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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  November 16, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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we are following breaking news from capitol hill. the house ethics committee has just convicted congressman charlie rangel of new york of 12 of 13 ethics violations. yesterday, the new york democrat walked out on a house panel investigating him on those violations. everything from failing to report assets, failing to pay taxes on rental income from a vacation property, misusing congressional stationery, trying to raise money for a college center in his honor. he told the panel he couldn't afford a defense attorney. he's not entitled to a free one as a member of congress. after he walked out, well, the show went on without him and today, guilty verdicts on 12 of the accusations. let's go to luke russert.
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>> it's actually 11 out of the 13 violations. what will happen now is that the ethics committee will go to a sanctions hearing. they will decide by a vote what they believe his punishment should be. it can be a rep remand. it could be sen sure, expulsion. it will be voted on at a later date, but until that time, we don't know exactly what the punishment will be charged against him. we don't know exactly what will happen to mr. rangel, but he watched the proceedings from his office and it remains to be scene what if any response he will give to this in the coming day. >> so, at this point, is expums off the table entirely? >> not entirely because members have not discussed what they want the punishment to be.
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it is a possibility. will it occur? most likely not. considering if you listened to the testimony yesterday, the prosecutor in this case when asked by butterfield whether he thought rangel was corrupt, he said no, did not use his office to enrich himself. he thought he was a victim of terrible accounting and terribly sloppy in his practices of keeping order. this is supposed to be a nonpartisan committee, so folks would like to have a consensus on republicans and democrats on what the punishment should be. could happen this week. their goal was to get the trial done by friday and then vote for the entire house. one thing to keep an eye on is when the vote by the entire house would be. would it happen during the lame duck or next year with a lot more republicans. >> so we're looking at whether there will be a house vote, deploring his actions, whether there might be a fine, a denial
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of privileges. >> those are the three options. >> we'll be watching that. thanks for bringing us that braeging story. another breaking story, the dow jones industrials down in a big way. we've seen it hovering to down 200 points to 87, barely over the 11,000 mark. investors are very concerned about inflation in asia, a possible bailout for ireland and the dow jones industrials briefly dipped below 11,000 for the first time in a month. and the story that is all over the web today. the frenzy over a royal wedding. kate and william preparing to walk down the aisle. >> it's a modern love story.
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>> buckingham palace made the announcement today. prince william likes it and he's going to put a ring on it. >> announced the news in the middle of the cabinet meeting. a great cheer went up and a great banging of the table. >> imagine kate middleton's response. only taken nine years for her love to pop the question. the wedding is expected to happen in spring of next year. sorry sweden, your princess had a nice wedding to her personal trainer. sorry, chelsea and mark, you're the closest thing we've had to a royal wedding in a long time. close, but not quite. prince william will have a tough time topping papa. 750 million people watched prince charles marry diana in
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1981. that royal couple called it quits. >> it isn't very easy. >> yet charles says he's delighted for his engagement and for any bride to be, delight is in the details. so now, the planning, location, guest lists and dress designers. after the wedding, the two will return to the home they share and she'll be known as princess catherine of wales. and you know how it goes. first comes love, then comes marriage, then -- >> i don't think the patter of little feet will be far behind. >> jenny is outside buckingham palace and we've just seen and are turning it around for you. the happy couple come through for a quick photo op. tell me about the mood in london.
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>> there is only one story in london. in britain at the moment. that of course is this really happy news. the engagement of prince william and miss middleton. it is a wonderful story. a real life fairy tale because kate middleton, she is known as a commoner. she's an ordinary girl. she met her prince at university more than eight years ago up in scotland. that's when they first met and they went on to fall in love and of course, now, they are going to be married, but i can also tell you that way back when she was at school, it is said that she had a poster of prince william up on her dorm room, so how about that. now, she's marrying her prince. >> not only is she considered a commoner, great, great grandfather or so was a coal
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miner. marrying the heir to a crown. >> and it's a real modern romance. she is actually -- >> oh, i hate it when we have audio problems especially when we're talking about the most exciting thing to happen to the happy young couple in a very long time. again, we have just seen ourselves the photo op of prince william and kate walking through -- let's show folks. here they are today u following the announcement. apparently, they got engaged while on vacation in kenya and look at that ring. the report is that prince william has given kate middleton the engagement ring that belonged to his mother, princess diana and radiant couple. just a quick moment there for the cameras and then ushered out the royal door at st. james palace. my big question today is on the
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big story. what took so long. there it is. i'd like to hear your thoughts. reach me on twitter, facebook. my e-mail address. other news now, michael bloomberg is in washington today rallying support for 9/11 rescue workers. he's pushing fellow republicans to back the health and compensation act. he's trying to secure 60 votes needed to break a filibuster and move it forward. the house passed that bill in september. it provides $7.4 million to help 9/11 first responders who got sick after inhaling toxic dust and smoke after those towers fell. following a developing news story about a bomb threat at a ohio state university, the law enforcement office received a tip about several explosive devices. they conducted an invest gax, closed down the campus, alerted
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students and staff about the threat. classes in four of the affected buildings have been canceled. and to dallas now, southern methodist university, that's the education of the institution of higher learning here that gets to host former president bush's library. the ground breaking ceremony has been underway now and do we have that? here it is. former secretary of state condoleezza rice speaking, we're also expecting to hear shortly from former vice president dick cheney and it may be interesting to listen in and see what he has to say, whether he respondeds to some of the reaction george bush has received on his book details some questions he's been asked recently on his book tour have to do with how much power and influence dick cheney really had in that white house. >> a belief that free people -- are screeners getting too
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touchy feely? it's a question being addressed today. the mrks is investigating an incident where a man from oceanside, california, refused to undergo a full body scan. he said it was a breach of his civil liberties. some passengers accept the security, but a few female fliers believe the procedures are too invasive. >> innovativasion of my persona space. >> i understand why it's needed, but from a personal standpoint, it is an invasion of privacy. >> now, tyner could be fined up to $10,000 for his conduct at the check point. the commander in chief is now a children's book author. a new picture book by president barack obama called "of the i
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sing" is in stores today. the book is an illustrated tribute to 13 great americans including george washington, martin luther king jr., billy holiday and albert einstein. a drunk driver convicted of manslaughter says it's not his fault he killed a 14-year-old boy. wait until you hear who he blames. plus -- home alone and that's not the only thing the 4-year-old told police. the whole story still ahead. ♪ trouble, trouble trouble, trouble ♪ ♪ trouble been doggin' my soul ♪ since the day i was born ♪ worry ♪ oh, worry, worry worry, worry ♪
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developing now, we are just now seeing the former vice president of the united states
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of america, dick cheney, speaking at the ground breaking ceremony for the library for former president george w. bush. it's at southern methodist university in texas. let's listen. >> the robust sales it has had don't surprise me in the least. two years after your tour at the white house ended, judgments are a little more measured than they were when times have had tough and the critics have been loud, you've said you had faith in history's judgment and history is beginning to come around. ten years have passed since governor bushed asked me to be his running mate. in the days right before that decision point, we spent some time getting to know each other better. i suppose he was taking my measure. i know i was watching him pretty
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closely, too. there are some basic attributes in a fellow who may become president. to dust off a phrase from the 2000 campaigns, i saw those traits in this guy, big time. one of the things that struck me from the beginning and that continued to impress me throughout our time in office was george bush's refusal to put on heirs. it's a happy experience. and a rare one to find that the most powerful person you know is among the least pretension, that at the commanding heights, a man can be so respectful of his office, so serious in duty and yet so unimpressed with himself. kipling rated a fine virtue to walk with kanes quet yet keep the common touch. no one's done it quite like our 43rd president.
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i've seen him dealing with the various figures who come through the oval office. with the folks who look after the presidential household and it's always the same. we could all forgive a president for carrying himself with a certain expectation of privilege, but with this president, no such allowances were necessary. there were no affectations about him at all. he meets everyone as an equal. an attitude you don't expect to find in government, much less at the very top. but it's a classy way to operate. very american and wonderful to see in the oval office. it's also quite familiar to anyone who knows the family. he's courteous, fair minded and kind.
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capable of great strength and great gentleness and all of this very much is father son. mr. president, when you and i started our association in austin, we knew that big responsibleties awaited us and though of course we couldn't have imagined all that was to come, somehow, your life had prepared you for some of the most serious decisions any president ever had to face. when the worst came, you did your job with courage, clarity an with strength of heart. when i think of september 11th and the days that followed, one of the images that always come to mind is the president standing on a flattened fire truck throwing his arm around a recovery worker and saying through a bull horn that the people who knocked those building down would soon hear from all of us.
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far into the future, visitors here will still see that bull horn and when they do, i hope they'll picture the world as it was that day and realize how it was transformed in the months and years ahead. america went from being on the defense against terrorists going on offense against them. history's always an account of what happened, but sometimes, the greatest story of all is what did not happen. and because you were determined to throw back the enemy, we did not suffer another 9/11 or something even worse. i have a few more thoughts on the man and his presidency, but i'll save them when we're all
12:20 pm
back in dallas again for the grand opening of the library. enough for now to say this it was a privilege to serve beside him for those eight years and a daily pleasure to share in the journey. >> and the former president, dick cheney, who is at the ground breaking ceremony right now for the bush library at southern methodist university, looking very slender. he was last in the hospital in july of this year and now, an opportunity for public speech, public accolades here for the former president who is now celebrating the ground breaking of his new library. george w. bush, you see there shaking hands with his former colleague, has been asked a lot of questions in recent days about how much influence dick cheney had. let's listen in. >> thank you, all.
12:21 pm
okay, thanks very much. thank you. for those of you who are not privileged to live in texas, welcome to the great state. and welcome to one of the finest universities in the whole united states, southern methodist. i can't thank dick enough for coming. i -- you know, i've been doing these interviews trying to peddle my book. i'm asked about dick cheney. here's what i say. dick cheney was the right pick in the year 2000 and as i stand here, there is no doubt in my mind he was the right pick then.
12:22 pm
he was a great vice president of the united states and i'm proud to call him friend. i -- i want to thank all the people who made this event possible. thank my pal mark landale and secretary donny evans. i want to call out an smu alum nis, ray hunt, for being such an efficient and effective leader in this effort. >> we've been hearing a lot from the former president this last week and a half as he's out trying to pump up the sales of his new memoirs. we will be listening in, but want to fit in a quick commercial break. [ advisor 1 ] what do you see yourself doing one week,
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welcome back to msnbc. i'm contessa brewer. giant profits for walmart. the store's third quarter earnings were up 9.3%. mostly because of international operations. aaa says 42.2 million people
12:30 pm
will travel this holiday. the food and drug administration's expected to rule tomorrow whether alcoholic energy drinks are safe or legal. chuck schumer says he expected the fda to pan them. smoking marijuana before the age of 16 can impair the ability to focus, learn from mistakes and think abstractly. and a big day for prince william and his long time love, kate middleton. we just saw the first video of the newly engaged couple today and we are just hearing from them as well. we can show you their quick photo op that went through. they took a big close-up of the ring on kate's finger. that was the ring that belonged to william's mother for her engagement. eve pollard joins me now from
12:31 pm
buckingham palace. i'm sure there's a bittersweet, poignant moment for prince william. >> apparently, he feels that it means that princess diana is with them on this very special day and very special time and i think it's a very emotional and rather beautiful thing to do and i think that for kate, it will mean so much more than just is not a ring they have gone and bought, but a ring that means so much to him and he was of course left it in princess diana's will and perhaps she said and hoped that one day, he would give it to the girl of his choice. >> eve, what are you learning about the actual proposal? >> well, we're not learning too much. somebody did ask if he went down on one knee and the answer was obliterated in a roar of camera clicks, so maybe when we have time to actually separate his
12:32 pm
voice from that, we'll find out, but we know it happened in kenya in october and we know they've kept it a really great secret from then, so that's pretty hard to do. i think buckingham palace worried it would creep out. >> they said they expect a royal wedding in spring or summer of next year. is it likely to rival his father's in terms of the magnitude of the pomp and sir -- >> sorry, eve, can you say that for me again. we had an audio glitch. >> in a way, it's similar, but it's not quite the same. charles was the actual heir to the throne when he married diana. and so, when you marry the future king, every diplomat,
12:33 pm
every ambassador, all of those people are invited to the wedding, so it's huge. but because william is not the direct heir, it may not have to be quite so big. i think that william and kate or catherine as we now have to call her, will want a smaller wedding. but i think it's -- >> all right, we have having trouble with that particular audio line coming in from great britain and you heard eve mention there catherine as she is to be known. her name is catherine with a "c," and yet, they spell her name with a "k." we did hear from the couple themselves. let me play it for you.
12:34 pm
>> can't actually see any of you, but i see flashing. can't see now. >> okay, just calm down with your flash a minute, please. it's very blinding. thank you. lovely. we've got a few questions, please hear from bbc first of all. >> congratulations. can you tell us how prince william proposed to you? >> a true romantic and we had a wonderful holiday in africa and it was in a very quiet lodge. it was very romantic and --
12:35 pm
>> did he get down on one knee? >> that's a secret, peter. >> thanks, peter. sarah. >> congratulations to you both. absolutely fantastic news -- how you feel about that. >> well, it's quite a daunting prospect, but taken my stride and william's a great teacher so he'll help me along the way. >> very good at flashry. >> that's lovely. thank you. tim. ask you to just pause for a second, please. photographer -- thank you. just pause for a second. >> quite a long time, prince william, why did it take you so long to propose and catherine, do you worry --
12:36 pm
>> well, i don't remember how many years it's been. forget the memory. i also didn't realize it was a race, otherwise i probably -- but also, the times is right now. we're very, very happy and i'm glad that i have done that. >> and we're happy for them. it's not a race. no finish line there. eve had mentioned being asked the question about whether he got down on one knee. his answer was that's going to stay a secret. so, there you are. the big news today, everywhere you look online, this is the hot story that people want every possible detail about and we'll continue to follow those details. to other news now. dutch forensic experts are testing what could be a new clue in the natalee holloway case. last week, a local paper reported tourists found a human jawbone on a beach. michelle kosinski is following
12:37 pm
developments from miami. what are you learning, michelle? >> hi, contessa. well, what's being reported in the dutch press and they have been talking to authorities in aruba and holland, a tourist found it on the beach. this was friday and it was found near a hotel that is also near this swamp and the swamp figures into this story because that's where in his latest version of what happened to natalee holloway, the chief suspect in that case said he disposed of her body. in that swamp. so these tourists find something that looks like a human jawbone. according to reports, one molar still attached. what's important is that this isn't even proven human at this point. if it is proven human and not animal, they will use dna testing to determine if it is natalee holloway. is this a long shot?
12:38 pm
yes, and this has happened multiple times before where people found something, whether a strand of hair. at one point, tourists found what they thought was skeleton and it was a pile of rocks. every time there's a report out of this island on this case, you have to take it with a grain of salt. the good thing is that people still keep their eyes open and when they see something that looks unusual, they still think of the natalee holloway case five years later still very much unsolved. in alaska, there's still no winner in the heated senate race, but lisa murkowski has pulled ahead of joe miller. kristen welker is in juno. are they finished with the counting yet? >> not yet. they're almost finishing. yesterday was no doubt a very big day for lisa murkowski. >> okay, so problems with our
12:39 pm
live feed there, too. you can see the count there. lisa murkowski comes in with 91,517. joe miller, who was on the ballot, actually got about ten write-in votes, so he had ten more collected to us. here's joe miller responding. >> obviously, it is completely impossible. we're not going to spend a lot of effort or time or energies, but it's very important to respect those serving our country and wait for those ballots to come in. >> he's talking about a absentee ballots sent in by those serving in the armed forces. apparently, they can work it out. meaning the beatles and apple. first, workplace perks are making a comeback. 12% of companies say they will give their employees holiday goodies and year end parties. if you get a bonus, it will
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a deadly building collapse in india tops our world view today. at least 64 are dead, dozens missing after a five story building came down in new delhi on monday. authorities believe the buildings substructure weakened after its basement flooded. health officials report grim news in haiti where the death toll from cholera has grown beyond 1,000. thousands are sick from cholera. doctors without borders is concerned that number could explode into hundreds of thousands. it's been a hard day's night
12:44 pm
and apple's been working like a dog. it's happened. apple even revamped its web page to show you you can't buy me love. john ford joins us live from san francisco. want to add your own titles in there? >> yeah, well yesterday, you couldn't buy beatles. today, you can. that's the news today. 16 albums are up there. all the songs are $1.29. get the boxed set for 149 bucks if you want to spend that and get lyrics and video as well. it's a big day for apple. still the biggest band in the world and biggest holdout for apple. apple is now the biggest music retailer in the world. >> ringo star says i'm glad no longer to be asked when the beatles are coming to i-tunes. does this mean you can get them
12:45 pm
as ring tones and down the line? >> you can. apple's ring tone capability, used to have a button you could click. not as easy as it was, but yes, you can do that. this is really interesting for apple because the beatles since 1991 has sold more than 90 million albums. for a music retailer to have that content, i'm thinking it could potentially drive sales of ipads, apple tv. they're able to bring video of beatles concerts into the mix. the lp format, like your album art and things like that that they've been trying to push, this is the biggest platform yet that apple has had to display that. we'll have to sea if they're really able to take advantage of that. >> thank you. just a note here. no singing in that segment. i've refrained. a look at what's happening
12:46 pm
today. in about two hour, president obama will award stergeant giuna the medal of honor. brian williams spoke with him. >> there is no way i can wear the medal of honor for myself. i can't. it's too big for me. i can't bear that myself. it's not for me. if i'm going to be the one that's up there and gets it, that's fine. but by no means is that mine. i'm just the one there at that time. it's for all these people. from iraq and afghanistan. all these unsung heroes. >> later this afternoon, the senate will hold a hearing on darr cargo security and the admin strart might be asked about the tsa checks. in about five hours, there will be candle light vigils for zahra baker. she would have been 11 years old today. hit by a bus, but not a h.
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btff -- they started twittering this summer, but now, they're close enough to change birthday best wishes and thanks. for instance, the senator tweeted birthday greetings to the mtv jersey shore girl, so snooki tweeted back, of course, thank you, johnny, xox and check out the typo in thaun. in florida, police say a woman driver who plowed into a schoolbus faces a dui charge. no children were hurt. the question is, was the woman drunk? >> well, i was behind the bus and um -- i accidentally hit the
12:51 pm
um -- instead of hitting the brake, i hit the, um -- gas pedal. thank you. >> oh, gas pedal. right. i'm betting that woman felt -- the next morning. the impending royal nup chuls online today. it's about prince william and kate middleton's engagement. i have to ask, what took so long. they've been together for almost nine years. christopher writes --
12:52 pm
one says -- that's how they wrote it. if you'd like to get a hold of me, you can do so on facebook, on twitter or via e-mail. elections have consequences. especially if you're trying to push through stalled legislation. when republicans take over the house next month and add to their numbers in the senate, gro grouping working on climate change could find getting approval is difficult. fedra has been climbing to move climate and energy legislation through the senate. it was difficult when you had a majority in both the house and senate. what are you expecting now? >> i think it's going to become more and more difficult. we feel there are strong signs of the american public saying we want to solve this economy and
12:53 pm
there is no better solution for the economy than investing in the companies that are growing. there's 80,000 coal miners in this country and they've done america proud, but in the wind industry, solar, 24,000 people. i think the american public is going to say, we want jobs now and there's no better solution. >> and here the democrats are expected to meet this week to talk about whether to call a lame duck session to freeze the current standards for the epa's climate change agenda. >> it's frightening because the conversation in washington, d.c. is really about parties and who likes who and what this is about, but i think the american public is going to say loud and clear, we want clean air. we want clean water and more importantly, we want jobs. and so, it's going to be on us to call upon both democrats and republicans and say, there is no option but to have solutions. >> then let's talk about that
12:54 pm
intersection of jobs and taking care of the environment. being good custodians of the earth that we have. there are those who went to the polls and what they were voting on is the economy and jobs because they are out of work. how do you help lawmakers see ways they can take climate change legislation and practically speaking, create more jobs for americans. >> you know, we have to decide if we're going to be a country that imports water and batteries and the best hope for manufacturing in this country is to build and create things. we think about electric car, solar, wind and transportation. we have to be able to say to congress that the only jobs package that exists, the only package that they voted on in a serious way is a climate bill. it's not about the polar bear. it's about the american worker. >> and are you seeing real examples of it happens any way just because we have a free market capitalist system? won't we do it on our own if ths
12:55 pm
what we need? >> certainly, we're seeing it happen in places like portland where they're doing amazing work, but the question is, are we going to compete with the rest of the world and are we going to have to import water and batteries. our hope is that the government will put the people of the country first, but instead we're going to say build jobs, invest in companies that are growing and solve the crisis of this planet. >> is this all long-term? >> no, it's about this moment. when i think about being in this place, i talk to my family members. they're facing foreclosures, losing their homes. this isn't about sustainability. this is about people being able to have a job so they can support themselves. for us at green, we are strident in our belief that if we don't stand up for the american worker, for this economy, no one else will. >> if this is really about the american worker, are you
12:56 pm
confident that you will get bipartisan support? >> i have to believe that people in washington, d.c. heard the message of this country, which is we don't want politics as usual. people want solutions in their own communities and there is no one standing up besides when you look at what was called a climate bill that says invest in american companies, build in the united states and make sure that people can afford to buy power in their own homes and really be an economy that sustains this environment. >> i'm sure some days it feels like you're climbing uphill both ways. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. that wraps up this hour for me. thank you for the time you've september with me today. i'll see you back here tomorrow, noon eastern. "people" is unveiling its sexiest man alive. who will it be? up next, "andrea mitchell reports." she has more on the royal wedding.
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