through the windshield. and he has multiple leg injuries. >> can you repeat that last part? what time of injuries? >> multiple leg injuries. >> okay. >> the source of the times called his condition moderate to critical. those are sources the times did
12:32 pm
not name but they described him as law enforcement sources. >> we certainly appreciate that update. and to your point as we've been seeing in the last couple minutes, the law enforcement forces continue to assess what has happened. we've seen them multiple times bring out their measuing tapes. let's talk for a moment about this particular, i'm not sure if you're aware why tiger woods was in southern california. it was for this golf digest shoot as well as the tournament that his foundation had, was a beneficiary to. >> yes. the genesis open. he presented the trophy on sunday, stuck around monday for a little tv event with david spade, dwayne wade, and he was
12:33 pm
traveling, don't know where exactly or what he was doing. but shortly after 7:00 a.m. this morning, he was going somewhere. most likely back to riviera country club which is where the event was taking place and where the genesis open had been played over the weekend. >> cindy, our colleague mike tirico reported that tiger had his fifth back procedure. do you know what his condition was? >> tiger keeps things pretty close to the vest. in late december, i believe it was december 23rd, we saw him play a round of golf with his son very memorably, and then the next thing heard was he had his fourth micro diskectomy. and he was beginning to work into shape for the masters in april. on sunday, he told jim nance of
12:34 pm
cbs that he lengthened his putter because he wasn't ready to bend over yet. so he has a lot of rehab still to do. he was supposed to get the results of an mri today that would give him a hint of where he is, could he play in the tournaments that lead to the masters, which is something that he would need to do, and that was where he was. he was getting better, certainly. but not necessarily in tournament shape and not in the kind of shape anyone is used to seeing tiger woods in. >> i was going to ask but the procedure. you said it was the fifth procedure that he had undergone. in past times that he underwent procedures, do you have a sense of how fast he recovered and returned to the sport? >> normal human beings take two to three months. tiger woods is anything but that. the problem is, he has nerve pain in his back and he had one fairly low in his lower back,
12:35 pm
and then they keep having to be done higher and higher up the back. so that's the problem he's dealing with. we've seen him playing in tournaments where he could hardly walk because of the pain he was in over the last couple years. he seemed to be better. certainly he won the masters, just under two years ago and looked great doing it. but then all of a sudden, there was this. this back, this mysterious back injury that cropped up in december. the event he played in with his son was just a charity pro am thing. kind of a lark. so that wasn't tiger woods full on. it was a surprise i think to everyone and yet when tiger woods had the back procedure, it really isn't a surprise, do you know what i mean? >> yeah. i want to ask but the point you raised, i think earlier, talking
12:36 pm
about jack nicklaus leaving the sport on his own terms. how many was tiger driven to leave this sport on his own accord with that record in sight? that's what a lot of people are comparing him to. the historic record of masters wins. what do you think was the driving force for someone plagued by so many injuries, to continue playing this sport? >> certainly it's jack. when he won the masters, he talked about wanting his kids to say, look what dad can do. the old man is not too bad. and that was a really important thing for him. and being able to play soccer and kick the ball around with his kids. that was important, too, to have the back surgeries. but i think really showing his
12:37 pm
kids that he wasn't this old guy struggling to get around the house. he's talked about that before. he wanted them to see him at the top of his game. >> he is the leader on the top of the tour and the career money list leader, the youngest champion ever, first championship winner of african, asian heritage ever since he appeared on the golf scene. cindy from the "washington post" sports reporter. we'll take a quick break and come back with a lot more of this breaking news coverage in just a moment. stay with us. age in just a moment. stay with us i'm draymond green with my subway sub with tender steak and melty cheese. my sub is gonna dunk all over your sub. excuse me? my sub has bacon.
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welcome back. we continue to follow the breaking news from california this afternoon. the los angeles county sheriff's office says golf star tiger woods was injured in a rollover car accident south of los angeles this morning. police say he was the only person in the car at the time of the crash and that the vehicle was so heavily damaged that firefighters and paramedics had to use the jaws of life to free him before taking him to the hospital. tiger woods' agent mark steinberg saying tiger woods was in a single car accident this morning where he suffered multiple leg injuries. he is currently in surgery and we thank you for your privacy and support. joining me, the host of the business of sports podcast. good to have you with us.
12:42 pm
before i come to you, let me share with you a statement that we just got in from the pga tour from commissioner jay monahan. we've been made aware of tiger woods' car accident today. we are waiting further information when he comes out of surgery. on behalf of the pga tour and our players, tiger is in our prayers and will have our full support as he recovers. your reaction to the news this morning from southern california. >> yeah. this is an icon. any news that is unfortunate about someone like tiger just stops you in your tracks in the sports world. he is bigger than golf. everyone who follows golf probably follows tiger first and then everyone before that. we've got serena, tiger, lebron. we have these icons in the woerld of sports and when something happens, everyone notices. just curious and giving thoughts and it is one of those moments
12:43 pm
where the whole sports world and the business world stops in their track and says let's take a look, we have to stop and stare and hoping for the best for tiger. >> we certainly agree that. hoping for his recovery. when we get more information, we'll bring it to the viewers. you mentioned the intersection of sports and the business of golf and correct me if i'm wrong. there has been no one who has had a profound impact on golf more than tiger. talk to us about that. what were his next few years supposed to look like? >> well, i had the fortune of beginning my career working an agent named david. we were able to represent michael jordan west turned the world upside down, air jordan, making this bigger than the game and it was bigger beyond his scintillating play on the field.
12:44 pm
and that's what happens happening here. the marketing of tiger woods beyond his incredible performances, but as of late, there hand been many. his star continues to be at the top of the game. because he's compelling. he draws people into the game and he draws people who didn't have an interest in the game to the game. so wherever he goes, and god willing, able to with his leg injuries, it is going to be someone where you stop and stare that he's on the screen, whether he's on the leader board or not. i think that's been proven over the last few years west don't track the leaders of golf tournaments if he's not leading. we track tiger. and having been to the tournaments where the crowds are ten deep following tiger where he's ten down from the leader, it shows you the impact that he has. >> even in the most recent days, he did some interviews where he said he hoped to play in the
12:45 pm
masters april 8-11, i believe. we've been talking about the injuries that have plagued him. his various issues including his recent back surgeries in december. he was continuing to play the sport despite the physical setbacks. >> you know, this is a guy who has suffered a lot of injuries in his career, his back, his knee, his leg. there's been a history there. i think the same determination that made him what he is since age 3 has pulled him through the injuries. i see tiger like a lot of elite athletes that are these iconic figures. they're going to keep going. the same drive that has pushed them through getting to where they are will push them through injuries. injuries are part of sports. again, this is the cliche as you get older. there will be more injuries. but i see him pushing through. and again, god willing, these are injuries he can push through coming out of today.
12:46 pm
>> you talked about the marketing of tiger woods. and obviously, a lot of people, perhaps our viewers have seen the documentary about tiger woods which was just a captivating, looking is that his life and his journey. it is still far from over in terms of his sports career. he always said he wanted to come back and play even after the most recent injury. we'll see what the outcome of this unfortunate and tragic accident will yield. how would you describe how he played the sport over the last couple years? was he as determined he was a when you talk him on as david faulk as his agents back years ago? >> that was the michael jordan situation. i think there are parallels, yeah. even as michael became more of an aged athlete, the drive was there and he overcame a lot.
12:47 pm
post retirement returned to play, 20 something points. i think when you ask about tiger in reason days, he's shown the spark that he had last year, of course. where he won the big tournament. and this is something that you'll see more of if he continues to play. there will be some down tournaments, sure. where he doesn't make the cut but every once in a while, there is the spark. the tiger performance that draw fans that never would turn on golf. i think what the business of sports is is story telling. this is a story from, as you said, with a documentary, from age 3. this is a story. people latch on to tiger and root for him. and this is why he's had the outpooring from all walks. we're on a news station. this is something where everyone stops and stares. man, i hope tiger recovers. he has an impact.
12:48 pm
>> i want to ask you before i let you go about that story for a moment. how many was also shaped by the fact that he was not perfect. so many athletes who live these lives in public and private, they try to keep it private. you never get a sense of who they are. but given he's been in the spot light from such a young age. we rebel the car accident in 2009 that led to the revelations of so many personal challenges in his own life. how about that he lived his life in the open that people rooted for his comeback. >> i think that's so key. that humanized tiger woods. in his public comments version bland, very unrevealing. some of it was corporate because he realizes that any way he strays from that, people can pick apart, and he had some troubling times a decade ago, as everyone knows. so he's very very bland in his
12:49 pm
comments. then you see the story with his dad and you see him as a dad which is great. you see him caddieing with the same outfit. so the documentary was great. what we're seeing today was great. he's human. for all his fallibility that he projects. we like the vulnerability. >> there is no doubt that people root for a human being who has gone through these types of challenges. i've noticed from my times traveling overseas, to places where golf was not popular, just since he's been on the scene, the rise of tiger woods has led to the rise of golf courses in some parts of the world that i don't think very few people would have imagined. andrew, thank you. so. we'll have a lot more on the breaking news ahead involving tiger woods in a car accident. first let's get a quick check on the markets.
12:50 pm
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12:54 pm
the crash. and the vehicle was so heavily damaged that firefighters and paramedics had to use the jaws of life to free him before taking him to the hospital. joining me now is nbc news investigative reporter andrew blankstein. bring us up to speed in terms of what we've learned into the investigation of this accident and anything else you may know. >> at this hour, the investigation into the single car rollover crash continues by the los angeles county sheriff's department. as you noted, tiger woods was out from the jaws of life. according to law enforcement. so obviously, the next phase of this is trying to figure out and reconstruct what happened in the accident. >> andrew, do you have any idea of how he has transported from the scene of the crash to the
12:55 pm
hospital and the condition you're describing with his moderate and severe leg injuries and obviously something we know from his agent who confirmed he was undergoing surgery but do we know if he was transported by ambulance or helicopter to the hospital? >> they haven't said specifically, but typically, from that location to the hospital would likely go by ground where the patient would be stabilized after he's removed from the vehicle and then taken by ambulance a short distance. >> and do we have any idea from any law enforcement officials that you spoke to as to what tiger woods was, at the time, where he was at the time heading or coming from? >> no, i think that's going to be part of the investigation. in other words, that immediate part of what led up to this and typically, when time passes and you can actually interview him about what happened or others who may have witnessed the times
12:56 pm
of when he left and where he might have been heading to, but the other piece is obviously the accident and reconstruction which can take a lot of time. people kind of look at these overhead pictures where you see some of the law enforcement folks that are with measurement tools and there's a certain kind of physics and specifics that you have to do in these investigations as you try to figure out what happened on the road. and that's going to be part, i think, of somewhat of the discussion that's going to take place later today when the sheriff's department is expected to have some kind of a press briefing on this. they may not go into a whole lot of details, but more than what we have at this point. >> certainly lots of questions about a very tragic day in southern california. andrew, thank you very much. stay with us right here on msnbc for more of our breaking news coverage about that. "deadline: white house" with nicolle wallace starts right
12:57 pm
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hi, everyone. we will get to the breaking news out of washington. but first, here into the deadly insurrection of the capitol later in the broadcast but first, golf super star tiger woods in a car accident in southern california around 7:00 a.m. west coast time this morning. according to the l.a. county sheriff, it was a single vehicle rollover. no other cars were involved. rescue crews had to use the hydraulic tool called the jaws of life to get tiger woods out of the vehicle. we now know woods was the only person in the car at the time of the crash. we should note, tiger woods, along with being a golf super star is a father. his daughter, sam alexis and charlie axel are 12 and 13. tiger woods' agent confirmed that woods sustained multiple leg injuries and went right into surgery. joining us now with more on this


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