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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  November 17, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EST

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backlash from the left. angry liberals say president obama needs to show back bone when it comes to his agenda. republicans put off an important meeting with the president. is it adding insult to injury? >> now they're ready to sit down and what do they say? let's delay a little while. >> check out this youtube. a 3-year-old child being patted down at the airport. is this what airline security has come to? the head of the tsa facing tough questions this hour. plus, bristol palin shimmies her way into the finals on "dancing with the stars." >> brandy and max. >> while singer brandy gets the boot. joining the discussion today. former congresswoman susan molinari former hillary clinton campaign spokesperson and royal watcher johnson and the president of the airline pilots association john prater. good morning, i'm chris
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jansing. this is a special edition of "jansing & company." reporting to you live from the congressional offices. right now literally across the rotunda from where i'm sitting democrats are going into a meeting to decide on the house leadership. now, the reason we're here, obviously, is because of the consequential events that are taking place all over the hill, including that battle who will lead the democrats and also republicans divided taking aim one another fiscal versus social issues and what about that the president invites you over to dinner and you say, i'm busy. the shauchandra levy murder tri. so much to get to. let's get started. starting with the high drama happening here, now. the rising tengs between democrats over nancy pelosi's bid to be named minority leader. jean taylor said yesterday, i'm quoting here. "as much as i dislike gin rich,
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which i do. when that guy realized he was a drag on his party, he walked. delay, when he realized he was a drag on his party, he walked away. armey, when he realized he was a drag, he walked away. somehow the democratic leadership didn't get that memo and they need to get that memo." house dems heading into a meeting for that vote on who is going to lead the new minority but some rank and file members are starting to get rid of nancy pelosi and others petitioning to push back the vote until december. luke russert who has been following all of for us. you were here late last night and here early this morning. what is going on, luke? >> the democratic caucus meeting and they will, in fact, elect their meeting. not a lot of suspense here and nancy pelosi ex. pected to be the leader and jim clyburn assistant leader and javier viqueira his vice chairman.
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the same leadership team that led to 60 house losses last congress will be back with the democrats. i spoke to a number of them yesterday and they said they wish someone challenged pelosi. the blue dog democrat will do that. that's more significant than anything. if he can garner any votes, it means people are protesting. puloso so ingrained. it will be interesting to see here, though, chris, there is going to be an attempt by modern blue dogs to change the caucus rules so that nancy pelosi won't have an opportunity to stack her allies on the steering committee, the people who chose to get those committee assignments. if that goes forward, that could be seen as a rebellion. a lot going on in your neck of the woods. >> luke, thanks very much. susan molinari. i know you heard about this meeting yesterday. four and a half hours. let me read to you the political
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headline. democrats in chaos "the washington post" describes it as a marathon soul searching session. now they're going in there and nancy pelosi has heard from a number of people who are questioning whether she should leave and others questioning whether they should vote now. mo, are the democrats in caus or is this what should be expected in an election after you lose control of the house? >> any time you lose an election, a certain amount of soul searching that goes on and that's normal and appropriate. i'm not sure this is as chaotic as a lot of people are playing it up to be. nancy pelosi will win today and she will win fairly comfortably. >> if they were able to push this back to december what they say, let us have time to soak in what the voters are saying what happened here and then after we do that, then let's vote. >> my guess is she still would. this is a more progressive congress than it was before the election and she is a leader of that progressive movement. she'll have the vote. i think what's really important
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moving forward, though, is this jockying about who's in the leadership positions but where do we go in terms of policies and where do we go in terms of direction. are we able to push policy in the congress and from the white house that reconnect with independent voters that we lost? and i think a lot of democratic members are sensitive to that moving forward and we'll see, you'll see us moving that direction. >> at the same time while all this is going around, republicans are saying we have scheduling conflicts and this meeting we were supposed to have tomorrow with the president we really can't do it right now. susan, when you were in the house and the president called you and said, we need, the american people need us to get going on this stuff, do you say to him, i'm too busy? >> as i understand it. the republicans never agreed to the date. it's not like they canceled it. separate conversations with various members of leadership. that's number one. number two, the republicans are still not in charge yet. the lame duck that will take place the week after thanksgiving that will decide
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the bush tax cuts and medicare fixes for doctors and all that unfinished business are still up to the democrats and congress to fix. lastly, chris, the republicans were feeling a little shanghaied over what happened in january when they invited the president to their conference in baltimore and the -- >> 11 months ago. do we get over that and move forward at some point? >> politically, optics are important. particularly when you're starting a new relationship. i think what the republicans may have wanted to do is just make sure they have their caucuses in place and understand the message to the voters were to them and they're now up to 61 seats with five more recounts before they engage in this discussion with the president. >> mo, is that's what's going on here? they need to figure out what their message is? >> i wouldn't pretend to know what's going on in the heads of the republican leadership. that is, are they going to look
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obstinent or demonstrate they're willing to work in a bipartisan way with the president? we now have a divided government. both parties now have some ownership over this. and, you know, they can go one or two ways. >> should the president take advantage of this? should he say, look, i told you that i was going to reach out. i told you i was open to compromise and i'm reaching out a hand and i invited them to dinner and they don't want to come. is it a missed opportunity for them? >> we don't need to get in a bickering match. whether or not the republican snubbed him out. >> this is now the time for both sides to say, okay, we're serious. >> you both are going to stay with us. we will be back later on in this hour. it's beginning to look like lisa murkowski will keep her senate seat. the lead now 10,400 votes for senator murkowski and that includes more than 8,000 votes counted despite challenges from joe miller. the miller camp feeling the pressure to concede, but holding
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firm at least right now saying there could still be a federal lawsuit to challenge this election. well, once the world caught a glimpse of the dazzling sapphire and diamond engagement ring prince william gave to kate middleton, yes, jewelry stores around the world started getting calls. replicas of the very expensive 18 karat sapphire stunner are in hot demand. the ring was originally given by prince charles to princess diana. william and kate talked about its sentimental value in their very first interview together. >> it was my mother's engagement ring. she will not be around to share in any of the fun or excitement of any of this. >> i just hope i look after it. it is very, very special. >> the happy couple promises to be very hands on in organizing their much-anticipated nuptials. robert jobson joins me now from outside buckingham palace.
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always good to see you. what new details have we learned about the wedding? >> well, very few at the moment. they're being very careful about drip feeding information out. it is now looking like this wedding could be taking place as early as april because it's strange that they seem bounced into this announcement, actually. i was expecting a weddings as early as next summer, but, actually, they have come out and announced it early. i think it means it could be april that it happens. >> kate has already been compared to the late princess diana, of course, those comparisons got stepped up when she got the ring. but here's what william had to say about that comparison. he basically said that he doesn't want her to feel that pressure. can she handle the pressure? aren't those comparisons inevitable? >> they are, obviously, inevitable. princess diana was the last really wonderful princess this
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country produced and they treated her badly and they learned their lessons. they need to embrace her and make sure she feels secure and give her far more support in terms of dealing with the media pressure than diana ever got. diana said she felt like a lam toob the slaughter when she married the royal family. kate is a lot older than diana was, nearly a decade older. she's more mature and had a more formal education. i think she'll handle the pressure very well and the way she dealt with that interview was very impressive. she looked a little nervous to start with, but, actually, i think she was very poised and natural and she spoke very well. >> i thought she looked, as you say, even though a little nervous, she was quite charming and it seemed to be very genuine to me. i guess the question on the other side, although she is older and more mature and hopefully is able to handle the pressure, are the british tabloids, are the paparazzi going to back off at all?
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all the criticism that followed princess diana's death and the accusations that the paparazzi contributed to it, do you think anything has changed since then? >> well, undoubtedly things have changed and the paparazzi for the tragic death of diana. i knew diamy purna personally. things have changed. let's remember at the time diana did not have scotland yard protection. she did not have armed body guards. she had the body guards that didn't do a particularly good job, clearly. princess catherine as she's engaged to william, already has a team of four scotland armed sas trained body guards with her wherever she goes. it will have to be a pretty brave paparazzi that takes on those men. >> well, she seems quite lovely and i know we'll be talking a lot more about her in the days, weeks and months to come. robert jobson, thank you.
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we've got some other headlines we want to get you caught up on. a federal, criminal investigation is now under way into the failure of 50 banks and this could be just the tip of the iceberg. so far only two banks including the indy mack failure in california have been targeted in civil lawsuits but the wall street journal reports that the fdic is increasing to punish bankers for reckless and other criminal behavior that may have played a role in some banks going belly up. the rising demand to own a piece of the titan of general motors increase to the largest in history. a year after the government orchestrated bankruptcy, gm says it will raise its ipo by 31% to 478 million shares and that's expected to bring in more than $22 million. it comes a day after major stock losses across the board on tuesday. take a look at the dow jones down 173 points and the nasdaq
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and standard & poor's down, as well. you can see exactly where it is today. not a whole lot of movement this morning. well, the liberal left is fired up over the president and other democratic leaders' willingness to seemingly, as they see it, cave into the republican agenda. are they just feeling beat down? plus, unbelievable video coming in from the dash cam of a cop car. what's going on here? we'll tell you all about it, straight ahead. s simple physics. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. and celebrex is not a narcotic. when it comes to relieving your arthritis pain,
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we're just getting some new video in from overnight storm damage in baltimore, not far from here. richard lui, little windy out here. they are having more serious problems else where. >> we're talking about baltimore and at the moment we're seeing and hearing some headlines of a possible tornado that has hit in
10:17 am
the wee hours. about eight hours ago. reports of 80-mile-per-hour wind gusts and they'll discover whether or not that is a verified tornado that touched down. look at some of the pictures. you see that tree there and there have been many shots of trees out over on top of buildings in that area. no report of fatalities and rescue teams and pictures earlier of the firefighters and search and rescue at the moment and, again, what's good to hear, no reported fatalities at the moment. we'll keep an eye on that for you, chris. >> just to make a quick mention, too, a lot of east coast airports having delays because of wind. back to politics now and more signs that the democrats are willing to seed some ground to republicans and that's anger progressives. the senate majority leader harry reid will consider extending the bush era tax cuts for everyone, even though he doesn't like the democrats and democrats have long said that the cuts should be expiring for the wealthiest americans. so, you've got the gop delaying
10:18 am
that meeting with the president, citing scheduling conflicts. progressives accusing the conflicts of caving. mo and susan are still here. let me start with you. there is sometimes a fine line between compromise and caving and the perception there of. when you hear the president or harry reid say they're going to work with the republicans and they will consider extending tax cuts for the rich, which do you think it is? >> this certainly seems to me like caving. this was an issue where a majority of americans wanted the tax cuts for the wealthy to expire. but, instead, what it seems like they didn't schedule a vote on it when they had the majority in congress. democrats didn't schedule that vote and they left without dealing with that issue and now boxed in by the republicans. they could schedule a vote right now just on extending the middle tax breaks and not for the wealthy, but they don't seem willing to do that. they just seem willing to give, basically, the gop whatever they
10:19 am
want. i don't think that is compromise, i think that is caving. >> mo, do you see the compromise or caving? we seem to forget we're in the majority here. we have the house, the senate, the white house, why are we seeding this to them? what do you think? >> i think it is compromise and i think that's what people want and there is a way and what we'll see over the next couple years the president working with leadership in the congress while staying true to core values. that, i think, is what people are looking for. again, we're seeing the exact opposite and digging in their heels when that's not what the american people want. they want to see both sides actually come together and find the middle ground. >> you know, it's interesting. a new poll that says only 35% of voters say tax cuts should be extended for everyone. they think that's what the
10:20 am
american people want but, look, you are a compromiser and you often reached to the other side when you were in congress, susan. how tough is it to do in this political environment and what do you see happening here? >> i think what we are going to see is hopefully it's a lame duck that the democrats will vote for tax cuts and everybody. i think it's a larger issue at this point in terms of the economic stimulation that we need to create jobs. that is a focus that brings everybody together and if we don't compromise on that, i don't know what we're going to compromise on. look, the president director and i think over 60 members of democrats have suggested that they wanted those tax cuts to go to the higher income americans a lot of whom are the creators of the small businesses and the people who will create the jobs if they start to feel some settling here in terms of what the philosophies are going to be here in washington, d.c. i do agree with the republicans. i don't think this is a time to compromise on tax cuts to anybody especially in this economic environment. >> i had a chance to talk to the
10:21 am
company earlier about this perception that the republicans are diszing the president by postponing this meeting with him. how do you see this? is it just a scheduling conflict? >> i'm not exactly sure the back story to it, but we just heard the congresswoman say there is not going to be a compromise on this. there can't be a compromise and if republicans are getting everything they wanted and democrats are giving up a core campaign platform, a core issue they ran on, then they're caving on this issue. i don't see how democrats can spin this any other way. >> all right. thanks to all of you and, again, we are watching what's going on here. there is a meeting going on for the house leadership and there will be a vote and there's the picture just across the rotunda from me. we'll keep you posted on what's going on as soon as we find out. meantime, nine years after investigators found chandra levy's body in a washington, d.c., park, jurors are deciding the fate of the suspect. the dramatic prosecution and
10:22 am
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so we're here live on capitol hill and the decision is being made right now about who is going to lead the democratic party. every indication that it is going to stay the same as they move into the minority role in the house. with nancy pelosi as the leader, but we're going to keep our eye on that meeting and let you know as soon as we get word on what happened in there. in the meantime, else where in d.c., more than nine years after the murder of an intern chandra levy finally the case against ingmar guandi xwrx ue is in the hands of a jury. keith alexander has been following this case and was in the courtroom and you describe very graphically what some of the closing arguments were yesterday. let me just read a little bit of what the prosecution had to say. what happened in those woods was ghastly. by the time ms. levy was no
10:26 am
more, she had suffered. justice is what needs to han here. she waited nine years for justice. you can give it to her. so, tell me a little bit about the prosecution. >> very, very eloquent and very emotional closing argument. actually got a little teared up, if you will. it was the first time that we actually heard or actually able to picture chandra levy's final moments. >> in fact, but we don't know what happened. so, i guess that's the brilliance of that argument. >> exactly. we don't know was she strangled, what exactly happened. we do know, at least the prosecution knows that she didn't die immediately. that she was in those woods for hours, days, maybe even several days before she died. the prosecution believes that she knew she was dying. that she was gagged, she was bound. she couldn't cry out for help. it wasn't an immediate death and that really resonated with a lot of people.
10:27 am
for the first time we heard that this was not an immediate killing. >> for so long the intense peculatipec speculation was that gary condit, the congressman, was having an affair with her had something to do with it. that is not the defendant. this guy is somebody who had attacked women in the park before, but never gone to the point of murder. >> exactly. and that's what the defense is arguing. that, yes, the prosecution says, you know what, he did it twice before. he did it again with chandra levy. the other two women, they were able to fight him off. chandra levy, unfortunately, was not able to fight him off. stalking women as they're jogging alone in the park and knocking them off the trail and dragging them into the woods. that's what they're pinning a lot -- >> wrong place and wrong time to say the least. horrible story. i understand that that the former congressman who then left office and has led a pretty quiet life since then is writing
10:28 am
a book about this. >> he is writing a book, which is very inest thering, chris. he got on the stand a few weeks ago and he refused to answer one very important question, at least -- >> did you have an affair? >> he would not answer. the judge ruled that, you know what, he doesn't have to answer this question because it's not germane to the defense of guandique. his dna was found in chandra levy's underwear. that question was verified and answered, but not by him. >> it will be interesting to see whether that right to policy on the stand will extend his books. i guess we have to wait and see, keith. thanks for coming in. we're also following another fascinating crime story. a reality show producer now under arrest in connection with his wife's april murder at a resort in cancun. live right now on capitol hill, the head of the tsa facing tough questions from lawmakers about those controversial new body scans and pat down procedures. as the royals are hot topic
10:29 am
number one, it's not all about the wedding. richard lui is working on that story for us. hey, richard. >> chris, three decades in the making and prince charles speaks out on u.s. national tv with something few of us know about. what is near and dear to prince charles' heart. toyou might alsot
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old fashioned broker did with my money. so i switched to e-trade. it's high-tech, low cost, easy to use. it's transformed the way i invest. experience high-tech investing at e-trade. so, about 180 members of the house have gotp together in that room. they are introducing the freshman members and then get to that all-important leadership vote. we're following it all for you live on capitol hill. this is a special edition of "jansing & company" from d.c. joining me this hour susan molinari and mo ellithee and john prater.
10:33 am
a judge has set a $1 million bond for the man accused of kidnapping a 13-year-old girl in ohio. matthew hoffman did not enter a plea and at one point he actually joyawned during the proceeding. sarah maynard was found bound and gagged. police are searching for the girl's mother, brother and family. they are still missing. an accused russian arms trafficker known as the merchant of death will be in federal court today. alleged international arms dealer victor boot is said to have peddled weapons across the third world. now, take a look at this police dash cam video of a suspected drunk driver being pulled over at a california gas station. when the driver got out of his car, he apparently left it in reverse and the car slam under into the front of the police car and then the driver put the car in drive instead of park and went the other way. the driver was arrested on
10:34 am
suspicion of dui. the makers of the energy drink four loko have announced they're getting rid of the caffeine and other stimulants from all their products. they plan to produce only noncaffeinated versions of the company's most popular drink and that decision as the fda was announcing their determination on whether energy drinks are safe. that could come as early as today. and now to developments in the case of an american woman who was murdered on vacation in cancun. her husband a former tv producer with the reality show "survivor" has been arrested for her murder nearly six months ago. monica beresford-redman's body was found in a drainage. what are we going to hear today, miguel? >> chris, good morning. bruce beresford-redman was taken into custody last night in his
10:35 am
home in los angeles. he was driven to the detention center a few miles from here and in just a few hours between 1 1:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. pacific time his lawyers will be here as well as prosecutors who will present some of the evidence and mexican officials have gathered against him. highly unlikely that his lawyers will ask for a bail to be set in which case bruce will be able to post bail and walk out of court, although that will like lly by authorities who ask he will be extradited to mexico, chris. >> how long might that take? >> well, we're told that the chances of him being extradited from one legal expert's point of view is relatively high. that process certainly won't happen quickly. his lawyer will likely challenge that extradition and he will. that process could take weeks, if not months. it could be up to a judge just how quickly this moves but we're told, chris, do not expect this extradition to happen any time
10:36 am
soon. >> thanks, miguel. what is being painted as a republican battle royal conservatives duking it out with social conservatives for the heart and soul of the gop. joining me wendy wright and jimmy is executive director of go proud, which represents gay conservatives. welcome to both of you. little windy out here. thank you for coming. if i can, jimmy, i want to read a little of the letter that they sent to mitch mcconal and jim boehner. poll after poll confirm s the ta party's laser focus on issues of economic freedom and limited government resonates with the american people on election day. that got you and your colleagues elected and to resist the urge to run down any social issue rabbit holes in order to appease the special interests. "what is your concern there? >> the last time republicans were in control of congress and, you know, wendy and her group and the rest of the washington
10:37 am
establishment would like us to go back to that when, you know, we saw hearings on terry schiavo and banning gay marriage and janet jackson, those were the kind of things that took up the time. i think that we need to remind the new members of congress why they were sent here. they were sent here to cut the spending, cut the taxes, repeal obama care and keep us safe from the bad guys. we just want them to stay on that task. >> wendy, is that the message of this election? the economy and anything else, frankly, is at least a distant second. >> 52% of tea partiers are social conservative evangelic evangelicals. two-thirds want to outlaw abortion and 82% of tea partiers oppose same-sex marriage. look at the people who are voted into office like the rock stars like marco rubio. they are pro-life and they are pro-marriage. so, the message is clear from this election that, yes, we want politicians who recognize that the serious moral decline in our
10:38 am
country is a great threat. in fact, a poll -- >> you're going to bring up names and you can also bring up sharron angle and christine o'donnell and ken buck and also people who had a strong social conservative. >> look at those who won, a large majority of them pro-life, pro-marriage. in fact, we have the largest number of pro-life members of congress now than we have had since roe versus wade. if there is an argument that there ought to be a truce on the social issues then they need to announce today that you will drop advocating the repeal of don't ask, don't tell and same-sex marriage. >> listen, i'm pro-life. i spoke at a pro-life group yesterday. but it's a question of priorities. >> what about, for example, she said don't ask, don't tell. >> a military readiness issue and we're actually going to deal with it in the lame duck as part of defense authorization. i think that this new congress
10:39 am
needs to work on why they were elected and, you know, our country is on the wrong track and we're spinning ourselves into oblivion and we need to focus on that. >> are you concerned, either of you, of what we saw early on. clearly a lot of tea party conservatives came in with this election and they're putting a lot of pressure on. they think they have a mandate. is it going to cause problems within the republican party, enough problems that it could in some ways dilute their success? >> well, i think the folks who are elected need to remember why they were elected and that's to cut the spending, cut the taxes and rein in the growth of federal government. and if they don't, then, guess what, there's an election in two years and they could get fired, too. >> the fiscal and social issues go together. when you look at the efforts of expanding domestic benefits. it's more costs to businesses and more increases to the taxpayers. so, they do go together and that's why you can't try and separate them. social issues are moral issues, fiscal issues are moral issues.
10:40 am
>> wendy, jimmy, thank you. good summary of the debate that's going on right now within the republican party. speaking of republicans, former president george w. bush appeared with dick cheney for the first time in public since he left office that, of course, at the groundbreaking we slowed you here yesterday at thiz presidential library. here's what he said about the former vice president. >> you know, i've been doing these interviews trying to pedal my book. i am asked about dick cheney. here's what i say, dick cheney was the right pick in the year 2000 and as i stand here there is no doubt in my mind he was the right pick then and great vice president of the united states and i am proud to call him a friend. >> bush 43 also had not much to say about his successor. he sped president obama deserves to make decisions of governing without his criticism. something he stuck to since
10:41 am
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and the people in it. healthy request from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. a new study finds most preschoolers are exceeding the recommendations for daily tv time. the american academy ofpe ped pediatrics say that parents limit screen time to two hours a day, but 66% of them watched on average four hours of screen time each week day, mostly at home. kids in home-based child care watch the most tv. an average of 5.6 hours a day. the growing controversy over security at airports is really coming to a head here in washington today. the head of the tsa right now
10:45 am
facing lawmakers on capitol hill and questions about the controversial full-body scanners and those enhanced pat downs. there has been a back lash among passengers, pilots, lawmakers, but the tsa says if you don't like it, you don't fly. nr further stoking that fire today, take a look at this picture. a 3-year-old going through a pat down. at the same time, confirmation of one of the biggest fears of people who oppose body scanners that the photos might somehow become saved and become public. 100 images taken at a security checkpoint in florida were, in fact, leaked by the website gizmoto. thank you so much for coming in. >> good morning, chris. >> you're against your pilots going through this. >> no. let's clarify that. we support the tsa in looking for the people who have evil intent against our airplanes. we need the tsa to find that needle in a hay stack to protect
10:46 am
our passengers and our crew members. what we've told our pilots is that if you wish to avoid it, then you will subject yourself to the pat down. what we have advocated, chris, with the tsa, with the administrator pistol is even a higher form of security based upon trust or threat-based screening. not just one size fits all. >> what does that mean? help us to understand it. >> let's start with pilots. i'm headed through security screening to go to the cockpit and fly the airplane. >> could fly that plane anywhere i want to if i want to be destructive. >> there's no reason for me to have that level of screening. we said, let's use enhanced screening techniques for pilots and flight attendants and people with acstees the airplane and the cockpit. let's start right here at capitol hill. congressman and senators. we may not agree with them, but they're not threats to my point. >> is a 3-year-old a threat? >> a 3-year-old is not a threat unless a terrorist would use
10:47 am
that 3-year-old in techniques we've seen in the middle east. remember, security must come ahead of the frustrations of getting to that airplane. >> let me play for you just a little bit of sound because we just showed the tsa administrator piin front of congress. here's something he said a few minutes ago. >> it was more invasive than i was used to and i am sensitive and concerned about privacy concerns and i want to work through that as best we can. the bottom line is we need to provide for the best possible security. >> you know, he acknowledges that when he went through it, it is something that will make you uncomfortable. we have had a lot of people say to us, they liken it to a sexual assault, these new pat downs. how do you make the determination on who is a threat? that is what it comes down to and are we talking about profiling here. >> it is not profiling as it is the use of more intelligence. first of all, let's identify who
10:48 am
we trust. 99 point whatever percent of americans are trustworthy, but to get on the airplane, we don't know each other. so, let's base it upon the people we know are trustworthy whether it's you, your counterparts. most americans. let's focus on the people we don't know. and then used the advanced imaging technology, the higher screening techniques on those people that we don't know. let's make sure they're not bringing a threat on that airplane. >> all right, well, it is a debate that is really heating up all across the country. john prater, good of you to come in. >> thank you so much. bristol palin lives to see another day on "dancing with the stars" and i think even the other contestants were shocked. and she looked pretty shocked, too. how she made it to the finals, next. [trumpet playing "reveille" throughout]
10:49 am
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♪ well those moves by bristol palin haven't gotten her great scores from the judges, but the votes from the audience that counts. check out the dramatic announcement of who was axed on "dancing with the stars." >> brandy and max. which means kyle and lacey and jennifer and derek will face off against bristol and mark for the trophy. >> shock, i could say. brandy was in tears as the credit rolls and she said she could not even process what had happened. let's bring in our company, susan molinari, mo, have you -- is it the tea party votes? >> here's what i think. i think daughtry lost "american idol." it's the popular vote. as we see here in our nation's
10:53 am
capital. we don't understand it. >> bristol, like her mother, seems to be ubiquitous. she did a psa with the situation who everyone knows is from "the jersey shore." do we have a little clip of the psa with bristol palin and situation and one of them advocating abstinence and the other safe sex. >> i hope you're as committed to safe sex as you are those abs. >> i know you're all about that abstinence thing. come on, b. palin, like you're not going to hook up before you're married? >> for real. >> for real real? >> just in case you are in a situation i want you to get situated you may end up with a situation and you may not like that situation. >> trust me, though, i'm not getting myself into another situation. >> what do you think of that situation? >> i'm horrified. i don't know if i'm more
10:54 am
horrified by how bad that is. >> no academy awards for psas. >> one thing palins know how to do is dominate media coverage and i give her credit. it's an important issue and i'm glad she's using her celebrity to advocate for an important issue, but, wow, that's bad. >> well, susan, you've been very great to sit out here and you're getting off -- >> i'm glad you didn't ask me to comment on that. it's all good. >> thank you, susan, thank you, mo. >> thanks. thank you for coming on with me this morning. prince charles no doubt enjoying the long-awaited engagement of his son to kate middleton. but the focus shifts back to the serious issue of climate change and richard lui is following that from new york. hey, richard. >> hey, chris. this is a good situation, perhaps. the british royals new document harmony highlights one of his passage that he had for decades basically bringing activists and great minds together to solve
10:55 am
environmental problems. >> this is a historic moment. just as man kind had the power to push the world to the brink, so, to, do we have the power to bring it back into balance. >> you know, our executives producers of harmony which you just saw a little snip it of. you know, why should we watch this movie? >> thank you, richard. really nice to be here. i really like the way you introduced the movie because your viewers will find not only will they meet a man who they think they know in prince charles, but also find a lot of information about the prince of wales as he produces solution to the environment and the economic crises that we're facing. >> stewart, on that note, julie, can you tell me what is new on this tape? what does harmony mean in prince
10:56 am
charles' take on this? >> well, i think, good morning, richard. nice to meet you. i think one of the things, one of the reasons it's called harmony which maybe seems like an odd title to talk about climate change is that precisely understanding the way we are connected to the natural world around us, to each other, to the way in which we view our environment, our health care, our food that we eat, the agriculture that we grow that these things are all connected and that what harmony really means to the prince and what we try to explore in the film with the people who talk about these issues, as well, is this idea that once we're able to reconnect to how all these things are related to one another and this moment that we're in now where we're sort of at the precipice between opportunity and crisis is a way to chart forward. >> julie and stewart, i wish we had more time. basically you're saying we're in disharmony and harmony, the
10:57 am
movie itself, as well as some ideas from the prince may help to change some of dlcritics' minds. don't forget to see brian looms exclusive interview with prince charles followed by "harmony." both on nbc. we'll be right back with chris and the big fight on the hill. trust me. trust me. ya i like that. trust me. bankers are known to be a little bit in love with themselves.
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