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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  July 8, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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withdavid's creredi cards. thoes it f for us. i' tamron hall. >>nd i'm david shuster. >> let's play "hardrdba."." good ening. thisek,leleadg off tonight, rnings signs forhehe prident. it's w way t early t say presidident amamis in trouble, but thisuuch is true. the ececomomy remains ststagnt, s health care plananis ststruling in ngngss, there's talk of a a secondtitimus being necessary, andnd tnnake a lo at this. a new quinn pi yak llll only
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gigive him an appppvaval rating 49 - the republicanss nanay ha a pollhey lo.. wewe'ltrtry to make senseseof we the presidentsssiants in j jt a montnt also,, what's next for s sa palili she has describibed h h decisio to reregngn as beingg the best thing fofo your family, f her party and foralaska, b might it simimpl be the best thingfof sasarah? we have two g gssts with v very different vws onhat m makess sah titik?k? at do bill cclion, mark sanford, johnn ensign, eliot spitzer amonon hers havave in common? whwhat p p with these guys? is there something w wngngith popolicians? or a a they justreflectiti what is really happening inn modern amameran marriageges? also,o,n tonight's "politics fix" democrats sk getting caught in the crorossfi over te
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congressionanal reluluon honoringng michael jacksonon and finally wewe rember sarah palin's dust-you last month with dididletterman. la night he did the top1010 messagesnn srah palin's s messages. weavavthe ghghlits in the "hararalall sisideow." aired ford an pat buchanan are bothth m msc polititalal analysts. haired ford, what do o youmama f this poll coming out of iio, shshining at drop in support? i think three things.. one is it's a reason foforr rl condioiofor the whihiteususe. ohio, as stated in the openinin is not only a bellwether state, but representative somamanyays politically androrom an econonic stance of what this country does. two, i think it raises concncers about healthth care. i think thehe white house h to think long andnd carefullll abo hohow rdrd are you willllggo puh forr this? how much capapital railroadd willing g expend? three, i ththin it leads to
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perhaps aececonood o new spendingngmomounin to the statates it's hard to m make the caseho aree fang hardship, cacaus state constitutioions ruiui that they balance theirir udgets. unememployntntenefits will have to be extended, and i thininko mamaneneed apayroll tax holiday. you u ha t toive busineses a and consumerers meme confidence in e short term thahat we're doing te right thi,, that m mon can be injected. u have to do what t the stilulu didndn'too froro e outset, w wh is to put m mey intohehe sstete. it will l wo,, just t tkekeore time.. you needd s somhing to put mon intoto t system immediately. >> pat buchanan, letet me guess the poll in ohio is a disasaer for obama? >> nonot atall. neneray ohio isis a sngng state and he'sort of gett close to the swing position, but what is should tell obama to do is come home andnditowown with t ecomom advisers and say, lolo, weave astimuluspapaage 6%6% off
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gdgdp, running a defititf 13% oo gdgdp, twice as largege as reag business, and t thi thing isnsnt moving? no why isn't it moving? andhy did tyy make a stake? and what wentwrong? d correct it th electionsre 15, 17 mohshs off. i do agagree with harold to is extent. th should have done atthehe bennnnin you want a stimulus, u need a lt. tt t payroll taxes on businesses andindividuals, associate securityty andhehe re, that p pss mney rightnn people's pockets,s, t the head n to the malls or h hdd out toheh momovi or go downocdonald's. so they feelel b betr and the money isthere. somebody should bebe made to answerer, lawrenencefofor is. ii mean,hihiis 6% gross national producucnd i it not doing aaththin what wenent wrong? you kkw,w,pat, there was the atement by vi president biden saying, mbe we misread ththeconomomy. chuckkoddpuput question to
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babara o oba in moscow yeststdaday. les lynn to whatted presidident had to say about gauaugi the economy o on inauguration day. let's liliste >> i would, rather thanayay isread," we hhadcomplete informrmioion. we came in january 2 20t. itasas only a aft the first-t-arartenumbers came in that somebody suddenly lookeded anan id the economy shrank 6% sot't's happening m mhh more radly at a an a accerated pace thajs the projejectnsns o there atathehe te. >> pat, go ahead. >> that's prerepoererou hehe's g susumms,s, geithner, theye e en on top ofthis thining sie e september. i wouldd ll these gss in a and say, look you've g gotnn me and our partyanand our adminisistran in real trble, b bauauseou didi't see it coming, a and b
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ysys y didn't see coming. w why? i meaea r reay he o oht to be anangry. hehe'shehe guy in charge and wi pay the rice. >> t thesethings appens. e e the great flaws a a orortcings of theusush ministration whe unwillllgngnesto a admi when a mistake was madede and change. he's shown the maturity and dedextity. i take t them at theirword. ty inink this ecomic h hdship isisougher ththan many thouough. as ssuc itcacalls foror a dierent approach.h. i'm w wee now have t to sit ba stste stock of t the data we ha, takeke a inventory, u uderstand wh d dirtion wewe he e toove anandowowany political pital atatill take. i think we need t unemployment benefit extxtensis,s, and you he to do something tohelp states that are struggling, not to hp thempepe moneney, cu txes, and dodo things that are not wise o in t the srtrt terrm,ut statese
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makingng theouou oioice should berewarardedin someme ways. >ou know,arold -- >> let's lok at the numberss of erere stand w.w. the stimulus cost $787 bibilln. the defititor 20209 is no a a $1.8 triioio the prorojeeded cost of health care plananilill sosomeere aroundthe trillion. there ee otherr eststatates is there any romom for theobobam administratition tevev begin ininni about coming up wit money for anototheststimus? >> i thihi so. look, here's th thingng. let me sayaythis. of courur,, i'm on thee o oer de. i wouldppose it andppose alal care, but i t tinink what rold is recommending i is timididity. agag would say-- and he bebelieses something, damam the torpededos, llll speedahead. howewever, do agree gng to the well, especially if y'r're going to have to raiaise taxes on sm
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busissss or the alalth plpla, ththatpeople get fromom busines, yore going to have a firestorm in this country, b b here's the thing, lawrenen.. what youou wantoto do n is what's going t to look bt down the roroad what i i best for th country, bececsesethat will be best for yyou and you shouldn't try to py polititi now or worrrry,uiuite frankly, ababt to poll in ohioio. >> now, yournotion of a a ayayl ta holiday could be a stimulus that republicansns wou g g on ard with. i uld think. u have to look a a h you build a a coalilionon. you cut it onon the businesssid, themployee sisie.e. i wowould pay forr this withh s t thechising m mon in the banks, there a a t.a.r.p. repaymenents bngng made. i would take those resrcrc applied too a new imimul, ununrsrstaing fully i it uldn' pafor it you'll, but would certaiaiy,y, oe the bananks pay babackll this money, i in fact could pay for some rndnd ofaxax cuts withththe t.a.r.p.
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repayments. topat's points, it's a littlele skio. schizo, but the reality is a presidentasas to stepback and keke inventory. hehe understands tha the energy and educucioion are the pillars but without jojobcreeioion,ur counyy faces pililnd i t thk popolicacal e president will face it. >> hold on a sesend, pat.. we're gogog g to come backck i second.. i want to go t t chuck todd's interview with the president to get the prpresent's version of where e hehihinkthe economy is ght now. >> somee areas you're seeiei th economomicngngin turn, butut we knew the recessision would be deep, b, itt was going to last for a while, and, even when theconomy pulls out of reressssio that y you' goingo o see jobs emerging only t t
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end o o that proceses rather th the begnini. papat buchanan, go ahadad >> loook, e toneofof obama, i appears t too e, this is a tutuion where genenercarthur hahas invaded andnd i i's turnr toe wrong and a a disasaster. you lieve the commander the way obama relieved the guy, ritltly wrwrglgly in afghanistatan. he ought to calal these guyuys together. agn n u're tlking 1.8 trilonon deficit, 13% dp and it's not working. somebody ght to beble to made to explain w and t tllllhim what c couee he ough t too tak >> harold, do you sen any neousness on the hllll when they're looking at t llll fm ohio. they have some very big votes cong up. the senate i is obviouslyly uer lot of prpresrere on the health
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carere. this is the kinindf thingg t th shakes c confincnc >> youappreciate, lawrence, probably btttt than bototh p pa anand i. they will p very closee atattentn.n. ththe ohio mbers are asnapapsh.. ifhese jobs data--f this job datat does not improve,that numbmberilill more telling than any numb, deficitt number. >> henono that j job isthe numberernene issue, want t cut ckck n,, to chuck dd's inrvrvw with the pesident and listen to ee way he tks about bsbsnow. >okay. t ts is my numbernene concern, is howrere we, a, gog to makesusure the peoeeare getting back wwork, but b, h h doe p the economy on a strong enonoug footing so t tt on wemerge out of thehe rereceion and the ecocomymy actually onhe uptick, t that
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itit's creatiti the kinds job d prosperity that we n nd.d. >> it seemsms like ohio i is sa, presidenent amama, you owow thi economomy,ndnd whatat i'm h heas he's saying this isy conomy. yo n't hear any r rereren there aut what he haireded, w wwere hearing whenhe came in. >> itt's clear thaha the americn people are holding him acaccounblbl but you getthis money into thee stetes,nd these states will use it toto retain their programsms and all this and that. itit dsn't create t the kind of jobs erere sosomebo who'o's t f work, he got a job in the private sector, goin out and buying ththin, a ihink ththey'vgogoto focus moreon that productive sectorhhan on government. i i inklelettg nancycy pelosi n with the b bal was a a terrible ststak >> that't'whwhy agree with uu
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wi t the payroll tax. that huss economic velopment, bbcreation a entntrepreueual grth. i hear u.u. i'mm trying to find aalance that will notnlnlbuild ppppor but willlring publicans along as wewel. if we don't doit, my fr is many ofththe stateswiwill make drasasti cuts in t the human seserveses programs. i know you care deeply about emem awell, i know i do, a ink governorors dd may yos are worried about ho deal th those population. . thatat's goingo o be the f l word. harold ford and patbuchanan, thank you very mh.h. wh's'sextor sarah palin? nearly ree quarterer of repuicics say they would vote r herorpresident. we'll talk a abt whether her decisionon totep down as governor makes hereretter or worsrse cacandatate. you're watching "hardball" onln on msnbc. jujust 20 bus.
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c cming up, the strainson political mamarriage when high-prole politicicnsike ma sanfordnd john e edwards admit to hving had affrs, what d doethat tell us about the ate of marriage in amemeca today? the dictg world. buicenenclave the finest luxuxury crossover ever. i needome zen time with thismol thank you.
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well come back to "hardball." sarah palin has giv various reasons for quitting the governorship, l forhe good of oths. >> reporter: you haven't fished the job, some would say. >> you're no listening to m to why i uldn't be able to finish that final year without costing the state millions of dollars d countless hours of wted time. lame-duck sessi provides even more opportunit for waste, ani wasn't going tout alaskans through tha >> but a consvative syndicated columnist has a difrent opinion. can we stop pretenng
5:18 pm
was quitting selfish or selfless? joining miss is n christie and joan walsh. did sarah palin dohisorthe sake of family, for the same of party and for the sak of alaska? or did she doit for the sake of sarah? >> she clearly did it for th sake o sarah, lawrence. i mean iave never seen ything more ridiculous than that press conference, except what fllowed that press conference. how do you give a speech complaining about w poorly e national mediaas treated you, and then when y go o on you fishing vation with your family, who do you inte? do you invite your famil your friends? no, youinvite kate snow, matt lar and theentire national media. if themedia are the problem, she should be run arenning
5:19 pm
ayrom them and establishing her na fid for h future politica career. she's so confused. is there a word f a hypocrite who doesn't even know she's a hypocrite? it was self-pity, it was victimization, and iwas all about sarah. >> n christie, you want to riseo the defense of rah palin on this one? >> happy to, lawrence. i thinkovernor palin made the decision thas best for he best for her family and best for the statof alaska. >> ron, just to stop youthere, you did start wth best for her the number one reason, which she never ntion >> of course, lawrence, but before you cut off, best for her means it'sest f her family an the ste ofalaska. she's been subjecd to so many investigations that it w draining the cfers. >> thas not true, ron. >> i didn't cutou off. >> oky. you're rit. >> she's spent about$a 00,0
5:20 pm
of her own money. th was not wise for her to co after her f potil attas. and she said i'm going to sep away. what i find what's fascinating is the political ft is fainated with govnor palin. they're obviously scared of her. she has abright future in the republican party and the people kin to attackher. i think sheook a very baland decisi, she made a very reasoned appach to say it's noabout me, it's what's in the st interests of the state and my faly. that's why ibelieve she steppe down. she has a remarkablyright future ahead of her. >> n, we've seen a lot of politicians, bill clinton, rudy giulia, getting in trouble, personal isses swirling around emand they stayed in office. are you suggting, for example, that predent clintonhould have resigne or as arepublica a you suggesting that rudy giuliani should have resned when his maiage ran into problems, for example, and he moved ouof
5:21 pm
mayor's mansionin new yk city? and moved in with gay iends of his and lived with them, and his marriage wa bloid stuff ever day in nyork? and he was accus of having an afir with his press secretary while in offe? should giuliani haveid this too much for new york, too much for my mily, i'm going to have to quit? is that what giuliani should have do, under this rnale? under the rationale between mayor giuliani and president clinton, those are o different issues. let's stick with giuliani. >> that would he been his person decision, but as a lawyer, i can tell you one of erticles impeachment wa that the president liender oath to a federal investigation. in fact he w disbarred for that. >> et's not talk abt linton. >> ron, you think clinton should have qu. >> i do. >> joan, go ahead. >> let me introduce a bit of fact-based rporting into this whole ideological discuson.
5:22 pm
popular with t republican base, even i would notdispute that what she's donelately, though, has hurt her with independenting. ron, if you wa to be back in power, you' need the independenting. inlge me a minuteto talk out the ethics complaint. the anchorage daily news said they co $286,000, not millions. number two, there were 15 of them action and only one was filed by a d.c. watchdog group that was e one about her $150,0 shopping spree. they thout maybe it w illegal, they found for sarah palin. four of the ethics complains were bught by republic foer allies of sarah palin alaska. the rest of them, alaska constituen, one of them she d to pay back t sta for the $8,000he billed the state to travel h kids arod the country. so these a, not frivolous.
5:23 pm
they are, b, notthe result of democratic bad guys snooping in her bage, and,c, theerp all former lies i men, this is not about the bad -- big bad east coast national media coming aft her this iabout somebody who sell her own political bed in alaa and has seen her polarity decline, and it'sotlions dollars. that is ridiculous. >> let me y this, at i find most ridiculous is we he a countr i very serious economi trouble. chuck todd was interviewing the president. he's very displeased byhe way the economy is going, and so much of the convsation is out governor palin. i think the media would would be responsiblebout whether -- whether thurse he set for thcountry is worng. >> we're going to do that right now. is sarah palin the most talented polician in alaska? >> say tat again. >> is sarah palin the most
5:24 pm
taleed and able politician in alaska? >> i think she' certainly one of them, obviously. >> so you think it's a good idea for that most talented and abl politician in alask to walk ay fromoverning alaska, wh it is in this economic crisis along with the res of the 49 states? you think that's a good ea? what i saidwas, a, she was e of the most talentenos the most talented. >> who imore talented than sarah palin inalaska? o would be a better governor? >> i'm not going go down the list. >> when she qui the job, someone else becomes governor. do you think t lt. governor will be etter? >> i think he's ing to be far more equipped to deal with e ecic shies withouthe distraction of the medi coming into the state, trying to muck rake agains the country veor. so much this fascinaon, so mu of this frankly i think obsession with sarah palin obscures t fact tha alaska is
5:25 pm
best represented by someone who can dress the needs of that particular stat and governor palin,wisely in my opinion, said i do not need to be the source of speculation. ron, i'm not trying to twis your wor, but when i bo them down, i thk what i just heard is sarah palin is right to conclude tt the lieutenant governor would be a better governor than she can be. >> i think using t governor's own words, sheaid it was in the best interests of her state to step ade, she'llork with th lt. governor. >> please you're just doing the same spin again. >> i'm usinger words. >> joan, i try to ge the palin side of this argument much of the befit of the dou i can. when i hear ron tell me that she'e of the most talented politicians in aska, if that's the best suort she can get from republican analy and strategists, is there an real future for her in republican
5:26 pm
polics? i don't think ere is. i think she will appeal to base, but ithink, you know, some of her toughest critics during t campaign season were repuicans and republic women ke kathleen parker, youknow, she really showed that e was in over r head. now, i thinkthe specterf somebody who quits when tir state is in trouble, and gives a self-pitying speech and lies frankly about the millions of dolls the ethics commission investigations were costing, i don't see how shy has a future. think mitt mney, newt gingrichthe rest of that pack ll come at her, tim pawnty is not running for lection, but to up and quit with two weeks' notice like you're a pa risa at starbucks? that's ridiculous. >>ron,ron, plse give me a ten-second bet on what her political future is, as the last word for this segment.
5:27 pm
>> five y ago there wa a state senator by barack obama on rose to promise innocence to become the preside of the united states. over the nexteveral years has a very bght future. let's let this democratic congress and administration get the country back on track. gornor palin will do just fine in her polital future and family fortunes. >> nice try, ron. >> nicetry, it's the trh, lawrence. how big was yeerday's memorial to michael jackson? how does it stack up the obama inaugution? stick aund for our very big numberxt in the "hardball sishow." you're watchg "hardball" only on msnbc.
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welcome back to "hardball." time for the "sidesh her comedicgold one against. her shocking aouncement that she's stepping down frffice
5:31 pm
has giv plenty of fodd to late-night comedians. if you thought david letterman would g easy on afterast month's bad joke, ll, you just don't know dave. here his last night. >> the category night, top ten messages on her answering machine -- well, there yo go. know the letterman writers have to love sarah. no doubt she'll ge giving those guys more towork wit next, the political pictur of the day.
5:32 pm
see thatguy? that's freshman congressman bobby bright in his home state of alabama, yes, he's holdina shirt that reads "fire congre." politico reports that bright was asked by a friendly gou to pose with the shirt at an independence day evt this weekend. his office explainedhehot op by saying the congrsm is always willing to mingleith constituents, and that he'll actually be keeping the shirt in his office as a symbol of who he works w, there's someone who can take a joke. time r tonht's big number. michael ckson ishattering records in death, much as in life. before esterday, barack obama's inauguraon wasa ho isisi isia y mostatch video ever. how many streams yesterday? remember, 1.8 milli for the
5:33 pm
obama inauguration. the inauguratio of theirst african-american president. yesterday, 5 million for michael jackson, a record shattereng 5 million streang views. tonight's "big number. ". net, the tons, nford, the ensns are the rains every political marriage more pronounced when one souse is a hirofilepolitici? that's our dcussion when we return. you're watating ardball" only mbc. you're goo thanks. so isour bike insurance. ale coverage you need at great price. hold o cowy. cool. i'm not done -- for less than doar a month, you also getet 24/7 roadside assistatance. ght on. yeah, vroom-vroom! sounds like you ran a 500. more like a 900 v-twin. cuse me. ll, you're excused. the right inranc for yoyo ride. w, that progressive. ca or click today.
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> i' ke humaman withh y yr cnbc market wrap. a laterebound helpedtocks finin mostlyly hier on the dayay. e dow jones s dudustal average gagaing 15 points, a and the
5:37 pm
nasdsdaq gning e. alcoa shares g gaingng half a peperct t ead offn earnings popo that came outut just after the closose. the alumimimm gnt reepoeded a better than expectedloss of 2 cents a a she,e, earnings ain betttt t tha expected, though,t .2.2 billion. that would b be fb, ctually. g-8 leaderss wpped up thefifit day of f thr r anal summit in rome dd. theyey rchchedgreement on a a pn to cutgreeeeououse gas e ession by80%, but they faed to a age on a a timeefrfram for that. d with the u.s. a south h korean governments adtting theyeyerere victims of cyberattacks, , wo t tay th the new w rkrk sck exchange website wassas ll. the incident didot impact trading, but sharess in nye euro wewe d dow by almomost 3% dday that's it from bc, firstf business woworwide. w w ba to "hardball."
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>> welclcombabacko "hardball."." are liticians likearark sanford and jo ensign betting thth americans arare becoming me unundetanding and forgigivi of politicians who are nfnfaiful? richard engegel is the managini editor of"t"tim mazaze with the e vevert "unfaithfully your" d kathleen rker is a syndicated columnist. before we get to q qutions here, there is somome breaking newssn thepolitical affafairfront. this comes from nevada,his comes fromom senator j joh ensi. politico has obtaineded a lette thatat s sator ensign wrote t ts miress, cyhihi hansen,n, according to "theas vegas
5:39 pm
sun." heheriting in part, quote,e, cindy,ththiss the most portant letter i have wrwritn.n. whwhat did wasas wrong. i wasomometely self-centered. usus you for my own pleasure. not ltiti thoughtsff u,u, doug's children cocomentntmy mind. i betrayed everyrythg g i belid in, , d d i lied t t m mylf ove an over. i jusustieded m acss, because i blededy wife. ririckstengel,, this adds to t literature o polititil a aultery you took ththisububct and exexndndedt outnn an examination ofwhwhats the satat of marriagage a aririca and looked at the queststio ofof, i there e soththg wrong with thths guys? is there something cucuar in the drdrkiking wateratathe polilicaca fund-raisers? or is there somemeiningoing on in american marriage thaha they are jujustreflfltiting reflecting in a a sense their
5:40 pm
nsnstuents. > ke e ly flanigigan who wroe the story, basasiclyly makeke t se at the same time ththe are venererining marriage, w undermine it at the same t tim that americans have more papartrs than other ople in other couounteses, w we ve more out-of-wededckck births. >>nncling sequeueiaial papaners, and att t s samtime h hol up m maragag wi thiss great rereereren. andd whaha this vy ntradictory view off it, a and basicalllly,s s yo know,rorom yoyour longtimeererce forratat neney han,hhat marriagess the ven for thehe heartltlesworld.. it's theayay that childrdren are raised sst, and anytime ildren are raised outsidee atconventional parental unit,t, they a are more trtrblbledand that's w whahehe piece isis >> i'm aayay happy t to includu senator meyey han in discussions in ""hababall th is the onon sgment where don't think he has place. the money han mrrrria was t t most beautifulul, l long t tngn havever seen.
5:41 pm
nonow,athleen, in thiss we's's "time" magagazeereport,itit say marriage isnninincrsingly fragile cocostruct, depenendi less andnd less on notions of sacrifice and obligations than on theefemmerara of romancnc an happiness kathleleen it ses that whenn polilicicianfind themselves in that plplac wonderingg aout the ha they dealt themselvlvesthth are as capable of gettiti hit wi t t dope aaanan, the love drdruganan losing c cntrol as anyone ee. isisn'thth w watat we're seeing here? i don't ththinththe's anytythi alal newbobout adululte a a a abo maman frailty, theaall man goes way backck. wewe do dscscar m mririag with eater ease these days.s. i thinkarart ofhahat at woork here is t tt t the temptataonon
5:42 pm
that's's aayay been inlace is aggerated w. there's more opportuniniti.. thth internet allows p peoe tot develop rationships that eyey wouldn't h ha a aess to otherwise.e. all of that makes it lile biteasier, i think, toslsl on e icice. politicians have a a c cerinin degree of narcissism a hubriris that is unique to emem. that's how thot where eyey are,ndnd i think s somof them forget they haveo o ay bythe sa rules asvevebody else o fffferg the cseseences. > iseseems t the unique thg abou governor sasanfd'd's affai is hehe's still ithemmional throeses of it when h speaks blblic. we've nener r ahd these before. in everyytthe casse,t's as if thee other womananoesn't exist, oran't remember t tirir names. we'll gogo tsoso clips. hehe's how theovoverr descscridd his affair in an intervrviewiwithhe assosocieded prpres >> it's m mor than a simplee
5:43 pm
fair. it's a l lovststy. thleen, it's a lovov story. theanan sms to be laboring under the n noon that t trere i such a t ting as a simple affai. isn't thth one of hisis ining mimiakes, he thought might be into a simplee affair? >> nn i think lost his mind. there's s her explananati for it. bebegg in romantic loves nothing but temporaryinsanity. as a south carolinian, i can y, please goererno shush up. itit thetic and mbarrassing. he's not thehe first guy all inin love, but the fifirs to embarrass an entire s sta over s weaknene of heart. >> rick,k, did he lose his mmin >> have o word of advicece for m,m, com pptmentalize,eep it
5:44 pm
separate. enen sator ensigiggagave his statement, t thehihing that bothered me almost t most about it is this s senmental view he hass the mririag and even his own officece, wn he says t ts s ishe worst thing veve done. how can apublic figure who's has accesshat aect miioions sayhahat something h he did in s pratatlife isththe worst.t. to voters, we ce about atat e doin your p puicic life, n your privive e li. >>e'e' going listeno governor sanfordrdalking to the associated preressmamaki another popot.t.
5:45 pm
kathleen, i tnknk you have the singlele-mtt h honstst politician evever ugug in an affair. he hasas allowed mee to comom fr ss heartt in s public mmmmts than ananyo else who's ever bee in thiss siuauati. ckck advocateses cpapamentalize, and just compartmenentazeze ts
5:46 pm
in way,y,and gooorwd with your career. don't y y south h calilinis -- > at's not whahat i'maying. >onon'tou feel that, hey, at least the guy is inin touch wh his feelings, and speakingg a a leastt in a semihonest way? >> that'ss exactly why we pay therapists tooistenoo . ununti governor sanford p pa me to listen, i donon'tananto hear about itit. thank y you very uch. some things shouould worked out in private. there's something goiningnn here with hisis spiritualadvisers, who'ss clearly couraged him to confe coconfs,s, g it all out there, ololize to everyone. i can't imagine ththisss hpfpfu to h harriage, and i feel dldly for hihisouour s snsns whl ha t to live w wthth the youtub rereayays of t th for thrr ente lives. think the man reallynenes to seek s seouou anysysis all l right. we'r'regogog to have to leave i ere todday rick stengel andnd kathleen parker, rick wlllle veveilg
5:47 pm
the newest magazine coveve w wi me tomorrorow " "rning joe." up nextxt a political fight ewing. congresssswonn sila jackson lee wawant the h to p pa a resosoluonon congngremamanpeter k kin has cacall jackson a peert, a child mmolteter, and a a dophil. e house democratats e caught in the middle. the ololits fix" is nexext,nlnl on msnbc..
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coming up, given that new ohio poll, shohowihe apovoval rating dipping beloy 50%, what is thehe hsese doing n nowo shoe up congressionalconfidence. "harall" returns after this. an eleven sieehs wrench over here? you go. elen sixteenths... (announcer) om designing some of the world's cleanest and most fuel-effien jet engines...
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this guy was a pervert. he was a child molestor. he was a pedophile. and to be giving this coverage to m y in and day out, what does it say about us as a country? >> thawas new york republic congressman ter king last weekend. time for t "politifix"ow with suzanne ige, washington buau chief for "usa today," and iman jabbers with plito." here's sheila jackn lee on tuesday at the jackson service. let's listen. >> we ha introduced into the house of representatives this resotion 600 that will be debated on the floor of the house that caimsichael jackson as a american legend and musical icon, a world humanitarian, someonwho will be honoredforever and forever
5:52 pm
an forever and forer and forever. >> susan ige, the last tme i checked before the d of the memorialshe had exactlyne co-sponsor on at resolion in the hous is this thing going to actually make it to the floor of th house? is peter king going to be the lone voicef opposition or is going to be a big movement? >> i don't know. the house rognizes a lot of people at the point o their death, including controrsial people. and sheila jackson dd not promise this wouldass the house. she promised this would be debated on the floor of the house. it puts decrats in a little bit of a bi maybe beuse of some more questble aspects about michael ckson's life, but it puts republicans in a little bit of a bind, too, given their low sanding with afcan-americans, with youn people in this countr i'm t sure there's a big winner here for a fight ov this resolution. >> it' coletely up to nancy
5:53 pm
pelosi wheth this thing mes to the floor of the house or not. is this something she wants bring up on the eve of sonya sotomayor's confirmation hring nextweek. is thisthe kinof side sho anyone, other th sheila jacksolee, is going to wanto have? >> i justalk to an aide a ttle while ago that thedon't think this is coming to the oor next week. they're not sure they have the poet voets tpass it so they're not sure they'll bng it to the floor all. so s may not ge this thing debated on the floor of the house after all, at least according to a sour i talked to a little while ago. >> we'll be backit susan page and eamon javs right after this. you're watching "harall" only on msn ♪
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we're bacack with susan pag and eamm avers. how is the white house feeeelin ababout the mbers coming out of ohio, obama's approv rates droppipi dramically. yoyou have b votes comiing up. what's the confnfidencen the presesident's ility to convince e public this isthe way to go? >> clearly we had a a pivoteek thisweek, something that happened t tt we'd all beenn expepeing,right? barack obama at some point wasas going to own this u. economom that seems to bebe what's happd this weeeek. people have concluded o there in the count that matters s that, inin fact, ts is obama's
5:58 pm
econy now. said we were g gng pass the stimululus bill at the beginning of thehe year,urn aroundnd the jobituation, but the b situation is getting worse, not better.r. that justmakes evething more fficult in washington for barack obama. justut sand in the politicical gearars as peoe sort of recall rait brat their expectatations ofhat this presisint can achihieve this yeye. it'soing to makee health carara little harder as well. >> what was youour reactionon w david d elrodot his h handn th ohio poll. >> we know ohio is th cnter of thpolitical universe becacause that's whehe wefight our political ection but the gallupupoll la month had d an avege approval rating for barackckbama o61%.%. thth's sti pretty healthy. i think the timeme comemes when pele's patience wears out, ey hold rack obama responsible, notot george bush. i dodot thinwe're quite there yet and i think thatat why t white hohouse is so dermined t sh healthcarerehrough on julyly and gust on thetheory the presidt's approval ratings never gogoing to bbetter than it is n.
5:59 pm
>> when the white hohoe is pushing for those tough vos in swing g district one of the promis is, i will bebehere r you inour electioion camign if this i is a toh vote for you. ople have to wonder how much potical backinghey're gel by lining up withhe prprident. >> t tey're having trouble i ine senate findingng fundidi mechanism thatat's broadly acceptptable eugh to put forwd. the senatete finan bill we t thk is goingng to be the in vehicle for health care form, we haven't seenen it yet. it weeks after t the airman tolds we were going to se it. so clearly thihiis aproblem, d tsome degree it's on barack obama's sold shououlderso sell thi idea to e american prubl and provide ththe kindf protecon you're talking about for senators and memembers othe house e who are ing to have too make tough stloet voetets. >hank y, susan pe and eamon


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