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tv   Way Too Early With Kasie Hunt  MSNBC  April 12, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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protests erupt just outside of minneapolis after police shoot an unarmed black man during a traffic stop who later died. with derek chauvin on trial just a few miles away, the question is how tense will it get in minnesota? plus new details on the capitol riot, including what top officials inside the building during the attack were doing in realtime. the question is how will the new accounts factor into the investigation? and the tension within the gop on full display as former president donald trump headlines the rnc retreat with past and
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present republican leaders speaking out against him. the question remains, what is the future of the gop? it's way too early for this. good morning, and welcome to "way too early" the show that is kicking off another week of live coverage right here on msnbc. i am kasie hunt on this monday, april 12th. we will start with the news. protests erupted last night in minnesota after the police-involved shooting of a black man during a traffic stop. it happened in the city of brooklyn center, about ten miles north of minneapolis, where tensions are already high amid the murder trial of former officer derek chauvin. family has identified the victim as 20-year-old dont'a wright. according to the brooklyn winter police department officers were attempting to make a traffic stop just before 2:00 p.m. when they say they noticed the driver had an outstanding warrant for
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his arrest. officers tried to take him into custody but police say he got back into his vehicle and that's when when officer fired a weapon, hitting the driver. the vehicle traveled several blocks before striking another vehicle and the driver died at the scene of the crash. in the hours after the shooting hundreds of protesters gathered outside the brooklyn center police department headquarters and clashed with officers in riot gear. multiple rounds of tear gas were fired by law enforcement in an effort to disburse the crowd. minnesota's department of public health said that the national guard was being mobilized at the request of local authorities. it came amid reports of looting, targeting the brooklyn center walmart and a nearby shopping mall. another tough story to start the day this week. and we're learning more about the timeline of events and the state of panic that gripped washington during the january 6th riot. as rioters smashed windows and
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vandalized the house floor, mike pence reportedly ordered the defense department to clear the capitol. these details are coming to light through a previously undisclosed pentagon document that was obtained by the associated press. the spokesman for pence declined to comment on the report. the ap reported, quote, elsewhere in the sbg senate majority leader chuck schumer and house speaker nancy pelosi were making a similarly dire appeal to military leaders asking the army to deploy the national guard. we need help, schumer said in desperation, more than an hour after the senate chamber had been breached. the timeline adds another layer of understanding about the state of fear and panic while the insurrection played out and lays bear the inaction by then president donald trump and how that void contributed to a slowed response by military and law enforcement. it shows that the intelligence missteps, tactical errors and bureaucratic delays were eclipsed by the government's failure to comprehend the scale
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and intensity of a violent uprising by its own citizens. really tough new information there. all right. to politics now. on capitol hill president biden's infrastructure plan is a top priority as congress returns from a two-week recess. today a group of bipartisan lawmakers is expected to meet with the president and vice president harris to discuss the sweeping $2 trillion proposal. the list is equally split with two democratic senators, two republican senators, two democratic members of the house and two republican members. not on the list, democratic senator joe manchin who essentially is of course a must-have vote if democrats want to push the package through congress with no republican support. joining us now author of the "washington post's" early morning newsletter power up jacquelyn alamani. good morning, always great to see you. we can start with the president here. he obviously wants to be talking about infrastructure today, that's where they want to keep the focus, but the reality is between this awful new shooting
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that happened over the weekend in minneapolis, the continuation of the trial and all of these other things that are swirling, the new information about the riot, there is a lot that stands to potentially distract from that message. what do you expect to see from the administration over the course of the next 24 hours as they try to get this plan moving forward in congress? >> kasie, this is a pretty similar scenario to what the biden white house had encountered once they had pushed through the covid relief package with a flurry of horrifying events with the shooting in atlanta happening right as they were trying to sell the american rescue plan, and the white house is now facing a similar conundrum where they're trying to focus and garner as much support and attention on this infrastructure plan while also continuing to sell it to the public. a really interesting point that
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when you look up the issue of bipartisanship in the dictionary it would say support from republicans and democrats but it doesn't say republicans have to be in congress. i think what this signifies to you is that, you know, the white house is continuing to sell -- to sell this to republican voters, not necessarily to republican senators, even though they're having people over to the white house today to try to hash out some sort of compromise, but with these other events going on along with the crisis at the border unfolding, biden's top adviser on that issue roberta jacobson just retiring last week, it's going to take a lot, i think -- a lot of message discipline in particular to get the american public to continue to stay focused on this issue in particular. >> so let's talk for a second, too, jackie, about the state of the republican party because of course we had president trump behind closed doors at the rnc meeting criticizing the senate
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minority leader mitch mcconnell with words that i don't want to repeat on this program at this hour of the day or really ever, but it comes as we're learning more information about what he did or didn't do during the riot and of course this is the source of much of the rupture between mitch mcconnell and donald trump. mcconnell didn't vote to impeach trump the second time around but he did deliver a speech that was highly critical of the actions that the president took or didn't take. it sounds like we now know that the republican vice president, mike pence, democratic leaders nancy pelosi and chuck schumer were all pleading for help from our government and they got nothing. >> yeah, and what was really fascinating to me was as the former house speaker, john boehner, was lamenting the rise of political terrorists that led to actual terrorism taking place on capitol hill on january 6th when the insurrectionists, you
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know, stormed capitol hill, was these remarks playing out. as you obviously know, the former house speaker was on his book tour this week and talked a lot about the new forces that have overtaken the republican party and lamented their rise and said that it has really damaged the party and led to complete chaos and a lack of policy, ideas and, you know, sort of usurped any sort of legislative agenda. at that very moment is when we saw, you know, president trump deliver these remarks at mar-a-lago to a group of republican donors, but perhaps even more startling, other than his actual comments, trashing senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, saying he was disappointed in former vice president mike pence, was the lack of on the record push back and comments from fellow republicans. you even had someone like senator john thune who the
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president was dee rided and threatened to primary in 2022 only very gently scold the president for his language saying at the end of the day mitch mcconnell and trump share a goal in uniting the republican party. so i think we're going to continue to see just for how long president trump is able to really, you know, suck up all the oxygen in the room and -- and sow disunity. >> as long as he stayed focused on the last election and not the next one i think that actually might get a little bit harder for him. you mentioned john boehner, he is going to be on "morning joe" joining us tomorrow. jacquelyn, thank you very much for getting up early with us today. and still ahead here, a history-making win at the masters. we're going to have all the highlights from augusta national. plus with coronavirus cases on the rise in michigan, governor gretchen whitmer is pushing the white house for more vaccine but so far president
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biden isn't budging. we will talk to congresswoman debbie dingell coming up. to co debbie dingell coming up ♪ (ac/dc: back in black) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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that's okay. >> right down to the wire. who predicted that? by one. >> matsuyama is japan's first masters champion. >> wow. ten years after debuting as the best amateur at the masters, 29-year-old hideki matsuyama claims the ultimate prize at august stachlt that green jacket, and takes his prays in history as the first japanese man to win a major championship. matsuyama began yesterday's final round with a four-stroke lead and stretched his lead to
2:14 am
six strokes. schauffele ran off four straight birdies, but came undone on the par 3 16th with a triple bogey that ended his late charge. despite bogeying three of his last four holes, matsuyama walks off the 18th green with a one-shot victory and slips into that green jacket as masters champion. of the first list feat matsuyama says, quote, hopefully i will be a pioneer and many other japanese will follow. that sentiment was echoed in a tweet from tiger woods congratulating matsuyama on a victory that would, quote, impact the entire golf world. congratulations. as japan celebrated matsuyama's victory new safety measures for the tokyo olympics continue to underline the risk of holding the games during a pandemic. athletes that come down with minor coronavirus symptoms will reportedly be isolated in a hotel lined up by local
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organizers. the japanese news agency kyoto said they are working on securing 300 rooms in the athletes village. it would be for athletes and staff that do not have to be hospitalized. the games are set to open july 23rd. let's go to major league baseball. in atlanta a controversial call at home plate gives the phillies a one-run victory over the braves. watch. >> hops that one into the opposite field. ozuna has got it, he's going to try it. here he comes and he's safe at the plate. wow. >> wow. tied in the top of the ninth inning a sac fly gets the win for the phillies. the phillies hang on to beat the braves 7-6. i don't know. i want to see the over top angle
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there. let's go to baltimore. one day after being scratched from the red sox lineup because of precautionary coronavirus protocols boston's j.d. martinez shrugged three solo home runs in yesterday's finale of their three-game series against my orioles. the red sox notch a sixth straight win, 14-9. i have to say i was there. this was an unfortunate but apt introduction to baseball for my son mars who attended his first ever baseball game at camden yards. there he is with his grandfather who is the original o's fan in our family from whom i inherited this. we are not fair weather fans in our family which is pretty good because it was the mid '90s and the alcs against the indians was the last time we really had any hope. here is hoping that mars gets to see a world series in his lifetime. time now for the weather. let's go to bill karins for a
2:17 am
check on the forecast. you gave us great weather for the game if not enough runs. >> i know, but it was -- i mean, you had a sunny nice day, grandpa is this, your son looking as cute as can be, the outfit and everything. come on. >> it was perfect. >> you won by going. >> exactly. >> it was absolutely perfect. let's get into this forecast. kasie was lucky, baltimore/d.c. area was okay but it was a rainy ugly sunday in many areas north of there from philadelphia to new york city and it still is this morning. this stubborn storm will sit here and linger throughout the day today. it's not going to be like flooding rain or any problems like that, but it's going to be gloomy. good grass growing weather. we're going to keep it this way throughout the day on monday, tonight it's going to linger. tuesday afternoon we start to see things clearing out in the east. temperatures on the cool side. 48 in new york, boston around 46. that chilly weather will continue in areas of the west right into tuesday. we had that warm stretch last
2:18 am
week and only the southern half of the u.s. will be warm today. notice 68 in d.c. today and tomorrow, highs in the 50s only in areas like boston. so not a lot of bad weather this week, kasie, but glad you had some sunshine. we are not going to see it here in areas of new york probably for another two or three days. >> all right. well, fingers crossed. bill karins, threw again, my friend. really appreciate t we will see you tomorrow. still ahead here, newly released video shows a confrontation between two police officers and a black army lieutenant. why the governor of virginia is calling it a disturbing incident. don't go anywhere. g incident don't go anywhere. t get us t o t. it doesn't ring the bell on wall street. or disrupt the status quo. t-mobile for business uses unconventional thinking to help you realize new possibilities. like our new work from anywhere solutions, so your teams can collaborate almost anywhere. plus customer experience that finds solutions in the moment. ...and first-class benefits, like 5g with every plan.
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2:22 am
claiming his rights were violated during an encounter with two police officers. the lawsuit first obtained by the "washington post" says nazario is asking for at least $1 million in damages and for the court to rule that his constitutional rights were violated. his lawsuit claims he was originally pulled over for not having a rear license plate. though video shows he had a temporary plate in the car window. we should note that this video was provided by the attorney from -- for nazario. it's pretty scary stuff. officer crocker wrote that he believed nazario was alluding police and called it a high risk traffic stop. blayne alexander explains what happened next. >> reporter: at one point threatening that he would ride the lightning. >> i'm honestly afraid to get out. >> you should be. get out. >> reporter: moments later an officer pulls out pepper spray.
2:23 am
>> i didn't do anything. whoa. hold on. what's going -- >> yikes. nazario was eventually released without being charged. in an incident report from gutierrez the officer wrote that they decided against charges because they didn't want the stop to affect nazario's military career. an officer pointed to the country's focus on policing as a reason for the altercation. >> i understand you want to get to a well-lit area. i get that. but when we follow you that long, look at this climate in this day, against everybody, against us, against y'all. >> virginia governor ralph northam responded in a statement saying, quote, the incident in windsor is disturbing and angered me and i am directing the virginia state police to conduct an independent investigation. officials from windsor virginia said the officers failed to follow use of force policies and officer gutierrez has been fired. we have reached out to both officers for comment but have not yet heard back.
2:24 am
all right. to the chauvin trial now. dr. andrew baker the medical examiner who performed george floyd's autopsy closed the second week of testimony in the chauvin trial. he told jurors compression of floyd's neck and restraint of his body were the primary causes of death but heart disease was a contributing factor. on cross-examination chauvin's attorney concentrated on the details of an a autopsy report that listed heart disease and hypertension among floyd's conditions. factors the medical examiner had mentioned to federal investigators. but baker maintained the restraint caused floyd's death. >> so what i clarified for the u.s. attorney and the federal bureau of investigation was my opinion as to what happened to mr. floyd and that is he experienced a cardiopulmonary arrest in the neck restraint and that was what tipped him over the edge beginning his underlying heart disease and toxicological status. >> the forensic pathologist who
2:25 am
trained baker offered the same cause of death conclusion despite floyd's heart disease. >> there is no evidence to suggest he would have died that night except for the interactions with law enforcement. >> the prosecution is expected to rest its case early this week. still ahead here, former president trump repeats lies about the 2020 election and insults senate minority leader mitch mcconnell in front of republican donors. we will take a look at those remarks and talk about what they mean for the republican party. but before we go to break we want to know as always why are you awake? email us your reasons for being up and watching to way too or drop me a tweet. we will read our favorite answers coming up later on in the show. ur favorite answers coming up later on in the show
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♪♪ welcome back to "way too early." it is 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm kasie hunt. while highlighting the rnc retreat over the weekend former president donald trump praised the people who attended his rally who sparked the capitol riot. also attacked the republicans who refused to go along with his claims about a stolen election. he called senate minority leader mitch mcconnell a, quote, dumb son a b and, quote, stone cold loser and said a real leader would never have accepted the
2:30 am
electoral results. he also attacked georgia governor brian kemp who stood by georgia's results. trump said he was, quote, disappointed in mike pence for certifying the election. the associated press reports that some attendees were left feeling uncomfortable. one of trump's chief defenders former house speaker knute bring grip told the ap we are much better off if we keep focusing on the democrats, period. yeah. the third ranking house republican liz cheney who voted to impeach trump in the wake of the capitol riot did not attend the rnc fundraiser about had it to is a i about the former president's remarks. >> the former president is using the same language that he knows provoked violence on january 6th. as a party we need to be focused on the future, we need to be focused on embracing the constitution, not embracing insurrection. >> okay. joining us now republican strategist michael steele, he
2:31 am
served as a top aide for former house speaker john boehner. good morning to you. there is so much to talk about here. i want to -- let's bring your former boss into the conversation for a second here because he obviously has had a lot to say about this over many, many years. let me show you a little bit of what he had to say over the weekend as part of his book tour and we will talk about it. watch. >> you call some of these members political terrorists. >> oh, yeah. jim jordan especially. my colleague from ohio. i just never saw a guy who spent more time tearing things apart, never building anything. never putting anything together. >> and then there's senator ted cruz who boehner says is the ultimate false prophet. >> perfect symbol, you know, of getting elected, make a lot of noise, draw a lot of attention to yourself, raise a lot of money which means you're going to go make more noise, raise
2:32 am
more money and it's really -- it's unfortunate. >> so he called them political terrorists, michael steel. we ended up with people actually breaking into the capitol after donald trump encouraged them to march down the street from his rally at -- across the street from the white house down pennsylvania avenue to the capitol to do that. taking what happened over the weekend at mar-a-lago, putting it together with this looking back, i truly do not understand where they go from here if this is the fight that they continue to keep having. >> look, i think liz cheney is exactly right in this case, i think that the president lost, president trump lost the election, he is a loser and the more he fixates on these bizarre conspiracy theories about the election rather than working on a way forward, working on a way to counter president biden's agenda, the excesses of washington democrats and
2:33 am
offering the american people a hopeful vision of the future, the more irrelevant he will become. i think that the republican party's future lies not in these grievances of president trump as an individual, but in providing a more hopeful, smarter vision of the future for the american people. >> i mean, speaking of the future, what's your sense of what the reaction was like there? i've talked to some folks over the course of the last day or so. there was a lot of shaking heads, a lot of, you know, i think frustration among some of the people i have talked to who worked for the party for the longest periods of time, you know, i think there's real sort of discourage -- discouragement about what the former president is doing. what do you think -- how do they get out of this trap if president trump continues to have the hold he does over the base and, you know, others are waiting in the wings, but do they have anywhere to go? >> sure. i mean, i think that the base of
2:34 am
the party, the donors of the party, the operatives for the party, they want to win. they are focused entirely on the midterms in 2022. look, president trump cost us the opportunity to win the two runoff elections in the senate in georgia and have a real seat at the table in joe biden's washington. and the next opportunity to get a seat at the table, to get a check on washington democrats' radical agenda is the midterms in 2022. so republicans other than president trump are totally fixated on building the apparatus, building the resources to win those elections, particularly in the house in 2022 and, you know, he can lead, follow or get out of the way when it comes to that effort. >> it's a sharp way to put it, mime alley steel, thank you very much. we appreciate you getting up early with us. maybe we will see you later this week as your former boss continues to roll out a book tour that i think we are all very much looking forward to seeing. i think i'm going to try the
2:35 am
audio book. i don't normally do them, but it seems like there are some gems in there. thank you, my friend. still ahead here, the best moments from this past weekend's new episode of "saturday night live" including the totally different condition why musical guest kid cudi performed in a dress. musical guest kid cudi performed in a dress. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes
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2:39 am
husband of mumford and sons making an appearance. kid cudi performed in a dress, it was chosen to honor kurt cobain. the rapper also paid tribute to former "snl" cast member chris farley to died in 1997 by wearing a t-shirt with farley's picture on it. all right. in a city known for its extravagances las vegas may be the first in the nation to ban ornamental grass. city officials are petitioning nevada's legislation to ban, quote, nonfunction m grass, grass in places like traffic medians and office parks as the region faces a severe drought. the city has about eight square miles of decorative grass and removing it to save 15% of the city's water consumption per year. they clarified that the proposed measure would not be targeting the yards of homeowners. and the 74th annual british
2:40 am
academy film awards were held over the weekend in london honoring the best national and foreign films of the past year. nomad land taking home the best film and cinematography award. chloe jao won best director award. she has had a big weekend with top honors at the directors guild association awards. the father, promising young woman, soul all came away with two awards apiece. a slue of celebrities have stepped in as guest hosts on "jeopardy," no you a familiar face throwing thinks hat in the ring. "star trek" actor lavar burton is campaigning for the coveted "jeopardy" position and the social media masses from his back. the former celebrity "jeopardy" winner tweeted out a link to a petition started by a
2:41 am
fan. writing hoping that the powers that be are listening. over 200,000 people have signed the petition so far. dick van dyke and some of burton's fellow "star trek" alums shared the petition. stephen colbert echoed the announcement but it sounds like he just wants "jeopardy" to be "star trek." fair enough. still ahead, we will talk to congresswoman debbie dingell as her state emerges as the nation's new hot spot for coronavirus infections. as we go to break, 58 years ago martin luther king was arrested and jailed charged with contempt of court and parading without a permit. contempt of court and parading without a permit ♪ the things, you say ♪ ♪ your purple prose just gives you away ♪ ♪ the things, you say you're unbelievable. oh! ♪ ♪♪
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we are seeing a surge in michigan despite the fact that we have some of the strongest policies in place, mask
2:45 am
mandates, capacity limits, working from home, we've asked our state for a two-week pause. despite all of that we are seeing a surge because of these variants and that's precisely why we're really encouraging them to think about surging vaccines into the state of michigan and i'm going to continue to fight for the people of michigan. >> that was michigan governor gretchen whitmer yesterday urging the white house to send more vaccine doses. right now the state is the new epicenter of the pandemic, second only to florida in cases of the uk variant. the white house says it's not moving to increase vaccine supply, but is willing to send additional personnel to the state to help with the current surge in cases there. joining us now democratic congresswoman debbie dingell of michigan. congresswoman, always great to see you. thank you so much for being up early with us. i'd like to get you to weigh in here on this request that the governor is making, the biden administration's response which is we will send people to help you get shots in arms but we are not going to send you any more shots. is that the right approach?
2:46 am
>> well, fred upton and i agree with the governor, we sent a letter to the white house and fred and i have made multiple calls to the white house, tony fauci, francis collins the head of nih about what is happening in michigan. you know, the -- i think people don't realize the amount of mitigation that is still going on in the state. first of all, nine out of the top -- the ten largest cities -- the cities with the largest number of covid are in michigan. we have the largest number of the b.1.1.7 variant, we have multiple variants and it just spreads more quickly. that's a fact. the governor still has many mitigation orders in place, restaurants can only operate at 50% capacity, this week she asked people to only eat outside, gatherings of 25 and under are all that's allowed, she's asked the schools to go on a two-week pause. the white house keeps saying
2:47 am
there's more that you can do. the fact of the matter is our legislature hasn't let her spend money that we approved last december, which is a crime as far as i'm concerned at this point, and she's got ten court cases challenging her. i heard last week on "morning joe" when you were on scott gottlieb say that it is accepted public health policy to send vaccines into areas where it is surging. my hospitals, every one of my hospitals is full in my district including the university of michigan. they are canceling surgeries, it is younger people that are in the hospital. some very young children are having side effects and i appreciate the white house paying attention to it. we need more help. >> so basically you're saying that the governor is doing everything she can considering the political pressures on her and this issue with the money. can you explain a little bit further what money is it that you sent out there that she's not been able to use in your state to fight this? >> any of the money that we sent
2:48 am
that was authorized in the december bill. so money for schools. there's money for schools that is sitting there, money for businesses. the legislature and she have been -- they've refused to pass enacting legislation to get covid programs into place. i think a lot of people don't understand that the courts are throwing out some of hermit gags efforts as well and she has ten pending cases. i'm joining her in morning in ypsilanti, michigan, which is part of a county that's a wealthier county but ypsilanti has a significant african-american population, they've been disparately impacted by covid, i've been begging, begging, including i talked to jeff zients myself trying to get more vaccine into this area. we will be talk being that this morning.
2:49 am
>> briefly let's talk about the infrastructure package that we're going to turn focus to this week. house speaker nancy pelosi's margin is -- in the house sin credibly, incredibly narrow. are you confident that democrats can all hang together and move forward on this package before the august recess deadline that you've set? >> look, i think if you are out there and you're talking to the american people there's a real demand and approval for a lot of what's in this package and it's republicans and democrats fixing -- if you are from michigan -- the roads and bridges. covid has shined a light on our students in urban and rural areas not able to study because they don't have broadband access. michigan is a state that understands it but it is a problem across the country that water still has lead in it because of the need to replace pipelines. i think we're going to have good thoughtful discussions. we have to also get the electric
2:50 am
vehicle sure into place. things like that. but i'm going to be one of the key players. i care very deeply about this. we have to have discussions about what is infrastructure. it's a foundation. it's the frameworkframework by community and society operate. care giving has become a major problem. look at the women that have had to leave the workforce. i am going to be one of the leaders on the long-term care. it is broken, we're one of the only industrialized nations that has not addressed it. and it's a competitive issue for us, as well. >> all right. congresswoman debbie dingell of michigan, thanks very much for getting up early with us. we really appreciate your insights, as always. and i'm sure i'll see you on the hill later on this week. and later on the show, we asked all of you, why are you awake? daniel writes, first day of work of a work global wellness challenge, so i'm getting a run in before the sun is up way too early. way to go.
2:51 am
good luck. jules tweeted this. i'm up way too early with our new puppy, maggie may. hey, maggie may. jacqueline e-mails, we're on a four-day road trip from youngstown, ohio, from phoenix, arizona. waking up in champaign, illinois. have to hit the road early for the last day of driving. be safe out there. and paul shares this photo, my granddaughter going to her first phillies game the other week. look at that. so awesome. i love baseball. kids and baseball, what could possibly be better? coming up next, let's take a look at the axios one big thing. coming up on "morning joe," the latest in the aftermath of another police-involved shooting of an unarmed black man. minnesota. plus, an update from texas congressman henry cuellar about the situation on the u.s. border. don't go anywhere. "morning joe" just moments away. don't go anywhere. "morning joe" just moments away. a for 45 years. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years.
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[ humming ] alexa? play "ooh la la." [ "ooh la la" by cherie playing ] the moxie showerhead speaker. only from kohler. welcome back. the funeral for prince philip is officially set for next weekend. yesterday, members of the royal family paid tribute to the laid duke of edinburgh. nbc's senior international correspondent keir simmons
2:55 am
reports. >> reporter: a day of church services for prince philip. >> the duke of edinburgh may rest in peace and rising glory. >> reporter: the duke of edinburgh passed very peacefully. his daughter-in-law, sophie, countess of wesex told churchgoers. it was right for him, it was so gentle. it was like somebody took him by the hand and off he went. the end of an era. and the next generation of royals marking this moment, speaking for the queen. >> she described it as having left a huge void in her life. >> reporter: prince philip's daughter, princess anne, releasing a photo with her father and this emotional statement. you know it's going to happen, but you're never really ready, she says. at windsor castle, preparations underway for a small but televised funeral next saturday. prince harry expected to attend, his wife, meghan, too pregnant to travel. william and harry will meet for
2:56 am
the first time since that explosive oprah interview. a former british prime minister calling on the brothers to end any friction between them. >> the shared grief of the present time because of the death of their grandfather, i think, is an ideal opportunity, i hope very much that it is possible to mend any rifts that may exist. >> both are expected to walk behind prince philip's coffin at windsor castle, just as they did for their mum. their grandmother, while in mourning, continues to think of others, the family says. an unending sense of duty shared by her late husband. >> all right. our thanks to nbc's keir simmons for that error. and joining us now with a look at axios a.m., the politics editor at axios, glenn johnson. glenn, good morning. welcome back. what is the axios one big thing today? >> hi, kasie.
2:57 am
our one big thing focuses on the building infrastructure battle. our sarah muha has an exclusive today about how the white house is trying to sell its $2.2 trillion plan by going out and highlighting the value for each of the 50 states. and in particular, they're targeting kentucky and california. the home of senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and house minority leader kevin mccarthy. no coincidence there. >> no coincidence, indeed. and republicans, you guys also have a memo about how they're trying to message against the plan. i think we saw with covid relief, a real failure, frankly, to say anything that had voters deciding it was a bad idea. they clearly want to try to fix some of those mistakes around infrastructure. >> sure. the republican counterpoint to this is a memo that's gone out to all of the communications directors for all the senators on the republican side. and it highlights commentary, it highlights calls from the
2:58 am
business community, complaints about the idea of raising taxes on corporations or wealthy individuals to finance this spending. so that's the rejoinder that the republican party is trying to offer to the white house sales pitch. >> so, glenn, how does this all fit into what we saw from mar-a-lago over the weekend? because the things that the former president is saying about mitch mcconnell, who's, of course, you know, functionally the leader of the current republican party, has no seat at the table in biden's washington, because they lost those senate races in georgia. i mean, is it possible for them to effectively push back against the biden administration while it's clear that their own house is still such a mess? >> well, it's a difficult task for the senate minority leader. you have the former president down in south florida, braying at him from point to point here. but he seems to be focused just
2:59 am
on what it is and what's best for his caucus. they have a very clear focus, both on the house side and the senate side, on two years from now. and they are trying to act legislatively towards the ways that they think they can best benefit their members and try to get new senators and new members of the house elected. so, the trump stuff, i think, is interesting to them and it certainly attracts a lot of attention, like we saw over the weekend, but they have a more fundamental focus right now, and that is legislating towards their political goals. >> so, glenn, what's your sense on this in terms of the best way to actually end up there, if you're the republican party? it doesn't seem like they've been able to effectively message on these economic questions. we've seen them focus on culture war issues, that seems to get traction, but do you think the economic argument they're making goes anywhere with voters? >> i think you saw, there was an
3:00 am
article in the wall street over the weekend, a column by kim strassel, where she talks about how the democrats are fine letting the republicans talk about these things. they want to let them talk about spending, because they think that will hurt them in the long run. >> i guess we'll see. glenn johnson, thank you very much for being up early with us. to that point, congress is back in session this week. the push for that infrastructure package gets fully underway here. so far, voters are still on president biden's side. we'll see if republicans get any traction in changing that, considering what we saw over the weekend. thank you all for getting up "way too early" with us on this monday morning. don't go anywhere. "morning joe" starts right now. good morning and welcome to "morning joe." it is monday, april 12th. let's get right to the news. protests erupted last night in minnesota after the police-involved shooting of a black man during the traffic stop. it hap


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