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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  February 24, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PST

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dejoy is grilled on capitol hill as democrats push president biden to pave the way for his outster and he says get used to it. welcome to wednesday. republicans united in opposition of president biden's covid relief bill they have dealt themselves out of the negotiation. democrats have no room for error if they want to pass it. it's democrats debating with democrats. major questions remain in snats where some rival factions in the democratic party are battling over how hard they want to push for an increase in the minimum wage as part of that covid relief bill. party leaders say chuck schumer is begging democrats to hang together on this one. >> he's begging all of us
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despite any differences with any one section of the bill that we language together in is the signature provision of the biden administration in terms of dealing with pandemic and the economy and we need to stick together. that's it. >> the senate's parliamentarian could decide today that it would violate the rules to raise the minimum wage in this legislation that have being fast tracked through a wonky budget reconciliation. the parliamentarian met with capitol hill staff today and did not get any indications of how she would rule. if democrats are told they cannot include a minimum wage increase then progressives are expected to pressure democrats to try to vote to override that ruling. moderate democrats have signalled they would not support such a move.
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president biden said an increase will fot end up in this final relief bill. this issue has become tied to massive multi-trillion dollar corner stone of biden's agenda. it will reveal where the power centers really are in the first 100 days. we have seen bernie and manchin flex muscle. is it with the progressives or with those party moderate voices. how do party leaders like president biden, senate majority leader chuck schumer navigate the positions in the environment. they can't afford to lose the support of a single democrat. voters want some relief and they want it now. carol lee is outside the white
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house. this sort of how the white house is bracing for this parliamentarian rule because it does seem as if president biden signalled quite a while ago, a couple of weekings ago that the minimum wage has not a must include in this covid relief plan and yet the factions in the senate are on pins and needles to find out how the parliamentarian is going to rule. >> yeah. that's right. the president basically signalled this is not something that he would -- this would live to fight another day. this is not pertinent to getting this coronavirus relief package passed. in some ways the parliamentarian were to rule this can't be included, it takes some of the burden off of the president in terms of how to navigate this spat within his own party even if there's that effort to try to
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override that. it's an easier call for him and for his staff to try to figure out how to knit this together. at this point, they just want to get this done. i think the reality has sat in. it sat in much earlier than four weeks ago. they are a couple of weeks out from deadline. the benefits expire. they want it to be completed. the minimum wage, something that the president still believes in and the white house is still sort of fighting for is not something that they think is absolutely pertinent in this particular piece of legislation and they could do it at a different time. >> is the white house quietly
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trying to find some republicans to support the covid relief. my guess is the biden white house wouldn't mind the extra votes. how hard are they pushing susan collins or lisa murkowski. >> reporter: the president sets the tone and this is something he very much wants. they haven't fully given up hope as one person put it to me. a lot of them don't think it will happen. this conversation shifted. once they started saying we have support outside of washington, the writing was on the wall there. they are trying to use outside pressure to pressure inside of washington. it doesn't seem to be working. they are not fully giving up hope. there's a much more realistic point of view coming from the white house in terms of whether this will be bipartisan. >> it is fascinating.
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the republican unity have dealt themselves out of this conversation almost completely. care lee at the white house getting us started. let me go over to lee ann. when are we going to hear from the senate parliamentarian? it was some thought it would happen yesterday. we think it was today. are we waiting for white smoke? what's the metaphor we're looking for? >> reporter: we are looking for white smoke. we know the meeting happened and it is over. they made their case. they debated why minimum wage should be included in the covid relief bill and why it fits in with the senate rules as far as the democrats are concerned. the republicans argued the opposite should not be included.
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you can go back and ask for more information. you can drag this process out because it is complicated. it's going to be a big moment for democrats because it's going to set their strategy not only on this covid bill but on minimum wage specifically on if it's included at this point or if it's going to have to be pushed down the line, chuck. >> i want the play for you something mitch mcconnell said today. i want you to try to tell us what we're supposed to glean from that. it's about mcconnell bragging about republican unity. take a listen. >> i think what you need focus on is how unified we are today in opposition to what the biden administration is trying to do. what we have seen here at the beginning of this administration is pretty far left across the board. the best evidence of it that's currently before us is the way they have chosen to take a
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totally partisan approach to covid relief. >> mcconnell was trying to project unity in the face of what is obvious fractures inside the republican party. what struck me about the comment is sort of like, we're united against this bill as if that is good news for the party. this bill is quite popular with the public, including about half of republicans, give or take depending on which poll you want to pick. if we're looking anywhere from 40 to 60% of republican which is is not an insignificant jump. what is their strategy here? >> reporter: i think it's distraction away from the former president and to get focused and start to focus on the biden administration and opposition to the biden administration in general. the more they can unite around policy and things that do unite the party, the less they can
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over if the former president is the future of the party and the fight between mcconnell and the former president but it's also with mcconnell taking the stance on this popular covid bill. it's a direct -- it's not the populist. it's a populist bill that helps a lot of people that a lot of trump supporters would likely support there is the type of thing that a donald trump republican party would get behind. mcconnell is trying really hard to keep the party focussed an not look at the other bright shiny objects that are hampering the party at this moment. >> it's fascinating to watch them almost ignore the polling going on there. thank you. let me bring in carl.
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sgla the senate parliamentarian becomes big focus of interest which is what the senate parliamentarian doesn't want to be. i do think that could have happened. she koultd save the democrats from themselves and take it out and make this a separate issue because 50/50 senate. it would be a fight among democrats which mcconnell is really relishing listening to
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mitch mcconnell. we heard this before. in is his strategy when he's in the minority is to totally unify because if he gets any slippage there's famous quote from mcconnell. if you lose one vote then it's bipartisan. i do think that it has a tendency to overshadow things if the democrats get into a big fight over this. one thing about the minimum wage, it can be a bipartisan issue. it was passed last time increased 2007 wand it was the big numbers in both the house and the senate. you already see rumblings from republicans alternatives. as far as the republicans on this bill, they will find a few things to show how bad it is. the easy vote is no for them on
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this. right now i don't see any republicans getting aboard here. funny about the republicans -- >> carl. why are they blaming ron klain? >> they think biden is really wants to do a deal with the and his staff is against it. they think if they can get in a room with joe biden and work out o deal with him that he's open to it but the staff doesn't want to do it. i think joe biden wants to get the biggest number he can and if they can get it through on reconciliation that's going to be a victory for them. there's a ton of stuff in this bill they would be able to. the thing the republicans are saying it's a big christmas tree. the democrats. it's a big christmas tree that has too much stuff. >> carl, it's interesting to me. i feel like this minimum wage debate, if the parliamentarian says it's in, then it feels like
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it's bernie sanders driving the agenda. if it's not, it feels like joe manchin. i'm being absurd there. trying to go with the extremes. in many ways that's what we're watching here. it's like okay. who is ascending. what would you say to that question? >> joe manchin. he was surrounded by 15 or 20 reporters. joe manchin is in there. he's not the only one.
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manchin has mccloud under the senate rules and you mentioned earlier could you override the parliamentarian which would be what we would a mini nuclear option of getting rid of filibuster. you have to have manchin's vote to do that and he's said no way. >> i think he agrees with you, there's a bipartisan way to do this. may not be 15 but you might get 12 and be able to claim some big bipartisan. >> the history is bipartisan.
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there's a lot of hearings going on this week. he believes one country poses the biggest challenge for america. >> as president biden has underscored, out competing china will be key to our national security in the decades ahead. there are, however, a growing number of areas in which she's it's a formidable add ver sar. expand its global reach and build influence in american society. >> still ahead, the intel factor. new insight on the january 6th riots cast new blame on feds and accusations of missed
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. welcome back. today the covid news is mostly moving in a positive direction. the country appears to be rounding that corner. the former president talked about and last year. this morning the fda released documents showing johnson & johnson candidate is safe. this is a single shot vaccine. it could be a major boost. the company says it can have millions sent out next week.
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it would double the number of americans fully vaccinated now. new coronavirus cases are down 60%. yet, we did have over 2,000 people die. let's go to sam brock. he's in miami beach where local officials are trying to prevent a spring break surge. sam, i think this is going to be probably the challenge of 2021. it feels better. everything looks encouraging and it will be this moment where we hit a tipping point. time for spring break. how is miami beach handing it? >> reporter: plus it's florida, chuck. in addition to the fact we have seen all these markers, milestones of improvements, you get people coming down here. i know you have a unique perspective on florida. we're talking about a 6 or 7 week long spring break period.
10:22 am
miami beach is trying to fell the people coming from new york, $50 flights from new york to ft. lauderdale saying this is not business as usual. you will see police on atvs that are patrolling not just the streets but sands as well. there's police officers at every access point seeing what people are taking onto the beach. chuck, there's no alcohol, no coolers, no tents. all sorts of things you would expect to find on the beach. we talked to the mayor about his messaging now at this crucial point in time. >> this is not a place to come to live loose. this is place to govern yourself. this is not a police where anything goes. we have loads of cops out. they have been advised to arrest people for all violations of lawlessness. >> reporter: chuck, i can't over state the economic implications as well. the greater miami tourism bureau crunched number for us. in 2019, $5 billion of economic actiity in february, march and
10:23 am
april. they are trying to weigh these competing interests of getting financial life blood injected back into the businesses but keeping folks down here safe. chuck. >> well, sam, i get it. also, they need those local tax revenues. every rental car you have or hotel, those little surcharges are how it funds government in florida. they need those too. sam brock for us in miami beach. thanks very much. dr. patel, it's fascinating to watch the last 72 thundershowers of what i would call opinion or analysis writing on all things covid. it's like we're having this raging debate saying we're not
10:24 am
being optimistic enough. we're being too pessimistic about these optimistic numbers. what say you dr. patel? are we rounding this corner? sit looking good or should we be a little more cautious? >> good to be with you. i couldn't be a good doctor if i didn't say we should be a little cautious. that's how we're trained. i will tell you, to your point and to sam's reporting, we should be optimistic. reenforced by the way with that incredible data from johnson & johnson buried in dozens of pages is something that leaped out to me. a 74% reduction in asymptommatic infections after 28 days from the shot. that translates to more normalcy. after about 28 days from your shot, one shot, that you have a much lower risk of giving the
10:25 am
coronavirus infection to anybody else. it's the data we're waiting for across the board. we're rounding a corner. we have to have a little discipline to truly get around the corner to home base. >> it feels we're about to get to the point we can implement a testing and tracing program. what would you like to see implemented now? we're going goat to a point where we may be able to do this. we never got it right first time. how can we get it right now so we cannot get caught again by a va variant. we saw the biden administration announce they will put 200 million. help increase the amount of tests we run to 20, 10 to 20,000 a week. we need tests that are available
10:26 am
combined with tracing you talk about. we need better guidance in schools and ventlation and what they need to do so keep the procedures in place to decrease children getting infected. we just don't know where this will go especially if they are not vaccinated. testing that is more accessible. it's going to be public health infrastructure even once we have this behind us. it's not going to be be the last of something we have like covid.
10:27 am
do you think as long as this continues, the good news out of johnson & johnson and we're, that we can manage the variant. it will be much less. more like the cases we saw in beginning when we weren't truly diagnosing these cases. if we can get down to under 10,000 cases a day, i'll call that a victory even if we have an increase from a baseline. how do we tweak these vaccines and what schedule will we need to ask americans to be on. look at what it's taken to get hundreds of millions of americans vaccinated. think about trying to do that every year. we need a lot better infrastructure to roll this out. >> sadly, the track record is
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there. appreciate your expertise. nice to see you. make sure to check out our interactive, state by state guide to figure out when and where you can receive the covid vaccine. visit to learn more. we'll be right back. vaccine.como learn more we'll be right back. (man) i'm a verizon engineer, part of the team that built 5g right, the only one from america's most reliable network. we designed our 5g to make the things you do every day better. with 5g nationwide, millions of people can now work, listen, and stream in verizon 5g quality. and in parts of many cities where people can use massive capacity, we have ultra wideband, the fastest 5g in the world. this is the 5g that's built for you. this is 5g built right. only from verizon. good morning!
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welcome back. the senate's questions has filled in some blanks about how events unfolded on january 6th. yesterday's hearing only deepened questions about the largest security failures and how other parts of the federal goth worked. >> do you think this was an intelligence break down or resource issue? >> i think that the intelligence is not -- did not make it where it needed to be. >> i think we need to look at the whole entire intelligence community and the view they have on some of the domestic extremist and the effect they have. i look at this as an intelligence problem that impacted this event. yes. >> we do expect pentagon and fbi officials to respond to these accusations when they testify in front of this committee next week. the hearings are only the beginning of the investigations
10:33 am
of january 6th. nancy pelosi wants to form a 9/11 still commission which is facing push back from republican leadership who want it to be 50/50 between the two parties. senator will be hearing about the new security measures enacted in the wake of the attack. senators susan collins and bob menendez called for a 9/11 style commission for january 6th in a different way. that one could end up being the one people jump onto. what did you learn yesterday and what questions it now -- that it now presents to you? it feems like yesterday we got testimony from the on the ground commanders. we have not heard from their bosses. what questions do you have left?
10:34 am
>> the capital police chief said the insurrection was planned and coordinated. it was never just a protest but an orchestrated violent attack on the capitol of the united states. he brought receipts. the evidence of advance planning is the equipment the rioters brought. they brought climbing gear. they used hand signals to communicate. they planted to two explosive devices near the capitol. they coordinated their use of weapon like chemical sprays. this matters because it's proof it's not just people getting caught up in the moment. the insurrection happened because of a criminal conspiracy by trump supporters, white supremacists and domestic terrorists. we need to know not just who ca carried out the attack but we need know who planned it and who financed it. >> paul, i kept hearing the words intelligence failure
10:35 am
yesterday. i kept thinking it was a cop out. i'll put it this way. was it really an intelligence failure. the intelligence was there. or was it a failure to believe they would do that? what did you hear? >> fbi had intelligence that extremes were coming to d.c. to wage war. the capitol police said he didn't see that. just hoping seize in its pile of e-mail. one thing that the police chief says is that the intelligence
10:36 am
community is not taking seriously the threats from white supremacists organizations. the fbi has been making this point for a while. the police chief believe the clear and present danger posed by domestic terrorism from white supremacists is still discounted. that may help explain the intelligence and communication failures that allowed this insurrection to happen. >> that's a great word to use. it was discounted. the intelligence was discounted but those interpreting it. it was discounted. as mitt romney pointed out and ann romney was worried about mitt romney traveling to washington. she did need the e-mail from the fbi. let me ask you this as a lawyer and somebody who practiced plenty of civil litigation. how much stronger did wrongful death lawsuits get after yesterday's testimony? >> well, the fact that there was
10:37 am
this incredible break down intelligence, you're right. they knew. they just didn't act like they knew. this makes the government a lot more complicit isn't the right word but negligence is the word that will be used in the wrongful death cases that are almost certain to come. >> paul butler, always great to have on the air and a contributor to us. thanks for coming on. up next, curious georgia and the future of the gop. keep it here. and the future of the gop. keep it here
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. do you believe former president trump should be speaking at cpap this weekend? >> yes, he should. >> congresswoman cheney? >> that's up to cpac.
10:41 am
filed on january 6th. i don't believe he should be playing a role in the future of the party. >> on that high note. >> welcome back. house republican leaders clearly divided over donald trump's scheduled address at cpac this weekend. republicans consternation by trump may play out as try to win back control of congress. if georgia, former senator david purdue announced he will not run next year. purdue's decision came after meeting with trump. according to new york times, the former president was focused on exacting revenge against republicans he claim betrayed him than on helping republicans win elections. trying to navigate a feud was deeply unappealing to mr. mur due. it may have to do with the growth of atlanta suburbs which helped turn the state blue.
10:42 am
of presidential election results in every county in the country since 2008, three suburban atlanta counties saw the biggest increase in the share of democratic votes between 2008 and 2020. when you think about what happened in georgia, you now see it had been building for over a decade. for more on this, i'm joined by michael steel. mieblg steel, the moment we just witnessed there, kevin mccarthy and liz chaney, i guess i give mccarthy credit for having to try to have a sense of humor at the end. that's what donald trump will be introducing do the midterm conversation everywhere and despite what rick scott said the civil war and the gop is nowhere near over. >> i think we should start with expectations. if you look at both georgia
10:43 am
senate races, if there had been a one-on-one head to led race and both races in november, the republican candidate would have won. what happened after that with the president sowing poisonous lies, convincing voters not to go to the polls and control of a united states senate as a result. the other thing that you talked about here with the suburban counties in georgia is they are growing fast. we have energized people with trump candidacy and feel like they live in areas that are left behind. we need to get back to a reagan-esque sense this is party of optimism. this is party of new americans and growing and expanding and looking for that sort of change and opportunity that has defined the republican party. >> stephanie, when i look at where democrats make gains and where democrats struggle, it really is. if it was a state that had a
10:44 am
growing suburban -- growing diverse suburban set of communities, that was an opportunity for democrats. where those ingredients didn't exist, they came up short here. obviously, long term potential good news for the democratic party overall. it isn't a magic elixir yet, is it? >> we were seeing massive growth in these suburban parts of our country and it's not just the atlanta suburbs but you're talking about the twin cities in minnesota. you're talking about the suburbs of kansas city. you're talking about the texas suburbs. all are diversifying and growing rapidly. college educated, black, brown, i'm talking african-americans,
10:45 am
latinx and where asian americans are moving in. we saw the biggest victories in 2018 to take back the house in these suburbs. there's no shortage of women who want to run for office autoof -- out of these suburbs. you had lucy mcbath leading the way and the senate seats when no one got 50 on election day. nobody was going to pull it off. >> it seems to indicate that, i guess one of the things we saw was trump was an excelerant here. does that become an asset for the democratic party? >> i think he's in the picture. he will be in the picture. he's not going anywhere.
10:46 am
there's a serious debate on whether trump should be. he is. he's speaking at cpac. he's going be around and he's definitely one who galvanizes a lot of energy, to be fair, on both sides. for democrats in '22, he won't be on the ballot but that doesn't mean we have to assume his voters aren't going to go. that's going to be be wide card here. we always think midterms bad for the party in power. trump is such a wild card in here. all of our elections sense '16 have been very unusual. i expect to see an unusual voting turn out that looks a little bit different than normal which should be and could be good for democrats if we get our folks energize. >> michael, i go back to this david purdue decision. it's an easy -- i try to put myself at issues. i'm thinking, yeah, i want no
10:47 am
part of this trump feud right now. maybe i'll think about john ossoff and challenging him in '26, when i have an idea of what the heck has happened inside this party. i got to imagine that there's going be a lot of good candidates that could win general elections of republicans who are going to sit there and make the david purdue decision. you foe what, i ain't navigating these trump waters this cycle. >> maybe. i think you're going to see an counter reaction against president biden pursuing this partisan, party line over reaching covid response bill. i think you'll see a will the of excited, new republican candidates. >> one of the first, we'll have a litmus test, perhaps on skort of how things are playing in
10:48 am
swing districts and we have the first add of a special election in the texas congressional seat that would be replaced, the gentleman who passed away from covid, ron white. here is the first ad from democrat. >> too many of us are still hurting. while neighbors are taking on added responsibility for each other, state leaders won't take on any responsibility at all. families who have power are bringing in strangers during pandemic but our senator, leaves for a beach vacation. it should be instinct for our leaders to care. >> stephanie, i know democrats have been down the texas. this is lucy and the football with them. i saw that ad and you're like, wow. how quickly i think you could see a unified texas democratic message up and down the ballot there, perhaps. >> i had a lot of conversations with former candidates, soon to
10:49 am
be future candidates down in texas since this has all gone on. i've talked to friends in texas. i have a staff person in texas who -- i don't think we understand as americans not living in texas how bad this situation is. i know you've been covering it but it is unbearable. food not on shelves, people are hungry. there is dangerous time for the folks in texas. this is lack in leadership. i think you're right. we had a good strong play in those districts without a trump surge in turn out that we did see in texas at the very end. we would have picked up four or five house seats. most of them had candidates in them. i think the question is ultimately, one, will those folks who voted for trump like an extra juiced up level in '20, come out in '22. i don't know with him not on the ballot. two, suggesting moderate
10:50 am
candidates will be coming through or other republican candidates. they're not going get through these pri pairs. that's the problem right now. >> gop right now. >> getting a little start for campaign 2021 politics right there. today, the post master general is facing tough questions over months of mail delays nationwide. that is next. delays nationwide that is next innovating, sourcing organic ingredients, testing them and fermenting. fermenting? yeah like kombucha or yogurt. and we formulate everything so your body can really truly absorb the natural goodness. that's what we do, so you can do you.
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kraft. for the win win. you're a political appointee hold over -- >> that's not correct, i'm not a political appointee. i was selected by a bipartisan board of governors and i would really appreciate if you get that straight. >> how much longer are you planning to stay? >> a long time. get used to me. >> wok back that was lewis dejoy and congressman cooper. he testified today about the future of the postal service. they have been questioning him and other members for over three hours now. they're fating a tough line of
10:55 am
questioning. jeff be in, nett has been on this as a side beat for some time now. we all have the anecdotes of the 30 day christmas card that showed up. i mean it is an absurd amount of these reports, my house included, and this has to be animating this hearing. >> imagine if you're someone waiting on prescription drugs or a prescription to come in the main and that is two or three weeks late or more. they want to find ways to put the postal service back on a strong financial footing.
10:56 am
they suppose that we had to prefund all of the benefits for all of the employees. and that's one of the reasons that the postal service has posted billion dollar losses year after year. congress is coming up with a plan to deal with that and dejoy is coming up with a plan to deal with that on his own. a couple sources familiar tell me that he has in mind a cost cutting plan that changes the way first class mail works and it would eliminate two-day mail and increase postal rates. this is cutting it off at the pass. . that is the only way that democrats could eventually get rid of louis dejoy. and i'm told the administration is vetting nominees to fill the vacancies on the board so the board would have a direct majority and then if they so
10:57 am
choose they could replace the postmaster general, chuck. >> this is all part of a larger philosophical argument about whether or not this is a service or a business. >> thank you, jeff bennet. thank you, sir and thank you all for being with us. our coverage continues with katy tur after this break. continuesy tur after this break their only friend? the open road. i have friends. [ chuckles ] well, he may have friends, but he rides alone. that's jeremy, right there! we're literally riding together. he gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends. can you help me out here? no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. well, we're new friends. to be fair. eh, still. (noise of fridge opening) guy fieri! ya know, if you wanna make that sandwich the real deal, ya gotta focus on the bread layers. king's hawaiian sliced bread makes everything better!
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