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tv   Way Too Early With Kasie Hunt  MSNBC  February 25, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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ruling on the minimum wage. we are expecting, potentially, the intelligence community's declassified report on the murder of jamal khashoggi. there's a lot going on tonight and still ahead, too. but that does it for me for now. see you again tomorrow night. "way too early with kasie hunt" is up next. am i making this up, as mr. jordan apparently would have you believe, that the president of the united states last summer, donald j. trump, publicly said, voting by mail would lead to massive fraud? did he say that or am i imagining that? >> things get heated during a hearing into the u.s. postal service as lawmakers relitigate the agency's political issues that came up during the 2020 election. with the postal service still in crisis, the question is, does president biden have a plan to fix it? plus, more testimony today into the security failure that
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led to the january 6th attack on the capitol with key players offering contradictory statements, the question is, how will congress get to the bottom of what happened? and new polling shows a majority of americans, including 60% of republicans, support president biden's covid relief plan. with the bill being so popular, the question is, how exactly do republicans plan to oppose it? it's "way too early" for this. good morning! and welcome to "way too early." i am kasie hunt on this thursday, february 25th. we'll start with the news. we are learning more about the security breakdown behind the january 6th attack on the capitol. according to prepared testimony for a house hearing set for today, acting capitol police chie pittman will tell
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lawmakers that while violence by an extremist group was likely, quote, it did not identify a specific credible threat. on january 6th, pittman was the assistant chief of police for the department that oversees intelligence and coordinates with other law enforcement agencies. according to pittman's testimony, the department issued an intelligence assessment three days before the attack that stated militia members, white supremacists, and other extremist groups would be participating in the january 6th event, that these groups plan to be armed, and that the event would be unlike the previous demonstrations held by trump supporters in november and december of 2020. that, however, contradicts testimony given by the former house sergeant-at-arms. watch. >> the january 3rd assessment forecasted that the protests were, quote, expected to be similar to the previous million maga march rallies that had taken place in november and december 2020.
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every capitol police daily intelligence report between january 4 and january 6th, including on january 6th, forecast a chance of civil disobedience or arrests during the protests, as remote to improbable. >> so, again, that contradicts the statement from the acting police chief. she writes that the january 3rd intelligence assessment indicated that, quote, due to the tense political environment following the 2020 election, the threat of disruptive actions or violence can't be ruled out. supporters of donald trump see january 6th, 2021, as the last opportunity to overturn the results of the presidential election. this sense of desperation and disappointment may lead to more of an incentive to become violent. pittman also identified what she called the department's internal challenges on that day. she writes that the building was not locked down properly, that officers were untrained for scenarios in which the building has been breached, that officers
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were unsure of when to use lethal force and that the department's capabilities for less than lethal force were insufficient. i think everyone seemed to think that nothing like this could ever happen. they were simply not prepared. so definitely a critical hearing to keep an eye on today. meanwhile, embattled postmaster general louis dejoy appeared before the house oversight committee yesterday amid criticism of his leadership of the u.s. postal service. the hearing came the same day that president biden nominated three people to fill vacancies on the governing board of the u.s. postal service. the move could pave the way to potentially remove dejoy from his position. in one rather heated moment, republican congressman jim jordan argued that the scrutiny dejoy is facing is politically motivated. democratic congressman gerry connolly shot back. >> what happened between august and february? what important event happened? >> we had an election.
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>> we had an election! it was all a charade! it was all part of the predicate for laying the groundwork for the mail-in balloting and all the chaos and confusion the democrats wanted. >> all the gaslighting that we just heard does not change facts. donald j. trump publicly said, voting by mail would lead to massive fraud. it was donald trump, the republican nominee, who was planting the idea, aided and abetted by disruptive changes proposed by a new postmaster general and a compliant board of governors that actually eroded the public confidence in the ability to vote by mail. that wasn't a democratic narrative! that was a republican narrative by the president of the united states and his enablers. for the record, i'm an admitted democrat and damn proud of it. i didn't vote to overturn an election, and i will not be
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lectured by people who did about partisanship. >> and congressman connolly, who you saw right there, will be a guest coming up later this morning on "morning joe." meanwhile, neera tanden's chances to lead the white house office of management and budget remain in limbo. it comes after two senate panels postponed their votes to approve her nomination yesterday. tanden needs 51 votes to secure the role, with the vice president acting as a tiebreaker in an evenly divided senate. but at least one key democrat -- joe manchin -- and multiple republicans, have said, so far, that they're going to oppose her confirmation. moderate republican senator lisa murkowski has not decided which way she'll vote but had been previously unaware of tanden's old, disparaging tweets about her. meanwhile, the "associated press" reports that she landa young, a former staff director for the house appropriations committee, has emerged as the
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apparent replacement front-runner. even if tanden's nomination doesn't go through, the white house is still eyeing other roles for her. >> she's a great candidate for the job and certainly worth fighting our guts out to get her confirmed. if neera tanden is not confirmed, she will not become the budget director. we will find some other place for her to serve in the administration that doesn't require senate confirmation. >> but, of course, getting senate confirmation would, after joe manchin, who some are now jokingly referring to as the senate majority leader, said he wouldn't do it, and no republicans seem willing to raise their hand to help her out. another tough confirmation hearing for california attorney general xavier becerra, who's nominated for hhs. republicans questioning his qualifications to lead that department. one critic, senator bill cassidy, opposes becerra because he's not a doctor, despite supporting lawyer and former pharmaceutical company executive
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alex azar. >> i echo what senator burr said, which is that i'm concerned that -- i mean, he's a very highly trained attorney, great, impeccable credentials. i'm a physician. what would you as the attorney think if i, the physician, were nominated to be the united states attorney general as opposed to merrick garland? you would say, ah, the guy's not qualified. maybe hhs secretary -- maybe not -- but certainly not attorney general. so, you can imagine the kind of concerns i have regarding your nomination. but that said, as senator burr said, i have an open mind and just want to go through it. >> and joining us now, reporter for the "washington post," eugene scott. gene, always great to see you. good morning. let's start with some of these nomination questions. i mean, it's clearly republicans have voted for hhs nominees in the past who were not doctors. it is a big management job that has included experience from
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other fields. cassidy is a doctor, fine. but let's talk big picture about becerra's nomination in particular, because we're in the middle of a global pandemic. this is a critical role. and his nomination does seem to be struggling a little bit more than some of others, some of president biden's other nominees. even some democrats seem to be privately concerned about what's going on behind the scenes as we head toward confirmation votes for him and this committee hearing. what's your take on where things stand with him and why? >> it's been deeply frustrating for many in the biden white house, because as you know, there are fewer people in positions in top levels of government at this point than there were when president trump first came to office, and that is having a direct impact on the inability to move forward and the agenda, with the agenda that the president wants to accomplish. specifically regarding health and human services, there is concern that advancements and
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progress related to the pandemic is not going to be able to move at the rate that the biden presidency, the biden white house wants it to move at if this continues to lag at this point. the politics more than anything seem to be what is concerning many people on the right from moving forward with becerra's nomination, and that is troublesome, because this is a moment where many americans feel like politics need to be put aside as we continue to see growth in the number of americans dying from this coronavirus pandemic. and that is something that i think those on the left are hoping to draw more attention to as for a valid reason why we aren't making the progress we need to be making with getting people in top positions of government. >> speaking of putting politics aside, let's talk about the hearing set for today into the january 6th attack, where, of course, members of congress trying to investigate something
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that happened directly to all of them -- the building where all of them work was attacked with people chanting such things as "hang mike pence" and "where's nancy pelosi?" obviously, a republican and a democrat respectively. what are you watching for as we learn more from the acting capitol police chief and we try to sort through exactly how this massive failure occurred? >> one of the things i'm most interested in is the intelligence that came from the capitol police department. there's been a lot of finger-pointing on why the fbi, the secret service, other intelligence agencies, perhaps, did not communicate sufficiently to capitol police about what could actually end up happening. but the fact is, capitol police department has their own intelligence agency, and they dropped the ball, themselves, in not preparing for what ended up happening. and so, there has to be some level of internal investigation that allows them to take accountability and answer questions to why they were not able to perform in a way that
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prevented the five deaths that eventually came as a result of this insurrection. >> all right. the "washington post's" eugene scott, ahead of another very busy day here in washington. thank you so much. and still ahead here, the very latest on tiger woods' condition after a car crash this week and what the los angeles county sheriff is saying about possible charges. plus, the biden administration is expected to release a new report today blaming the saudi crown prince for the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi. what it means for relations between the u.s. and saudi arabia. we're going to have those stories and a check on your weather when we come right back. weather when we come right back.
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the deputy on scene assessed the condition of tiger woods, and there was no evidence of any impairment whatsoever. a reckless driving charge that's allot of elements into it.
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this is purely an accident. we don't contemplate any charges whatsoever. this remains an accident. an accident is not a crime. >> welcome back. golfer tiger woods is unlikely to face criminal charges related to his single-car rollover crash on tuesday that left him hospitalized with multiple leg fractures, requiring emergency surgery. in a video conference on instagram live yesterday, the l.a. county sheriff confirmed the collision from a -- the conclusion, excuse me, from a responding officer at the scene, that there was no evidence that woods was impaired and that the crash was purely an accident. he also said investigators will check the vehicle's black box for information about how fast woods was driving. such a scary set of pictures. lucky to be alive. all right, let's turn now to major league baseball, where reigning american league mvp jose abreu will miss the next several days of white sox training camp after testing positive for the coronavirus. the team's general manager
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announced yesterday that abreu is completely asymptomatic and said the first baseman believes he contracted a mild case of the virus last month, a theory that's reinforced by the presence of covid antibodies in additional testing. and this is a pretty tough story. in the time since qatar was awarded the world cup in 2010, "the guardian" reports more than 6,500 migrant workers from india, pakistan, nepal, bangladesh, and sri lanka have died in the country's preparation to host the tournament set for 2022. according to the report, it works out to an average of 12 deaths per week. "guardian" estimates the actual death toll of migrant workers is considerably higher because its findings only cite government data from those five nations. in a statement to "the guardian," the qatari government did not dispute the findings and characterized the death toll as expected. expected? and while a spokesman for fifa,
2:18 am
which awarded the world cup to qatar, despite concerns over human rights violations, they say they are committed to protecting the rights of workers and the frequency of accidents on fifa world cup construction sites has been low when compared to other major construction projects around the world. that seems pretty stunning, 12 deaths a week. all right, let's go to a little bit of lighter and better news. the u.s. women's national team has won the shebelieves cup title for a second year in a row. last night's 6-0 victory over argentina makes them the only team to have three straight shutouts in the tournament, which is now in its sixth year. five different players scored for team usa, including a pair of goals from megan rapinoe. the u.s. is undefeated in 37 games in a row overall and 53 on american soil. love it. go, usa. all right, time now for weather. let's go to meteorologist bill karins for a check on the forecast.
2:19 am
bill, we had an almost spring day yesterday here in washington, and it made me realize that, if the winter would just go away, maybe we can keep it together until these vaccines get out there. are we going to keep spring, or are we on track to lose it again? >> kasie, i call it fool's spring this time of year, you know when you get the weather so nice in february. you know it can't last. march can be cruel. and this morning, the worst weather in the country is in denver. they went to bed last night thinking they were going to get 2 to 4 inches of snow. it looks like this is going to be a big overachiever. 8 to 12 inches they'll be shoveling when they wake up this morning. it's been snowing hard overnight in the denver area. that will be their biggest snowfall of the winter, by the way. so, for today, not as warm in the northeast. windy. it's not cold, but it will be definitely different than yesterday. the southeast gets the award. and looking ahead to the upcoming weekend, we have two rainstorms in the same spot -- rain on the southeast friday, saturday a light mess in the northeast, and then sunday, we'll watch a flood threat in
2:20 am
areas of tennessee. >> all right, bill karins. thank you very much, my friend. we'll see you tomorrow. always appreciate it. still ahead here, an update on the family separation crisis at the southern border. the biden administration has been able to find the parents of more than 100 children, but there's still so much work to be done. we're going to be back in just a moment. done we're going to be back in just a moment i've lost count of how many asthma attacks i've had. but my nunormal with nucala? fewer asthma attacks. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection-site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala. find your nunormal with nucala. my plaque psoriasis... ...the itching ...the burning. the stinging. my skin was no longer mine. my psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff,
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2:24 am
children. we're going to dig into that news coming up later on in the show. and reuters is reporting a declassified version of a u.s. intelligence report expected to be released today finds that saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman approved the 2018 killing of journalist jamal khashoggi, according to four u.s. officials familiar with the matter. the report assessed that the crown prince approved and likely ordered the murder of khashoggi. the "washington post" column criticized the crown prince's policies. white house press secretary jen psaki told reporters yesterday that the declassified khashoggi report would be released soon. in 2018, a classified version of the report was shared with members of congress, but the trump administration rejected calls for the release of a declassified version. biden told reporters yesterday he had not spoken with the king of saudi arabia yet but had read the full report.
2:25 am
all right, still ahead here, two top republicans clash about whether president trump should appear at cpac this weekend. what it says about the future of the republican party. but before we go it break, we want to know, why are you awake? email us your reasons for being up and watching us early or drop me a tweet. we will read the favorite answers coming up later in the show. the favorite answers coming up later in the show trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ it's a new dawn... ♪ if you've been taking copd sitting down, it's time to make a stand. start a new day with trelegy. no once-daily copd medicine has the power to treat copd
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welcome back to "way too early." it is 5:30 here on the east
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coast, 2:30 out west. i'm kasie hunt. new polling shows overwhelming support for president biden's $1.9 trillion covid relief bill. in the latest "morning consult"/politico poll, 76% support the stimulus, while 17% oppose it. when breaking the support down along party lines, a majority of republicans, 60%, support the relief with 30% opposing. 89% of democrats and 71% of independents also support the bill. this is overwhelming, overwhelming polling that puts republicans are going to vote against this in an opposite place from even many in their own party. and house speaker nancy pelosi's proposal to assemble a 9/11-style commission to investigate the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol is facing immediate republican opposition with senate minority leader mitch mcconnell calling it, quote, partisan by design.
2:30 am
nbc news reports pelosi suggests the commission be comprised of seven potential democrats and four republicans with subpoena power only for the democrats. under pelosi's proposal, president joe biden would appoint three people, while each of the four congressional leaders would appoint two. but presidential appointees could come from either party. republican leaders say they'd support an investigation modeled after the 9/11 commission, which was equally divided between republican and democratic appointees with both sides having subpoena power. the scope of the commission is also a sticking point as the speaker wants it to look at all components of the riot, not just security failures. mcconnell says that the commission examines violent extremism, it should include extremism from the left. legislation to form the commission was delayed last week because of the partisan divide, though democrats could pass it along party lines. joining us now, vice chair of the house democratic caucus, congressman pete aguilar of california.
2:31 am
congressman, thank you so much for being up early. i know, particularly when you're used to california time, it is a very, very early or late hour. but let's start with this very serious topic, this 9/11-style commission that the house speaker has proposed. mcconnell was remarkably public about his opposition to this. do you think it's possible to actually get answers that will -- that americans can get behind, that they will understand and accept in a broad way, if the partisanship on this committee isn't equal? >> well, i think that it is absolutely possible that the commission can do its work, they can look at how we got here, the events of january 6th and how we chart a course forward. the important thing is that we need that deep review. we need to analyze the role of domestic extremists, and i think that a commission can do this.
2:32 am
i think it will have credibility among the public, if it's done appropriately, if there is subpoena power. all of those pieces are critically important. and i would just say that the speaker's indicated that this was the first draft that was sent over, so i do think that they are working, and i think that we will have a resolution to this. >> so, one of the focuses, obviously, of the commission and also broadly for our government is the scrutiny of white supremacists who showed up at these rallies, these groups, and the fact that there were former law enforcement officers or some current law enforcement officers, members of the military, in particular, who were in that crowd. i know this is an issue that you're working on in a broader way to try and figure out how to make sure our military members are not engaged in this kind of conduct. what do you think needs to be done on this front?
2:33 am
>> well, i think we need to ensure that they are not members of the military. so, i have a piece of legislation built on department of defense recommendations. i asked for a report a few years ago after we started seeing some of this activity in the media, and the dod put together a report and the piece of legislation that i am carrying would turn those recommendations into law. and i think that that's an important component, because the report was very, very clear that domestic extremists try to use the military, one, as a recruiting tool to bring more people into their ranks, in addition to getting that tactical experience, that same type of experience that we saw individuals at the january 6th insurrection utilize. so, i think it's important to note that the dod is already aware of this. they put these recommendations
2:34 am
into a report. and so, we're just trying to turn it into law to ensure that the governmental agencies coordinate and that we use every tool possible to try to ensure that individuals are not able to join and enlist, if they have background that indicates they could be domestic extremists. >> before i let you go, on a different topic, neera tanden's nomination to lead omb is in considerable danger, and i know that the white house and others have been reaching out to members in the house and, particularly, the congressional black caucus, congressional hispanic caucus. if they do have to replace her nomination, who do you think is the best person to lead omb? >> well, i think that she deserves a vote and she's capable. however, i don't think that the president has to move very far if the nomination is withdrawn. i've been fortunate enough to work with shalanda young, who is
2:35 am
nominated to be the deputy at omb. she is incredible, and she is of the highest caliber, who could absolutely do this job. and so, i hope that this isn't a full-blown search. we need to fill the position at omb, and i hope that the administration looks toward shalanda, if they do have to fill that vacancy. >> all right, well, you and republican senator richard shelby are on the same page with that, so we'll see what happens next. congressman pete aguilar, thank you so much. really appreciate you being up early with us this morning. and still ahead here, first lady, senator, secretary of state, presidential candidate, now thriller list? hillary clinton is up to something completely different. we'll explain next. "way too early" back in just a moment. l explain next "way too early" back in just a moment
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welcome back! time now for something completely different. there is a new thriller novel hitting book shelves, and this one's not from stephen king. former secretary of state hillary clinton, along with mystery novelist louise penny, are writing a topical political thriller about a new secretary of state tasked with rebuilding american leadership abroad. in the book, the diplomat is put to the test when a wave of terrorist attacks threaten to destabilize the world. hillary clinton's co-writer said before we started, we talked about her time as secretary of state, what was her worst nightmare? state of terror is the answer. clinton tweeted the news yesterday, posting, quote, my first work of fiction but drawing on some life experience. "state of terror" is set to be released in october. this story i will not lie, this story made me laugh. this is an australian sheep that has taken the internet by storm. named baa-rak by his rescuers,
2:40 am
had i wild sheep was found in a forest with a fleece weighing 78 pounds. aw! baa-rak was spotted by a member of the public who contacted edgar's farm sanctuary near melbourne. the mission rescued the sheep, who was malnourished and could barely see out from under his wool coat. he was safely transported to the sanctuary, where he received a much-needed shearing. that coat that they've put on him there looks a heck of a lot more comfortable. poor guy. all right, and now there's this. after some social media teasing, the real title to the latest spider-man movie has finally been revealed. >> all right, so? >> gave us a fake name again. i just don't understand why he keeps doing this? >> really?
2:41 am
>> you don't understand? i think it's pretty obvious. you spoil things -- >> i don't spoil things. name one thing i've actually spoiled. >> the last movie title. ♪♪ >> "spider-man: no way home," there it is on the white board. the official title of the third installment announced in this video, poking fun at star tom holland's notorious inability to keep movies spoiler-free. the reveal comes after the film's three stars teased fake title names on their social media accounts tuesday, sending fans into a tailspin. the movie is due for release in theaters this december. who cannot wait to go back to the movie theaters? i cannot wait for that. and have you ever ordered a doughnut while really wishing for some avocado toast? i definitely have never done that. but now, if you walk into dunkin' donuts, you may be faced with this decision. they have added avocado toast to their breakfast lineup. sourdough toast costs $2.99 and
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2:45 am
do you believe former president trump should be speaking at cpac this weekend? >> yes, he should. >> congresswoman cheney? >> that's up to cpac. i've been clear on my views about president trump and the extent to which following january 6th, i don't believe that he should be playing a role in the future of the party.
2:46 am
>> on that high note, thank you all very much. >> there is so much in that video clip, watching that unfold yesterday, kevin mccarthy closing his eyes, liz cheney answering the question completely differently, then they walk in opposite directions. it's the division over the future of the republican party played out on the screen. that was, of course, house leader kevin mccarthy, the republican conference chair, liz cheney, and they were disagreeing about whether or not former president trump should be speaking at the annual conservative political action conference, which unfolds this weekend. joining us now to talk more about this, former chief policy director for the house republican conference, evan mcmullin. he's a former cia operations officer and also ran as an independent presidential candidate in 2016. evan, thank you so much for being here. we really appreciate you getting
2:47 am
up "way too early," although i imagine you probably got used to it when you were working over at cia. let's start with what we just saw there and cpac and whether the president should be speaking at that conference, considering what happened on january 6th. i know you're also leading a group, or at least participating in a group that's talking about how to move forward with candidates who are not focused on donald trump. but let's start with that. what'd you make of that interaction we just saw between mccarthy and cheney? >> well, i think you're absolutely right, kasie. there's just so much to see there. and really, it's a reflection of where the republican party is right now. a majority of the party still wants to be led by donald trump, and so, you see the minority leader, kevin mccarthy, representing that. and then you see, i think, about, you know, 25% to 30% of the party after january 6th, after that violent insurrection
2:48 am
intended to overturn the will of the people, you see that that minority of the party now wanting a new direction for it, and you see it represented by liz cheney, who is the third ranking member of the house republican leadership team. and so, that's the current status of the situation. i'll say, for someone like me, kasie, who's been wanting a new direction for the party for the last four to five-plus years and fighting for that publicly over that time period, this represents progress. people like me have been used to fighting for a new direction for the party with 5% or 10%, or at best, 15% of the party. we figured out how to use that electorally for impact in order to replace president trump, for example, but it hasn't been enough to change the direction of the republican party. the current percentage that wants a new way is still not enough, but it represents progress, and that's why you see it better represented now in congress with at least a handful of people, including liz cheney, in leadership.
2:49 am
>> so, do you think that it is possible for that group of people that you identify -- and you know, i know i talk to a lot of them. some are more willing, it's a good point, to say it in public. a lot of them have been saying it in private to me for four years as well. but actually doing something with that might require breaking away in some fashion from trump's supporters, perhaps even allying with democrats in congress. do you see any reality where that kind of a group of people might actually be willing to do something dramatic enough to change our system that way? >> what i'm hearing from members of congress is that they still hope to run as republicans in their next cycle, whether it's in the house or the senate, but that they're open to something new and really, almost, in some cases, actually demanding a new
2:50 am
identity within the republican party so that they can potentially run as republicans, but while differentiating themselves with the current direction of the party. so, that's where things stand now. i think with that, there's a subtext of openness among some to the possibility that something entirely new outside, completely outside of the republican party, might be necessary. and again, that's, you know, a big step. i know you'll probably recognize it as such, which it is. it seems, perhaps, modest to many people in the audience, but for sitting members of congress to be thinking and talking like that, it's a big deal. so, that's the direction. >> yeah. very quickly, do you think donald trump's going to be able to beat people like liz cheney in primary elections or not? >> yeah, that's a good question, and i don't think i know the answer to that yet. and i don't think anybody does. and in fact, i think even people like liz cheney or adam kinzinger or others who will stand for re-election in this
2:51 am
next cycle wonder about that. and are fighting for re-election in the republican party. and it will be up to the republican party base and to leadership whether they believe, whether they want members like that in their caucus in either chamber. will not be able to win majorities in either chamber and national elections that's the tension the tension is where does the base want to take the party and their ability to actually win elections and power in those two things are very different. you can't go donald trump's direction and hold power in washington i think most likely. >> do not agree with that. i don't think mr. mcconnell disagrees either although i don't know how often he will say it in public. thank you for being up early with us. and earlier in the show we asked why are you all awake?
2:52 am
steven writes i'm having a little snack before the fast of esther begins. >> taking my daughter to the airport. >> josh writes three foot snowdrifts in denver. from susan, i hit the remote that turns on the coffee pot and couldn't resist the fragrance. i'm with you. i can't smell coffee and then go back to sleep. up early to get to dunk in for the avocado toast and maybe maple cream doughnut or two. i appreciate all of you who are on my side about they shouldn't
2:53 am
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welcome back. joining us now with a look at "axios" a.m., editor-in-chief, nicholas johnston. nick, your 1 big thing this morning is something we mentioned earlier on in the show, biden's immigration policy and the challenges at the border. what are you reporting? >> our one big thing is the brewing crisis at the border for biden. new documents obtained by "axios" show there are 700 unaccompanied children in customs and border patrol detention facilities as of this week. 400 that have been held for two days and nine held beyond the legal limit of three days.
2:57 am
unaccompanied minors are supposed to be transferred to health and human services facility to take care of these kids. it hasn't happened quickly enough. and the numbers are growing. we are seeing more unaccompanied minors at the border. they are clear this is different than the situation under the trump administration. these are children arriving without any parent. there is not a policy of separating them from their parents. they are blaming the winter storms recently that have made it very difficult to move kids appropriately and quickly enough. remember the bad storms last week in texas were terribly damaging. and covid protocols means they can't move things fast enough.
2:58 am
border crossings typically rise in the spring. so the numbers could grow in the come willing months. >> nick, what are you hearing from advocates with some of these migrants, the lawyers down at the border trying to make sure that these kids are taken care of? >> it's a question of resources 100%. there needs to be more advocates, more attorneys, doctors, and medical professionals down there. the criticism of the border patrol, of the policies at the border, they aren't resourced on or staffed enough. the trump administration trying to respond by saying we're just going to shut it down and wait for you to make for asylum requests. there's a lot of people showing up. there's not the resources there to take care of it.
2:59 am
. >> something to keep an eye on it. nicholas johnston thank you very much for being up "way too early" with us. we were talking about the video of kevin mccarthy and liz cheney quite literally watching in opposite directions. i've watched it several times because it is worth looking at to see exactly where the future of the republican party is going. it is a very, very uneasy day talk today on the hill. thanks for getting up "way too early" with us on this thursday morning. don't go anywhere. "morning joe" starts right now. . >> this week in covid history, it's the end of february in roaring 2020. movie theaters are. and the mysterious wuhan. but don't tell dr. buzz kill. >> you really have the makings
3:00 am
of a pandemic. . >> stuff it, egghead. . >> we have done an incredible job. one day, it's like a miracle, it will disaer into. . >> hal hue ya says mike pence, new head of the coronavirus task force. . >> while the risk to america remains low, we are ready. >> any other predictions, eric? >> my father is going to win by the greatest landslide. >> that's this week in covid history. >> good morning and welcome to "morning joe". >> fields and fields of poppies. it goes on forever. >> that guy, joe, willie and me. we have president of the national action network reverend al sharpton. white house reporter for "the


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