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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  February 24, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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fine, no one leaves the table until your finished. fine, we'll sleep here. ♪♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win. thanks for spending some time with "the beat." the reid out starts now. good evening, everyone. we begin the reidout with some good news. president biden's signatures legislative priority, $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package is inching closer to passage. the bill which would provide much needed cash directly to people, cities and states could pass the house as early as this
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week with the senate expected to follow shortly thereafter, along with direct checks, paid leave, additional unemployment insurance, the bill includes a transformative monthly child tax credit, and minimum wage increase, both expected to help with millions of children and adults out of poverty. there's overwhelming public support for the legislation, even 60% of republicans back the bill. that's outside the sausage making factory of washington. inside the beltway, elected republicans who clearly are uncomfortable with the prospect that biden might get something done, well, they're desperate to launch a counter attack against the democratic president, attacking any old thing will do. also talking about republicans. the go to is the same as usual, pick out women, people of color, and just go off. so several republicans have decided to target biden's cabinet nominees of color like
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debra haaland. and xavier becerra, and neera tanden, the nominee for omb. haaland got a boost from joe manchin today, who announced he would support her nomination after signaling early discomfort. this is a week after manchin announced he would oppose neera tanden's nomination. wondering where joe manchin was hiding the last four years when donald trump nominated terrible unqualified troll after another. but the clamp down on mean tweets seems to be working for now. a budget committee vote that would have moved her nomination to the senate floor was postponed. committee chairman bernie sanders told reporters why in a simple one liner, she didn't have the votes. president biden was asked what he thought of the slow pace of confirmation for his cabinet
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members. here's what he said. >> the failure to have a transition that was rationale. previous administrations had a significant number of their cabinet confirmed before they were sworn in. that's the tradition. we're doing fine. i think we're going to be in good shape. >> joining me, white house chief of staff, ron klain. mr. klain, thank you for being here. appreciate you. all due respect to the president, there's having a transition that's rational and a party across the aisle that's rational. even during what would have been a normal transition, they actually had a majority, so the thinking is they would have fought even harder against women and people of color than they're fighting now because they would have been able to defeat them. let's zero in on neera tanden specifically. neera tanden hasn't done anything worse than what mr. grenell, rick grenell who
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joe manchin supported when he was nominated by the former president. and she's getting this specific fight that no one else is getting. do you feel confident she will be able to overcome it, despite manchin? >> well, we are fighting hard for neera. we had senator grassley announce he is open minded on neera's confirmation, we have other republican senators we're talking to. we know that getting someone confirmed in a 50/50 senate is hard. but neera tanden would be a superb budget director. she would be one of the most outstanding budget directors we've had. she knows policy, she knows all of how to get something done in washington, she's a great candidate for the job, and certainly we're fighting our guts out to get her confirmed. >> i mean, republicans don't care about that. let's stipulate to that. they care about winning the sort of fights that are more about messaging for their side.
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targeting these women, people of color, it is on message for them. would joe biden be willing to make neera tanden acting omb director if they continue to fight, and if joe manchin continues to stand in the way? >> well, we can't make someone acting director of an agency that's not senate confirmed. that's the law. we can't make them acting director of an agency unless they're a career official been there 90 days or more. if neera tanden is not confirmed, she will not become the budget director. we will find some other place to serve in the administration that doesn't require senate confirmation. but we're going to get neera tanden confirmed. that's what we're working for. she will prove her critics wrong as an outstanding budget director that works with people on both sides of the aisle. that's what i think her record truly shows. yeah, there are hot tweets there which she has apologized for, but i think her career of service, work on public policy, her progress and advancing the cause of health care coverage in america which is so bound up in
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the budget business, i think she will be a superb omb director. >> politics is complicated. when you have leverage, you use it. what do you think he is using leverage for? is this about neera? you guys don't think it is specifically about her. he hasn't said it is not about her personally. is he leveraging what he sees as his power now to get something else? is there something else he wants, something on the $15 an hour issue. is there something else he is trying to get from you guys? >> i don't think so. i take senator manchin at his word. he is a senator that believes we need to have more civility, cooperation between the parties. that's his objection to neera tanden. i obviously disagree. i think she would do a good job, notwithstanding the tweets, her history of her work shows that.
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but look, senator manchin, he doesn't answer to us at the white house, he answers to people of west virginia. he believes this is the right vote for him. we obviously disagree, but we have been fortunate to have his support on other nominations, obviously. we are working hard to get support for the american rescue plan. i respect joe manchin's right to cast the votes, he is an independent minded senator. that's what he is going to do. we at the white house will make our case to him and all of the other democrats and republicans in the senate on these key votes. that's our job. it is our job to make the case, their job to decide and vote. >> are you confident you'll hold kristin cinema and other conservative democrats? >> on the tanden nomination? >> yes. >> yeah, i do believe if we can get a republican to be the 50th vote, i think we will be able to hold the rest of the democrats, and i think we'll get neera confirmed if we can find the
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republican vote. that's what we're working on now. that's what we're trying to get done here. >> let's move on to the package. we talked a little about the $1.9 trillion package. are you confident the $15 an hour minimum wage increase will be preserved? >> we're all waiting on baited breath from rule from the parliamentarian. the president believes we should have $15 wage. if it is ruled in order, that would allow it to move. if it is ruled out of order, we'll have to find other ways to get it done. >> i thought that might have come through, we will double check that. the producers will double check. if in theory, the parliamentarian were to rule against the plan for $15 an hour, can't the vice president override the parliamentarian? hasn't that happened in the
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past? >> not sure if has happened in the past. not something we'll do. we will work within the rules of the senate and get the bill pass. this is a $1.9 trillion package vital to getting this country in position to crush the virus, in position to get people vaccinated, in position to get schools open. we are going to get this package passed, that's the highest priority. we want minimum wage as part of it. that's what the president proposed. we're working with the senate to get this passed, obviously the house first, then the senate to pass this. our country's ability to fight the virus and get the economy going again turns on passing the package. >> let's talk a little about foreign policy. you talked about the coronavirus. there's news out that's talking about the fact that one of the united states' closest allies, israel, is doing a great job vaccinating its own folks, its own people, but the palestinians
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are not being allowed to take advantage of that, that they are restricted because obviously israel is the occupying authority and controls anything that moves in and out of gaza and the west bank. so is there not offering vaccinations to palestinians, there's no way for them to get it. is this something president biden plans to bring in with prime minister benjamin netanyahu? >> i don't believe it came up in their call. joy, i wasn't a participant in the call. our principal focus is vaccinating the american people, trying to get our vaccination rate up. obviously that is our primary focus. >> but do you think it is unfair or bad policy for our ally to be doing that? >> i'm not familiar with what's going on in israel and the vaccination program, joy. >> what about let's talk about the saudis. can we expect, in foreign policy, one more question, sort of foreign policy. the jamal khashoggi murder, is
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that something that came up in the conversations or that will come up in conversations with the leadership of saudi arabia? >> well, as you know the director of national intelligence, avril haines, has agreed to release a public report on that, that's forthcoming in the days ahead. and at some point in time, the president will talk to the king of saudi arabia, but i'll let that call take place and then we'll read out the call after it takes place. >> thank you very much. and let's talk about, come back to domestic policy. we have seen what republicans have prioritized, even in the hearings where we're talking about the january 6th insurrection. their focus is to try to essentially affirm what the insurrectionists wanted, which is that they don't like the fact that predominantly nonwhite communities made a decision to vote for president biden. don't like the fact that held. republicans all over the country are pushing laws that will make it harder for black and brown
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folks, for indigenous folks, for young people to vote. how high is hr 1 on the priority list? that's the vehicle through which we could see reinforcement for the voting rights act. how high is that on the priority list? you have immigration you're dealing with, cabinet nominations. when can we expect some action on hr 1 and on the voting rights act? >> hr 1 is a high priority for us. obviously now, the central priority is passing the rescue package to beat the virus, get the economy going again. as you say, joy, not the only priority. it was sent to the hill, immigration legislation, hr 1 is important. hr 3 on prescription drug coverage is also important to us. we know that there are people in our country who are trying to suppress the right to vote. we know that we need to fight that at the federal level, at the state and local level. obviously standing up for democracy is what the biden campaign was about. the campaign was a fight for the soul of america. that soul includes democracy.
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we saw unprecedented challenge to our democracy on election day and in days that followed between them, dramatically january 6th, and through the period. we are going to continue to fight for democracy from the white house. >> and my last question to you, ron klain, how satisfied is the white house, is the president with the pace of action on capitol hill on his priorities? you saw him, we played a clip of him commenting about the process being too lengthy in terms of transition. how satisfied is the white house with the pace of now legislation and nominations and everything getting through. >> look, we are hopefully just weeks away from final passage of the most progressive domestic legislation in a generation. to get that done in the first 100 days would be amazing. to get it done in the first 50 days would be incredible. we are trying to get key appointees confirmed. we have two more confirmed yesterday. looks like we're on track to get
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secretary of energy confirmed, secretary of education confirmed. we always wish things could go faster. everyone wishes things could go faster. i think we're making a lot of progress both on legislation and on confirmations, and generally getting good bipartisan votes for most of the nominees. >> we will keep up on it, hopefully you'll come back, ron klain. thank you for your time. appreciate you. >> thanks for having me. up next, you're welcome back anytime. on the reidout, the republicans are divorced from reality, saying the siege at the capitol didn't happen, qanon don't exist because they don't have a website. it is bananas. and ted cancun cruz called xavier becerra -- an education secretary bent on destroying
4:15 pm
schools and climate change de"national enquirer" to run the epa, no, ted cruz, as disingenuous and weird as you are, you are not the absolute worst. and i know you're trying so hard. the big reveal coming up. be sure to join us friday, 7:00 p.m. eastern of the reidout on racial disparity in the covid crisis. go to hall to be part of the virtual audience, submit questions for experts. the reidout continues after this. experts the reouidt continues after this
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democrats pursue legitimate inquiries into the capitol siege, republicans gas light the country, after backing the former disgraced president's big lie, they act to down play the insurrection or deflect it.
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we heard what aboutism from republican members that didn't want to discuss right wing violence. >> i fear my colleagues on the other side will simply want to focus on right wing domestic terrorism. >> to discuss one kind of extremism, look the other way on another, as the democrats are trying to do today, have been doing for almost a year, is frankly dishonest and wrong. >> we don't need to completely ignore others that were in the capitol as my friends across the aisle seem to be wanting to do. >> just the latest obfuscation from the gop following the capitol riot. senator ron johnson that represents planet kuz bang, the insurrection was work of fake trump supporters. clever of them carrying the donald trump signs. far right professional conspiracy troll and trump pardon for crimes recipient that
4:21 pm
says the mean old democrats exaggerated violence of january 6th. >> even during the impeachment, we saw the concocted videos by the democrats making it look like a scene out of brave heart. you had to doctor videos to create the impression because in reality it was rowdy people walking through hallways. >> birther says what? did i mention five people died as a result of the january 6th insurrection? it was a deadly insurrection. on fox news, tucker carlson is busy trying to down play the pernicious role that qanon plays in misinformation. prosecutors cited influence of qanon in connection with the capitol siege. tucker, ever the intellectual giant says qanon can't possibly exist. if it does, where is the qanon website. >> we spent all day, trying to locate the famous qanon which is not even a website. if it is out there, we couldn't
4:22 pm
find it. >> they don't even have a website. republicans aren't trying to deflect and deny alone, they object to efforts for full accounting of the worst attack on the capitol since 1814. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell rejected nancy pelosi's proposal for a 9/11 style commission calling it partisan by design. joined by ted lieu who participated in the subcommittee hearing. and former fbi double agent, editor at news week. congressman, to you first. the sense i get of what republicans are doing in the hearings is theater to try to destroy and disrupt hearings. they don't seem to have any other purpose. did you see another purpose at work? >> i did not. they're trying to avoid conduct of the domestic terrorists that stormed the capitol january 6th and other domestic terror incidents and a simple question and answer why we are looking
4:23 pm
into white supremacist groups. it is because data shows that they're far more lethal than other terrorists. don't have to trust me, look at the former actor of national security, chad wolf that said exactly that. they're lethal in carrying out incidents of violence. >> the fbi has said it, everyone who testified with a national security profile has said it. it's almost as if republicans are trying to invent. antifa is their favorite word, they see it under their beds before they go to sleep at night, they invent antifa that also stormed the california or some fixal black group. can you go through as somebody in the fbi and in national security world, who are the greatest national security threats to the united states. >> without a doubt, joy, it is violent extremist accept
4:24 pm
ra 'tises. this is not a new trend. this has been on the rise since the 1970s, deprioritized. under the trump administration it gained momentum in the fact that trump really made a big tent for all of the groups of hate to come together. look, we saw it on the 6th. had oath keepers, 3%ers, working together to storm the capitol, something that hasn't happened. i think the idea that this is an organic movement is false. i think one of the things that should be looked at is where is the ideological base. you talk about terrorism, there are foot soldiers, other people like bin laden on september 11 directing this. who are those people and who is directing this. >> one of them is donald trump. here is tucker carlson. flat out refuting merrick garland when he testified in his confirmation hearing to head
4:25 pm
department of justice about white supremacists being to blame. >> there's no evidence that white supremacists were responsible for what happened january 6th. that's a lie. >> and now, here is the police chief, capitol police chief, steven sund and other security officials saying white supremacists were involved in the capitol attack. take a listen. >> would you agree that this attack involved white supremacists and extremist groups? >> yes. >> so it's very clear, representative lieu, they're just pretending not to hear that sort of thing. do you think part of the issue is that some of the people on the committees were placed on committees to disrupt them because they themselves are in part to blame for the capitol siege because they themselves supported the big lie that sent people there. >> that's a great point.
4:26 pm
so these domestic terrorists january 6th weren't coming for people like me because i happen to be asian american, they were going to try to stop the counting of the electoral college votes because of the big lie. they want to stop the steal. republicans wanted to unify the country and reduce risk of further political violence, all they have to say is one simple truthful sentence, the election was not stolen. many of them still cannot say that. that's one reason we started national guard troops at the capitol in full body armor. >> i wonder what the price of the theater is, it is just theater. they're just mouthing words to thee at electrically support the president chlts let me turn it to val demings. she talked about committee members that were playing games. listen to her. >> aren't we tired? aren't we as a nation exhausted?
4:27 pm
haven't we had enough? doesn't this issue deserve more than a political debate, a lackluster and half hearted response. and if my colleagues on the other side of the aisle want to keep score, you will lose. >> you know, representative is a former law enforcement officer, former mayor. liz cheney is even saying look, guys, we have to make it so we're not the party of white supremacy. doesn't seem the party is listening. from a national security standpoint, what are the consequences of having a party say no, list cheney, we want to be that party. if he is for white supremacy, so are we. what are the national security consequences of that? >> we heard everyone from the dhs, fbi consistently say that one of the biggest threats faces the country from national security standpoint is home grown extremism, specifically white supremacists and white separatists.
4:28 pm
if we can't even agree to that factual statement which is very straightforward, there should be no daylight between anyone, when it comes to national security, this isn't a partisan issue. when you have one side that refuses to admit the factual premise that white supremacy is real and the threat to our national security, how do we come together to combat it? how do we protect this country? right now we can't because we have a good part of congress that is refusing to even agree to the most basic straightforward facts. >> it is a problem. congressman, i suspect if you go into the offices of the republican members, they have fox news on churn, that when they go home, that's what they're watching, watching right wing media, reading breitbart or whatever. is part of the problem the in sen tifs your colleagues on the other side of the aisle have are what media people say, fears are all about that, because that's where their voters get their
4:29 pm
information as well. so they can't help you, they can't participate in a real way in the hearings. >> unfortunately you are absolutely right. it is not just that they fear the former president, it is that they fear their base and their basis watching fox news spewing lies. i find it really funny when you showed tucker carlson saying qanon doesn't exist, he can't find their website. he may want to check the fox news website who on february 8th published an explainer on qanon and everything about qanon. you have fox news, tucker carlson spewing stuff to the base, then the base gets angry at the republican member of congress threatens to take them out the next election in the primary, that's what keeps the republicans in fear in congress. >> i don't know how we get anywhere based on that. congressman ted lieu, appreciate the time. up next, sure, we could have taken the easy road, dubbed ted
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after a week of terrible headlines for hackless seditionist world traveler, part time senator ted cruz, salon is reporting a pac attached to cruz may be buying his books through a mystery company, possibly allowing cruz to profit off the sales. cruz is the worst, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ask snowflake, including nobody not named ted cruz wants to buy his silly books, but he is not the absolute worst tonight.
4:35 pm
another candidate is mike pence that said he has a strong relationship with the former president. he did spend the past four years going above and beyond to praise the orange one. >> to know president trump is to know someone whose word is his bond. a president that gets up every day just to keep the promises that he made to the american people. i tell you, it is the greatest privilege of my life to be vice president to president donald trump. president trump is my friend. >> there was even that time that pence was such a sycophant, after his boss put his water bottle on the floor, pence had to do the same. all of that before his leader incited a mob on capitol that chanted hang mike pence and brought a noose to do it.
4:36 pm
a republican party that leased out its soul to kooks and mobs, that's before and after he lost the election. that is the absolute worst tonight. take ron johnson. who is trying to pretend it was fake trump supporters, not the chubby, friendly real ones, republicans are using this opportunity to do retroactively exactly what those maga insurrectionists demanded, suppress votes of black young and liberal voters so no republican ever has to worry about losing again because only the right people will get to vote. yes. vote suppressing republicans who are affirming the goals of the january 6th capitol siege are the absolute worst. brennan center reports state lawmakers carried over,
4:37 pm
prefiled, introduced 253 billings with provision that restrict voting access. such an important topic, there are seven different sessions at cpac on protecting elections. including one with a baffling title failed states, pennsylvania, georgia, nevada, oh my. cpac is the stage for the latest drama between protrump lack ees and few republicans that don't support him. that divide illustrated in a truly awkward moment on capitol hill today. and that is up next. today and that is up next.
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end cyber attacks. from endpoints to everywhere. covid's still a threat. and on reopening schools, we know what happens when we don't put safety first. ignore proper ventilation or rates of community spread, and the virus worsens. fail to provide masks or class sizes that allow for social distancing, and classrooms close back down. a successful reopening requires real safety and accountability measures. including prioritizing vaccines for educators. parents and educators agree: reopen schools. putting safety first. do you believe president trump should be speaking, former president trump should be speaking at cpac this weekend? >> yes, he should. >> congresswoman cheney? >> that's up to cpac. the extent to which following
4:42 pm
january 6th, i don't think he should be playing a role in the party. >> on that high note, thank you all very much. >> that awkward exchange between house leadership is the republican party in a nutshell right now. joining me, alex wagner, co-host, executive provider of show time "the circus." and david jolly, no longer affiliated with the party. alex, the tweet jim jordan sent out after that extremely awkward moment, president trump is the leader of the republican party. i mean, it is hilarious to watch. your thoughts? >> it was like you expect a giant cane to pull liz cheney off stage, like don't say that, lady. it is like chef's kiss, the gop in a nutshell. the tension between the republicans who understand the power of the base, 80% of the party has trump 2020 signs in the front yard.
4:43 pm
and liz cheney that represents a moderate established, i can't believe anyone with the name cheney represents moderate, that's where we are, represents a hope the republican party can get out from under the shadow of president trump and move forward into the light. fact of the matter is, at the end of the day, politically speaking, jim jordan, kevin mccarthy are probably playing the more winning hand in this. the republican party is very much still the party of donald j. trump. >> i have said it before, i will say it again. i honestly think, david, in the real world jim jordan, matt gaetz have more power, more shot at speaker in many ways than mccarthy. mccarthy, the pain in his face, awkward, putting me in awkward position, liz cheney, please stop. he doesn't control anything in the party. here is who controls it. politico had a consult with a primary poll.
4:44 pm
trump, 54%. game over. >> that's absolutely right. what you see in kevin mccarthy is someone desperate to be speaker of the house. he thought he was going to be speaker when boehner resigned, the conference including myself didn't support him. everything he has done since is to cobble together votes to be the next speaker. he will do whatever a member asks of him. he is desperate to be speaker. i think we can observe what republicans are doing in the first 60 days after trump and we are seeing three identities develop. mccarthy and scalise going to mar-a-lago, kissing the ring, they're all in with trump. mitch mcconnell and liz cheneys, i joke like the ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, trump is dead to them, they agree to coexist but not going to work together. then you saw lessons of nikki haley who had the audacity to think she could elbow trump out of the way, take his coalition with her, she got burned. and every republican saw that. i think that lane nikki haley
4:45 pm
tried to create is all but gone now, at least for the next year or two. >> alex, she gives this whole interview that she knows is being written down, runs down to donald trump and make friends. that's not how that works. put that back up again. the politico morning consult poll. look where ted cancun cruz is in that poll. 3%. you think that sucking up to donald trump is getting you something? you have half nikki haley. even the sun is only at 6. this isn't getting them anywhere. none of them are going to be president. >> well, it's because this isn't actually just about donald trump, it's about trumpism and i think we often make the mistake that it is about trump versus everyone else. trump represents a strain of fear and paranoia, xenophobia that the republican party has been selling in mainstream
4:46 pm
circles, mainstream outlets. you could look back to ronald reagan. this has been going on a long time. donald trump took that electricity and got lightning in a bottle. but the reason he remains on top is he is best articulated the sort of republican paranoid world view and people believe in that. they are not going to turn on him overnight. and that is why everyone else is polling in single digits. the republican party is given an opportunity to reconcile the sins of the past. but the truth is, if they want to turn the page, it is going to take several election cycles if not a generation to get back into the light. >> and david, the other thing they're leaving out of the calculations is that donald trump also had two decades of mainstream fame to bring to the
4:47 pm
table. he had a hit tv show, i didn't watch it, everybody watched it. people knew of him as a nonpolitical character, a goof, a character. didn't seem threatening, but was famous. he may think he is famous, but he is not. they don't have access to mainstream culture the way donald trump used to, they can't repeat what he did. >> and they don't have the grip of the party. joy, i used to say the disaster scenario for republicans is trump would lose and decide to run in '24, it would break the party in half. i was wrong. polls show it is still donald trump's party. i think the wildcard in the numbers is whether he gets indicted and if he gets indicted whether he is found liable or criminally culpable. what i mean is indictment may help donald trump going into 2024 because of what alex said, grievance populism, trump and trumpism against the world. should he face significant legal jeopardy, loss of freedom, then
4:48 pm
we are in a situation somebody has to replace trump, in the gop, the person that can grab trumpism and be successful with it is the one that can approach it through the lens of responsible populism. donald trump practices irresponsible dangerous populism. but the republican candidate that can seize the populous thread of donald trump's ideology or nonideology and turn it into a responsible doctrine for republicans, that may be the future of the republican party. that may be the candidate that can emerge in '24 if trump doesn't run. >> they all think it is him. josh hawley, fist pumping, it doesn't make sense. lest we bring the democrats into it a moment, alex. i have to go back to the parliamentarian. earlier ron klain was on, he said they're going to listen to the parliamentarian when it comes to $15 an hour minimum wage. this is a crucial bottom line issue for people like those in the poor people's campaign and
4:49 pm
others who are fighting for this, and lower wage workers that need this. there's a history of people ignoring the parliamentarian, after republicans were angry that the appointee disallowed spending measures as violating the bird rule. nelson rockefeller did it in 1975. they can ignore the parliamentarian and the vice president can overrule the parliamentarian, they're saying they won't do it. do you think democrats are at risk not playing the way republicans would in their place? >> well, yeah, but i think we have to give credit to the fact that joe biden has made this minimum wage part of the broader relief package. that signals they're ready to fight for some progressive values. i think when it comes to procedural elements, i'm not sure booids will overrule the senate parliamentarian. honestly, i think the white house is not going to direct democrats to fight procedural
4:50 pm
rule, given that they plan to pass major projects like infrastructure by reconciliation maybe. we have a lot of indications that say joe biden is going to go hard, has his foot on the pedal. they're not going to stop at 60 miles per hour. >> yeah. last question to you, david. the optics of republicans very openly and vocally fighting basically just the women and people of color and then saying liz cheney says they shouldn't be the party of white supremacy. >> even if you take the liz cheney approach that republicans are not the party of white supremacy, they're the party of white people. that's what you see. the contrast is very loud to communities of color, as you well know, joy. this is not a message that falls on deaf ears among people of color across america. it is one of the great liabilities republicans have politically for a generation to come. >> yeah.
4:51 pm
and people will never forget it. alex wagner, david jolly. you guys are rate. louis dejoy says he's not going anywhere and we should just get used to his ongoing campaign to dismantle the u.s. post office. what does that mean for your mail and your packages? we're back after this. you get advice like: try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey are you kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette®. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette®
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six months to the day since he last testified before the house oversight and reform committee, louis dejoy was back defending his leadership of the postal service with a new plan for an overhaul that could lead to slower mail and rate hikes. he was hard pressed to explain how that would improve service. he was confident he would remain the postmaster general under this new administration. >> finally, mr. dejoy, you are a political appointee, a holdover. no one knows how much longer
4:56 pm
your board -- >> that's incorrect. i'm not a political appointee. i was selected by a bipartisan board of governors and i would really appreciate if you would get that straight. >> well, how much longer are you planning to stay? >> a long time. get used to me. >> not so fast, dejoy. today president biden announced three nominees to the postal service board of governors that would give democrats control and the power to fire dejoy and name a new postmaster general. who are these nominees that are being added to the board or being nominated to the board? >> yeah. well, these three folks include the former general counsel for a leading postal workers union. we have amber mcremember nalds, a voting rights activist and ron strolman.
4:57 pm
until two weeks before dejoy was installed, he was the highest ranking african-american in the history of the postal service. but he stepped down largely because, i'm told, he didn't like the political interference that he was seeing from donald trump and steve mnuchin. he will be louis dejoy's boss. on the same day you saw the postmaster general testifying he would lead forward with his plan which would lead to slower service and higher rates, the white house cut him off at the pass by overhauling the governing leadership of the postal service. and that is the way if this board so chooses dejoy would be pushed to the exits. >> these seats were open really since the obama administration. why were there so many seats left open? >> there were vacancies and the way it worked was that under
4:58 pm
donald trump, at least for the last two years or so, that board was basically comprised or trump appointees. mostly older white men who had banking backgrounds. none of them had direct experience working within the postal service before they were appointed to this board. so that's one of the reasons why when the postmaster general was making these policy changes that were resulting in service delays, rank and file postal workers could have told you from the jump that it was going to create the slowdowns we have seen this summer and have persisted to this day. people across the country are still getting holiday mail sent before december that's now arriving in february. >> i have. >> delays with medications and paychecks and a whole host of things. so this was a persistent problem. those vacancies had been there and now the boyden administration is trying to overhaul the entire thing, joy. >> i have to let the audience here andy bigs, an actual congressman, attempting to explain his version of why there
4:59 pm
were postal service delays. take a listen. >> i want to discuss some of the 2020 events that affected the postal service's ability to deliver mail in a timely fashion. no, they don't have to do with covid-19. last year, democratic colleagues turned a blind eye to nationwide mayhem, destruction, rioting and looting because of black lives matter. many businesses and government agencies including the postal service saw their entities burned and operations halted because of the persistent violent riots. >> bigs also said democrats should apologize to dejoy. listen, the delays were caused by what dejoy did. that is an actual fact. you did the reporting on this. that's the fact, right? >> that is a fact. antifa was not involved in any sort of service slowdown connected to the u.s. postal service. but largely it had to do with the pandemic.
5:00 pm
the post office like many other industries had been decimated. there were staffing shortages and compounded by that were dejoy's cutting over time and cut sorting machines. it had this compounding effect and now the post office is still trying to dig out from underneath the avalanche of holiday mail. no, it had nothing to do with black lives matter, nor did it have to do with antifa. >> i swear republicans kids when they didn't clean their room are like, antifa and black lives matter is why my room is messy. "all in" starts now. tonight on "all in". >> i didn't vote to overturn an election. and i will not be lectured by people who did about partisan ship. >> republicans choose trump over the american people again. tonight how the gop is plotting to block covid relief with senator bernie sanders. then shocking new charges against a former p


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