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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  February 25, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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the pentagon says the action was in response to several recent and troubling rocket attacks against american and coalition forces in iraq. not long ago the new secretary of defense, retired general defense general lloyd austin ordered it. >> we encourage the iraqis to investigate and develop intelligence, that was helpful to us. >> it was today. >> was it this morning? >> it was this morning. these strikes come a week after the white house signalled its willingness to renew talks on a nuclear deal. our richard engel says tiept's
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military response while startingsyrian's soils it was a message sent to iran. >> it is a message president biden sends straight to iran. negotiations does not mean it is open for u.s. personnel. >> of course amid all this the president is trying to convince congress to pass his almost $2 trillion covid relief bill which the house is set to vote tomorrow. the senate parliamentary biden's increase $15 could not be
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granted. it will be stripped out the bill when it goes the the senate side. president biden meeting with the governors virtually trying to build support for the bill. despite public support for it, republican senate opposition to the measure seems to be holding together. >> this is on a coronavirus spill. >> the senate majority leader offered this in response. >> to the left, money for schools, vaccines and direct checks to struggling american families, checks nearly every member supported a few months ago and now to the left of lennon? >> there was one more bet of surprising news tonight, a
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breathtaking about phase from mitch mcconnell. the senate minority leader, mcconnell was asked about his party's future. his response seemed in direct conflict of what he was saying just 12 days ago. >> well, a lot happened between now and 24. i got four members running for president and some governors and others. should be a wide open race and fun for all you to cover. >> if the president was the party's nominee, would you support him? >> the nominee of the party? absolutely. >> there is no question, done. if president trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the event of the day. the people stormed the building
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believed they were acting on the wishing and instructions of their president. a mob assault in the capitol in his name. >> these criminals were carrying his banners, hanging his flags and screaming their loyalty to him. >> what a difference 12 days make. mcconnell's support comes just as trump is about to reemerge on the political stage following his departure at the white house and his second impeachment for incitement and insurrection. he's expected to speak on sunday in orlando. the current president and first lady are headed to texas. president biden will spend the day surveying storm damage in that state. part of it with the state's governor gregg abbott.
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it is a lot. let's bring in our lead off guest jonathan lemire and we also welcome white house correspondent for "usa today" and former cabinet member, general, that's why we are going to begin with you tonight and your assessment of what we know about this military strike. it was a bit of a bank shot diplomatically or if not military for us, we decided that we could not iran targets there by adding a crater to the country size of syria, we were able to hit iranian targets just the same, correct? >> that's quite an example. not only we are not hitting iran, we did not carry out the
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strike in iraq. the approximate cause of our concerns were iraq attack. another one hit a base just north of baghdad and finally they took on the embassy and fortunately missed. we have an experienced team. secretary lloyd austin spent half his life in the middle east and tony blinken started the engagement with iranians and jake sullivan,
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a role where she may not need confirmation through the senate and she can still have an opportunity to shape some of the policies and serve the president and advisory role. >> jonathan lemire back over to you, big blow to a lot of democrats across the country to learn of the non-partisan parliamentary part of the senate, how big of a blow to the biden's white house when they got that news? >> the word parliamentary is not one that we use enough. we got a statement from jen psaki that the white house did not choose to fight this and president biden for shadowed
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this, he was asked about this. and of course very few know the senate like he does being there for more than three decades. it is a blow to the white house for sure and also progressives across the party who were counting on this and wanted this to be apart of the package. it does alleviate concerns of some republicans that a minimum wage should be apart of this deal. if it does not end up as finished product, we know pelosi is going to go to the house. democrats are clearly to go alone. they know they can do this reconciliation and they can pass it. this is something they want to get done as soon as possible and the clock is ticking. the deadline they give themselves is in the middle of march. that's where a lot of these unemployment benefits expire.
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they want the minimum wage portion to be in, and if not they're going to force for it because they know the country needs this as soon as possible. >> kourtney, they got grand home for energy and still outstanding. the votes for garland, hhs secretary, and holland interior, are you getting any wish that any of those votes may go down? garland appear to have a cushion to pass with quite a margin. >> yeah, holland seems to be in the hot seat this week. senator joe manchin came out and
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initially said he was not sure how he's going to vote on holland or sarah. there were criticism they were targeting the president's cabinet pick who were people of color and congresswoman holland would be the first native american to serve the presidential cabinet. senator manchin has said that he's willing to vote for congresswoman haaland despite their differences and really the person that the white house seems to be most worried about and vulnerable is tanden and has reached out to 28 senate offices since friday since senator manchin says he would not vote
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for her to try to push through her nomination. >> general mcafrey, 30 years ago, the end of the day, the end was near and u.s. forces captured 20,000 iraqi prisoners and destroyed 270 tanks. kuwaiti resistance leaders were in control of kuwait city. saddam ordered his troops to withdraw from kuwait. did you remember where you were? >> it took the iraqis air forces. we did it notwithstanding several hundreds killed and wounded and minimal casualty.
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i had my division had a couple of thousands killed and wounded. we had eight killed and 36 wounded. it was an incredible display of professionalism and diplomatic ever backing us up that brought a quick end to a dreadful situation in the middle east. >> there is a picture on your twitter feed at the very top, tg header above your name that shows remarkably young two-star general can't possibly be you in the sand of desert, is it? >> that captain next to me just retired as a lieutenant general. an incredible soldier. we pulled together by this magnificent genius produced a classic military victory that saved lives to include iraqis.
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>> a number of us got to meet and got to know the general. i can't thank our big three enough. general mcaffrey, thank you for the walk back and welcome kourtney for joining us tonight. one shot does it but can we get the newest vaccine out there fast enough to beat the oncoming variant. then later the big signs are in place? how much of this weekend a super spreader event of all the big name republicans who tried to over turn the election are headed to florida for the weekend. for the rest of us "the 11th hour" is just getting underway on a thursday night. t getting uy on a thursday night.
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today i am here to report we are half way there. 50 million shots in just 37 days since i have become president. >> millions of additional doses are underway as companies wrapping up the supply chain. the pfizer vaccine can be stored at standard freezer temperatures, that's a big deal
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instead of those ultra cold storage. a drop in cases and hospitalizations and deaths. the president had an urgent warning today, this is not a time to relax. that nicely matches our next guest, dr. gupta, out of the university of washington institutes for health metrics and evaluations. doctor, j&j looks real and it has the benefit of being one shot and sadly just 24 doses puts it at a number below these other companies though we are quick to point out that would normally mean half of 48 million people's doses so that's 24 million americans who'll get it right off the bat. do you like it verses the other vaccines? do you like all of them in light
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of these approaching variants and i know something about your answer because i saw what you tweeted out today, the infected lung verses the clear lungs. all the evidence people should need to go get the vaccine regardless of brand. >> first of all, good evening brian, it is good to see you and secondly, you just answered my question. for all the viewers out there and all your viewers please share this image with your loved ones and those around you. this is what you need to know, there is a lot of confusion out there. i get told all the time why are we talking about percentages when this is the image we need to focus on. that lungs on the left, that's a healthy lung. envision that's your lung if you get the vaccine. that's going to be your lung, clear of any pneumonia, anything
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that's happening on the right side. what's happening on the right side, we don't want that for anybody. that's severe pneumonia from covid-19. that's puss filling the air sack of the lungs. all the vaccines that are near approval, j&j included will protect all of us very well from happening. that's critical that everybody understands that regardless of the variant. the quickly you get your vaccine, the first one available, the sooner you will be protected from the intensive care unit on the right. >> i have to follow up though with the scary news of this new york city variant. people are hearing these reports not knowing what to think though as you point out the bottom line remains get the vaccine when it is your turn. what about these individual variants that are popping up? >> well, the new york city
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variant verses the south africa, all these are worrisome. it forces us to be extra vigilant. all these variants mean avoid unnecessary travels and wear masks and don't do things that you have been avoiding the last 12 months. be vigilant until the mid summer or until you get the vaccine and we'll be out of these. these vaccines will prevent you from being in the intensive care unit and it will force us to be vigilant and more keeping all these infection control measures in mind. >> if i came into your er today presenting with symptoms,
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difficulty breathing and low blood oxygen, you know what i mean, low blood oxygen levels in my blood, what would my chances be as an otherwise healthy male verses same thing presenting with the same symptoms a year ago. >> well, let me say this, brian, the case of the individual you just presented, we know how to care for that patient well. if they end up in icu, we put them on their belly, for example, we are good at supportive care. let me say also to all of you out there that are watching right now, if you are not that sick, as brian just pointed out, that individual is sick enough to come into the emergency room. if you have mild symptoms and have some shortness of breath
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and safe enough to be at home. if you are older than 65 where you have preexisting condition, you may get access and be eligible for a therapy. you and i talked about this therapy when former president trump received that therapy. the mih just a few days ago recommended this for the exact individual i described. there is antidotal experience as well. go to combatcovid.hhs. if you get access to these therapies and need those criteria. >> thank you for that. thank you for all of it. we are so close to a brighter day. it is going to take a little more work to get there by all of
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us especially people in your line of work. dr. vin gupta. our thanks for taking our questions. the former president is about to put an exclamation point on his domination of the party. his domination of the party.
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what we'll see on sunday is we'll see the start of planning
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forward for the next administration. the people that are in the top of that list, all of them have trump as their last name. >> at least eight possible gop presidential hopefuls are due to speak at the cpac convention. as politico puts it tonight, "trump is the party undisputed leader for the moment and the foreseeable future. his grip on the republican base and the mines of the white house hopefuls is so total that the path to gop nomination is best defined by the degree of loyalty to trump." back with us tonight, mark mckinnon and one of the co-host of "the circus" on show time. we welcome back, jeremy peters, he's been hard at work on his fourth coming book,
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"insurgency," how republicans got everything they wanted. fantastic title. congrats. when the time comes we'll have you back onto sell some books. mark, first off to you, you are at cpac though not against your will. if we are wrong, blink your eyes, we have a rapid intervention team that can come and get you. tell us what you expect to see. does this mean, the norm we are breaking here when ex-president used to disappear and be silent for six months to give the new president a chance for footing. is this the coronation of the former president? >> certainly is. as somebody, i was interested coming down hearing the ideas of
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what's the next chapter going to be post-donald trump. we know it is going to be with donald trump as the ring leader of the republican party, three quarters of people support a run for presidency in 2024. here is the interesting thing. i expect there is going to be debate of ideas and discussion of republican agenda here. the idea that we are going to come up with some kind of conservative platform at cpac rings kind of hollow. we'll go back and cover the facts. they have seven panels that are going to be discussing election fraud and believe me i have looked at this issue a lot over the years. the biggest fraud right now is the notion of any widespread or any election, the lieutenant governor of texas, dan patrick
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offered a million dollars reward for anybody that can come up with any election fraud. he had not let go of a penny yet. >> mr. peters, i have this for you, a reading from matt lewis and he writes when a political party loses a presidency, it normally casts its eyes for the future. donald trump's speech sends the message that he's the presumptive 2024 nominee. what's weird is he's allowed to do it. after all, mr. lewis goes onto say vampires can only enter your house if you invite them in. what does it mean? they're not going to go with prevailing masks and demographics that indeed they have no other gain. >> to continue the metaphor there, brian, it is trump's house. it was not the republican party to let him in in this case.
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it was not cpac that let him in. he's the presumptive actual leader of the republican party at this moment and for the foreseeable future. as mark was saying, his attitude and presence as so consumed everything that republicans and conservatives used to stand for. that instead of having debate over ideas or sessions about various issues at cpac you would ordinarily see, what they have done is they have turned this into a grievance fest and going to relitigate the 2020 election and propagate more false notions of election fraud and the idea that election was somehow stolen from president trump. this is not just what's going to happen at cpac. this is what's going to happen
11:36 pm
in republican politics for the next few years. what i am hearing from people who are running some of the biggest and funded organizations out there is the way they are raising money and the way they pitch themselves to voters is they're going to continue this idea that elections are unsafe and that president trump was wrong in 2020. i think that in essence is this republican party where the words conservative and republican no longer mean what they meant for a generation, it means have you pledge your loyalty to donald trump? >> mr. mckinnon, i am told we have a video from bloomberg of the arrival of trump's statue in the convention center tonight in
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gold with red, white and blue and we love america shorts. it just seems like 12 years ago that you are reassured when tonight on fox news all of 12 days later he said if trump is the nominee, he's all in. >> yeah, that happens to almost all republicans who stuck their necks out. nikki haley seen as a very perspective challenger for 2024 came out with some fairly, you know, pretty simple criticism and she's cascaded and disinvited from seeing trump or everyone cpac. i saw a great quote from dwight
11:38 pm
eisenhower, it is not a political party, it is a conspiracy to seize power. as jeremy was saying it is all about grievance. it is all about this was taken from us and all about conspiracy to seize power because they're promoting the conspiracy that the power was taken away from them. >> well-put by mark mckinnon, both of these gentlemen have agreed to stay with us. the urgent reason why capitol hill remains fenced off tonight. short story, get use to it. stort i'm a verizon engineer. we built our 5g nationwide so millions of people could do what they love in verizon 5g quality. and in parts of many cities, we have ultra wideband, the fastest 5g in the world.
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militia groups were presence stated their desires they want to blow up the capitol and kill as many members as possible. we know that date has not been identified. based on that information, we think it is prudence that capitol police maintain their postures until we address those vulnerabilities going forward. >> a clear signal from the acting chief of police at the capitol that tension remains high there and that fence is going to remain high as well. they have not put out the date of the state of the union address. let's wrap our head around that for one second.
11:43 pm
still remaining with us, jeremy peters and mark mckinnon, this puts for attention on your fourth coming back "insurrection." let me ask you. new york took possession of what's being described as millions of pages of trump's financial documents, his tax returns and all the documents. are republicans betting that he beats the legal wraps again. this is one of several wraps he's looking at post presidency. >> well, i think they know whatever in those taxes which a lot already come out thanks to the diligent reporting of my colleague, what republicans can't know is exactly how a
11:44 pm
grand jury will respond to that. what they can do is portray him as a victim. any time he's ever put up on trial or investigation, they'll martyr him. that's what they are hoping for here is to have his name in the headlines again where frankly is reminiscent. and instead of talking about joe biden and what his administration is doing and accomplishing their four years of president, we are once again talking about donald trump, that would very much delight
11:45 pm
republicans and the former president himself. >> mark mckinnon, shawn patrick maloney with nicole wallace and he was talking about his role and the equality act. >> i was thinking of my family when i spoken on the floor and presided for the second time over the passage of the quality act. today it was three republicans supported it. they're going the wrong way. >> mark, i have said this a million times on this broadcast. the issue of gay marriage was the fastest moving public issue i have witnessed in my lifetime. if the civil rights struggle had moved, would that same striking speed we would be so much better a society today. here is the other side of this since we are talking about equality act. marjorie taylor greene putting up a piece of art work outside
11:46 pm
her office in response to her neighbor in congress who has a transgender child so now we have that in the hallway. mark, when we talk about being on the right side of history, when we talk about a republican party perhaps knowingly bucking the math and demographic trends, what do you make of this? >> first of all, you are right on the gay rights movement and it is amazing to think about progress that was made so quickly. and progress today with this
11:47 pm
legislation. people recognize those are their fellow citizens and support them as democrats do in congress. i mean the republican party is just getting into a demographic hold here because they are pushing away the people who are going to be increasing majority of this country. >> mark mckinnon, we wish you luck and we'll be watching "the circus" on show time. >> jeremy peters, we look forward to the release of your new book. great to see you. coming up for us, by the end of the week, americans could have one more covid vaccine to choose from. the pressure is now on.
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. over 6% of the population is fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. a lot of americans are weary. tom costello has more for us on a campaign to sway those still undecided undecided. >> reporter: an all out urgent push to reach under served communities, vice president
11:52 pm
harris at a pharmacy in south d.c. today. >> reporter: while in massachusetts. >> initially i was apprehensive being african-american. >> reporter: national guard troops are on the covid front lines. >> it makes so much sense for all of us to make sure that we are vaccinating people in places where the virus are most active. >> as the covid-19 vaccine available, you may be asking yourself, should i get it? >> reporter: one of the biggest public education efforts is underway in collaboration with the cdc. >> the vaccines are safe and effective. they're going to save lives. >> reporter: the fda's panel will review johnson&johnson vaccine. emergency authorization could come by the weekend with four million doses shipping immediately. pfizer and moderna vaccines are effective of preventing illness, the j&j shot is 100% effective
11:53 pm
of keeping people alive and out of hospitals. to have them come in and be in the mix with the other two is nothing but good news. >> reporter: j&j requires just one shot and can be kept in a normal fridge and appears to be effective against new virus variants. americans should not be choosing. >> take what you can get when you can get it. any vaccine is better than novak seen particularly if it is reviewed by the fda and recommended by the cdc. >> reporter: health officials say there is an over reaction to normal lab discussions. it is premature they say to suggest the variant discovery in new york poses any risk at all to people. tom costello. nbc news. coming up for us, something that did not age well from
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there she is, last thing before we go tonight is something that did not age well. here is kaley mcenny. >> is that refreshing when contrasting it with the awful presidency of president obama? >> a couple of notes here. first the coronavirus did arrive. thanks to malpractice, it killed half a million of americans and the terrorists, took the capitol building on january 6th. we learned today as we said the next big concern is any plans
11:59 pm
they have to blow up the state of the union address. and about her last point, the awful presidency of barack obama, we can all agree to that. what a national embarrassment it was after two terms in office there was not one decent juicy scandal for us to talk about. on that note, that's our broadcast on this thursday night with our thanks for being here with us. on behalf of all my colleagues at the network of nbc news, good night. c news, good night.
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>> i'll talk to tax fraud prosecutors about what the 'l manhattan d.a. is looking for now that he has physically obtained trump's tax returns. plus fixing the energy grid in the wake of texas.of my exclusive interview with the newly confirmed secretary of energy, jennifer granholm.y and as the perpetrators of trump's disgraceful family separation policy try to create a new controversy, jacob soboroff on what's really ve happening on the border when "all in" starts right now. good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes. we start tonight with breaking news. the pentagon is confirming tonight that u.s. military forces conducted air strikes against what they say is infrastructure utilized by iranian-backed militant groups


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